Arrow and The Flash Spoiler Alert! Watch the New (Non-Blurry) Trailers

If curiosity got the best of you and you already hunted down a shaky, blurry iPhone recording of the spoilery sizzle reels that The CW’s Arrow and The Flash debuted at PaleyFest over the weekend… well, I have not much new to show you.

But if you couldn’t bring yourself to click on that video made at a 45-degree tilt with someone’s 2-megapixel Blackberry camera — or if you crave crisp quality, or want to hear every syllable of dialogue (including Lance snapping at Oliver) — here are two shiny, official videos for you to gaze upon.

But again, a courteous warning: Thar be spoilers ahead!

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  1. They do know that the Atom’s power is to shrink himself, right? Since when does he fly?

  2. CBWBDK1 says:

    What is Lance doing? Has he lost his mind?

    • Temperance says:

      And picked up his Brit accent…

    • AnnieM says:

      I thought that, too, then realized his anger is now probably about everything that has gone on with his daughters. He’s lost Sara again, and is afraid for Laurel.

      • Draco malfoy says:

        Lazy writing but good arc… They are copying batman the animated series episode where batgirl ‘dies’ and jim much like lance feels betrayed and goes on an instant warpath hunting the bat family

  3. Luis says:

    Well its about damn time! I was about to tweet at Quentiin – Hey ain’t it funny how the Arrow showed up 2 seconds after Oliver Queen came back?

  4. Luis says:

    Gee, and I was just starting to get used to that Arrowcave.

  5. Azerty says:

    Both looks incredebly awesome I can’t wait! I have been disappointed by the Arrow this year but it looks like the build up will finally pay. But I hope there is more than it looks regarding Quentin trying to catch *again* the Arrow. I really disliked Lance in season 1 when he was against Oliver but loved him when he turned into a James Gordon character. The guy definitly need a chat with Detective West!

  6. Sarah T says:

    Holy cow, both of those look good! Arrow has been a bit lackluster at times this season (still like it overall) but that trailer got me pumped for the last few episodes! The Flash looks good too!

  7. forouzan says:

    Fashion 2015 in Nanda Parbat is Arrow style. LoA members changed their costume to Arrow style.

    LoA killing people in the name of the Arrow and that’s the reason why Lance is chasing the Arrow. that’s cool.

  8. That’s aewsomeeeeeeee!!!
    I was pretty sure that there was some kind of legend or heir-rights about Ra’s dinasty.
    So, does this mean that Merlyn, not only wanted Oliver to kill Ra’s, he also wanted Oliver to be Ra’s????
    Ok, I’m bumped… Laughed out loud with Felicity’s “Ain’t Centrl City supposed to be the fun one?” Soooooooo true!!!
    I’m loviiiiingggg!
    And what it is with Iris’ boyfriend killing those cops???
    Damn, I need those episodes like… Right now, Netflix style, feed me them one after another!!!
    Damn this looks good!!!

  9. Dave says:

    Oh my god…i’m totally speechless…I don’t know what to say…i just want to binge-watch alle the remaining episode of this season like right now! I cant totally wait…

    oh my god….

  10. Lauren “Im the black canary”
    Cisco ” i love you”

  11. Rachel says:

    Thank you for the non blurry trailers!!!

  12. Riana says:

    Thea’s kissing Roy again.

  13. John NYC says:

    Noooo! Not the ArrowCave!

  14. m3rcnate says:

    Yeahhhh…not feeling the “Atom” and his on a soap box preachyness telling Oliver to stay away from Felicity because he what..likes her and slept with her once? Lol…shes not your GF or Wife. And shes a grown woman (which i hope is something they write for her to say, shes an adult and can make her own decisions about who she spends her time with).

  15. Joey Padron says:

    Trailers for new episodes of both shows looks good. Not good Lance finally learns Oliver is The Arrow. Excited both shows to return this week!

  16. m3rcnate says:

    The Flash looks goooooooooooooooooood. I always knew the blonde cop was gonna be a bad guy…and im really curious to see how that convo goes between Barry and Iris…it comes off as super cocky (i know you’ve been thinking about me) but maybe there’s solid context…maybe there are scenes that make it clear she has been showing interest. Hmmm.

    Whats funny is per-usual, i prefer a “Ship” that a show is not going towards. Arrow pushes Oliver and Felicity and Oliver and Laurel together hard, but i actually liked Oliver and Sara the most. Now on the Flash they are pushing Barry and Iris but i LOVE Barry and Felicity together and right behind that coupling i loved Barry and Linda Park, and right behind them i even like Barry and Caitlin together more than i like Barry & Iris.

    • GeoNeo says:

      So basically you don’t care about the superheroes, or the awesome action set pieces, or the villains. Just the romances. Wow.

      • m3rcnate says:

        Lol WHAT? Thats what you took away from my comment? Of course i love all of that (action, heroes, villains, characters, visual effects, special effects, etc), and could comment on all of those things in the teaser videos, but what caught my eye is the scene between Iris and Barry, and it made me think about how i almost never “ship” the couple the show is trying to make happen, i then gave some examples.

    • Katie says:

      I totally agree about the ships. I REALLY don’t like Barry and Iris (they’re practically my notp), but I did enjoy him and Felicity, and him and Caitlin. Go figure. And btw, to GeoNeo, what are you, the Comic Patrol? News flash, my friend, there is no “right” reason to watch a show, as I’m sure TPTB would agree. You think they give a crap WHY they have viewers? No, they care about the publicity and the money these viewers will generate. I doubt they need you policing the comments of articles, whining about “ugh, all they care about is the romances.” It’s extremely irritating to see people acting as if shipping is so far BELOW every other kind of viewership.

  17. TVPeong says:

    Can’t wait. So excited. I hope that there is a twist and Wells isn’t all bad. So worried about Detective West. Poor detective Lance

  18. Kate says:

    I have only had a chance to watch Arrow’s (I do really like the Flash and agree Arrow has been having some growing pains but I still like Arrow better, I figure because most of the characters are in the same decade of life as me) but I feel like they were fooling us a bit. Like, I’m sure Ray makes the connection, but I sense both of them are actually going after that other Arrow but focus on Oliver mistakenly. I just feel like comic book wise (and other interview wise) it might be leading us astray (this could also be Teen Wolf messing with me again and making me distrustful as they outright lie in their trailers and you can see the gleeful joy they have in that) because I feel like Oliver reveals his actual identity by the end of the season to the entire city. It becomes his resolution to his identity issues, he can be both if he doesn’t have to hide one side from the other.

  19. Guymontag451 says:

    I find it really dumb they just turned Ray palmer into iron man if your going to model him after a character model him after ant-man or since this is dc model him after the comics version of the atom which is very cool in its own right and was created before ant-man and the Lightning from the hands made him look like a sigh lord and not in good way

  20. James D says:

    Both were pretty cool. I’m in the boat with those who aren’t digging Atom I mean did he honestly shoot lightning out of his hand or did I see that wrong. Its been a while since I’ve read any comics with Atom in it but that doesn’t seem right, and most he be in an Iron Man suit I’m ok if it’s a prototype kind of thing but if he keeps it I think I will be very irked by that. Not sure about the Lance arc I mean i understand it but wouldn’t it kind of shed a better light on Oliver that he’s not just a playboy but a guy trying to do right, I guess he’s too pissed because of Sara and Laurel to really care. The Flash looks like it will be a crazy ride with the last batch of episodes. I’m still really peeved that Wells is the Reverse Flash most of the stuff with him and Barry don’t seem in-line with the character even if he’s lost the Speed Force why cozzy up to Berry so much. I understand staging the events that allowed Barry to become Flash I sort of get helping him to train and get stronger but for some reason he doesn’t feel like RF too me. That and what’s the point of Eddie, clearly from the clip he’s up to something but if he’s being used just as a tease and ends up not be some version of Zoom/ RF I’m going to be supremely disappointed.

  21. JC1 says:

    Wow wow wow to the Flash trailer. :) Looking forward to it. It’s still odd though that they stuck that clip of Laurel in there – that should have been in the Arrow trailer, not this one.

    • Rachel says:

      If I’m remembering correctly, I think she’s in an episode of The Flash so that clip would make sense.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        No, there was confusion, since clarified — THE FLASH’s “Cisco” and “Joe” are visiting THE ARROW OF STARLING CITY.

  22. Is anyone else really enthused for The Flash but kinda meh for Arrow? Whoever’s cutting these promos, give the person who cut the Flash promo all the monies. I’ll wait and see with Arrow though. Especially that whole “Maybe I should be Ras” plot point. Yeah. Because season four is going to be called Speedy. I…believe…you.

  23. Alichat says:

    Exactly how many Arrow characters are visiting The Flash in the last episodes of the season??? LOL

  24. Maddy says:

    The Arrow trailer recycles the same music that was used for the Haven season 4 trailer

  25. Nate says:


  26. Mr. Sunshine says:

    Who needs movies when you have shows like these? :-)

  27. herman1959 says:

    I’m late to the party here, but I won’t be late to see The Flash and Arrow. These trailers look so good, and, finally, a good storyline involving Det. Lance – going after Oliver – excellent!

  28. tara says:

    Shado??!!! How??

  29. Maru says:

    Holy C*r*a `p Arrow promo looks amazing. Now everyone knows about the identity of Oliver and that is no good and Lance discovered the Arrow cave? That is not good! either I wonder how much Laurel can put up with this since she be torn between defending Oliver or defending his father. I mean with all of these problems rising I bet that Felicity even if she hates Olivershe wil stick by him she cant side with Ray not possible. Oliver will need all his friends with him to fight a´Ra´s and his people

  30. I’ll admit, I started watching The Flash for Grant but OMG I can’t get enough. It’s so clever and mind-boggling and just, wow.

  31. PE says:

    Oh my god.