Vampire Diaries Recap: Let It Go

Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap

You can take the humanity out of the girl, but the control freak? Not so much — unless, of course, you’re Stefan Salvatore in Thursday’s Vampire Diaries.

Caroline may be a little different now, but, in one way, she’s still very much the same: she is determined to keep a normal routine and not attract unwanted attention. That means covering her tracks by cleaning up the damaged bar and trying out for the school musical. Unfortunately for her, Stefan ruins her (amazing) audition by killing the drama teacher. If you – like me – thought this storyline was going to bring the pair closer together, you would be very wrong, at least initially. There’s no kissing and Sid and Nancy exploits. Instead, Stefan wants revenge against Caroline for the inevitable disaster that awaits him after he regains his humanity.

“When I’m done with you, you’ll be drowning in mistakes,” he tells her, smearing the dead man’s blood on her lips. “This is me forcing you to let go. One day at a time. Until you break.”

It doesn’t help that Caroline’s idea of payback is dismantling his motorcycle. “You’re an embarrassment to humanity-free vampires everywhere,” he adds.

Stefan decides to teach her a lesson by igniting her bloodlust as they go to town on a co-ed – and then each other. So the would-be couple’s first time together isn’t exactly the most romantic moment, but it’s still incredibly steamy.

“You were right,” Caroline confesses. “Your way is much more fun.”

Meanwhile, Elena convinces Damon that his mother Lily is the emotional trigger they need to get the old mama’s boy Stefan back. They enlist Kai and Bonnie in getting over to the 1903 prison world, where Elena is super excited about meeting her boyfriend’s presumed-dead mom. Little does she know, Lily has a vampire dollhouse of decaying travel companions and she’d like to take them back to Mystic Falls. Despite his concerns that his mother is not only a ripper, but an insane one, Damon brings her home, promising they’ll get her vampire glass menagerie back. That seems like a false promise seeing as how she’s just a means to an end, as he tells Elena.

In other revenge-y plots – where is Emily Thorne when you need her? – Bonnie takes out her anger on Kai, stabbing him several times as he yells that he’s changed. “I know,” she replies. “So have I.” And how! Her final act of punishment: she leaves Kai behind in the prison world where Lily’s pals (presumably?) destroy him.

As for Enzo’s plot against Stefan, he’s suddenly lost interest in his game with Sarah Salvatore, just as she’s lost her memory of who she is.

And finally, remember that cure everyone was obsessed with a couple seasons ago? Bonnie brought it back from 1994 and she’s gifting it to Damon to do with as he pleases!

Vampire Diaries fans, who needs the cure most? Was Caroline and Stefan’s hookup worth the wait? And do you think Kai is dead? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Riana says:

    So we’ve got a cure, but who’s going to take it? Will it be Lily?

    • AnnieM says:

      Really, the only ones who could take it would be Elena or Caroline. The others would rapidly age and die like Katherine. Unless they change the rules, and we KNOW they’d never do that. 😉

  2. Jason says:

    As entertaining and sexy as I find humanity free Stefan and Caroline, the idea of their first time being as the dark version of themselves is kind of depressing. Awkward times lie at the other end of this road.

  3. Mmtp777 says:

    Am I the only one disappointed that Kai and Bonnie didn’t hook up?

  4. Kim&Bey says:

    TVD has been back for two weeks and next episode is April 16th..why so many breaks?

    • Jason says:

      Because they want a straight run episodes leading up to the finale. Unfortunately the TV Gods demand spring break.

  5. Tiffany says:

    Re: Sarah’s response to Enzo after he called her “Sarah Salvatore”, I understood her asking why he called her that b/c she identifies as “Sarah Nelson” (her adopted surname) and not b/c she lost memory of her identity.

    • Leeeeeeeee says:

      Yea I was thinking that as well.. because she knew who enzo was when he walked in… plus If you wanna keep a family member safe and away from the crazy family.. I would think you would change the last name. plus enzo face was kinda like “oops” lol

  6. cyrano says:

    But if any of them take the cure they age and die like Katherine so why bother or was that only for Katherine to get rid of her?

    • anonomousaurus says:

      Katherine only aged and dies because Silas sucked the cure out of her and the cure in her system was what was keeping her alive.

  7. Anna says:

    How is Bonnie getting her revenge on Kai, evidence of her having changed? I remember Bonnie setting Damon’s leg on fire in S2 when Caroline killed that carnival worker. I remember Bonnie letting go of Silas’s hand in S5 so that he got sucked into the vacuum that became the other side because he slit her dad’s throat in front of her. Wasn’t Bonnie ready to let Damon in the tomb in S1 and didn’t him save him at the end of said season, only because of Elena? My point: Bonnie’s always been a tit-for-tat girl and I’ve always liked that about her. The only change in her is her really and truly considering Damon as a friend now and I’ve nothing against that.

    Re Sarah: she has never known her real name was Salvatore so there’s no memory loss with regard to that.

  8. m3rcnate says:

    Well, heres hoping that cure is used as a true game changer and not as a lame plot point like last time. Time for Elena or Stefan or Daemon or Caroline to take it. Not Sarah Salvatore after someone makes her a vampire, or Stefan’s mom, or any secondary or tertiary character.
    My only worry with Elena getting it would be she’d slowly fall out of love with Daemon and back into love with Stefan…now dont get me wrong, i personally always like Stefan and Elena more (and considering they are supposedly comically’d think they’d end up together) but 1. I like Caroline and Stefan together a lot, and 2. Im so over the love triangle, i’ve accepted its Daemon & Elena.
    What would be cool? For Stefan to become human, and everything that comes with that. All of a sudden he is not immortal, not powerful, has his human life and brain back (no more hyper emotions etc)…does it change who he loves and likes? What does it change? What doesnt it change?

  9. Luli says:

    I’m ok as long as Caroline doesn’t take the cure…. Anyone else be my guest.

  10. erekata naomi says:

    I don’t like stefan and caroline coupling. Its too gross

  11. carmen says:

    Caroline and Stefan were hot and amusing, but I’m worried they won’t be able to even look at each other for awhile after this. Stefan can rightly blame Caroline for forcing him to turn off his humanity and putting him on this path and Caroline can rightly blame him for breaking her grasp on logic that was keeping her from murdering innocent people. I liked Caroline and Stefan for different reasons than them being a fun Sid and Nancy type of couple, so I don’t know how to feel right now.

  12. Dominique says:

    i really hope thi sisn’t the last we’ve seen of kai. he was a very interesting character and only got more interesting after the received parts of luke’s humanity after the merge. if this was his end, it was a very weak, stupid one.

  13. Leebs2210 says:

    Remember when Katherine was given the cure and starting ageing and died? Why was bringing the cure back a good idea?!!

  14. Melissann says:

    Honestly….. I don’t think anyone needs the cure anymore… we are way passed that… elena is definitely not taking it. If anyone might… I reckon Stefan but even still….. nobody cares about it anymore….. I wish they didn’t bring that plot back in…. nobody cares. Actually Lilly may take it.

  15. Melissann says:

    A part of me desperately wants to see Kai and Bonnie hook up lol!!! That would be sexy… damon and bonnie is a hell no, the energy for a hook up isn’t even there. I still don’t really care about Caroline and Stefan…. humanity off or on.

  16. zed says:

    It is too obvious that Lily takes the cure, but then again…. yeah, there should be a huge game change at the end of season –
    Bonnie seems only to have connection with Damon. GOOD!!!
    Elena and Damon have this awkward non-chemistry now and still Elena is so Katherinesque in loads of scenes and her enthusiasm for Damon’s mom looked so overforced and fake. And LOL the first photo she grabs and goes off -how cute are you Damon, and he says – it’s Stefan! Hilarious.
    And so Enzo unleashed the Sarah Salvatore plot…and soon she will be with her family…and Damon’s guilt will be played upon for killing her mother. etc.
    Can’t wait for the aftermath when Caroline and Stefan get their humanity back.

  17. Melissann says:

    Oh! one more thing…. i felt quite bad for Kai being left behind, I genuinely believe the good side of him is now dominant to the bad side which is still in there, but a bit more recessive. I don’t think he is dead…. yet!

    • zed says:

      Have a feeling that Kai will be turned into vampire in 1903 but can he stay a vampire when he returns from prison world, hm…

  18. Essie says:

    Good episode. It’s fun to see Caroline and Stefan push each others buttons but I don’t think a romantic relationship will be on the horizon after they get their humanity back. It would be way too weird to still see them together then. I was all for them being endgame but I changed my mind. I Never expected Bonnie bringing back the cure, maybe Damon will plan to use it on his mother after she helps him get Stefan’s humanity back cause he doesn’t want to open up the prison world again to get the others like he promised. As for Kai, I love his character and I hope it wasn’t his end when he got attacked by that vampire, maybe he gets turned into one. I really hope that wasn’t the last we got to see of him, but bold move by Bonnie for leaving him there! Maybe Damon plans to get him back without getting the others for his mother.

  19. AnnieM says:

    Enzo was surprisingly not annoying in this episode.who’d a thunk it? :-D

  20. Kinsey says:

    I LOVE Stefan and Caroline together, but I have to admit, I’m starting to get nervous. They better not ruin their relationship on purpose so that they don’t want to be together anymore! All that build up, beautiful first kiss, etc it better not have been for nothing. Stefan and Caroline need to end up together in my opinion and I’m nervous to see the guilt after their emotions are back on!

  21. Leeeeeeeee says:

    Sooooo I thought last weeks episode was so awesome just to follow with this poo!!! Let me say it wasnt terrible but it wasnt great either.. and I feel like if they dont want next season to be the last they can only have great episodes from here on. The 1st time I get to see stefan and Caroline hook up their emotions are off BOO! now its gonna be even more weird and as a steroline shipper as caroline and stefan are my fav characters Im starting to be over the whole emotional back and forth they’re turning into delena smh. I hated how quickly Caroline broke(honestly they couldnt have giving it atleast another ep?!?!) I actually like the whole stefan messing with Caroline almost like ” be careful what you wish for”, I LOVED that Caroline held her own against Stefan especially the part where she best him and tells him its because he doesnt know how to handle his emotions being off like she can with her plan… even though it was over shortly after that SMH. I loved that Bonnie tried to kill Kai and left him in a prison world just as he had done her..but everthing else was crap, TVD has great potential but oh baby.. if they recycle one more storyline.. dopplegangers,humanity switch, and now the cure again come on smh

  22. Erica says:

    I feel like the writers made Elena seem stupid in this episode. No way someone pushes to bring a ripper into anyone’s life. Obviously that will be a disaster. There just wasn’t any sound reasoning for bringing Lily back. Maybe Damon being selfish makes sense because that is a huge part of his character being selfish and reckless. Am I the only one that found Elena just annoying and stupid in this episode?

    • zed says:

      No, you are not the only one . I find Elena useless and annoying now. I loved her in season 1,2,3. And now I just want her gone or she finds the way to her trueself. I know that’s not gonna happen.

  23. Ruth says:

    I thought they made a big deal of there only being one dose of the cure and Katherine took it.

    • murley says:

      There is only one dose but back in 1994 Katherine hadn’t taken it yet so Bonnie grabbed it and brought it to the present. I am kind of curious about where they go with it from here. I can’t decide who would be interesting to take it. Overall I like where this season is going. It is the first time in a while where I am interested in almost everyone’s storylines.

      • Ruth says:

        So true–I forgot about the time change. So if someone takes this cure does that mean Katherine never had it to take and didn’t die and can come back? That would be a good thing as far as I’m concerned. She was always fun.

  24. Amy says:

    I think Lily will get the cure. They can’t cure Elena, because that would make her permanently human and that would make it impossible for her to have a long term relationship with either Salvator boys. Caroline and Stefan’s hookup was a let down. I thought their relationship would have been awesome if it had happened about the time of the whole travelers debaucle… remember the episode where she fell asleep snuggled up next to him in the back of a vehicle… that was sweet and that made me want more Steroline… This season has busted that all to pieces with all this back and forth crap. And OF COURSE KAI IS NOT DEAD! ha. He will be able to fend off the creepy desiccated vampires with his witchy powers. I’m interested to see how this season turns out. This is one of my favorite shows of all time. Been with it since the beginning. I even stuck out this whole Delena crap (sorry all you Delena fans). I love Damon, but I do not like Damon and Elena… I just can’t and don’t. For that reason alone I hope Elena gets the cure…

  25. i think the vampires in the other world are her jailors not her friends she needs them out there so she can kill them and be free and that will be how kai gets back to the real world

  26. isosim says:

    If Kai is destroyed then there goes Jo and her baby and the rest of the Gemini coven. Maybe the new Bonnie will take joy in destroying Alaric but I think Damon won’t be so happy.

  27. Lame says:

    Elena needs to take this cure so that the creators can have a fresh start with her old self again from seasons 1,2 and 3 because right now she is hella annoying!

  28. Baileigh says:

    There is nothing Stefan can do to Caroline that will have the same emotional impact on her that the realization that she caused Stefan to turn off his humanity will have. Once Caroline turns her humanity back on that realization is going to hit her like a ton of bricks. If she loves Stefan she understands that his humanity is one of the most precious things in his life and she treated that like it was nothing just to amuse herself.
    Was it just me or did Mama Salvatore seem stranegly unattached to Damon? She seemed more interested in Stefan. I mean come on she hasn’t seen him since 1858 and she treats him like a stranger? Where was the emotion in that reunion? Also, am I the ony one who wants Lily to take Elena by the hand and strongly tell her that she isn’t good enough for either of her sons?
    Are TPTB hinting that they made mistake with giving Katherine the cure a couple seasons ago by having this second cure?

  29. anna80 says:

    Maybe I’m just weird, but I keep getting an unsual vibe from Damon and Bonnie. Because, well, maybe becoming true friends was inevitable after spending so much time together in the prison world, but this last episode – did anyone else notice how he looked at Bonnie when he interrupted his thing with Elena? It was more a ‘join us’ stare than a ‘come back later’ look. And she definitely reacted to it. I am not a fan of this pairing, but didn’t they hook up in the books? Do you think the writers are going there?

  30. Liza says:

    COME ON, bonnie braught the cure back, elena is going people we all know it!!! We already said goodbye to katherine, elena also did her part as tatia in the originals (the only character she still had to play) her relationship with damon isn’t what is was because she lost her memories, and she also had some more moments with stefan this season. And paul wesley did an interview that the dynamics will change next season + one of the main three ian/paul/nina didn’t signed on for a season 7 yet. I really believe that Elena is going at the end of this season, and if she will do a season 7 then we all know now that Elena will end up as a human, and stefan and damon will walk away together. That’s the end that Ian AND paul want for the vampire diaries.

  31. Diana says:

    I would rather see an Elena and Stefan hook up ! This has been dragging on for almost 4 yrs now. Please.

  32. Lalla says:

    I will always ship Delena !! As far as stefan and carolin go im not a big fan of it but them together without humanity is entertaining and i love stefan as the ripper idk why hes just more fun tht way. I always want Caroline with Klause but oblivously tht wouldnt happen bc Klause is no longer a character on TVD. Bonnie and Damon are awsome friends they better keep it tht way no breaking up damon and elena ive waited too long for them to finally be together !! 😀😍😘

  33. rt says:

    These people need to learn their facts before writing dumb articles. Damon will probably hide the cure for a couple episodes not knowing what to do with it. Maybe he’ll give it to Elena. Maybe she’ll die a human death and that’ll be Nina’s exit from the show. Maybe he’ll toss and and never tell her. Then maybe she’ll find out and break up with him because of it. But there’s no way lily can take it and that a already been mentioned.

  34. cat says:

    sodoes anyone think that maybe enzo was Gueseppis illegitimate son he had and that maybe he hates stephen because he killed their father?

  35. cat says:

    ok so what does anyone think about what has alaric really done since hes been back? and does nyone else think that he will die and elena will get her memories back just when she is going to take the cure? i mean Jo did jint last week that she needs him to stay alive which usually means hes gonna die