The Fosters Finale Claims a Victim — [Spoiler] No Longer a Series Regular

The Fosters Jake T. Austin Exits

Warning: The following contains major spoilers for Monday’s The Fosters.

Although no ambulance had arrived on site when The Fosters‘ season finale concluded Monday night — seriously, how did the dispatcher know there was a fatality?! — it appears the car accident that closed the hour may have, indeed, taken a life.

Jake T. Austin — whose character, Jesus, was in the sideswiped vehicle alongside his twin sister, Mariana, and their pregnant birth mother, Ana  — announced on Twitter that his run on the ABC Family drama “has come to an end” with the Season 2 finale.

“I’m honored to have been part of such a groundbreaking series,” he wrote.

Co-creator Bradley Bredeweg later hinted that “not everything is what it seems on The Fosters,” so maybe Jesus is just going off to boarding school?

A spokesperson for the network confirms Austin’s exit.

Fosters fans, will you miss Jesus? Leave your condolences in the comments!

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  1. Columbus says:

    Of course, Jake’s tweet could mean that his character is going off to boarding school – not that he is the fatality.

  2. Jacqi says:

    I had a feeling that we were being prepared to say bye to jesus. I think he will be going off to boarding school.

    • turretgunnerl says:

      Hmm, not so sure of that. If he was just going to boarding school, wouldn’t he at least return home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, summer break? Jake’s twitter post seemed to indicate he is no longer on the show – period. Therefore, I think he is the one who died in the accident, which would be somewhat logical given that he appeared to be the only one in the car not wearing a seat belt when the crash occurred.

      • TJ says:

        No his sister wasn’t buckled because she was in the back yet leaning in between their mother when she said “you can do this”

        • unknown says:

          She was buckled….watch again…

        • roses mommy says:

          Mariana was in the back seat leaning forward but she also had her seat belt on.

          • Trev says:

            Yeah but she didn’t ever say anything of her leaving. I wish they would look at the freaking road.

          • Sarah Morfin says:

            Watch the promo on you tube of season 3 episode 1 of the fosters and it shows Mariana behind Stephanie when Stephanie arrives and watch the last episode of season 2 and look at the clothes Mariana and Jesus are wearing at the end of the episode

      • lynne says:

        he was also on the side that was hit head on.

      • Angel says:

        I agree he was the only one but I think his sister wasn’t either. But the way the car hit the their car it was hard and bad and he wasn’t moving. We just have to see and keep our fingers cross that he’s not dead and no one died.

        • jade anderson says:

          so i watch the end of session 3 and jusus aka Jake T Austin came back from boarding school missing his new foster sister adoption but jusus told his sister he can’t go back to boarding school claiming that he is now staying. so im wonder if you guys are talking about him dieing in real life or if you believe he died just in the show

    • Ravi says:

      I think someone in the other car died.

  3. 'A' Has Spoken says:

    I personally think he is talking about his character going off to boarding school. He tweeted (before deleting it mind you!) “Just remember. Not everything is what it appears to be on #TheFosters.” So I’m certain that he didn’t die. But who DID die?! Ana? Marianna? The other driver? OR, it could be an entirely different accident that was reported to Stef since no ambulance or anything was on site of the kids + Ana’s accident. It all fits. None of them die but some random person in a totally different wreck. I’m like 65% sure that will happen. But it’s still sad to see Jesus/Jake go! Such a great actor and I loved him on the show! Good luck to him wherever he may go! If it truly was to finish school, best of luck in your studies! ^_^

    • Samantha says:

      i believe that it was Mariana, she didn’t have a seat belt when Jesus and Ana did. Or ana could have just lost the baby.

      • 'A' Has Spoken says:

        But that’s just it. Would they lose two series regular characters? Jake wanting to leave and them killing off Marianna? But I doubt Ana lost the baby since no one was on the scene so I just hope my theory is correct and it was a totally different accident Stef was on her way to.

        • Fosters Forever says:

          I don’t understand how steff going to a different car crash means ana didn’t lose the baby! And also steff going to a different crash doesn’t make sense since they said where it was and you could see in the scene that’s the place where the crash was on the street signs. Plus even if it was different they still would’ve found out eventually. Just because there was no ambulance yet doesn’t mean she didn’t lose the baby but I don’t think she did, I think Jesus was killed and someone saw the crash and called to report it and said someone could be dead which is why the dispatcher said possible fatality. Just because no one was there yet doesn’t mean anything. His character wasn’t really around much after his break ups with lexi and emma, it was focused more on brandon, mariana, callie, and jude so thats probably why they took out his character. I’m going to miss him though he was one of the reasons I started watching the Fosters

      • Cousin O'yaya says:

        I gaurentee you Mariana is fine shes one of the best characters they have and the actress is really good. Jake on the other hand is no very good at acting.

        i’m not being mean just look at the editing he’s in alot of close-ups that don’t seem to fit the rest of the shots which means after messing up his lines for the umteenth time they just have im look at que cards instead of his scene parteners and just edit in later , also he has very short lines, he never monologues like Marianna so if there looking to get ride of someone it’s him.

        with all that said , i’m pretty sure Ana is the one their killing off if it is one of the three that died and not the other driver. plot wise they’ve been setting it up all season , she’s not a regular chararcter but she’s been getting alot of screen time, this whole episode has her telling Marianna that she’s smart and can do whatever she wants and she’s telling Jesus to stay with the family,

        dramtic wise it makes the most sense Assuming they’re going to be able to save the baby(which they will) , since Ana had or has the final say in where her baby goes it’s up in the air now, just like the custody battle for Callie this season i’m sure season three is going to be all about Whos adopting the baby , with Ana out of the way those grandparents are coming for that bun

        • leighems says:

          i agree with you. they would never kill off mariana, shes a fan favorite.

        • Christy says:

          Wow, I never would have noticed any of that!

          • Caitlin says:

            You know it could be The other car that crashed that had The fatality and neither mariana or Jesus

        • MiCHAEL says:

          wow I love the way you set it up, I like your story better then any I have read so far, I hope it turns out that way :)

        • GhostShadow says:

          In fairness to Jake….he use to be a good actor. Especially when he was really little, he was great. Hotel for Dogs, Wizards of Waverly Place he was really good. I’ve met him a few times on set and he was fine with his lines. I don’t know what happened with this show though. As he got older, he got worse. Especially on this show, he always has the same monotone, quizative voice and is expressionless. They don’t usually have que cards, they just stop and go over the script… that’s just him doing his off then normal acting on the show.

        • starr says:

          I agree with you 100%!!!

      • turretgunnerl says:

        I guess I missed that. I thought she was wearing hers and it was Jake who was leaning forward from the back seat that wasn’t wearing one. Again, don’t see going to boarding school being enough reason for Jake Austin to never be on the show again.

        • Mackenzie says:

          If either of the two mariana or ana was killed do you really think jesus would even consider going to boarding school. He wouldnt he would stay home with his greiving family. Personaly as much as i hate to say it jesus is the most likely to have died if anyone actually did, because of the way and where the car hit it hit on his side directly where he was sitting. However if they said possible fatality that could just mean that the accident was bad enough that someone could have died and that they needed to be prepared. Another thing that makes me think it could be jesus is that they had him succeeding and off to an amazing oppurtunity in life. Which would make it all the more terrible if it were go be him causerveryone would be like he had everything going for him.

        • Angel says:

          Jake wasn’t in the backseat he was in the passenger seat. His sister was in the backseat.

    • steephanie10 says:

      Very smart ;

    • 5654funny says:

      I am missing pll tonight I am surprised just ti confirmed that you will be revealed in the 7th season promo marlene king has big a revealed in the finale episode tonight

  4. Tran says:

    Looks like I’m now giving up on The Fosters. Disappointing on how the first two seasons went down and for that, I’m done with The Fosters. :-(

    • 'A' Has Spoken says:

      Why give up on the show when you don’t even know what happened? Read my post above about one of Jake’s tweets before he deleted it. Also, Jake made the choice to leave apparently. I heard it was for school. So be proud of his accomplishments and wanting to continue his education while supporting the show as it moves on.

      • Tran says:

        Stop with your whining and complaining. What part of it do you NOT understand? Stop acting like a BULLY because I always hate it when people bullied me around with their mean replies and it HURTS MY FEELINGS. Three words: DEAL WITH IT. Hope WhatGives is paying attention and he better NOT be ignored.

        • 'A' Has Spoken says:

          How exactly am I bullying you?! I was being very nice when I wrote that. Stop being rude and GROW UP. Seriously.

          • TVNerd says:

            Tran is seriously crazy…she watches millions of shows, does not go to school or work and writes on this website’s posts several times a day. What you wrote was not mean at all, don’t worry about it and ignore her silly reply. She is bipolar or has some sort of psychiatric issue.

          • Tran says:

            My message to TVNerd: I’m a MAN not a WOMAN. Are you stupid or what even though you don’t read Asian? Guess TVNerd doesn’t understand Asian like Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Hey TVNerd, you mess with the wrong gender and try not to lie to me ever again or I’ll go all Jack Bauer on you. I’M A MAN NOT A WOMAN YOU BRAIN DEAD LOSER.

          • Sndhdnx says:

            Don’t say that! RUDE

        • 'A' Has Spoken says:

          Also, what in my post was considered complaining OR whining? Clearly you need to reread my post then yours. Yours would be considered whining. Just saying. Ugh.

        • Josh says:

          No one is bullying you. Stop being a victim just because someone has a different opinion than you.

        • jessica says:

          Ummm excuse me!?!?! NO ONE WAS BULLYINGU OR anything!!!

      • Tran says:

        You better stop lying to me ‘A’ Has Spoken because I really hate when people lie to my face.

        • 'A' Has Spoken says:

          What are you even talking about? How am I lying? Even one of the creators said the same thing (which is posted in the article btw!)

          • Tran says:

            Are you really mad at me? BTW, I’M A MAN NOT A WOMAN and your friend TVNerd doesn’t know Asian. If I see one more mean reply from you, you’re going to be really sorry. Hope TVNerd is paying attention and still doesn’t know Asian.

          • Josh says:

            OKay Tran’s officially a troll.

          • 'A' Has Spoken says:

            You’ve just passed the troll limit. Hush now.

      • Tran says:

        First my message to TVNerd: I’M A MAN NOT A WOMAN because you don’t understand Asian. Own Rosetta Stone while you’re at it. Second, I’m really sorry about what I’ve said and I didn’t want to offend you. I really don’t want to see another so-called reply towards me.

      • 5654funny says:

        Marlene king has big A revealed
        tonight well I thought big a will be revealed in 7th season

    • tonnie says:

      You would stop watching the fosters over Jesus/Jake? The most boring character on the show and the worst actor? Haha ok

    • Dezzz says:

      What happened that you didn’t like? I love the fosters! Everything that has happened so far has kept me intrigued!

  5. Josh says:

    Either he pulled a Mischa Barton and dropped a major spoiler (much to the chagrin of the writers, I’d imagine), or it’s a fake-out and he’s not a regular because he got into that boarding school. He seems to have had some legal issues in the last few years, some as recent as December, so he may be the fatality. Still, I doubt it. It seems like a good way to ensure everyone tunes in for the summer premiere.

  6. He is an AWFUL actor and I think they knew it.

    • Fostersfan says:

      I agree on that!

    • Tee says:

      Agreed. Jesus was just a bonehead, and this guy couldn’t act.

      • jade says:

        that is not a nice thing to say
        jusus is a great acter. and he was such cool gay in the show the foster. i whould not trade him for any acter. and im real disappointed that people are saying such stupid things about his acting on the show the foster. tee get life and learn some respect for people who want to see him act on the show because the love his talent. and im one of them who love his talent.

    • jade says:

      jusus from the show the fosters is a great acter and im angry at every one who has said mean things about his acting. come on he was better in wizard of wavorly place he good in every show that he has been in and im frustrated i want him to be on the foster for this next one. come back to the show please. don’t let a few dom people say things that stupid i love your acting and i loveed watching you on the foster. your amazing

  7. jrex says:

    It seems like every season of this show ends with a cliff-hanger of someone dying. That is just too cruel.

    • cojenn says:

      Every show on any network, even the fake “reality tv” has a clifhannger mid season and season fanaliy…always…probably since “talkies” started, defiantly since series began….

  8. Boss says:

    I think jesus will go to boarding school and Ana was the one who died

  9. Fostersfan says:

    Hello people! It could have been a fatal accident with no one in their car being killed! Someone must have been driving the car that hit them. Right? Duh!

  10. Robert Jackson says:

    Gonna miss you bro your a fine actor see you in your nxt endeavor and long live the Fosters

  11. ALICE MARIE says:

    OMg. How could you kill off Jesus. Hasn’t this family been through enough. We love Jesus so much and it won’t be the same. So heartbroken 💔. Please let it be a mistake and keep him on the show.

    • April says:

      I feel like the other driver might be involved in the show that hit anna and the twins. It might be callies Biological Father In The Other car. Just a thought

    • Caitlin says:

      We don’t know who died yet, it could be a plot twisted remember when we all thought Sophia killed herself but Robert at heart attack instead. It could be anybody!! Hopefully not any main characters. Hate that I have wait until June.😡

    • liza says:

      Completely agree….I loved Jesus and can’t imagine the show without him. I think he is amazing on the fosters!

    • Wendy Anne says:

      They aren’t killing off Jesus. He is going to boarding school. I guarantee you someone in the other car died.

    • jade says:

      girl i’m right whith you this better not be true i love jusus and it whould be a tragedy if the took him off the show. thank you for being foster fan i don’t think i can handle any more peoples mean comments about jusus im on your side girl. bring back jusus it will never be the same if every body cuts him loose.

  12. Alan says:

    The driver of the other car could be the fatality

  13. Personally I think Jesus is just going off to boarding school. It makes since. Jake is leaving the show so they wrote the boarding school part in. As far as who died. I think it was either Anna or just the other driver of the other vehicle. I don’t think they would kill off a major character. Especially since Jake/ Jesus is already leaving.

  14. Daijah says:

    They shouldnt have killed him on the show they shouldve just let him go to boarding school they got people over here crying because jesus was one of peoples favorite character he was mine and that is sad they shouldve just sent him off to boarding school instead of making it sad and doing accident scence where he dies he bae he is my 1st best character on the fosters it wont be the same knowing that he died I feel like I shouldnt watch the fosters anymore when they killed him and couldve just sent him off to boarding school>

    • It never said he died Daijah. Like I said I think it was Anna who died or the other driver of the car and they are sending him to boarding school. That’s why they wrote the boarding school part in.

    • cojenn says:

      For real-take a breath…the real person is still here…just not a series regular anymore…that doesn’t mean dead…its a tactic to get people talking, stuff trending, but mostly to get people back in the summer to see what happened.

  15. Cousin O'yaya says:

    if they get ride of Jake I won’t be suprised, Jake is not very good at acting.

    i’m not being mean just look at the editing he’s in alot of close-ups that don’t seem to fit the rest of the shots which means after messing up his lines for the umteenth time they just have im look at que cards instead of his scene parteners and just edit in later , also he has very short lines, he never monologues like Marianna so if there looking to get ride of someone it’s him.

    with all that said , i’m pretty sure Ana is the one their killing off if it is one of the three that died and not the other driver. plot wise they’ve been setting it up all season , she’s not a regular chararcter but she’s been getting alot of screen time, this whole episode has her telling Marianna that she’s smart and can do whatever she wants and she’s telling Jesus to stay with the family,

    dramtic wise it makes the most sense Assuming they’re going to be able to save the baby(which they will) , since Ana had or has the final say in where her baby goes it’s up in the air now, just like the custody battle for Callie this season i’m sure season three is going to be all about Whos adopting the baby , with Ana out of the way those grandparents are coming for that bun

  16. tiff says:

    I was hoping this was not true. I love Jesus. I also noticed Bianca coming back so that means his funeral

    • Not necessarily tiff but I guess we’ll just have to see and find out. Maybe Bianca is coming back to wish him well at boarding school or for another reason. I just think they wrote the boarding school part in the show since Jake is leaving and they don’t intend to kill off his character. I seriously can’t wait until the premiere to find out. Its going to be so sad if they kill him off. I hope they just send him to boarding school.

  17. fresh says:

    Maybe the person who hit them died??

  18. fresh says:

    Maybe the person who hit them dies??

  19. Amy says:


  20. Alan says:

    OK I’ve read comments and thought about this. I agree with those who said the boarding school story line was how they are writing Jesus off. Killing off the other driver would be meaningless to the show. I think Ana will die, but the baby will survive. This way they will gear up to a battle between the Fosters and Ana’s parents for custody of the baby.

  21. ToriRanee says:

    It could be another crash site stef was called too or Ana lost the baby. It’s hard to say. Maybe the driver but I doubt Jesus or Mariana would be taken off the show. And Anas side was not hit head on. Jesus had a higher chance of dying than Ana. But we will see. Like I said Stef prob got called to another site and not that one.

  22. johnhelvete says:

    Would it be realistic for Jesus to go to boarding school and never appear again on the show? What else is the showrunner supposed to say but try to be vague that the character did not die?

  23. Christy says:

    I hope he doesn’t die. I love that show but I can’t deal with twin deaths.

  24. MatRaupach says:

    I can live with Jake T. Austin leaving the show, honestly his character Jesus wasn’t more than a comic relief…

    His ADHD struggles were quite interesting in season 1 but in season 2 he didn’t have a real serious story line except his stupid tattoo and even that was just for entertainment.

    Mariana on the other hand has to survive, she grew form the Fosters-Kid i didn’t like at all to my 2nd favorite one (after Jude), a really nice character development.

    But she didn’t have a seat belt on and with that impact … even if she survives it is very unlikely she will be without permanent damage, i bet shell be paralyzed….

    And honestly killing off Jesus might be good for the show, it gives them lots of good drama options…

    • aph1976 says:

      I agree that killing off Jesus could create lots of drama for the other characters .Marianna for example could feel guilty that she lived and her brother died and it could bring her closer to Ana and her new sibling.Plus i think the finale the show may have closed the chapter on part of Callie’s story and maybe next season the focus to other characters more,Plus i like your idea that Marianna could be paralyzed.

  25. Amy says:

    It couldn’t have been the baby, unless Ana was in labor when the accident happened and it came out during the wreck?

    • Clg says:

      But don’t forget Anna was going into labor and that’s what initially caused them to be distracted in the first place

  26. Nicole says:

    We are going to miss u..

  27. Ari says:

    I think it would be really interesting to see Marianna struggle with losing Jesus. I just don’t know if this show would go that dark. I assumed it was Anna who would die in the accident. I didn’t realize the actor that plays Jesus was leaving.

  28. beckaaa says:

    I think that jesus goes to boarding school. Mariana is going to live she has to. I think ana is going to be okay. For some reason i feel the death is someone that is an active character on the show. But im thinking its connors dad, callies dad or sofia.

  29. liz says:

    Jesus will be at boarding school. Anyone notice the pool of blood under the car? My guess is they ran into a pedestrian when they were t-boned. My prediction at least.

  30. i wrote this in another site so im just gonna repeat myself here – I don’t think Jesus died..I think he is going to boarding school…I think Ana will have lost the baby..I think the fatality was the other driver since he’s the one that ran the red light..did anyone else notice that brandon stopped his piano solo when the car crash happened? But still, they can’t go thru another that can’t throw the fosters in a depressed state like frankie did..I think I’m gonna win this

  31. Michelle says:

    I was thinking possibly Callie’s father or Anna.

  32. 5654funny says:

    Jesus survived his sister survived Anna and the babby died

  33. Annonymous says:


    • Jake T. Austin is leaving the show to continue his education. I assume University. That doesn’t mean he was killed off though. Like I said in a few previous comments, I think he will just go off to boarding school. I’ve seen other shows that write in phone conversations with the character that left the show without actually showing the character as present in the show but they still acknowledge the character every once in a while, so its possible they’ll do that with Jesus. I still think it was either Anna or the other driver that died and maybe the other driver plays a small part in the show so they are significant in some way to the main cast.

  34. 5654funny says:

    Jesus survived his sister survived Anna and the babby died they should have exist Anna and the baby keep De Jesus

  35. technodoll says:

    Why couldn’t they kill off Mariana…she is the worst character. We all hate the idea of Jake leaving. He added much to the show

  36. abm meka says:

    I’ll miss u so much Jesus

  37. fiqriuzumaki says:

    If this really is the end for Jesus from the show I’m going to cry so hard ;-; gosh. The suspense is killing me. Nooo!

  38. aph1976 says:

    I hope Jesus doesn’t die and he just goes off to boarding school.However having Jesus die could change the show and it could be interesting to see how the other characters move forward.For example Ana could decide to keep her baby as a result of Jesus dying.Plus i’m wondering if there’ll be a time jump when the new season premieres in the Summer and it doesn’t pick up where the season ended with the car crash.Also i just reread the article and i’m wondering if it Jake’s decision to leave because the show wasn’t using his character that much.If Jesus doesn’t die maybe it’s Mariana who dies and Jesus goes to boarding school to grief and to get away from the reminders of his sister.As for the other driver maybe it’s someone we know and that could be who dies.Maybe it’s Connor’s father.

  39. greg says:

    How about the baby not surviving, the accident and Jesus going off to boarding school??

  40. isabella m. says:

    Jesus can’t leave!!! I love this family!! This was such a cliff hanger. When is the next season

  41. Mia says:

    Ana is the one that died…she was going to labor, therefore her baby was ready to be born, they will save her (the baby) somehow. I say this because Callie was about to be adopted and she said she won’t celebrate until the adoption is final. I think the producers were trying to say “watch out, it’s not over yet” regarding Callie’s adoption with the fosters. Because Ana’s baby survived, the fosters will take it and somehow because of it, they won’t be able to adopt Callie. The father will either fought for Callie due to the accident (reasoning: the fosters being irresponsible leaving their children with Ana driving (who has a record and was pregnant) or even somehow the state wouldn’t allow adoption of two kids at the same time, any reason really…Just my opinion though…but Jesus is going to boarding school, I don’t think he is dead.

  42. Mia says:

    or another theory is that NO ONE DIED AMONG THEM, its probably the driver of the other car died and he is somehow related to the judge or the judge died and an until an investigation is launched callie can’t be adopted!

  43. John Davis says:

    I love The Fosters.

  44. Nicholas says:

    Dispatcher said “One REPORTED fatality.”

    Anybody in the area of the crash, ie person who called it in, could have noticed a fatality, and reported that so emergency services would step up their response. Sorry. Hate technicalities like that.

  45. TYJACK32 says:

    My theory is that it was the principle that dies… she was obviously upset so maybe she was driving fast and not paying attention to anything?…

  46. aahmya says:

    I will miss u his Jesús I love you I might be 10 but I know what I say

  47. susan says:

    Here is my thought. Jesus is not the fatality, he’s going to that school and is off the show, I think its Mariana, it was all about her in that episode and her reuniting her mom and her family, how she didn’t want thing to change, then right before the car accident she leaned for word, not buckled, told Anna how it was ok if she wanted to keep her baby and then the accident …just my thoughts

    • S.J says:

      Really? it’s interesting.. i didnt even think it could be Mariana… I think it’s just Anna’s baby.
      I do agree though that Jesus is going to boarding school, and is off the show!

      The fatality could be the other car driver though, besides, if jesus is going to boarding school and Mariana is dead.. it means two main characters are lost.. i highly doubt they will do that. i strongly beileve it’s just the baby.

      • Cheese says:

        It does not seem possible for the one fatality to be the baby, because the police dispatcher called in “one reported fatality.” This means that a witness of some sort saw a potential fatality and told that info to 911. If the baby were to die, that wouldn’t really be known until Ana gets seen by a doctor. It wouldn’t be apparent to a regular passerby whether or not the unborn child survived.
        Other than that, I am totally unsure as to who the fatality could be! I have my suspicions and preferences, but they could surprise us.

  48. melissa says:

    glad I know now but very sad to see him go :(

  49. Blank Space says:

    Yess I would miss him with his sexy self

  50. anastasia says:

    Maybe Ana died before she could make the decision about her baby and maybe the baby lived??