The Bold and the Beautiful Star on How Transgender Twist 'Connects Dots'

Bold and the Beautiful Transgender Maya

For the last two years, The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Karla Mosley has played homeless-woman-turned-aspiring-fashion-mogul Maya Avant. Maya is plucky, beautiful and driven, but she’s hardly a newsmaker.

Then, Wednesday’s episode revealed that Maya used to be a man named Myron. All of a sudden, the CBS soap’s willingness to explore a transgender character — which other daytime dramas have tried (and failed at) in the past — has more than just B&B diehards waiting for today’s episode.

What will the new development mean for Maya and Rick’s relationship? What about that baby Dayzee helped her have adopted? And how will the show’s international fans respond? TVLine chatted with Mosley about what Maya/Myron means for Forrester Creations and beyond.

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TVLINE | Headwriter/executive producer Bradley Bell first told you all of this around Christmas?
It feels like being called up to the principal’s office. [Laughs] He said, ‘Maya’s got this secret.’ He told me what it is. And then I had to keep it from the rest of the cast and crew for a month. Reign [Edwards], who plays [Maya’s younger sister] Nicole, didn’t know until the day before when we got our scripts. Even then, on the day we were shooting it, some of the cameramen didn’t know. It hadn’t gotten around. It’s been quite kept under wraps. It’s been a really interesting journey.

TVLINE | A while back, All My Children introduced a male character named Zarf who soon revealed he was transitioning to a female named Zoe, and the fans never really showed up for that storyline. Using Twitter as a gauge, your storyline already seems to have significant fan interest, if not yet support. What do you think accounts for the difference?
I think it’s the times. That was, what, 10 years ago that that happened? It’s amazing how, even in the past five years, our country has shifted. We can certainly see that politically. Also, I think, it’s social media that’s helping. Today I felt some unrest, some people asking questions [online]. I was able to go online for an hour and just tweet with people. It’s something we can all process together. The reason that we watch soaps is to talk about them, and social media is such a great platform for that. All of those things combined, the shifting climate and that people really do like Maya — or love to hate her. They’re committed to sticking with her, on one level or another, and I’m certainly grateful for that.

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TVLINE | She and Rick are together, and he is not the most tolerant person — of anything.
[Laughs] Not at all.

TVLINE | Can you speak to how this will affect their relationship?
This information about Maya really connects dots for me. The reasons that she has spontaneously let Caroline win in the past or decided so quickly to marry Carter and then decided so quickly to completely screw up that relationship, I think it all has to do with her fear that Rick is going to reject her when he finds out the truth. And her fear of having to disclose — because I don’t think that she’s ever been in a relationship like this… I think in all of her past relationships, people have known already. Or it was something that wasn’t gonna last. So she suddenly found herself in this relationship that could possibly last with a man with whom she’s been very honest. Other than this, Maya is honest to a fault. She’s just terrified, on some level.

TVLINE | You mentioned on Twitter that the show isn’t rewriting history when it comes to Dayzee having helped Maya have a child adopted. What can you tease about what we’ll learn about that?
It’s an adoption story — we never saw Maya’s baby. We never saw that she had the child. That’s what I can say about that. Maya’s history has been very fuzzy. We’ve all been wondering: What was the deal with Jesse? How did she end up in prison? Again, for me, this really clarifies what that backstory is, why her relationship with Jesse was so tumultuous and some of what might have been going on at that time.

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TVLINE | When we pick up in the next episode, is it a continuation of the scene?
It’s a direct pick-up. We really get to hear more about what’s going on between Nicole and Maya.

TVLINE | The Bold and the Beautiful has a huge international following. How do you think this storyline will play around the world?
It will remain to be seen. One of the great things about it airing in the United States first is that we get to process it together — and in Canada — and then Australia. So hopefully we’ll lead the world in opening hearts. I hope that all countries will air it and at least explore it. What’s great about soaps is there’s this element that people allow a little bit of leniency in a way they might not in other genres. [The series is] hiring trans actors to support the storyline, so it’ll also give maybe a little more visibility within the trans community around the world.

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  1. Ms Thing says:

    The storyline is fresh and timely. I always disliked the Maya character but this twist has made her more sympathetic or the very least, more interesting. I just hope that the writers can delve into this story with sensitivity and truthfulness.

  2. Tran says:

    Never like the character on B&B and I also never like her as one of the guest models on The Price is Right. TPIR better stop having guest models on the show (ENOUGH IS ENOUGH).

    • MARY KAY JOHN says:


      • Tran says:

        In my opinion, Maya Avant is the one character B&B fans love to hate. Also I really don’t know why The Price is Right booked Karla Mosley as one of the guest models on the show. Really hope TPIR continues to be 100% BORING if the execs at CBS Daytime plans to end TV’s longest running game show sometime in the near future.

        • Blaster says:

          They booked her because she’s beautiful Tran …. what about you?

          • Tran says:

            BTW, I’M A MAN NOT A WOMAN. Also, having guest models on The Price is Right is a very bad idea and I don’t know who came up with that. The reason about the “regular” models when Drew Carey is hosting is that they don’t have brains instead of beauty. Hope there will be a conspiracy against The Price is Right so GROW UP Blaster.

      • Ken says:

        Mary Kay, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. I’m sure they can do very well without your hate & bigotry.

        • James says:

          It’s not hate and bigotry you idiot. Geez yall just wanna do anything these days. You guys are some immoral people. Being normal means you are hating and a bigot? Go sit your stupid perverted behind down somewhere.

      • Shirley says:

        I feel the same way , it’s getting stupid 😤

      • S M.B says:

        I agree with you Mary! This is trash!

      • connijackson says:

        I totally agree!

      • sari says:

        I agree. Maya is the one character that keep the show interesting. My guess is fans can’t handle a powerful black female role. Maya take your lave and contact Tyler Perry get your props girl

      • John says:

        I agree with you Mary but I guess that’s what I get for giving this show one more chance, but in a way I’m not shocked by anything going forward just sadly upset, the once again in Soap Land yet another interracial couple bites the dust. Why have at least one Forrester interracial baby, when you can do this and destroy the character too?

    • MayaandRickfan says:


      • Tran says:

        What’s with your whining and complaining? First, I always hate when they booked guest models on The Price is Right even though the regular models aren’t appearing whether they take days off or go on vacation. Second, they better bring back the regular models to the show depending on their contracts and also must do the three model rotation even though having a two model rotation like they did last season is still not good enough. And third, you should stop acting like a bully and act like a mature adult YOU JEALOUS INSECURE HYPOCRITE.

        • WhatGives says:

          Can you please tell us all what your definition of HYPOCRITE is because you are definitely not using it properly. A hypocrite is someone who pretends to have principles they don’t actually believe in. Yet no one on here has claimed any such. Are you saying she that she said she likes Karla Mosely but secretly doesn’t and is just saying so to tick you off?
          Also you do realize that NO ONE brought up TPIR in this thread but you right? So basically you are arguing with yourself.

          • Tran says:

            You continue to be such a BULLY to me and you must stop your whining and complaining towards me again. One more mean comment out of you or you’re still going to bullying me over and over and over again.

          • Tran says:

            FYI, I really think Let’s Make a Deal is WAY better than The Price is Right. If you disagree or not BULLY.

          • WhatGives says:

            To the person who posted below me, please learn the CORRECT definition of the following words if you want to be taken seriously: HYPOCRITE, WHINE, COMPLAIN and BULLY. Because the only person who whines and complains about being bullied is you, hypocrite.

          • Tran says:

            You better NOT come back to this website WhatGives because you’ve been ignoring me over and over and over and over and over and over and over again because you’re acting like a spoiled brat and the real BULLY is you. GROW UP!!!

    • Esmeralda gallegos says:

      Me 2

  3. MARY KAY JOHN says:


    • Kay says:

      I totally agree with you on this.

      • Laura says:

        As of 2 minutes ago my DVR is no longer set to record B&B.

        • MayaandRickfan says:


          • Tammy says:

            Oh yeah this is just what every guy wants to hear from his girl..”I use to be a dude”…go kick a puppy or something..the first person to play the bigot card is usually the true bigot..YOU ARE!!!

          • John says:

            Can’ you’ please explain to me MayaandRick fan, why it is in this mixed and messed up society with so-called freedom of speech, when someone disagrees with someone else’s opinion, they’re labeled a phobe this or that? Why can’t folks be allowed to express their opinions, as long as it’s not hurting anyone, and the person on the other end just ignore them?

          • bricenk says:

            just because someone doesn’t agree with you does not make them phobe anything or a bigot. if only people who think like you would get that through your head. PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO DISAGREE with YOU!!!!

    • anonymous says:

      I agree…i’m so done with this soap!!! Why did it have to be the black actress…ijs

      • jackson88 says:

        I also want to add I think they are racists.

      • Tran says:

        Hope B&B doesn’t get nominated for Outstanding Daytime Soap this year when the nominations for the Daytime Emmy Awards comes out soon.

      • MARY KAY JOHN says:


        • Marnie says:

          She’s absolutely not playing a gay character. She’s playing a transgendered woman. Read something about this. If she were playing a gay person, she would be having sex with a woman. She’s not-she’s a woman by surgery, soul and heart.

        • Agnes Anne says:

          Transgender people are not GAY. Not even close.
          Trans- GENDER is about Gender Identity; about being born a certain gender but feeling/knowing you are the opposite gender. The latest medical research finds it begins in the womb during chromosomal development. Transgendered people are not gay.
          Being GAY is about Sexual Identity — basically if you’re sexually attracted to men or women.

      • nick j says:


    • Debbie says:

      So mis-Informed…Maya is in every sense except for the ability to carry a baby, a real woman. I’ve known transgendered people and what they go through, the stigmas attached by the uniformed and/or mis-informed is truly a tragedy. This is not a choice…please read about the medical issues involved as well as emotional issues before passing judgement. I’m sure CBS will write the story responsibly and I commend them for taking this important issue on. WTG CBS!

      • Sara McNally says:

        I agree that there is a stigma attached to this issue. As a medical professional let me tell you that the surgery makes patients more like their chosen gender, but it is not the same as natural anatomy. Passing this off as something that can’t be recognized is not accurate, nor responsible.

        • MayaandRickfan says:


        • Kiungerm says:

          well that is an interesting point. I don’t know enough about the procedures to know how different trangender anatomy (after conversion) looks. But hey.. lots of anatomy looks rather different. Perhaps that (physical differences ) will be covered in future discussions? It’s early yet in this story line.

    • I totally agree, I’ve been watching this show since day one idiot writer think the die hards forgot how Maya entered, show. Devastated and distraught over her child! I will be off BB until he figure this out! Now they talking about babies hell she already had one!

      • Limey says:

        the baby was adopted – that was already disclosed on the show!

      • Brenda says:

        I thought the baby was her *biological* daughter, whom she gave up for adoption. And the people who adopted her were involved in an automobil accident which took the life of the young child. And then Maya was devastated to find out what happened to her biological daughter. Isn’t that how the story went, or is that incorrect?

        • Lady1 says:


        • valley girl says:

          The baby was Mya’s boyfriend baby from another relationship prior to Mya. Mya adopted the baby when he was killed or jailed. So Mya has never conceived a child.

          • Manon says:

            The father of the child did NOT die! Bill even took a photo of him and Maya to blackmail her remember? And in the way she talked about the baby then, it was pretty obvious it was their BIOLOGICAL baby! A person who become the gardian of a child cannot give him up for adoption. But Maya did give the baby up for adoption…. This storyline does not make ANY sense at all!!

          • Patti says:

            You are correct Maya has never conceived a child. I was her boyfriend’s child that she raised as her own. If ppl watched the show they would know because she talked about in one of the episodes

    • nick j says:

      I agree I like the Rick and Mya together I not very keen on this new storyline

    • Kim says:

      I think it genius…..I love the story line and I cant wait to see Ricks reaction when he finds out! Mr perfect Rick….lets see how he takes not only being LIED to (because he cannot tolerate anything but complete honesty—BLAH) but also being in love with a trans gender!!!! His head is going to explode!! POOR RICKY BOY! I think its the best thing that has happened to the show in YEARS!!! I just hope they don’t drag out the reveal too long! ITS CRAZY COOL!!!!

      • Tara says:

        I completely agree!

      • adelita says:

        And what about the old man daddy he put all the trust on rick what a laugh

      • Helen says:

        I agree wholeheartedly!!! Plus it’s about time they do a transgender storyline, a good one, and I do really like where they are going with the storyline and the fact that it deals with disclosing in a relationship, which can be so scary and even dangerous for transgender people, hopefully this will help open some minds. Also, I think it’s amazing that they picked a strong black actress to take on this role, I don’t find it racist at all, any woman or man of any nationality or ethnicity can be transgender, so I actually think its amazing because not only are they showing an interracial power couple but now half that power dynamic is an African American transgender, a strong confident powerful transgender woman of color, I think it’s empowering and amazing, not racist. Plus love the fact Rick is so full of himself and arrogant now, this will definitely teach him a lesson in humility and acceptance and in what it really means to live someone, hopefully it will do the same for other closed minds out there, try and remember we are all only human, none of us are perfect, so we are none of us, in a place to judge or demand judgment, lest you be judged as well, so careful, to those throwing stones…..

        • A Holden says:

          I love storylines that not only entertain, but teach us about relationships. My hope is that Rick and Maya will be the power couple that FC demands. Momma Logan might be the one who goes off the deep end when the truth comes out.

        • koreybye says:

          And yet you feel totally free to call people close minded because they don’t hold to your opinion. I guess your stones are made out of feathers huh?

      • JOAN says:


    • Shirley says:

      I don’t like that part maya playing and you right and I don’t think I be watching B&B anymore😤😴

      • John says:

        Shirley I agree with you and am done as well, but very sad I don’t think they care what the” loyal” viewers say or think, especially with the mess that continues to be written for this soap,. Sadly, I don’t give Maya’s character too much longer here, and I suspect that’s what they were counting on all along.

    • Patti says:

      Maya never had a baby…it was her boyfriend’s child and she became the legal guardian and raised as her own. That was in today’s episode.

    • bbviewer says:

      Too many lost storylines in Maya’s life. How will Rick react to Maya lies especially since she cannot give him a child when he could not accept Carolyn for having kissed Ridge, he surely was at fault for not spending more time with his bride which he chose over Maya in the first place. Maya cheated on him in her acting career and Rick returned to Carolyn asking her to marry him. He says he really loved Carolyn since the first day he set eyes on her. (What’s this.) All will come out in the open cause it seems Nicole does not accept Maya’s decision of her reason for a sex change, she wants more than being just a little sister who is looking for answers. She wants what Maya has and won’t let go. This is a very strange BB storyline no better than a BB threesome. Do enjoy the new Quinn and Deacon roles, this makes sense.

    • Alley Kingsley says:

      Mary Kay, darling… learn English. Learn how to turn the capslock button off, and learn what a buffoon you sound like. Is a woman who is born with no genitals a real woman? Of course she is. Is a woman who’s born with both, but identifies as a woman a real woman? Of course she is.

      YOU do not get to define what a woman is, or who a woman is or can be. If a person looks like a woman, acts like a woman, dresses like a woman, identifies as a woman and wishes to be referred to as a woman? SHE’S A WOMAN. She’s a woman, even if only the LAST TWO apply.

    • Carr says:

      I totally agree with you! and another thing I don’t get is why they keep saying Maya is transgender, transgender meanS that she still has her man part right? so why aren’t they calling her transsexual? and they keep saying this is a story about love and acceptance I know they arent about to make Rick okay with her being a man cuz if they do that’s phony

      • wendy says:


        • Agnes Anne says:

          Real men all the time accept, sleep with and marry transgendered and transsexual women. And married heterosexual couples have stayed together even after one person in the couple has transitioned to another gender. It’s about Gender Identity. It’s not about sex.

        • cbb20 says:

          Amen, wendy! Finally a sane comment on this thread.

    • e says:

      I is getting beyond tediculous..I tuned in yesterday …and quickly became bored and changed channels.. Storyline is stupid… But one good thing Karla Mosley is getting a lot of publicity with this stute… Girl you are beautifu/ good actressl..hook up with Tyler Perry and move on girlfriend to higher stakes

  4. 1230e says:

    Maya can pass for a Trans for real. Wonder how Will Rick handle this big secret … probably kick Maya out of the Mansion and bring Nicole In. Only Nicole seems like a girl compared to Maya … WELL, I guess we’ll see soon enough.

  5. WhatGives says:

    My one problem with this storyline is going to be how they’ll use it as an excuse for Maya being a bully to everyone at Forrester Creations. “I was mean to everyone because I was forced to be a guy by my parents even though I wanted to be the girl I am inside, so I’ll be mean to everyone else now that I am the girl I always wanted to be.” Can’t wait to see what they’ll use as an excuse for Rick’s bullying issues. This was the reason I stopped watching B&B because they let two characters bully those that worked for them and gave no reason why except they could because they were the bosses. They should do a storyline that focuses on the dangers of bullying. It doesn’t matter if they are adults are not because adults bully others just as much as children do.
    I do, however, applaud them for doing this storyline, but there are other issues on this show that should have been focused on first.

    • Trina-marie says:

      Rick was the bigger bully. However, I’m threw with this show. Not because the storyline is stupid….most soaps have stupid storylines. But because there have been so few African American female characters on this soap and finally one has a decent storyline and she is destroyed as transgender. Would be different if they had many women of color characters (L.A.-based soap with like two Latinos in 30 years?). I don’t think people who are not minorities understand how frustrating it is to turn on the TV and not see people who look like you. Then when they do get a role they are either wallpaper (Carter) there as a backdrop to main characters. (Carter doesn’t even have a home) or their characters are destroyed.

    • Midwest-n-Fifty says:

      Agreed, I wish they had chosen another character who more resembles the Trans people I know. Due to the nonacceptance, they tend to be the kindest , classiest friends you could have. Surgery is expensive and the drugs not insure, how dues a homeless person afford this? I have had a hard time liking moneygrubbing, classless and mean Mya character at all and hate that she will be representing my friends.

  6. Honey says:

    Just another example of a Bell written and produced soap opera sabotaging Black characters and handing them the dirty end of the stick when they are involved in romantic relationships with white characters. The white girl in this case Caroline has to win

    • Rhonda says:

      I will not be watching BAB, Making Black Women once again look BAD. Shame on you how do you people sleep at knight on hot coals and chains, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

      • Miss V says:

        I second that!!!!

      • MayaandRickfan says:


        • angelia king says:

          I’m a women of God first. I would like to say to you that God didn’t create you in this way you have created yourself. I pray that before he comes back you have asked for forgiveness. Smh.

          • connijackson says:

            Amen, Amen!

          • Brenda says:

            I second that! You should be happy with the person you were born to be! God created you, and why would you alter what he created?

          • Helen says:

            Didn’t realize you were perfect and without sin, only this would give you the right to cast the first stone, if you really believed in God, you would know that it’s disrespectful to try and do his job for him by judging as well, just as it was your opinion that creation was his job and that she is slapping him in the face by trying to take over and change it, so are you slapping him in the face. judmdnt is his job not yours, he will do it as he sees fit at the end of times, he doesn’t need your help or hate, and when he does this for every human being, he will take into account ALL their transgressions and well as the intentions behind them, he will look into your heart and see both the love and hate that’s in there, that’s what he will use to determine judgment, and the truth is, you don’t know if this will be considereded ” a big enough sin” to damn them, you can’t even be sure it would be considered a sin, because the truth is they aren’t hurting anyone, there is no bad intention, they are born with feelings that God put there, and all they are doing is trying to match those feelings so they can survive and live in this world and be try happy. The truth is that’s what God put us here to do, that and to honor him, and trangender people honor God as much as any other person, and that’s all he cares about, never was there a commandment that demanded “Thou shall not be transgender” or anything even close, the most these was ever mentioned on the subject was not wearing the other genders clothing, but it wasn’t even mentioned in that context when they did mention it because the passages on the bible that do mention this speak to intention and to men doing it with the intention of defying God, which is not what the transgender community is about at all. Also, if you are going to condem people for everything that is mentioned in the bible that you shouldn’t do, then most people today, including most likely yourself, deserve judgement because no one lives a sin free life, by the time most are in high school they have already broken so many commandments and have done most of what the bible says not to, so why is this one distinction so important to people, why the rush to judgment on this point? To all those condemning the transgender community, to all of you “believers” and ” Christians” I say to you, Do onto others as you would have them do onto you, and Do not Judge Lest you be judged, finally He who is without sin, cast the first stone….I have a feeling most of you should put your tails between your legs, gather up your stones, and go out your own houses in order before you start looking to judge another’s home or life. God is a God of love, don’t hate then hide behind him, remember the day when you will be judged us also coming, and the judgments you are making and inventories you are taking of people who are transgender, or even gay, which is a completely different thing but it’s ostricized just as much, at the end of times, God will judge you for all this, for doing his job and judging when it wasn’t your place, for intention, because when you spew these words there is every intention to hate and hurt, I don’t believe God was ever ok with people spreading hate or hurt, and last but not least for your complete lack of compassion and tolerance, he never agreed with people who turned on someone this way, even if they were the worst kind of sinners, the prostitute Mary Magdalene was saved by Jesus, and I beleive he made very clear how he felt about people who pass judgment in this way, and to be clear, you don’t have to throw an actual rock or stone at someone to hurt them deeply and forever, so I don’t beleive Hod or Jesus would condone this in any way, shape or form……

          • James says:

            Thank you for standing up.

        • angelia king says:

          In Isaiah chap. 5 talks about hell inlarging it’s self daily. Already know where you’re going if you don’t get it together. You can call all the names you want and you may even call me a few but the fact remains God is not pleased and i pray that you get a relationship with him before he returns and just to let you know he’s coming sooner than what we think cause the world has gotten like Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis chap. 13 where anything goes. Take the timr and read.

          • arben chislom says:


          • cbb20 says:

            AMEN!! You are born a man or woman…altering that in any way is saying that our Lord in Heaven made a mistake!!! NOT LIKELY!!

          • James says:

            Amen. These people are getting out of control. Or I should say the media is too brazen about it. Time to take over hollywood.

    • Kay says:

      I totally agree with you on this.

    • Jacob Harris says:

      Come on now! White actors and actresses have played the same role. Either we want equality and opportunities for black actors or actresses or we don’t. This actress is very capable of pulling the role off. This is the kind of role that wins awards. Why shouldn’t she or any black actress have the opportunity to add that extra layer on and reap the rewards for doing so? Although this is a soap opera, what the storyline is about happens in real life. I discovered a few weeks ago that a black female political journalist (of sorts) was born a man. I was shocked because she ….I’ll stop at that before I start to sound dumb. But, I never would have guessed. My point is that it is real life. We as black people can’t complain about the lack of opportunity and then complain when there is opportunity. I am personally happy for the actress who plays the role of Maya so well that I couldn’t stand her. Now, I am already sympathetic for her because she has a reason.

      • Michelle says:

        Always got to somehow make it about race. I agree with you on this, Jacob.

      • John says:

        Jacob Harris, the reason I as. Black individual bring up race, is because when it comes to these interracial storylines, quite sadly the black individual is thrown under the bus, their storylines evaporate quicker than you can blink, and their characters are removed faster than you can spit.
        With too many folks saying they never liked Maya in the first place, and could care less about her now is it any wonder why (yes, she does have the talent to pull it off, but I get the feeling that’s not why she got the part) she ended up with this particular storyline, especially when Rick said he didn’t like liars?
        Yes, I most definitely see that Exit sign coming into focus, sooner rather than later.

        • jerry says:

          well said John, You know it’s coming. That’s why I wrote what I wrote earlier. This transgener character will not last. it’s not about the race. It’s the longevity of the character being on the show.

      • Helen says:

        Agree 100%!! Couldn’t have said it better, though I tried above, but I think you said it best :D

    • Kim says:

      thats ridiculous….I dont think race has anything to do with it but of course someone has to bring it onto play! Why cant we all just get along.

      • adelita says:

        Even carter wanted to vomint when he found out well what do you think rick going to do ,probably love it ,rick is sick in the mind

    • sari says:

      I agree. DAYS OF OUR LIVES successfully covered biracial relationship in the 70s. Y&R and BB have yet to tackle headon. They stayed out strong until they wrote Ricks role to continue to bully after Eric’s return and blessing with his running of the company.

      • John says:

        Sari, ‘re:Days of our Lives and the’ 70’s. Did you know that the interracial storyline of Valerie and David, had to be scrapped because the actors received death threats back then? They got large volumes of hate mail, phone calls, etc.? But according to the actor who played David, he said before he passed away that it was one of the best times for him, because of the chemistry between him and the actress who played Valerie. You can check it out for yourself.

    • Kiungerm says:

      I actually think it’s a bold opportunity for a black character to take on a huge spotlight and really explore topic that can impact and educate many. This can greatly humanize the concept of trans gender to so many. What a juicy and exciting twist for a talented actress to explore!

    • BSC says:

      I agree. Just another way of writing the black female character off. This show has never had any major black characters. It has a large black fan base. So sad . These people making these hateful commenrs we know how you feel about black characters. I have already stopped watching BB.

  7. lumatu says:

    This why I don’t like this show. What happened to the story line about having a child and becoming actress. What a stupid twist and why the African American females. Bold and Beautiful story lines are annoying.

  8. Valerie says:

    Transgender “women” cannot have children. Maya’s child is a huge obstacle. Where did she get the money? Does she have to take rejection drugs? Where is her “Adam’s Apple”? Not a wise storyline.

    • MayaandRickfan says:

      YOU ARE WRONG VALERIE! Intersexuals and transsexuals are very similar to each other. Transgender woman can have a uterus transplant in order for HER to conceive biological children[bone marrow can be converted to either sperm or eggs] with her MALE spouse.”A 36-year-old Swedish woman has become the world’s first to give birth after receiving a womb transplant, medical journal The Lancet says.” “Woman has healthy baby boy after womb transplant in Sweden 2014”

    • MayaandRickfan says:

      YOU ARE WRONG VALERIE! Intersexuals and transsexuals are very similar to each other. Transwoman can have a uterus transplant in order for HER to conceive biological children[bone marrow can be converted to either sperm or eggs] with their MALE spouse.”A 36-year-old Swedish woman has become the world’s first to give birth after receiving a womb transplant, medical journal The Lancet says.” “Woman has healthy baby boy after womb transplant in Sweden 2014”

      • john says:

        Oh , so l see you are a believer in the non_fact …that if you continue to repeat a non_truth it will become a truth. Artificial is just that …artificial . The bold and beautiful storyline now has a political agenda…hardly the place for those who just want to escape to the zany world of soaps for a hot minute.of this issue of transgender wanted to be viewed with any validity it would want to be viewed on programs that deal with phenomenal circumstances ,yes ?

  9. Miss V says:

    This storyline is so stupid!!!! How is it that a transgender had a baby that was taken??? Sorry but BOYS can’t have babies…. GOD made women for that and on that note I’m no longer interested in watchin this gaaaaarbage!!!!!!!

  10. Vicky says:

    I don’t like that twist of characters. tolerance doesn’t mean it is Right. So I don’t like the new roll Maya has to play. I hope Mr Bell makes it just a bad dream cuz if he stars with these nonsense. I’m done with TYaTR

  11. Danae says:

    This is horrible. I was going to stop watching the show a couple of years ago. But today I am done for good.

  12. Rebecca says:

    i for one think this storyline is great! I sporadically watch b&b and turned in today to see how everything was handled and they did a beautiful job. I loved the questions Nicole was asking Maya and how Maya handled herself! It really shows how society is changing and how much effort the show is putting into the storyline to make it as realistic as possible.

  13. Phyllis parker says:

    The storyline is great but how in the hell can u explain the baby and her being with jesses!

  14. Angela says:

    I think that the writers on bold and the beautiful shouldn’t have made Maya a transgender character. I have been watching this show for a long time. I remember when Maya first came on the scene. How will the writers explain away the daughter she had or the ex husband who was the father? I’m all for trying something new and different but this story is not right! Please fix this!!! I like Maya as a true woman. I don’t have anything against transgenders but this character is not for Maya. Maybe it would have been if her story started different when her character was first introduced. Come on bold and the beautiful!!! This story line isn’t right!!! Your losing your touch with your viewer!!!

  15. What bout the baby thus does not make sense !

  16. LORI S. says:


  17. This is a great story but what about the baby !

  18. Sony says:

    I hope this story line turns out to be positive and not negative. At this point it looks like this African American female is a liar, con artist and not worthy to be a part of this successful family. Maybe if Maya was born as a Hermaphrodite and her parents decided on the gender of male but she was really a female, this way she could have had a child.

  19. Karen Kania says:

    I’ve come to the realization that no one’s opinion matters to anyone else in this world. We are becoming desensitized to everything that we once viewed as evil, immoral, disgraceful, or whatever word you choose to use. People are going to do whatever they want, whenever they want. The rest of us can choose to accept it or turn our backs to it and pretend it doesn’t exist. Regardless of whether we like or hate the Transgender story line, the writers simply don’t care. They’re going to write what they want. We can watch, or we can turn the channel

  20. Brooklyn Josette (@brooklynjgrey) says:

    I’m all for a solidly transgender storyline. But, this left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m a woman who happens to be trans myself and I think that it’s disrespectful to biological woman to have them play this kinda part in this way. This storyline is going to be handled very Jerry Springer like, I can see this now. They could have found a passable, beautiful trans actress (Carmen Carrera, anyone?!) and done a storyline that way but, writing an black female character this way after already being stereotypical with her Skid Row origins is too much. Why can’t a black woman be just a black woman? Maybe she had a trans relative but, c’mon.

  21. Crysnic says:

    How’s Myra have a baby if she was born a man, I’m confused.

  22. Tammy says:

    I have been watching B&B from the very first show. The Bell’s have really failed the show with all the unbelievable crap they are writing lately. The things that are going on are a stretch even in soap opera world. I use to make sure I watched everyday, but it is just stupid now. I barely bother anymore. Too much bad writing!

    • Renee says:

      Maybe Myron fathered a child by a woman before his sex change, and she didn’t want the child. He took his daughter to care for her. Got in trouble went to prison, or maybe he was away getting his sex change, and let a friend( Daisy) keep her.

      • Umm no, Maya’s exboyfriend was the childs father and she had to tell him that the child was dead! Been watching since day one, the writers obviously haven’t been watching they own show!

        • Cookie says:

          this story line in my opinion is typical of “racist hollywood” i wonder how many housewives wrote in complaining about a woman of color in the “big house”. since this woman has had a major role on B&B, she has been labelled, a criminal, an unwed mother, ((this is what insults my intelligence) Maya came on in search of her “biological daughter” which supposedly died in a car accident), a gold digger, a mistress, and a liar. Now after all this, why not make this black woman a man, which B&B has taken catfishing to a whole different level, Way to go B&B. Caroline was no saint, she had it in for Maya since day one and had big bad Bill to help her with her dirty work. I wonder if they had made her the transgender while married to Rick and kissing Ridge would you all feel the same way!

    • Stephanie says:

      I agree.

  23. afroGirl says:

    OMG–that’s one of the girls from Hi-5! My kids and I loved that show!

  24. Correct me if I am wrong but did not Maya come into the story looking for her baby, as far as I know only females can have babies, so where is this story line going??

  25. noblenancy2014 says:

    Nice job B&B!!

  26. Eran says:

    Revealing someone is transgendered is making the character look bad?
    Keep Maya a “true woman”?
    I’ll take a side of bigotry with your transphobia, please.

  27. jackson88 says:

    I don’t like this at all,I don’t think they were planning this.I think there just trying to humiliate the character of mya.why not make ivy or alley a man???.this is bad,I may be done with this show.

  28. Vena Smith says:

    I am very disappointed in the storyline for Maya. Why have her be the transgender? Give the Black Girl a better ending, I’m sure lots of people didn’t want to see her with the White Man anyway. Try the transgender angle on someone else.

  29. shasta says:

    Absolute bull$hit. So sick of interracial, GLBT agendas being forced down mu throat EVERYWHERE. Can’t even watch HGTV without the same Agenda-driven lines over and over. Watched B&B since Day One. Today was the LAST one.

    BYE, pimpsters. I’m out.

    • Eran says:

      Despicable! All this acceptance, diversity and peace-mongering. The devil’s work! What’s lows will they sink to next, giving elderly characters a main storyline? What’s television come to. addressing the existence of other minority groups in society…next they’ll show them riding on our buses, going to our schools…

    • Winnie says:

      Yes, Shasta – because the serial bed-hopping, drunk driving, stalking, cheating, lies, shootings/murders, poisoning, and questionable corporate ethics you likely tuned in for and perhaps cheered on were the height of morality. What “agenda” shall I mark you down as supporting with those? Bye, Felicia.

      Bill Bell has stated he has a goal/agenda here (as he does (and all show runners do) with any storyline/show), but your comment’s technical place in show runner reality doesn’t make your reasoning any less questionable. [Still…] Regardless of how you feel about this storyline, saying that including prominent interracial couples and/or LGBTQ characters in TV storylines is having something “forced down your throat” is sad. Such people and relationships all exist in society, so automatically calling inclusion of them in love stories [part of] an “agenda” is disappointing.

      I have been watching for years and will continue to watch until the writers and/or cast give me cause to lose faith. I am wary of the possibility of re-writing history in a way that isn’t credible, but if done right, this story may avoid that and deliver something great. I understand that this may be that for some, and respect people’s right to complain about the direction of a show and state their opinions. In fact, I tend to love reading comments even when there are strong differences of opinion. However, the comments on this page make me worried about the kind of people walking by me every day. What is in people’s hearts?

      In addition, why can’t Maya be treated as an individual character rather than “the black woman” that [to mention the extremes] either is 1) somehow representative of black females and should therefore be exempt from certain storylines or 2) the one who is not good enough as a protagonist/antagonist vs. Caroline in the fight for Rick [only] because one isnt comfortable with a white male desiring someone of another ethnicity? There are plenty of reasons to like or dislike an individual, a coupling, or a storyline (and some good reasons have been given for Maya of late), but it’s disheartening when a character is reduced to things such as 1 and 2 above.

      Holy rambling novel, Batman! Luckily, this is the internet, where long comments are strange and off-putting (and likely left unread). #youlostmeatbyeFelicia

    • Marnie says:

      Or you could keep watching and learn something.

      And they explained the baby;it washer boyfriend’s by another woman who died. When he went to jail, he made Maya the legal guardian. When she was arrested, she gave the baby up for adoption.And he knew that she was transgender. Explanation clears it up. The show is must watch right now.

  30. Sara McNally says:

    I will buy into the storyline as long as it is kept real, and does not endanger the perception of a small group of people that have enough issues to deal with in life!

  31. Stephanie Caddell says:

    I really hate you all have such a beautiful black woman play such a role. I’m about to let this soap go.What would William Bell think of this?

  32. Debra Milman says:

    Well did the writers forget that Maya had a baby that died with the adoptive parents and a woman that was born a man CANNOT have a baby?

  33. kn1231 says:

    I stopped watching this show about a year ago when the Fosters became irrelevant. They still have Caroline fighting with Maya over Rick? Damn, time to move on. I thought Caroline was a better match with Thomas. When they broke up, I started losing interest. I know I have been away from the show for a while, but it seems like this may have come out of nowhere, which is always panic writing imo.

  34. sherri says:

    I have no problem with people who are transgender’ but where can Maya’s character go after this. It seems like this will be the KISS of death for her.

    • sari says:

      I agree. DAYS OF OUR LIVES successfully covered biracial relationship in the 70s. Y&R and BB have yet to tackle headon. They started out strong until they wrote Ricks role to continue to bully after Eric’s return and blessing with his running of the company.

  35. Ms Bella says:

    transgender whats next I will tell you what>>on GH 3 gay guys planned a 3some. NOW transgender…a guy getting surgery to be a woman??? another soap gay couple with a kid, they are always in bed…, done with this pol correct garbage to get your agenda out there …. soaps should go off the air!!!they are not soaps anymore!!>>DONE!!!

  36. MayaandRickfan says:


    • Bunglbeez says:

      I hope that you are right, and that Maya and Rick will have a meaningful relationship. I really like them as a couple.

  37. Troy Hebert says:

    I was just tolerating b&b up to this point, now I’m done with it. It’s just nasty when a man tricks another man into a relationship by changing his appearance.

    • Dee says:

      I totally agree. If he loved her he would except her excuse me except him.
      If you have to lie and be deceitful to make someone love you you deserve what you get.
      What happen to being honest !

  38. mandi says:

    Y’all are a bunch of racist idiots

    • Tammy says:

      And you know where you can shove that race card..It’s getting old…”Hands up & Shut up” is the new motto..get over it..

      • Debra Spriggs says:

        Hello! It’s a big race card! You need to wake up! The only Black Woman star and now she’s a man ? Please! Do you think Rick or anyone would want her after that? She will be out of a job , leaving maybe 2 or 3 black actors left. Sorry I’m Done and will ask others not to watch.

    • koreybye says:

      How is this a racist comment? Someone who tries to change their sex via hormones ought to be upfront with someone they want a relationship with. They still have the chromosomes of the ex they were born as. That’s why a transgender male can get pregnant and a transgender female can’t.

    • Trina-marie says:

      This has nothing to do with race, except B&B chose to destroy the character of a black female actress. Not disclosing that you were once a man is a serious issue. Calling people you don’t know idiots…..well, that speaks to your character, not mine. This storyline is the worst.

  39. Tammy says:

    To the B&B writers, it was bad enough when you expected veteran viewers to believe that Eric Forrester would allow the things Rick was doing to have no backlash whatsoever!! Now this pathetic story will help your show be the next canceled soap. My op has nothing to do with the transgender storyline. I had always felt B&B had the best writing, but now it is just desperate attempts to cover the fact that the Bell’s no longer have a gift for writing good storylines…I am an original viewer & I am done with this show. It simply can’t hold my interest anymore..I have friends & family that agree the show is officially a “snoozefest”…

  40. Jan says:

    I think the storyline would work if instead of her being a man, she was born a Hermaphrodite and chose the female organ and had the male part removed. This would explain why her parents had called her a freak. They wanted a boy and was disappointed when the child was born with both male and female parts. Mr. Bell you should use this storyline.

  41. Angie says:

    I DISAPPROVE OF THIS STORYLINE! So incredibly disappointed

  42. Scotty2Hotty says:

    So when Rick finds out she used to be a man and dumps her, he will be once again be the bad guy and she will be the martyr. Even tho she left out a HUGE secret about her past that she should have revealed. And for people to say her being a man is none of his business….that’s biggest joke ever. People get mad if you leave out prior boyfriend or girlfriends..

  43. Pamela says:

    The Maya story caught me totally by surprise. I would like to know are we going to find out she was born with both sex and had the male part removed and that’s how she had a child that she gave up?

  44. r.k. says:

    I don’t like this story line . However, I don’t control the writers. I’m only one voice.

  45. Karole says:

    I am totally intrigued. I loved Maya when she first came to town. I lost interest with the Carter pairing. Then, when she wanted Rick back I totally despised the character. Lately, before the big reveal, I felt the sympathetic, caring Maya was being re-introduced. ( the scene where Rick insisted Ally rub Maya’s feet ). Maya seemed quite uncomfortable with the unwanted pampering by Ally. Now, with this unexpected ( yet riveting ) turn of events, I can totally see this actress pulling this off. I just hope that everyone involved with this storyline, takes this topic slow. Do the research. Talk with folks that live the lifestyle. Get it correct. I’m excited to see how this plays out.

  46. Blaster says:

    I HATE THIS STORYLINE!!! …The one beautiful intelligent BLACK actress on this soap and they give her a freak storyline .. SO DONE!!!

  47. GG says:

    Am I the only one who remembers the storyline when Rick heard her sing at a diner while helping the poor. Do you remember she was trying to find her baby girl she gave up for adoption. She found out the baby girl had died in a car accident with her adopted parents. If she use to be a man, there is no way she had a baby. I love how the writers think people watching there show have no brains. This isn’t the first time they started a storyline and never thought it through.

    • Blaster says:

      No GG we ALL remember that … that is why we are wondering how they will clean that up.. Rick mention that baby on today’s episode…

    • Hate to tell you this – but most of the people who watch B&B on a regular basis are not the brightest bulbs in the string. Teen welfare moms, old folks, etc. Not uber-literate analysts like we are ;-)

  48. Blaster says:

    And what makes me even more upset .. here you have a viable character on the show .. that could become a member of the core cast .. played by a black actress .. lets be honest all black actors on B&B are temporary .. just ask Daisy and Marcus .. so just when you think the tide is turning … they pull this crap .. nothing against LGBT but this storyline will NEVER fly with the All-American die hard viewer .. so what do you think they are going to do .. they will toss Karla Mosley like yesterday’s trash .. this really sucks ..

  49. Ghost Dancer says:

    Can’t wait to see how the writers handle Maya/Myron giving birth. Pretty sure that isn’t possible even with today’s modern medicine!

  50. I’m done with this show, stupid writers forgot that Maya had a baby when she first came on show and the child died, so how they going to play that one off with those of us that been watching show longer than 5 yrs, this is absolute BS!

    • Kim says:

      I agree. I’ve never been a fan of the character anyway. But this conflicts the characters beginning!

    • 3olrigqhp3i4g says:

      I’m sick of everyone saying that Maya had a baby. SHE DID NOT CONCEIVE A CHILD. The child was her ex’s child that he had with another woman and Maya took her in as her guardian and raised her as her own. GET YOUR FREAKIN FACTS RIGHT

      • Brenda F. says:

        That did not come out until later, though, right? They had to “add” those details on before they could come out with the transgender story. Originally, I believe the way the story was written, it was very much implied that the girl was Maya’s biological child that she gave up for adoption. And those who adopted her were involved in a car accident. When she was trying to find out whatever happened to the child (before she learned about the accident), it was never ONCE brought up that it wasn’t her biological daughter. That detail was added later to “adjust” the past. Happens all the time with daytime drama. And so if that is how that “past story” eventually “turned out to be,” it just was not ALWAYS the case!

        • Lady1 says:

          Bingo! Brenda F, you have explained this storyline exactly as it happened. Thank you. Maybe now all the various comments can be laid to rest.

    • Seriously is there anyone here that still likes the B&B.