TVLine Items: Supernatural's Bobby Returns, AHS Vet's Casual Gig & More

Supernatural‘s Bobby Singer is rising from the great beyond.

Jim Beaver will reprise his role as Sam and Dean’s dead father figure on Season 10 of the CW series, our sister site Variety reports.

In the episode, airing April 1, Sam and Castiel need help from someone in heaven, so they turn to Bobby.

Ready for more of today’s newsy nuggets? Well…

* Frances Conroy (American Horror StorySix Feet Under) has joined the cast of Hulu’s single-cam comedy series Casual, from executive producer Jason Reitman (Juno), our sister site Deadline reports. The actress will play the mother of the show’s central characters, a bachelor brother (The Mindy Project‘s Tommy Dewey) and his newly divorced sister (Trophy Wife‘s Michaela Watkins).

* WGN America will marathon Season 1 of Salem on Saturday, April 4, starting at 7 am. Season 2 will premiere the following night at 10/9c.

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  1. Drew says:

    Has Bobby ever really stopped appearing on Supernatural? Not that I’m complaining, but if they’re going to do dead people stories, how about solving the mystery of where Mary, John, Jo and Ellen are? (not in heaven, according to Ash). That said, I’d prefer if they cut out the Heaven/Angels and Hell/Demons stories and just focused on human stories and the monsters on Earth. I get that Jensen and Jared need more time off these days, but characters like Cole, Krissy, Sheriff Mills, etc, can pick up the slack. We don’t need angels and demons.

    • Lillian says:

      I need angels and demons!

      • Drew says:

        I honestly think that this season would have been ten times better if they cut out all of the Crowley stuff and used that time to expand on Cole’s story and what happened to his father. The Mark is a fine story, but I think that Supernatural’s demons and angels were best when we didn’t know much about them. At this point, they are way over used. Hell is pathetic. Crowley is about as good a leader as Obama. And the angels just don’t have a reason to appear anymore.
        Basically, I want them to go back to where they were in season 1. These beings that were once so rare that the Winchesters weren’t sure they existed are now series regulars. Why is it so easy to get into and out of Hell? It is still a prison!

      • lechatnoir says:

        Naw , the Leviathans were the most interesting.Y’all I’m done with them demons. Its too much .

    • Rob Horine says:

      Now to tell the truth, I think Bobby appeared in one of those episodes as a figment of Sam’s near death hallucinations.

      I hope Bobby’s heaven eternity with his late wife. Old guy needs some happiness.

    • Anno says:

      I like the demons but, like you, am tired of the angel stuff. You have to be the only person I know who likes the character of Krissie. Thank you for not mentioning Garth.

      • Drew says:

        What’s not to like about Krissy? She is a far, far better “little sister” figure than Charlie, who is just annoying.
        Garth didn’t really work out. He was too comedic to even attempt to fill Bobby’s shoes. We need more real hunters.

        • ninamags says:

          Yeah, except that the boys aren’t actually looking for a “little sister”.

          Charlie is actually smart and helpful to the boys and carries her own weight. The boys don’t need to babysit a stupid, ungrateful brat.

          • Drew says:

            Charlie doesn’t really pull her own weight. It’s just that whenever she appears, the writers lower the minimum required weight for a character to pull. She doesn’t fit in on the show at all, much less as this “member of the family” title that the writers keep pushing, which much more established characters aren’t granted. Charlie is the worst character on the show.
            Krissy is actually a kid, so she is allowed to be annoying at times. But she came by the hunting in a way that makes it easier for the guys to relate to her and she has room to grow. Jo was never given the chance to grow before fangirls protested her role on the show and get her booted. Now we all regret that, because she was a great character.

        • S McMary says:

          I do agree with you about Charlie but I think we’re in the minority on her character. However, I disagree about Garth. I can’t help it; I have a soft spot for him. Granted, he’s probably not the ideal hunter but he is resourceful and has come through for the boys, at least in the past. Plus, he gives great hugs :) Seriously, I admit it wasn’t smart of the show to make him Bobby 2.0 or worse a werewolf because that’s pretty much setting yourself up to fail. No one can be Bobby. I think the same thing happened with the character of Frank. I know I am really in the minority about this but I liked the character of Frank and the actor. I still get chilled with the scene of Frank relaying to Dean how he got through his family’s slaughter by “smiling”. As for the angels and demons, I admit I started watching the show in Season 4 when Cas was introduced so I’m probably a little biased but I don’t think you can get rid of them entirely. I think they’re imbedded into the fabric of Supernatural just as deeply as the monsters of the week and the urban legends.

    • LAwoman says:

      I agree. I always enjoyed the show when it dealt with monsters on earth, urban legends come to life, etc. I’m not a fan of the angels/demons stuff. But I hang in there.

    • ninamags says:

      LOL, such is the impact the Krissie character had on me that I was totally confusing her with the other annoying brat, Cassie, is it? The orphan that the angel made? Whatever her name is.

      It took me a while to remember either one so all the comments I made I was thinking of the ungrateful, truly annoying, useless teenage orphan. Not Krissie, she can sort-of handle herself okay.

      Sorry for the confusion….. carry on. :)

      • Drew says:

        Ah. Similar names. I like Cassie, but also wouldn’t consider her a part of Sam and Dean’s family unit. Maybe a distant cousin.

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    Did Jim Beaver appear on an episode of REVOLUTION (NBC) back then?

  3. Steven says:

    How about trying to save Adam from burning in Hell? I can’t believe they haven’t even tried to save their brother.

    • Nicole says:

      My wish is that’s where John is with Ellen and Jo for backup – rescuing Adam. However they spin it – they’re corporeal spirits or have possessed actual bodies- I’m ready to see it.

  4. CBWBDK1 says:

    Killing Bobby is the biggest mistake the show ever made.

  5. Joey says:

    Frances Conroy can do anything, but it just seems so weird picturing her in a comedy.

    • Eric says:

      She was on over a half dozen episodes of How I Met Your Mother, and she’s actually got the chops for comedy! I’m excited to see her in this role.

      • Joey says:

        Oh, I know, plus she had an arc on Desperate Housewives as well. I’ll just always picture her as Ruth Fisher on Six Feet Under. She’s just fantastic!

  6. I like how this “In the episode, airing April 1, Sam and Castiel need help from someone in heaven, so they turn to Bobby.” is followed by a photo of John. Come on, surely they can get him to help too.

  7. Kate says:

    Sigh. I wish I got WGN.

  8. ninamags says:

    Yay, Bobby.

    I wonder what he’s been up to! Hopefully he will be able to help heal Dean, though it seems doubtful.

    Krissie is the most useless character next to her supposed father. She is a whiny, stupid brat who serves no purpose on this show. Unfortunately she appears again in another episode.

    Somebody needs to tell the “creative” team that she is annoying and should never be seen again.

  9. IMHO says:

    Igiot !

  10. RichCD says:

    So, is Salem any good? Is it worth catching up?

  11. Kristina says:

    Yay! I never stop hoping for a Bobby appearance :)

  12. rowan77 says:

    Jim Beaver’s back on Supernatural for an episode? WooHoo! I’ll take Bobby Singer whenever we can get him.

  13. Sukienka z koronki swój wielki powrót zaliczyła pod koniec ubiegłego
    roku, kiedy to pojawiły sie pierwsze stylizacje świąteczno-sylwestrowe.

  14. Scott Scarborough says:

    Cutting out Crowley? Angels and Demons? bro you even serious?, i like the whole storyline,some episodes skip the episodes before last plot but besides that its cool, keep up the good job guys, also would like John Winchester to appear and help the two brothers for few episodes along with bobby.

  15. ?? Bobbys coming back??

  16. Michele says:

    I also agree that the angel line is getting lame. Crowley needs a season off. There should be some old school hunts put back in. A show with Ghost facers would be great again and Lucifer was an awesome character. I was thinking they should bring back the all powerful half human half demon boy Jesse now that he is older. That could make for some interesting stuff. I’m am glad that they get off subject every few shows for a good hunt know and then. I would also like to see the road no place to call home. Supernatural has awesome writers especially how they always connect back to season one. That’s creative.