Vampire Diaries Pics: What Makes Elena 'Reevaluate Her Life' With Damon?

Vampire Diaries Season 6

Now that the cure is back in Damon’s possession, will he make good on his promise to give it to Elena?

New photos from The Vampire Diaries‘ April 16 return find the undead lovers doing a bit of self-reflecting, which certainly fits with this snippet from the episode’s slightly ominous log line: “Elena discovers Jo is pregnant, prompting her to reevaluate her own life as a vampire.”

TVLine recently asked Ian Somerhalder if Alaric and Jo’s one-two wedding/baby punch would cause Damon to consider putting a ring on Elena’s finger, but his answer didn’t exactly inspire us to go pick out china:

“Think about it this way: Damon’s 173 and Elena’s 18 or 19,” he reminded us. “I mean, come on. Something tells me that’s not the best idea.”

Fortunately, the episode’s not going to be a total downer: Stefan and Caroline continue their twisted little party, Enzo finally starts being honest with Sarah, and Matt and Tyler do karaoke. (OK, that last one actually takes a “dangerous” turn, but at least it starts out fun!)

Browse the new photos below, then drop a comment with your thoughts: Which vampire do you want to take the cure?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Polly says:

    how is this show still on the air?

    • Violet says:

      I’ve been wondering this myself…should’ve ended in season 3 or 4

    • aisha says:

      Hey Polly look,do you know why all thus is ironic you’ve proved that you dislike thus show and the irony is that you still watch it nevertheless you still comment on it so the thing is that you are still hang up on it if you really don’t like it as you said then get a life and shut it and leave us the fans to continue watching it because you haters only motivate us and the show producers don’t care about all of you they just care about their fans so beat it

    • Taylor says:

      I was shocked they renewed tvd for another season. I’m sad about how this show has gone down hill. when you look back at the first few seasons to now, it’s like I’m watching a different show. I hope that Julie has some good story lines to wrap up this show. They need to go back to the good story telling.

    • Angela says:

      Because it’s one of the best shows ever!

  2. Annie says:

    Why do people even take what Ian says seriously anymore? He’s been using that line since season 2 and it’s never mattered.

  3. Kim&Bey says:

    Ian has been against the idea of Delena since way back, I cannot recall an interview were he was asked a question about Delena and he did not give that ‘age’ answer. It’s really getting old!
    Ian and Nina’s real life drama is totally spilling over and ruining the once great Delena chemistry. I have loved these 2 since season 2 and I cannot believe that I am at a point were I cringe at their scenes together..

  4. Ila says:

    Ian has lied in so many interviews, it’s not even funny. He said that Damon and Elena certainly would not have sex in season 4–while he was shooting 4×07. Let’s not take him too seriously, people.

  5. KT says:

    Ian always answer like that yet he wants Damon to get with Bonnie who is the same age as Elena… hmmm.

    • Guest says:

      I don’t care what “Ian” wants. I want Bonnie and Damon to get together; they’re about the only part on that show that is still fun to watch.

      • Vicky says:

        Yes, I want them together too. They are the only thing keeping me watching…they have so much chemistry!

        • AT says:

          It’s funny, I never liked Bonnie. But after she was stuck in the prison world with Damon, I really like her now and would love to see her and Damon together. I’d also like Elena to become human again and get back with Stefan. Caroline should go to college and start a career and travel and not be serious with a man at all for a while. I also have to admit I liked the idea of her traveling the world with Klaus when he offered a few seasons back.

          • Lauren says:

            Yes Bamon! I have been a fan since season 2 the dance and then when they had them together in ’94….couldn’t wait for Bonnie’s return and that Bamon hug!!! That was everything! They are bringing life back into tvd!! Also agree about the others and how it should end…..I can even imagine the scene with Caroline and Klaus, she goes to New Orleans and he is shocked to see

          • Skittles&Bits says:

            They should fire whoever’s writing for this show and hire you. Stat. Everything you wrote sounds *marvelous*. It would certainly get me to watch TVD again.

          • Kiki says:

            I am still holding on to hope that Klaus and Caroline make it back to each other. .# wishful thinking

          • James says:

            Skittles- anything would be better than the *delena* Diaries that they are shoving at us in each episode. After three seasons we need something interesting! I’m sure your idea would be an “epic” idea!!lol

          • nikki says:

            I love the way you all think 💓

          • Tiffany says:

            Skittles, I’m so glad you shared you thoughts with us…you are a **genius**!

      • nikki says:

        AGREE! I love the idea of Bonnie and Damon.

  6. Autumn says:

    Can’t believe Plec still has them together. DULLena ruined the show and a lot of people like myself quit watching because of them…BORING!

    • Kim&Bey says:

      …And yet you still bless us with your presence here on TVD posts.Odd!

      • Jesse says:

        I agree with you Autumn they did bring this show down….it’s someone else that needs to keep their rude comment to can always count on a delena fan to be so rude…ummm

      • Steph says:

        last time I checked anyone can post a comment. Just because her view is different then yours doesn’t give you an excuse to be mean! If she doesn’t like D/E she doesn’t have to, everyone is entitled to their own opinion

        • Sue Reid says:

          RUDE COMMENTS, I’m reading these and what I see are rude comments coming from non Delana fans? words Dulllena is rude!!

          • Maks says:

            Saying DULLena is rude? Please I’ve heard worse from DULLENA fans about other ships so please get a grip….these are fictional characters not your best friends!lol

    • Gwen says:

      Yes they have to be the most boring couple on tv. I loved the scene where Bonnie breaks up their scene together, that was the best!! Him and Bonnie are so interesting to watch and can’t wait to see what happens with them. Loving that Bonnie doesn’t take any crap anymore especially Damon’s! They either need to get rid of Enzo or put him with Caroline otherwise he’s useless. Elena needs to take the cure and get her life together and be alone for awhile, focus on her career for a bit. Stefan needs a new love interest because him and Caroline are not working.

    • cat says:

      The thing is. If they ever did put “Stelana” back together Stephen would look like an Idiot for going back with a girl that kept sleeping with his brother for the last three years and how she kept picking the other brother. Even if she is human and somehow likes Stephen better…Stephen never lost his memories and he would look like a complete sap. plus what about Caroline?

      • Jess says:

        You’re right, they would have to come up with an extraordinary story line for this to happen. The funny thing is I don’t care what happens to Elena because of the way Plec has written her, I just want Bamon. Damon is so much better around Bonnie, Bonnie at least sticks up for what she believes. Elena doesn’t do anything she’s just there. I agree with Gwen, Stefan needs a new love interest because Caroline is a big NO. It’s just not working, they are way better off as friends. She can either be with Enzo, Klaus or a new character.

  7. exs113030 says:

    They could take it together if they went back to the other prison world and got it there too…it would be there since it was before 1994…(I’m not actually a fan of them together but I thought I would point that out)

  8. murley says:

    She could take the cure and then have a baby with some one new and then Damon could be with Bonnie. They could even just be best friends. I just want to watch them interact and have stories together.

  9. zed says:

    I want Elena to take the cure, so she can go back to re-examining herself and all that happened to her and move on. But lol, that is never gonna happen as it is so obvious and the writers, unfortunately always wanted Delena, as Ian said once somewhere although Bonnie and Damon had chemistry immediately. I love Bamon as they are so natural, she brought the humanity in him, she challenges him and makes him think about his actions. Bonnie is the one who has a true relationship with Damon, she has seen the good, the bad and the ugly of Damon Salvatore.
    With Elena it is just headless infatuation sex thing, And that’s it.No depth.

    I would like to see Elena at the end of ends go travel around the world and see that there is more out there than the Salvatore rut.
    I don’t like Steroline, but….

    The thing that I so don’t like Delena is how Damon wanted his brother’s girlfriend and worked his way to get Elena and win the girl from his own brother. That is awful. He knew how much Stefan was in love with Elena. You don’t do that and then claim you love your brother. Although, I know it is vampires and their morals are in the toilet. and they played out how Elena actually so was in love with Damon when she became a vampire and so the relationship was justified.
    On that note, Stefan deserves better. He doesn’t need selfabsorbed vampire Elena.

    I would like to see more of Matt and Sarah Salvatore scenes!!

    And I would love to see Carenzo happen!

    Oh, last but not least. I think mama Salvatore will get the cure. But maybe they surprise us! LOL

    • Nikki says:

      Yes I agree, Elena take the cure and she needs to get her life in order. I never liked Damon because of the reason you stated he took his brother’s girlfriend. The same brother who gave up his life to Klaus so Damon could live!! I could go on but as you said the writers are infatuated with D/E. Also am loving Bamon, (when I started liking Damon’s character), which is keeping me excited about this show but know that Plec/Dries won’t allow it they are just teasing us so people will keep watching. S/C is gross, I thought they were cute in the beginning but after I saw them together it wasn’t what I expected. Carenzo would be good but I think they ruined his character with the whole angry plot against Stefan (that made no sense writers!) Matt and Sarah could be interesting if they would write them correctly. What are they doing with Tyler, he’s useless now

    • Kayla says:

      WOW you literally quoted quoted what rose said about damon and elena and why they should be together but you just twisted it and replaced elena with bonnie and its really frustrating you have to quote some of the most perfect Delena moments and delude it with the Bamon perversion its never gunna happen. and leave delena quotes out of it!

      • zed says:

        Oh yes, isn’t it ironic!!! LOL the fact that actually what Rose had said worked with Bonnie and Damon, and regarding his redemption story. Bonnie is the one who is a great motivator of his redemption. And regarding Damon and Elena – re Rose’s speech- and since it was about either or result is- Damon is the worst for Elena.

        • Kimmy says:

          LOL..go Zed! they are all DElusional about this “relationship” When the lead doesn’t want to be in his own “epic” characters romance and he wants another then you know there is a problem!

  10. Steve says:

    Enzo should get the cure – His plotline (Ruining Stefan’s life ?) is like watching paint dry. Make him human again & get rid of him. Or let Matt stake him. Either way Scriptwriters – Give him the heave-ho !

  11. sass says:

    Doesn’t anyone remember what happened to Catherine when she took the cure? No vampire who is exceptionally old can take it – they will die of old age. Only Elena or Caroline can take it really.
    They could give it to mama salvatore and let her die, or they could force it on Caroline to bring her back – but there isn’t too much else they can do with it if Elena doesn’t want it – and I sort of have an inkling that she doesn’t.
    I personally wish they would return all of Elena’s memories to her – Her love is so fake now, how can she love a man (vampire) whom she can not recall a single inspiring memory of.

  12. Kim says:

    Bring on the Bamon! They have so much onscreen chemistry, that’s why they hardly ever had scenes together….and think it’s a shame because I never liked Damon’s character until him and Bonnie were stuck together now OMG!! I love their interactions so please writers more of them! Also think Elena should take the cure and have a normal life with Matt or someone new. Matt because he needs a s/l

    • zed says:

      Yeah, bring on Bamon!!

    • SaraS says:

      I’m a Matty Blue fan too…I’m hoping they will end up together. Elena needs to get away from the Salvators, she does need to reevaluate her relationship with Damon and life in general. Really what is she doing, it’s like life is happening all around her and she’s watching it go by. I’m enjoying Bonnie and Damon scenes whatever the writers decide as long as we get interactions between them. I’m not sure about Stefan I kind of feel like he’s just there too, not feeling the Caroline relationship.

  13. Emmanuel says:

    D point of dz show is delena…damon go with elena,caroline wit stefan,bon bon wit jeremy or kai,enzo nd sarah…damon nd bon besties…gv mama salvatore d cure…i dnt wnt delena to be seperated nd dy shud gv elena bk her memories

  14. Emmanuel says:

    No bamon pls js besties…ian shud js gt serious i kw he stil loves nina aniway…let em find a way gt elenas mem bk das all…dz cure stuf is goin to b trouble a kind of…bt aniway dy shuldnt split delena i repeat no bamon pls js bestfriends…dy spent seasn 2,3,4 trying to mk delena hapen its going to be bad to split it nw…its better dy return elenas memory somehow…

  15. Chris says:

    LOL I agree bring the Bamon on…….they are hot!! No this is not the delena Diaries. Agree with whoever said she needs to become human again and re-examine her life because this girl is messed up. Her and Damon are boring and we need some good story lines on here. I haven’t been excited about anything for three years except now Bamon. If they don’t put Bamon together then at the end of this series I would like both brothers to be human and go off in the sunset together. That’s the true relationship of the show is DEFAN!

  16. Emmanuel says:

    Pls no stelena nd bamon since d show is ending n seasn7…dnt split delena nw of all times age??damon shud hv tot abt da wen he ws dying 4 elena nd wen he won her…no more complications pls bamon sounds weird let dem js b besties like chloe nd clark…stelena no pls it been a lng tym nd for me let it js be off d table…@d end damon marries elena…originals cming bk wuldnt b bad js dnt split deplete or destroy delena nw pls..thanks

  17. Shelly says:

    Writers please don’t introduce this cure s/l if you’re not actually going to let it go somewhere. Plec said something about hitting the reset button and I hope this is what she was talking about. Elena has become a character I don’t like anymore and she’s suppose to be the lead character. She needs to be alone without any Salvator and just live a human life. This show is coming to an end ,or at least hope so because no one is getting any younger!lol, and they need to put in place the story that will get us there. Not the same old tired boring we keep seeing over and over again. Would like to see every character have a story of their own until then as well.

  18. Lynn says:

    Bamon, Bamon, Bamon!!! they bring a breath of fresh air every time they’re on. Elena needs to take the cure so her brain comes back on….hasn’t been on for three seasons. She needs to find herself and realize she doesn’t need the brothers. I loved the scene between the brothers at the bar when Stefan talks about true love, that line was for both of them not just for Stefan, they both deserve “something better”!

  19. Amelia says:

    I think this is just a diversion so it will keep everyone watching. Because they aren’t going to separate delena, no matter how much I want it or some of the fans may want it. Julie is a big delena fan so this episode is not going to go anywhere. They’ll talk and then Elena will be back to her usual boring self. The cure will be given to someone else who none of us will care about and the show will continue on it’s boring way.

  20. Bob Wood says:

    How can Elana take the cure, or an vampire for that matter wouldn’t she/they all just age rapidly just like Katherine did and die anyway? But she has not been a Vampire for that long so maybe she would only age a few years and then normal human aging would take over. As for those who don’t like the show’s direction or like the show anymore that’s fine to state your opinion, but my suggestion is to simply stop watching it and move on rather then continue to watch it a continue to gripe! it most likely will end on Season 7.

    • Shana says:

      I’m not sure anyone is going to take your suggestion. As you said everyone has their own opinion so they are stating it and will continue stating it just like you are. That’s why there is a comments section and if you think we all are going to think alike then I’m not sure what planet you are living on!

  21. sandra says:

    I want to see Elena human again, reevaluating everything she has said and done since the moment she turned into vampire. I want her to realize that Stefan is the one for her. I don’t need to see them together again as a happy couple, i just want this show to end the way it started- with Stefan and Elena loving each other more than ever.

  22. I don’t want ELENA to get the the cure I want her and DAMON to be forever and I really think that DAMON will give it to LILY his mother

  23. Carolina says:

    It’s nice to see Damon and Elena finally getting some screentime. I don’t think they’ll end up together but they at least need to have some time to have an actual conversation about things. I can’t believe how the writers have shoved Elena to the side and basically stopped writing for her character.

    Meanwhile, they’ve have been cramming Steroline, Jolaric and Bamon down our throats as hard as they can. Funny thing is, I thought I’d actually like watching some Bonnie and Damon interaction because I enjoyed their scenes in the past but I’ve been so disappointed. Ian and Kat just seem like they’re trying too hard in their scenes together. It’s all over the top and crazy faces and huge, overdone gestures. I know some people think that’s great chemistry but I just see two people trying as hard as they can to make something interesting out of nothing but recycled plot. It just feels stale.

    I blame the writers. Jolaric, Steroline and Bamon have all been forced to the point the writers won’t even let them have scenes with other characters. What happened to Damon and Alaric? Or Damon and Stefan? Or even Enzo and Damon? Bonnie’s boyfriend got written completely off the show. Bonnie, Elena and Caroline have had about a one minute scene together all season. It’s just so contrived and obvious what the writers are trying to do but they left it too late to make it believable and they’re ruining the great relationships that are a foundation of the show in the process. I miss S1-4 when the writing was good and the characters were connected to each other and grounded in some sort of common cause. I keep trying to see something redeemable about the show but I think I’m giving up like the other couple million viewers.

  24. Lannie says:

    Glad she is doing some reevaluating and hope she realizes being with Damon is not a smart choice. She needs to take the cure, get her life together, be alone for awhile and find out what she wants. Damon is better with Bonnie because he is himself with her and she will stand up to him. She calls him out and lets him know whats up. Never thought “delena” was a good match, think they just put them together for fan service.

  25. Callie says:

    I’m not a Delena fan but I’ve always been very confused about Ian’s feelings on the age difference. Unless Damon dates a vampire who has been around for more than 100 years, there’s always going to be a huge age difference. He’s 173! Even if he dated a woman in her 70s, that’s still a hundred year age gap. That’s what happens when vampires his age date humans.

    The only person I’ve ever liked Damon with is Bonnie because she’s the only one who calls him out on his crap and doesn’t make excuses for him. She sees him exactly as he is and she pushes him to be better. He comes at her with “I had no choice” and she counters with “there’s always a choice.” She holds him accountable for his actions. I’m glad to see that hasn’t changed even now that they’ve become friends.

    I don’t care if Elena takes the cure but I do want her to put some distance between herself and both Salvatore brothers. She needs to examine her life and her choices and start focusing on her future beyond which guy she wants to spend it with. The same can be said for Caroline once she turns her humanity back on.

  26. Oluwayemi says:

    There I was, thinking finally it’s no longer just about Elena as it’s called the vampire diaries and not Elena’s Diaries. Then they go on to bring back the cure and we’re back to Elena! I still hope it ends well.

  27. lina says:

    I hope damon offers the cure to elaina. She says no doesn’t want it. Then damon drinks it and ends up human with Bonnie. I like their playful chemistry. Plus why should elaina have the cure? Damon also never wanted to be a vampire.i don’t care who elaina ends up with….stefan…fine. But he’s kind of more fun with Caroline. Maybe she should turn Matt into a vampire and be with Matt. Stefano and Caroline. Enzo and…..Sara. Tyler can go away. The end.

  28. Elizabeth says:

    I hope Elena realizes by Rick and Joe’s life that she wants children and that Stefan is her true sole mate but if she takes it i don’t think there is any going back. Katherine couldn’t even be healed by vampire blood so if that stayed true she will be very easy to kill. Idk why damon wouldn’t propose if he loves her so much. Maybe they will pull a twilight and one of the brothers gets human Elena pregnant

  29. Joanie says:

    Hoping this cure is given to Elena because ever since she has turned her character has gone down hill. It’s like she’s a robot. After she was compelled looked like she was getting back to her old self but then as soon as Damon came back her brain flew out the window again. She doesn’t take part in her own life and the things the writers have her say are ridiculous. Like last episode she told Damon that of course she was going to meet the “mother of her two epic loves”! I’m like yeah every mother wants to meet the woman who has been with both her sons, almost destroyed their relationship and broke her younger son’s heart! Then she thought Stefan’s picture was Damon’s…..I laughed at this one, shouldn’t she know who her “epic” love is at the moment, you know since their love is so epic!LOL

  30. Cornelia Klassen says:

    Hey vampire dairies… I love your show. I really do, and in my opinion I would give the cure to

  31. Anwesha says:

    i think damon should gv the cure to his mom.. c is a ripper.. or was a ripper.. plus c is kinda psycho.. i think c deserves a second chance but wid humanity..

  32. HAYLEy17 says:

    What the.hell are you talking about.None of you arent making any sense.Damon and Bonnie are just great friends,the relationship would ruin them,beside she is Elenas best friend,wouldn’t that be weird.there are to much bro/friend codes being broken in this show.Elena was so much more hidious as a human.And about delena being boring,they hardly got time for eachother,or one of them is dead,or they had flipped humanity or had trapped in a prison world or yet had their memories ereased,This is the first time they are really together.And it would be so stupid,i mean they are talking so much how big their love is and to suddenly end it.

  33. this show is amazing.. no matter what others people think about., anyone have his own opinion, and we all deserve respect and free will….but i think That Julie Plec and company brings up a great show, great storylines, amazing characters and surprising turns…meanwhile i miss some loveable characters like Lexi Branson, Jenna Sommers , Meredith Fell, April Young, Even the evil queen Katherine Pierce…hope to see then soon in one way or another…..thanks for the memories Julie……..

  34. Angela says:

    I want Caroline to take the cure! Steroline is cute, but I wish she would get back together with Tyler!

  35. pary says:

    What happens to Kai?????
    Is there really no one who wants him to back? I like him so much!!!
    And the idea of
    Damon and bonnie
    Stefan and Elena
    Caroline and Klaus is great!
    But what about Kai? I want bonnie and Kai get together.

  36. akhenn says:

    I really don’t understand why people want Bamon… I mean I admit they are cute with each other but I much rather see them as good friends. It would totally ruin their friend chemistry, just like what happened with Caroline and Stefan. They should of stayed best friends. Besides, if they did get together, you guys will just eventually get bored of them just like you did with Delena. It’s just “exciting” because it’s new, and a different plot. Also for those people complaining about the show, if you don’t like it then don’t watch it.

    • April says:

      It’s really not hard to understand..the reason why you don’t see it is because you are a *delena* fan. The same reasons that you like *deleana* are probably some of the same reasons other people like Bamon and any other ship on the show. This goes along with the others who posted about not everyone has the same opinion and we’re not going to have the same opinion because we don’t think alike and if we did this world would be pretty boring. I’m wondering why people read comments if it’s just going to make you upset. You know not everyone is going to think like you so either get over it or don’t read them.

      • akhenn says:

        Actually no, I’m not a Delena fan but okay then. Also, I’m not reading comments for fun, I was actually just reading an artical about one of my favorite shows but I’m sorry if I get a little pissed when all these people do is complain about it. Hey, you’re free to do what you want, I get it. Obviously everyone has their own opinions but I’m just wondering why everyone has to bash on the show, that’s all. I just feel like all people do is hate on Elena, the couples, and the plot. If you don’t like the show, you don’t need to comment on a random website to express your feelings. Don’t watch it, no ones forcing you.

  37. Bev says:

    Bamon are the only reason why I watch this show now. They are enjoyable to watch and hope the writers don’t mess them up. They have so much chemistry and if the writers do their job right they will be the best couple on tvd. Julie we need more Bamon!! Don’t care what happens to Elena, hope Stefan is happy in the end, like to see Caroline travel and see the world like what Klaus talked to her about even if Klaus doesn’t go with her. Like to see Matt have some sort of story before the end and they made me not care about Tyler or Enzo.

  38. Sydney says:

    Glad the d/e diaries are ending. Show should start picking up again. Elena needs a break from both brothers and find herself again. Yes,it would be interesting if Damon took the cure since he didn’t want to turn in the first place. Bonnie could protect him and they could grow closer. I’m not sure about s/c yet…waiting for their humanity to be turned back on, see where Plec takes them. They only put Kai in the other world because the actor is in one of Plecs new shows. Thinking if he does make it back he won’t be as soft as he was because he’s vampire food now. Hopefully we will get to see Matt and Tyler actually be cops…would like to see more interaction with Matt and Sara S. They need to get rid of Enzo, what’s he even on here for?

  39. Natalie says:

    Agreeing that the show is looking promising again (minus dullena). After 3yrs we get some interesting dynamics. Damon/Bonnie spending time together, Stefan/Caroline cute scenes, Mama Salvator, Sarah and Elena may even get a life of her own!

  40. Wesley says:

    Afraid they’re getting our hopes up with this whole ending dullena. I’ve also been waiting for three seasons for some good story lines. Eveytime s/l look promising they switch it on us. Wish they’d bring Katherine back.

  41. katie says:

    I want Lilly to have the cure

  42. Noel says:

    Damon and Elena need to reevaluate their relationship and writers break this boring couple up. Would like to see flashbacks of Damon and Bonnie bonding time in ’94, sooo love them together! Would like this show to end with Stelena but Plec/co would have to come up with a pretty good story for me to accept Stefan taking her back. Still can’t believe all they put him through. Not feeling the Steroline chemistry like before. They both need someone different. Want to see Sarah have a good storyline with her uncles and see how they all interact as a family especially with the mom being back.

  43. BethAnn says:

    If they break up I will cry…….of happiness!! OMG…they should have broken up a long time ago. Yes loving Bamon and better have more scenes of them in next show. Stefan or Damon should take the cure

  44. Nina says:

    I think that the original vamire girl (I forgot her name) should take the cure.

  45. Karen Wanner says:

    I love all 6 season , I do want Elena back on I think she is the hole show, let her find love with someone else or back to stefan, let klaus & Caroline hook up.