Grey's Sneak Peek: Is There Proof that Meredith Is Better Off Without Derek?

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Way to go, Jo!

In this exclusive sneak peek from Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, 8/7c), Alex’s girlfriend lets slips with a not-easily-dismissed fact about Meredith’s performance as a surgeon ever since… well, since Derek left for D.C.

What does Mer herself make of the remarkable revelation? And does she see a correlation? This is where you press play, stat!

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  1. Cass says:

    I really can’t stand Meredith this season. She just keeps becoming more and more like her mother. She’s driven her husband away, she doesn’t really care that she has another sisters, she doesn’t spend any time with her kids, the only thing that she seems to care about is surgery.

    • RUCookie says:

      right – she drove her husband away! Sure….

    • D. says:

      The way I see it, it’s Derek who wanted to go, she just let him gobecause, let’s be real, he would have resented her for the rest of his life is she hadn’t. Too easy to blame it on her when HE decided his all family should have moved far away because of his ambition…

      • Traci says:

        He stayed after her backing out of the move at the very last minute (second time she has done this to him) then is a shrew when he stays. She told him to get out and go, so yes, she drove him away.

        • H says:

          The first time didn’t happen, his hand was a mess after the plane crash. The second time, after agreeing on taking the backseat and focusing on the kids he made a decision and told her “we’re moving”.

          • Cass says:

            The first episode of this season, they were going to move to DC together, she told him she wasn’t going to go, and at the last minute he changed his mind because he wanted to be there for his family. That somehow pissed her off even more and after several weeks of fighting, she yelled at him and basically demanded he go.

          • Cee says:

            Agreed. Derek TOTALLY bailed on their promise. He’s had a track record of running away their entire relationship. When Meredith wants to stay and fight. He wanted to move after the plane crash when their entire lives were literally in shambles. Her best friend moved away, her sister died, and she has PTSD, but she chose to stay in Seattle because she thought it was best for her family. He wanted to go to D.C weeks after promising Meredith that he wouldn’t take on big projects, and cut back on his surgeries to give her a chance to start her career. That’s not fair. And then he makes snide comments to her everyday about how she needs to start showing that HIS sacrifice to not go to D.C for her career was worth it, says she’s like her mother as an insult, and tries to get his own sister fired because he’s jealous. Until he gets his crap together, I say good riddance, because no one should feel like they’re inferior to their husband.

  2. if meredith were truly a doctor in real life, i’d be a little worried, since it sounds as though she’s battling some sort of cold/laryngitis.
    and i don’t care what kind of streak she’s on – i want patrick dempsey back on my tv screen.

    • wanda henry says:

      yep me too They need to get back together, Meredith and Derek make the whole show and there is not much left

  3. Kar says:

    shes awful, shes her cold mother.

  4. Whatevah says:

    When is Derek coming back??? I miss him. And all I can say to Meredith/Ellen is boy the writing for you has sucked the last 2 years.

    • Sarah says:

      Is Patrick Dempsey off filming something else or did he just want a break from the show?

      • H says:

        No he isn’t filming anything else, he is sorting out a divorce from his wife.
        Also his new contract was for less episodes so he can go racing.

      • Chris says:

        He’s not filming anything else. Patrick openly admits he would rather be racing than be on Grey’s Anatomy. It’s obvious that this break is his wish because it allows him to have time for the things he is actually interested in and he doesn’t have to rush back to LA to shoot scenes for GA.

  5. Tahina says:

    Yeah, Callie and Meredith both are better off without their significant others. Amen!

  6. Rose says:

    Of course Meredith is going to be cold and heartless like her mother– Shonda has said this show is about her journey to become surgeon and finding out if she has to be like her mother to do be as great as her mother. The whole series has been Meredith fighting against the grain by creating her own family from her friends, developing a relationship with Lexi, fighting for the man of her dreams and making it work, by balancing work and being surgeon better than her mother did. Now she is getting in touch with the other side– being selfish and striving for professional greatness– just like Ellis, Derrick, Christina, Preston etc.

    So her question is what is better for her? Is professional greatness but a life alone like her mothers worth it? Is getting mommy-tracked and being all the things that Christina accused her of better for her?

    This season is not focused on Meredith but her story line is a real turning point for the character.

  7. Chris says:

    I wish they would ship Meredith off to DC and we wouldn’t have to see her or Derek. Tired of both characters and their boring story line.

    • Traci says:

      I wish they’d go to DC too. So bored by all of this because everyone knows they won’t stay broken up. Just shove them back together and let others get a story.

  8. Luke says:

    It’s not that she is better off without Derek but rather she is better off without all the drama she has had in her marriage lately; all the fighting, arguing, the anger, the unresolved problems stays with you and stress starts to build up and of course it will affect your work, so it’s obvious that since he left she has been able to “breath”, she has calmed down and her mind has been more focused and clear;

    • Tia says:

      This!! I totally agree.

      Without all the fighting and arguing, she concentrated more about her work. Which I wish we saw more of, but of course they paused it all for the Herman storyline.

    • welcome to 2015 where women matter too says:

      Well said, Luke.

  9. EM says:

    Well I am glad she’s on my screen. Since Derek’s been gone she has been written very light. Of course her streak will end when Derek comes back. I think I read that he is back around episode 16. Matt….do you have any inside scoop on that?

  10. Lea says:

    Glad for a Meredith sneak, and I hope we’ll get to see more of her and MerDer working things out when Derek is back.

    Would be great and refreshing to see couple on this show make it work, without cheating, other people, and not the same old, same old.

  11. SJ says:

    Yes, you’re better off without him, as is the show. Show of hands, does anyone really want Derek to return?

  12. TVNerd says:

    ohh 11 seasons and counting and still gotta love Grey’s Anatomy:)

  13. Jordan says:

    I can’t wait for Derek to come back, and if he’s gone I’m gone. The rest of the crew cannot hold a candle to him and Meredith.

  14. Carol says:

    Everyone is better off with out that show.

  15. Derek wanted to leave for the last 2 seasons

  16. Applea says:

    Yes the proof is that I’m still watching! Can’t stand Derek! He holds her back from her dreams. Meredith deserves better, Derek is selfish and self centered he never wanted to be 2nd on the spotlight even his own sister knows that! I’m proud of her she did good with the surgery. Meredith needs a real man who isn’t afraid to let her shine! Derek is old we need Christina back. :( Meredith needs more surgeries also, why should she be the one responsible for the children?while Derek receives another award ?

  17. greysfan says:

    I wouldn’t say she is better off without him but all the drama she has had it’s good to see her focusing on her work and in the short term she is good to have a break from Derek. Sometimes in relationships that has to happen. In saying this too Derek did bail and broke the promise he made. I have always been a fan of Ellen and the way she plays Meredith. Grey’s wouldn’t be the same without her.

  18. LuvMerDer4Ever says:

    I really can’t stand Meredith this season either and this sneek peek is further evidence of how Shonda and the writers have absolutely destroyed Meredith’s character this season! She is definitely NOT better off without Derek! In fact, Meredith has turned into a pretty horrid person without Derek there! She’s turned into this career shark who is selfish and only cares about furthering her successful career! Her kids LIVE in the hospital daycare I think! Her husband is in DC alone because HER career is too important to move with him to DC! Last I checked…she can be a successful General Surgeon in DC…or anywhere else for that matter! He can only follow this dream in DC! To anyone who says he is the one being selfish here…this is an important fact they are overlooking. She can do what she does, anywhere, It’s not too much to ask for her to move to DC with him. She is being awful and I hate it! She has become just like Cristina and Ellis…Meredith has become Ellis 2.0 and I hate it!!

    • welcome to 2015 where women matter too says:

      Lol, seriously? First of all, please change your name. You’re not any kind of Meredith or Merder fan. If ANYONE is like Ellis it is Derek. He chose a job over his family. He wanted a job so badly that he was mean and cold to his wife when she didn’t agree to pick up her life and follow him across the country so he could work HIS dream job. Sweetie, this isn’t 1950 where a woman has to come second to her spouse. Women and their careers matter as much as the man’s. Derek is the one who expected her to give up her entire life in Seattle and just go where he wanted. He’s Ellis 2.0. So no, just because you think Derek’s dreams and life matter more than Meredith’s don’t mean she’s awful and selfish. It’s not too much to ask for him to find a way to do brain mapping from Seattle. Your ideas about women and their roles in society and family are archaic. Derek could also be bi-coastal. With technology today and POTUS behind him, he could work from Seattle part time. So get over yourself and the idea Meredith is the one who has to sacrifice everything she’s ever worked for just because Derek wanted a job elsewhere. A woman who works hard and values her career is a selfish person and horrible mother according to YOU. So Callie and Bailey, who are never with their kids either are the same? Are you saying all working mothers are horrible? You are nothing more than a Derek fangirl. You don’t want anything that gets in the way of Derek’s success and that makes you no kind of Mer or Merder fan. Also if you hate Mer so much then by all means, stop shipping them. Meredith’s character isn’t destroyed at all, lol. You might want to check back into GA reality (as well as 2015) and realize all the things you accuse Meredith of in relation to Ellis actually apply to Derek. Derek is in DC alone because a job was more important than his family. Why aren’t you ranting about that? Why aren’t you calling him a career shark? Amelia nailed it when she told Derek that he only wanted Meredith to have everything if it didn’t interfere with his having everything and that’s dead on. Derek told his wife it was her time to shine and said he’d step back in his career so she could put more time/effort into hers but as soon as something better came along for himself, he reneged, CAREER SHARK. So if you want to hate on Meredith then fine but don’t be such a hypocrite.

      • monica4185 says:

        So much word. I don’t get all these women defending Derek. I wonder if Derek were play by someone else who isn’t PD would people be on his side?

        • welcome to 2015 where women matter too says:

          Lol exactly! Some of these fangirls (or worse, the adult women) can not separate Patrick from Derek. If Owen had done this to Cristina, the same Meredith haters would’ve gone after Owen with pitchforks but because it’s Derek (played by Dempsey) it’s okay because “he’s so hot when he’s angry”. I’m a big Derek fan but I’m not here for the ignorant hypocrisy. Don’t dare call a woman a horrible selfish person and bad mother because she wants/is attempting to do the very same thing her spouse is doing.

      • WomenPower says:

        [I totally agree!!!]
        Your name is a joke, you are not a MerDer fan, you are just a Derek cheerleader. Meredith is a grown up woman, and if she didn’t want to move that’s her choice and she had every right to say no. ”I am not moving”, plus really how can she moved to DC with him? The show is placed in Seattle.. it would make no sense for her to be off the show like Derek.. that worked with Patrick Dempsey’s time off too.
        It was about time for Meredith to think about herself, people are having a hard time seeing Meredith focusing on her work, cause this is the first time she put herself first. It was always Derek or Cristina. And Meredith is not Ellis… I hate all these comments referring to this, Callie, Bailey, Arizona are all mothers, we barely see them with their kids and don’t get compared to someone cold for focusing on their work.
        Meredith is asking this to herself, cause for the first time she was able to concentrate on her work without all the fighting, anger and pressure.

        I want to see them work it out and be stronger than ever in the end, but I also want to see more of Meredith shining and be great professionally.

        • welcome to 2015 where women matter too says:

          I applaud every part of this! Meredith and Derek both matter. Her success is as important as his. As for the original poster, if you call yourself a Merder shipper then support them both and recognize both their faults otherwise just be a Derek fangirl and call it a day. Bye Felicia..or Jennifer. If you can’t accept and support Mer while she’s struggling to find her balance as a mother/wife/surgeon then you aren’t even worth the debate.

  19. spignejr says:

    Well.. I like Grey… so… yeah. Eat that. Haters.

  20. Sam says:

    I have been rewatching the entire series and I have realized since season 5 derek has been belittling Meredith and making her feel inferior for quite some time holding her back and not letting her reach her full potential now that he’s gone she gets to do all that I don’t mind that he’s gone he has fulfilled his purpose amelia is there she’s a better surgeon than he ever was emotionally and surgically and Meredith has her kids that she wanted and she does not need him anymore for that Derek can go off and be the presidents person live his happy-go-lucky life and leave Meredith the hell alone! There is a reason other than lack of stress she has the streak derek has been around for the entire series and never has Meredith had a streak like this now that he’s gone she can shine just like Christina said he’s not the sun she is!

  21. wanda henry says:

    the entire season has been awful, one show about a tumor, another whole show about the surgery, no drama, no suspense, just plain boring all of it. need to bring Christina back somehow or get Izzy back and stir the pot a little, not even recording it to watch a second time, its so bad

  22. Dan DeLion says:

    I am seriously beginning to dislike Jo and I hate the separation between Meredith and Derek.

  23. Gypsy says:

    Someone said “bring Izzie back”, OMG I will immediately stop watching, and it’s been pretty excruciating for the past few seasons anyway. Ever since Shondra started Scandal the writing on her other shows has gone completely downhill. If she was smart she’d bring all those losers from Private Practice back to Grey’s and maybe kick some life into the show, because right now the only one who seems to have a clue is Bailey. But then, she always is the only one with a clue 90% of the time LOL

  24. Pat Higdon says: