Teen Wolf's Dearly Departed: Allison, Derek & More — Who's Most Missed?

Teen Wolf Cast Exits

When it was revealed earlier this week that Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Hoechlin will not be a series regular in the MTV drama’s upcoming fifth season, fans were crushed — but not entirely surprised.

Hoechlin is one of (at least) five cast members who have voluntarily exited the supernatural series, beginning with Colton Haynes, who unexpectedly vacated the role of Jackson Whittemore between Seasons 2 and 3.

Executive producer Jeff Davis has spoken candidly about most of the show’s departures, stressing that when actors comes to him with a desire to leave, he works to honor their requests. … But when he’s surprised? That’s when things get tricky. For example, the EP once told TVLine, “If we’d known Colton was going to leave after Season 2, I’m not so sure [Jackson] would have survived.”

So… Which former (or soon-to-be former) Beacon Hills resident has left behind the greatest void? Browse our gallery below for a refresher on which stars have left (and why), then cast your vote and drop a comment with your thoughts.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. LOL says:

    Allison is the only character who’s absence has really left its mark on the series and changed its structure. I still really like Teen Wolf but it’s diferent without her and I miss her.

  2. LelqTian says:

    Not sure that Hoechlin leaving is that big of a deal – as shown in the season 4 premiere, they can recast him.

    • That wasn’t just someone different playing the same character, though – that was someone playing a much younger version of the character, who didn’t yet have all the qualities that the adult Derek has. That’s a lot different than simply bringing in a new actor to continue the existing role – with one without an explanation for the appearance change – the way they do on soap operas.

      If they’d known he was leaving before the end of season 4, a recast might have been explainable by, say, establishing that during Derek’s transformation/evolution into someone who can now shift into full wolf form, the fact that he was so badly injured during those critical, last moments of the process, that it caused a malfunction in his DNA (or some such gobbledygook) that has also affected his human appearance, and introduce the new actor as Derek’s new look.

      Personality changes (caused in real life by having someone else interpreting the character) could also be attributed to his transformation. But, since we saw Derek looking exactly like he always has at the end of the episode, that would be as MUCH as harder cell, unless they could find a way to play it off as ma continuing effect of the transformation.

    • Cindy says:

      It’s a big deal. Everyone’s bailing. I’m sure Dylan O’brien will soon if he’s smart. I’m happy for Tyler leaving what has got to be an embarrassing show for any adult actor.

  3. Lizo says:

    Allison to be sure. Her departure marked the end of the show for me. I dearly love Lydia, but Allison was so complicated and wonderful.

  4. kate says:

    While I know people are all Jackson, I always thought they had reached a conclusion with his character and I agree he likely should have died. I also feel like Colton Hayes is learning more as an actor over on Arrow. I guess I miss Isaac the most because there seemed to be more to his story and there currently still is need for his character on the show. I miss Allison but I, and I know I am in the minority here, but it creates the dark cloud and grasp of consequences that hangs over the Pack. I always also have this idea as they have established a sort of limbo world that if Scott has another step to take she could be his guide. I am reserving opinion on Derek. They seem to have created outs for him all along. I actually suspected he was the victim when Allison died. He sort of sounds like he is entering the adult stories where he will be like Melissa, the Sheriff, Chris, and Deaton. In fact he will probably be able to still contribute and do his own thing like Seth Gilliam does. So I expect him to ride in as the Calvary now and again and we know Scott is calling him.

  5. Dominique says:

    danny’s not really gone though, right?
    anyway, i miss isaac the most because even thogh derek turned him, he was essentially scott’s beta, which i think was a very important part of him growing up and taking on a leader position.
    I also miss Jackson, and will miss Derek.
    I honestly have to say i don’t miss allison at all. not once did i feel like something was missing this season.

  6. Matt says:

    Can we really say danny left on his own when we dont know what happened? Erica wouldve been a better choice. Regardless, im going with my boy Issac.

  7. Hipper says:

    Allison for the the show. Isaac for personal reasons.

    Kill Derek at the end of 5A, end the series at the end of 5B. I doubt Dylan O’Brien will want to further the series with his rising film career. And I doubt the show can survive without Stiles. Also, it’s already senior year… natural conclusion to a teen centric show with the word ‘Teen’ in its title.

  8. A. D. says:

    What exactly has Crystal Reed done since leaving…NOTHING…what a stupid career move!

  9. Jose says:

    Allison by far….. I haven’t had time to “miss” Derek but they phased him out last season by having him mostly on his own storyline.

    Allison and Scott IMO were THE core couple….. I loved them together….Scott and Kira don’t click for me!

    as for the rest, they exited at the right time I guess?

    • kimone says:


    • chrystyna says:

      I am and always will be team Scallison forever and always they should bring Allison Argent back from the dead and reunite her with Scott because I’ll only ever liked Scott with Allison cuse they were perfect together and nothing can change that,honestly when Kira first was on the show than when she kissed Scott I hated her more then I knew that Allison wasn’t coming back that season so I kinda dealt with it and shipped Stila instead for the time being and now I want both Scallison and Stila on TEEN WOLF

  10. Ari says:

    I just think Allison was a poorly acted character. She could have been really compelling but just always felt really petty instead. I am still in denial about Derek. I keep hoping that since he’s leavingg as a regular he may recur occasionally so he won’t be gone never to be heard from again. Denial.

  11. Jess says:

    sorry I will miss Derek the most. he is the hottest guy on that show.

  12. jay says:

    Allison because it changed the story of the Argents. Plus I’m not so keen on the newer female characters.

  13. Cyndi says:

    Is Teen Wolf just a really bad place to work? It seems like a cool place in their behind the scenes clips, but something must be wrong to warrant so many actors wanting to leave.

    • LOL says:

      Maybe it’s a really demanding show? Production wise?

    • Bill says:

      I know right. I can’t think of many shows that have had even half as many people leave and before season 5 to boot

    • ana says:

      they are actors, they can pretend to get along.
      i think it has mostly to do with jeff and his decisions towards his characters. a lot of fans weren’t happy about derek’s storylines/screentime (or lack of thereof) season 3b and season 4 and that must’ve come across to the cast at the conventions. i don’t think it’s an accepting enviroment as they want to come across. it won’t be long until dylan leaves and i holland wouldn’t still be on the show if she has booked another gig. and about posey, i don’t like his childish behavious and the need to be the center of attention all the time, not even getting into details about his poor acting skills, i think he’ll be on the show till it’s cancelled or jeff gets tired of him and write scott off.

  14. Luke says:

    Each of them leaving screwed up the show and bought attention to its problematic nature. Colton was supposed to have a huge storyline about Peter and the alpha pack but he left which made the 3A storyline nonsensical and bought in the True Alpha thing. Alison dying and the show sweeping her death aside a mere 2 months after dying pissed a lot of fans off and drove them away. Danny being shoved out highlighted the shows homophobia and insensitivity to minorities (add Alison and Boyd dying to that) and now Derek is gone after years of being underwritten.

  15. Daniel says:

    Bring Back Allison She Is A Great Character And A Even Better Leading Lady.And it Would Make Scott Have to Choose Between Allison And Kira And Would Give Teen Wolf The Edge Over Other Teen Shows. #Crystel Reed Is the Best

  16. Hellion says:

    I miss Jackson, Erica, Boyd, Cora, Allison, Aiden, Ethan, Isaac, Danny, Matt, Violet, Garrett, Jennifer Blake, Coach, and Mrs. Argent. Since Colton left it has been a chain reaction of actors wanting to leave. If Jackson’s storyline and appearance amount had stayed the same for season 3, this could have possibly been avoided. I still love the show though. The new characters are cool.

  17. alex says:

    So many leave, it surprises me, they must really get paid crap if they want to find new projects

  18. Allie says:

    Allison’s death has been talked about since Season 3B episode 23. She was a great character. She was a popular cast member among many. Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale is another character that will be missed. I’m sure Jeff Davis will have possible story lines for Derek in Season 5. He did say that Tyler and him talked and it will not be the last you see over Derek Hale. And there is possible storylines that could include Crystal Reed. We will have to wait and see what Season 5 has in store for us!

  19. Please Come Back says:

    Id say I miss Isaac, Danny, Jackson, and Cora, however Adelaide is rocking Reign, Colton is Arsenal, and Daniel just got killed off of a second show (that I really like) so I’m holding out hope he comes back (Let me hope darnit, I don’t care if it won’t happen.) Now if only Father Gabriel would get killed off of Walking Dead and we could get Deaton back a little more often.

  20. FantasyFan says:

    For me it’s a toss up. I don’t think Isaac’s story was finished, in fact it just started, plus I really liked his character. I really don’t want Derek to leave, but at least give him a better exit then a quick glance getting in his car at the end. I didn’t mind Allison dying off, but I agree with another post that it gives the show a whole different feel. I’m sorry, I DO NOT feel the connection between Scott and Kira but I like her character. They should have just stayed friends, you know, at least ’til Scott GOT OVER Allison. I didn’t mind Jackson dying off either. I like him way better as Arsenal(he kind of pissed me off on Teen Wolf).

  21. we want tyler hoechlin and daniel sharman in all season in teen wolf

  22. Eddie says:

    I think Crystal’s departure has had the most impact on the storyline so far, and the show just doesn’t work without Allison’s love story with Scott. I also can’t see Beacon Hills without Derek Hale. The departure that makes me the angriest is Keahu’s. There’s a scene early on in Season 4 when Coach lists off everyone from the team who has left. If Jeff Davis wanted to get rid of Danny then his name should have been included there. As it is, it’s as if Danny never existed. Oh, you didn’t include Orny Adams in your list. He’s gotten too busy with his comedy tour and convention bookings to be part of the show. What a loss. I doubt I’ll watch any of Season 5.

    • Jared says:

      Danny is a character that was terribly under used. I wish he had a storyline all of his own because he was definitely a fan favorite.

  23. Jared says:

    I really liked Jackson the first 2 seasons but happy that he transitioned to Arrow after he left Teen Wolf. Also any chance the actor who played young Derek will be apart of the show this season or future seasons?

  24. Hillary Barasa says:

    I think Scout the leading character in teen wolf was good with Allison by his Side I’d like to ask Mr Jeff Davis to make arrangements so that Allison can come back in.Most of the fans of teen Wolf like her would like her to come back in season 5 of teen wolf

  25. Hillary Barasa says:

    I think Teen Wolf is incomplete without Allison

  26. Johnny Walker says:

    Well this show has lost another avid fan. I’m sorry but over half the original cast is gone! This is so disappointing. I will not be watching anymore it sucks but I really liked how Dereks story arc was going but now that he’s leaving I’ve lost all interest .

  27. Hillary Barasa says:

    I think Scot the leading character in teen wolf was good with Allison by his Side I’d like to ask Mr Jeff Davis to make arrangements so that Allison can come back in.Most of the fans of teen Wolf like her would like her to come back in season 5 of teen wolf

  28. Tamera says:

    I voted for Danny mostly because his absence has been unexplained on the show. It’s the mystery that leaves me wishing he were there. I miss everyone else, but the story has continued on just fine after they left.

  29. feena says:

    ok i really didnt care about allison and her relationship with scott was unstable.i like kira more allison already moved on before she died and scott has his own right to move on too.even though she died well i love derek i would luv it if he stayed infact i dont want him to go.i loved daniels character i missed him but o hated jackson glad he left cant wait to meet the new cast i hav always loved teen wolf o dont care about the changes i am a fan now and forever.

  30. Fiona says:

    Jeff Davis is a prick who treats the fans of the show and it’s actors abominably which is why this show has an abnormally high turn over of cast. Fans are dropping away and Tyler H’s departure is the nail in the coffin. However he’s too good for this tripe and I wish him luck.

    • ana says:

      i totally agree with you. i’m seeing it already, not that most of derek and sterek fans dropped the show after tyler leaving, jeff making stiles and lydia a couple to appease stydia shippers;

  31. feena says:

    i never really liked allisons character to honest i didnt like her relationship with scott either i like her with isaac better.scott and kira are just amasing together.i would miss derek coz i just luv his character so much i also miss isaac i believe i was a bit disappointed when i didnt see him again and i dont care about jackson at all the show is better off without him allison.i love teen wolf and i dont care too much abt the changes and the cast leaving am just a fan of the show now and forever.

  32. Liza says:

    Lets face it derek,allison,isaac, jackson, scott,stiles and lydia are the only reasons to watch. The rest of the actors are pretty boring. Kira will never beat Allison and Malia will never beat Lydia. It is what it is. Pretty sad. Hope one of them returns soon. Daniel is dead as kol on the originals, so who knows maybe he does return?

    • Elvira says:

      Okay, first off each character is different so there’s no need to compare them because they had/have the same love interest. Kira is a supernatural creature for God’s sake and Allison is just a hunter.Why are you trying to compare two strong and beautiful women because they have/had the same love interest? That’s incredibly stupid. Secondly, You can’t compare Malia and Lydia either because Lydia is a Banshee (she has no other special talent that predicting death) While Malia is a werecayote. I’m not saying Malia is better but I’m saying they’re not comparable. You can’t just compare the two because of a boy.

  33. Jimmy Jon Frank says:

    I think there is something weird going on with TW behind the scenes, cause this is crazy. I don’t watch much because the new characters feel like copies of the older characters. Liam and his friend are obviously Jackson and Danny. Kira is totally Allison. Malia is Erica. I wonder if there’s a rip off Derek coming….Anyway, as far as the Daniel Sharman hope, I think he found a new job as a lead on CBS or something – so I wouldn’t hold my breath on him returning.

  34. MattySi. says:

    Tyler shouldn’t be included here. I mean the season hasn’t started yet and he’s not leaving. He’s just not a regular.

    Crystal didntvreally do anything for me as Allison. She left to pursue other options but what has she done? She can stay gone.

    Keahu was never really there all that much so I never really got the chance to know him so I can’t miss him.

    Colton is one Arrow and its such a better fit for him.

    Daniel left also to pursue other acting jobs. But he’s actually been working. I don’t like the fact he left and didn’t stay committed to TW but I miss him the most.

  35. Cindy says:

    I’m glad Tyler is leaving. He’s too good for Teen Wolf which is a silly show.

  36. tw4l says:

    Im surprised theres no mention of the exit of Adelaide Kane’s character Cora Hale. She WAS in 11 episodes, and played a pivitol role in the story plot. Obviously she left and is doing well with her lead as Queen Mary on CWs Reign…. But her exit was abrupt and poorly explained on the show. And, I really miss Issac’s character. I hope Derek at least continues as an “overseer” or “backup” for Scott from time to time.

  37. shavan foote says:

    Allison is missed in the movie lots

  38. Bob Wood says:

    Personally I think the show is heading down a spiral path with all these regulars wanting to leave. Jeff Davis seems to be a marshmallow when it comes to an actor wanting to leave before their contracts expires. What good is these contracts if they can be broken so easily? These actors signed on and yet they end up wanting to not fulfill their obligations. To me this shows that they are not trustworthy to be apart of a long running show and its unprofessional on their part. These actors are better off just doing movies or just playing a charater that guest start on a show and never should they be a regular on any show. Some of these actors leaves because they think its a good move and that they are going to become movies stars Crystal Reed is a perfect example she’s done nothing since she left and she certainly is in no demand. Sharmin is the only actor that has been able to get another show, the Originals but that charater has died on that show so he’s not employed anymore. This show is doomed.

    • Isobel says:

      Colton has Arsenal on Arrow and Tyler has a film, it’s unusual for actors to leave in such numbers for other jobs, Alison’s actress is unusual in that she left without another job lined up like the others

  39. Abubakar shazali says:

    Why did derek had to leave

  40. Abubakar shazali says:

    Why did derek had to leave i really like teen wolf n wish allison too hasnt left

  41. Nora says:


  42. Cody says:

    Danny was a fun side character and Isaac has been well replaced as the Scott-loyal wolf by Sprayberry. I can take or leave Cho, but Maliah makes for a great female lead in place of Allison. I’m gonna miss Derek’s main role, but at least we’ll be seeing him here and there. And Haynes is doing so, so much better on Arrow. I didn’t like his whole Kanima arc that much anyways.

  43. Maddie says:

    When Allison left and was casted as dying that was the end of Teen Wolf for me, it hurts too much to watch Scott have to move on without her. She was a key part in this show and played a key role in the story line, it’s never going to be the same.

  44. aidan says:

    I love Tyler Posey a lot I wish I could meet him one day

  45. Lana says:

    I miss Jackson, Isaac and Danny, not Alison. Although, I really dislike Kira, so If i had a choice, I’d get rid of Kira and bring Alison back any day. Kira and Scott just aren’t working for me. I don’t feel the chemistry at all :/ I’m not really fond of any of the new characters actually. They just seem so forced, as if the writers are trying too hard to make us like them to the point that it’s just backfiring. *sigh*

    • Herman says:

      Exactly!!! I feel the same exact way Lana!! Kira is just odd n weird Alison n s ott had WAY more chemistry!!

    • Elvira says:

      Well Allison isn’t coming back so you’ll have to get over it :P plus I think Scira is a cute and awkward relationship.

  46. I like that no main character is safe from death (or anything else..). Alison leaving was a shock for me as I hadn’t read spoilers beforehand. Personally I don’t feel that the balance has been restored in the show with bringing in Kira as a love interest and then having Lydia take more of forward role.
    The other thing that got me was the length of the last season. I kept looking to see if there were new episodes coming out before realising that no, they had gone back to 12 episodes. Whether this was done because they had other filming commitments or what I don’t know but I felt it harmed the storytelling.
    I felt Derek went from being the big bad wolf in Season 1 to redemption in Season 2 and finally a more rounded character in Season 3. However when Season 4 rolled around he was very much a weaker character. Will he be missed? Yes, but maybe it’s better he goes now than be dragged down even more.

  47. msliftbig says:

    Wait what? When did Tyler’s character leave?

  48. michelle says:

    Colton Hayes is the most beauuuutiful thing and Losing any of original cast hurts a show

  49. John wild says:

    I love teen wolf and just wanna chance to be on it