Scandal Recap: Olivia Defuses a Bad Situation, Fitz Seeks a New VP

Scandal Racial Shooting

There is no rest for the weary, recently kidnapped Gladiator, ABC’s Scandal assured us this Thursday night.

In the first episode since she was rescued from Iranian clutches by onetime OPA member Stephen, Olivia — right after fibbing to a touchy-feely Jake that she was heading off to bed — got pulled into an increasingly intense, volatile situation.

Brandon Parker, a 17-year-old African-American, was shot dead by a cop after being suspected of shoplifting and allegedly reaching for a knife when confronted. The DCPD called in Olivia to manage the optics of the situation, which she was just barely starting to do when Brandon’s father, Clarence (guest star Courtney B. Vance), showed up with a shotgun, standing over his son’s body demanding justice.

Olivia promised Clarence that no less than the Attorney General of the United States himself would oversee a proper investigation into the shooting, but David waved off Olivia’s phone call, busy as he was working with Fitz and Cyrus to transition vice presidents. Also making matters worse for Liv was a community activist’s interjection of himself into the situation. He called out Olivia on her conflicting allegiances, her role in getting a Republican president elected twice, and posing as a “down ass” black woman when, as he made clear, “Your black card’s not getting validated today.”

In a quiet moment with Clarence, Olivia listens intently as he details the lengths to which he went to save Brandon from being seen as a “thug” — yet all it got him was a dead kid on the cold street. Despite his rightful stance, he acknowledged, “This only ends one way — with me dead, or locked up.” But then Olivia locked horns with the DCPD chief, who was preparing his team with riot gear and tear gas, prompting her to resign as their “fixer” and cross to the other side of the barricade.

Olivia learns that there is security camera footage of the shooting, but the cops are sitting on it, so she leans on David to serve a subpoena. He lends a compassionate ear as an exhausted Liv admits, “I have no tricks in my bag!” Reflecting on her abduction, she shares, “I thought I was going to die, I thought I was a goner. I was living in complete and total fear. Imagine living every day of your life like that? Having deftly made a connection to the racial situation at hand, Olivia gets her subpoena, gets the video and shows it to Clarence, then says they need to check for a knife under Brandon’s body, to corroborate the cops’ story. Sure enough, there is a knife — though an angry Clarence insists his son never carried one. As Dad holds his ground more staunchly than ever, Liv walks away, trembling.

Quinn eventually notices in the video that there was someone in the back of the shooter cop’s patrol car, someone who had a knife. Confronted by his chief as well as David Rosen about the frame job/cover-up, the cop directs at Olivia a screed about how “you people” are raised to see cops as the enemy, and yet he stills risks his life to walk a beat. That dozens of murders are blacks turning on one another, “yet I’m the animal.” As said shooter lands behind bars, Olivia visits Clarence with what Brandon was really reaching for before getting shot — the receipt for the phone he’d just bought. She then brings him to meet the president, who of course also lost a young son, and on whose shoulder a broken-down Clarence sobs.

Interwoven with this Scandal Recap Mellie Presidentheavy, timely stuff was a lighter B-story about Fitz’s choice of a replacement VP — the thing being that Cyrus wants to support the “bold” administration that Fitz promised voters during the second election, while Fitz wants an utterly lame duck who won’t stand in the way of Mellie running to succeed her husband in the Oval Office. [Must suppress rolling of eyes….] Amidst the shooting drama, Cyrus’ attention is grabbed by the female, minority, Republican governor of New Mexico — but her vetting is leaked to the press, triggering the premature yet nonetheless damning digging up of dirt. When Mellie insists to Fitz that she didn’t leak the name, he tells her that he did, because he know s the promise her made to her.

Still, there’s the matter of finding an unelectable VP for the time being — and Mellie knows just the person: Susan Ross, the milquetoast Virginia senator that Olivia a while ago got voted into office.

What did you think of this week’s episode, “The Lawn Chair”?


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  1. D says:

    Horrible episode, I know his was in reference to the Brown shooting but this one was severely biased painting the cops as villains and painting the victim as some innocent kid trying to tie in a parallel of what happened in Ferguson which is completely unlike what happened there. Sad biased agenda driven episode.

    • Yasin says:

      Did you not see the speech at the end. Notice how the cop wasn’t charged with murder or anything to do with him shooting at a black kid.

      Seeing Olivia being told off by that cop was perfect. She had nothing to say back because what he said was all true. Notice how what he said bout disrespect they cut to black individuals to see there reactions? When you make someone as strong as your protagonist shut up and actually be taken aback by someone else’s words they better mean something and in this case they did.

      • Jill says:

        Did you watch the same episode as the rest of us? Yes, the cop was charged and put behind bars.

        • Jose says:

          Yes but for planting evidence and obstructing justice not for murder…..

          The kid reached suddenly for his pocket so the cop shot,….. Cops dont get charged if the suspect does that

          • Jykia Hooker says:

            So if you are pulled over by a cop and reach for something in your pocket for confirmation of the question asked by the cop that’s grounds to be killed? I didn’t know that was a law. Oh right, IT ISN’T! It is only illegal if there is an intent to harmbit the cop wwouldn’t know because he didn’t take the time to find out. All he saw was a black person reaching and automatically you think CRIMINAL but that’s what all of us are criminals. Black males are 21 times more likely to be killed by a cop unarmed than any other group. 5 times more like to be arrested for the same crime as a white male and 11 times more likely to be convicted. So the real crime here isn’t the fact that he was suspected to harm the cop it was a code violation BABM- being a black man.

          • kingklick says:

            Lol jykia hooker what planet do you live on? If you are being given instructions by a cop with his hand on his gun, do you REALLY think reaching into your pocket at lightning speed is the smartest move?? Hate cops all you want, if you’re saying you wouldn’t of done the same thing he did if you were in the cops shoes, you are either lying or just plain stupid. Any person with half a brain knows the logical thing to do would be to follow the mans instructions pointing a gun at you then let him get the receipt in your pocket when he frisks you for weapons and cuffs you. Then the whole thing is avoided and he would of been let go since he bought the phone legally and had a receipt. Also was completely ridiculous how they take the kids dad to meet the president. I feel terrible his son was killed and maybe deserves some slack as a result but cmon man, rewarding the guy for wielding a shotgun, costing tax payers thousands of dollars, and even pointing his shotgun at the innocent crowd and swat team is completely ludicrous.

      • Cheyenne says:

        She wasn’t taken aback, she was horrified at the garbage he was spewing. Or were you so busy cheering a racist cop’s spiel that you didn’t notice the look on her face?

        • CK says:

          I thought that moment was amazing, because he was saying something that every cop shooting apologist repeats verbatim every week this happens, if “so and so” respected the police, they would still be alive, as some sort of justification after the fact that the situation was improperly handled.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Typical blame-the-victim mentality, especially if the victim is black and the cop is white.

        • Yasin says:

          I’m sorry but are you saying what he was saying was all false? Black on black crime does not exist? I’m sorry to break it to you but it does. Everything that man said in that speech was true. Kerry Washington was praising the writing and the performance by the cop so I don’t think it was meant to be racist, but to show the other side so it wasn’t biased. I wasn’t cheering, I was identifying with what was said because it was true. Everything that the cop said, I have seen myself. Are you saying black kids aren’t disrespectful? Not all just like all white kids aren’t spoiled rotten kids as sometimes portrayed in tv. You clearly have a close mind to these things. Whose the one too busy cheering now?

          • KC says:

            So you are saying that blacks should bow down to the great “white” officer who disrespects or prejudges him based on the color of his skin? You are absolutely unable to see this from any vantage point other than your own. There was no other side. The diatribe was representing what is felt by many officers in this country. I said many, not all. Being open minded means seeing things differently. He murdered someone because he felt disrespected and disobeyed. This is wrong and unlawful. Young black men have the right to walk the streets without being targeted. Tell me how your argument is justifiable or rational. Yes, black on black crime exists but so does white on black and white on white. But I think I see your perspective, because you will never have to walk in a black man’s shoes. You don’t know right from wrong!

          • D. says:

            KC you sound racist, all people should respect the law enforcement officers no matter the color of their skin if you have a problem with they way they treat you send in a complaint. if a person teaches their kids to treat officers with disrespect and suspicion than don’t be surprised when they treat you the same way.
            He didn’t murder someone because he felt disrespect and disobeyed. his attitude did make the officer suspicious and when he reached for something that fast the officer reacted defensively.
            Police officers are out there risking their lives everyday and they should be respected.

          • Babygate says:

            KC, while the officer had absolutely no right to cover up the killing, the speech does reflect their reality. The data shows the black on black crime is higher than even white on white. Likewise, black on white crime is disproportionately higher than white on black. One more, white on black rape is almost nonexistent compared to black on white rape. These are the FBI figures. The dialogue on race has to transcend beyond the persistent accusations of white privilege. An honest debate requires that all sides take responsibility for their actions.

          • KC says:

            D. You couldn’t be further from the truth. I believe in people respecting others regardless of the color of their skin, gender or sexual orientation. I don’t assume as you did, that I know what someone is or isn’t. Officers don’t get a pass because they are cops. If you saw the show and heard what the cop said during his rant. He was the one who was caustic and demeaning. Answer this question, why did he cover up the murder?

          • Yasin says:

            KC I never once said that. Based on your comments you are rejecting what the officer said which is wrong since what he is saying is true. Not once did I say he was right to kill and cover up someone. I just pointed out that Scandal did a good attempt at showing both sides. Not once did I defend his actions at all but his speech was correct. He thought he was being suspicious so he did his duty. Now covering up something once he realized he was wrong is totally different and wrong. How dare you tell me what I know. You don’t knows anything about me what race I am if I’m a minority-nothing. Everyone keeps talking about blacks what about Muslims? They’re racially stereotyped as terrorists because of their religion.

          • KC says:

            Babygate….the discussion does need to take on a different tone. That tone can’t take place though if people refuse to admit that not all people receive fair and equitable treatment. It’s great that everyone wants the cops point of view to be recognized but what about those who don’t have a voice? What about those whose rights are trampled on each and every day because they are “minorities.” You can deny that it doesn’t exist if you wish but tell me how often (assuming you have children) you worry about your teenage child dying at the hands of the police? I’ve taught my children to respect the police but unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee them safety.

          • Babygate says:

            KC. I appreciate your response. I too advise all the young people in my life to respect authority and avoid acting like a stereotype if they don’t want to be targeted. And i absolutely agree that those without a voice need to be represented, however, as we saw on Ferguson, those that perhaps you would deem to be voiceless are the ones that chose to respond through violence, even against their own neighbors. Such behavior will never advance their cause, it only hurts it. Minorities are subject to much prejudice but it will be very difficult to make that case with a club. We can continue to express our outrage in destructive ways or we can choose to gain a place at the table through civility. The delivery is often much more important and effective than the message. If we refuse to accept that we delay our ability to transcend.

          • wdigaf says:

            Are you saying tht white kids aren’t disrespectful? I’m not going to rebutt you but your reasoning (lack thereof) is ridiculous. So I guess all Latinos are illegal, all Asians are smart, all whites are devils , & all Muslims are terrorists. Do you see what I did & how using generalizations about any group shows unmitigated bias? And as for disrespect, I was out shopping & a white teen girl who’s mother refused to buy what she wanted called her mother a bitch. So I can generalize that white parents don’t discipline their bratty kids & that said bratty kids regularly disrespect their parents.

      • Me says:

        This is ridiculous, you clearly did not get that whole scene. Olivia was shocked by the vile discriminatory things that cop was saying. There was no reasoning whatsoever to his rants.
        That rant from the white cop was on point in showcasing the basic racist mentality that some white people still have, the mentality that even after all these years, black people are still expected to cower and not question white people esp authority. It was a difficult episode to watch because ignorant people with that racist mentality still exist and it’s worse if they cops.

        • Yasin says:

          What do you mean there was no reasoning? He was stating things that happen- there are kids out there who don’t respect police officers or authority in general. There are so many gang members with young teens, that have no respect for authority including teachers, or principals in schools. Thats what Shonda to me highlighted with that monologue. I guess thats what this episode was meant to do, create a discussion and show both sides and not have close minds. I totally understand your interpretation but thats not the only right one.

          • Babygate says:

            The part that you are missing is that, although the officer ‘s speech may have been factually correct, he still had no right to cover up the killing and then use the circumstances to justify himself.

    • bradick says:

      Biased agenda? You’re watching a show made by black men and women. It’s not an agenda, it’s true life.

      • Babygate says:

        If it was a show made by white people that shows an opposite perspective, for example, that the cops are doing their best in the midst of a hostile environment, would that be considered ‘true life’ and unbiased also?

        • Cheyenne says:

          Depending on if the cops recognized that the hostility was mostly of their own creation. True case in point: my 20 year old cousin is a black/Hispanic college student. He has never been in trouble with the law. He has been stopped by cops at least ten times in his own neighborhood for simply walking down the street minding his own business. Does he hate cops behind this? You bet he does. Do I blame him? Not a bit. Respect is a two-way street. If cops want respect, they have to give respect. It’s a scarce commodity on both sides.

          • Babygate says:

            And my uncle was a cop who was killed by a suspect because he didnt look or act like a serious threat. Until he jumped my uncle, took his gun and killed him with it. Point is, there is a more than one side to every story. The truth is never served by repressing different experiences and views.

        • D. says:

          no, everyone would be calling it racist

    • Lucie Loing says:

      This episode was definitely written before the DOJ report came out. I agree with you. I didn’t watch last night and after reading the recap will delete it from my DVR. I know racism exists, but I am tired of the Brown case being used as a platform against racism. The kid could have changed the course of the events of that day. The DOJ has found that the officer’s actions were not due to racism and the DOJ desperately wanted to charge the cop.

      • Cheyenne says:

        The DOJ has found that the whole Ferguson PD is shot through with racism.

        • D. says:

          They also found the police officer innocent and that Brown never had his hands up and/or saying don’t shoot.

          • wdigaf says:

            The police officer was not found innocent, it was stated that there was no proof that his actions were a result of being racist. And while I’m at it, there was no proof that Michael Brown did anything the officer alledged him to have done. So by your
            reasoning, Michael Brown is innocent as well. Right?

        • Hbomb says:

          omg yes. Exactly. How could you conclude otherwise?

          Did you not see The Onion’s headline: Justice Department Calls On Ferguson To Align Level Of Institutional Racism With Rest Of Country

      • Rayne says:

        You’re tired of this being used as a platform? Imagine how tired you would be of white people trying to shut down or ignore your platforms for fighting racism! Imagine how tired you would be if you had to face systematic, institutionalized racism every day? Neither you nor I can possibly understand what people in those situations face, that was part of the point here, and if you can’t stop being ignorant and face up to the problem, you’re a waste of time.

        • Lucie says:

          I said that I’m tired of the Michael Brown case being used as a platform for racism because racism did not lead to his death. It’s like saying potholes should be a platform for racism. I know racism exists, it just didn’t exist in this case. Had that young man complied with Officer Wilson, he would be alive today. Had that young man been white, the outcome would have been the same. So, no, I am not a waste of time.

          • cycworker says:

            Yes, it did. Darren Wilson is a racist. That is why Michael Brown is dead.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Like hell it didnt. Do you think that cop would have shot to kill if Brown had been white?

          • wdigaf says:

            Wel, the next time a black policeman kills an unarmed white teenager and the officer is cleared of wrongdoing by his department, you can take comfort in being right. When black people make comments that the white victim should’ve been respectful & followed the black officer’s command, we’ll all be in agreement.

          • Cheyenne says:

            @wdigaf: Next time? When was the last time you heard of a black cop killing an unarmed white teenager? Yeah, I thought not.

        • D says:

          but the whole Brown case being used was a lie

      • Nikki says:

        One case does not make a platform, it is a combination of cases with similar outcomes and /or details. Regardless of the circumstances, the fact remains that racial bias and prejudice is alive and well in our judicial system and on our police force. Is there more than one side to every story ? Yes, only God knows the truth, and I’m no fool to believe that racial bias and prejudice does not occur on both sides. Hopefully the Justice Department made the right decision in the Mike Brown case, but people need to understand that the eagerness to expose injustice is never about one person. It’s about experiences in general, even though the details are not the same. That being said, I guess it’s different strokes for different folks.

      • Lovely says:

        @Lucie, You are assuming the episode is just based on that one case when white cops killing black men is happening throughout the country. Obviously you are very narrow minded. This is a big issue throughout the U.S. They probably based this on multiple incidents that have happened and continue to happen in this country.

    • gts says:

      I didn’t think that the cops were villianized. I actually wanted the cop to be innocent at the beginning because I thought that would make for a better twist, especially after hearing him talk about how bad he felt at the beginning. Even in his speech, if that is what you think villianized him, I thought that the writers had him bring up enough true points to make him seem less bad. So I certaineky wouldn’t say that he was villianized any more than any other clients of Olivia who have done bad things.

  2. Yasin says:

    I loved this episode. It was a really nice way of showing a different side of Olivia that hasn’t been explored-her race or to be more blunt the color of her skin. Great job by Tom Verica the director of tonight’s episode, it came out really nice.

    • Babygate says:

      Olivia has in fact mentioned her color. Just off the top of my head, when she told Fitz she wasn’t Sally Hemings and when she repeated by to her father the lesson he always taught her about always having to be twice as good as ‘them’.

  3. Jenna says:

    I must say Scandal tackled a very emotional, thought provoking, and complicated issue much better than The Good Wife’s attempt a few weeks ago. While not perfect, it was a great improvement over some of the show’s recent episodes.

  4. bradick says:

    This episode is how Ferguson should have gone, but didn’t. Extremely powerful. The tweets from Shonda, Kerry and the crew show how much went into this. I was initially disappointed that Scandal was going ripped from the headlines a la SVU at first, but within minutes I was overcome by how powerful it was. I have a feeling that long after Scandal ends, this is the episode that will come to my mind first.

  5. N says:

    I starting to worry a bit about this show. After the over the top auction of Olivia, Now Mellie decides she would really like to be president, and Fitz is OK with it. Not only is Mellie unqualified in every which way to be president, you would think after everything her and Fitz have been through during his administration, they’d just want his presidency to be over all ready. It feels like the writers trying to find a way to keep the show going after Fitz’s term runs out, but is a stretch. Its just been one bizarre development after another since Olivia was taken, and its sadly starting to hurt the show.

    • chellyvee says:

      i respectfully disagree re Mellie’s qualification. fitz is woefully unqualified for office. Mellie Grant would be a phenomenal POTUS. Smart, articulate and a “terrifying political animal”

      what she needs is to run for Senate (that’s actually what i thought Shonda and co would do this season. alas we got West Angola instead) to keep her in DC.

      • Me says:

        I have to agree, Mellie would make an awesome POTUS more than Fitz ever was.

        • Nathalie says:

          NO. FITZ is a great President. I don’t know why you compare Fitz and Mellie.
          A real situation and a possible? situation.
          It no because somebody said about himself that he is genius that he is.

    • Know the show says:

      Mellie is an American over 35. She can be president. She’s also a lawyer, has a political mind, and political capital. She has the connections. Why can’t she be president?

    • S says:

      Mellie just had a nervous breakdown earlier in the season, why would anyone possibly vote for her to be PRESIDENT, especially since shes never held any kind of office. For Fitz to be ok with this is out of character. I hope Ross comes in and steals the nomination from Mellie, a least Ross seems to actually want to help the country.

    • Adelele says:

      I do not get the Mellie for president plot either. I hope to god this isn’t another one of those crazy stupid sh*t plot things that Shonda comes up with. I have had enough of those with that kidnapping plot to last me the rest of the series.

      This episode was a powerful episode. Kudos to Courtney Vance. Excellent job. Crying in the president’s arms made me tear up.

  6. Jose says:

    Veeeery unbelievable as far as what would actually happen…..

    First of all, from what we saw the kid reached into his pocket extremely fast without telling the officer…. Thats why they always tell u no sudden movement in front of a cop and always tell them what you are doing….

    The father, clarence did not get arrested? Yes he was right but he held the street under siege for days…. With a shotgun where he threatened people…. That is still a crime….

    The police let this go on for at least 3 days? No way any crime ever goes on or 3 days when the cops have a clear shot and rubber bullets available…..

    3 days and the son showed no signs of decomposition?

    The secret service is gonna let the guy walk from his stand off and immediately meet the president?

    • Anna says:

      Was it 3 days? Wasn’t Liv wearing the same clothes and so was Mellie? Wouldn’t the body start decomposing? Wouldn’t the dad need to, at least, pee at some point?

      • g says:

        as well he would eventually fall asleep/ pass out from exhaustion

        another funny part was how close all the media/ public crowd was
        and the fact that there were lights all set up (as if the police would allow that)

    • herman1959 says:

      The whole thing happened in one night, unbelievable yes, but it’s TV.

  7. Cheyenne says:

    Loved Cyrus calling Andrew a “pumpkin”. But please don’t let Susan Ross say yes. The episode ended on a sort of ambivalent note.

  8. Not as bad as some TV attempts at handling Ferguson, but it still could have been better. The ending totally undercut the power that the episode could have had: White cop = villain, black kid= innocent hero. It just placated the “Michael Brown is innocent” Ferguson crowd. American Crime seems to be handling the issue of race in America much better by showing people who are all flawed with no clear hero/villain (regardless of race).

    One last thing, it has been proven both at a local, state and now federal level that the officer that shot Michael Brown did nothing wrong and that Michael’s hands were NOT up as claimed by witnesses (who lied to the police, but weren’t charged) and the media. Yet, sports players, protesters at rallies and now TV shows (see preview for next week’s episode of American Crime) still use the mantra “Hands up, don’t shoot.” How is this right and acceptable in society when it’s a complete fabrication? Shouldn’t we as a country instead be saying sorry to the officer who has had his life destroyed for simply doing his job?

    • Sully says:

      Completely agreed.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Unless I am very much mistaken, fabricating evidence and planting a knife to justify killing an innocent victim is not — or should not be — part of a cop’s job.

    • Steve says:

      RIGHT ON!

    • Me says:

      It was not fabrication, obviously you got your ‘false facts’ from a source that was biased towards law enforcement! That officer is not owed an apology, At least the officer still has his whole life ahead of him unlike his victim.

      • Seriously Me? So the media, local, state and federal governments are all biased towards this one police officer? Did you not listen to or read the incident report, the prosecutor’s/indictment jury’s ruling or the most recent federal decision (that Obama pushed forward) that just cleared the officer of the shooting and will not press civil rights charges against him??? So all of these different “sources” aligned to support this one officer? Did you not hear how he had to go into hiding with his family after the NY Times published his name and address? While I agree that there are certainly racist people and racist cops, Ferguson is not an example of such situation. Michael Brown literally assaulted and robbed a store owner before struggling with a cop that led to his death. The fact that people still push his innocence and the “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” agenda are what is further dividing this country on the issue of race. It’s not the police.

    • Know the show says:

      Yes witnesses lied including the white lady the grand jury heard from that wasn’t there. It has not been proven his hands were not up. The medical examiner said his hands were in an elevated position. Remember this all started over supposed jwalking. That was one of the crimes the justice department determined the police force was targeting blacks with. The officer also commented on how disrespectful brown was to him. Cop gets mad because black teen is disrespectful and ticket offense ends in death. Law enforcement do deserve respect. All people deserve respect. I feel many on this site are disrespectful, I don’t get to shoot them no matter how heated the conversation.

      • So the fact that there is video of Michael brown assaulting and robbing an innocent store owner literally moments before doesn’t have any impact. Michael Brown was still just an “innocent” black teen? The cop who then saw a suspect matching the description carrying the cigarettes that were stolen and was in the vicinity of where the robbery occurred played no part in the cop’s decision making to stop and approach Michael Brown?

        Again, I totally agree that there are racist people and racist cops, but the situation of Michael Brown is not an example of such an incident.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Since when is stealing cigarettes a capital crime? That cop could have shot to disable him temporarily. Instead he chose to kill him.

          • Lucie Loing says:

            Cheyenne, put yourself in the Officer’s shoes. What would you do if a guy beat you up, ran and then turned around and started charging you. Read the DOJ report, I have and it is a lot easier to read than the Grand Jury testimony, which I read as well. The DOJ would have charged the Officer if there had been one shred of evidence against him. Holder just about guaranteed he would be charged but there was nothing indicating that he did anything more than defend himself. Read the evidence, otherwise your claims of racism show where the racism lies. Speaking of racism, I wonder how Michael would have acted if the cop were black.

          • BTW, cops are trained to shot to kill. Ask any cop anywhere in the country. My co-worker’s 25 year old son was mentally unstable and had a knife in his hand while standing next to his aunt on her porch. He raised the knife the cops shot him (I believe multiple times) and he was dead. Many of us discussed why the cops didn’t try to taser or some other non-lethal way to subdue him, but from all of the cops that I have spoken with said that if they discharge their weapon is it to permanently put down the suspect. This happened in MN, and it was a white cop and my co-worker’s son was white.

            While not trying to be stereotypical mean internet person, I think that you need to do more research and be more aware before you comment as several of your comments on this thread don’t make sense, are not responding to the correct question/statement, etc. That being said, have a good night. From a white gay 30 year male in MN, I wish that every could just get along (and no I’m not naive enough to believe that that will happen).

          • Cheyenne says:

            @Lucie Loing: Why couldn’t the cop shoot him in the shoulder, arm or leg? That would take him down but he’d still be alive.

          • Lucie Loing says:

            @Cheyenne. The cop did shoot him, multiple times, before he fired the fatal shot. If you read the DOJ report or the Grand Jury transcripts you will find that the cop did everything he could to stop him without killing him. He didn’t shoot him in the back, he continually yelled for him to stop, he shot only when MB advanced towards him and stopped each time he stopped advancing. I am truly sorry that a young man lost his life that day, but there was so much within his control to keep himself alive and he didn’t do any of it. He just stole cigarellos, the store owner said he was going to call the cops and he walks in the middle of the street. Why did he want to call attention to himself like that? Then he smarts off to the cop and assaults him. Had he just laid low, the cops probably wouldn’t have even bothered to look for him over some stupid cigarellos.

      • Lucie Loing says:

        Read the Grand Jury transcripts. They are long, but you will come out educated about the case based on facts, not fictions . Yes, she testified, but the prosecutors tore her story apart. They did not present it like it was the truth but for the lie it certainly was. Her testimony was ridiculous.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Seeing as how two supervisors in the Ferguson PD have just been forced to resign after posting numerous racist e-mails and a senior court clerk was fired for doing the same, don’t even try to justify anything those cops did. They set the tone. They tolerate the racism. They not only tolerate it, they encourage it. Holder is threatening to dismantle the entire Ferguson PD and I hope to God he does. It’s long overdue.

          • Amelia says:

            That doesn’t change the fact that Michael Brown charged at the officer and earlier tried to reach for his gun. Maybe the cops a racist. BUT if anyone, black, Asian, green is attacking me I’m going to react the same way no matter who it is.

          • Lucie Loing says:

            Oh Cheyenne, open your eyes. The racist email had nothing to do with MB or Officer Wilson. If the entire police department is racist, then you have to include the black employees of the department as well. Would you like the traits or your supervisors, co-workers or even your family to be superimposed on you? Are you just like them? You are describing the essence of racism with your remark above, a bias or hatred of a certain class of people just because of their class. You need to take a good hard look at yourself before you point your finger at someone and call them a racist.

  9. Steve says:

    How typical of the left wing media, in this case ABC. They were just waiting to hear what was expected on the Eric Holder decision yesterday of the innocent Ferguson cop. This network episode just starts it all rolling again! Thanks ABC. Just what the country needs!

    • Cheyenne says:

      Ferguson was and remains a very ugly episode. I know you RWNJs would love to sweep it under the rug and forget it ever happened, but you can’t dispose of it that easily. It’s part of the American fabric whether you like it or not.

      • Babygate says:

        You might be missing the point. This case has done nothing but antagonize and alienate people and and that effect may have been diminished if cooler heads had prevailed and just allowed the evidence to be examined. From the get go the incident was turned into a racial injustice, in spite of emerging evidence to the contrary. People were bent of believing the worst. Months later even the Justice Department that set out to prove that this was about race had to admit that they could not make that case. In the meantime, however, riots ensued with the crowd torching down their own neighborhood and destroying innocent people’s property and livelihoods and police acrimony has reached alarming levels. A great deal of damage has been done. Point is, just crying ‘racism’ does not a case or cause make. You need evidence to support and strengthen your case. There is a reason why poll after poll shows that people feel that race relations are now worse than they have been in years.

        • Cheyenne says:

          I think the point was missed by you and not by me. I saw the polls you referred to. There are few things white people hate worse than being confronted with the reality of their own racism, but as the old saying goes, if you look in the mirror and see an ugly face looking back at you, don’t blame the mirror.

          • Babygate says:

            Are you talking about the white people that voted for a black president twice? This is a very narrow view. Not all whites are racist besides, blacks and Hispanics and every other racial group are just as capable of racism. This is not an inherently white condition.

        • Know the show says:

          You missed the point. Being black should not make you a suspect. Better police work would lead to more live cops and black people. Most DA’s will tell you that bad police work is a big part of real criminals getting off. Profiling is a short cut. All black people are not criminals

          • Amelia says:

            And all white people aren’t racist. And if I’m not mistaken, Michael Brown for the description of the person from the robbery because he was the person from the robbery.

          • Kay says:

            ‘Are you talking about the white people that voted for a black president twice? ‘ I wish people would stop saying that. It’s not true. Obama NEVER won the white vote. If only white people voted in 2008, McCain /Palin WOULD have won, and in 2012, so would Romney. Obama won because YOUNG white people voted for him, narrowing the gap, and because the minority vote was larger due to changing demographics. But he did not and has NEVER won the overall white vote in America.

  10. Laura says:

    Not to be nitpicky, but it’s MPD (metropolitan police department of Washington, D.C.) not DCPD.

  11. David Ferro says:

    Loved it. Olivia is back to helping people and has her whit hat back on! Love the relationship with Fitz and Millie keeping their word to one another.

  12. justsomeguy says:

    Great episode. It hit a little too close to home for me personally. I would hope everyone realizes how ridiculous the cop was in trying to justify what he did. I’ve seen a couple of people already attempt to justify what happened, but you can’t just kill someone because you’re scared. That’s why the cop in the end was in jail. Sadly, this never happens in real life. I’m glad the writers for Scandal took a moment to show how ridiculous the justice system can be in some situations. Not everyone reaching into their pocket has a weapon, and you better be sure before you squeeze the trigger.

    • H says:

      And if there is a gun and the cop gets killed his ghost can say “Hey, at least nobody thinks I was racist, dying was worth It!”

      • Lovely says:

        @bradick, I agree. If Shonda never makes another Scandal episode it will be OK because this was so powerful. Amazing, thoughtful, heartbreaking and meaningful.

  13. Darcel says:

    I just wish that Scandal would go back to the way it was in season 1 and 2 where Olivia was a fixer in DC. Ever since the characters Jake and Papa Pope were introduced it has become dark. This episode was more of the way that Olivia used to be so that was very nice to see however, I felt that this all happening was too soon after she got rescued. Bad timing for this episode.

  14. ? says:

    This was much better than the dreck of the last few episodes but I was still a bit disappointed in it. The cop having planted a knife after all was a little too “neat” for a show that has no problems with its characters fixing a presidential election or murdering supreme court justices or whatever. The cop not having planted evidence and Olivia struggling with choosing to defend the white establishment given her own race is more along the lines of what I would have expected from Scandal.

  15. TAL says:

    Reblogged this on Cerulean Chronicle and commented:
    Attention Gladiators! The following is a recap of ‘Scandal’ episode 4.14 – “The Lawn Chair,” courtesy of TV Line:

  16. Me says:

    I loved this episode, it was very difficult to watch. Courtney B Vance killed it in this role.
    That meltdown at the end from the (murderer)cop just highlighted the racist mentality that still resides within some people. It’s the mentality that vilifies the victim, a dead victim in most cases!
    I liked Kerry Washington’s tweet on how true art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed…on point!
    This episode may have polarized viewers but it was necessary. Black lives matter, All lives matter!

  17. Crys says:

    Well done Shonda! Well done.

  18. It’s going to be ending of mine day, but before finish I am reading
    this enormous post to improve my knowledge.

  19. Imzadi says:

    There are other innocent victims here–the cop’s wife and kids. Yes, he should have thought about them before he shot the kid, but now they will bankrupt themselves paying for his defense and become pariahs where they live, so they’ll have to move. So, no father, no money, no home. And they are every bit as innocent as the boy. I’m sad for them.

    • Lovely says:

      Who cares about them. The wife should not have married a racist cop. Don’t be a cop policing a group of people who you obviously hate. The father and the relatives of the INNOCENT child he murdered are the real victims.

  20. Ellinas1978 says:

    Not that the show has much credibility left but if we see Mellie running (even announcing to run) it will lose that too.

    You are not Claire Underwood.

  21. Maggie says:

    Really disappointed at last nights episode. Please we have enough of this issue just turn on the news everyday if you have the need to keep the fires going on the war against the police in this country. I guess when you are the creator and the producer you get to push your own agenda now and then.

  22. torontosportsmedia says:

    I think the show may have actually jumped the shark. I think this was the weakest episode in a LONG time and despite the VP story line it would have been the worst one ever.

    • Adelele says:

      The VP storyline made this episode not as good as it could have been. This was too heavy and serious an episode for that BS. As one commentor said – the white house scenes were distracting from what was going on.

  23. C. says:

    I don’t think 25 is any more ridiculous than what Scandal has presented us and asked us to believe in the past. Obviously Michelle Obama has said many times that she has no plan to run for public office, but IF she say, decided to run for president, I don’t think she would be unqualified in the slightest.

  24. Kathy says:

    Terrible, horrible episode. Worst than the kidnapping episodes. What is going on with the writers and Shonda Rimes. This is suppose to be entertaining TV, not like reading the internet or watching real TV. Where are the romantic episodes. The real Washington DC political scenarios? The creative dept and writers need to get the heads out of the toilet!!!

    • Cheyenne says:

      So the show only works for you when Olivia is jumping into bed with somebody? Says a lot about you, none of it good.

      • Amelia says:

        Kathy mentioned romance, not sex scenes. Also, she mentioned the real political scenarios. That you took that as she only wants to see her jumping into bed says a lot about you, none of it good.

    • Adelele says:

      You are just now asking what is going on with the writers of this show? Why didn’t you ask that question when that kidnapping plot was going on?
      This episode was a very good episode; one of the very best for quite a while. I hope to see more of these type episodes rather than the junk that Scandal has descended to.

    • Lovely says:

      I disagree. This was probably the BEST Scandal episode ever. It was meaningful, powerful, thoughtful and dealt with an important issue that’s going on throughout this country today. If Shonda never makes another Scandal episode, she really did an amazing job with this one. This is the one that I will remember forever. Well done Shonda!

  25. Alarmingly correcy says:

    scandal jumped the shark with this predictable White is bad black is always innocent crap. still a good show but snap out of it guys come on how’s that

  26. Lovely says:

    This episode was amazing and exceedingly well acted. This episode showed the potential of what Scandal can be as a show. All of the crappy B613 and kidnapping storylines were garbage. THIS episode is worthy. It was meaningful, powerful and well written. I actually cried. A special acknowledgement to KW who did an amazing job. And Courtney B Vance, the father. When he put the chair over his son I lost it. Wow. Talk about a powerful moment. And when Olivia was confronted by the activist who told her she wasn’t part of their community- wow. Also, the officer’s speech… I’m sure that is exactly how these cops really feel. That’s why it was so good, it gave a the perspective on both sides of the coin. If Shonda never makes another Scandal episode she can be truly proud of this one. 👍👍👍