Is New Dead Duo Adorable? Will Logo Go Looking? Best Body Swap? Double Standard on Arrow? And More Qs!

Glee Finale Rachel Tony

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Glee, Looking, The Flash and The Americans!

1 | It shouldn’t surprise us by now, but wasn’t it a bit icky to see Glee‘s Mr. Schuester so thoroughly enjoying Artie’s highly sexual audition song? And didn’t you expect Rachel to acknowledge Finn in some form while accepting her Tony?

2 | What do you think the odds are of Grimm‘s Nick and Juliette staying together, now that he knows she’s a Hexenbiest?

3 | On a scale of 1 (rather pleasant) to 10 (shoot-me-in-the-face unbearable), how annoying are Kyle Chandler’s two children on Netflix’s Bloodline?

Once Upon a Time4 | This Once Upon a Time backdrop wasn’t intended to look at all 3-dimensional, was it? Also, as many are wondering: If the Savior’s very existence precludes the villains from having happy endings, how did Ursula get hers?

5 | Is it too obvious to assume that Ben’s stalker on Secrets and Lies is Kevin, the neighbor who basically wants him dead?

6 | On The Good Wife, would Alicia & Co. really have learned of her victory by watching a local CBS affiliate? (Isn’t this why you hire internal pollsters?) And is another election scandal on the horizon, given how blatant Peter’s obstruction of traffic must have appeared?

7 | The Walking Dead’s Carl and Enid — adorable or horrible?

8 | Gaby Hoffman’s naked, screaming “home birth” on Girls: Hilarious, horrifying or a bit of both? And as maddening as the characters can be, wasn’t it a stunning show of maturity and self-worth the way Hannah rejected Adam’s offer to get back together?

9 | Kevin’s secret Grindr profile on Looking: Total deal-breaker or much ado about nothing? And why isn’t anyone discussing how HBO pulling the plug on the charming dramedy should be viewed as a monster opportunity for the desperately-in-need-of-must-see-programming Logo?Dancing With the Stars

10 | Moment of truth, TVLiners: Super Bowl XLIX’s dancing sharks, or Dancing With the Stars‘ groovin’ crabs?

11 | Was Mariana’s coded dance on The Fosters the coolest thing you’ve seen in some time?

12 | Didn’t The Following‘s Ryan seem to shake off the violent death of former hook-up Carrie Cook rather quickly?

13 | What’s with TV’s obsession with suicidal bathtub drownings? First Carrie Mathison considers dunking the life out of mini Brody on Homeland, then Claire Underwood mulled her own death plunge on House of Cards, and this week Bates Motel‘s mentally unhinged Norman played a game of “Let’s see how long I can hold my breath underwater before Norma saves me!” (And is there an unsettling undercurrent to this trend given everything that’s going on with the Houston family?)

14 | Doesn’t The Flash’s Iris — a cub reporter, remember — worry about coming off as abrupt and insubordinate when repeatedly brushing off Mason? (Granted, he’s not around now to write her evaluation, but still….)

15 | On Agents of Once Upon a Time Agents of SHIELDS.H.I.E.L.D., did Coulson and Skye’s red vines moment evoke Fringe memories for anyone? And which “body swap” was more disconcerting:  S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Agent 33-as-Skye speaking with May’s voice, or Once Upon a Time’s Snow channeling Regina?

16 | On The Mindy Project, which of Mindy’s exes did you wish Morgan had included when he wrangled up her old beaus? And how hard are you hoping for a renewal after that cliffhanger ending?

17 | Did you ever think you could be moved to tears by a Cougar Town episode focused almost entirely on seventh-wheel Tom — and in the TBS comedy’s penultimate installment, no less?

18 | Ray is all righteous about the Arrow killing people, but he’s allowed to zap Roy? How does he know he didn’t kill him? And this doesn’t concern Felicity at all? (And how did no one check on Roy?! Or at least let us know that he’s OK?)

19 | Did you catch The Cosby Show shout-out in this week’s black-ish?

20 | Did Aubrey Peeples’ CHRIS CARMACK, AUBREY PEEPLESstrong performance in Nashville‘s latest concert special make you want the show to hurry up and figure out what to do with Layla?

21 | Smash fans, which guest appearance this week thrilled you more: Wesley Taylor (erstwhile chorus boy Bobby) as Patrick’s sexy Looking neighbor or Mara Davi (aka the blackmailing Daisy) as The Mysteries of Laura‘s sorority advisor? And speaking of NBC’s Laura, are you just a bit scandalized by Debra Messing’s alter-ego hooking up with a guy played by Neal Bledsoe — who courted her Smash BFF Tom (Christian Borle) on the NBC musical? #JuliaAndTom4Eva

22 | Who is loving Chicago P.D.‘s new tech guy? And what were your first impressions of Jay’s brother? (We love his sense of humor, but we’re not so sure Platt agrees.)

23 | Why did The Americans‘ Elizabeth have to go upstairs? Couldn’t she and Philip have kept working on the off chance that no one heard them? Then she might have not exposed herself at all!Greys' Anatomy

24 | Did any other Grey’s Anatomy fans have to watch the icky-squicky Jo storyline like this? And was that the same critter that Khan put in Chehov’s ear?

25 | Would Scandal’s Mellie really opt for soft, super-casual curls whilst putting herself on track for the highest office in the land? And just how many Olivias does Quinn know that her caller ID specifies “Olivia Pope”?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Wordsmith says:

    1) I was totally expecting Rachel to give at least a little nod to Finn during her acceptance speech. Very odd that they didn’t work that in somehow.

    • Dude says:

      I assumed that maybe they didn’t want to bring people down in that moment. That scene was the culmination of her entire journey, it was such a joyous scene and it might have felt a bit more bittersweet had she mentioned Finn. It also might have taken away from her shout out to Will a bit which was my favourite moment of the finale. As much as she loved Finn, I don’t think he was as big of a presence in her life anymore.

      • AT says:

        I agree. At this point it has been 7 years since Finn passed away. She’s moved on and gotten married. I think the show thoroughly acknowledged the glee club’s role in her life and professional success, which includes Finn. And I thought the focus on Mr. Shue was nice.

    • Magda says:

      I actually would have thought it was odd if she DID mention Finn. He’s her high school boyfriend. She’s moved on and is married. Why would she mention her ex?

      • S. says:

        Well he pushed her to go for her dream and believed in her. I almost would’ve not been surprised if she’d said Finn instead of Mr. Schue. The thing of course being that her husband is sitting right there and dedicating her award to a high school love might’ve been awkward.

        • Magda says:

          I would imagine her husband also pushed her to go for her dreams and believed in her. And her dads. And all her friends. To single out a high school sweetheart would be weird and probably wouldn’t even have occurred to her.

  2. Brian Bauer says:

    #4 I never saw Ursula do anything that would classify her as a villain, besides hanging out with the wrong people.

    #14 I kept thinking, “He must not be her boss or she would be fired by now.”

  3. Wordsmith says:

    2) I’m sure that Grimm will find a way for Nick and Juliette to work out their differences. Frankly, I don’t see why it’s such an obstacle in the first place. We’ve met hexenbiests before who weren’t inherently evil – why would we suddenly assume that Juliette is a monster all of a sudden? Isn’t that the kind of prejudice the show has been CONSTANTLY preaching against?

    • ChicagoDan says:

      2) Now that Adalind is pregnant, Juliette will be ‘cured’ with Grimm/Hex baby blood. Guaranteed. BTW – I hope we get more scenes with David/Claire – the chemistry is off-the-charts with these two. Don’t need them to hook up, but the back-and-forth really is entertaining.
      18) Maybe because we don’t care about Roy? The character is pretty useless and bland – not the interesting guy with an edge when he came on.

      • Sasha says:

        I can tell you I care more about him than if Felicity is going to die and join the new show next season. (I really don’t care about season 3 Felicity anymore)

    • Sarah says:

      I don’t think they are trying to portray Juliette as evil. Nick not looking at her seemed to me to be more about his guilt of the fact that she’s only a hexenbiest because he wanted to be a Grimm again.

      That said, I’m really worried Adalind’s pregnancy will drive a serious wedge between them.

      Juliette already hates Adalind but when she finds out that she’s carrying Nick’s child, and therefore stolen a huge life-altering connection that by all rights should have been Juliette’s to experience, Juliette is certainly going to want to kill her. But despite all of Adalinds evil deeds, Nick will be forced to protect Adalind because of their child.

  4. Wordsmith says:

    7) Carl and Enid are definitely adorable, but I have a sinking feeling that she may be a mole for the creepy, torso-stealing “W” people. Hopefully she has a change of heart.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      I agree, #7 I don’t know about that Enid girl maybe she is from that group, anyhow I read that Daryl and Aaron might run into some people who ”could be the W people” in the finale on Sunday!
      #2 I think it’s going to take some time for Nick to get use to Juliette as a Hex. But with Adalind being pregnant AGAIN idk…..I like the new Juliette kicking ass!

  5. #19 – totally did!
    #18 I was like “shouldn’t someone check he’s alive? Why is Ollie leaving?!”

  6. Lincoln says:

    I keep waiting for Ray to start being a bit more “The Atom” and a bit less “Iron Man”… before Marvel starts suing for copyright infringement

  7. I immediately thought of Walter and Astrid when Coulson pulled out the Red Vines to share with Skye/ You can never go wrong bonding over Red Vines.

  8. Katie says:

    9) If only Grindr were the problem…..Kevin wants a open relationship and Patrink wants a monogamus one. They are not LOOKING for the same thing.

  9. Taylah Talks says:

    #1 it’s Will, it’d be weird if he *didn’t*
    #7 “Meh”
    #14 it seems to me Mason and Iris were getting along just fine so he didn’t take it badly, I don’t see how this is a thing she “repeatedly” does?
    #15 I am so tired of Ward’s entire storyline I honestly wasn’t even paying attention to this whole thing. Murder him, please.
    #18 Is anyone checking for Roy, generally speaking, though? Honestly I even forget he is there, these days. This is a good thing. Ray is a douche.
    #21 “Smash”… fans?

    • AT says:

      Hey…it may have been a cult following but I enjoyed Smash, even with all of the horrific subplots and characters :-)

      • Taylah Talks says:

        Ha! I actually watched Smash until the very end, but mostly because of the performances/songs than because of the actual story.

        Also because I wanted to see Ivy win. That’s how they redeemed themselves.

  10. Steven says:

    3. I find the whole show to be a 10. Couldn’t make it through 1 episode. I couldn’t find anything interesting enough to keep me watching.

  11. Also did Brandon Routh get pink eye during that episode of Arrow? I was getting so distracted by it.

    • Wordsmith says:

      Noticed that too. It made his scenes uncomfortable to watch. Couldn’t shake the sympathetic eye twinges.

    • googly eyes says:

      And they couldn’t afford eyedrops to at least reduce the redness of his right eye? Cheapskates! He definitely had a cold because his voice was deeper than normal in some scenes, especially at the beginning with the wedding.

    • Kim&Bey says:

      I noticed that too, If it was real pink eye they could simply edit it out. I’m pretty sure they added it intentionally, to show maybe the strain the suit is having on him plus he hasn’t been sleeping much working on his suit, so…

    • herman1959 says:

      Yes, that eye looked nasty; I was so distracted. I would have thought that since he had so many closeups, they would have shot around him for a day. Twenty-four hours’ treatment with antibiotic eye drops can make a big difference; I don’t get it..

    • Lysh says:

      I’ve noticed this on another previous episode. Maybe he’s having bad makeup reactions or not getting enough sleep.

  12. C. says:

    19. Yes! I just pictured little Rudy singing to Ray Charles, and it breaks my heart how much the Cosby Show is now tainted for me. :(
    25. Lol Don’t think it matters what Mellie’s hair looks like as she’s running for office. I think Abby would be horrified by this question. Also, is it uncommon to have first and last names in your contacts? Even my BFF’s first and last names show up on my caller ID. Maybe we’re just organized.

    • Tee says:

      My phone is very formal. My mom isn’t even in there as Mom, she’s in there by her given first name (which she doesn’t even go by) and last name. Her nickname is Mom, so if I tell siri to call mom, he knows what to do. Even the people at work. One of my staffmembers goes by Alex Reid, and he’s in my phone as Andrew Alexander Reid III.

      It’s a consistency thing for me as much as it is an organization thing b

  13. Amy says:

    #18: I am kind of waiting for the Vegan Police to come and take Ray away…

  14. Daisy says:

    2. The new pregnancy on top of the hexenbeast story is just much too much. Way too much conflict in one storyline. Do not like.

    24. Yes. Exactly my hand positioning to block the grossness.

  15. Luk says:

    Perhaps Looking is the right thing for Logo, I wonder if Logo is the right thing for Looking…
    Still, considering the twit of Andrew Haigh in which he was bashing TV in favour of movies pretty badly, it seems to me there is not much interest to move it to Logo, especially after the tv movie that will conclude the series will probably give a good sense of closure.

    Yes, it was strange that Rachel didn’t mention Finn in her Tony speech. But perhaps it would have been awkward mentioning an old boyfriend passed away 6 or 7 years before (isn’t the flash forward set 5 years later the normal timeline?) especially in front of her husband and such.

  16. DarkDefender says:

    #4: OUAT
    My theory is that only true villians do not get their happy endings. Then loophole is that if they did not begin as villains then they can have a happy ending. So Ursula, Regina, Maificent and even Rumple can have happy endings. (Cruella, probably not) They must “return” to being heros to get the happy ending. Regina sealed her hero status when she sacrificed letting Robin go to save Marion. Rumplestilskin, on the other hand, will never get a happy ending until he gives up the dagger and being the Dark One.

    • Marco says:

      But he already sacrificed himself in 3A, literally dying so his son and the rest of SB could live. Because if you remember, to give up being the Dark One he has to die.

      • AT says:

        I’m sure they can retcon it so it is somehow within Rumple’s power to stop being the dark one – without dying and without anyone having to take his place. I can easily imagine there being a way for the dark one to stop existing if a dark one does something truly heroic (sacrificing himself in 3A probably should have counted).

  17. 2) I think “Daddy of Adalind’s baby” will be a bigger death knell for that relationship.
    8) Horrifying. Absolutely horrifying.

  18. Viv says:

    15. I loved the Fringe references on SHIELD this week! Nonetheless I have to go with OUAT on this one.
    Also: They are going to kill Hunter off, right? The writers have gone out of their way to make us feel for him and I don’t trust anything where there is the name Whedon on it when it comes to my favourite characters :/

  19. Bwhit says:

    18) Oliver abandoned Roy too. He didn’t even glance over to make sure he was okay. I thought Felicity was going to dump him after everything that happened but nope, he has to be leaving soon right?!?
    22) Kudos to whoever did the casting of Jay’s brother because they don’t look exactly alike but they sure do have similar characteristics. The new tech guy is 10x better than Jin.

  20. Matty Si. says:

    #1. I didn’t expect Finn to be mentioned. I mean she was happily married to Jesse and it was like 5 years into the future. Not to mention the year or so that previous passed after Finn died. She will always have a piece of him but she doesn’t need to always bring him up. It would just push Jesse away.

  21. MatRaupach says:

    11) Yes it was brilliant, too bad you have only linked to a rehearsal and not the real thing, that was much cooler

  22. Dude says:

    25. You have to call her Olivia Pope. She’s Olivia Pope.

  23. Lerbert says:

    24. This is one of the reasons why I love TVLine! First thing I thought of when I saw that worm emerge from her nose was Star Trek II and the larva scene–one of the most definitively haunting things from a movie or television show I watched as a child. Bleh!!

  24. bj says:

    22 | Who is loving Chicago P.D.‘s new tech guy?

    I really like the new tech guy. I’m reserving judgement on the brother.

  25. Matt says:

    Lol about Ray zapping roy

  26. A fan of TV says:

    7. Kinda adorable, but still not sure what to make of Enid, so the jury is still technically out on those two for me.

    13. Kind of a controversial reach, in my opinion. Death by bathtub is nothing new, and when I see it on TV I don’t think about Whitney or BK. BK’s death mirrored her mother, but its not like there isn’t a Britney Spears video with this subject matter that isn’t already over a decade old, and the Trinity Killer used the tub on Dexter because the water helped his vics bleed out faster. I just think its a stretch to relate these storylines on TV to Houston family drama, when its kind of more than obvious that the only ‘inspiration’ BK may or may not have had was her mother, and as far as we’re aware her mother’s death was accidental…

    25. In my opinion, a more severe hairstyle does not increase my perception of a person’s qualifications for public office, and since Scandal is a fantasy I’m more than fine with Nellie’s hair. Its just hair. Its not like she’s walking around with swear words on her T-shirt or anything.

  27. Allee says:

    A lot of Mindy’s exes have been on other episodes this year, such as Cliff and Brendan, so I thought the lineup was good. It was funny seeing BJ Novak. I would have liked to have seen Tim Daly (Charlie) who actually was Mindy’s LAST boyfriend before Danny and who was adorable. Bad things will happen if this show isn’t renewed, at least somewhere.

    • Sarah says:

      16. I second the desire for Charlie, and for RENEWAL for the Mindy Project, because the idea of not seeing how these two nutjobs make it work is maddening. I am still emotionally bereft from the bedroom scene and the scene between Danny and Annette. No one does comedy with real emotion better than Mindy Kaling.

  28. Mary says:

    25 what’s wrong with curls?!

  29. LAwoman says:

    1. I would have found it weird if she mentioned Finn at that point.
    7. Cute, but I think Enid is questionable. I don’t trust her.
    8. Gaby’s tub birth scenes were kind of horrifying. Mostly because I can’t imagine that lunatic with a kid.
    17. Yeah, I got weepy over Tom. Never saw that coming.
    23. That was a tough episode. I REALLY wish Elizabeth had just stayed put.
    24. Ugh. Still creeped out.

  30. mskrislarsen says:

    What’s your a Burning Q about ‘Justified’? I didn’t see it listed.

  31. Hayes says:

    25. I thought it’s perfectly normal to have last names on phone books. Every entry on mine is like that.

  32. Jill says:

    Nashville should still get rid of Layla. Just cause she can sing doesn’t mean she can act…which she can’t.

    • Harmony says:

      She’s a compelling character who is getting her act together much better than many of the older characters, Deacon and Rayna for instance. She’s really young and she’s been through so much already and made it out alive. Give her a chance and she may surprise you.

  33. Mary says:

    16) I loved the ex’s the chose. I would have enjoyed Brennan or Charlie but I got josh and bj novak so I’m happy.

    I watch mindy and brooklyn 99 so I will be really unhappy if mindy doesn’t come back.

  34. Catherine says:

    re Looking, Kevin was pushing Patrick out with his sudden confession of an open relationship. He knew from the over reaction of the Grindr app that Patrick was not trusting him or 100% with him in regards to their relationship. Patrick was a child and needed some tough love from kevin and when things got real, Patrick bolted for his fantasy.

  35. Mena says:

    18. Roy’s dissing is bad. But, the editing was way off too. Look at Diggle’s wedding. Way too obvious screw up.

  36. Allee says:

    Oh, and it’s completely ridiculous that Alicia learned of her victory 1) immediately and 2) from TV and 3) all alone. Other than in the case of a landslide, it would have taken much longer. She would have had a watch party for her countless volunteers, donors, and supporters (which the show didn’t seem to think existed — it is odd that a show that is so greatly about politics doesn’t seem to be written by anyone who has ever experienced it). The results would trickle in, first early or absentee votes, then precinct by precinct. They’d watch on TV but there would probably be earlier results gotten on the Internet or just from people going to various precincts and finding out the results.

  37. DavidSask says:

    Logo should not be allowed to exist as channel, is the repeat with edits channel with RPDR the only show they have. How they classify as gay still is beyond me!

  38. Alichat says:

    2) Sigh
    14) Not a fan of Iris, and frankly if she really wanted to be a reporter, she wouldn’t be brushing off Mason and his legit story to blog about The Flash.
    15) It did make me think of Fringe! And the Agent 33 as Skye/May was the most disturbing. The OUAT scene was comical.
    18) Ray = giant tool. And don’t get me started on Felicity’s reaction in that episode. She should have been livid with Ray for his hypocritical BS. Instead she was kinda weepy and submissive. And I know it was a hero shot, but Oliver couldn’t walk over to Roy and help him up, then storm out of the confrontation with Ray? Frankly, it would have been a more moral finger-point to Ray to show that he had hurt Roy, an innocent, so badly that he needed Oliver’s support to leave.
    23) This was the one plothole in a fantastic episode to me. She didn’t need to go up there. More than likely, that woman would never have heard anything.

  39. Sims says:

    #25: The only time I do not have a persons full name in my Contacts is when I barely know someone i.e. I literally don’t know their last name, and that doesn’t happen often when I’m exchanging phone numbers. So when people call my iPhone, their whole name comes up. I can’t change it. … And some reason I felt the need to leave this comment explaining that.

  40. The Squatch says:

    #2.) I have to admit that I absolutely hate the whole Juliette being a Hexenbiest. Adding the whole Adalind being pregnant with Nick’s baby is just too much.

    Also, when Nick told Juliette about being a Grimm it took her quite a while to fully accept it, right? But when she drops the Hexenbiest bombshell on Nick she gives him, what, one night? Then just decides for him that he can’t accept it and calls it quits? Sheesh.

    Having said that, If I were Nick, I would actually be *far* more worried about the fact that Juliette seems to run to Captain Renard constantly at the drop of a (witch’s) hat whenever she has a problem with Nick. I’m begging you… please don’t go down the whole Renard / Juliette road again thinking it’s “okay” now that she has changed.

  41. sarah j says:

    3)1..I like John’s kids.
    18)I agree about Roy.
    20)Yes they need to find something to do with Layla.
    24)LOL, yes it was hard to watch.

  42. cjinsd says:

    21. “And speaking of NBC’s Laura, are you just a bit scandalized by Debra Messing’s alter-ego hooking up with a guy played by Neal Bledsoe — who courted her Smash BFF Tom (Christian Borle) on the NBC musical?”

    I don’t care that Neal Bledsoe courted Tom at all. I love me some Food Truck Tony. I hope his character and the show last a long time.

  43. Brendan says:

    19) Yup and it was funny. Especially the line after about seeing it before, only better.

  44. Weezy says:

    #12: Let’s take it one step further. Ryan figures out that Joe’s mentor is behind the whole thing and his response is to show up when he is being transferred to the courthouse simply to rub it in his face? Isn’t that about the WORST STRATEGY EVER. So somehow after they made the connection that it was Joe’s mentor and his trial was literally like the next day, they weren’t able to figure out that maybe they should protect the ONLY KEY WITNESS against him? I thought the whole time it was a setup and the kiddies were going to walk right into a trap in Carrie’s hotel room. Nope!!!