Vampire Diaries Recap: Sweet Caroline

Thursday’s Vampire Diaries, the first episode directed by star Ian Somerhalder, was brought to you by the letter “R.” As in “ripper.” As in that thing half the cast is slowly evolving into.

Actually, let’s back up for a minute: A freshly dehumanized Caroline was knocking back tequila shots at a local watering hole (not the Mystic Grill!) when she came across a familiar-ish face. “Liam, the boy I totally forgot existed!” she exclaimed upon her encounter with Elena’s med-school ex, thus solidifying my already unfathomable love for her.

What transpired was a bizarre blend of awkward flirting, aggressive making out and, ultimately, bloody nomming — but can we all agree that Liam totally deserved what was coming to him? Like, how much of a garbage person do you have to be to take advantage of a vulnerable girl who buried her mom four hours earlier? Not cool, bruh.

Understandably concerned about her friend — and also likely fearing for the rest of her exes — Elena assembled a team to confront Caroline at the Whitmore warehouse party, for which she’d been “recruiting cute boys.” (Have I mentioned what an excellent event planner Ms. Forbes would make?)

Anyway, like literally all most of Elena’s plans, Operation: Capture the Crazy Lady backfired in a big way, with Caroline compelling Liam to perform open heart surgery — or, actually, just open-heart theft — on poor Sarah Salvatore. Not even this heartfelt plea from Stefan, who finally manned up and confessed his feelings, could snap her out of her madness: “I like you, Caroline. I don’t know when it became more than friendship, but it did and it scared me.”

In the end, Caroline gave Stefan an ultimatum — turn off your humanity, or Sarah loses her heart — and he was forced to do it, as he assumed Elena wouldn’t be able stop Liam in time. (Elena actually did end up stopping Liam, which means she technically broke his wrists for nothing, but I take it as payment for him hooking up with Caroline earlier in the hour. He was never meant for surgery, anyway.)

Oh, and did anyone else think it was weird that Stefan asked Elena to bring him back? Does that mean she’s still his emotional trigger? Was that a not-so-subtle message for long-suffering #Stelena fans? What does it all mean?!

GONE MOMMY GONE | With a little assistance from Kai — I know, Kai being “helpful” is a strange concept to me, too — Damon learned way more than he ever wanted to know about his mother. For starters, Lily Salvatore didn’t die of consumption in 1858; she turned into a vampire, fled to Europe and killed upwards of 3,000 people. (So, apparently, Ripping is hereditary?) Damon is hell-bent on tracking down the other Ascendent and freeing his mother from her prison world, but like, we can all agree that’s a terrible idea, right? Some parents should stay out of the picture on this show!

vampire-diaries-recap-2‘SUCK IT, 1994!’ | Finally back in the 21st century, Bon-Bon was ready to pop bottles and celebrate alongside Mystic Falls’ finest, excluding Kai, the one person she never wanted to see again. So of course Damon ambushed her with a surprise reunion — they both needed her help to pull Lily out of the prison world — which went about as well as could be expected. In fact, I believe Bonnie’s exact words were: “If I see your face again, I will melt it off.” (Look, I know Kai isn’t an angel, but can we please not threaten that face?!) Of course, Bonnie’s confrontation with Kai paled in comparison to her fight with Damon. I guess we can kiss that brief friendship goodbye…

Other Noteworthy Bites:
* This episode, though very good, was severely lacking in Vitamin D(onovan).
* Enzo and Sarah? is that going to become a thing?
* I legitimately laugh out loud every time someone mentions Jeremy being at art school. The truth’s got to come out eventually, right? Like, when he literally never posts pictures of his work on Facebook?

TVD fans, your thoughts on this week’s episode? Were you as impressed by Kat Graham’s big moment as I was? How’d Somerhalder do as a director? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. tina says:

    lmao dark steroline because caroline blackmailed him! lol then stefan begs elena to quote Bring him back rotfl yeah this is epic alright! Here that steroliners that was the beginning of the end!

    • Laurie says:

      Well it’s not like he can ask Caroline to do it. I don’t think he really did it. I think he’s trying to trick caroline into turning it back on.

    • LOL says:

      Hun, I’m not on any ship but it’s pretty obvious Damon/Elena and Stefan/Caroline is where this show is headed. You can live in denial if you like but you’ll only end up disappointed.

    • Homesick says:

      If anything, I’d say Stefan wants to be with Caroline regardless the circumstances, his dark self is still drawn to hers like gravity, their feelings stronger than what they are at any given point. Otherwise he would have been free to lust after anyone else.

  2. Maren says:

    predictable and they spoiled the twist before. Steroline will soon have sex too, was also already spolied

  3. Jess says:

    Hi Andy. Thanks for your recap! I assumed that Stefan asked Elena to bring him back because he couldn’t ask Caroline for obvious reasons and he meant he needed somebody in general to bring him back? I truly don’t believe, based on what the writers and actors have said, that they are ever bringing back Stelena. From the looks of next week’s episode, it seems as though Caroline may have bitten off too much to chew with humanity-less Stefan. Caroline can refrain from killing without her humanity because she has great self-control and is practical. Stefan on the other hand….

    It will be interesting to see Stefan and Caroline finally have sex when both of them have their switches turned off.

    And don’t you just love that Elena says she can’t get to Sarah in time, which prompts Stefan to turn it off and then Elena finds and saves Sarah literally seconds after?! I know they did this for the sake of the upcoming storyline, but let a little more time elapse please.

  4. Eli says:

    Ugh. Couldn’t Stefan just fake it? And would he really turn off his humanity to save one person when he knows he could end up killing hundreds? Don’t buy it. But this is tVD.

    • Sara says:

      That’s just too obvious and easy Eli! :)

      • Common Sense says:

        Which is why if that’s not what happened, I can’t take Stefan seriously again.

        Fake the switch, save the descendant, and then that puts him right in proximity to save Caroloine by being nothing more than a good “Bad” example.

  5. Really looking forward to see how both Dark Caroline and Dark Stefan interact with each other in the next episode!

  6. Babybop says:

    This is the first episode of this show I’ve watched since last season, so I’d never seen Kai until now. Hot dang, Andy, you weren’t lying, that guy is HOT. Him and Ian Somerhalder on the same screen is dangerous.

    Proud of Ian though, he made some good directing choices this episode. And I like new Bonnie! I used to hate her character. I wouldn’t count out the Bonnie/Damon friendship though. He seemed pretty remorseful for what he did… Even if Damon isn’t really the remorseful type.

  7. Heather says:

    That Kai GIF… Epic!!! So Hot!!

  8. Ian says:

    For a plotdevice character, Bonnie would get all the Emmy nods for this show. Kat Graham never ceases to amaze me with what she does with the little they give her.

  9. Tatty says:

    Fair enough, this episode was great, but what the actual hell?! I get the whole “I’m engaged now” thing but there wasn’t a single interaction in this episode between Elena and Damon. The more I hear about him and his new woman the more I’m starting to resent him which is something to say since there was a time when I was in love with the man. This is the reason however, he tries so hard to stay away from Nina, it’s complete BS. You’re on a show together in which you play a couple in love but of course because of what’s going on in your personal life you’ll choose to stay away from your ex in the one episode you have the chance to. To me this is just pain unprofessional and even though the rest of the episode was amazing, the fact that he centered the episode on his own struggle with his mom and didn’t include a single Delena moment, not even a friggin phone call, that’s just stupid. He really needs to get his ish together. I like the idea of bringing back ripper Stefan but the rest is just one huge disappointment. Grow a pair Ian and stop acting like a child running away from his past.

    • Homesick says:

      Then again, Damon never shares his mom with Elena. No even when they shared memories together. It would be out of character for him to start now.

      The only reason he shared his mom with Bonnie if because Bonnie was the one who found Damon’s mother in the first place. He didn’t even tell her that’s why he needed Bonnie to hear Kai until he already damaged the relationship beyond repair.

    • Luli says:

      Newsflash: Ian doesn’t write the show…. so he is not to blame for not having a scene with Elena in ONE friggin’ episode.

    • vampirelives says:

      Also, he directed the episode so regardless of whether he was not in a scene with her – he would still have to DIRECT her scenes too.

    • Amanda says:

      You know there were many reasons why I felt this was one of the best episodes since season 1 and you just pointed out the most obvious one. Finally for at least one episode there was no whiny pathetic Delena scenes! It really reminded me what makes for good television.

  10. BookGirl says:

    Best episode of VD in a very long time, and a lot of that credit goes to Ian and his directing choices (this comes from a non-Fangirl, non-shipper). I’ve wanted dark Caroline for a long time, and Candace looked like she was having the time of her life. Stefan going dark again could either be very dull or very interesting, depending. Just don’t give Caroline back her humanity too soon–she’s going to be more fun than Katherine to watch! I loved Caro speaking for all of the Elena complainers out there about how she always manages to be a wet blanket and make it be all about her!

  11. m3rcnate says:

    I gotta say, that was one of the best tVD episodes i’ve seen in a long time. Up till this point this show had gone very very light…by that i mean the show used to be awesome cause Stefan was good (but had a evil ripper side) and Daemon was the bad guy (with a good heart), then they would team up but then fall apart….well now its like watching a bunch of old married couples…everyone is so good, they dont feel 18-20 and wild anymore they feel….30 and domesticated. Vampires living on blood bags and talking about their feelings and crying and whining.
    In comes Caroline who is sexy and a badass, and now Stefan has turned off his humanity and the most entertaining version of him is on screen again. Pretty fun.

    I gotta say I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of the Enzo character and plot…people swore to kill him for being the most horrible guy ever and hes still alive? And his supposed vendetta against Stefan for not searching for Daemon for the rest of his life? LAME. Not only that but when was the last time he even talked to Daemon his supposed best buddy who he loves so much?

    • AnnieM says:

      Enzo is SO POINTLESS! If Stefan isn’t faking flipping the switch, maybe luck will be with us, and he’ll tear off Enzo’s head.

  12. chloe says:

    finally someone pointed out how self-absorbed elena is!! i love dark caroline, she’s awesome. this was an awesome episode but i can’t believe bacon is already heading south. i mean, can’t we just for once have everything going right for a change?

    • Kim&Bey says:

      ICYMI Caroline switched off humanity so there is nothing surprising about Caroline calling out Elena for being self-absorbed; funny you didn’t mention how she ripped into Bonnie earlier in the episode. This unwarranted Elena hate is exhausting if you do not understand why Elena said what she said to Caroline in that moment then there’s no hope for you too!!

      • Olsa says:

        Finally someone calls out an Elena hater! These people act like there’s no flaws whatsoever in any of the other characters. I’m not saying who anybody should and shouldn’t like but please realize there’s more to a character than what meets the eyes. And this hate seems to come from a lot of Caroline worshipers. Wake up call guys!!! Caroline is not that far from Elena!!! The only difference is that one is still in petty competition with her so called “friend”. Please don’t let your feelings for a character get in the way of possibly liking and enjoying another one.

        • Meyers says:

          Thank you for finally saying something about this “friendship” between Caroline and Elena. Overall it was just something as awkward as Delena these days. Caroline seemingly always Jealous that something happened to Elena and not her. Elena forgetting Caroline existed in most episodes (though most characters do do this a WHOLE lot). And hell yes almost all of this Elena hate comes from Caroline fans because their stuck in the same mindset as the character herself. Elena is by far one of the most interesting but yet because she “gets in the way” of any good fortune for Caroline she’s labeled as stupid or boring. But also I feel as if this season was dragged out WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY too long. Shoot, the whole story is. They have so many characters as well. And it’s pathetic how the whole show has no main story. It’s all made up of cringe worthy side stories. The writers do get me sometimes but most of my time spent in front of the tv watching that bull is just turning the channel of turning off the tv completely to avoid pathetic steroline or delena scenes. I don’t mean to insult these “huge” ships but c’mon! Delena was because practically everybody wanted it to happen and Steroline is just a weird, awkward, knockoff version of Delena! Forr all of you people who either love or loved these guys can’t you see how much they destroyed them to deliver this fan service?! This show is ridiculous!

          • Max says:

            I was starting to like Caroline. She seemed so strong and independent. I was also starting to love Elena too because of how empathetic she was and how she became strong when she needed to, but then they turned both of them weak and needy all for the sake of these ships… Stefan went from freeing himself off a leash to becoming a puppy who (creepily) followed Caroline everywhere. Other than becoming stale Damon is probably the only one who wasn’t drastically changed. The only character I absolutely love this season is Bonnie! She has became so brave and strong this season! But I do hope that instead of going with the flow that she puts her foot down and starts doing stuff when she feels she wants to or needs to. I don’t want them to just use her like they did since the beginning…

  13. murley says:

    Well humanityless Caroline is fun to watch. In fact the whole episode was fun to watch. I wondered if they would make Caroline with the switch flipped feel unique to her and they really did. And I am looking forward to next week. The Bonnie and Damon stuff was heartbreaking. I want to see what happens next with their friendship. I really hope there is more to come.

  14. Kim&Bey says:

    I loved this episode. For the first time in ages Caroline is interesting. Now with ripper Stefan on the loose, this is going to be crazy.
    I’m worried about Elena bringing Stefan back, will this not ignite Stelena. I’m hoping Damon is the one who gets to drag him back from the darkness, as for Caroline she can stay with her humanity off.
    What have they done to Kai..he’s now just ordinary, i miss his sarcasm and his psychotic nature.
    I really hope the reason Damon and Elena did not have scenes together has nothing to do with Ian not wanting to direct any intimate scenes with Nina.

  15. zed says:

    Right. Dark Steroline – sense a Bonnie and Clyde vibe there! When I just flick back at the rave bar scene when Stefan said that he should have told her that he LIKED her – ouch- says volumes how HE is not in love with her and it felt oh so very forced. When she flips the humanity switch back on, I hope she remembers that and that she is so much better than to be with a guy who just LIKES her.
    Next, Bonnie! Loved her new confused self. She will have loads to deal with. But, not being a push over is refreshing. Damon has a handful, that’s for sure- Momma ripper, Brother turned ripper again, his buddy Bonnie having emotional issues that he feels guilty about.
    And, I see that Bonnie is not impartial to Damon. Where there is smoke there will be fire!!

    Elena seriously can now go and have an adventure of her own somewhere. She needs an Original brother to spice up her character!!!

    I can see how they lead us to season 7 with this episode. I think major mayham is on the way!

  16. Lies says:

    I’m sorry but stefan knows that when he shuts off his humanity that damon and elena would try to help him, so he didn’t need to ask elena to help him like that. He also said just “remember” to bring me back, why does she needs to remember it? Because she is his trigger, come on people, yes it is been ages that we saw stelena on screen, but this is tvd and this show is about two brothers loving one girl. He maybe has feelings for caroline, but they will NEVER be as strong as what he felt for Elena, like stefan told Lexi, she is the love of my life and i would go back to her in a heartbeat, like stefan told elena in 5×18 i will always love you elena. So to all those people who are saying terrible things to all the stelena fans (who just got a little bit of hope) just open your eyes, stefan and elena were and maybe still are true love. She also is just starting to fall back in love with damon right? They are finding their way back to eachother, but this could also be the time that her feelings for stefan come back again, because with damon not telling elena about his mother.. That also could be a painfull thing, you never know anything can happen.

    • Euvee says:

      I love this. You just gave the part of my heart that is Stelena another spark of hope. I can’t imagine how thrilled I’ll be when Bamon and Stelena happen … *dies*

    • Kim&Bey says:

      I love my Delena since season 2 and to be honest this whole episode made me feel uneasy. There was way too much bonding btwn Stelena and Bamon for my liking. I thought Stefan would say he loves Caroline when he was trying to bring her back but he said he only liked her meaning if there’s still anyone he loves it’s Elena..
      Then don’t even get me started on that Bamon phone as far too sweet and cozy for two people who are just friends! OMG I really hope I’m wrong

  17. Nate says:

    Damn I love this Caroline & bonnie

  18. Mara says:

    Hated the episode and it was the straw that broke the camels back….done with the show and this repetitive boring plot device of turning off your humanity.

  19. Jammy says:

    I honestly found this episode disappointing! Humanity off Caroline was the only great thing about this episode! Blonde, beautiful, brilliant & badass! She was amazing and I enjoyed her!

    But the rest I hated it. The whole Salvatore mom story seems unnecessary to even explore!
    And Stefan trying to take the blame for Caroline’s change & trying to fix it by thinking confessing his feelings is the key was stupid! His hero complex has no stop! Always need to be the good guy! Caroline chose to switch off her humanity mainly because she couldnt handle her mom’s death, Stefan not confessing played only a little part, like the final push that’s all so Stefan you can stop!
    Elena’s facial emotions/expressions were horrible & it was obvious Caroline was searching for smth in Enzo’s jacket when she was acting like seducing him !

    Im a TVD fan but the show isnt going well. The story plot arent good or interest peaking. With the way S6 is going, it’s worrisome just thinking about S7!

  20. Amber says:

    Couldn’t they get an Original to make them turn their humanity back on?

    This show has turned into nothing but awful plot devices and repetitive (which equals bad) writing. I wish they would end it.

  21. Katie says:

    Okay, well I actually don’t agree with anyone lol. Caroline sans Humanity just didn’t work for me. I love Caroline, and I get why people would think her behavior was cool and dynamic, but to me she just came off…. Like, self-righteous and horrible. I LOVE Elena, (her going vampire did WONDERS for her likability imo) and I can be protective of her character sometimes, but in actuality, it was Caroline (and, really, everyone’s) treatment of Bonnie that I found reprehensible. The girl JUST came back from the dead, and what’s the first thing on the agenda? Gotta work to bring my friend back to the light side, and save my OTHER friend’s mother from the same kind of place that I just escaped from, after being trapped there for months. I get where Damon is coming from, and I understand that he wants to save his mother, but thrusting a reconciliation with Kai on her when she’s barely had time to process was really just plain dumb, and more than slightly selfish. I do agree with everyone about Stefan’s humanity flip, like how hard would it have been for him to fake it? Maybe it’ll turn out that he was. Anyway, it was a good episode, I just don’t care for humanityless!Caroline. I hope she flips her switch back soon, or they let her kill someone. Dealing with the emotional repercussions of that would be very interesting.

  22. kim says:

    the whole “humanity switch” thing is sooooo old!!!! can they please think of something new?!?

  23. Maryann says:

    Fantastic directing job from Ian Somerhalder! The episode had a three dimensionality, depth, and intensity that I can’t recall seeing before in The Vampire Diaries.

    That said, I think the writers made some questionable choices. Did they really want to make Caroline do in her grief the one thing that would disappoint her mom the most, turning her humanity off? To me, this just makes her seem shallow. She didn’t learn anything from Elena’s experience with going to extreme measures to avoid grief? And she really thought she could predict how she would behave with her humanity switch turned off? What if she had killed Sara? How would she ever live with herself if she ever turned her switch on again? And how would she live with herself if forcing Stefan to turn his switch off turned him back into a Ripper? Elena at least tried to cope with Damon’s death; Caroline didn’t even give it a effort.

    • Leeeeeeeee says:

      she tried to cope by using magical drugs to still see him and threatening luke when he tried to cut her off?Girl what show are you watching?lol and technically Caroline didnt kill anyone(disappoint her mother) she even told them if they leave her alone.. and give her a yr she’ll be “good” as long as they dont try anything… and then they tried something and she kept her word. For once… they should have listened to Elena and just let her have her year lol

  24. Essie says:

    Ian directed this episode very good! The dark vibe was back and I’m loving it!

    I hope Bonnie and Damon’s friendship will last. And yesss, let’s not melt of that pretty face of Kai haha. I don’t know what to think of Caroline, her acting was very good but I don’t know if I like the direction her character is going… And Stefan turning off his humanity again? I hoped he faked it to get Caroline to stop but that wasn’t the case. Or maybe he is faking it and keeping on the charade to eventually trick Caroline to turn back on her humanity switch… On the other hand, could be interesting to see Elena trying to get Stefan back, maybe she’s his Lexi now… They have always had a strong bond no matter what. But that doesn’t have to mean they are meant to be together romantically. Bonnie is clearly very hurt by what happend to her, interesting to see. Even if she will come to believe that Kai changed he still did all those things to her, there’s no excuse for that. Go Bonnie!

  25. Melly Mel says:

    I was so excited for a turned off Caroline, now we have a turned off Caroline AND Stefan???? Mind officially blown!!! They’ll definitely be my favorite villains and I hope they’ll be mischievous for a little while. I honestly was getting a little bored this season but TVD writers knocked this one out the park! The only thing that could make this better is if they bring back Damon’s and Stefan’s mom and she, Stefan, and Caroline become an awesome trifecta of complete destruction lol. But please make Damon and Bonnie friends again, I loved that! And can I say a merged Kai is pretty damn hot. I can definitely see him being forgiven and incorporated in the group in the VERY distant future lol. Hey, if season 1 Damon can find forgiveness, I don’t see why Kai can’t!

  26. betsym says:

    I’m LOVING dark Caroline’s rave hair! When the nice girl comes back, can we keep it?? Please??

  27. Leeeeeeeee says:

    Caroline Forbes you little show stealer you, at the beginning of the ep. I was iffy on ” crazy Caroline” but from the middle to the end OH BABY YES! I went from pffft Caroline isnt gonna kill anyone one, to omg she’s figgin Crazy!!!! Ian did a great job directing, and I cannot wait to see the craziness(it was so crazy I cant stop saying crazy!!)that Stefan and Caroline are gonna bring. This dare I say it might have been the best TVD ep ever and I’ve been a loyal fan from the beginning!That scene with Caroline on the bar, the bamon followed by Bonnie making him feel what kai did to her, that last scene with Steroline at the bar!!!! CRAZY,CRAZY, CRAZY!!! And I loved it ;-)

  28. Liz says:

    This is the first episode in a long while where I enjoyed something other than Kat Graham killing it is Bonnie. Granted, that was still the highlight of the episode for me, but I also liked everything else.
    Dark Caroline was fun, but mostly because it was the first time in a long time where it seemed like Candace was actually enjoying herself. Not that I can blame her, given the awful storyline’s they’ve given Caroline this season.
    I wonder if Stefan actually turned off his humanity or if he’s just faking it. Is it possible to fake it or would Caroline somehow know that he didn’t really do it? Either way, you know Paul is going to have fun with next week’s episode. The only time he appears to enjoy himself on this show is when he’s playing dark.
    But once again, Kat Graham stole the show as Bonnie. I’ve waited for scenes like this since season 2. Bonnie finally standing up for herself to one of her so-called friends! Bonnie finally just having it with being everyone’s go-to hero! Her scenes with Kai and Damon were extraordinary. I felt so bad for her when the episode began and it was clear she was not okay, yet no one noticed because once again she was no one’s priority. And it was heartbreaking how happy she was when Damon called her because she was relived she could finally drop the act for a moment with the one person who might understand some of what she went through. But he didn’t. Which is exactly why he caved and brought Kai to see her. And Bonnie’s realization of that – that no one can even begin to understand what she through – was devastating. But instead of instantly forgiving Damon, she actually put herself first and let him know that she was in pain. Ian and Kat were incredible in that scene and I can’t wait to see how things develop from here. If their friendship continues, I would really like to see Damon WORK to earn back Bonnie’s trust.
    I hate that the show cared so little about Jeremy and Bonnie’s relationship that they send Jeremy away in the episode before Bonnie returned so we were denied a reunion scene. I have mixed feelings about their relationship but Jeremy was the only person who actually gave a crap about Bonnie in the last few seasons and the only one who actually helped her get home from that prison world. I can only hope that if Kat decides to leave at the end of the season, the show writes her off to go vampire hunting with Jeremy. It would be a great way for New Bonnie to channel all her anger and pain.

  29. Torella says:

    Odd taht even if this episode is an episode most fans loved after some bad episodes, the ratings hit low for the show

  30. Am says:

    How i wish that klaus will go back to mystic falls and see what’s happening to caroline! #klaroline.

    • Anna says:

      For real tho, he would probably compel her to turn it on or try to be her emotional trigger even tho stefan is

  31. Sandra says:

    I loved the sparks in Bonnies eyes when Damon called her and when she saw him :)

  32. Ari says:

    Caroline calling out Elena for making everything about herself was my favorite thing ever.

  33. Gina says:

    I loved the episode, Ian did a great job directing. Although, I HATE the fact that Stefan flipped his humanity switch, I have a pretty good feeling that Steroline will start back up again :) Bonnie is upsetting me i can’t find reasons to like her anymore.Elena now needs to bring both Caroline and Stefan back but I don’t know how well that will go. I think that Kai is putting on a face I think hes just trying to win back trust to break it again because that’s just Kai (Even though i love him) This episode was a huge turning point and switch up but i absolutely Love it and cannot wait until next episode!!

  34. Baileigh says:

    Was I the only one who saw no difference between Vampire Caroline with her humanity and Vampire Caroline without her humanity? She is still the self-obsessed little girl she was before she was turned. If she had turned off her humanity why did she still care that her mother was dead? Why did she still care that Stefan didn’t love her the way he loves Elena? Caroline already pushed the envolpe by kidnapping and almost murdering Sarah, if she does in fact succeed in killing someone she will never be able to forgive herself and neither will anyone else on the canvas. I would not be surprised if they end up killing Caroline off by the end of the season.

  35. 221bsam says:

    So, TVD thought it was a great episode, Candice had so many great lines, I especially liked “hey you’re the boy I forgot existed” ~ Caroline with her switch flipped was very fun to watch (even if just her hair)
    I love how complex Enzo is, he will toy with Sarah but he has ethics when it comes to Caroline.. I know, I know, none of us are really sure why he’s still around but, that tickled me..
    Can’t talk about Damon & Elena as there was none, not even a conversation, make of that what you will considering the director (nuff’ said)
    So Lily is a vampire, I have to admit to being slightly disappointed with that, though the “Rippah!” (said like JoMo) tendency being genetic makes sense. I’m not sure if Stef has really flicked his switch, what do you think? When Stefan was drinking human blood in season 1 is when I started to like him, it made him less two dimensional.
    One thing, how was Caroline compelling Liam over the phone with no eye contact?
    Don’t really care about Bonnie, she’s just there & her & Damon as friends just feels so forced, pretty obvious the actors wanted that.
    I know lot of people were annoyed by Ian Somerhalder at the weekend (myself included)~ his “please separate real life from TV” sermon & “oh hey look, here’s my real life fiancé that has no reason to be on stage with me at a TVD con” looks like they put their money where their mouth is when it comes to ratings.. you want to put people’s back up & act like a hypocrite? you reap what you sow (PS I could not give a monkeys about his personal life)
    A solid episode, I love Ian’s style, made up for the snoozefest that was The Originals this week…

  36. GABRIEL says:

    Candice is the worst actress I ever seen

  37. Chantall says:

    Ok..notice how some if the most epic scenes of this season doesnt involve elena? I love that the writers are shining the light more on the other realy i know enzo is good looking but damn him and tyler have no plot