TV's Best & Worst Weddings: Parks Perfection, Buffy Nightmare, Twisty Thrones, a Castle Miss and More

TV Weddings Best Worst

May sweeps has yet to arrive, but wedding fever is already in the air.

This week, Arrow‘s Diggle and Lyla tied the knot, and Friday’s Hart of Dixie finale promises not one, but possibly two nuptials, as Lavon and Lemon and Zoe and Wade get closer to wedded bliss.

But it’s hardly the first time Dixie star Rachel Bilson has walked down the fictional aisle. Back during her O.C. days, the actress’ Summer got hitched to Seth in one of our favorite TV weddings. And there are plenty more picks, from One Tree Hill to Grey’s Anatomy to Friends, in our gallery of the best small screen unions.

But not everyone’s big day is perfect. Sometimes, the bride and groom don’t make it to the altar. Or someone gets murdered. Or there’s an unforgivably cheesy backdrop. So along with the most romantic vow exchanges, we’ve also included the worst.

Note: Because some characters — like Friends‘ Ross, for example — got married approximately 300 times, we’ve capped each show to one best and one worst pick, which made for some tough choices. (It’s hard work, but someone’s gotta do it.)

Click through our gallery below to see who made our list of “I dos”, then drop a comment with your picks, including the weddings — both good and bad — you think we snubbed.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. you’re so wrong about Castle – yes the backdrop wasn’t great, but the wedding itself was perfect

  2. Georgia Madman says:

    Other than the backdrop, the Castle wedding was great. Did they ever explain the reason for the CGI backdrop?

    • Grey says:

      Someone said it was supposed to represent the thought of “heave on earth” for them and the “perfect wedding” for *them* and not by other people’s standards. I don’t know if that’s true or not. I didn’t get that directly from the production team.

  3. Liz says:

    Geez, TVLine is on quite the Castle-hate frenzy recently. The CGI may not have been excellent, but the wedding itself was… And to put that wedding in the same list as Emily/Ross and Dean/Lindsay is perhaps the worst transgression of all.

    • Georgia Madman says:

      The background was just so jarring. When they were editing it, didn’t anyone say this looks wrong? It was like when Rick was CGI’ed into Paris. It just broken the mood. That said, the wedding was worth waiting for. And I didn’t care that Ryan, Espo and Lannie weren’t there unlike many of the nitpickers.

      • Cat says:

        Exactly! Maybe the background didn’t look real, but the vows and everything were perfect!
        Then, while ago, they said it was one of the best wedding! What’s wrong with this website? Incoherence is the way for them!
        Also… I was happy that Ryan, Espo and Lanie weren’t there! After they lost trust on Rick, the only one who deserved to be there was only Ryan, to be honest. It’s my opinion.
        TVLINE… try to remember your old articles before make another one : ) just saying.

    • Grey says:


      Did the “Castle” folks TP their house or something?

  4. Georgia Madman says:

    The Bones wedding was equally good except for Cydi Lapner’s character if memory serves me correct.

  5. ZisforZombie says:

    Wait – was The Office Jim/Pam wedding on here?! Did I miss it?

  6. lauren says:

    my god Castle fans are a pi$$ and vinegar bunch. this site is like 50% Castle stories lol, but heaven forbid it’s not pure up-sucking.

  7. Kel says:

    Ted and The Mother. Spending the entire season on Barney and Robin the only seconds on the wedding that was the entire point of the series was such a let down. We didn’t even get to hear their vows and what’s worse it wasn’t that the writers didn’t have ample time. Ugh.

  8. MatRaupach says:

    You missed one….

  9. I think the problem with the Castle wedding was that the “real” wedding was dumped for a storyline that was never resolved. (And don’t get me started on Beckett’s first husband) To make up for teasing the fans an entire season with all the planning and prep and then yanking it away, they should have done a REAL wedding. Instead, they threw together a 3 minute “blink and you miss it” wedding that was obviously done onstage and in front of a green screen. They brought Jim Beckett back only to not have him speak a word and apparently fall off the sobriety wagon (again, not explained) Their vows were perfect, Nathan and Stana played it perfectly, yet…. there was a lot lacking.

    • kandcsmomma says:

      I agree. Why waste all your production money on a wedding that was never going to happen. The background of the wedding was so distracting. had they even just done it outside with a natural backdrop with just who was there, it would have been ok. Loved the vows and the rest was good; I didgr even mind how short it was. But to make us wait 6 seasons for this and then give us that? The show and the dabs deserved better.

    • Grey says:

      Deb, I think you summed it up the best. Very well written. Thank you.

    • RBA says:

      Precisely, and it is why it should go down as one of the worst weddings. As to those in the Fandom who are annoyed at tvline I would ask them to remember that no other “non-fan” site devotes as much time to Castyle as this site. Keep yapping and tvline might go the way of E!and hardly cover Castle.

    • perhaps that is what some did not like. But I can tell that did not bother me. The original wedding (day) looked perfect..up until THAT moment. And the actual wedding was great…except for the too obvious fake background/sky. That was the one thing that I personally did not like about it. I do not see why the disappearance mystery and delay would ruin things for some, but I believe it does when you say so.

  10. Anna says:

    How is the Chair union any better then Derena? Keep in mind Dan may have been Gossip Girl but he never abused Serena physically or sold her to a creep of an uncle. Dan is a saint compared to Chuck especially in regards to Blair. I would say the only good wedding on Gossip Girl was the season one finale, Much ‘I Do’ about Nothing. Which was back when Derena and Chair were still fresh and both couples had potential.

    • Lily says:

      He just psychologically and emotionally abused her the entire time they knew each other. GG had Serena in tears, humiliated and betrayed multiple times. He lied to her face and put all of her baggage and secrets out to the world.

      • Isobel says:

        Agree and both Chuck and Blair grew up and tried to redeem themselves for their actions, but the show never brings up Dan’s actions throughout the show as something wrong

  11. jasie says:

    I’d add Boston Legals Denny Crane and Alan Shore as best. Also Melrose Place Sydneys wedding where she was hit by a car and killed as a Worst.

  12. Joey says:

    If Brittany and Santana had gotten married and only them, then maybe it could’ve been on the best list. Getting invaded by the worst, most toxic couple on television easily makes them one of the worst.

  13. MKR says:

    best, LOIS and CLARK from SMALLVILLE.

  14. Steven says:

    I completely agree with Piper and Leo’s rutabaga. They were the first TV couple I really rooted for.

  15. spindae2 says:

    Thank U for remembering Charmed! All 3 weddings were beautiful.
    Mary and Francis getting married was great as well cause Adelaide was one of the most beautiful brides on TV ever.

  16. LL624 says:

    Didn’t you guys recently do a wedding article and put Castle as best runner up? Now it’s worst? What gives?

  17. Shar says:

    Joe Morton, now Daddy Pope on Scandal, played Byron the left at the altar groom on A Different world and I was so hoping that Jasmine Guy would be cast as Mama Pope.

  18. Marisol says:

    I still stand-up and cheer every time I watch the Different World episode of Dwayne and Whitley’s wedding occurring after an “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg,” from Dwayne

  19. Winnie says:

    One of my favorites is the Fenway Park wedding from The Practice. Many of these made me smile, but after I read the A Different World mention, I went and found the episode on Netflix and will watch it with my one and only!

  20. Grey says:

    Why are you always dis’n “Castle” these days?

  21. Alicia says:

    I think you need to add one more worst for Grey’s, April and Matthew, since ran off with Jackson and married him instead.

    I also think as much as I love Chloe/Oliver on Smallville they get another worst spot because it was such a silly episode!

    Another best while I kind of not glitzy or planned was Danny/Lindsay on CSI: NY because they showed a lot of emotion when they said their vows.

    Maybe you guys could do this again next season and add more, hopefully if Shonda and the writers at Grey’s are nice enough to finally get Jo/Alex down the aisle, show Meredith/Derek and Jackson/April (or just show us what happened in Lake Tahoe) have a real wedding in front of friends and family, and get Callie and Arizona back together so they can legally get married this time!

  22. HP says:

    What about ‘The Mentalist’? Jane and Lisbon’s wedding in the series finale was one that should have been included in the “best” category!

  23. Why snub JJ and Will’s wedding for Criminal Minds? That would have been one of the best ones.

    You can’t pass up Reid doing sleight of hand with his godson with JJ and Will’s rings. And Henry was adorable to boot. And it was actually fun, and a long time in coming.

    • Angela says:

      Beat me to it-I was just going to post this one as well :). I liked that wedding, too. I LOVE Reid and Henry’s interaction throughout, and the last ten minutes or so of that episode always get me a little misty-eyed. It’s bittersweet, too, ’cause that episode is also when Emily decides to leave the team, but at least she gets to join in the festivities one last time and be there to celebrate the wedding of one of her best friends.

  24. c-mo says:

    You missed Bo and Hope’s wedding! It was one of the absolute best memories I have of the 80’s with all of its glorious excess.

  25. Mary says:

    Altough I agree about the background scenario, everything else was perfect on Castle wedding, particulary the vows! Maybe it doesn´t belong on the best category, but it surely doesn´t belong on the worst one, imo!
    And, like others said, if a few months ago it was a runner-up for best, how is it now on the worst? Unless the members choosing aren´t the same, it makes no sense to me…

  26. Dude says:

    Nathan and Haley’s wedding on One Tree Hill is my favourite wedding episode of all time. From that Brooke/Peyton scene, to that Brooke/Lucas scene to the limo driving off the bridge. Ugh, it was SO good. That was One Tree Hill at it’s peak. It really was all downhill after that.

  27. Katherine215 says:

    I know it wasn’t on for long, but I really loved Cyrus and Alice’s wedding in OUATiW. I just love that it was such a perfect happy ending for them.

  28. Marco says:

    Aww the Kevin/Scotty wedding.
    Eww the Klaine ‘wedding’. Blaine Anderson, Spotlight Stealer to the bitter (for us and Kurt) end.

  29. Kim R says:

    Spoiler Alert!!! We are just Netflixing Chuck now! Oh my eyes, my eyes!!!

  30. Karen says:

    Personally loved Jim & Pam (The Office), phoebe & Mike (Friends), Watson & Mary (Sherlock – that best man speech), and Charlotte & Harry ( SATC).
    Though their marriage was doomed, I would’ve included Alex & Izzie’s wedding on Grey’s instead of Calzona. I shed a lot of years on that one, it was beautiful as heck, and possibly my favorite wedding-kiss too.
    Worst, I would’ve included Cece’s wedding on New Girl

  31. T says:

    Big Bang Wedding was just right for the show. I used to be a big Castle fan but the show has dropped off of my must-see list as it seems to be going nowhere. I was very disappointed in the Castle-Beckett wedding. Father can’t speak, no friends, garish background, southern California clothes for a November beachside, Hamptons, NY wedding(!). Their vows sounded like take 1 and take 2 of the same thing. They could not even remember to pledge to not be boring, as they had agreed to do not long ago. Overall disappointing. The Bones wedding was really nice. It fit the characters perfectly; clothes, guests and location fit the occasion and season. Vows were heartfelt for each character and had continuity to the very first episode eight years earlier (“I can be a duck”).

  32. Mel says:

    What about The Mentalist? Catching a serial killer (Lisbon with wedding dress on and gun in hand) and then getting married? Perfect.

  33. Lynn says:

    No Mary & Francis from Reign? :(

  34. Carlie says:

    I have to add some to the Best List- Lucas and Peyton’s wedding on One Tree Hill and Angela and Hodgins on Bones.

  35. I agree with may of these, but I would also like to add:
    CASTLE – Castle & Beckett – I thought the wedding ceremony was perfect, and i loved that it was only the closest family. Though the CGI background also bothered me (it was like looking at movie posters or magazine covers, where pretty people and images are retouched too much, and it looks bad), it did not ruin the beautiful ceremony itself for me.
    HIMYM -. Barney & Robin – I do not consider the s9 long wedding weekend (episode 1-20) as part of the wedding. I only consider the wedding ceremony scenes and episode as the wedding, and therefore I loved it. (Yes, the writers did almost everything wrong in the last season – making the whole season take place during those 2 days was not a good idea), but i think they did the wedding wows and those parts pretty well. True to characters. So I look at the ceremony and the weekend as two separate things.

    BEST tv weddings in my opinion: Jane & Lisbon (The Mentalist), Chuck & Sarah (Chuck), Ryan & Jenny (Castle), Lily & Marshall (HIMYM), Chandler & Monica (Friends), Phoebe & Mike (Friends), Ed & Carol (Ed … a bit too much for my taste, but suitable for the goofy, colourful characters)

    SO-SO: JJ & Will (CM) – I love the surprise part, and the team part of the wedding more than the wedding/vows part.

    WORST tv weddings in my opinion: Ross & Emily (Friends), Melissa & Joey (Melissa & Joey), Cece & Shevrang (New Girl), Ted & Stella (HIMYM)

  36. cyclone says:

    While scrolling through I was thinking of what I would write if the Lois and Clark wedding wasn’t included as BEST. Thankfully you were smart enough to include it. I also am glad you included the Brittana wedding as BEST the worst part about that wedding was the inclusion of Klaine.

  37. roadi says:

    If you need to include Buffy in this, include the real attempt of a wedding (Anya & Xander) instead of the fake one. ;)

    • Tara17 says:

      So agree with roadi, the “best” worst wedding of Buffy’s run is Anya&Xander’s. So tragically good. Bonus follow-up scene in episode titled Selfless.

  38. Mary S says:

    I am still trying to figure out why I can see the teeny-tiny thumbnails but NOT the actual picture. Yes, I have Internet Explorer, not Firefox, Mozilla or Chrome, but why should that keep me from seeing the Gallery???
    And, as I moved through the blurbs-minus-pictures, I didn’t see The Mentalist’s wedding… surely the fact of catching a killer then rushing to the ceremony must be in there somewhere?

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