Revenge Sneak Peek: Will Emily and Victoria Team Up to Stop Margaux?

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It may be July on Revenge, but when Emily and Victoria reunite this week — on the very spot Daniel was killed, no less — the Hamptons are in for some seriously icy weather.

In TVLine’s exclusive clip from Sunday’s episode (ABC, 10/9c), an uninvited Victoria accuses Emily of voting against a wing being named in Daniel’s honor, which Emily vehemently denies.

But while Emily has Victoria’s ear, she takes the opportunity to discuss the real issue at hand: Margaux’s constant meddling into the lives of everyone Emily cares about — most recently Jack, who was hauled off in the back of a police car this past Sunday.

Could this be the beginning of a beautiful — or, at the very least, tepid — partnership between the Hamptons’ most infamous rivals? Or will Emily have to deal with Ms. Lame-marchal herself? Hit PLAY on the video above to find out, then drop a comment below: What do you hope to see in the final episodes of Season 4?

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  1. Liza says:

    Mar-go-away Lame-marchal is the worst character ever! She cannot disappear fast enough!!!

    • Brian says:

      Sadly, it’s not so much the character as much as it is the actress. She just isn’t a very good actress to begin with. Every line she delivers sounds like she is reading from a que card. She was not good when she was on “Pan Am” either.

      • KL says:

        Actually she was doing a French accent. Still I am hoping they keep Margaux on….just to see her getting screwed by Emily left and right.

    • acre1993 says:

      I don’t like her, hoping that they could get rid of quick

  2. Matt C. says:

    Oh, how I’ve missed Emily/Victoria scenes!

    • Brenda says:

      I do not know how Emily can stand being in Victoria’s company after what she did to Aiden and they way she did it.

      • Linda Bennett says:

        Revenge is my favorite t.v. show next is Empire. Emily & Ben are good together. Hopefully they have more screen time. Victoria plays her part well is the reason I can not tolerate her. I love Nolan & Louise together. Margo needs to go. Daniel was not into her.

  3. acre1993 says:

    Interesting sneak peek!

  4. Sam says:

    The stupid adds cover the vote for Last Man Standing….

  5. Angel says:

    Who caaaaaares about Margaux? I used to love this show but now I just want it to be canceled.

  6. Whatevah says:

    I have to admit I LOL’d at Victoria’s “spoken like a true pacifist”

  7. Shannon says:

    Why would Victoria care what happens to Jack?

  8. Bob says:

    Get rid of Margeux, All hail Louise. Give us a shortened final season to tie up Emily, Jack & Nolans happy ending…

  9. abz says:

    Margo-away Lame-archalle is a complete joke. It’s so laughable when she tries to act tough and stand up to Emily. Every time she fails I can’t help but laugh at her sourpuss face,
    Plus, the actress is just not great. How they’ve managed to keep her for so many seasons is beyond me. I’d much rather see more of Gina Torres.

  10. Brandy says:

    Why oh why couldn’t she have been the one to get killed off?

  11. Beda says:

    I would watch again if Conrad came back. If David Clarke could still be alive why not Conrad. He was the reason I watched the show.

    • Beda says:

      Me again. I will also watch again if they get rid of the lame duck storylines. eg: Margaux, Louise, Ben, Jack, David, etc. etc. Nothing against the actors but the storylines are just awful. Get back to the original premise. Maybe Emily will kill David in the end. It’s his fault she went the way she did. ps Aiden should still be there with Emily. He is the only one who could match her.

      • Nosey says:

        I never saw Aiden as her match, he is a cold blooded killer. She does what she does without having to kill anyone. His character really did not belong in the plot at all. If he was her match he’d still be alive. Also, you would think she would avenge Aiden’s death, she is not even thinking about him. She had way too much remorse for Daniel when he died whereas Aiden wanted to kill Daniel.

  12. Dennis says:

    LOVE her (Margo)! …not

  13. Diane says:

    i absolutely love this show. I hope Margaux walks away and cherishes her last connection with Daniel. Nolan & Louise these two are adorable ~ and Emily, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Margaux should know that.
    Victoria, the evil witch…… always seems to land on her feet! Then again we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  14. Judy says:

    emily and Victoria need to team up and put an end to Margaux so they can get back to the business of destroying one another. The seasons need to be longer so the storyline can be more in depth. There are very few shows that are as interesting and can be taken into so many different directions.

  15. debbie says:

    Margate should have problems with her pregnancy and be out of commission until she gives birth. Hopefully she then dies and Jack and Emily raise the baby as their own. Victoria wants to be in the baby’s life – which is a little girl named danielle after her dad and Victoria and David reconnect. Nolan and Louise become a regular couple and everyone lives a normal life.

  16. Joann says:

    Hey is this show even still on isn’t the revenge crap over with

  17. RichieS says:

    The night Louise and Nolan consummate their marriage it turns from sham to sha-zam!!

  18. Kay says:

    The “mar-go away lame-marshall” made me laugh hard! The first half of this season was promising and delivered good stories but then it got awful. Ive been a HUGE/obsessed fan since day 1 but im so disappointed with the writing. First they bring David back and now the show is plotless. I just rlly wish they end it this season.

  19. yes margo needs to be tag teamed hard

  20. Fara says:

    Biggest revenge fan. I wanna see nolan fall for louise, tge they kiss then sleep together, then get married, i don’t wange revenge to end at season , keep some suspense at the end of the last episode. I would hate emily with jack , i don’t want that to happen, i don’t want the season to go back to square one. I want emily to please end up with ben. He’s tall and best for her. I want jack to convince margaux to end her revenge then they should end up together. Or plot twist, they could go bad against emily together. ❤

  21. Deanna says:

    Looks like V may help out for now, Mar-go…will have to have a miscarriage in order to go-away! I predict that will happen soon

  22. dan says:

    Regente is the best….love it

  23. Abner Romano says:

    OMG I would love yo.be part of this show of course without malame-marshal love victoria Grayson I think that my last name will be awesome as part of this show who I’m.kidding my whole name is is…

    ooo darling that is something i can leave with with!!!! love that victoria

  24. Poor Jack. Emily needs to save him. Margeaux is the Wicked Witch!

  25. Juan Miguel says:

    Did you *break into my house? :D

  26. Nosey says:

    It’s more so WHY Margaux is seeking revenge not the fact that she is seeking it. It was better when Tyler and Fauxmanda were seeking revenge on her in Season 1, their revenge had meaning. Their bitterness grew against each other grew. Plus Margaux’s revenge plot is still weak, just as weak as trying to frame Victoria. You have to do better than I am revenging b/c my baby daddy died trying to protect you. It doesn’t make sense for her to go after Jack when she is with Ben. Plus I thought it did not make sense for Victoria to go after Aiden when Victoria knew her heart belonged to Jack. Jack was the reason she originally broke it off w/ Daniel.

  27. retsim says:

    For gods sake will someone put an end to this drawn out ,getting really boring series. It,s like someone telling a boring story !!just get to the point .Cancel it please.

  28. Katie says:

    Please don’t cancel Revenge…!!! You can do away with Mar-go but it is funny to see Emily one step ahead of her in everything she tries to do. This is my favorite show…..much better than most shows.
    an most