Revenge Recap: Amanda, Please

Revenge Recap

Sunday’s Revenge served up the most highly anticipated press conference since Tiger Woods apologized for naked-hugging all those ladies, as Emily Thorne approached the podium to finally set the record straight.

“I am David Clarke’s daughter,” she revealed after telling what really happened the night of Daniel’s death, subbing Kate out for Malcolm. “I am Amanda Clarke.” Drop the mic. Call your mom. The secret is finally out.

Naturally, the dramatic scene was broadcast live on the news — the cameraman should get a raise for catching Jack’s reaction shots — for everyone to see, including a surprised Nolan (“What the hell, Ems?!”) and an already-insecure Ben, who by now should be very aware that his ex-partner is destined to be Emily’s future partner.

We won’t get to see the fallout from Emily’s confession for a few more weeks — thanks a lot, Easter! — but I think it’s safe to say that nothing will ever be the same again. Also, Nolan’s going to be so pissed she didn’t tell him in advance; you just know he’s had a “reveal night” outfit picked out since Season 1.

Elsewhere in the Hamptons this week…

Revenge LouiseSECRETS AND LIES | Everybody deals with loss differently, and I understand that things can get especially weird when the deceased is your brother whom you accidentally pushed to his death — but a baby? That’s pretty much the last word I expected to come out of Louise’s mouth this week; “honest marriage” was second-t0-last. Of course, she started having second thoughts after reading that gossip blog about Nolan’s boozy beach party with Tony, then eavesdropping on Nolan’s heart-to-heart with Jack. Frankly, after hearing Louise’s definition of a fun day — watching trashy TV and getting day drunk — I’m surprised Nolan wouldn’t be thrilled to settle down.

Louise and Nolan eventually talked it out, but don’t for a second think that she walked — er, swam — away from their conversation with anything but contempt. That peeking-out-from-the-water look she gave at the end of the episode was straight out of Wild Things, and as we all know, hell hath no fury like a crazy southern lady scorned. (Watch your bank account, Nolan!)

LET’S CALL THE WHOLE THING OFF | After learning that Lyman died while working for her, Margaux decided to formally retract her claws, as well as the hit she had planned on Emily. Unfortunately, that was easier said than done; she had to arrange a meeting with the middleman — or middle woman, as it were — who turned out to be none other than Courtney freaking Love. (According to IMDB, Love’s character is named White Gold, which couldn’t be any more fitting/insane.) She agreed not to go ahead with the plan, but Margaux knowing her true identity still poses a serious problem…

Revenge BenIT’S BEN FUN | I don’t know what surprised me more, that Ben was promoted to detective, or that he had the balls to casually stroll out of Emily’s house in the morning and kiss her right in front of her dad. (I loved David’s greeting, by the way. “Job interview?” That’s shady, Mr. Clarke.) His first day got off to a rocky start, with Victoria ambushing him in the men’s locker room with not-so-veiled threats on his job, should he decide to assist Emily any further. Needless to say, that little chat is already making big waves — and I doubt the good ‘ship Bemily has what it takes to weather the storm. (Oh, and a special nod to Victoria for that A+ exit. “Bye, boys!”)

Revenge fans, are you as surprised as I am that Emily’s secret is finally out? And how do you suspect Louise will get her revenge on Nolan? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts and theories below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. cyrano says:

    Victoria is such an idiot…. I hope she dies @ the end of the season.

  2. aa says:

    Ugh, that promo made me so upset. Why can’t they just end it?

  3. Juan says:

    I can’t believe she finally did it. Leave it up to Ems make this reveal with style. I’m so shocked and happy she finally said she is Amanda Clarke. The fallout looks like its gonna be awesome.

  4. queerbec says:

    Nothing about Jack’s Maw-Maw trying to talk him down from his obsession with Emily then her going to David’s boat and blaming his affair with Victoria for setting all this nonsense in motion. “Sure Conrad framed you for Flight (whatever it’s number), but you started it by bedding his wife!” And what with David cutting his hand and bleeding? (On a piece of future evidence?) Lawyer mama, who used her and Jack’s father’s alcoholism to explain her son’s co-dependence on Emily, had no right to be so sanctimonious or threatening. Anyway, Em’s will probably get arrested for Conrad’s, Lyman’s, even Amanda/Emily’s deaths, as Louise decides to frame Em’s in order to take Nolan’s most prized pal away, while authorities reopen all of Em’s red sharpie cases and charge her with the inadvertant deaths, like the priest who Victoria’s son killed, etc.

    • Mike says:

      You beat me to the punch. Was just complaining about that below.

    • Davey says:

      Well, she couldn’t be charged with Conrad’s death. I haven’t watched the last three episodes so I don’t know about Lyman’s.

    • Lizzie says:

      Even though the whole Stevie thing was ridicilous and no one is talking about it. How about no one talking about Mason having to come back. Remember Emily would free him and give him full rights to her story so….

      • babysteps4health says:

        Remember they faked Masons death. I do think he should come back. And her mother better come back after that press conference- as if Davi Clarke being alive wasn’t enough!!!

  5. Mike says:

    What? No comment on Stevie’s accusations at David? How she could compare an affair to having someone set up for a 9//11 type plane crash and having his daughter taken away amazes me. Yeah, it’s all David’s fault. :(

  6. queerbec says:

    I still want to see Victoria take possession of the incontinent corgis that her father-in-law left her!

  7. April says:

    Louise is getting on my nerves. A baby!? What a dumb idea. And she has kept things and told white lies to Nolan before and is going all crazy that he understandbly needs some space. I worry what crazy plot they are going to have for how unstable Louise is going to handle things now. Why is she so into Victoria? There have been plenty of times Victoria has pushed her away but Louise still hasn’t learned.

  8. April says:

    Sidenote, why on earth would Nolan be interested in the nerdy, poor, annoying social worker? That is so unrealistic.

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      Agreed. It looks like Nolan is desperate, like he runs after anyone who shows the slightest bit of interest in him. I was glad the social worker had enough decency to back away until Nolan was honest with Louise.

    • Jay says:

      He said the wedding ring keeps him from meeting anyone, so he’s probably desparate.

  9. April says:

    Can’t believe that she did this big reveal and didn’t even clue Nolan in. If this show plays out realistically, she’ll be spending her life in prison now…I guess the writers don’t anticipate being picked up for another season?? My ideal ending to the show was that there would never be a grand reveal and she’d walk away from all of this unscathed and with everyone put in their place. Not that she would announce to the world who she was…

  10. April says:

    I have a bad feeling about the flash drive and stupid Louise.. She owes Nolan everything but her short sidedness is all she sees now…

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      Yep, this is going to blow up in Nolan’s face soon. And what was it that Ben said about one of his latest cases that he thought he had closed the main witness had retracted her story? Was that Louise?

      • Betty says:

        Ben was talking about Daniel’s death, and Emily retracting her statement. He was worried how it would effect his job as Detective (I can’t even write that with a straight face).

      • Elizabeth says:

        Benw as referring to Emily when he was talking about about a key witness retracting her statement. He closed Daniel’s death case and now he’s worried about how it will affect his promotion. (I can’t even use the word Detective with Ben in the same sentence.

  11. Tamara says:

    I really wanted another season, but I feel like this was the nail in the coffin. I’ve always held my breath with this show. That’s what’s been so fun. But David alive, Emily/Amanda’s secret out? Where is the suspense? This would have been the perfect penultimate episode: Emily ending things on her terms and hopefully getting her happy ending.

    Also, does anyone suspect Mason Treadwell is in his island somewhere, cursing her for stealing his bestseller?

    • johnhelvete says:

      Mason Treadwell is out of prison? I admit that I missed a few episodes this season and am not clear where he is. Emily could still let him write the authorized book about her life.

  12. Tamara says:

    Wait, new theory, based on Margaux’s tummy grab during Emily’s reveal: this is the final plan she was talking about. Fake losing the baby to smoke Emily out of hiding. I wondered at the start of the episode if she was still pregnant. And watching Victoria with those tiny baby clothes, I kind of hoped she was.

    • Jimmy says:

      Yeah, I’ve never really believed Margaux lost the baby. Not sure Victoria will be quickly forgiving. Now with crazy Courtney Love out there….

  13. JK says:

    I just want to know where the Hell Charlotte is?!! Still At rehab? Common!

  14. LoveJoy says:

    After this revelation I’m failing to see what another season of Revenge would be about. There’s nowhere else to go at this point. Victoria was just floating around aimlessly yet again. With the exception of the last 2 min, everything else that happened in this episode was pretty pointless.

    • mediaanon says:

      Exactly, they tried and failed to drag out the David Clarke stuff, now Emily has nothing to hide anymore after this reveal.

      How long can they try to drag out Emily vs Victoria? They had to dump in pointless villains/fillers/new characters.

    • mArS says:

      Slim chances that it’s picked up for a short season 5, but I have no doubt that the writers will find something to surprise us and continue the story! It wouldn’t be the first time, they always brought the “wow, didn’t see that coming” factor every few episodes

  15. MDC says:

    This show is so dumb. So Emily is agony and wants to jeopardize the freedom of her friend in order to give comfort to a woman who was trying to get said friend locked up and his child taken away? What’s even more ridiculous is, if I remember correctly, Daniel didn’t jump in the line of fire to shield Emily, he simply turned around and got shot. The FBI lady was still going to shoot her until Jack shot her. So this Daniel died a hero stuff is bull. Not to mention he shot her and left her for dead. What about Aiden? The guy who rescued her after she was shot. Why isn’t Emily more upset about Victoria roaming around free after killing him? What has she done to avenge his death? I was never a fan of the guy but I feel like I’m more angry about this than Emily. And couldn’t she have given Nolan a heads up before her big reveal? Her priorities are a mess. I don’t care what happens to her, I just want Nolan and Jack to make it out alive. Sadly I feel like that may not happen.

    • mediaanon says:

      That should’ve been the motivation to her revenge, but no we get this meandering storyline of crazy Margeaux being a villain because the writers need her to be.

  16. dsl says:

    What’s up with this new crack ho ? She looks like a used up meth freak straight out of a trailer park.

  17. rcoaru says:

    i love ben and emily

  18. Santiago says:

    I’m so sick of those comments shading bashing the show…we got it. You don’t like it anymore. I’m not gonna cut your freedom of speech but just to say that well…not everybody feel that way.

    In my case I feel this is an awesome show. I love everything. Everything that happened on this season. On every season. If you’re not a die hard fan then you won’t like the twists.

    I’m starting to think that Margaux is maybe going to save Amanda….from White Gold…by the end of the season. It seems quite crazy but it’s Revenge. I liked Ben in this episode. Just liked but Ill never ship him with Amanda. Loved how Amanda and Jack were holding hands…..and welll…a new beginning. Renaissance.

    • Lucie says:

      I really like the show too. There’s buzz that there may be a mini season to tie everything up, but I too hope it isn’t the last season.

    • susan says:

      I really LOVE to watch this show too. I am never bored. I find Ben plays that part to a T. Louise is awesome in the role and all the other characters written in for a reason to move story forward. It always amazes me that people take the time to look up-comment -and bash a story they “say” they HATE. POINTLESS. I hope Revenge comes back for season 5

    • Joe says:

      I have been fan of the show since day one , they should have ended last year , the original premise is done

    • mArS says:

      Well said, man!

    • p7 says:

      I agree with you. I am enjoying watching this show and hope that there will be another season. While I appreciate other people’s freedom of speech I have noticed a recent trend of people bashing every show because the writers are not going in the direction that certain people would want them to take. I think as viewers we should tolerate that there are different views and we are not all going to agree on everything and sometimes we need to allow the writers to tell the story they want to tell and sometimes that story may be different to the expectations of others. Given the rate at which people complain about shows and if all those shows that are being bashed were to be cancelled. There will be hardly any shows left on TV for people to watch .

    • dsl says:

      It’s always the same fools over and over, week after week saying they “hate the show” and “don’t watch it at all”, yet here they are every week on this forum.

  19. Desmond Kane says:

    Her revealing her identity doesn’t mean that she is going to jail. Her and the real Emily legally changed their names years ago. In fact most of her crimes can never be proven. There is no way she will go down for murder. When you think about it Emily and Nolan are the only ones who haven’t committed murder. I don’t know why people keep saying that Stevie is a good foe for Victoria. Lest not forget the last time she was in the Hamptons all it took was two conversations with Victoria and an open bottle of vodka to send her over the edge. I also love Stevie’s attack on David when her son is a product of an affair that she had while married to Conrad.

  20. GuyAwks says:

    Stevie shading David for having an affair was kind of hilarious. How does she think that Jack was conceived?

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      Yep, not only was Jack a product of an affair but Stevie then dumped him on his father and presumably Carl senior’s actual wife. (I never quite worked that out) The only reason Jack’s childhood was not as messed up as Amanda’s is because he never knew about his mother.

  21. Lucie says:

    I wonder how they will explain the lack of a body unless they pretend Malcom didn’t die.

  22. Iakovos says:

    I wonder if we may learn Conrad is Jack’s father. That way he could lay claim to the Grayson fortune, leaving Victoria without. Jack and Emily could make love and she could become pregnant, thereby exposing another of Victoria’s lies. (Remember, Victoria killed two people, too! her son, one!) Charlotte could return home and maybe David could have the family he wanted. (With Stevie as his bride?) Louise would realize he did save her and agree to go quietly. Margaux could relocate to Paris and start life anew. Ben could just go away.

    REVENGE needs to wrap it up. I see nor artistic reason to go on.

    • Joe Williamson says:

      Emily can’t get pregnant after the incident where Daniel shot her. It damaged her uterus and she is no longer able to conceive.

  23. Kelly Deeny says:

    Andy, your REVENGE recaps are always enjoyable to read! Now, onto the business at hand…I’m intrigued to see how easily Amanda is able to leave Emily behind. Can she? Should she? In my opinion, I think she’s a blend of the two but has spent so much time embracing her life as Emily that she doesn’t know who Amanda is. It’ll be an interesting character arc to see her move forward. I don’t want to see Ems dissipate into thin air because she’s a kick-*** persona. While I am surprised that the truth came out, I like the fact that it was done on her terms. She’s taking control and navigating the choppy waters – at least, so she thinks.

    HIGHLIGHTS: Jack and Emily scenes – beautiful, quiet, subtle, layered with possibility. Margaux – a strong, smart character who’d make an incredible ally for our main character.

  24. Doug says:

    Did anyone else notice Corey Reynolds (Sgt. Gabriel from “The Closer”) sitting in the courtoom gallery? I expected him to have at least a speaking line, but no. Times must be tough if all he can get is work as an extra.

  25. RW says:

    I can see why the show is “on the bubble”… they really need to clean house and get back to what it was in the beginning…

    Margeaux, Louise… even Victoria can go bye bye

    Very desparate.

  26. Ruth says:

    I still love the show. Hope it gets renewed

  27. Rinnie says:

    Never thought I’d say that but (wait for it) I miss Charlotte.

  28. Kat says:

    Someone, please, please put this show out of its misery. This show has gone off the rails and it’s my last season. The only thing we haven’t seen yet is an ISIS attack. Just end it!

  29. Fabian says:

    I feel like there is a lot of unnecessary negative energy surrounding this show. (No matter how “bad” it gets, it’s not like it’s as dumb as Glee or something) I still enjoy it and am interested to see where it goes. I for one think Louise has been the best new addition to the show in a long time. Nolan is being a total jerk towards her, especially after the incident with her brother. I do hope it gets a shortened final season. Bring some of the original characters back, even if hey weren’t always amazing, just to make it feel more like the first season (i.e. Charlotte, Ashley) Also, as long as Victoria is throwing out wickedly delicious barbs, I’ll be here to watch.

  30. Jay says:

    Emily’s secret was way more interesting a couple seasons ago. Louise will probably use the info her brother Lyman got from Nolan’s computer before he died…the flash drive Victoria is trying to get her hands on.

  31. Ballet girl says:

    I love the show and the characters it does have its ups and downs but nothing is perfect. The lead characters in the show are still here and I’m sure there will be a cliff hanger always is. The negativity toward the show is unbelievable given you have the freedom to watch whatever else is on so for the haters why do you keep watching move on!!!