Glee Series Finale Photos: Klaine's Future, Rachel's Big Win and More

Glee Series Finale Spoilers

The New Directions’ past, present and future collide in Glee‘s two-hour series finale, which flashes back to 2009 before jumping ahead to reveal what’s in store for Rachel and the gang.

Fox has released a batch of stills from the full-night event (March 20, 8/7c), giving us our first official look at the gleeks’ final curtain call.

Highlights from the flashback episode, appropriately titled “2009,” include Rachel and Kurt “meeting” for the first time, the return of Puck’s mohawk and, of course, not-gay Karofsky.

Photos from the second part of the hour, “Dreams Come True,” find the grown-up gleeks celebrating something — Rachel’s big win at the Tonys, perhaps? — and coming together, as one big happy family, to perform OneRepublic’s “I Lived.”

Click into the gallery below to see the series finale photos in all their glory, then drop a comment: How do you hope Glee ends?

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  1. Riana says:

    They probably should at least have a body double for Finn.

  2. Hannah says:

    There are two pics of future Rachel pregnant that you don’t have here. Fans are debating whether the baby is hers with Jesse (who she’s with in one of the photos) or if she’s acting as a surrogate for Klaine (who she’s standing between in the other).

    • mc says:

      But Quinn would have been the surrogate (according to the video footage they showed Will)

      • Hannah says:

        The Quinn thing was just a throwaway joke. Rachel was born as a result of surrogacy for a gay couple so I could see her understanding the situation and wanting to do the same for her best friend.

        • kim says:

          There is more to the show than Klaine. Why would Rachel who appears to be married to Jesse, and on Broadway choose now to have baby for Klaine. Can’t Rachel do something for her own life?

        • LOL says:

          Why would anyone want Quinn’s crazy genes. Lucy Caboosey plus crazy? Not to mention way less vocal talent. I’ll take talent a nose and a type A personalty over that.

  3. Kalee says:

    Guess press caught word of that thumbnail of preggers Rachel randomly leaking along with all of these lol.

  4. Letti says:

    I hope this pic doesn’t mean Tina and Artie get back together.

  5. Fx says:

    I love how Kitty is part of the old gang now. She has grown into a great character, one of the best of this series.

  6. zac says:

    2009 episode would be weird as Chris Colfer was the shortest when the show started and now he’s taller than every girl on the show

  7. Stone says:

    Is Sam in that picture of everyone in the living room? I can’t tell if he’s the one standing behind the sofa.

    • Jamie says:

      No I enlarged it, its one of the newbies! I was hoping it was Sam because then her and Jesse might’ve ended up together but since he’s not there he’s probably at the Tony’s with her and they’re probably end game.

  8. Dyan says:

    Klaine baby and St. Berry endgame. Always wished for that to happen for the show.. Hope it comes true..

    • figgs says:

      Klaine baby? Gross. I hope that’s Rachel and Jesse’s child. She deserves her own, individual happy ending.

  9. Alex says:

    What a surprise, Rachel on Broadway and winning a Tonyu. Didn’t see that coming from miles away. Things always seem to come up roses for her no matter what she does.

    • Jeff says:

      About the same for nearly everyone else. Mercedes before Rachel already had two record deals, Artie is in a great film school. tow Ivy league student in Quinn and Tina. Mike a s a prestige dance school. Kurt at a major theater school.

      People need to stop acting like everyone is homeless with no prospects.

      • j.d. says:

        They are so bitter and insecure about their faves that they can’t help but compare them to Rachel and feel like they come up short. It’s sad and pretty pathetic. Everyone is getting to have it all, including Rachel, and I’m so happy for Rachel after what a rollercoaster it’s been for her.

      • Ann says:

        But Kurt and Rachel never graduated college. Rachel dropped out to go to Broadway and do her failed tv series. Blaine had to have dropped out if he’s back in Lima only two years after he graduated high school. Kurt might have graduated, but I don’t think that he did since he started NYADA after Rachel. So, yes, they are all Lima Losers. Quinn is perhaps the only winner in the group. She’s going to Ivy League school and barely has time to hang out at her high school because she must be busy going to school! Puck is doing well, he joined the air force. Mercedes did well, perhaps. But she can’t be some superstar because she’s too busy hanging out at her old high school way too often. If she were a bigshot star, she would be on tours. It sounds like she just cut two mediocre albums and is a mild success. But I’ll give her credit for chasing her dreams and somewhat succeeding.

  10. Precious22 says:

    You guys are just too funny. To us Klainers, everything is about Klaine; just as to you everything is about Rachel. No pun intended!

  11. KC says:

    Can’t wait to see the finale! I have no doubt Rachel will get her happy ending – which is winning a Tony. I think she and jesse end up together, but I think the baby is not theirs. We will see.

  12. Laura says:

    I don’t want Glee to end. I love Glee! I wish it could go on for awhile, but it really isn’t the same since the original characters are no longer the focus.

  13. Carrie Sohn says:

    I want whole cast comes back also Marley,Ryder,jake and everyone comes back

  14. Chris says:

    Kurt and Blaine look just AWFUL in the future pics.

  15. Emma says:

    I know that this is an un-popular opinion but i really want to see Samchel together in the end

  16. Jamie says:

    March 10, 2015 at 9:31 AM
    Ok, so I just realized something!! I was so hoping for a Jesse/Rachel endgame but seeing the picture of everyone watching her at the Tony’s proves she might end up with Sam! Sam is not in the picture so then he must be at the Tony’s with her and she would not ask him if they were not together! There is a picture of her and Jesse holding hands in formalwear probably going to the Tony’s and that’s probably because she’s in the broadway show with him.

  17. Jamie says:

    And my guess the baby is 100% Blaine and Kurts.

  18. Rafael says:

    Melissa Benoist’s name is the only one rumoured in the Glee series finale cast lineup, but she will still appear, even if she already got a role as Supergirl at the same time.

    More likely Cory and Damien are the only two never going to appear in the Glee series finale.