Ratings: Bones Returns Up, Scandal Dips, The Blacklist Hits Low

Bones Season 10 Ratings

Fox’s Bones on Thursday returned to 5.7 million total viewers and a 1.3 rating, up 8 percent and a tenth from its Dec. 11 winter finale.

Leading out of that, Backstrom (3.6 mil/0.9) was down a tenth.

Elsewhere, as CBS’ March Madness coverage averaged 7.8 mil/2.4 during primetime….

ABC | Grey’s Anatomy (8.2 mil/2.2) ticked up 6 percent and a tenth, Scandal (8.1 mil/2.3) dipped a tenth to a season low and American Crime (5.5 mil/1.2) was steady.

NBC | The Blacklist (8 mil/1.6) slipped 7 percent and two tenths, hitting an all-time demo low. The Slap (3.4 mil/0.7) added a few eyeballs while flat in the demo.

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    I’m shocked that both Blacklist & Scandal got “crushed” by the NCAA March Madness tournament. Still not my cup of tea.

  2. ABG. says:

    Woah, people are really hating the Scandal storylines right now… I think that’s the lowest rating since the Who Shot Fitz arc kicked off.

  3. a says:

    After being off air for over 3 and half months I will take that uptick for Bones, even though I wish it were more….pretty good viewership too for Fox (bar Empire of course)

  4. Sarah says:

    I honestly wish (and hope) Bones had done better, but with it being gone for 3 1/2 months it’s a bit understandable At least it went up and hopefully it’ll adjust up in the finals.

  5. Coach Taylor says:

    Yikes the Blacklist what is going on

    • mooshki says:

      They killed it by moving it to Thursdays. They need to move it back to Sundays. It’s the one good thing they’ve got going for them.

  6. Katherine215 says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m hating the return of Tom on The Blacklist. He’s a crazy sociopath who is now in love with Liz? And she just won’t kick him to the curb. Ugh, the whole storyline is weak. I was glad to see him go the first time and don’t know why we need him back. Plus, he’s a drag on Liz’s character; she’s dreary and depressed, which I get in theory but is really boring to watch. The only time she actually looked happy in the last month was having dinner with Ressler. The Blacklist needs to move it along with the storylines.

    • Randi says:

      Yes, they need to move it along. I feel like we don’t know much more than we did at the end of last season and every time they answer a (usually small) question they just bring up more. I’m starting to get frustrated.

      • Patti says:

        I know it’s frustrating but does anyone remember Lost. We didn’t find out who was taking over the island until the last season finale. If they told you everything..then everyone would be bored. Iknow you get frustrated but you keep watching.A show can’t please everyone…I love the Blacklist

    • herman1959 says:

      Agreed; I’m hoping that her answer to “I had no where else to go” is “you can’t stay here”. How many times can/will she hide him and get away with it…ridiculous. I’m just trying to hang in there until the true connection between Raymond and Liz is revealed. Yes, I know that it’ll probably be in the season finale.

    • Hodan says:

      I think Tom should have been one those characters that should have stayed dead! Also, the whole show is moving more slowly than usual and it is all because they are waiting for the BIG reveal.

    • Kim&Bey says:

      I like Tom Keen..I love seeing him in his own element like when he was undercover with the Germans, wish that had continued.

  7. Gerald says:

    Backstrom numbers are not great, but better than The Slap. I hope Fox gives it a chance.

  8. tracey says:

    I think that B613 mess on Scandal drove away a lot of fans .

    • David4 says:

      While that was dragged out I think the fact that none of the characters are likable, all of them are murders, and they get crazier and crazier (Like next week promo.).

      Also the kidnapping, that’s what did the show’s ratings in. Now it’s just doesn’t seem like the writers have any clue where they want to go with the story.

    • herman1959 says:

      Yes, B613 was the beginning of the end, then the way KW’s pregnancy was mishandled put the nails in the coffin. The B613 storyline should have been kept on the side, but now ALL of the principle characters have been touched by it and it won’t go away.

      • ChicagoDan says:

        See instead of cutting four episodes from S3, they should have used the kidnapping storyline there. The story was a mess, but it would’ve work as a way to reduce KW’s workload (trust me, most of the scenes weren’t necessary). Start S4 with her rescue and move on. Instead, by slapping this story kick S4B, it made zero sense at all. None. I hung in there because I was hoping for a payoff, but nope – it was bad. So I’ll finish this season when it goes on streaming.

        • herman1959 says:

          Yup, it would have been so much better to do it the way you described. At this point I’m watching Scandal on hulu EARLY on Friday mornings. I’m watching The Blacklist live, but that show having problems too!

  9. RedReddington says:

    The Blacklist has been my favorite show since it began, but now it takes me a few days to even watch the new episode. You know why? Because of Tom Keen and the way they’re treating the character of Liz Keen. It completely turns me off to see her feeling sorry for him and having a soft spot for him. It’s a disservice to a strong character..especially since he was abusive and lied to her. It makes me so mad to see the writers going this direction. What message are they trying to get across with all of this? That it’s OK to lie and manipulate your spouse as long as you’re willing to go to jail to save them from going? Really??

    • Katherine215 says:

      Completely agree!!! Why does she feel sorry for him?! He lied to her, basically tried to kill her (or at least considered it), and oh yeah, LIED TO HER. He’s a sociopath, and I agree, it completely weakens Liz’s character to have her protect him. Grieve the relationship, but move on! I’d much rather see Ressler, Amir, and Samar have their characters further developed than watch Tom for another episode.

    • Kim&Bey says:

      WHat do you mean why is she feeling sorry for him, she’s only human, where is your empathy?? He may have done all those horrible things to her but Love and compassion will always be stronger than hate. I feel sorry for Tom.
      And this is a somewhat realistic take on life. Alot of relationships are built on lies, manipulation,infidelity, abusive etc but for some odd reason couples stay together and try and look past all that because of love, compassion or the fear of being alone. At this point I can totally understand if Liz helps Tom, it just shows that she is human .

    • Jamie says:

      I think Tom Keen is the best thing on Blacklist-besides Red-of course. He’s a mystery, and he’s full of passion. I don’t know if he and Lizzie will get back together, but more and more viewers are now big Tom fans.

  10. herman1959 says:

    I’m feeling like Tom is going to end up working for the FBI, but I hope I’m wrong.

  11. craig says:

    The Slap has been a really great series. Can’t wait for the finale next Thursday.

  12. Teri says:

    Moving Blacklist to Thursday is a great example of day of the week and what is on before a show really dictates the ratings. On Mondays it was usually in the 11.0 range. Same for NCIS:LA. When it followed the other NCIS it was in the 13.0 range and now in the 9.0 range.

    • Nero tTVf says:

      …true, and certainly NBC will take this (day and timeslot change) into account when NBC reaches May and determines at the Upfront where Blacklist will be placed for next season.

      They/NBC know that Blacklist *cannot* go back to Monday at 10pm following Voice. The need that slot for a new drama series.

      So, the question will be whether to leave Blacklist on Thursday, or move to Tuesday or Wednesday. If (a big IF) NBC has a strong pilot season, then I think they will leave Blacklist at 9pm on Thursday and perhaps move one of the ‘Chicago’ series to help out on Thursday. If they don’t have the confidence to do that, then I think they must fold and move Blacklist over to perhaps Wednesday nights. That is a ‘step backwards’, but NBC cannot leave Blacklist ‘alone’ on Thursday nights again this fall. They either attack the night with better series [and that means no Biggest Loser at 8pm], or give up and just fill Thursday nights with ‘counter-programming’ – a night of Biggest Loser and Dateline specials. That’s pretty much all NBC is doing currently anyway.

      This is a big test for NBC coming soon – if they ‘fold’ on Thursday nights, bad news for NBC. However, I do think they will bring help to NBC at 8pm and 10pm on Thursday nights – probably one if not two of the ‘Chicago’ series.

  13. tvones says:

    Scandal since the break has been sub par. They need Harrison n the father back. Blacklist should go back to Mon 10pm. Thurs Nfl on CBS gonna swamp its ratings next fall. NBC had a hit w blacklist on Mondays. Why move it?

  14. kmw says:

    Given that long layoff good for Bones to even go up a little bit and good for Greys too. Not good for Blacklist and Scandal

  15. tamekamullins says:

    I loved The Blacklist originally, but now I’m tiring of trying to figure out the connection between Lizzie and Reddington. I’m still watching, but not with much enthusiasm.

  16. People still watch this crap ? No wonder americans are at an all time low when it comes to intelligence. You are what you consume and that goes for food as well as entertainment so it is no surprise that most americans are dumber than a box of hammers and fat lazy slobs as well.