Eye Candy's Victoria Justice on Tommy and Lindy's Future, Killer Finale Reveal

Eye Candy Spoilers

With only two episodes left in Eye Candy‘s freshman season, time is running out for leading lady Lindy to expose the Flirtual killer and track down her sister — but first, a little boy drama.

Following last week’s reveal that Tommy and the cyber crimes unit concealed crucial information from her, Lindy is understandably keeping her distance in Monday’s episode (MTV, 10/9c), and star Victoria Justice tells TVLine it’ll be quite some time before her character is ready to trust anyone.

Scroll down for all of Justice’s thoughts on Eye Candy‘s penultimate hour, as well as her take on the Jake/Tommy fan war and a hint at what we can expect from the March 16 finale.

TVLINE | Lindy and Tommy’s relationship — their friendship, whatever it was — seems beyond repair. Can they ever get it back?
Their relationship is definitely fractured. The trust is completely gone. She doesn’t trust him or the cyber crimes unit, and rightfully so. She’s angry that they withheld information about her sister, which is the most important thing she’s searching for in her life. There’s a resentment now that’s not going to go away in the next episode; she’s going to have to work through it over time.

TVLINE | As much as I appreciated her storming off, I’m going to miss Lindy being part of that machine.
I did love having Lindy involved with the cyber crimes unit, especially because she and Tommy were able to save so many people, but that last twist really shook things up. And I actually love that Lindy isn’t afraid to speak her mind. You do her wrong and she’s out of there.

TVLINE | The hunt for her sister has been on hold for a bit, but now it seems like it’s back to being Lindy’s main focus. Is that accurate?
Yes, you’re definitely going to see that storyline become a much bigger part of these final two episodes. It becomes Lindy’s main focus again, and she’s getting some clues that are finally leading her in an interesting direction. I honestly don’t think people are going to see what’s coming at all.

Eye Candy SpoilersTVLINE | When it comes to the guys on the show, specifically Tommy and Jake, do you have a preferred match for Lindy?
Tommy and Lindy definitely got off to a rough start; they’re both Type-A personalities who like to take charge. But I also like that they have a good cop/bad cop relationship. They’re both attracted to each other, which is understandable, because Casey Diedrick is very attractive and one of the nicest guys ever. I like the juxtaposition of the two. As far as Jake and Lindy go, I also like that relationship because Jake is one of the first guys since Ben’s death who she’s really taken a liking to. He goes out of his way to make her feel special and he’s good looking — and he’s a lawyer. I honestly can’t say if I’m Team Jindy or Tindy.

TVLINE | There are a lot of balls up in the air right now. Will the finale give fans closure, or only more questions?
You’ll definitely get some resolution. You’ll find out who the Flirtual killer is, and the way that unfolds is super sunspenseful and crazy. You’ll be on the edge of your seat, I promise. And there are other aspects we have to leave you hanging with. If we get a Season 2, we can’t wrap everything up too neatly. So you’ll be satisfied in some ways, thirsting for more in others.

Eye Candy fans, who’s No. 1 on your Flirtual killer list? And are you keeping your fingers crossed for a Tommy-Lindy reunion? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

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  1. Tran says:

    Don’t know if Eye Candy got renewed but I still dreamed of Victoria Justice. I adore her when she was the star of VICTORIOUS on Nickelodeon.

  2. Danie says:

    Tessa did not meet Jake, Hamish or Bubonic yet, so the killer could be on of these three.

  3. Alyse says:

    I know who the killer in the book is, but I doubt that’s who it will be in the show. The most popular theory is Tommy, but I really hope it’s not him. Another theory floating around is that it’s Ben and that he’s not really dead. I hope the show gets a second season though!

  4. jm says:

    HOW Are the chances for a second season? I love it… Well, I love Victoria and her Geek friend.

    It would be so shocking if the killer is her Geek friend, i mean the latino one.

  5. iamsimplyme says:

    Connor as the killer :)

  6. Rachel says:

    I really hope we get a season 2!!! It’s such a good show, and very different for MTV

  7. LeAnna Campbell says:

    Im thinking that it could be her sister. I don’t know why but I get this feeling that it is because when they found the picture of her it had Lindys file on it. And we haven’t seen anything change about her sister or anything mysterious about Tommy, Connor, Jake, and even if Ben is still secretly alive I doubt it would be him.

  8. sam says:

    I think the killers is Tommy , because 1. The killers love Lindy , Tommy love her, 2. Because the killer said something like : i really wan’t to touch you .. and give everything you wan’t , and it’s really weird because tommy never touch her and he wan’t give everything on lindy And the last reason is `Tommy because i can’t have Lindy because she don”T wan’t him so that why he kill all people then meet Lindy, just for keeping her for him . P’S sory for the accent I’m french !

  9. Beedon says:

    I like Tommy and Lindy together. He is a cop he can protect her from the killer. That the main theme about this show to me. If he a killer that suck. Who is she need helps if the killer keep text creepy message frighten her. Only Tommy is the one can protect her no one else can.

  10. Beedon says:

    I think Jake is the Flirtual killer.

  11. Marisela Ramos says:

    Jake is the killer ! Wow i kind of expected it but then again i thought tommy was.. But i was more convinced that Jake was the killer . and he was ! But why was he the killer when he was right by her side the whole time ? He said “i want to touch you blahh blahh blahh” but he kinda could of done that since him and lindy were going out

  12. Marisela Ramos says:

    TINDY 4EVER ❤💕❤

  13. Anne says:


  14. Anne says:

    There better be a season 2!!!!!

  15. Mystery says:

    Jake is the killer b/c in the trailer for the season finale episode of eye candy it showed jake trying to choke her and then he was kidnapping Sophia and it shows him as the killer i promise watch ull see.Also it’s not shocking b/c as i always say keep ur friends close and ur enemies closer.BTW I watched eye candy on demand that’s how I know in the trailer it showed jake as the killer!

  16. Alicia says:

    Tessa ever meet Jake? I don’t remember if the two get to meet each other. If the didn’t then Jake isn’t the killer because Tessa said that she knew it was him, but if she never meet Jake, how could Tessa said she knew it? I’m so confused.

  17. Lorraine says:

    I want show to come back and I think Sarah is bad also since she was mad her sister in season 1 for bringing her home then she get kipnap I think it was her bf that she was involve with in first episode and Sarah to get even with Lindy

  18. brianna says:

    I think it’s Jake and I always have.

  19. Mariah says:

    This show is AMAZING! I honestly hope they don’t cancel it its so cool! The episodes are getting even more crazier and BETTER!

  20. Vanessa Tortolano says:


  21. Lindsau says:

    They must reunite. He’s in love with her!!!! And what’s with the ending. Is her sister alive. This was all her sisters plan???!

  22. Heather says:

    Season one was decent, would love for a season two.

  23. Skylar Lenei says:

    Is there a season 2 coming …if so when?? I love this show

  24. Derek says:

    I don’t think Jake is the killer.
    First off, Jake and the killer have completely different voices. Jake wouldn’t fake his accent and why would the killer disguise his voice if he was supposedly talking to himself.
    Second, the beginning of the seventh episode, the killer sounded like he was threatening to kill Jake.
    Third, the motives were different. the killer mutilated parts of them that were imperfect. Jake didn’t do that. infact, (if he did do it) he shoved a phone in someone’s head and put Lindy’s friend in a gas chamber.

    I think he’s working with somebody or something

  25. Alicia B. :) says:

    Uhmm, TEAM TINDY! Like seriously, I literally CRIED in that last episode! I want Tommy and Lindy together. Plus, if I can’t have Tommy, or (Casey), the she has to have him. Casey is hott, like I don’t know how to explain it, just please allow them together.

  26. stella says:

    The killer is guy in glasses .Lindy meets him too but nobody suspects him because she actually meets 4 guys