Pretty Little Liars Season Finale Recap: Big 'A' Is Finally Revealed

Pretty Little Liars Finale

Pretty Little Liars cordially invited fans to “A”‘s house on Tuesday’s season finale for a long-awaited — and, let’s be honest, long-overdue — reveal. But did the end result live up to the hype?

As teased in the final moments of last week’s episode, “A” redirected the girls’ police van to its/their freaky, life-sized dollhouse, including replicas of their own bedrooms, where it/they made the girls act out all kinds of bizarre scenarios — like sipping tea and playing board games to decide their dream prom date. (Duh! Caleb, always.)

So, without further ado, here are the six biggest twists, surprises and twisted surprises from Tuesday’s Season 5 finale:

* First of all, Mona is alive — only she refuses to answer to that name. “I’m Alison DiLaurentis,” she insisted when addressed otherwise. Unsurprisingly, “A” forced her to take on Ali’s identity.

* Spencer’s parents are now fully aware of the “A” situation, thanks to a debriefing from Alison. (It’s about damn time!)

* “A” referred to Alison — or, rather, Mona as Alison — as its/their “favorite.”

* The blocks in Spencer’s “playroom” spelled out “Charles,” the identity of “A”!

* Andrew was seen eavesdropping on the Hastings’ phone call with Melissa, solidifying his position as a total creeper.

* An old family video reveals that Jason has a twin! (A twin named Charles, perhaps?)

Andy’s official theory: What we know for sure is that “Charles” took over for Mona when she was locked up in Radley. We also know that Alison had two older brothers. My hunch is that Jason’s twin — Charles — is fraternal, and might just be the man we know as Andrew Campbell. Am I crazy?

All right, PLL fans, it’s time to freak out in unison: Were you satisfied with the “Big ‘A’ Reveal”? Grade the episode, then drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mary Kate says:

    What a let down. Why do I always fall for this show again and again?!

    • abz says:

      They couldn’t even have A at least finally take off the mask. Not saying that would have made up entirely for the stupid reveal, but at least it would have been something memorable.

      • LaToya Banks says:

        That sucks so much i already knew somebody had a twin ao it was no shock there like wtf p.l.l slipping . Still love the girls and Mona -Ali switch was sweet like i didnt see that coming . Well yeah i did .

  2. Elyse says:

    I’m usually the first person to defend PLL but that was lame.

  3. Joni says:

    What a letdown. I think I’m done with this show. The “A” reveal was awful. Who cares about a character we’ve never seen?

    • Eelanoor says:

      It’s Andrew Campbell, season 1 minor character, season 5 common character. Also Jason’s fraternal brother, AKA Charles. Read the section you’re commenting on. It’s a real nice theory.

      • carly says:

        Clearly, the producers couldn’t make any of the story lines match up or make sense, so they just made up a new character because nothing ties together.

      • Cas says:

        I do agree about Andrew but when he was wearing the mask his hair looked completely different.

      • Marlene had posted that A was in the pilot and season 3 episode 1 – I just watched season 1 and Andrew was not in the pilot. I am sure it isn’t him..he could be an A minion though.

      • Nori says:

        It can’t be Adrew. He’s 18 and Jason is 24. How can they be twins with this kind of age gap? Not to mention it would be way to obvious with the farm and all. Charles might be somehow related to Andrew, but they are not the same person.

        • Regi says:

          You never know Andree could be posing as an 18 year old…

        • Nae says:

          I totally agree. Tbh I think Charles and Big A are 2 different people. Idk but I don’t really believe they are the same people. Anywaysss I guess I was really mad too that they told us Charles was A… but who the fudge is freaking Charles?!?!?!?!

      • amps3000 says:

        I totally agree. All of a sudden Andrew comes back into the mix in a major way, that can’t be just a coincidence. I don’t know anything about this show anymore, when I think I understand something, I’m completely mistaken. I didn’t mind the story line for the finale. The show was about Alison’s death and who killed her at the start and then started to become more stupidly crazy, that I quite like. I love that the writers are going nuts with the story and I hope they go even more crazy. You know if they just say who A is, then the show is over and then what, the phenomenon that is PLL is left with an answer. I know PLL fans say they want to know who A is and I am sure they do and I’m one of then, but lets wait and see the theory come out a little at a time. I just love this show and don’t want it too end anytime soon.

        • Nae says:

          Same!!! Tbh I reaaaallllyyy want to know who A is but at the same time I don’t because No A means No PLL.

    • Mandy says:

      How do you know we have never seen this character? He never took off his mask. You had to know they weren’t going to give everything away knowing there’s still two more seasons.

      • Nae says:

        Marlene said on twitter we have seen Charles unmasked before, we know him as someone else. He/she is someone we know really well just never as A…

  4. Alyssa says:

    Another finale and nothing revealed. Just more BS!

  5. Kait says:

    Are we really supposed to believe that A was dumb enough to not realize they were only playing along for show?

    • abz says:

      Seriously the dialogue and acting alone was pretty obvious. And all those cameras and you’re telling me he didn’t go back and see what Mona was doing. This is a psychopath who knows and keeps track on anything and everything these girls are doing every second of their lives.

    • Michelle says:

      But he did know what they were doing. That’s why the hall they thought lead to an exit was just an illusion to show them they were really trapped. I mean he had the lights, the music, everything all laid out and waiting. I mean just the fact that it was Spencer supposedly going along with it was the biggest giveaway. There’s no way A would believe Spencer would ever just give in that quickly.

      What I want to know, that index card they found in Mona’s room was full of anagrams for the name Charles DiLaurentis. So if Mona was the one who left it, why didn’t she tell the girls that she knew who A was tonight?

      • Verona says:

        EXACTLY what I want to know…

      • nuuvaa says:

        Because maybe it wasn’t Mona who left the note but Charles??

      • Lea says:

        That’s a good question. I think A might left it but I don’t really understand it. Mona told aria she knew who a was but then, she’s found locked in the dollhouse. There are so many questions left and the producers did their job well. I just want to see the next season to have all the answers

  6. Melanie says:

    The worst finale this show has ever done. Can’t believe I bothered tuning in, so lame.

  7. Nicole says:

    I’m guessing that Andrew is Charles. As they were at Campbell farm and Andrew’s last name is Campbell. So maybe Andrew was given up for adoption to the Campbell family. If Andrew is Jason twin he should be older and that he and Jason’s father is Peter hasting. So he and spencer would be half siblings.

    • abz says:

      If they insist on this ridiculous Charles thing, I’d much rather have the twins be identical and the twin played by the actor who plays Jason. I wish Andrew would just go away.

    • JJM says:

      If Andrew is indeed Jason’s twin, then that means Spencer made out with her brother (back in season three). What is with the Hasting’s siblings making out with their half-brothers? Gross.

    • Acid Rain says:

      Didn’t he and spencer make out in season 3?

    • Andrew couldn’t be Charles, it would be so freaking weird because he kissed Spencer last season. I think Andrew was a friend of Charles and I think he would look a lot like Jason

      • Lily says:

        maybe Charles was adopted by Andrew’s parents

        • Meli2235 says:

          I think that Mrs. D gave Charles up for adoption because even as a child he was psycho. Maybe he did something to Ali or Jason and so they gave him up.

      • Samantha says:

        Yeah and Andrew was listening to Melissa and Mrs. Hasting’s phone convo at a coffee shop, but Charles has been at the ‘Dollhouse’ the entire time the girls were there, so I don’t think Andrew is Charles. He probably is just friends with Charles.

  8. it was a great finale, BUT i was expecting more such as actually seeing Charles’ face. #BigAReveal

  9. Matt C. says:

    Mona being alive was a far better reveal than “Charles” being A. Though many people suspected that, I was surprised she came back within the first 10 minutes. Figures their “#BigAReveal” would be a character they introduced seconds before the reveal.

  10. alistaircrane says:

    Is it 2017 yet? Time to end this stupid show!

  11. nimane says:

    OK….im rolling with it. But it leaves so many more questions unanswered than answered. If he got abandoned, why? And why would he come back to hurt all of them? How does he have so much money? And I keep asking myself, what’s up with the lady in black??!! At least Ali can now be released!

    • Luna says:

      The only way that he could have all that money is if he isn´t Andrew. Jason was actually killed…and the one who was around after his return was actually Charles…Or if that money Jason got some how was split in two!! Duno I loved it

      • Seal says:

        Oh that could be it. We thought Jason was killed in that elevator, so now this Charles is Jason…?

        • nimane says:

          I do remember that episode! Emily had question his luck or I rather say his ability to survive that drop. But then again he was seriously injured.

    • Dumblewhore says:

      My theory was that they abandoned him because obviously he has a mental problem. Schizophrenia maybe. Definitely a physco…

      • nimane says:

        I was actually thinking something like that. It would explain the whole Bethany situation and the two dresses hidden in the piano. It would also explain Ali’s mom burying her own daughter and giving money to someone in the woods. What else?

  12. 'A' Has Spoken says:

    Okay. In my opinion, that finale was stupid. Such a waste of my time. And according to Marlene, the whole “A” ordeal will be handled in season 6A and end there. So why have 6B and an entire season 7 if they are just going to start up a minor mystery to end the series? They should just end the show with 6A (like 12 or 13 episodes) and move on. This finale was hyped for no reason and I’m sure no one really cares what happens next since this “Charles” person is ‘A’. And if this is another bs reveal, then that solidifies why the show just needs to end now.

  13. aaron says:

    That was gay! Who’s ready to watch fast 7

  14. Kayla says:

    I think if you consider the finale stupid because you didn’t like the reveal, you’re missing out on how awesome the overall episode was. It was twisted and messed up and interesting.

    • Cobra says:

      No, we’re not missing anything. All it was was smoke and mirrors and just raising more questions and answering none. It’s not like the even revealed something to the viewers and not to the characters…that at least would have been interesting. This episode was just a spectacle for a spectacle’s sake. It’s like the writers don’t know where to go, and they keep painting themselves into corners.

      • Kayla says:

        I wasn’t expecting any answers with two seasons left, no matter what they promised.

        • Cobra says:

          There’s a difference between giving no answers, and giving some answers. All the show did here was pile on the questions where no answer can possibly explain everything.

    • I completely agree.. I thought it was a great episode, and the reveal makes us ask so many interesting questions. Its more getting to the “why” of it all, which is really interesting and dark.

  15. Cobra says:

    The episode was a total jip. There was no “Big A Reveal.” The name “Charles DiLaurentis was revealed at least a couple of weeks ago. All this did was raise more questions and answer none.
    The only positive about the episode was the eye-candy.

    • Tabatha says:

      I guess I missed that. When was the name Charles revealed?

      • Amy says:

        It wasn’t revealed. It was an online theory.

        • Jaime says:

          It was revealed. The blocks in the playroom spelled Charles. And the clue the girls found in Mona’s room spelled Charles.

        • chatara wilkes says:

          Guys i give it an A they did good they trick us tho :) but jJson is Charles!! Andrew is not A there is to more seasons to go :) the next season is going to be epic people who says that they are done because we didn’t see the face needs help and you aren’t true Pll fans :) i can’t wait for the next season is going to be insane!!!

          • pj says:

            I don’t think it’s really about not seeing a face. I think it’s rational writing people crave. I can admit, the show has very entertaining moments, but the problem is from beginning to whatever end there has to be some form of clarity. And that we don’t get, especially when it seems the writers don’t even have it. I mean think about it, from season one, they’ve left plots/breadcrumbs/people lying around, which will probably never lead anywhere if they are even picked back up.

    • Anthony Chatman says:

      Someone on TV Line in the comment section a few weeks ago was like it’s an anagram of Charles Dilurentis. And then they show Charles is A and your like I knew this from TV line lol. But it was a great episode. The question is what is Charles story and why is he doing this to the girls.

      • Cobra says:

        My mistake. I thought it had been mentioned on the show. It’s possible I was wrong.
        Nonetheless, as far as “Big Reveals” go, it was completely lame and didn’t in any way live up to what they had promised.

  16. This is the type of BIG REVEAL you get when the writing team/producers burn all their bridges just to lengthen a series. YUK!

  17. Maddy says:

    Most pointless finale ever, after all these seasons they make up some new character named ‘Charles’ and we’re supposed to believe the girls have done something horrible enough to him to make him go after them after all this time?? And how is it possible for a child to go missing from Rosewood without no mention of him ever from his own brother, people in the town, Spencer’s parents, school teachers. There is usually media coverage when a child goes missing how could they POSSIBLY erase a person??

    • Esther says:

      He was in season 1. All the times the girls claimed they saw Jason but he was really somewhere else?

    • abz says:

      I agree. While I appreciated the spectacle and the whole dollhouse thing, in the end it was pointless and accomplished nothing. I don’t care if there are 2, 3 or 4 seasons left of the show. It’s been 5 seasons and 100+ episodes and it still feels like the show has barely moved forward. All they’ve done is make them go around in circles for five season and have them each ask like a hundred questions each episode. This mystery should have been resolved two seasons ago and they should have started a new mystery if they wanted to keep the show going.
      Charles? Jason’s twin? How lame was that? What on earth could these girls have done to him to make him want to ruin their lives like this? Allison I can maybe understand if they came up with a good reason or explanation, but these four girls? I feel like any explanation they give will probably be underwhelming.
      So glad I don’t bother believing any of the lies of half-truths that come out of the EP’s mouth. I mean they had to show some old family video…they couldn’t even end the season with having A at least take the mask off and actually reveal who they were.
      The only good thing that came out of the episode was that Mona is still alive, although I’m sure most people saw that coming a mile away.

    • Paula says:

      i don’t know why you people are saying that this reveals nothing. you just have to think a little. it was obvious that they weren’t going to give us all the answers in a golden plate, ready for us to diggest it. if you take into consideration everything you know from the show, this episode explains a great deal.
      Charles is A. from what we know, he possibly is Jason’s twin brother. now, A is a fricking sociopath. those mental illnesses can be noticed from a very young age, and i’m guessing this was A’s (Charle’s) case. think about the DiLaurentis family, would they really want to have a sociopath inside the family? that’s too much trouble. i believe they decided to institutionalize him, Radley probably. they told everyone that their son was sick, some sort of horrible medical issue, and that Jason couldn’t ever know about it because it would traumatize him. yes -Jason should recall his brother. if he had grown up with him, at least. but he didn’t. you recall the things that are around you from your childhood, you will always remember your mother’s laugh but not the friend you made when you were three and never saw again after the summer. that’s why Jason forgot. he was a child. if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Mrs DiLaurentis was going to Radley to see her shameful son, that’s why she knew Bethany. and that’s what got Bethany killed. if Charles was about to escape from Radley, he didn’t want anyone to recognize him, and the only one who would was Bethany. i’m guessing he escaped Radley and killed the real Jason, abducted him, whatever. that’s how he has that access to money. and why is he doing this to Alison and the girls? because Alison was kept inside the family. she took his place in a way. and the boy is not good at the head, we know that much. he’s sadistic. he needs to see them suffer.

      at least this is what makes sense for me, you just need to think a little.

      • Corina Rrika says:

        This isn’t the point! it is disappointing the fact that MK and even Keegan told us that when we’ll find out who A is, all the show would make sense. It doesn’t. Jason has a twin? oh, COME ON! Why was mrs D buying girl clothes? why was she visiting Bethany Young? What the hell? How that story fits in in such reveal? It’s clear that the writers have no idea what to do with all the clues they’ve dropped all along.
        And Charles/Jason is no way in hell Big A.

        • pj says:

          You got me rollin’! I’m shocked that people/fans don’t get this. Seriously, do they not watch any other tv shows. I can take twists and turns, even accept a few upsets, but this just doesn’t make sense anymore; if it ever did. You cannot drop 10 pennies in an empty bag and expect to pull out 50. Last I checked, Houdini, Copperfield, nor the likes were not in the credits.

    • Savannahsux666 says:

      It’s happened in Rosewood before.

  18. Esther says:

    Charles is a character you’ve seen before. He’s been in it from season 1.

    • Kiki says:

      I hate being lied too. First, Mona was going to be A, then they weren’t following he books, they weren’t gonna do the twin thing. Sure looks like they did. Really, what was the point in getting rid of Courtney just to give Jason a twin instead.

    • Red says:

      Well clearly I am missing something here. Can you expand on that please?!

      • max says:

        In the pretty little liar books Allison had a twin sister named Courtney wh o turns out to be A.

        • AJ says:

          Courtney was not A…Courtney switched places with Alison when they brought her home from the book version of Radley; Courtney stayed while the real Alison went back to the institution. Courtney was the “Alison” that was killed. The real Alison turned out to be A in the books and was a fat sloppy mess by the time Emily caught her. Also Emily was the one who supposedly died and came back to life in the books…

    • molly says:

      when did we see him in season 1??

      • lauri5567 says:

        Thank you. I don’t remember Charles or Andrew in Season 1.

        • Paula's says:

          I barely remember season 1. -A storyline has gone on for waaay to long. It’s getting exhausting. Wish they would wrap it up but continue with some other storylines, some new fresh ones. It could still be a great show, but without -A. Tired of these A reveals.

      • Brandy says:

        I believe Jason was briefly in season 1 but was recast when they decided to make him a recurring character.

  19. Ray says:

    So glad I dropped this lame show two seasons ago

    • riandyliu says:

      Lucky you!! I still can’t quit even I know it’s going downhill fast. It’s like drugs. Overall this episode is actually not bad, but Marlene, or whoever that keeps promising #BigAReveal blah blah blah… go to hell. What reveal? NOTHING WAS REVEALED!
      There’s that video, there’s the name Charles thrown out, but there’s nothing explicit. Season

  20. brendz says:

    Yeah this wasn’t a Big A reveal.. We know theres 2 more seasons but they Just give a Name!!! They seriously should have gave the person under the hoodie then next season go off the history and why.. this was pretty disappointing.. this wasn’t a confirmed “A” so we just STILL have to be strung along.. it kinda makes me want to give up

  21. destiny says:

    I love PLL so much I can’t wait until the summer and now I’m going on nexflix so I can watch all the season’s over and over again.. I love PLL so much… Yaaaaaassssss

  22. Alec says:

    Let me get this straight, Alison had a twin sister who was killed (everyone thought it was her blah blah) and Jason, Ali’s brother also has a twin … so they both have twin siblings (dead and alive). That is such a cock-up…

    • Skaddadle says:

      Apparently in the books Ali’s twin is A. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they somehow revive her from the dead and make her and Charles be A. I’m surprised this show got renewed for 2 more seasons with all the crap they keep pulling.

      • Kiki says:

        Doubt it would have gotten renewed if this do had aired. I appreciated the dollhouse but the whole reveal was just lame. And there are not clues every week that would allow a person to figure out the mystery. I’d have rather had Courtney back if they were gonna do the twin thing.

      • Alec says:

        If Ali and Jason both wind up having psycho twins who turn out to be ‘A’ it’ll destroy any credibility the show has left …even at this point it has a shallow chance of keeping it’s ratings up after that abysmal ‘reveal’, if you can call it that.

      • Jill says:

        Thanks for the book spoiler alert asshole

    • Clarissa says:

      Ali did have a twin in the books but MK said she wasn’t going that way for the show. So we still have no idea who Bethany is and we have no idea why it shows a flashback of Ali finding the two matching dresses.

      • Tee says:

        MK has said a lot of things that turned out not to be true…

        • Alec says:

          Another thing I don’t understand WHY didn’t the 5 girls just attack ‘Charles’ when they turned the power off and I quote them when I say ‘There are 5 of them and only 1 of him’… 4 could have held him down whilst the 5th removed his mask…

      • Laura says:

        I remember this one scene of two little blond girls sitting at a child’s table playing with their dolls. Fast forward to the girls arguing over a doll – one little girl stabs the other with a big knife and leaves her bleeding on the floor in order to play with her doll again. Does anyone else remember that scene? At the time it really supported a Courtney theory – but if Alison didn’t have a twin what theory did that scene support?

    • Amy says:

      1) They never said Bethany was her twin. There are many theories but no answers as to who she was.
      2) As my hubby pointed out, what if Jason AND Charles are in on it together? Jason was the person who got Ali arrested. Or is it “Jason” at all? I’m sure parents involved know about Charles. But any number of things coulda happened to take him out of the picture long term. All of which could have caused him to resent Ali.

      It was well documented that it would lead to more q’s, not answers, and it wouldn’t make sense. If it was all settled tonight, would there be a need for more episodes?

      • Corina Rrika says:

        Yes! They could reveal A and have 2 more seasons to explain how he was able to do all those things and why.
        This reveal is the worst ever! mrs D buying girl clothes for Charles. Nice one, MK, thank you!

  23. Tamara says:

    I love the show

  24. Daamiya says:

    Supposedly Andrew (charles )is jason twin but jason is older and andrew is ali age( and same grade) how is that possible than for them to be twins

    • gs says:

      Andrew could be lying about his age.

    • Maddie says:

      It cant be Andrew, age wise it doesn’t make any sense. Andrew is the same age as Ali and the rest of the girls since they are all seniors in high school, and that boy next to Jason looks maybe a year older or younger or even possibly a twin while Ali is a baby. That means the guy has to be older than spencer and Ali

      Age wise that eliminates Caleb and Andrew from being A, possible even Toby from being A because he was still in high school when Jason wasn’t. That leaves Wren and Ezra, age wise those are the only two that make sense.

      If it does turn out to be Wren, then he must be extremely creepy since he had a thing with his supposed half sisters (Melissa and Spencer), it also wouldn’t explain what he could possibly have against all the girls since he grew up in England??

      And on top of all that please tell me how the writers are gonna explain how the whole town of rosewood has some memory lapse and doesn’t remember Mrs Dilaurentis having three kids/covered up all news of a missing child.

      Honestly I’m starting to think this whole thing is a dream, it wud be the only logical explanation at this point.

      • Michelle says:

        Why does everyone assume he was missing? He could’ve been given away to another family member to raise or put up for adoption. And who even says no one remembers? I mean the girls were babies so they wouldn’t know obviously. But it’s not like a child going missing or being sent away 15+ years ago would be hot gossip now you know? Why would they have need to talk about it or let the younger generation know? Look at the Hastings family and all the secrets they keep on a daily basis. Even from each other. This town is full of secrets, that’s what everyone says. And children are a touchy subject for adults. So they wouldn’t be bringing up an old wound like that anyway. It would be something the town as a whole would most likely consider taboo to talk about. Like Hanna’s parents’ divorce. And Jason being Mr. Hasting’s son. While people who don’t know them might gossip about it. Their friends don’t. And it’s clear all these families are friends since Mrs. Hastings said they used to take the girls to the Campbell farm when they were young.

        • BrittBrat says:

          I think Mrs. Hastings was referring to Melissa and Spencer when she said they took the girls to the Campbell farm not the rest of the PLL. I don’t think their parents are very close friends. At least we don’t ever really see them together, unless it has something to do with the girls. If they did send Charles away, you would think someone would have bought it up by now.

          • BigAis says:

            Wouldn’t spencer’s dad have known that Jessica gave birth to twins, unless the video was from a trip they took after picking Charles up from whatever institution he is in as a kid.

  25. Billie Marie says:

    Ok so we can assume that charles is jason’s half brother and twin but it also means charles is spencers half brother due to jason and spencer have the same dad. Also in the episode when spencer is alone with mona and you can hear the projection if you listen someone calls out spencers name on it??? Was it melissa or mrs hastings. But maybe something happened and thats why he went away.

    • Billie Marie says:

      In the projection people it was mrs d holding a baby (allison) and saying good boys for kissing there sister. The boys are the same age. I also think melissa has something to do with it, not with a but maybe why charles wemt away. We dont have a face but we know who. And i think like other people said he was in season 1 playing jason when he was out of town.

    • gs says:

      Charles isn’t Jason’s half brother and twin- that’s impossible, they are full brothers and twins.

  26. Scott says:

    Would have been so much better if A had been revealed to be Pepper from American Horror Story.

  27. Andrea says:

    Wow. I have watched every episode every season faithfully and this episode was the biggest let down ever. I kind of figured Mona was alive, but who the H*LL is Charles. as far as I know this person has not appeared in any episodes. I thought the reveal was going to be the actual person not a dam name we have never heard. What a big let down. I should of known though cause PLL is renewed for 2 more seasons.

    • Kiki says:

      Yeah, I feel ya. Biggest letdown ever. Apparently Jason’s twin, let’s just all hope it’s Andrew, that’d pretty much be its only saving grace for me at this point. And, no, he hasn’t appeared in any episodes.

      • Girl YOU Don't Know says:

        WHAT?!? ANDREW?? That’s crazy. Guys, they gave us some much information. You just have to use your thinking skills that you always have to. Put clues together.

        • Kiki says:

          Riiiight, like they’ve given us clues every week and its supposed to be someone we all know and everyone will be sooo surprised. And its some guy named Charles that we never heard of. Lol, better check what clues and thinking skills actually mean. More like think they are giving you clues and watch them make stuff up.

  28. Kiki says:

    Laaaaaaaame af. Hell, I hope it IS Andrew at this point, otherwise there were really no clues as to who A was. Clues every week my ass. Disappointing big time but I was glad to see sassy Hanna alive and well!

    • abz says:

      LOL MK herself or the writers probably didn’t even know who they were going to make A be till before they wrote this episode.

      • Kiki says:

        Yes, I believe that. Said they had it planned out from the beginning and there were clues all along and it was someone we knew. Last I checked, I don’t know a Charles and there wasn’t much pointing to a Jason twin theory (had heard it briefly, but then again they supposedly weren’t doing the twin thing). What’s the point of taking Ali’s book twin away and making the twin Jason’s?

        • abz says:

          Agreed. And what logical explanation can they come up with for what Jason’s twin has against these four girls and why he’d make it his mission to destroy their lives?

          • Kiki says:

            Yes, exactly. There is none. Absolutely nothing they could sell me at this point to make me empathetic. Maybe on the off chance its Wren or really Cece in that mask (and maybe CeCe is actually a transgender, who knows anymore). Even then, I just think nothing in the world will make me think his story is tragic enough to remotely justify his actions despite what the cast has been trying to say.

    • Maddy says:

      It cant be Andrew, age wise it doesn’t make any sense. Andrew is the same age as Ali and the rest of the girls since they are all seniors in high school, and that boy next to Jason looks maybe a year older or younger or even possibly a twin while Ali is a baby. That means the guy has to be older than spencer and Ali

      Age wise that eliminates Caleb and Andrew from being A, possible even Toby from being A because he was still in high school when Jason wasn’t. That leaves Wren and Ezra, age wise those are the only two that make sense.

      If it does turn out to be Wren, then he must be extremely creepy since he had a thing with his supposed half sisters (Melissa and Spencer), it also wouldn’t explain what he could possibly have against all the girls since he grew up in England??

      And on top of all that please tell me how the writers are gonna explain how the whole town of rosewood has some memory lapse and doesn’t remember Mrs Dilaurentis having three kids/covered up all news of a missing child.

      Honestly I’m starting to think this whole thing is a dream, it wud be the only logical explanation at this point.

      • Hanna says:

        Who says that the girl Mrs. D. is holding is Ali? Could be Bethany. From the video we can only tell that Mrs. was on the Campbell farm (Andrews last name is Campbell) with 2 boys (probably Charles and Jason) and a baby girl. Also there is the person making the video.
        Jason is 6 years older than Ali and I think the two boys look way younger than 6. The video doesn’t prove that the boys are related, Mrs D. only tells one of them to kiss his sister good night.
        So if it’s Jason who kisses the girl, the girl is Ali. If it’s Charles then it just means that the baby is his sister but we don’t have any proof that the girl is Ali so it could just be another little girl we don’t know about yet.
        But if it’s Charles in the video then we know what he looked like when he was small and I could imagine Andrew looking like that when he was this age (Ezra, Caleb or a Wren not so much).
        Still the age thing would be a problem but maybe Andrew is older than he lets us believe. I mean when he’s Charles he already had to invent a whole new identity for himself. He could have changed the age along with his name. Maybe he also missed a few school years because he was locked up in Radley or something like that because whoever Charles is he clearly has mental problems.
        The only thing that really points to Andrew not being A is that the show gave us so many hints in his direction during the last few episodes that it seems to be too obvious.
        I’d rather have Andrew be A than some mysterious Jason-Twin we never heard about before or someone like Ezra who just couldn’t have a good enough reason to be A and torture the girls. What I really want from the show at this point is a proper explanation for everything. Whoever A is, I wanna know WHY and HOW!
        Ugh this show drives me crazy!

        • Lilian says:

          Exactly what I was thinking!
          I think the twins in the video are Andrew and his A (Charles)twin.
          Andrew tries to help the liars, while A is the disturbed one.
          I Also think that the baby is not Ali but maybe Bethany
          I think Mrs D got around and had multiple affairs, that were kept quiet.
          Andrew got adopted by the Campbels (obviously friends of mrs D or the real father) and Charles got put into Radley Where he later met up with his sister to become A.
          I don’t quite know how it al goes but I cant see the name Charles together with Jason, or Alison….Charles is a very British name…like Andrew.
          Another British name would be Byron Montgomery….we’ll find out….
          I just do not believe Charles is Jason’s twin…I think the story is more complex and twisted.
          I guess we still do not know for sure…we just got to eliminate some red herrings.

  29. Cornelius says:

    Should learn by now to never expect any answers during a PLL finale. Such a letdown. Thinking now no matter how this story ends I won’t be as satisfied as I was when Mona was revealed as A. And the book reveal for the 2nd A is much better too then what the show is going to do.

    I’ll still watch cause I put 5 years into this show but the outcome seems like it won’t be worth it.

    • pj says:

      Haha, i’m there with ya; might as well see where the rabbit hole ends. It’s funny, cuz someone suggested the possibility of a gossip girl ending. Which apparently was an illogical let down; don’t know, didn’t watch it, but it seems beyond plausible.

  30. Britt says:

    I loved it! I’m a bit what the hell just happened!? But I like it. Not really sure who Charles is but I’ve read that if we now watch the episodes over again we will work out what’s going on? Slight let down because I thought it would be someone we already now but oh well, I suppose there is another 2 seasons to go.

    • Kiki says:

      I’d be really impressed if you watched the series over and got Charles out of that. Very impressed. It was just hype.

  31. Jessica says:

    I’m going to show my age here but this was the worst finale since Bobby’s “dream” on Dallas.

    • Paula says:

      I know! A whole season just wiped out for a dream. Tonight I had the feeling it would be the same be reveal, and it was.

  32. krystie says:

    Okay guys let’s think about this logically.. here’s what we found out:
    1. Jason has a twin
    2. Spencer just met her other half-brother
    3. It mostlikely is NOT Andrew… why would he hit on Spencer …ew
    4. Whatever happened… happened at Campbells farm.. so Andrew is probably close to Charles and helping him or just found out about all of this
    5. Does Mr hastings know???
    6. We have waited this long … we can make it through!!!
    And my theory is Andrew has been weird lately watching Charles. . He probably just found out… and Charles threw the screw driver through monas window and Andrew looked like he was watching the girls but was probably watching Charles
    Love pll!!

    • gs says:

      If Andrew is Charlea, hitting on his half sister wouldn’t be the most screwed up thing he’s done, especially if he turns out to be mentally unstable.

  33. Casandra says:

    That was terrible. Basically the writers screwed themselves and to get out of it they wrote in some random story line about Ali’s long lost brother- presumably Charles. What possible reason could this guy have for torturing these 4 girls, so lame.

  34. Paula says:

    I don’t think it’s a brother, watch the footage again. The mom only tells the One boy to kiss his sister, and the other boy was just there watching, like little kids do. She said good boy, then good boys, after only the brother kisses his sister. The name of the farm was Campbell’s farm, and there is Andrew Campbell. If his family owned the farm, he would be there, playing with other kids while his parents ran it. Andrew could have easily stole the family movie, which makes it look like he is part of the family. Also, notice the pictures. Its of him as a little boy handing the apple. Doesn’t mean he’s Alison and Jason’s brother. Just my humble opinion.

    • Billie Marie says:

      True but in the picture that mona picks up it is of one boy but the ones beside it are of two boys that look identical in noth pictures. I think we are missing something big still in this episode. Like why this guy is obsessed with allison? And your right about her saying good boy than good boys. Maybe she gave up one after he was born and she would go visit him.

      • Paula says:

        That would make sense, she gave him up at birth, then he found out and had this footage from someplace at the farm, and when he was older wondered why his parents had footage of him with this family or somehow found it. Nothing else would make sense. It’s so frustrating, it makes no sense to me why there would be a brother this age with them, and we (the viewers), weren’t told they had a brother. I guess my theory of no brother, just obsession is out the window, but I don’t think he is “part” of their family in this footage, but only by blood. Because how could they just give up a son at this age and nothing be said?. Unless the Campbell’s kidnapped him, but again, wouldn’t they tell the viewers Alison and Jason had a brother who was kidnapped? We’ve gone in circles with no answers for so long, I’m confused about the two dresses, does Alison also have a sister? I forgot so many characters. Maybe two more siblings (if Jason was part of triplets then there could be a brother and sister out there). One named “Charles” the other “Rachels” they both can be spelled with the blocks. So disappointed in this Big A reveal. Showed Andrew that one time. Why didn’t the girls pull off that Dang Mask…oh, the writers…I forgot they NEVER HAVE THEM PULL THE DANG MASK OFF!!! At least I’m not only one frustrated and ticked off!!

  35. gs says:

    Did you really think you were going to get a full A reveal? The creator has said in recent interviews that the “Who is A?” storyline won’t end until midway through season 6. the creator has also said that the “Why is A A?” storyline will become the main plot. So did you really think tonight they were going to give us everything?

    • abz says:

      Do you really think they will reveal it midway through season 6? They’re gonna milk it to the end. Also nothing the creator says is really trustworthy. Watch when she comes back for the season 6 premiere interview, she’s gonna pretty much say the same things she always and won’t end up following through on anything.

    • Kiki says:

      No, but I was hoping a random character we’d never heard wouldn’t be named A since everyone has said we know the character, I’ll put my bootstraps on and hope someone named Charles has been going by an alias in the pll world the past five seasons.

      I was more excited for Mona to be alive tbh, even though I figured she would be. These writers can’t commit to much of anything

      • abz says:

        Mona being alive was the only good part of the finale, even though I’m pretty sure many expected her to be.

      • kattiem2011 says:

        Do you think Ian could be Charles?? The character had dark hair like his under the mask and I feel like Ian died without any real answers

        • BrittBrat says:

          The hair didn’t look real. It looked like a wig. And if Ian is really Charles and he is actually Jason’s twin, then he was married/impregnated his half sister. Ewwww

        • Steph Hilton says:

          Yep that’s what I was thinking. Plus the prom redo is from Ian and Melissa’s last pro together. They have to be involved somehow.

          • pj says:

            That’s what i though, or else why point out the relevance of the prom. But as forementioned, ewwwww!

  36. Cornelius says:

    Also side note – is A really that stupid to have a room filled with his name, pictures and a video of him where he kept the girls? Mind you it was younger pictures but still, wouldn’t A want to hide that somewhere… safe?

  37. Ashley says:

    Well, in the books, wasn’t it Ali’s twin that was A? I guess they wanted to keep it similar and just went with the different sibling. I don’t know about Andrew being A/Charles though.

  38. Jess says:

    I think Charles could be Bethany’s brother. Mrs. D only asked one of the boys to kiss his sister. I’m not sure where Andrew falls into all of this, they made Ezra out to be A for a while, so it could just be another thing to yank our chains about. But where does all the money come from??

  39. chuaneterry says:

    ok. so Charles is Jason’s twin. But if Andrew is Charles which looks extremely possible.. he was in rosewood right? but the girls are in the middle of nowhere with A?

  40. Eelanoor says:

    This is so true. All y’all need to calm down and listen to Marlene on! It’s a new era PLL army!! The era of answers!

  41. meme says:

    I think the finale was pretty good. I said I was going to stop watching after this season if they didn’t reveal A but this episode got me back hooked. It answered some questions I thought Ali had a evil twin from the book, but the brother was a twist BUT it did give us explanation to why Alison’s mom was covering for who she saw tried to kill Alison. And I figured Mona was alive, because no body was found. But Andrew is definitely still suspect.

  42. linsey says:

    Everyone says they hate the episode i absolutely loved it we saw a controlling the girls like puppets Mona’s alive and if you actually paid attention to the fan base MK said that A was in the first episode Andrew was in that episode (I just rewatched it ) and the name of that vuilding A livs in is called cambell witch is andrews last name although i have 1 new question why is he A plus I’d rather see the girls in the dollhouse rather than jail. Not the big A reveal I was expecting but they gave us a name and a picture of a boy who looks like he could be Andrew

  43. Rachel says:

    I know everyone keeps saying maybe Andrew is A but when A was standing next to spencer (when she was watching the home movie) he didn’t seem big enough to be Andrew. Yes I know a stunt person plays A but sheesh, Andrew is a pretty big dude get someone close to his size. If Andrew isn’t A, wtf is his problem? He is whack!

  44. Danielle says:

    Seriously, it’s not even on here yet and I’m already disappointed. All I’ve read is rage, rage, rage, disappointment, rage. Marlene done frakked up.

  45. Mayra says:

    I’m wondering Andy… did you lose a bet? is that why you have to recap PLL?
    hahaha. seriously… why else would you recap this hideous show?

  46. kristen t says:

    cant be andrew because hes the same age as alison and goes to school with her.

  47. Grace says:

    Andrew is A it’s his last name on the orchard, he went to the same camp Alison went to she said her bunk mate and her faked the trophy and at the court house during her trial aria found out he went there for years around same time mike, Ezra, and Caleb almost were shot by arrows, he has been in arias house so he had easy access to Mike’s room same as Spencers he could have easily gotten the blood from the drive they trust him so they never suspect him and he’s strong enough to kill and drag bodies around he goes to the same school easy access to lockers and classrooms he looks like he could be related to Alison and he was listening to Spencers parents I believe he was abandoned by Alisons mom and he has been waiting and watching while in the background I also think he found out he was related to Alison and got pissed and tryed to kill her now I think he really wants her to himself thats why he wants the lairs gone and he also hates Mona and now has her as his Alison doll he has many reasons to kill the lairs but he wants to have his sister or its just some guy named charles Alison and Spencer brother long long lost someone they know and trust and that guy thinks his twin stole Alison from him same with her friends and wants revenge so he kills anyone in his way so if he gets her and their dead he thinks he can be happy with her and he killed his mother from abandonment and she tryed to help A who she thought killed Alison so big betral and he couldn’t trust her Alison has a different dad so no shock he doesn’t care for him and Bethany looked just like Alison so as far as I know A had Bethany as Alison look alike before Mona was her look alike until he got Alison his sister he just wants his little sister back

  48. Bri says:

    Andrew Campbell is the same age as the girls, therefore cannot be Jason’s twin. Jason is several years older and unless Andrew tricked the school into letting him redo school in the same age bracket throughout the show, it can’t be him. Plus Charles’ hair behind the mask is noticeably different, unless it’s a wig attached to the mask.

  49. Beth says:

    I’m disappointed. The story is just going around and around. I will just wait on Netflix next time. I like the girls but the story sucks.

    • Paula's says:

      I’m feeling that way too. Reminds me of Mentalist and Red John, it went on too long. The sad thing is, they have sooo many story lines they could easily wrap this old old tired one up, and start some good shows. I can’t stomach anymore of -A. It’s just too much. But would love to watch the show with some fresh story lines.

  50. Allie says:

    This may be far fetched but what about CeCe??? Where did she go??? Is it possible Charles WAS a boy?? And decided to become a girl aka CeCe explaining the two yellow dresses in the flashback?

    • Cassi says:

      Charles was sent to radley and that is how mrs d knew Bethany!! Charels did have a mental problem cause and was jealous cause Ali had all the attention so he wanted to become a girl; he wanted to be Ali!! If u notice in the home video, one of the boys is wearing pink shoelaces. This also explains y Ali found 2 dresses, one for her and one for Charles!! Charles broke out of radley, had a sex change(cece drake) became close to Ali and killed Bethany cause she had become close with his mom then went after Ali! Which would be the only other person who mrs d would protect!! He killed mrs d cause he had other plans that she was getting in the way of!! When Mona set Ali up for murder and put her in jail, his plan was set back so he captured Mona and made her become Ali to finish his plans!!

      Idk!! This show is just full of twists and crazy things u never what to expect!!!! I hope y’all like my theory!!!

      • melia says:

        oh my god this theory is one of the best i have heard i have heard ones of him changing to ce ce but never of the radely one!! AMAZING!!!

    • Kiki says:

      At this point, I’m hoping CeCe is actually transgender but was born as Charles and became peeved when she got kicked out of school and has been terrorizing the girls. Maybe we can say she’s on some unstable meds, too. This thought crossed my mind, too. I mean, I’d feel very little if any sympathy if its really been a psycho man after the girls all this tine. CeCe I might feel some pity for.