Pretty Little Liars Recap: Judgment Day

Pretty Little Liars Recap

On Pretty Little Liars, nothing is as innocent as it seems. A bright yellow school bus is really something to be thrown under, and a quaint children’s playground is apparently the perfect hideout for a drugged-up teen.

People on PLL also tend to be not-so-innocent — just ask the jury that found Alison DiLaurentis guilty of murder on Tuesday’s episode. Of course, she’s not going to the Big House all by her lonesome; immediately after the reading of Ali’s verdict, Detective Tanner and the police arrived to arrest Aria, Emily and Spencer!

Ali’s lawyer alleged that her arm wasn’t strong enough to hurl Mona across the room, as seen in the snuff surveillance tape, but the well-prepared prosecutor (thanks, A!) produced an archery certificate from Ali’s days at summer camp which proved otherwise. Ali later revealed that she and her bunkmate rigged the targets, but for some reason, she didn’t think this was important enough to share during her trial.

Pretty Little Liars RecapSTABBIN’ IN THE WOODS | Archery turned out to be a popular theme this week, as a mysterious bowman — or bow-woman, I don’t know — nearly shot Ezra and Caleb when they were looking for Mike in the woods. The guys eventually found him maced, beaten and tied to a tree, but Tanner wasn’t especially interested in their story. She was more concerned about why they didn’t file their report in the county in which the attack took place. (Damn you, “protocol”! Caleb’s rant against the corrupt police system was so spot on.)

And unless we’re being served up another classic PLL red herring, all signs point to Andrew as the unidentified archer. Not only was he conveniently unable to answer Aria’s call that night, even though he promised to be available 24/7, but he’s also a freaking Path Finder Scout! As in, he’s spent a lot of time in the woods! And he probably knows a thing or two about bows and arrows! Even Jenna, pre-surgery, could see where I’m going with this.

pll-spoby-kiss#SPOBYFOREVER | Of course, the episode wasn’t a total disaster. Before being arrested, Spencer had a much-needed heart-to-heart with Toby, who told her that Tanner was making him choose between being a cop and being her boyfriend — and in a surprising twist, he said he’d choose her! They kissed, and everything seemed right with the world, but we all knew it wouldn’t be long before the other shoe dropped.

With the #BigAReveal now just one week away — seriously, that promo gave me a heart attack — it’s time to weigh in with your eleventh-hour theories: Is Andrew as bad as he seems? Will Spencer and Toby stand the test of time? And where the #$%^& is “A” taking the girls now?! Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Eric M says:

    I think Tanner has something to do with it. How else would the girls be arrested and end up not in jail?

    • Andy Swift says:

      I stopped asking “how” anything happens a few seasons ago, tbh, but there’s definitely something sketchy about Tanner.

    • Shutsuejiputoki says:

      They did end up in jail. If you missed that, you’ll see it next Tuesday. Why did you assume that they didn’t go to jail?

    • Sally says:

      I hope they dont wimp out and make A be someone who’s barely been on the show, like Mona’s friend. Andrew seems too easy of a choice, they’re setting it up to make it LOOK like he’s A. Tanner is somehow involved. Maybe A is blackmailing her. I thought it might be Mike, but he got his azz beat, so probably not him. We all know A is going to be a fake out again, I dont care what they’re claiming, every year they expose A, and it’s always a fake out. I dont care who A is, I like not knowing.

  2. rachelb says:

    why did they make spencer get back with toby yet again? i actually like spencer when she’s not with toby

  3. Shutsuejiputoki says:

    Well, I know Andrew isn’t A. I also don’t think he’s on A’s team. There’s some reason for these little ‘coincidences’, I just don’t know it yet. He is getting on my nerves, though. I didn’t like finding out that he’s a Path finder. I don’t even think Andrew is the archer. I never thought Alison killed Mona, and I don’t think Andrew is guilty of some of the stuff he’s being accused of either. People thought Alison was A before… they’re watching the show wrong. That’s the best I can do in terms of explaining. As long as I turn out right, my vague explanations look like they’re onto something, right? :D

    I would like Detective Tanner to be hit with an arrow and tied to a pole, btw. She’s such a witch. I was hoping she’d end up like Detective Wilden, but she’s not dead yet.

    She looks a little washed up, like someone held her under a bleach solution for a while. I could’ve sworn she wasn’t as pale?…

    And why didn’t Alison say anything! I KNEW she cheated in archery. It’s so Alison to do that. Ugh. If I were her attorney I’d have a hard time not lecturing her about her silence after telling me that during a recess.

    :'( @ Ali’s verdict. It’s so wrong. Although totally possible in real US court systems even without some mastermind with no life like A.

    It’s only temporary, though. That much is obvious. She won’t go down for this murder forever.

    I hope Toby goes through with quitting the force now that they’ve locked up his friggin woman and finds something else good to do.

    Who is Paul Varjack? In terms of theories as to who A is, I only have Varjack and Bethany as guesses, because, 7 letters. Maybe Big A is a man because of that suit. But it’s A, so maybe s/he plans on somehow forcing someone else into it.. or something I’ve never thought of.

  4. says:

    Spencer’s dad is sketchy. So is her sister, and their weird connections to the Dilaurentis’ make me think they might be A, one or all of them?

    • Courtney says:

      i have to agree with you there. I kinda always thought A was maybe Spencer’s mom. Or something to do with it.

  5. Jessica says:

    I don’t think Andrew’s A but I did notice a cut on his hand when he reached for Maria’s hand And I also got A vibes with Ella in this episode which is really weird when she was talking to aria about alison

  6. Ashley says:

    I hope it’s not Andrew. Not only do I like him, and also like him with Aria, but I’d really rather it be an adult. Or someone older than the girls, at least. I feel like the show should reveal A and have it be someone untouchable. Someone that no one would believe to be capable of doing this. It would amp the danger up and make it more of a thriller. Also, the added bonus of them being able to threaten them face to face, but the girls can’t do anything about it. It’d be chilling. I’ve been watching this show off and on since the getgo because dragging on the storyline and all the red herrings can be a bit dull. Just tell us who A is. 120 episodes is enough. Do not pull us ’til the final season and then tell us. Seven seasons is too long to wait. (Though, I suspect they’ll finish off A and their cohorts and then the final seconds will be another anonymous text that starts it all over again.)

  7. Eric M says:

    Maybe A is like 20 different people. Everyone but the main 4 working against them. Lol

  8. nimane says:

    Hasn’t anyone stopped to consider that when Mona called the girls, she was looking into the files that they stole from Radley of Bethany? She must’ve fake her own death if she found something that important. Bethany has something to do with all of this mess and possibly whomever is torturing the Pll was due to the death of Bethany. Just think about it. At around the time that Allison’s mom was trying to be nice to Bethany, Allison wasn’t, and that was around the same time that Allison was being stalked and tortured. Why did Mona chose to dissappear when she read those files? And btw, I think Mona is going to come back as the girls go to prison. I believe Mike said something along the lines that once Allison gets convicted and A reveals him / herself, that she was going to come back and put an end to all of this.

    • Totally agree on the blood. Why would you donate THEN? And I still don’t know why they didn’t go to the police and say they think they saw someone stealing blood vials. I mean, really. If you reported that, and then your blood suddenly started turning up splashed on evidence, it would totally cause enough doubt for the evidence to be thrown out of court.

    • nimane says:

      I forgot to mention or rather question, why was Allison’s mom purchasing two exact same dresses and made Allison promise not to tell her dad? Why two exact same dresses? Why did Allison’s mom chose to bury Allison and not call the police? Unless she knew who it was and wanted to protect that person, which makes you think back to the two dresses. I’m sticking to my suspicions about Allison’s mom secret and the clues that were provided at the first few
      Seasons of the series.

      Also, this show is loosing sense. They seem to be stretching it and they are losing track of the original plot. That’s how I feel. So many murders and A’s that I lost track!

  9. K says:

    They’re making it too obvious with Andrew, so I’m betting he’s just another red herring. My money is on Tanner at this point, and not just because I hate that smug little smirk she always seems to have. It seems like this whole season she’s been targeting the girls and trying to turn Toby against them.

  10. lina says:

    I was thinking about the blonde girl with the burnt face mask. I’m wondering if she isn’t A or maybe Toby or Jennas twin. And perhaps when Alison and the liars through the stink bomb or explosive that blinded Jenna they also burnt the blond girls face….bethany. Toby or Jennas twin. That would be reason enough to dislike the girls. One got blinded one got burned.

    • lina says:

      I used to think aria might have a twin. And I thought I seen a blond aria walk across the screen at the high school in the episode where alison comes back to school when the girls walk down the hall all together. But I’m not sure if my eyes were playing tricks. No one else seemed to see it. Her face and eyebrows are whitened and her hair is blond ish. But face shape and body is similar to aria. But again no one else seemed to notice so I’m probably wrong. That being said I could get on board with Toby mom and jessica d. Being the twins we see. Jessica is clearly the crazy twin. And stuffed her poor sister tobys mom in a psych center. Bethany has the burnt face. My guess. Maybe that’s why she went nuts.

  11. Kayla says:

    i feel bad for people who believe they’ll show us who A is next week. But given the constant teasers, fans will be so mad.

    Daisy’s spoilers on Reddit are looking like they’re 100% accurate.

  12. Meghan says:

    Honestly I think BigA is one person who has multiple contacts. Never has A done any of their dirty work themselves except for extreme cases it seems like. I think multiple different people are involved in this A plan and have been from the start. So far my theories are possibly Bethany (she might have faked her death) or Detective Tannner. Tanner would make the most and least sense for being A. She has no motive to put Alison or Hanna in jail however, she always seems to be finding evidence against the girls. How is she getting this physical evidence??? Plus she has such an influential power in that community, she’s almost untouchable. However there’s still this lingering part in my mind that A could be Aria for some reason, not sure why, just a feeling. At this point I really hope they actually reveal who A is or I will go nuts. I’ve been watching this show since I was a freshman in high school, I’m a junior in college now and have watched every single darn episode. I’m ready to find out who A is and see these girls going off to college!! Nearly 6 years is enough time, they really need to reveal A once and for all.

  13. Ash says:

    Paige. I used to think it was Hannah or Emily but it is probably Paige

  14. Nicole says:

    Personally I have thought it was Andrew for awhile. I think he is Bethany’s twin. If you notice it is spencer that goes missing next episode why because she allegedly killed Bethany. Then he killed Mrs.d because she covered for Ali who he possibly thought killed his sister. If he was A he knew about Spencer’s pill addiction too. He is taking them all down because they covered for her. Or in is still alive and he is the twin of Bethany or sibling

  15. Kylie says:

    Now I think that tanner is A!!! I cried tonight when the stupid jury said that Ali was guilty.

    • Cynt says:

      I cried aswell I saw Alison burst into tears and then looking at the girls who stand up right away with tears in there eyes. I was like seriously crying about it and it only made me HATE A more.

  16. lina says:

    Maybe Byron montgomery is related to jessica d and tobys mom who are the twins. Mental illness runs in his family. Those blonde twins in the halloween episode are fighting over a barbie in what looks like the montgomery house. One or both of those twins has mental illness. Byron was looking through a photo album with two blonde girls in it that could have been twins. Tho I am not certain the pic is of two Lil girls. Could be a Lil boy and a Lil girl. Anyway. He could be their brother or cousin and inherited the house those twin girls are scrapping in. Alison maybe wasn’t blackmailing Byron about an affair but about Byron having twin sisters and aria being related to alison…or somthing. Bethany is probably the girl with the burnt face. Thanks to alison jealousy. Alison looked pleased when she threw the bomb into that shed or whatever that blinded Jenna. Bethany could have also been inside and got her face all mangled from the blast. She could have been alison original target. Not Toby not jenna. She did warn jenna in a halloween episode to choose to be friends with her. She might have known bethany was friends with jenna and was jealous. Bethany is maybe tobys sister. Or alison sister. That could be why jessica was buying her clothing like allisons. Matchy yellow dresses like the ones she and her sister tobys mom wore as kids in the montgomery kitchen where one stabbed the other. BOOM

    • lina says:

      Oh yeah. With that all said I am not sure who A is. Bethany..Toby. I’d like to say Maya but why?

    • ashlee says:

      Omg that would totally make sense!!!!! I agree. Wow. Bethany has to have something to do with it. And plus they said A is someone we will feel sorry for because the night the girls were drugged in the barn they did something really bad to -A and thats why -A does what they do.

  17. quita says:

    How did they get evidence on them amd what evidence os that because if ot involves with blood on anything dont make any since because emily didnt give any and how did het get that award of alison wasn’t that in her house the last time we saw that on the xmas special. Where did that huge tongue come from and who was it for mike or aria considering they both ended up hurt in the end. I don’t trust tanner something is very interesting about her and Andrew not together but sperate why is andrew following aria and the liars and why js tanner treating toby that way i think paige should come back because all the liars was together on thanksgiving and she would not beleive either of them except maybe paige she left perfect timing if you ask me

  18. quita says:

    What do tanner have against the liars

  19. Naomi Pool says:

    After reading these comments, I’m really stuck on the idea that Andrew & Bethany are siblings. But, I feel like I’m missing something because I’ve never heard of Mrs. D & Toby’s mom being siblings before. I just really hope that after the big A revealation that they do a recap episode like the one before that Mona narrated. That would be SO helpful to me bc when you’ve been watching this show for so long you really forget a lot of tiny details that could be helpful in any A suggestions or making everything “click”. If I had the time, I would totally watch it all over again from the beginning- that’s what Maureen says to do & that then it will all make sense & you’ll have a better idea of who A is.

  20. Katheryn says:

    I have been 100% devoted to this show from the beginning. Never missed an episode & own season 1-4 on DVD. I think A is someone’s twin without a doubt. Like Marlene said there is a reason they keep dropping the twin hints, they have been doing it subtly the last four seasons. The halloween episode where Alison tells the “ghost story about the twin who killed her sister.” Also in that episode Ashley Marin gets visted by what she believes to be a ghost (that lil girl in the dress that wants to “call” her mom and talks about her and her sister fighting all the time.” Also that is the episode where we see the Radley truck parked outside that creepy house Alison played the prank on the girls with whom she thought Noel. In season one (can’t remember episode) there’s a pic on Ali’s wall…has her Jason and ANOTHER pic of her on it (could be a twin), I find that extremely weird & the odd French twin painting in Ali’s room with two blondes, also the fact that whomever Mrs. D covered for when she was burying Alsion she must have loved or it had to have been another child of hers bc that’s the only logical reason a mother would coverup the murder of one child- to protect the one still living. Also where is CECE in all this? She’s Alison’s best buddy? Lol. I think it’s possible Andrew is A but that would be too easy (the show made it obvious like that with Ian, Jenna, Knol, Ezra, Mrs.D, Ali, Toby lol) and none were the real A. When mona was reveled as A I was not expecting it at all! I think this is how BIG A reveal will be. They are gonna throw us for a wild unexpected loop! Hoping A is truly revealed, the lairs get out of what ever mad house A is going to take them to next Tues and mona comes back and reveals who A is and saves the day (after the way she was “killed off” if she’s even dead she deserves to come back with a bang and guns blazing lol) If Tanner or one of the liars parents are A im going to throw a brick through my tv in rage just and FYI lol! Watch it be someone off the wall like Pastor Ted haha. Jk but that would be crazy!! Ready for next Tues!

  21. Ashbash says:

    I want A to be one of the main 4 girls. I think it would be a great twist as long as they don’t try to say something like they have a split personality. I want it to be that they waited and planned this out and then revealed stuff about themselves to throw everyone off. I wanted to say that I wanted A to be Spencer but I really could go for it to be any of the main girls.

  22. Guest says:

    I heard somewhere that A we met in the pilot episode. IF thats true then I only have 3 guesses. The first is Aria, she went away after she saw her dad hooking up with that Meredith(?) chick and came back for Ali’s funeral and that’s the same day we get the first text from A and we do know Ali threatened her father so maybe she went a bit postal. It still doesnt make sense though since Mona was A to begin with and someone just picked up her game after she got help. My next is who I just mentioned, Mona. She stated clearly to the girls before her “death” that she knew Ali was A and she had proof..well we all know Ali isn’t A so maybe this was just her playing another long con on the girls. Lastly, Toby is still a suspect to me. All of the threats Ali was receiving in jail made me think law enforcement had to be involved somehow and Toby didn’t become a police officer until recently to “protect” spencer but maybe he had hopes that if he could get Ali in jail threatening her in that place would be a lot easier if he had a badge. My bonus person is Maya. Her and Ali were friends since they were kids and maybe she was jealous of her moving on and finding different friends and/or maybe she was in love with Ali and things didn’t work out of she went all fatal attraction. Also kind of makes sense if she knew Em was in love his Ali then after ali went missing seduced Em to make her fall in love with her and then “die” to break Emily’s heart? Who freaking knows!!

  23. Aimee says:

    Ahhhhh am I the only one that realised at the end of the episode that the toy bus full of dolls only had one blonde doll In it!? There was another blonde doll already in the weird castle house in the top window!! Might be nothing but who knows God this A reveal better be actually revealing!!!

  24. tracey says:

    i think they are making up as they go they probably dont know who to pin the A label on as yet
    but am getting tired of all the apparent changes

  25. To be honest, I’m kind of hoping Tanner is as smart as she originally seemed and is letting the arrest happen, and letting A snatch the girls, so she can swoop in on A. (And that would be why Toby was being deliberately kept out of the loop.) That would be cool.

    • TAB says:

      Ok I did not see you post this before I wrote my comment. Glad someone else hopes for that!

      • Great minds think alike! :) It was just that she didn’t even talk to Mike, and all the cops seemed super-busy, and I felt like when she was talking to Toby it was almost like she was trying to tell him something without telling him something (if that makes sense). And she kind of stopped interviewing the girls suddenly. So that makes me think she’s got something up her sleeve…. & let’s not forget her partner, who got kicked off the force, remember when he was meant to be undercover, then on leave, but wasn’t, so there was still a big chunk of time unaccounted for there? The cop storyline just seems to have a lot of unexplained elements to it. And they wrote Tanner to be super-smart, so it would be weird if she suddenly become uber-dense (if so, it’s definitely something in the Rosewood air, lol).

  26. TAB says:

    So my theory is that Tanner and the other cops figured out a long time ago that there is this A person involved in everyone’s lives, so they are trying to smoke out A somehow. Tanner may actually be on the girls side but has always acted like she wasn’t to throw A off and make A think the girls were really getting into trouble. But in the finale, when all is said and done and A has had their fun, Tanner will come in and arrest someone that she believes to be A and that will be the big “A reveal” – If it doesn’t go that way and Tanner really is just an awful person and detective, then I hope she dies.

  27. Sara says:

    i might be crazy, but i could have sworn the cop next to tanner at the end was eddie lamb…

  28. Erin2 says:

    People… “A” is one of the Liars!! It will be so anti-climatic if it’s not one of the girls, because that’s the only way alot of this stuff makes sense! So I’m sticking with my theory that either Hanna or Aria is “A”

  29. I forgot to mention, I think I read that the actor who plays Mike is going to be a lead on Teen Wolf next season. So the future’s not looking bright for Mike in Rosewood…!

  30. spu says:

    Why were the girls arrested though??!!

  31. lizaintoulouse says:

    What if it’s not twins but triplets… Alison, Bethany, and Charles… A.B.C.D

    Let’s say that the triplets were born and Alison’s parents decided to put the boy up for adoption because they already had a son and it was going to be a lot of work. This seems within the realm of possibilities considering the parents personalities/reasoning. When Charles is adopted, the new parents name him Andrew. Life goes on and eventually Bethany learns of Andrew’s existence and they potentially cross paths and meet in Rosewood or at the camp they mentioned in last night’s episode. Bethany tries to confront her parents about it but they deny and it eventually starts driving her crazy. If she was a little unstable before that, something like this would drive her over the edge. Once she is locked up in Radley, Andrew tries so help her escape and succeeds. Andrew and Bethany then go after Ali because she is the triplet that the parents chose to keep. Perhaps Bethany steals Ali’s diary, reads it, then convinces her parents that SHE is Ali and then the real Ali is sent to Radley. Hence the reign of evil “Ali” begins. Bethany’s file at Radley is closed because she escaped and they didn’t want the negative press so they say she died. The night ‘Ali’ was killed, Andrew actually kills Bethany and realizes it afterwards that it was the wrong twin. Ali doesn’t see his face but sees the kill and knows it was supposed to be her. This is when she goes into hiding. Andrew then becomes “A” and used the info from the diary against the girls and what Bethany had told him about them. He hires other Ali haters to take revenge on the girls and gives Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily clues so that they can lead him to Ali. Andrew may also suffer from the same mental illness that Bethany (and the mom) seemed to have.

    If we fast forward to now, Ali still doesn’t know that Andrew is her triplet. Bethany was Ali’s bunk mate at camp that won the award for her because Andrew had taught her to shoot arrows in the woods since that is the only safe place they could meet and hang out before she was sent to Radley. On the stand, Ali lied about the archery award because she is prohibited to talk about her sister.

    That’s my guess. I knows it kinda far fetched but it would definitely be an amazing twist in the story!

  32. A says:

    I think A Is either Toby (who has been there since the beginning), Tanner (who is just sketchy and a *****) or Andrew..

  33. Trinity Garza says:

    It has to be Aria. She has always backed out of
    the idea of going to the cops to get down to
    the bottom
    and find out who “A” is. Besides nothing bad has happened to her , it’s always minor things.

  34. nimane says:

    Oh yeah, who was that girl/ woman dressed in black and with a black cloth covering her face at the funeral st the beginning of the series????

  35. Rebecca says:

    I’m tired. I can’t even remember all of the 9 people who have died…

  36. brittany says:

    Why did they go to jail though?

  37. brittany says:

    Why did the liars go to jail though? What was the evidence?

  38. A says:

    I loved seeing the guys getting tormented by A because they get a taste of what the girls went through before they got involved in it.

  39. Genius theory! says:

    So i came up with this idea that Spencer is A.. and before you disrgard my theory or say its impossible read on,

    “THE A TEAM.”



    A- ARIA

    you will notice that The First T doesn’t fit with anyone.. but after reading some sketchy comments maybe T could be for TANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!! or my previous theory of Spencer. So if you were to change The “T” with an “S” for SPENCER…. this would change it from THE A TEAM.. to SHE A TEAM!!!!!!!! THIS MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!!!!!!! PLEASE REPLY THOUHTS ON THIS THEORY!!!!!!! :)

  40. Bonafide says:

    I think Aria’s mom is A. Why over suddenly is she back? Yes she is back for her to be revealed to us. And thats why Area never suffer major attacks like the rest of liars.

  41. Jenn says:

    Ok has anyone thought about Allisons twin?? They have kept it very low key! We haven’t seen her except glimpses of the past when they were younger. Like the two little blondes playing and hints like two of the same dresses as gifts hid in the piano and Allisons mom says don’t tell Dad. I’m thinking her twin is identical to Allison and is causing all this mishap she was in the mental institution! I’m just saying it all makes sense. As far as Andrew they make him to obvious to be -A they do this all the time! I’m obsessed with Caleb and Ezra’s little team even if they don’t realize they are on one together. They have the same mind set different outlooks. Some are saying they hate Spenc and Tony being together but honestly they are good for each other. They have been through so much in their lives, different problems, but yet both stay strong with small lapses and help each other threw it all. I have so much to say about this show. But I believe Allisons twin is -A. But, if I had to choose between all the girls I would say Aria or Emily but I don’t think it’s honestly either.

    • Essie says:

      Marlene King already revealed they are not going with the Alison twin theory, but that we could be seeing double of someone else… I’m thinking Bethany could maybe be Jason’s twin, hence Mrs. D buying two dresses. And the only reason I can think of for Mrs. D to bury Ali is to protect another child of hers, could it be Bethany that “killed” Alison with the shovel. And I’m still thinking Mona is still alive and did fake her death.
      But I have no theory on who Uber A is, I’m so lost, it’s driving me nuts. I can think of different characters being A but I can’t come up with a motivation for that character to be mind blowing so it makes sense…

    • Allisons mom bought that dress for the little girl of the man she was having an affair with.

  42. Cynt says:

    Whenever you think it is someone they always twist it and seeing that they are now focused on Andrew I think no. But I could be very wrong about that one. He could be in the A team ofcourse but is he really A? I would not know but now I am saying no. but like I said could be wrong.

  43. Whale says:

    i reckon Toby might be A

  44. jemma says:

    Did any of you guys notice that the two twins were sitting behind Emily, Aria and Spencer. when the girls got the text message from A, one of the twins looked down at their phone.

  45. Jill says:

    I think Ausie foxtel missed half the episode?? Seen Mike get maced then Ali saying how her & bunkmate rigged some archery thing? Never seen them find Mike never seen any trial, never seen Aria trying to ring Aria? On that note I still think Calebs A & Andrew was shooting arrows (at Ezra) out of jealousy? Or was there definite A presence with the Mike thing?

  46. Cay says:

    What about Spencer’s sketchy ace dad?? Varjack? Maybe?

  47. Torye C says:

    To all those who thinks its or wish Tanner is A. Sorry your wrong. Marlene King said Big A made an appearance in the pilot and clearly she wasn’t in it. From my research we have saw A several times. At this point it so many clues I don’t know who A is. 😞

  48. kiara says:

    I still dont get it. Why did the others get arrested?