First Look: Chicago Med Team Races Into Action — and Flirts With Fire?

Disaster hits Chicago Fire next Tuesday (NBC, 10/9c) to set up the next potential Windy City-set spinoff, and TVLine has your first look at the staff of Chicago Med — and the familiar patients they may treat.

In the episode, “I Am the Apocalypse,” several of 51’s firefighters and paramedics are knocked out — literally — when a gas leak goes from bad to worse after a madman detonates an explosive device, exposing everyone in the blast to a potentially deadly airborne virus.

Meanwhile, recently introduced docs April Sexton (played by Ugly Betty‘s Yaya DaCosta) and Chicago P.D.‘s Will Halstead (Shameless‘ Nick Gehlfuss), as well as the head of psychiatry Dr. Daniel Charles (Fargo‘s Oliver Platt), are forced to deal with a quarantined hospital. Despite all the danger, though, Will still seems to find time to charm Casey’s ex, Dawson.

Click through the gallery to check out the preview, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the latest offshoot and flirty Will.

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  1. m3rcnate says:

    Jeez, Chicago looks like the worst place to be in the world. Horrible criminals, tons of psychopaths, bombings of hospitals, horrible firefighters who break the rules, HORRIBLE cops who break laws like peoples right to attorney and murder and illegally detain and beat suspects and more.

    I find it so funny that the actresses and actors (especially Sophia Bush) say they LOVE these characters and they are like a family and all that…yet if most of these cops were real they (especially Bush) would be DISGUSTED by them and not only want them fired but want some of them in jail. How many suspects have they beaten? How many laws have they broken? How much illegal hacking have they done? How many people have they killed that didnt need to be? Hell the one guy took the criminal out to their “spot” by the docks were you put a bullet in their head and put them in the river.

    Btw i realize its a TV show but i still think its interesting and ironic. What we are entertained by and who we root for even in our entertainment tells us a little something about us.

  2. Bwhit says:

    Please don’t pair Will Halstead and Dawson! It’s not because of Casey, it is because she dated Jay, his brother! I know they are way past that but that still would be a little weird in my opinion. Looks good though, I like April and Will so far so I’m interested to see how Chicago Med will work with the other two.

    • livia says:

      I agree with you in all.

    • Cassie says:

      I like Dawson but if she even thinks of dating Will after she dated his brother, I would lose all respect for her. I thought it was out of character for her to sleep with Jay but I understand the writers did that just to bring interest to Chicago PD. Quite honestly, so far, I haven’t liked any of the characters they’ve introduced for Chicago Med.

      • If you lose all respect for her than you never had it to begin with. She’s free to do what she wants. She’s single. She and Jay weren’t really a thing. And I don’t think it would bother him to be honest.

        • Cassie says:

          You don’t think it would bother Jay for his brother to date someone he dated and slept with? I agree she is free to do what she wants, but I would think for her to start dating the brother of someone she’s slept with is disgusting. Maybe your values are different.

          • I don’t think Jay would care to be honest. It’s not like he shared a forever lasting love with Dawson. They slept together a few times. Period. You guys are making a big deal out of this. Sure, i’d be a little weird but I’m pretty sure Jay would either encourage it or tell his brother not to mess with Dawson cause she’s a nice girl.

        • Bwhit says:

          She slept with Jay therefore they were a thing. Introducing a new character for a spin off does not mean they have to sleep with someone from the existing shows (which is really my only gripe about PD and Fire). Your opinion, but I always believed that if family is involved with someone they are then off limits.

        • jaelyn96 says:

          I agree I think the only issue he will have with it is that if Will hurts Gabby, then it might cause problems between him and Antonio. Now if it was Will and Erin, then Jay would have a major problem with him.

      • Dee says:

        Is if really necessary for Dawson to sleep with everybody Mills, Casey, Jay possibly Will. Girl gets around. I know she is the main female lead but they don’t have to make her Trampy Gabby. Let her chill and figure out if she is really ready to be with Casey despite her career.

  3. lechatnoir says:

    With all the spin-off the keep cranking out , its about time we get an all female Chicago Fem MED. sheesh . Womyn can do this too .

  4. ChicagoDan says:

    I’m waiting for “Chicago Diner,” the place where all the Chicago fire, cops and doctors hang out after their shifts, where they interact with grumpy owners and sassy waitstaff.

  5. Will and Dawson? Could be interesting! I’m in! Casey shouldn’t be the only one having some fun.

    • Hmm says:

      When did Casey have “fun”? I didn’t really see his sleeping with his interim chief’s ex wife as “fun” for him. If you recall, his career was in jeopardy. I don’t necessarily think he was having “fun”.
      Either way, I’m tired of seeing Casey getting criticism from people for embracing his single life. Let’s remember: Dawson dumped HIM. And what’s worse is she went BACK to him and basically asked him to put his romantic life on hold until her career panned out, virtually keeping him hanging on a string and removing hope for closure for him and their relationship. She can’t have it both ways: either they’re together or they’re over. No whining or getting upset should he decide to move on. She’s out partying at a club and meeting people and that’s all great for her. But she shouldn’t be holding Casey to a different standard than she’s holding herself. It’s selfish and quite frankly makes her really unappealing. Hard to support someone who’s emotionally manipulative.

  6. I’m always enjoying watching Chicago Fire but I’m not that interested in Chicago PD because its story is too dark and bleak. I hope Chicago MD ‘s story would be a little bit lighter with happy faces like Chicago Fire.

  7. Joe R says:

    Didn’t they try to make “Chicago Med” happen last year with the crossover episode about the marathon explosion outside the hospital? Potential “Chicago Med” cast members then included Amanda Righetti and Dylan Baker. I guess those two must have, uhhh….left the hospital?

    Oh – and I still miss Shay. That was the worst decision, getting rid of her.

    • TV Gord says:

      The spinoff was always planned to launch now, but they have been planning with the introduction of the hospital setting since last season.

  8. TV Gord says:

    I like both current shows, so I welcome a third! In fact, I’d be okay with a different franchise every week. Chicago Law next, then Chicago Pet Detective…

  9. robert weber says:

    So is they going to be a tv show
    Chicago med?