It's Official: Mike & Molly, 2 Broke Girls and Mom Renewed at CBS

Mom Renewed Season 3 CBS

After about 24 hours of social media-fed rumors, fans of CBS comedies can now officially rejoice: Mom, Mike & Molly and 2 Broke Girls all will be back for another season, the network confirmed Thursday.

The Anna Faris-Allison Janney comedy was renewed for Season 3, the Billy Gardell-Melissa McCarthy sitcom will return for its sixth go-around, and Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs will keep slinging hash for a fifth season.

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The news leaked out Wednesday via Twitter and Instagram posts from people connected with both series (though the Instagram post was later removed).

Are you excited about the renewals? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. magsmcdee says:

    Mom is one of the funniest, most underrated shows on TV. Catch it if you haven’t yet.

    • TV Gord says:

      I wouldn’t have said that in season one, but season two has taken off! It’s a really terrific show now.

  2. Irene says:

    So glad I love Mike and Molly. Have watched it from the beginning. And Mom is also good.

  3. BrightLight says:

    YAY! I adore both shows so this is great news for me and for everyone involved with them.

  4. doris says:

    I enjoy Mom and Mike & Molly. This is good news!

  5. ed says:

    I have no idea why CBS put MOM at 9:30out of a big bang rerun? why not 9? i just think it can hurt it.

    • Tran says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing. CBS should put Mom in the 9 p.m. Thursday night time slot now that Two and a Half Men is officially ending its 12 year run on the air (thank goodness if it wasn’t for those insane numbers in the series finale).

    • TV Gord says:

      BBT reruns still do better than most fresh sitcoms.

    • Mel says:

      BBT reruns are a good lead-in to any show.

  6. DJ Doena says:

    Yay for Mom.

    Stopped watching M&M after it became clear that Molly got a personality downgrade to be more slapstick-y like McCarthy’s summer movie roles.

    • TV Gord says:

      Yes, they really ruined the show in season two. It’s hard to watch now.

    • David4 says:

      EXACTLY. McCarthy is Gilmore Girls was funny and outrageous and silly, but it was fun. Now everything she does is so over the top it’s just not enjoyable.

      • grandmal006 says:

        I use to like M&M. But to me Molly,has gotten to bossy. She has to boss her sister, mother, Mike and tries to boss Mike’s mother. To me just not funny.

  7. The Watcher says:

    I loved Mike & Molly from Day #1, but after the “retooling” and the baby disappeared, I kinda lost my interest in following along. Very happy they got another season.

    • Mel says:

      Your statements seem a little contradictory. You don’t like the show anymore but you’re happy they were renewed???

  8. Tran says:

    That’s good news to me but I really hope that 2 Broke Girls should be next because it’s been improving this season and Kat Dennings & Beth Behrs are still at their best. BTW, stop complaining about 2 Broke Girls as a show that’s NOT funny.

    • Patrick says:

      I know, right? I’m not always proud of myself for laughing, but I do laugh a lot.

    • WTF says:

      I don’t generally find 2 Broke Girls that funny but I watch it because I really like the lead actresses and their relationship on the show. They really save the show.

      • BrightLight says:

        That’s EXACTLY how I feel about the show! Glad I’m not alone.

      • CountryQueen says:

        That’s why we watch too. We usually say, during each episode, that it’s the worst show we watch – it is just so dumb most of the time – but we like the actors so we keep watching.

        • Puchinsmom says:

          LOVED 2 Broke Girls the first year. I called it my guilty pleasure. I thought it was silly, but I laughed a lot anyhow. And I also liked the lead actresses and their relationship as well. The show had heart to me, even in it’s goofiness! Second year I stopped watching halfway through. It was mean spirited and the sex jokes were worse than bad. The Amish thing was almost embarrassing.
          Third season got funny again. I liked the school stuff, and I liked Max’s boyfriend. This year I gave up. And it made me sad. Used to be a good bet for a laugh. Everything was a stupid sex reference, or a short Han joke.(although the scene in S3 with the Jockeys was a crack up),Lost the funny and the heart. Hope if it’s improving that I haven’t missed anything good.

          • Nichole says:

            I agree with you about this season, it feels like they got a whole new writing staff. The places the show was going last year with Max (BF, school ect) was really good, this year it feels like it took a step backwards and is trying too hard. Hopefully it finds it’s feet again soon, close to giving it up as not enjoying it very much at the moment.

  9. Pat says:

    I am so happy to hear this about both of these shows. Thank You, CBS!

  10. LE says:

    Very very happy for MOM!!! love that show, hope that 2 Broke Girls is next

  11. hello says:

    So weird how CBS is renewing shows this year, they usually just renew every sure thing around February

  12. Has The Good Wife been renewed yet? I know it’s highly probable that it gets a finale 7 season, but is it already confirmed?

  13. Josh Emerson says:

    So glad Mom was renewed. Great show! Very underrated.

  14. So glad Mom was renewed, great cast.

  15. Shirley Jackson says:

    i wish person of interest can be move to Monday’s nights to me it look much much better ratings

  16. cdhaskell says:

    I am glad that CBS renewal Moms and Mike/Molly for the new season.

  17. Donald Presnall says:

    What about 2 Broke Girls?

  18. Tran says:

    My bold predictions on the CBS shows that should get renewed and the shows that should get canceled. RENEWED: 2 Broke Girls, NCIS, NCIS: LA, Criminal Minds, Elementary and possibly both Hawaii Five-O and The Odd Couple. CANCELED: Stalker, The McCarthys and Battle Creek. CBS shows that should get proper final seasons: CSI, The Good Wife, Person of Interest and possibly Blue Bloods. CSI: Cyber remains in question.

    • BrightLight says:

      I wouldn’t be shocked if CSI:Cyber doesn’t make it as it’s plots are not as strong or interesting as it’s predecessors. (Frankly I’ve been bored by the first two eps.) If it does I think it’ll be another 13 ep mid-season show. Of course I think the last CSI I liked was Miami so that goes to prove I’m not the best judge of these things. ;)

    • Zenobia Jackson says:

      CSI doesn’t need or deserve a final season…that show has really run its course. CSI: Cyber is a terrible show and it should go away. Patricia Arquette should just resurrect MEDIUM. CSI: NO is not very good either and i don’t understand its success…the cast is horrible.

      • Tran says:

        Gimme a break Z Jackson. You’re no Nina Tassler and you could go whine and complain all you want. Think I’m lying?!

        • WhatGives says:

          Neither are you and you never will be. And yes she is free to whine and complain all she wants about shows she doesn’t like, just like you do every single day. Fair is fair. Who thinks you’re lying? Why do you always gang up on someone who doesn’t like your opinions?
          ITA with her about CSI: Cyber, it’s awful and I feel sorry for the great actors involved because they deserve better writing. I’ve set through two episodes and that’s all I can handle.

          • Tran says:

            Why you still doing here WhatGives? Yesterday you whine and complain about the mean things I’ve said about The Price is Right and today you at it AGAIN? Stop making up your own conspiracy theories and excuses because you’re still a liar and a true hypocrite and for the second day in a row, I demand an apology from you and I mean it but if you don’t accept my apology, I’ll go all Jack Bauer on you.

      • Rex Webster says:

        ??????? CSI:NO–um, do you mean NCIS:NO, or are you watching a show that doesn’t exist anywhere but in your mind? If you are going to complain about a show–try and get it’s name right. SMDH.

      • tomus225 says:

        That would be NCIS NO not CSI NO. This is a spin off of Gibbs – #1 show on TV! It’s good but I’m a Southern girl so love all things NO!

    • Joy Davidson says:

      If CBS so much as touches Stalker I’m done watching CBS. Stalker is the only new show aside from Scorpion that I really enjoy. I wish CBS would not be so quick to cancel good shows. They are already on thin ice with me.

  19. worthymagic says:

    I don’t watch either. Congrats to both.

  20. WMJ4520 says:

    Guess all those Charlie Sheen worshippers who were convinced that Lorre’s complete take down of Chuckles the clown in the Two and Half finale would result in a reversal of fortune for Lorre were wrong….as usual.

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    do Twojej firmy, czyli zmienia kolory według Twojego życzenia, wstawia nazwę i hasło firmowe.

    • JenInChicago says:

      I said this myself just this morning.

      (I kid, I kid…)

    • Mel says:

      “Choose one of the projects, and the company adjusts it to your business, that changes colors according to your wishes, insert company name and password.”

      OK, sure, whatever you say

  22. Qgirl says:

    I am so happy to hear this news. Now can we find out if Elementary will get picked up?

  23. Tran says:

    YES! YES! YES! Very happy to see 2BG getting renewed for a fifth season. Looks like the Kat Dennings-Beth Behrs sitcom is going to past 100 episodes. CONGRATS!!

  24. Libby says:

    My opinion: three of the worst shows on tv

  25. Lizo says:

    Yay!!!!! 2 Broke Girls is one of my favourite sitcoms!

  26. ChicagoDan says:

    LOL @ ‘off the bubble’ – except for MM’s contract, M&M was never in any danger. It has been solid even when it was the ONLY new show on a night surrounded by repeats.

  27. brandydanforth81 says:

    Yay 2 BGs ,used to like M&M due to Meslissa before the retooling.

  28. beergas says:

    Cool love all 3. LIke Battle Creek a lot.

  29. WhatGives says:

    @Tran – I guess the reason why I’m still here is because I can be. The reason you are still here is a mystery to me because this is the second time in 18 hours you’ve threatened to “go all Jack Bauer on me” which means you want to harm me, which is illegal.
    I still don’t know what I’ve said which leads you to believe I’m a liar and a hypocrite and frankly I don’t want to know because it’s clear there is something wrong with you and I hope you get some kind of help.

    • Tran says:

      Are you about to throw a temper tantrum at me? Are you making a serious threat about the mean things I’ve said? Are you still the bully you were since yesterday? Are you not going to accept my apology for the very last time or you don’t? Are you really mad at me or are you telling the truth? I will never hear from you ever again if I’m going to see one more rude comment from you and I will never EVER apologize to you because you’re bullied me. Stop mimicking the things I’ve said because it hurts my feelings and you don’t want that from me because you’re so mean.

      • WhatGives says:

        How exactly is one expected to accept an apology from you when you clearly stated you will never apologize ? So over your drama.

  30. Torella says:

    I wonder when CBS will start annoucing the status of the drama shows. Im in anguish not to know what will happen to CSI, H50, Stalker, NCIS, Criminal Minds

    • Mark says:

      Stalker is dead NCIS and Criminal Minds are safe the other 2 are on the bubble

      • Torella says:

        It is official that Stalker is dead? I havent heard or read anything about it. I heard that there are 3 episodes pending that for the moment the network wont air, probably there is a chance?

        And also how H50 is on the bubble?

  31. Karyn Mucklow says:

    Yeah for MOMOMOMOMOMOM!!!!!!!

  32. donaldjsa says:

    Yes Tran that makes me very happy

  33. Jim J. says:

    All the “good” CBS comedies getting renewed today. “The Big Bang Theory” sure has its friends in high places. (This does not include “The Odd Couple”, unfortunately.)

  34. Keith says:

    Happy for the 2 Broke Girls and Mom renewals.

  35. Pat Veach-Lentz says:

    Mike and Molly is one of the dirtiest shows ever on TV. I watched it twice, as I love the actors, but had to give it up, as it’s just too dirty. What a shame.

  36. sammie2159 says:

    what happened to Nana on Mike and Molly?

  37. So tired of things like 2 Broke Girls being picked to stay on TV over Stalker, a very very good program! Also the McCarthy’s was hilarious! It’s getting cancelled too! Ugh

  38. Sarah Garner says:

    2 Broke Girls is the most foul mouth comedy show on T.V. Cant believe it comes on so early. and cant believe its been renewed another Season.Just who are you listening to on these ratings?

  39. Chloe says:

    I am really glad they renewed Mike and Molly. The show is really funny. But why they ever renewed 2 broke girls I will never ever be able to figure out. They cancel really good shows and leave this worthless crap on. I wish they would just put it out of it’s misery so we don’t have to keep asking…. Why, WHY, Why is it still on!

  40. JLH says:

    All three of these shows are some of the most disgusting things to ever be shoved into the faces of decent Americans, in my lifetime. So many people seem to like these shows, and it sickens me as to how much our society has degenerated into a herd of pigs mentality. What is wrong with people, anymore?

    • TV Gord says:

      Yet you seem to still be watching. That’s kind of fascinating.

      I’ll agree that 2 Broke Girls is a sleaze fest, but if you don’t see the great stuff that has been done on Mom (especially!) or Mike and Molly has done this year, then I think you really need to re-watch these episodes with more of an open mind.

      I know you’ll be tempted to hurl insults at me, but really, I think you missed the point of these shows.

      • TV Gord says:

        The relationship that has developed between Molly and Mike’s mom this year has kind of won me over (I binged-watch those episodes earlier this month).

  41. donna says:

    This is one show CBS could dump.

  42. When will CBS realize Two Broke Girls can be a good show if they replace the writers? Are the writers so disdained from reality that they think all the sexual innuendos are necessary to write a good show? I like the show but I don’t understand why they are trying to slowly kill it with there poor writing, honestly, I really believe the writers for this show have no clue how to write a good script. It’s a shame they have predetermined the shows doom over their lack of writing skills.

  43. I just looked at the new fall schedule and I don’t see 2 Broke Girls or Mike and Molly.

  44. Jana says:

    I am overjoyed that Mom and Mike and Molly are coming back, but when are they going to begin? I am still waiting.

  45. Dan says:

    I don’t know what it is about 2BG but I can’t not watch it, lol. It is just so bad and corny…I love it. By far my favorite character is Sophie…they should give her her own spinoff, I would wath the crap out of that.

  46. maria decker says:

    people need shows like this because they are funny and with everything else in the world going on we need to relax and laugh. this is good therapy for everyone young and old. we need more shows like this instead of goofy reality shows.

  47. Please renew mike and molly . I really love this show it Is a great plot. Two fall in love and lose weight together. I also really love two broke girls the show is awesome please please renew this show too . Also please bring back the McCarthys the show. I really can relate to all these shows.

  48. Renee Castillo says:

    I am so happy that my favorite shows have been renewed for another season. I was extremely upset when Mike and molly got cancelled and now I can continue to laugh my butt off for another season. Thank you for renewing some real funny tv shows.