Arrow Photos: Dig and Lyla's Wedding Day Arrives, Oliver Clashes With Ray

Looks like Ray Palmer will be suiting up as more than just the Atom during Diggle and Lyla’s wedding on Arrow.

In the following photos from the March 25 episode, titled “Suicidal Tendencies,” Felicity’s new guy also appears to be officiating the nuptials.

But somehow, we don’t think that gig is what’s got him and best man Oliver facing off in their costumes.

As executive producer Marc Guggenheim previously teased, Ray will “go about things in a very different way than the Arrow does. And he’s not a part of Team Arrow. Right now, he’s just a very smart guy in a very, very powerful suit. Oliver’s definitely going to have an opinion, and the first instance of that will be in Episode 317.”

Click through the gallery to check out everyone dressed in their finest — baby Sara! — then hit the comments with your thoughts on Dig’s big day. (Felicity totally caught the bouquet, didn’t she?)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Riana says:

    It looks Ray is officiating the wedding.

  2. John NYC says:


    The woman does rock red!

  3. GirlvsTV says:

    Ray looks ridiculous. So tired of him.

  4. Is it me or has Arrow gone off the boil? I’m enjoying The Flash far more and Green Arrow is my favourite all time DC hero…

    • A Bis Mal says:

      Agreed. Move Felicity to the Flash and can this turkey.

    • kath says:

      Arrow has been writing to plot and superhero costumes instead of characterization all season. It’s really hurt the show.

      • Rob Watkins says:

        Shame on them for writing superhero costumes on a superhero show and a plot instead of the soap opera.

        I know a lot of people separate character from drama, but they are symbiotic.

        • kath says:

          The show has never shied away from writing soap opera, just look at the Oliver/Laurel/Tommy triangle and Thea’s drug-taking in season one.

          The problem is that this year it’s bad soap opera — Sara gets arrowed, dumpstered, fridged like a Monty Python skit so that Laurel can become the Black Canary but the only one actually looking for her killer is Felicity. But it gets Laurel into her costume so who cares?

          Ray is stalkery and has boundary issues, as Brandon Routh admitted, and Felicity is kicked out of Team Arrow when Oliver and Diggle talk for no good reason but it means she’s free to sleep with Ray and help him get his new costume so who cares if it doesn’t make sense?

          Malcolm Merlyn deliberately sets the LoA against Oliver and the daughter he swears he loves, and then Oliver saves him while Thea is pleading with him not to at the cost of his life but hey, it’s gets Ra’s on screen so just forget the lack of logic.

          Marc Guggenheim keeps promising that this plot will all make sense but after 15 episodes I still don’t see it.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            I don’t mind the drug addiction stuff. That’s not soapy for me, but I wasn’t a big fan of love triangles. I don’t mind relationships, just not when it overwhelms the broth. Sara getting killed was fine to me. That’s not soap opera, that’s drama. Don’t use the term fridged, a female dying doesn’t make it fridging just because you like her.

            Ray is no more stalkery than any romantic comedy is inappropriate. I hardly see how him doing what he does is worse than Oliver killing criminals in the first season nearly left and right. Yes, in real life, there would be boundary issues, but this isn’t real life, so they can take some liberties. Felicity being with Ray makes a lot of sense.

            You have the worst blinders when it comes to Felicity I’ve ever come across. No one kicked anyone out. Diggle wanted the room clear. He wasn’t yelling, he wasn’t disrespectful. He wanted to talk to Oliver alone.

            Of course Oliver isn’t going to listen to his sister. This isn’t some issue of respecting her wishes, she sent someone off to die.

          • kath says:

            I wrote that Sara was fridged because she was literally put in a freezer at Verdant in ep 302 while they decided what to do with her body. However, it is also true in the Gail Simon sense, that she died so that Oliver and Laurel could have storylines.

            Brandon Routh was the one who talked about Ray stalking Felicity.

            Why shouldn’t Oliver listen to his sister? She’s an adult and she was the one who was hurt by Malcolm, who drugged her and forced her to murder Sara. That will always be on her conscience. After killing 512 people, maybe Malcolm should die so he doesn’t kill anyone else. It’s not Oliver’s decision to make since Thea is the injured party.
            Diggle didn’t yell but he did tell Felicity to leave, twice, so he could talk to Oliver alone. That’s the definition of kicking her out. He never did that in s1 or s2.

    • Kim&Bey says:

      I feel Arrow is overcrowded, too many wannabe heroes! When Roy challenged Oliver , I was like F this, who does he think he is! And don’t even get me started on Laurel!

      • Luis says:

        I definitely feel an overcrowding vibe, with the Ray, Laurel, Thea/Malcolm and Ra’sAl Ghul storylines, in addition to the flashbacks. Diggle and Lance have basically been sidelined to make room for Ray.

      • Lizzie says:

        Uhm no Flash is equally overcrowd. We are getting villains left and right. The only reason ray is sticking around is because of the setup of the new series. And putting Olicity on hold cuz of course that’s a season long story. But I do agree that this season is a lot slower than last. Not bad but not as good as last season.

  5. Kim&Bey says:

    Can’t wait for the ATOM centered series to start…Ray rocks! Arrow on the other hand is slowly losing it’s grip!

  6. kath says:

    Diggle, Lyla and the baby are adorable.

    I’m not looking forward to Oliver vs Ray at all, neither over fighting nor Felicity. Why must shows ruin what’s good?

  7. Tanner says:

    Ummm can someone explain WHY Ray is officiating the wedding? He, Diggle, and Lyla haven’t even had a scene together.

    Just a plot device to get everyone in the same room to create drama. Come on writers, yall are better than that.

  8. Azerty says:

    Am I the only one who want Deadshot at the wedding? Last I remember he kinda became like a frennemy to Diggle, he could have brought a lot of fun! Anyway I can’t wait for Ray to have his own show. I don’t dislike the character but like a lot of people said the show is overcrowded and Atom took to much screentime already.

  9. Rachel says:

    Wait….Felicity catches the bouquet? Oy vey

    • cody says:

      ya but in the same picture has his hand basically on laurels butt so im thinking going for and olicity/olaurel triangle which is fine with me because it means they are getting to closer to stopping the trainwreck that is the most flashed(super speeded) up realationship i think a show as ever had because in literally 3 episodes he went from loving laurel to saying i love you to felicity then going on a date with felicity in the last aka episodes 2.22, 2.23, and 3.01 but hey what’s logic to the arrow this season but it is still a good show

  10. April Breck says:

    The guy Lyla does not know at all, and Dig barely knows and has every reason to dislike, is officiating their wedding. That just makes perfect sense. It’s not like, if they need a last-minute officiant, Laurel the ADA couldn’t call one of the judges she knows or anything.

    This show is really taking stupid and boring to extreme lengths this season.

  11. saku says:

    I hate love triangles… always have always will… i am interested in seeing the new spin off and getting to know ray another way than felicity’s love interiest/rebound… i feel as though he will be an interesting character but arrow isn’t doing him justice. Please just give up on the felicity/oliver/ray triangle… it’s really boring and teenager ishh… put oliver and felicity together, give them real adult obstacles to overcome and make them prevail!

    • Josh says:

      I totally agree!

    • Rob Watkins says:

      Oliver working with his enemy and Felicity disagreeing is an adult obstacle.

      • BBussey says:

        Rob, you’re wasting your breath. Haters are gonna hate. The very vocal online minority that is always trashing the show overlooks the fact that the ratings are the strongest they’ve ever been. They won’t be happy until Oliver and Felicity hit the sheets, which in my opinion is never going to happen. So they will continue to whine the rest of this season and beyond, while the show will continue to be a ratings success for the network.

        • Mar says:

          The ratings have in fact been going down fairly steadily since the cross-over episodes.

          • Lila says:

            The ratings are actually the best they’ve ever been in a loooong time. Maybe not as high as the actual crossover episode, but safely above the 1.0 mark.

    • LIL says:

      Yes I agree with your last sentence regarding the Oliver/Ray/Felicity thing, it’s getting tiresome watching this triangle. I don’t like the constant anger between Felicity & Oliver, I hate watching Arrow when there is so much anger between them. Please!!! can we at least have them be friends until their couple moment arrives because they will be a couple eventually, I do believe this very strongly.

  12. Dmac says:

    Seriously, Ray is officiating? Do they really need to incorporate him into every story??

  13. Ella says:

    Laurel looks fantastic. I, for one, love Ray, I really hope he sticks around. The chemistry between him and Felicity is amazing and he’s a great character – sexy, funny and smart in equal measure.

  14. The Squatch says:

    Woooooooah… Wait a minute. Holy crud! Roy can read!?!?!?!

  15. Amanda P. says:

    I love the Ray character with Felicity. For me it’s the only thing that makes sense this season. But ultimately he’ll move on to his own show and the Olicity zealots can chill out.

  16. Sil says:

    This looks like fun. Compared to the endless episodes of drama. Unnecessary drama IMO. I get that Arrow theme for the season is identity, but, this season is dragging and not my type of thing to watch. That’s why Flash is interesting to watch, lots of mixture of drama and comedy. Felicity brings that to Arrow. I love Flash and Arrow, but, this season more of Flash for me. Love Diggle. He needs to be more central to the stories. Ray is a fun character lost in all the drama of a love triangle. One of my least favorite stories TV shows use. Hope to watch some fun for a change. Hope for this episode to be a good one. Looking forward to it.