Walking Dead Recap: Stress Fractures

The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap

In the fifth season’s penultimate episode, The Walking Dead delivered Glenn and Nicholas’ inevitable his-word-against-mine accounts of Aiden and Noah’s demises, a major shift of allegiances and the Rick/Pete showdown that we all knew was coming. But was the confrontation the fight to the death that Carol foretold? Read on and find out!

LIAR, LIAR | As “Try” began, the Monroes mourned Aiden by listening to Nine Inch Nails’ “Somewhat Damaged” from the deceased’s “Run Mix” CD. (At least the late d-bag had good taste in music.) Hearing a knock at the door, Deanna found a casserole that Carol had made them (ignored) and a note saying that the newcomers were sorry for the family’s loss (burned). After the commercial break, we flashed to Glenn and Nicholas’ conflicting stories of what went down on the run. As expected, Nicholas painted himself and Aiden as heroes and threw Glenn under the bus. “These people have to go,” Nicholas told Deanna. “They are not like us.” When Rick told Glenn that the Alexandrians’ rules didn’t apply to them, the latter replied that they now WERE Alexandrians and had to make their new living situation work. Later, Glenn informed Nicholas that no longer would the coward be going on runs. “Are you threatening me?” Nicholas asked. “No,” Glenn replied, “I’m saving you.” Ungrateful jerkface that he is, Nicholas then went and dug up the gun that Rick hid before arriving in Alexandria (which, you’ll recall, went missing). That can’t be a good omen.

LOSING IT? | While she and Michonne fretted over Sasha more or less taking up residence in the watchtower, Rosita noted that she had been screwed up after Eugene admitted that he’d lied about D.C. because she felt like she’d lost something. But since discovering Alexandria, “you seem screwed up because we found something.” Michonne explained that she was upset about Noah’s death and the fact that “I feel like I was asleep in [Alexandria].” Still, she obviously wanted to make it her home on some level: As Rosita observed, Michonne hadn’t brought her sword with her into the woods. When the duo found Sasha hunting walkers in the woods, much to her chagrin, they joined her in taking out a small pack. (Notably, Michonne recalled all the horrific slaying she’d had to do before reaching Alexandria.) Afterward, Sasha revealed that she wasn’t only haunted by Bob and Tyreese. “Noah,” she said. “I told him he wouldn’t make it.”

LIFE SWAP | After Carol revealed to Rick details of Pete’s abuse that Sam had disclosed to her, the constable was discovered outside the Anderson home by the wife-beater himself. Trying hard not to put a bullet in the creep’s head right then and there, Rick ordered him – in most scary fashion – to “keep walking.” The next day, when Deanna balked at the idea of separating Jessie and Pete, Rick suggested killing him. “That sort of thinking doesn’t belong here,” she insisted. Her “better” idea? Exile him. Later, Rick approached Jessie, not only revealing what he knew but offering protection. “Would you do this for someone else?” she asked. When he answered no, she accepted his offer. Just then, Pete walked in. When Jessie stood up to him and told him to leave, he flew into a rage and attacked Rick. Faster than you could start a schoolyard chant of “Fight! Fight!” they were beating each other up in the town square in front of an audience of… well, everybody. When Deanna finally broke up the brawl, Rick pulled his gun and tried to pull off a coup. “Your way of doing things is done,” he said. But before he could finish his rant, Michonne – wearing her constable uniform – cold cocked him.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE | Following Enid again, Carl got busted by the girl. “You’re very loud,” she noted. And for a few sweet moments, they ran around like kids who weren’t likely to bump into a walker around every tree. When eventually they did bump into not just one but a bunch of them – I mean, they HAD to, right? – they hid in a hollowed-out tree and came thisclose to kissing.

On their recruiting mission, Aaron and Daryl found a walker with a W carved into its forehead tied to a tree and a bunch of walker limbs. “Whoever did this,” Daryl surmised, “took what was left with them.” Like the chopped-up walkers outside Shirewilt Estates? Hmm.

And finally, Rosita reported that Tara was in stable condition. Thanks for asking.

What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments!

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  1. April says:

    F’n Michonne

    • Jill says:

      Why? Because she actually stopped Rick from hurting someone or getting himself killed? He pushed his son out of the way, he was way outta line

      • Mac says:

        Rick was trying to save Jessie’s life and stop her abuser. She should have helped him arrest the scumbag. I hope Michonne did what she did to buy time, and she hasn’t turned on him after all they’ve been through.

        • Scott says:

          She definitely has not turned on him. I think she did it to prevent something more from happening, Rick was heated and unhinged in that moment (and rightly so).

        • sherry says:

          Please! Rick is chasing booty. Michonne did the right thing.

          • Aimee says:

            Yes. This!

          • :D says:

            Chasing booty while having the only mindset that actually works? K. But I disagree on chasing booty, she’s the one who wants out of the situation, and Rick already did do that for another person. He keeps doing it. He just hasn’t fallen in love before… Which is apparently a bad thing now.

            Do you even know what’s going to happen in the series? Protip: Rick’s going to get proven right because Alexandria has their collective heads up their collective asses. So much for “oh but Rick was such a meanie!11” He’s right and that’s all there is to it. Civilization cannot operate in the way Alexandria is trying to make it… Yet. Read my longer reply to get a better sense of what I’m saying. Also the zombies seem to be dying out from hunger. In one “Talking Dead” episode they talked about the Walkers getting slower, weaker and more skeletal after every season. Alexandria just jumped the gun on re-establishing civilization.

      • Steve says:

        totally disagree , Pete attacked HIM and is a wife and kid beater . Rick might have looked all crazy but what he said was 100% TRUE. These people will not sirvive like this. They got Noah killed already and its only a matter of time until others die.
        I hated that Michonne knocked him out. Some solidarity would have been much better. Deep down they all know what Rick said is true.

        • relaxxx says:

          If Rick kills Pete then Tara dies. She’s on her death bed. Pete’s a surgeon. Rick should of waited till Tara was better. Michonne is thinking of the bigger picture. Plus Nicahlous also had a gun. More people would of died.

        • Troy says:

          Yes, what he said was true, but he was so angry, he pulled a gun on all of them. Even if though his assessments were accurate, his actions could have still gotten out of control, and Michonne was protecting him by knocking him out, that seems obvious. I agree on Pete attacking him, he tried to get Pete to calmly leave the house and then Pete attacked him. It was just a precaution, and there was no talking Rick down in that moment, so Michonne just knocked him out.

    • relaxxx says:

      Michonne is right. She saved Tara n Ricks life. Now Deanna proberbly wants to kick the group out putting the family in danger. Rick lost me when he told Jesse he would only protect her n wouldn’t do it for any1 else. R we to believe he would never save Carol, Sasha Michonne etc. Rick is going crazy. He’s half wrong n right. He’s on some Shane mess right now. He’s seeing Lori not Jesse.

      • Steve says:

        wow .. i disagree with so much you just wrote. Rick said he wouldnt do it for evryone , he didnt say he would only do it for Jesse. He might have looked crazy with the blood but he is 100% right that these people will die sooner rather than later if they dont chage. Their behavious has gotten Noak , Deannas son and others killed already. Almost Glenn as well.
        And only becuase Rick likes Kessie doesnt mean he is seeong Lori. He is allowed to feel something once in a while as well.

        • Jay says:

          There is a right way and wrong way to do things. Going creepy stalker Rob Lowe after a woman tells you she’s married, elbowing your own son out of the way and then pulling a banned firearm and basically declaring Marshall law is not the right way. Yes, the guy was a wife beater, yes there was a lot of truth to what Rick was saying but NO, Rick did not go about it in the right way and Michonne was totally correct to bust him upside the head.

        • relaxxx says:

          Jesse specifically asked Rick if he’d do it for anybody else. Rick said no. Rewatch the episode.

      • AnnieM says:

        I think Rick meant he wouldn’t do it for just any stranger. Of course this Rick would do anything to protect his extended family (Michonne,Carol, et al) .

      • :D says:

        Rick is not wrong at all. His group is the only one that still has a sense of what’s real and what’s not. Alexandria is a bubble, and their “let’s hold hands and exile bad people”-ideology is completely retarded. Every single thing Rick said is right, point out anything he said that wasn’t. How much do you wanna bet one of the exiled people have joined up with some bandit group? How many of Rick’s people do you think are going to die, because none of the Alexandrians know what the hell they’re doing? How many of the ALEXANDRIANS do you wanna bet are going to die? You can’t bring our civilization’s morality into an extreme situation like the one the characters in the Walking Dead are living in. It plain does not work. As an ideology Alexandria is great. Unfortunately, as with Communism, it just does not work in “real life”. The amount of targets Alexandria has managed to paint on their backs is absolutely ludicrous considering what the Walking Dead is all about. TBCH I would almost call it a gaping plot hole for Alexandria to even exist in that world.

        Rick’s reaction was coarse, but the message he had was completely warranted. How it seemed like, to me, was that Rick has been away from “civilized” behavior for too long, hence he had a sort of wrong approach to the situation. But then what choice did Rick have? He was the one attacked, not the other way around. Nonetheless, Alexandria (aka circle jerk) does not only have those targets I mentioned before, it even has an auto-immunity disease within itself. How can a self-proclaimed “bad-ass at poker” let something like that continue when it’s abundantly clear it will blow up in their faces? What kind of a moron do you have to be to let your guard down in an increasingly hostile environment? And what the hell happened to the whole idea behind having Rick’s group there: Them teaching Alexandria how to survive? Tbh, Alexandria’s commander-in-chief seems like a narcissist looking to control people and have the adapted ones protect the unadapted ones, all the while allowing the unadapted ones the privilege to keep on being unadapted at the expense of the adapted ones. People shout foul at Martial Law… Yet don’t even realize in what types of situations Martial Law is ACTUALLY called. Maybe you people need to see what Wikipedia says on the matter? This part specifically: “It is usually imposed temporarily when the government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively (e.g., maintain order and security, or provide essential services).” BOOM, you all got rek’d.

        F Alexandria. I hope it burns and I hope the goody-two-shoes survive long enough to learn their lessons of what it’s like in “the real world”.

        • Jude says:

          :D You rock on so many different levels. Deanna is a damned moron politician trying to stay in a high-profile position in the New World. Since when do politicans have any real sense of what the real world requires for actual survival. When Rick reacted with shock that the woman already KNEW that Pete was beating his wife but chose to turn a blind eye to the situation, my only thought was “she hasn’t even considered applying usual procedures to preserve law & order”.
          More & more of the Alexandrians are showing themselves to be either interested only in self -preservation (evidenced thru Nicholas & Aiden’s abandonment of others and also as witnessed by Abraham at the construction site as well) or in simply living in a state of denial by pretending not to see or hear ‘evil’ either outside the walls or within them.
          Obviously Deanna’s xoncept of “total transparency” doesn’t help with much of anything.
          ( Basically it is a “fowl society” comprised of Chickens & Ostriches )

          I agree with the Martial Law idea. In a newly formed society created by such horrific events, it seems as though the force policing the actions of the remaining citizens would need to be high profile and effective. Without laws everything will eventually devolve into survival of the fittest. I think Rick tried to explain “the broken window” concept last week.
          He was right. Laws need to be enforced for the good of all from the very start.

    • Yeah. She should just let Rick go crazy and try to take over a town that he is a guest in. F’n Rick has gone f’n insane. It’s a good thing that Michonne is a f’n badass, or there would have been f’n chaos.

  2. relaxxx says:

    So this is the episode we get b4 the finale? Well I’m just going to try to keep it positive n just concentrate on on Michonne, Glenn, Carl, and Rosita who were great. I like the Carol n Aaron bromance. Rick, Jesse, Pete is just a sloppy mess. Michonne is awesome I want to see her get her katana off the wall in Ricks house and get back to that. I also want her to move out of Ricks house. She shouldn’t live with Rick if he’s getting with Jesse. I just realized Carl is going to have a girlfriend b4 Daryl. Wow

    • relaxxx says:

      Sorry the Daryl n Aaron bromance.

    • Steve says:

      Michonne has actually gotten on my nerves a lot lately. We need badass Michonne back not some self rightous version.

      • relaxxx says:

        She’s trying to fit in. I miss the old Michonne. I miss the old Rick. I want the old group back.

        • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

          I agree, in this episode it seems like ”all” the characters want to be back on the road. Do what they know best SURVIVNG, Life mimics life outside of the walls. They miss being out and going by THEIR own rules. I really, really hope they bring up the Maggie/Father Gabriel situation cause that RAT has to go! Please show MORGAN where the hell is he?!

    • fan says:

      Why should Michonne move out of the house? I haven’t seen one thing to suggest she has romantic feelings for Rick.

      • relaxxx says:

        Why should Michonne play the third wheel? That’s her home also but it would be weird. They need a separate house for the loners like Michonne, Daryl, Sasha etc. Its not about romance its about straight weirdness.

  3. Jimmy says:

    I like the episode but I think they had to many scenes with too many different characters. I get that having an episode with many characters in it is good because that way we get to see as many as possible and they don’t get flushed into the background.

    But one HUGE thing that was left out was a Maggie/Father Gabriel scene. She overheard what he said to Deanna, and I want her to rip him a new one. I’m assuming that’s coming next episode, but with such a bombshell dropped at the end of last week’s episode, you’d think Maggie would tell someone – at least Glenn – or confront Gabe herself. I think she’s been very underutilized since the group got to Alexandria.

    I also think they didn’t spend enough time with Daryl/Aaron. They were on quickly before the credits, and then half an hour later they popped up again for about 2 minutes.

    My predictions for the finale is that a lot of people are going to die (which, I know, is vague and obvious for this show). Specifically, I think it’s going to be Pete, Nicholas, Deanna and probably her husband Reg. My hope is that Gabriel also dies or gets the boot because I cannot stand this traitorous, hypocritical jerk. And I REALLY want Morgan back! I hope we see him before the season ends.

    • Justav Oyeur says:

      ;-) , the actor playing Gabriel is doing a great job then, if the majority hates the character.

    • jasie says:

      The whole Maggie thing really bugged me. I couldnt believe this episode didnt address it. She has been underused as well.

    • Klaasfaak says:

      I AGREE…. MORGAN has to come back!!! There are so many little scenes where we can see him finding some kind of clues of the group. Maybe walkers with a W on their head are his cause.
      And about Michonne. Let this be clear to everybody: MICHONNE IS A BITCH!
      Why knocking Rick out in the middle of his speech about survival…. as i remember he has survived a little bit longer without walls then anyone in there.
      So of course if someone comes and has much more knowledge about survival I won’t believe him either, because survival in a world full with walkers is the same as survival in a really small world with walkers outside enormous walls. Is it my fault that I think Dianna has to be a less boss and more a cooperator of rick’s group. What Rick said is totaly true by the way!!!

      • relaxxx says:

        @klassflacc: the only beotch up in here is you, now grab your ankles, put your face in the pillow and shut up with your disrespectful punk asse. Your just mad Michonne got more ballz than u! Fukkin hater!

  4. Sparta says:

    One thing I’ve noticed is the doctor/abusive husband guy is always freaking drunk when we see him, staggering around and slurring his speech.
    One, who is consistently giving the only doctor and surgeon in town a continuous and never ending supply of beer. It never runs out I guess.
    Two, WHY!!!!!! He’s your only freaking medical person and as far as you know the last one in the history of the world. He’s freaking drunk 24/7 so who actually goes to him for treatment?

    You’d think the town would have banded together and intervened. The town would probably also know about his beatings but the fact that she has no marks on her tells me there is something else to the story. Although the lady governor seemed to confirm to Rick that she also knows that he beats her.

    Its just a stupid story to create fake drama and make tension between our group and the new people. These writers are professionals, how is this the best they come up with?

    The way they are portraying the townspeople, its amazingly unreal that there are as many of them as there are, with the cowards and the liars and the beaters and above that, not a one of them knows how to live on the outside. How did they clear 50 miles around the town?? There is not one competent person in there. How did they not get run over by other groups when our group has a hostile encounter with another group every freaking week.

    Writers, producers, Gayle Ann Hurd, please let your story make sense! Our belief is already suspended over a ZA show, its hard to suspend belief over basic storytelling too.

  5. hejtuje says:

    Saved ass a favorite, I really like your blog!

  6. Bwhit says:

    Enid spoke the truth and what all these adults couldn’t verbalize about it being the walkers world and they just live in it, maybe they should pay more attention to her. The only thing I think Rick was out of line with is pushing Carl but those people needed a dose of truth and Rick delivered it. The only Alexandria resident that I trust right now is Aaron. This finale is going to be good!

  7. twostepcub says:

    After watching this ep, I’m convinced Enid is a plant. It’s just which group she’s a plant with.

  8. Jacob says:

    Michonne was the MVP of this episode

  9. arnyd3 says:

    The ‘W’ is an upside-down ‘M’. It stands for ‘Morgan’. He’s marking people.
    Darryl’s sexuality is gonna be revealed when he and Aaron go into the house in the distance.
    Rick carl and Judith are gonna leave and head to the West Coast. Then the spinoff wii air where Carl gets bitten but survives, Rick gets eaten covering Judith and Ricks kids live with their distant relatives in Cali.

  10. AnnieM says:

    Did anyone else burst out laughing when Michonne stepped into the shot and knocked Rick out mid-rant? I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t help myself. I actually thought earlier on that Pete might get shot while fighting with Rick. Anyway, I’m disappointed that they didn’t flip the comic and make Jessie be the abuser; I think that would have been more interesting, especially how Rick might have reacted to being totally wrong.

  11. azu says:

    Richonne is dead!!!

    • relaxxx says:

      I definitely don’t want it to happen. Michonne can do better. Rick n Jesse can both go ahead with their mess.

      • j says:

        You don’t want to see Richonne???? Since when? You’ve been crusading for it to happen for the longest.

        • relaxxx says:

          @f: Rick made his choice. Michonne is too epic for me to sponsor her getting Jesses sloppy seconds. It is what it is! I ship Michonne with happiness. I’m her fan first n always.

  12. Bailey says:

    I’m really surprised so many people disagree with Michonne knocking Rick out. That scene was straight out of the comics. It’s not like Michonne turned on Rick. I agree Rick was speaking the truth. However, how would you feel if someone was waving a gun in your face to get a point across. He looked really crazy at that moment. I think Michonne saved Rick from making the situation any worse.

    • relaxxx says:


    • Jack says:

      While the basics of what Rick was saying were right, he completely went about everything wrong. Michonne was right. Rick took a bad situation and made it ten times worse.

    • April says:

      Rick went full Shane… never go full Shane.

    • Klaasfaak says:

      Well in my opinion i think just because he looked weird he could have maked the point. He didn’t hasitate and that’s how he survived that long. And as i remember he has lead his group for more then a while and he didn’t have big walls that could hold all the walker swarms they have ever had. And if the walls in the prison could hold them there would be an another problem…. a tank remember guys? WHY THE HELL did he survive that long if he didn’t make good choices overall? I except he looked a little strange but I think it was the best moment because he could make his point very well. He had a gun they could see what the consequences would be if they didn’t do their job right. And that he has killed before so that makes someone to respect and maybe to fear… but if you get to know him better he could also be a loving father and a good friend.

      • Veronica says:

        I tend to be unfocused on what’s being said when someone is waving a gun at me, raving, looking like a madman. It’s probably the least effective way of convincing people you’re right and that following you will keep them safe. Of course, we have the benefit of seeing his character and his choices over the seasons. The people in Alexandria don’t. He (and everyone, really) is incredibly lucky someone else didn’t shoot him as soon as he drew a gun on the crowd.

  13. Joe says:

    Where the heck was Maggie all this time ? Locked in Deanna’s basement!!!!!!

    • MGM says:

      i swear if Maggie doesn’t speak up about what she overheard Gabriel saying to Deanna, i’m going to wish the worst possible death on her… first she forgets she has a sister, and now she’s dragging her ass on this??…. she’s completely useless… i hate her

  14. David says:

    actually michonne did the right thing and saved the situation

  15. Mark says:

    Rick is doing this because of his feelings for another mans wife. Kind of reminds me of Shane when the series began.

    • AnnieM says:

      Exactly. And look how that ultimately ended up for Shane. Rick is lucky to have Michonne to keep him in check.

  16. lynda harris says:

    Has rick finally reach a break down point

  17. James says:

    Michonne shouldn’t have crossed Rick. In the end she will be sorry. Father Gabriel believes some or all arepotraying the Angel of Light. Michonne is gonna get hers….. It’s the Apocalypse should anyone be acting normal?

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      How the hell did she cross him? Michonne stopped him from a situation that’s already bad from making worse! As for Father Gabriel he’s a F*^kin’ RAT and he deserves what’s coming to him when the group finds out. They should’ve left his sorry ass on top of that rock!!

  18. Energy Man says:

    Please tell me I’m not the only person who noticed that the original hacked up corpse Daryl and Aaron encounter is actually Morgan (as evidenced by the coat and sunglasses he wore during his cameo in the mid-season finale).

  19. Colin says:

    I think every one on here should get a life and stop posting such rubbish it’s only a stupid program
    Get on with your lives …

    • Radha says:

      Thanks Colin. I’m sure we’ll all get right on that after you get on with your life and stop telling others what to do.

  20. Ranger23 says:

    I seriously hope they consider exiling Rick he’s way out of line threatning with a gun he stole he had no right to get in between the abuser h

  21. Todd says:

    forget that traitorous hooker. leave her there to die with the rest of those losers

  22. Todd says:

    I hope Carl gets some tail from his new little honey
    Smooth moves Carl Poppa :)

  23. Todd says:

    also if this show prides itself on being open. As evidenced by already being LGBT friendly then why cant Michonne an Rick hookup as a modern day couple? after all they been through together. Instead Rick falls for the blonde slut STEREOTYPE

  24. Bozo says:

    Michonne was completely in the right and Rick was completely in the wrong. You don’t go around trying to fix problems when they aren’t your problems. You’re supposed to protect the leadership of the community. Can you believe Rick (a cop) would DARE to uphold the law? Doesn’t he know his place? He’s not supposed to uphold the law and maintain order, he’s SUPPOSED to do the bidding of the rich and influential, ie. the politician and doctor. You’d think a former sheriff would know that.

  25. Sara says:

    I love this episode and I think Michonne was right on taking a drop on Rick because he was out of control, if he wanted to pass is point to the Alexandria residents weaving a gun around is not the right way!
    I love Rick to dead but the writers are transforming is character into a lunatic out of control, like Shane become. I just don’t see rick doing all this because of some women he barely meet, who’s not Lori, just to defend her when she hasn’t had the guts to try and defend her kids or ask for help. If Deanna knew about this she could have gonna to her and make Peter an exiled or not let him drink anything lol!
    Glenn is an amazing character but i think his next on the list to die, I hope not.
    The finale is almost here and I’m kind of afraid to see what’s coming next.

    • big g says:

      Two things. To get Rick ousted in whatever fashion by coming up with an alcoholic abusing his wife storyline…really ??. Very lame. Secondly does Michonnnes face ever move. Pick any episode go back same expression. Poor acting. Love the show mind.

  26. Joe says:

    Is Daryl falling for Aaron? He didn’t want Carol!! She’s one hot mama!