American Idol Top 8 Ladies Recap: Shock and 'Awww!'

I could tell you that American Idol giveth and American Idol taketh away, but then I’d have to immediately link to a GIF of Kathy Bates in American Horror Story: Coven screaming “Liiiiiiiiiiiiies.” (Go ‘head, click it — you can thank me down in the comments.)

Nope, if we don’t like the voting results inside The House That Is Trying to Evict Caleb Johnson, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

And don’t even try to point a finger at teenage girls or desperate housewives or balding, bespectacled gay guys who tear up every time they play Fantasia’s performance-night finale rendition of “I Believe” on YouTube.

AI14_Detroit-Girls-Show_0091_f_hires1Exec producers Per Blankens and Trish Kinane have made it oh-so-easy to vote nowadays. You don’t need to dial an 866-number over and over and over again to make your opinions heard. If you can use Google — and if you can’t use Google, how in the name of all that’s holy did you manage to get on the Internet and read this recap? — you can throw up to 20 votes at any/all of Season 14’s hopefuls in less time than it takes Harry to reiterate the definition of “intonation.”

All of this is my roundabout way of apologizing to exiting semifinalist Katherine Winston. Sure, her rendition of “Safe and Sound” last week evoked all the confidence of a newborn guppy in a tank of Piranhas. But I should’ve thrown five or ten votes her way based on previous performances/future potential alone. And maybe you should have, too?

Katherine’s ouster may not be a “Wait, Chris Daughtry is going home?!” kind of shocker, but it’s nevertheless a blunt-force blow to our collective noggins — a reminder that Idol is only as good as we make it.

On that note, let’s get to the ugly business of revealing which four women got booted this week — and were not allowed to git down one last time in Detroit for America’s votes:

Eliminated: Katherine Winston, Shi Scott, Lovey James, Shannon Berthiaume

And now, a rundown of the Top 8 ladies — with grades and five-word performance reviews (which I’ll flesh out with more detail in the next 60 minutes, so do check back):

AI14_Detroit-Girls-Show_0119_f_hires1Tyanna Jones — Bobby Day/Michael Jackson’s “Rockin’ Robin” — Grade: B+ | Human equivalent of “spring forward!” Yeah, OK, the lightning-quick wordplay and range-y upper register left Tyanna sounding a wee bit wobbly on some of the song’s longer notes, but rare is the Idol young’un with this much vocal horsepower and outsized stage presence.

Loren Lott – Michael Jackson’s “I Wanna Be Where You Are” — Grade: C | Unexpected song choice — questionable technique. In other words, while I wanted to love Loren simply for choosing one of the few Motown tracks this week that hasn’t been covered half a dozen times or more, her pitch wandered like an overtired toddler dropped in the middle of a toy store. Plus, the shrill quality of Loren’s upper register was in full and wince-inducing effect again this week.

Maddie Walker — The Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There” — Grade: B- | Don’t get it twisted: Maddie’s vocal tone is as textured and pretty as her hombre ombre hair. That said, I wish I’d heard more emotional oomph — and fewer nerves – in her delivery. And it wouldn’t have hurt for Maddie to have pushed the Motown jam in a twangier direction — the better to differentiate herself from her competition. Here’s hoping she gets one more week to do just that.

AI14_Detroit-Girls-Show_0257_f_hires1Joey Cook — The Miracles’ “Shop Around” — Grade: B- | Affected or adorable? The jury’s still out — though Joey’s visible trembling throughout much of the performance probably didn’t help her vocal tone (especially on the big notes). That said, I couldn’t have envisioned any other Season 14 chica cooking up such a jazzy, bass-heavy arrangement — and considering the end result was mostly quite pleasant, I’d be kinda bummed if she wasn’t around to quirk up the Top 12 for at least a week or two.

Sarina Joi-Crowe — The Miracles’ “You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me” — Grade: A- | How come female contestants get so little credit for fresh, daring arrangements — like Sarina’s sparse, guitar-only slow-burn on The Miracles’ boppy hit? And why was Harry coming after her about intonation when she hit damn near every note, when he gave free passes to two or three male contestants (especially Daniel!) on Wednesday? Actually, who cares? Anyone with functional ears knows Sarina’s “You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me” was what Mariah might’ve dubbed a “moment-monent” — delivered with a deft mix of unrequited longing and blind devotion.

Adanna Duru — Lionel Richie’s “Hello” — Grade: B+ | Cheesy, but deliciously so, no? And regardless of whether you were throwing a Gospel hand or throwing a side-eye during Adanna’s dramatic “I love you” whisperings/”feelin’ it!” facial expressions, you’ve got to admit this is the best she’s ever sounded. Yeah, she lost a little breath control in that final set of runs, but at least this underdog threw down — and mostly succeeded. I’d have easily swapped Adanna out for Katherine at the start of the night — but by the end, she was on my “Must Have” list for the Top 12. Well-played, gurrrl!

AI14_Detroit-Girls-Show_0461_f_hires1Jax — Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” — Grade: B | Jax definitely knows how this game is played — as evidenced not only by her choice of The (Blue and Black) Dress That Broke the Internet but also by the fact that she is marking her territory as Season 14’s most inventive song arranger. I agreed with J.Lo that the bass-heavy reimagining of “Ain’t No Mountain” was slightly off-putting — it conjured up visions of Audrey Hepburn boogying in a mod outfit rather than any depth of romantic feeling — but at least it was never dull or predictable.

Alexis Gomez — The Four Tops’ “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)” — Grade: D | Alexis left the sugar-pie out in the rain/ I don’t think that I can take it/ ‘Cause her pitch she could not fake it/ And I never want to hear this track again/ Oh noooooooo….

SHOULD Go Home: Alexis, Loren
WILL Go Home: Alexis, Loren

Your turn. Who’d you love from the Top 8 ladies? Who should be and who will be at risk? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. I don’t really understand how Harry didn’t love sarinas performance? She was FLAWLESS!!! :)

    • I think other than Tyanna and Sarina-Joi tonight was really not that fantastic. I love Jax and Joey’s creativity and artistry but the songs they chose didn’t do the trick this time. Adanna changing the ending of Hello up was way too much. The first part of the song was good, but I didn’t like the end. Alexis proved why Katherine deserved a spot, but I can’t be mad at the public for not putting Katherine in, given she had zero energy last week. I think Alexis for sure is out next, then it could be Loren or Adanna. Tough to choose, maybe Maddie goes. I think this is still a very strong season, but there are definite inconsistencies in this Top 16.

      • Runner says:

        Alexis was torture. Such a strange song choice.

        • MC says:

          It’s interesting that Harry and Keith emphatically stated that Alexis
          “deserved” to be there when clearly she had no business being there.

        • MAB says:

          I actually saw JLo wince. It was one of the worse Idol performance I’ve seen in a long time.

          • Johnny says:

            But JLo didn’t have to be so damn rude to her tho. She was the last one to be picked.

          • James says:

            Actually J-lo NEEDED to be that rude, because it was THAT bad

          • Becca says:

            I think Alexis’s performance was the very worst I have seen! Over Sanjaya or Lazaro’s performances and even makes it look like Daniel is way better than her! I mean that was embarrassment over America while America was watching. I have seen better performances by some of my friends goofing off at parties and that is while being drunk! Just terrible! And so we dont get Katherine Winston? We get that?

        • Becca says:

          Yah Alexis was not good. Adanna Duru made me cry. LOL She is so intense and if I was a guy I would say “I Love You Too”. Maddy and Joey both seem very sweet! I get NO emotion from Jax and I agree with the judges. She is changing the songs way too much. To the point where it is getting boring! My fav girls are Adanna Duru and of course Sarina Joi! ADANNA I LOVE YOU TOO! Girl Crush? But Im straight LOL Oh and Sarina got me emotionally too!

          • Jill Moy says:


            Well I’m not straight…LOL!
            JUST KIDDING! My girls (3) are.
            All still kickin’!I wish miss Jax would leave….she is terrible!

          • Jill I had to go back to my other post name because when I changed it to Becca, i wasnt receiving any “post back messages” . Very weird”

        • How did AG beat out Katherine or Shannon or even Lovey. I can’t understand this. She is terrible. There was some mistakes here by the voters. Maybe they liked her Alexis looks or just because she is country. That works most of the time if they aren’t as bad a singer as her

        • Becca says:

          I think I would rather have Shi than Alexis. Thats how bad Alexis was!

          • Mary says:

            OMG bite your tongue, no to Shi. I am so glad America did not vote her through. Yes Alexis was not good this week, but last week, which the voting was based on, she was pretty good, not perfect. This might be her last week unless she has voters who will keep her in. Personally I can handle her more than Loren.

          • James says:

            7 out of my top 8 last week made and we were so close to a clean sweep. Just say KATHERINE WINSTON, and we would have been home free… then they said Alexis Gomez… and then she bombed… we were so close

          • Becca says:

            I am glad to see Im not the only one who really liked Katherine Winston! Wild Card!

      • Karyn says:

        I agree with you that the only standouts were Tyanna and Sarina Joi, which is why it is very suspicious that Loren — who was absolutely awful (I literally winced through her performance) — got nothing but glowing comments and they called Sarina out on intonation issues that I didn’t hear. I’ve never been one for the conspiracy theories on here, but it seemed clear from these two singers that the judge’s listen to an earlier performance and have their comments canned in advance. They could not have been critiquing the same performances I watched.

        Alexis was terrible but she also was probably the most out of her element with the Motown theme. I think she was trying to do what they encourage and at least put on a show, so people on here and the judges were a little too harsh. She’s not my fav, but I’m not outraged by Alexis getting through, though after they ripped into her, I’d be shocked if she gets through to next week. I sincerely hope the public didn’t buy that sham critique of Loren and that she goes along with Alexis.

    • I don’t get how Sarina-Joi didn’t get a standing ovation, because that was beautiful. Honestly, other than Tyanna and Sarina-Joi tonight was really not that fantastic. I love Jax and Joey’s creativity and artistry but the songs they chose didn’t do the trick. Adanna changing the ending of Hello up was way too much. The first part of the song was good, but I didn’t like the end. Alexis proved why Katherine deserved a spot, but I can’t be mad at the public for not putting Katherine in, given she had zero energy last week. I think Alexis for sure is out, then it could be Loren or Adanna. Tough to choose. I think this is still a very strong season, but there are definite inconsistencies in this Top 16.

      • kcostell says:

        Normally I love me some Sarina-Joi, but Harry was right that there was just enough niggling pitch issues to make me wince most of the way through her performance tonight. Still decent (she’s never horrible), but at the same time nowhere near her best.

        To be honest, despite that botched glory note I liked Adanna much more than Sarina-Joi.

        • Timmah says:

          Me too. I was bored by Sarina’s performance by the end, but Adanna’s was interesting all the way through.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Agreed. Harry was spot on. I had to hit the mute button during her performance. It fell of the tracks there in the middle. She’ll recover. She’s a great singer who had a bad night.

        • Karyn says:

          I disagree about Adanna. I hated her melodramatic ending to Hello that sacrificed virtually all the lyrics of the song. I might have forgiven it if it were sung better but overall I thought it was downright unpleasant to listen to.

          I know this is unfair but I also hate her name. All I can think about when they say it is the kebab (Adana is the name of a city in Turkey after which the kebab is named).

        • Miss Jade says:

          I gave Sarina Joi a C minus … it was boring … interesting when she started I was about to give her an A minus but she just drifted into nothingness…

        • James says:

          Were we watching different shows??? Aside from the growl in the middle (wish she had finese’d the entire thing) Sarina Joi Crowe hit dann near every note. Her and Adanna earned my 1 and 2 spots this week respectively

    • Runner says:

      I don’t think she was flawless. But a B performance from Sarina is better than most people’s A performance. I loved it though, but it might be b/c I am rooting for her so hard.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      Just need vote 5. I can that after tonight.

    • AT Richards says:

      I totally agree!!!

      • LeahKittyS says:

        Me, too! I don’t get why so many people are saying she was off. I have perfect pitch and she sounded totally in tune to me. Maybe their sound systems weren’t working properly? Bad signal? Something else?

        • Eva says:

          You have perfect pitch and their sound systems must be off right😱😵😜

        • Mytake says:

          I thought she sounded flawless too. I thought Harry was hearing things wrong (difference between how they sound live on stage compared to what we hear at home) then I come here and see others saying Sarina was off pitch.

    • Jenny says:

      No she wasn’t. Harry was right — I thought she was flat for much of her performance. And I say that as someone who thinks Sarina should win this competition.

      Being off pitch was a theme of tonight’s show — most of the girls had major problems in that area. Maybe their nerves got the best of them. The guys didn’t fare any better last night in this area.

    • Mary says:

      Sorry disagree, I love Sarina but her performance was far from flawless. There was a few bump notes, but I still think she was the top singer along with Tyanna. Didn’t care for Jax arrangement at all, but she sang it well enough. I am mostly happy with the results but I would of loved Katherine in it, would trade her out with Loren. On the whole enjoyed the girls more than the guys the night before, but the sound was still off.

    • ChellemaBelle says:

      Judges seemed way off IMHO. Don’t know if it were the acoustics or what the issue was, but no one seemed to pinpoint who was actually in tune and who wasn’t. I also kept hearing Simon Cowell’s critique of being “overly indulgent” on a few choices. Maybe he or Adam Lambert could make a guest judge stint.

      How about a “New Songs” theme (new to contestants and songs never performed/aired on American Idol)?

      Or a Duet week where they’re paired up with an AI alum?

    • Okemsinachi says:

      Adanna Duru is the best one there. She has given talent.

  2. Jaszy says:

    First off, if this episode doesn’t show the evidence as to why girls are judged more negatively than the boys, I don’t know what will.
    Harry mentioned intonation and pitch to HALF the girls that made it through. Now granted he was right, but he didn’t say anything to the boys last night. The boys were much worse! I don’t get it. I don’t understand it! Such a double standard!
    Judge all of them with the same criterion. Daniel was AWFUL last night…yet they said nothing remotely negative about his performance…but when Alexis did poorly (she was understandably nervous, not knowing if she was going to make it until the LAST minute)…they just RIPPED into her!
    Harry needs to lay off or at least be fair and treat both genders with the same criterion ( the VOICE first); he’s definitely harder on the girls. I know he has 3 girls of his own, so maybe that’s where that’s coming from, but that unfairness was clearly palpable tonight’s episode.

    • Nick says:

      What? O_O The boys were not much worse…that’s crazy talk.

      • Jaszy says:

        I mean it. Clark’s pitch was awful…watch that performance again and you will hear it. Daniel was pitchy..couldn;t stand his performance. Quentin was even pitchy. Qaasim was pitchy because he was doing all of that dancing. Adam, one of my favorite guys, was pitchy. Rayvon was pitchy.
        NICK, my favorite guy, was the only one that was on poiint with his pitch.
        All these intonation issues just goes to show that this new elimination process might be causing some of those lackluster, rough performances.

        • Temperance says:

          I’ve watched it three times, and Clark’s pitch was fine. He ran out of breath a couple times, though.

          • Jaszy says:

            Nope, Clark struggles with pitch. I know when someone’s singing flat or sharp, unfortunately for him, he does both.
            But it’s not like it matters, people are going to vote him through anyway because he;s a cute guy.

        • Becca says:

          Jaszy Yes I noticed that! Clark was out of tune! He went to hit a high note and it was terrible! If people watch it back they will see it! I thought Ravon was great though!

        • Lana says:

          Quentin was not pitchy and no one in this competition comes close to singing as great as he does, or maybe as artistic as he does, certainly not the girls. Though Tyranna is close and Sarenna. I find Joey and Jax try too hard to be “quirky” so I am not as impressed with them as others are. Still this is a great group of talented singers with a few duds, Daniel, for example so I am enjoying this season.

    • Runner says:

      Completely spot on. This criticism is completely justified. I liked the guys but they were far from perfect – and even some of my faves – could have used a little lecture on intonation.

      • JayNC says:

        I think it is the format – it is affecting the performances of both the boys and girls. It is like last year when they were announcing the top 12 and they had all of them in a room and called them in one by one when they made it, and then they had to sing. Your nerves can’t help but affect your performance in a format like this, so we will never see them at their best.

    • Tayyyyy says:

      I’m sorry, but the reason Harry was harsher on the girls than the boys was because the girls were sooooooo much worse than the boys as a group. Tyanna is the only girl remaining in this competition with talent, TYANNA FOR THE WIN!!!

      When watching the boy’s performances, all you can think is “I don’t want any of them to go home!” When watching the girls all you can think is “why can’t we send more home?!?”

      • Jaszy says:

        Seriously, you don’t want Daniel to go home? He was AWFUL!

      • Scott says:

        “Tyanna is the only girl remaining in this competition with talent.” Are you serious? I’m sorry but you can’t say Sarina doesn’t have talent. That’s ridiuclous.

        • AlyB says:

          Thank you! Tyanna is terrific but I also love Sarina-Joi & Jax. While the end of Adanna’s song was kind of unfortunate, everything leading up to it was just beautiful. Maddie is competent if not particularly exciting. Joey is already kind of irritating me with her clownish affectations but she can sing. Loren & Alexis are a disappointment but all in all this isn’t a bad group at all. Quite the contrary. If we have a top 5 girl team of Tyanna, Sarina, Jax, Adanna & Maddie or Joey it’ll be an extremely strong team of girls that are able to give the guys real competition & deliver a well rounded show.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Up-vote. After losing Katherine, that’s exactly who I want in the finals, too.

          • Runner says:

            Well said. Although I wouldn’t put Loren and Alexis in the same category tonight. I am not sure what Alexis was doing but it wasn’t singing. I like your top 5 too. But I need Maddie to show some/any spark of life in there.

          • Timmah says:

            Yes, this one’s pretty clear cut. Alexis and Loren need to go. The rest all have potential.

      • Viajero says:

        Sorry, but as a group, i thought the girls were stronger this week than the boys. There was only one bad performance tonight (from Alexis), while the rest were more than competitive with what we saw last night.

      • Mary says:

        Wow really, you must have been watching a different show than I. The sound was off both nights so I think that explain part of the problem. For me the ratio is about even on who I enjoy. I guess different strokes for different folks.

      • Shelley Snyder says:

        Agreed. Tyanna’s voice is amazing.

    • Smokey says:

      I think Harry is either sitting in a bad spot in the room for clarity, or over-listening to every note, or maybe even..has developed a slight RJ hearing situation…………………. anyway, I did not hear a lot of off-key singing, Alexis was more “off’ on her song than any of the others – and moving around a lot, more for performance than staying on-pitch. I have been to concerts by some well-known singers, and they are not as great when you hear them live and not in the studio with 7 different “takes” to patch-in where they go off-key.

      • AlyB says:

        I honestly didn’t hear what he was talking about with Sarina. I thought it was fabulous.

      • untapt says:

        You’re just wrong, and I’m not saying that to be rude but ears that are trained to hear intonations, (especially musicians), have a keener sense of pitch. Now maybe you are a musician, maybe even as accomplished as Harry but if that’s the case then I find it hard to believe that you didn’t hear the pitch problems with the girls. Yes, the guys had some too but for the most part, (except for Qaasim and Daniel), their problems were just a line or note here and there. With the girls you had four, (Loren, Adanna, Sarina, and Alexis), who were flat for most of the song. That’s a much bigger issue than a note here and there. You could probably also throw Maddie in that group, (but to a lesser extent). Granted Qaasim and Daniel had the same issue last night and they should’ve said something but as a group the men were much stronger this week.

        • MC says:

          I know there are many folks who love the “reimagined” arrangements, but I think they can trip up good singers sometimes. I think that’s why Sarina was “flat” tonight. It seemed that the song was a couple of beats too slow and Sarina was trying very hard not to get ahead of the music. It’s possible the boys made fewer errors this week, but I like the high-ceiling potential of some of the remaining girls.

    • Scifi says:

      I definitely see where you’re coming from and I would agree if this was the case….but…..First I’d check to see how many girls did ballads vs how many guys did ballads. Ballads tend to make pitch issues more prominent then say……”I wish” When you place your entire showmanship on standing there at the mic and singing….You have to really blow it away. Also Quentin was the last Wednesday night and he didn’t give an earsplitting performance unlike Alexis. He definitely suffered from nerves but he still managed to sing a solid performance. Also he didn’t make me turn off my TV half-way through the song……Just saying. For the record. My favorites thus far has been Quentin, Jax, and Joey. My least favorites have been Loren(Shouldn’t even be here….all she does is scream.) Mark( Rather boring), Daniel(He should have waited 3-5 years), Alexis.( She’s great when she sings well…….but she’s inconsistent. and when she’s bad……….) I also would chock a LOT of these horrific performances to the fact that the results and the show are happening Simultaneously…..I HATE it.

    • Johnny says:

      Then JLo made her feel so damn worst. I thought JLo was the best judge ever but after what she said to Alexis I’m not sure anymore.

      • Mary says:

        Sorry these guys need to hear the truth and Alexis was way off tonight. I appreciate that the judges are honest, not always great to hear but these contestants need the critiques at this stage of the game. Alexis is going to be faced with worst in the music business so she might as well get use to it. How can one improve if nobody said differently.

    • Karyn says:

      I agree that there is a double standard this season. They have openly declared this the year of the guys and are giving the critiques that back up that prediction whether they are true or not. I don’t disagree that many of the girls were off last night (except Sarina Joi whose issues were so minor they didn’t deserve a mention in an otherwise amazing performance, but the boys were just as bad and yet they called out 6 of the girls for it and only called out 2 or 3 of the guys.

    • RD says:

      I agree. There were at least as many pitch issues with the boys but not one of the judges called them out on it. Yes,there were pitch issues with the girls also but not as many as the boys . Sarina-joi,in my opinion was one of the least offenders and yet she got called out on it the most.

  3. James says:

    Rankings (based on this week and the previous weeks)
    2) Tyanna Jones
    3) Jax
    4) Adanna Duru +3
    5) Joey Cook
    6) Loren Lott
    7) Maddie Walker -3
    8) Alexis Gomez
    Imma miss Katherine Winston
    Scary thought: what if the judges bring back Shi????? Oh God no

    • Jaszy says:

      Stop it right now! Lol. I love SHI!

    • Jaszy says:

      Seriously, I loved Shi’s Umbrella performance. It was unique and rocking.

      • James says:

        Okay Shi wasnt my least favorite *cough* Alexis Gomez *cough* but Umbrella was just gawd awful. I think Katherine Winston deserves the wildcard spot, but I feel if it’s all up to the judges, they’ll pick Shi

      • Temperance says:

        You thought Clark was ‘off-pitch’ but you liked Shi last week (she of the off-everything)? That was so far off pitch it had it’s own area code (and I like Shi, in general).

        • Jaszy says:

          Shi was not pitchy in that performance. Yes, it was shaky! Yes, she was YELLING! But, except for one obvious note towards the end, she was not pitchy.
          I still stand by it when I say Clark is always pitchy, especially when he’s trying to do all those runs.
          You stick up for Clark because you like him. I don’t.
          I stick up for Shi because I like her. You don’t.
          But….whatever. Shi’s gone anyways.

      • James says:

        Is “Unique and rocking” another way to say awful?

    • MAB says:

      They can’t. It will only be from next weeks eliminations.

    • James says:

      UPDATE (upon further review I believe that these changes should be made to my rankings)
      5) Loren Lott
      6) Maddie Walker
      7) Joey Cook

      • Scifi says:

        Really? you put the Scream Machine in number 5?

        • James says:

          I watched the performances back and didnt like Joey as much upon second viewing so I just dropped her down under both Loren (who has shown signs of life in the past and was enjoyable tonight) and Maddie (who is technically proficient who just seemed nervous) I blame some off performance on the tired Motown week theme (please retire this theme Idol). Alexis had no business being in this top 16

  4. Jaszy says:

    Tyanna Jones – Deserved to make it based on her performance last week.
    Rockin’ Robin is the perfect song for Tyanna’s voice and personality. She seemed to have a tad bit of trouble with breath control but she pushed through. She sang just a tad sharp but it wasn’t as noticeable.
    First singer of the night….DEFINITELY better than Daniel Seavey singing first last night.
    And she is truly likeable. She’s a keeper.

    • Tyanna is THE BOMB!!! She gives me shades of Candice Glover, Majesty Rose, and a hint of Patti Labelle (My Opinion) :)

    • Runner says:

      Tyanna is adorable *and* she can sing. She always leaves me smiling.

    • MC says:

      Tyanna is the real deal, probably the best of the night. Sarina was good, but I didn’t care for the arrangement. Adanna started out strong, but the ending was rather weak.

      • margi209 says:

        Hard for me to decide what I thought of Sarina and Adanna because I’ve been listening this week to David Cook and Haley Reinhart–David’s “Hello” and Haley’s “You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me.” These two didn’t live up to it tonight–isn’t there a list of songs past years’ favorites have done, to give these young contestants a head’s up? I’ll try listening again as I know both Sarina (especially Sarina) and Adanna are great.

  5. Tommyo2000 says:

    Jax is a very polarizing, either you love her or hate her. If you don’t like her you can’t deny she has way more stage presence that anybody else outside of Q & Q. Maybe she doesn’t make it far, but she is miles ahead of the others in pure watch ability…

    • Holly says:

      Can’t agree with you 100% – I think Sarin Joi and Tyanna are incredibly watchable, especially SJ. That smile is money! However, definitely agree that you either love Jax or hate her. For me, it is sometimes both things at once! I love her uniqueness, artistry and commitment to each performance. I didn’t love the song tonight because she took all of the power out of it. It was interesting though.

    • Runner says:

      I really like Jax, but I have to agree with JLo tonight. That arrangement didn’t do enough to highlight her voice *over* her undeniable style. That arrangement just didn’t work for me. I think I still voted for her though. Gotta keep her around.

    • Craig says:

      All Jax does is run her fingers through her hair, walk around and look constipated every performance. I’m just glad her parents aren’t within reach or else she’d probably run down there and start awkwardly rubbing them. I actually prefer watching Sarina-Joi, Tyanna, Joey and Adanna. Jax usually just makes me feel uncomfortable for one reason or another.

    • Ginger says:

      I think Jax can sing, but I can’t stand WATCHING her. All the gestures and hair touching is distracting!

    • wen says:

      Oh, I can deny Jax has stage presence. I actually like her voice but her over-emoting on every line is so cheesy and distracting. I am shocked that the judges haven’t pointed it out yet. They did in a roundabout way in their critique – but she is the kind of person who will continue to writhe around – at odds with the meaning of lyrics – unless she gets specific comments.

  6. Tina says:

    Somebody had to sing “Hello” didn’t they? Next time watch David Cook’s performance first to see how it really done.

  7. Jaszy says:

    Lauren Lott – eh….she doesn’t excite me…her voice annoys me sometimes…and it sounds good sometimes so I’m confused with this girl.
    Yes, her voice is annoying. I think that performance she had in Hollywood was a fluke. Every so often she lets out a beautiful tone, but that’s only 20% of the time.
    She definitely needs to focus on her pitch and not sound so ‘thin’ or ‘whiny’ in the voice.
    I definitely think the judges are being nice. Once they watch it back…
    She does have a bubbly personality! She has too much energy! It does make me smile though.

  8. Jaszy says:

    JAX – FINALLY! But they saved one of the best for one of the later spots.
    Love her song choice already. She does need to tone down her theatrics a little bit. She was pitchy this performance. She’s sung better; this isn’t her best performance. That’s enough to slide her through to next week. That is one of Jennifer’s pet peeves: changing the song so much that its unrecognizable. Now Jax didn’t commit an egregious error with her arrangement like Hollywood Anderson did with Someone Like You. Still, I agree with Jennifer. I thought JAX wasnt in sync with the band at first, at least that what it sounded like…
    I know Harry’s going to criticize her…. and I wasn’t disappointed.
    But love her character and her style. JAX all the way!

    • Kayk says:

      Definitely Jax all the way!
      I was surprised by the judges’ negative reviews of her performance tonight. I love to see the spin she puts on all her songs!

    • Maas says:

      I would normally agree with Jennifer about changing the tune but I hate that overdone song so much, I frankly didn’t care what she did with the tune.

      On the other hand, I’m sick of Sugar Pie Honey bunch but I barely recognized the tune that Alexis. One of the Worst ever idol performances.

  9. Jaszy says:

    I don’t care what anyone says: the picture that I saw online, that dressed LOOKED white and gold. Yeah, it may really be black and blue but the lighting in that picture had me seeing white and gold.

  10. Runner says:

    Michael, Katherine who? People didn’t vote for her because she was a timid hot mess that sang really lousy. I kinda like when people who don’t sing well go home. Go bye to She/Shi/Her/whatever as well. America got this Top 8 right. However, some of the song choices tonight were um… interesting, to say the least. I like the new fast pace but I wonder if the fast pace and finding out 2 seconds before they have to perform – that they are going to perform – is actually hurting their performances??

    • MC says:

      I agree with you about Katherine. For those who know football, she essentially punted last week. That was a DOA performance and you need to have confidence going into the live shows.

      • Scifi says:

        That would imply she could sing again…..Rather…..I’d say she got to watch the opposing team kneel with the ball.

        • MC says:

          Not necessarily. When you punt late in the fourth quarter, you may not see the ball again. I should have emphasized that was late in the fourth quarter for everyone and you can’t afford to punt in that situation. It was the punting that got her in trouble, not the aftermath of watching the other team run out the clock.

    • Lemon says:

      They are both very good, and each had one off night. I’d like to see them each get one more shot.

      • Lemon says:

        ^^^Meaning Katherine and Savion….

        • Runner says:

          Aw… I would definitely love to see Savion again. That was a tough loss. Such a great singer.

          • Becca says:

            Did anyone notice Savion has been hiding his hair this year? He wears those hats and even while wearing the suit on that last show, he had the hat on and it did not match very well with the suit! I loved his hair the year before! I wonder why he is doing that?

  11. Jaszy says:

    Maddie Walker – I’m glad she gets another chance. I thought she gave a solid performance last week.
    Sometimes her eyes appear to have no life behind them, but that doesn’t take away from her beautiful voice that was highlighted in “I’ll Be There” despite her nerves. There’s no denying that she can sing. This was a beautiful arrangement. Maddie’s so sweet! However, there were pitch issues that she needs to work on. Yeah, the judges are always harder on the girls than the guys. Harry didn’t criticize any of the guys like he did Maddie. They didn’t say anything critical to Daniel yesterday, yet Maddie sang 10x better than him.
    Obviously she was nervous, saw her backstage mouth to the girls “I’m freaking out.” Hopefully those nerves won’t do her in.

    • Becca says:

      Harry was harder on the girls last year too! Remember he constantly put down Jess Meuse and MK Nobilette and really all of them. Then he would always tell Sam Wolf that he did an excellent job.He was way harder on the girls last year than the guys.

  12. Jaszy says:

    Joey Cooke – No. Hated her performance last week. Her voice is very monotonous to me. I do like this arrangement of that song, though. I remember my favorite girl, season 12, Angie Miller singing this song and the judges tore her to shreds…I didn’t think it was that bad. However, even though I don’t like Joey that much…I thought she did it better. She doesn’t have that much range in her voice I can tell, but it was a good performance. She is definitely a kiwi.

    • MC says:

      I’m in the minority here, but I don’t think Joey should be in the top 16. She is purely a “casting” decision. She plays the role of the outsider, the “kiwi.” Vocally, there’s nothing special about her and I still can’t get past her catastrophic group performance.

      • AlyB says:

        I like Joey’s voice and her vocal stylings to a certain extent. I usually like different and other. But with that hair, her wardrobe choices & accordion (which was thankfully missing tonight), she comes off more clownish than anything. I just don’t think that works for Idol. I’d love to see them do a makeover on her that respects her originality and style direction but polishes her up some so she’s less circus like.

        • MC says:

          Joey’s group performance sure was a hoot. She either forgot the entire song or never learned it in the first place. I lean toward the latter theory based on the group rehearsal footage. There are very few singers in AI history who have made the cut after an epic fail in group, but it was pretty apparent right then and there that AI had plans for Joey.

  13. OhMy says:

    Really down to high school talent show level nowadays. But the grades are on a curve, so we just go on.

  14. Kaba says:

    Didn’t care for Sarina this week.
    Loved Tyanna as usual.
    Alexis deserves to go home for that incomprehensibly God awful performance. Goodness.
    I enjoy Joey, she’s from my hometown area so I am all for her.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Wow. Even on a few fairly controversial opinions, we totally agree. I just typed down below that Sarina sucked tonight and Joey is weirdly amazing.

      • Kaba says:

        Sarina was performing like Savion did last week. Had she started off her top 24 arc with this I have no doubts she’d be gone instead of others. Joey is an acquired taste, but I’m all for her.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I can see how for some Joey is an acquired taste. I never had to acquire that taste as she was amazing the first time I saw her, but I recognize her style is very specific. Check out the Squirrel Nut Zippers. There’s a market for this type of music. I hope she goes decently far in this competition because she’s very talented and so non-conventional for this type of show.

  15. tank says:

    I am way too old to care, but I can not stand Jax. I hate the way she changes every song to jazz, I hate the dramatic way she sings, and that stupid gimmicky dress.

    • Runner says:


    • Puchinsmom says:

      I think she’s really talented, but I don’t always like her arrangements. And I fervently wish she would stop running her hands through her hair! It’s getting annoying. But she can sing…

    • This early in the competition I look for the ones who might live up to the challenges when the different genres are introduced. I loved the creativity of David Cook, Daughtry; Adam Lambert and the ‘beat-box’ kid…. that’s why I like Jax, Quentin, Qaasim and Daniel (yes, I said Daniel). I adore Joey, but her ‘style’ isn’t very flexible and that’s going to hurt her I think. Daniel is so incredibly talented, but his voice is still maturing. It would be interesting to see his progress (with coaching) if he gets the chance. No matter who wins, there could easily be more “Daughtry’s and Lamberts” walking away from this season then ever before.

  16. karenb says:

    I find Ryan very distracting-in a good way- with his jeans, t-shirt and scruff.

    Off topic, I know.

    Sarina and Jax are superb.

  17. YAY! Shi's Gone! says:

    I love Loren’s reaction every time she sees Ryan. It’s the same one my puppy has every time I come home from work.
    Is it just me or did it kind of look like Maddie was playing an invisible harp during her performance?
    It certainly looked like Adanna was aiming for the male votes this week. I was worried she was gonna fall out of her dress. Maybe she was taped into it or something.
    We certainly have a wide array of hair colors on the girls side this year: Red, Yellow, Brown, Green, Blue, Black, etc.
    Keith, I love you to death, but you are driving me bonkers. If a performance is Good, That means they sang it WELL (not good).
    Intonation is the new pitchy, but that isn’t exactly breaking news, is it?

  18. Jen says:

    The Macarthur Park reference was unnecessary. I don’t want it mentioned near Idol in case someone sings it. Don’t encourage bad ideas!

    • Smokey says:

      But……… someone let the cake out in the rain………

    • Tom22 says:

      Haha I love the song MacArthur Park. I find comparing past love fading away from lack of care like unintentionally leaving an exotically colored cake left in the rain a very interesting an colorful analogy. And I find the notion of trying to re-bake some time and place you cherished referred to as a recipe you lost quite apropos.
      Yet, it’s still a great flight of fancy to believe you could see the world again through the lenses that made things so exciting and new at given times learning to ride a bike, first kiss, senior year in high school, first love, joy of teaching your kid to ride a bike…. that longing and hoping to recapture that sort of feeling feels like an epic reason for a song and …well I feel like through MacArthur Parks odd words and analogies and move from nostalgia to hope for the impossible is really cool ..
      And I like Adam and found Shi interesting in her neurosis she displayed openly and hear something fresh in Daniel (but too many swallowed notes in between the fresh parts to give him too many more listens just now)

  19. Craig says:

    Joey (big improvement over last week and she turned in a jazzy, unique spin on a classic song) and Adanna (great emotional connection with decent vocals) were my Top 2 tonight followed by Sarina-Joi and Tyanna. Alexis gave one of the worst performances in the history of the show. I just cringed the entire time. Who on Earth is voting for her?! Next on the list to go are Maddie (a pageant-y bore) and Loren (overwrought and irritating). Sorry I like Jax and all but she was absolutely TERRIBLE this week. I’d place her right above Alexis in 7th place. Horrific arrangement and very poor singing. I still knew Michael wouldn’t give her anything lower than a B though. p.s. I’m gonna miss Katherine. She should still be there over at least 4 others based on her vocal tone alone.

  20. Angela says:

    I rather liked Joey’s performance-I’m mixed about her style sometimes, for the reasons noted tonight, that there’s always the risk of it getting a bit TOO quirky. But tonight it worked for me. As for Jax…I didn’t mind the verses, actually, in her rendition, I liked what she was trying to do with it. I think if the chorus had been handled differently, maybe it would’ve worked better-the chorus seemed to clash awkwardly with the verses in a way that made it sound off.
    Again, I do think the judges are right in these people being careful with the quirky and knowing what songs will fit that sort of oddball arrangement best (and I’m someone who LOVES unusual takes on well-known songs, so I can appreciate what these girls are doing on that level, and being creative and so on), and making a song sound new without losing what makes the original special. But if these women can continue to find the right songs to fit their style, then I’d be interested to see what else they can do.
    Tyanna and Sarina were the best again, so yay for them. And I didn’t mind Adanna’s performance, either, especially the way she ended it. I think people like her or Maddie clearly have good voices, just…it’s obvious they’ve still got those nerves they need to work out. They still sound a little wobbly at times when they perform, so they just need more stage confidence and power.
    As for Alexis…eh, yeah…that was…iffy. Oddly enough, I could see where a country version of that song could’ve worked, and the song is happy and upbeat, so I get the perky attitude, but…as Harry said, she needs to control herself a little.

  21. Brian says:

    Wow, I’m surprised people didn’t like Loren’s performance. She sounded good, and her energy, dancing and smile was really fun. I enjoyed that the most. And I thought she was the worst last week, or at least among the worst.

    • MC says:

      I thought this was Loren’s most “authentic” performance so far, but her beauty and her actressy roots are a turn-off for many voters (not me, btw). She has an uphill battle because she has to be willing to improve every week and become even more immersed in the music.

    • Runner says:

      Meh. I enjoyed Loren enough to vote for her. I thought she was competent and infectious this week. Works for me.

  22. Hader B Haden says:

    I missed the first half of the show, and really wish I had missed the second half also. It wasn’t good. It wasn’t interesting. Had gets a little credit for creativity, but I’m starting to see that she does the same thing to every song. Sabrina and Adanna were snoozy, and Alexis was just not good. Motown is tough for country folk, and she was clearly out of her depth.

  23. Jaszy says:

    YES! Alexis MADE IT! YES! I was slick rooting for her even though I don’t enjoy country music as much as other genres. But I see so much potential in this girl. She was very flat in this performance, but these people aren’t performing to the best of their abilities because they don’t even know if they’re going to be performing! I think it’s cruel to treat the contestants like that.
    But I like Alexis anyway! I will definitely still be voting for her. Don’t let the critiques get you down Alexis. DO BETTER!
    I just love that gap in her teeth! I think gaps are beautiful. (This is coming from someone with a gap.)

    • Craig says:

      Alexis has given one subpar, uninspiring performance after another. I think she used her “second chance” about three or four weeks ago. Even Shi has given more memorable performances than her.

      • MC says:

        I wanted to see Lovey and Shi perform one more time. They are energetic and unpredictable and either one of them would have been better than Alexis. The other one could have replaced Joey, whose “hyper-stylized” novelty act is wearing thin (at least for me).

        • Smokey says:

          I was a bit surprised that Lovey, who had the most twitter followers of all the girls, didn’t make it over Alexis. And it might have been more fun to see what kind of Motown act Shi might have thrown out there, over the Alexis slot.

      • Becca says:

        Craif yes I mentioned that earlier, that Shi might have been better than Alexis!

  24. Christian says:

    My Rankings:

    1.) Sarina Joi Crowe (A)
    2.) Adanna Duru (A-)
    3.) Jax (B+)
    4.) Tyanna Jones (B+)
    5.) Maddie Walker (B-)
    6.) Joey Cook (C)
    7.) Loren Lot (C-)
    8.) Alexis Gomez (F)

  25. Troy Long says:

    My top four girls would have to be Sarina Joi Crowe, Jax, Tyanna, and Joey. I feel like I’m the only one who loved Jax’s arrangement. Yes she was off at the beginning but I thought it worked really well for her voice.. loved the scatting and the jazz feel.. Didn’t agree with J Lo and Harry.

    • Kayk says:

      Thanks, I was afraid I was the only one who appreciated Jax tonight!

      • MAB says:

        You are not the only one. I just love Jax. She is so unique and interesting. Every week I am looking forward to what she is going to do.

        • LeahKittyS says:

          I’ve always appreciated Jax. She sounds to me like Ellie Goulding without the British accent. I get that some people don’t like that style of singing, but I do. I think Jax is in it for the long haul. Top 10 at least.

          • AlyB says:

            Agree entirely. She’s one of the most interesting contestants this season and I just love her voice.

      • Troy says:

        Glad to see I’m not alone on that!

      • Mary says:

        I do think this week you are in the minority. I have liked Jax up to this week, but all her songs are starting to blend together. I agree with the judges this week, that arrangement just did not work. Took the nuance out of the song. I think she should go on but moving forward I think she has to be careful on her arrangements.

        • Troy says:

          Yeah I do think that people will either love it or hate it, because it was quite a switch from the original.. But had she done it like the original it would’ve been trrrible

    • Smokey says:

      One thing about Jax, is that she has a “zone” all to herself in this. ………….

      Her only other competition for that Zone was Shi and she bombed-out last week. ;;
      ……Whether the people like her or find her off-putting, she’s not going to give a bland, understated cover of a song.

  26. LeahKittyS says:

    Yes! This was so much better than last night. I am also bummed about Katherine, but at least I get to keep all three of my “certains” (Jax, Sarina, Tyanna) and two of my “likelys” (Joey and Maddie). And how about Adanna? Talk about an improvement. These girls have to be in the Top 12. Also, who else laughed when Jax came out wearing “the Dress?” Love her or hate her, I gotta give props to a girl who makes herself noticed.

  27. Kellym says:

    I actually thought Jax’s voice sounded pretty strong, but she didn’t seem to emotionally connect to the lyrics at all. They just got the same level of emotion she always gives. Overall though, I think the women came out of this much better than the men, based mainly on who received America’s votes. I think the case can be made that the 8 best performers received made it through among the women. There is no way I feel the same could be said of the men (Cough…Daniel…Adam).

  28. WGWGexterminator says:


    • Kaba says:

      Actually the wildcard will only be for those who made it to the top 16

    • LeahKittyS says:

      Nope. According to MJ’s Big Blog and TV Line, the Wildcard is only open to members of the Top 16 who were not chosen to be in the Top 10. So the four men and four women who were eliminated this week are locked out. Sorry.

    • MAB says:

      The wildcards can only be chosen from the eliminated contestants from next week. The ones eliminated this week are not eligible.

  29. LLA says:

    I did vote for Katherine

    • Smokey says:

      I am wondering if it may be that the wild cards will come from those that made the top 8, but don’t make the top 5 or 6. If so, then Katherine, Shannon, Savion, etc. — are out with no chance at wild card. ???

      • MC says:

        Apparently that has been confirmed by the above posts. It’s too bad because there were some good options among the eight who were eliminated this week.

        • Mary says:

          See I think it should be open to all the performers not just the 4 that are gone this week. Why bother having a wild card, people voted these people off based on two performances it is what it is. However, the first week is tough because some might not have been their best but the public had to narrow it down to much. Personally if the bottom four are who I hope it is, then I don’t want any of them to stay.

  30. Rlwebbjr says:

    I’ve been watching for many years and that was about the worst show I have seen. Very few of those girls are ready for prime time. Eliminate those stupid interviews after they sing.

  31. Idoloonie says:

    Slezak, when you tape this week’s ‘Reality Check’ can you ask Melinda what she thought about Harry’s comments concerning Sarina’s pitch?

    • kyle says:

      He is a world class jazz singer…and you are?

      • Idoloonie says:

        I am someone who wants a second opinion. Melinda may not be a “world class jazz singer,” but she has a damn good ear and I want to her what she has to say. Stop being a jerk.

    • Runner says:

      Harry was spot on about Sarina tonight. Good luck trying to get objectivity from Michael or Melinda about Rayvon or Sarina? I do like it when they at least *try* to be objective – but I expect more from Melinda.

      • Lemon says:

        It’s true, this column/blog is more of a fan site for M&M’s favorites. Serina was off tonight. I’ve never gotten the hype.

  32. danin says:

    Overall the Girls did better than the guys.And I didn’t have the same anticipation for the girls as the guys. Sarina tonight was the equivalent of Nick last night..good but bland.Tyana did have the right song (although I don’t like the song) for her throwback voice. Joey&Jax were just OK.But Tyana,the 2 pageant girls-Loren&Maddie,Sarina,Adana, &Joey were in the B+,B-range,Jax, I only heard the last few lyrics and they weren’t all that.And stating the obvious,why o why did the Producers put Alex on last.What an awful way to end the show.

  33. Shaun says:

    Sad for Lovey,she could have gone far with a better song choice.Wonder if she decided solo or they got feedback.

    • MC says:

      I think Lovey is the most underrated female singer from this year’s top 24. She has the potential for a nice career in music, but she was undervalued on this show. I

  34. SaraNotSarah says:

    I love Sarina but Harry was right (and I’m not a Harry fan, esp in how he treats the girls vs boys). Serena was flat and it just wasn’t good – though certainly better than almost all the others. I’m a little worried that Michael and Melinda have put on their ‘fave ears’ way too soon this season.

    • Scifi says:

      Why so much negativity towards Harry? He’s giving tips…..not breaking down on the girls. If I were singing I’d rather him give me critique then compliments because then I could improve. Would you rather have Simon Cowell back treating the girls in his manner?

      • Jaszy says:

        There’s negativity because the most of the boys were having intonation issues as well, not just the girls. Yet, Harry said nothing about intonation to none of the guys.
        Really, Daniel, his pitch was horrible!
        Our concern about the negativity is not unwarranted. Just look at the evidence! Watch the critiques of the boys vs. the girls and you will see what I mean.

        • MC says:

          Unfortunately, people hear what they want to hear (and not just on AI). I agree that the girls are generally critiqued more harshly than the boys, but I don’t think that suddenly started with Harry on AI. I think that the judges on AI have favored the boys over the girls for several years in a row (the one exception was the Candice/Angie season).

  35. Brandon says:

    Slezak, please be consistent. Loren’s pitch was much better this week than last week, yet you give her C this week.

    Also, lots of pitch problems with Sarina-Joi to merit grade of A-.

    Obviously, Tyanna was the best.

  36. Duncan says:

    Michael Jackson was not the singer that made Rockin’ Robin famous, it was Bobby Day!

  37. jeanann says:

    Sooo disappointed that Katherine didn’t get in. Yes I did vote for her! Sarina Joi is sublime. ‘Nuff said! There’s a wildcard? Better be Katherine!

  38. James says:

    What I watched for the last 2 weeks was a low grade amatuer show reminiscent of a poor karaoke bar with a juke box for back ground music with a bad needle. Everything about season 14 is poor quality except for two of the boys. J Lo has to go as a judge you can spot he bias from a mile away. Harry Connick is the only judge with any real musical talent, and he looks out of place trying to ccompliment bad talent. The western judge should be judging bull riding.

  39. Gailer says:

    Michael, could be your funniest line ever?

    “…inside The House That Is Trying to Evict Caleb Johnson…”

  40. jane says:

    Other than Tyanna, Sarina, and Jax the vocals we a huge problem for the girls tonight. There were more bad notes hit than good ones. I was wondering if something was off with their monitors. I hope so or we are in for a long journey to the finale. I think the new set up is causing some of the problem as well. They sit in the room, not knowing if they made it, and then are expected to sing on the spot right after finding out. I’d be so full of emotion (happy I made it, sad for the others) it would be difficult to sing. They need to do something. Why not just a 30 minutes results show, so the others are prepared to sing the next week? I also don’t like the pace of the shows. I’m not saying I miss the fluff of a two hour idol, but an extra 30 minutes so everything doesn’t feel so rushed would be nice. If the want to have Idol only one night a week, just let all of them perform and then at the end of the show announce who was cut.

  41. Gailer says:

    I wasn’t impressed by anyone tonight. Sorry. I thought Idol was so much improved this year too. I think it’s time for new judges finding more talented contestants. On the Voice, you don’t see this kind of off key singing and odd arrangements. But of course I’ll still be watching.

  42. Peggy Smith says:

    Joey Cook: Affected. Adorable the first time, increasingly and irritatingly affected with every subsequent performance. My top 4 are Tyanna, Serina-Joi, Lauren and Jax. I love ALL the guys and I’m sorry 4 of the amazing guys had to leave so 4 okay girls could stay…

  43. Kimmie says:

    I really just wanted to thank you for the Kathy Bates gif…it was better than the whole American Idol show tonight!

  44. mrblahblahblah says:

    Wow! Some terrible choices for the girls…no, not terrible…horrible…

    • Smokey says:

      Theme weeks — not good for most……… and song choices very limited, band will only do certain songs. …………………………………………What kind of artist do you want to be??? Oh, sorry, not on the theme right now…………… Here’s the list……. only 4 songs left that you don’t know anyway, because the others are already taken.

  45. Jon Copsy says:

    Since Idol has been going on this is the worst group i have seen!!!! Harry, Jennifer, and Keith are great at what they do on stage, BUT, They have no idea on how to evaluate talent!!!! A lot of those people shouldn’t have been in the top 24 PERIOD!!!! Also, It looks to me like the show is making this more about the judges than they are about the singers. For the 1st time since this has started I think I’m gonna quit watching. Talent is just not there from either singers or coaches!!!! Oh well, I like “the voice” better anyway!!!!

    • Jaszy says:

      I agree with you. Man, if I were picking the top 24, you would see some talent!
      But I’m a nobody. lol.

      • Becca says:

        Jaszy I tjink most of us on here could walk through a neighborhood or go to a church or talent show and find better talent! This year kind of reminds me of last year! Not that great of singers!

  46. Vicky Enriquez says:

    The screaming and extreme giggles has got to stop. If it ever was cute before, and I think it was Joey last week that started it. It really isn’t cute anymore. It’s more annoying. They haven’t won yet! I loved Maddies song and her voice, but where is the fire and the emotion. So much more like a pageant performance, from looks to singing. For me, it’s Sarina and Tyanna. I too, wish Katherine had gone through too.;(

    • Smokey says:

      I see what you mean….. the after-performance short chat with the girls….. most of them acted and sounded like middle-school kids that just got a ticket for Disneyland………….

      A good thank-you to fans who voted for them and a validation that they want to continue, please vote……………..could be a little less giddy.

    • MC says:

      I like Maddie, but she seems to be paralyzed by fear. She has to carve out her own musical identity and not fret about the competition. It’s possible that she simply has stage fright, but the best antidote is to find songs you love and sing the heck out of them.

  47. Viajero says:

    Overall, I thought the girls really brought it tonight. All were good (except poor Alexis, who was so obviously well out of her wheelhouse). Perhaps because of this, we didn’t have the sharp division between the top three and the rest that we saw last week. This makes it really hard for me to rank them, but I guess I will go with:

    1. Loren Lott
    2. Sarina Joi Crowe
    3. Tyanna Jones
    4. Jax
    5. Joey Cook
    6. Adanna Duru
    7. Maddie Walker
    8. Alexis Gomez

    While neither Sarina, Tyanna or Jax were at their best, I still think they are the three strongest from this group. But as you can see, I personally loved Loren’s performance, though I guess maybe that was just me.

    There was nothing really wrong with Maddie’s vocals, but I put her down there in 7th place simply because she was the most karaoke. There was absolutely nothing original or interesting about her take on I’ll Be There. In contrast, though Adanna was out of tune during the fist part of her song, I did really like the way she changed it up at the end.

    I’d like to see Maddie and Alexis go home, but I suspect Michael is right and it’s going to be Loren and Alexis, with a chance that Adanna goes instead of Loren.

  48. Angie_Overrated says:

    Harry came down on Sarina’s “intonation” because girl’s pitch was all over the map tonight. I love her and her body of work gives her a free pass. I feel terrible saying it, but yeah, that performance was Garbage with a capital G.
    I am absolutely loving Joey which I didn’t expect could happen. She may have that hi-I’m-Renne-Zelwegger-and-I’m-coked-out-of-my-mind manic thing going on, but damn if her performances aren’t entertaining. I have so much fun watching her have fun.
    Overall, this is a very solid group of girls.

  49. Tahoe Mike says:

    Tyana… She just rocked it.
    Loren… My first WTF of the night. She was awful last week, and someone else should have this spot.
    Maddie… I wasn’t mad that she got through, but meh.
    Joey… I love this chick in all her weirdness. Shop Around hell, I’m sold!
    Sarina-Joi… That was simply beautiful. I loved it.
    Adanna…. My second BIG WTF of the night. What I really wrote in my notes won’t get past the filters. She mumbled all but the glory notes. Another spot that should have gone to someone else: Shannon!
    Jax…. I am glad that she is through. She is just cool. I liked her song but didn’t love it. So that is what the white and gold dress looks like to my crazy friends, hmmm.
    Alexis… Sugar Pie Honey Bunch my a**, that was Aspertame. She is gorgeous, and I want to like her, but…
    I am bummed that Shannon didn’t make it. I know she is raw, but she has that sound I just love! There are at least two places she could have taken that would have been at least an even trade, if not better than even.
    Slezak is bummed about Katherine, but she was blah last week. There was room for her too though, without booting someone who deserved it more.
    At least we are done with Her who must not be named.
    Full votes for Tyana, Joey, Sarina-Joi, and Jax. With Adam, Qaasim, and Quentin from last night, that is my top 7; the rest I can do without.

    • Puchinsmom says:

      Mike, I agree with a lot of what you said. But I got a laugh out of ‘Her who must not be named’. I think she got more down to earth as a person, but I never thought her voice was worth putting through.
      I also like Joey a lot. I think she has a really interesting voice. BTW, I never heard kiwi used as a type….is that a term used in general? Bear in mind that I am old enough to be on Medicare, so I am not always in the loop. Also what is zombie whatever that Jax mentioned? I feel a bit weird even asking these things.

      • Tahoe Mike says:

        During the top 24 “Green Mile” episode the judges told Joey that, “Many of their decisions were like comparing apples and oranges, but that she was like a Kiwi fruit, and had a place in their fruit basket.”
        As for Jax’s “Zombie apocalypse,” I’m not exactly sure. Zombies are very popular in books, movies, and pop culture these days. The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on TV these days, and I may be the only one who doesn’t watch it. Maybe she was just trying to be hip.
        My own take on what she said is that it may have been a shot at the many other singers on the show, and in the business in general, who all mindlessly and robotically look and sound alike. Every year there are a few who sing just fine, but seem to be lifeless behind their eyes. What ever one thinks of Jax, she’s a live one.

  50. untapt says:

    I have to say that tonight was pretty lackluster. My fave performance by far was Jax and Tyanna. I know there are a lot of Sarina lovers on here but Harry was right when he said that she, (as well as Adanna and Alexis), was out of tune most of the song. On some of the more powerful notes she was singing in the center of the pitch but for mostly everything else Sarina was out of tune. I’m not sure how other people aren’t aware that this is the case. It’s like last night when Qaasim sang and no one bothered to mention that he was out of tune most of the song as well. He’s a great performer but at some point it has to be more about that otherwise he turns into a novelty act.