Looking Creator 'Cautiously Optimistic' About Season 3 Renewal

Looking Season 3

Will HBO turn a blind eye to ratings and pick up Looking for a third season? That’s the big question looming over the Jonathan Groff-led dramedy, which airs its Season 2 finale tonight (10/9c).

“I’m cautiously optimistic,” series creator Michael Lannan tells TVLine of the show’s renewal chances. “HBO has always given us a lot of support. They love the show.”

And even more important than their affection for Patrick, Agustin, Gus & Co., is their understanding that ratings aren’t everything — which, in Looking‘s case, is a very good thing. (The show’s last episode drew 300K viewers and .14 demo rating).

“[HBO realizes] there are other things more important than numbers,” Lannan acknowledges. “Our numbers have been OK, just not incredible. HBO has been great and, hopefully, they will continue to be.”

Are you Looking forward to a third season of HBO’s under-the-gaydar show? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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  1. Lynn says:

    Fingers crossed.

    • Nancy says:

      Such a fantastic show. People aren’t watching because there’s not enough buzz. Mariah Carey performed at HRC…now there’s a huge draw that could do a 3-episode arc.

  2. VB Joel says:

    Hey…if “Getting On”, which I also love, got renewed a couple times, maybe HBO will give “Looking” another shot.

  3. rod says:

    Please HBO, Looking needs to come back next year even if its only for a final season.
    The show is so good, they cant wrap everything up in tonight`s season finale.

    • Sally says:

      I feel like the seasons have been so short, and nothing has really happened anyway. Just let everyone move on to other things. Augustine is an awful character, Patrick, Richie, Horny Patty, the one who cooks and the Boss have been a total bore. I’m super gay, and i wanted to like it. I watch it every week hoping it gets interesting. Julia Duffy and the awful sister who was a pan am stewardess – I would enjoy seeing more of them! lol

  4. Karol says:

    I hope that HBO will do the third season of Looking. This is a great show with great characters. Greeting from Poland

  5. GuessWhat says:


  6. Joe says:

    Looking is the BEST show on television. I hope HBO has the foresight to let it grow and get the recognition it so richly deserves. It’s shocking that the ratings do not match how many people LOVE and talk about this epic show.

    • lechatnoir says:

      The best show eh ? lol! its aight but to be honest it is most likely cancelando .

    • jc says:

      Yeah its not the best as you claim it to be.

    • Ray says:

      Nowhere near the best…not even the best on HBO.

      • Alex says:

        He’s never heard of Game of Thrones apparently lol

        • Jes says:

          I also love GOT but it should not be compared to Looking because it’s a different genre. Also, adventure/action type of shows really draw more viewers compared to “real life” shows because people are more critical on this. I would say cinematography is the only thing we can really compare. Hands down Looking is so much better. Every episode is a masterpiece. The closest that GOT got to that level was the fight scene of Jon Snow in The Wall when the wildlings attacked.

        • Ceejay says:

          Duh, u cant compare GOT with LOOKING. ITS TOTALLY DIFF GENRE!!! I love GOT but I love LOOKING TOO!!!!!

    • Will says:

      While I enjoy the series, it can be woefully boring at times.
      Also, I don’t think you understand the meaning of the word “epic”…

  7. JB says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the show. It is the best show on HBO in my opinion. It would be so sad to cancel it!

  8. Ela says:

    They better renew it, Looking is such an amazing series!
    Michael, “Gus”?

  9. Mike says:

    Yes very excited! I think the show should air 1 hour episodes and this will surely help out ratings.

    • Ken says:

      How would that help out ratings? If people aren’t watching a half hour version, what makes you think they’d watch an hour version?

  10. Kyle says:

    The show must go on! I haven’t been into a show designed for the gay demographic this much since “Queer as Folk.” Don’t end it now!

  11. ACM says:

    This is such a poorly written show. Axe it.

  12. Gerald says:

    If they gave a chance the first time around with awful ratings, I really don’t see why would’t they do it again. Besides, Girls has pretty much the same ratings yet they keep renewing the show so…

  13. Guy says:

    I wanted to like this show but it’s just not very good. I had no idea the ratings were so awful. HBO should just end it. It has bad ratings and not much buzz or acclaim. Not really much of a point in sticking with it.

  14. pamela says:

    i would like another season for closure to the storylines.

  15. John Davis says:

    We need season 3… Perhaps on Netflix.

  16. jc says:

    I watched some of season 1 but found it really boring so I stopped. But it’ll still suck for those who did like it if its cancelled. So hopefully it gets renewed.

    • Sydney says:

      Thanks for the positive comment and thinking about the people who do like the show. I never understand why people can’t just not watch if they don’t like it. I don’t see the point in hoping shows I don’t watch get cancelled..

  17. Sydney says:

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Love this show and am ridiculously invested in these characters. Come on HBO even if it is only a final season.

  18. CJ says:

    I really love this show. Fingers crossed.

  19. Lynnette says:

    Looking is one of the best shows on tv. I don’t understand why more people aren’t watching
    it. Please renew for season 3!

  20. gonzo says:

    This might sound sad or pathetic, but this show is the only true outlet to the gay world that I have. I live in a super small town with a family who refuses to acknowledge my homosexuality. I have friends who accept it but don’t truly understand it because they’re all straight. Bottom line is that until I can move on to live the life I know I deserve, Looking is the only thing that keeps me from feeling alone in this world. It gives me hope that the friends, love, & life I dream of are really out there waiting for me. I hope the suits over at HBO consider viewers like me whose lives are a little bit better because of our Sunday nights in San Francisco with Patrick & the gang.

    • rod says:

      Even if the show ends you should know you are not alone out there, you are gonna get the life you deserve and you can always watch Queer As Folk, Glee, and Brothers and Sisters reruns for your weekly outlet to the gay world :)

    • taustin says:

      This is a really wonderful show about a small group of people’s lives. It is very well written, and should have another two or three seasons. The ratings are not all that bad, and with time, will get better. Shows take awhile for people to find them sometimes. Once more people come across this show, they will probably fall in love with the characters just like I did. For the haters out there, why are you still watching, and spending your time commenting if you don’t like the show? Move on, and go watch something with swords daggers and violence, or something blowing up…. yawn.

  21. Will says:

    I love Looking!!! How Russell Tovey and Lauren Weedman have been overlooked for Emmys is unfortunate. The episode “Looking for a Plot” about Doris’ father’s funeral was some of the best TV since Six Feet Under. I have had enough TV shows with quirky, heterosexual, white people, Looking might not be perfect but it is pretty damn good! HBO, please renew!

  22. Beach boy says:

    i love this show and have a connection with almost every character! I will be so upset if it’s not picked up for a third season! 😥

  23. Jared says:

    I happen to really like Looking but what type of ratings did HBO expect for a series like this??

  24. Jared says:

    My fingers are crossed! I would even be happy with a “third and final season” type of thing. Just don’t leave us hanging on in the wind! #lookingseasonthree

  25. McGee says:

    I really like Looking, and I appreciate a show that’s not an over the top soap or full of gay cliches, but it does kind of meander. I look back on this season and, yes Patrick and Kevin really moved forward (nice), but otherwise what really happened? Richie was made a series regular but really didn’t have much to do. I love Dom, but could care less about his chicken window. I hope it comes back. All the gays I know who are still watching are constantly calling it boring…I don’t think it’s boring, just low key.

    • blurbwhore says:

      Boring is part of the appeal of this show. It’s not campy and it speaks more about the inherent insecurity in non-heterosexual identities. It’s beautifully filmed and, in fact, is probably the best-filmed show currently on television.

  26. JJ says:

    I want a Season 3!! I want to see who Patrick will eventually end up with!! Kevin or Richie?? I can’t watch the show live b/c I don’t have HBO but I do watch every week!!! Give us a S3 HBO!!

  27. Fernanda says:

    Looking is one of the best gay shows on TV. Of course it never pretends to be the next Queer as Folk or when people said about the gay version of GIRLS with Sex and the City. It’s a great drama with a little comedy and bold sex scenes about the gay world. I hope HBO could give another chance to the show and also more episodes and different premiere date, september or october 2015? I need more of #Ketrick or #Pachie (I don’t know what is the real nickname of Patrick and Richie)

  28. rg says:

    Hbo is doing something amazing with this show. It makes gay normal in an interesting, beautiful and necessary way. The characters are so well written. Don’t make the mistake of not renewing.

  29. David says:

    It would be criminal not to go to 5 seasons of Looking let alone a third.

  30. John Adams says:

    I just hope there is a third season of Looking. I couldn’t wait week after week for the next episode. The writers on this show are over the top, in tune, hits it on the head. It is too bad in the real gay society, discussion on the topics covered in Looking aren’t discussed in the open.

  31. T N L says:

    I sure hope they do, and I wish they would extend the episodes last one hour. Thirty minutes is not enough time with these complex characters. I’m left wondering what is really going on with Augustin, is Riche really happy, has Doris truly found love, and will Patrick learn to love himself?

  32. Sadie says:

    HBO, please, renew Looking for season 3!!!! It is seriously the best show ever and I will absolutely lose it if it is not renewed. We cannot be left hanging after such a great episode where anything can happen. I love Patrick/Kevin and I love Patrick/Ritchie. I need some sort of resolution or I am going to completely flip out. Please, renew for many more seasons, but if not, at least one last memorable season!!!!

  33. Clay says:

    PLEASE DEAR GOD PLEASE bring LOOKING BACK. This show is so important for me. The issues, not just gay, but the real life relationships feeds me in a way no television ever has. I’m not even a big television person. Anyways, Looking, thank you for being here, for existing, for expressing what you have about the human condition. I love you.

  34. Geo M says:

    I LOVE this series it so needs to continue

  35. Scar2 says:

    I love the show. I think the main reason people are not watching is its subtlety & intimacy. Those are the main reasons I’m watching. I love the shockers on Game of Thrones & Empire too, but it’s also nice to see a show where the pace & characters are more realistic. This article makes me more optimistic.

  36. Axl Morgan says:

    Unfortunately, Nothing really relevant happened to any of the characters throughout Season 2 and After seeing the whole 2nd season, the very last episode was the only one that truly got my attention. Dom has been trying to open his chicken factory since Season 1 episode 1! Agustin quitting Art and experiencing PrEP for dating a poz guy and Patrick moving in with his boss after his boss broke up with his bf, to find out that he’s not monogamous. THAT IS IT! Really?? 10 episodes to describe what I described in a paragraph? I feel like the last episode should’ve been the 1st of the second season. Sadly I don’t think they will renew it because there’s nothing that really make people think or empathize, or identify with any of their stories since they don’t lead to anything. Doris’ Father died.. and?! Patrick’s mother is getting divorced.. and?! Agustin ran into his ex bf.. AND?! The mexican with the redhead.. ANDDD then what? I have no clue what are they trying to tell us with all the irrelevant things that happened in this 2nd and unfortunately last season. :-(

    • jade says:

      If you really feel that way. You have no clue what good tv is or good writing. I love the show and will be disappointed if it does not have season 3.

      • Axl Morgan says:

        That’s according to your standards. You have the right to have an opinion as much as I do but there’s a reason why people are not watching.

        • jade says:

          There have been plenty of good shows well written that have been cancelled. Ultimately most people are superfical and sadly just empty.

    • Lalk says:

      I second your thoughts. Don’t get bogged down by some people’s stupid replies. Call a spade a spade. Minus Patrick and Dom, I liked other characters. But Dom was given minuscule air time and Patrick was literally in every scene. Even had to tag along to Doris’s dad’s funeral and that annoying meaningless crying scene. Doris was funny. Eddie was a great addition. Loved his and Agustin’s chemistry. A third season could be made where Patrick and the Brit are secondary characters, not regulars. Otherwise very few people will watch and then will try to force their opinion on others. The show failed because of overfocusing on Patrick, who was a homewrecker, a cheat and a super boring person. Sorry but that’s the fact. Cheers!

  37. MichaelM says:

    Gawd awful boring show. Cut the cord.

  38. Morgan says:

    If they advertised in the LGBT community about this show like they did for trueblood, well then it would get both rating and a solid grip on a renewal contract. I am personally transgender and I LOVE this show! I relate so much with Patrick, I was furious when I heard Kevin had been on grindr. I sinseriously hope that they renew for season three. Oh and spoiler alert I foresee some drama happening with those filthy otters who live on 5 in Patrick and Kevin’s building.

  39. Barb says:

    Such a good show. This season was even better than the first. I hope they renew it, and they need to advertise it more.

  40. twicrack says:

    Really good show, I hope it gets renewed. This season was so good.

  41. Kevin prize says:

    Looking has to stay on the air. This is a show that many, many people can relate to, especially us in the gay community. Everything from the writing, acting, music, and the city make the show incredibly outstanding. I love this show so much. I would really be highly upset if it didn’t not stay on the air for years to come. Best of wishes to the entire cast and crew, you guys are amazing.

  42. Ronnie says:

    Please make a 3rd 4th or even 10th season, there is so much to this series that’s parallel to the gay community, and the writers have shed so much light on so many topics, I’m pretty sure most of the viewers gay and straight can relate to any of the storylines they have , here’s to “Looking” forward to many Sunday nights

  43. Michael D Stefan says:

    Please, please HBO cancel Looking. What a nothing season. I have never forgiven Patrick as to what he did to Richie, who hardly was in this season.

  44. Alex says:

    This season was much better than season 1 where it always felt like nothing would happen. There was still some of that but a bigger part of the show was pretty good. I think the main problem is that the main character of Patrick is just ok damn boring and naive. If the show was more of evenly split ensemble it’d be somewhat better. I’d like to see an end to the storylines but can’t believe Looking and Girls get renewed when Hello Ladies and Bored to Death were killed off.

  45. Dallas Maurer says:

    LOOKING has worldwide appeal and has been sold globally , including here in AUSTRALIA – heres hoping those global sales translate beyond USA ratings to help push the need for Season 3 . This show ticks all the boxes as well written, great character development, topical , relevant and visually engaging . Top Job to all those involved . Bring on Season 3 HBO – Australia wants more !!
    Please ;)

  46. Jase Cant says:

    Im an Aussie and I love this show, please don’t cancel it, it has all the values I like about being gay, that is there is more than just hot looks and hook ups, Patrick is me all over!!

  47. Blaisei says:

    I really wish HBO would renew Looking for another season… It’s such an incredible show ♥

  48. Merethe says:

    We need atleast one final season, we need closure!

  49. Barry says:

    Please renew, It’s a great show. Needs more publicity.

  50. Glenn says:

    HBO needs to renew Looking for season 3. As great as season 2 episode 10 was, it created so many questions for me that not knowing how they get resolved will just irk me forever….. As an out gay person, I’m 100% gay; not 25% or some other percentage gay. I’m sick and tired of hearing networks patting themselves on the back for having gay characters in their shows because having one gay character does not make for inclusion nor reflect a gay person’s life. Looking is that show! Prior to Looking I was always thinking, “It’s been a long time since queer as folk now”, and I missed having that kind of show available to watch. Was QAF, and is Looking perfect, No, but having that programming available to me is so affirming. I really implore HBO to renew Looking for a third season.