Kelly Osbourne Quitting Fashion Police Over Giuliana Rancic's Zendaya 'Joke'?

Zendaya Fashion Police

Kelly Osbourne is threatening to abandon her position as co-host of E!’s Fashion Police, following an unfortunate incident involving Disney Channel star (and Osbourne’s friend) Zendaya.

First, a quick recap: During Fashion Police‘s post-Oscars special on Monday, co-host Giuliana Rancic made a (terrible) joke about Zendaya’s dreadlocks, one that insinuated the K.C. Undercover star’s hair smelled like marijuana. Zendaya, feeling that the joke also had racist connotations, posted an open letter on her Instagram account, urging anyone with such comments to “contemplate a little before opening your mouth” in the future.

Rancic tweeted a response to Zendaya’s well-executed (and well-deserved) drag, apologizing to the actress and claiming the joke wasn’t intended to be racist.

Now, Osbourne is adding her voice to the conversation — and it appears she’s got a lot to say:

UPDATE: Rancic appeared on Tuesday’s edition of E! News to further apologize to Zendaya, acknowledging that “something” she said during the Oscars special “did cross the line.” Watch her full apology video here.

What’s your take on this whole debacle? What do you think Osbourne is hiding? Should we take this as a sign that Fashion Police should have ended after Joan Rivers’ death? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sally says:

    Why didn’t she stick up for her friend during the show. Yawn…….

    • David4 says:


      Also is not liking dreadlocks racist now?

      • Dude says:

        The insinuation that she smells like weed is what I think was perceived racist. Even though, Zendaya said she was paying tribute to Rastafarian culture so she shouldn’t have been offended by that correlation since marijuana is a sacred part of the rasta religion, seen as something natural that helps to connect with the Earth and meditate. With all that said though, I doubt Giuliana knows any of that.

        • Samara says:

          This is the stereotype that she’s ranting about. Not all Locs pay tribute to Rastafari culture. She did not once mention that she was paying tribute to the Rastafarian culture. She mentioned that it was a sign of strength and beauty. DreadLocks have been around in the African culture for ages and they represented beauty and power.
          The Rastafari culture kinda then hijacked this hair style and now it’s now looked down upon and associated with all these negative notations like weed.
          I am mixed race myself and I have won my hair in locks before, this is not to say I’m Rastafari.
          She has every right to be offended!

          • Tracy says:

            Thank for clearing that up. I am so shocked that Dread locks has to be associated with anything negative, its a hair style worn by whom ever likes the look. No only Rasta but people. I am not my hair.

          • David4 says:

            I agree. It’s a hairstyle. I hate it most of the time but I’m not going to judge by a hair style.

            Also I was told that good weed smells good. I rather smell like weed than Axe body spray.

          • EspoLady says:

            Zendaya referred to her hair as “locs” not “dreadlocks”.
            There is a reason for this.
            Since the the early origins of this style, people who were unaccustomed to locs found the style off-putting, and made judgements about the hygene of the individuals sporting them.
            It is thought that the term dreadlocks may have been coined in referring to, what appeared to be matted, dirty, dreadful locks of hair (or hair that was locked up in knots).
            While that was not completely untrue of some who had locs, it was of many others.
            Many people have decided to drop the dread in dreadlocks, due to the thought that there is nothing dreadful about their hair. As Zendaya pointed out, many who wear locs are much more than the stereotype of a weed smoking, unclean, bohemian-chic hippie (which is already unfair to weed smoking bohemian-chic hippies), yet many people still make that negative connection.
            Especially when it’s someone who is… more Zendaya than Kylie.
            Just like Giuliana did.

        • Kifferslady says:

          What??? As if only black people smoke pot? LOL Just hush up now.

        • Tiffany says:

          I like Zenday but I’m sorry but who asked her pay tribute to anyone anyway — and at the Oscars????!!! Girl pick another venu! What not just be yourself??

        • Oh, stop with the “tribute to Rastafarian” nonsense. It is a style, plain and simple. You wouldn’t see too many Rastafarians with dreads like these.

        • Damon says:

          There is nothing racist or seemingly racist about saying someone smells like week. Furthermore, the person saying Zendaya smelled like weed was Brad, followed by Cathy and then Juliana. It amazes me how the public sensationalizes statesment by distorting what a person actually said. That is slander. As for Kelly, I’m glad she’s leaving. A few years ago she chastised Pierce Morgan for criticizing Madonna and last year, Miss Osbourne and her mother yelled at Jonah Hill’s brother while attending a banquet. Not only did Kelly lie about what Juliana said, but one could build a case on her behaviors that she is a very disturbed woman.

      • esteban says:

        Always a good time when racists break out the naive/”Oops, can we not say that?” card.

        • Shel says:

          You know, not everyone knows everything – except maybe you, I guess.

          Just viewed G’s on-air apology. I thought it was heartfelt, gracious, honest and straight forward – beautiful. Very classy IMO.

      • Fiona says:

        Rancic raved about how gorge Kendall’s locs were when she had them yet Zendaya’s had to smell like weed. How come she didn’t say Jenner’s smelled like weed too? You see where Zendaya’s coming from now ye?

        • David Weaver says:

          Maybe Jenner’s didn’t smell like weed. Maybe Zendaya had a little “puff” before the Oscars. Pots really not that big a deal anymore. Who cares.

          • LL624 says:

            Neither girl’s hair literally smelled like weed. The comment was that Zendaya’s “looked” like she smelled like weed. Why didn’t she say Kendall’s look like it too?

        • Not at all. Zendaya’s pretentious reaction was ridiculous. She just didn’t like the fact that someone made fun of her hair. It had nothing to do with race, and she should have just let it go.

      • Merilee01 says:

        I agree with you David4. Is the word “black” going to be racist next? Much to do about nothing.

    • R says:

      Exactly. I think it’s funny how she says she’s her friend….but she sure didn’t act like it during the show.

    • suzybel58 says:

      I totally agree, if she was offended at the remarks, she should have called Rancic on her comments then and there. Quitting her job is not going to prove anything.

  2. Amy says:

    She didn’t make any effort to say anything about the comment during the show. I’m not surprised. I gave up on Fashion Police several years ago because it’s more about people acting like “mean girls” and bullies that a fun discussion of fashion.

    • Dude says:

      I feel the same way. Plus their fashion “insight” is laughable. They’ll praise some awful looking sack because it’s “high fashion” yet find the nitpicky-est thing that they can to tear down someone who looks genuinely beautiful. “Ugh, the ribbon around her waist is a bit too big and her clutch is a shade too light and her nail polish should have been cream not beige! and why is she wearing peep toe shoes? That ruins it.”

    • carly tenney says:

      I agree totally. All these women did was giggle and roll their eyes at the garbage that came out of Joan River’s mouth! Mean girls is the perfect description.

  3. Kathy says:

    I must have missed something…how is weed racist?

  4. NC says:

    Fashion Police is a horrific show that likes to pick on people and their own individual tastes.

    • Lucifer says:

      Not really. It’s comedy mixed with fashion. They have been mean at times, but they always give compliments and constructive criticism. People like you just have thin-skin and likely think you get PTSD when people tell you something that contradicts your small mindedness.

      • M says:

        Lmfao thank you!

      • liame says:

        Yeah that makes sense coming from “LUCIFER”. I guess you need tough skin where you come from.:/

      • carly tenney says:

        Um, okay there, “LUCIFER”. Because a girl with purple hair is such a fashion icon and we should listen to her “constructive criticism”. What a JOKE!

      • A fan of TV says:

        Is telling someone their hair must smell like weed particularly constructive in your world? In mine, there’s no excuse for stereotyping anyone based on how they choose to look. They may pick a style because they do suit that culture, or they may pick it because they like it. Either way, a willingness to not understand or accept another person’s cultural choices, when no one was harmed to make that hair isnt constructive at all.

  5. Michael says:

    I saw the show and when G made that comment, I thought she was referencing the “Coachella” crowd who are mostly white. It didn’t even cross my mind that it could be construed as racist.

    • Lucifer says:

      Anything can be racist if that’s all people look for.

      • liame says:

        Especially when it’s blatantly obvious.

        • Mary says:

          Well obviously it wasn’t blatant re what Michael said.

          • A fan of TV says:

            But that’s due to Michael’s personal bias, of course. Giuliana, who is white, also didn’t think what she was saying was racist. But something is racist if the person a comment is directed to feels in any way racially stereotyped or profiled. Its not okay to say something that offends someone simply becayse you ‘didnt mean it that way.’ Giuliana is making grovelling apologies because she understands that, but this show should still be canceled because this shows, more than ever, that their commentary is pointless if it isn’t being offensive.

          • Mary says:

            So what your saying nobody should speak because it might offend someone else. Well maybe the politicians should follow this rule of thumb. Everyone can always misconstrue what someone said.

          • A fan of TV says:

            Speaking to speak and speaking to ridicule are two different things. Speaking to ridicule is a waste of energy, and Fashion Police is endemic of a culture that thinks it can judge and classify books by their cover

  6. Gilded Lady says:

    A simple “you did not” kind of comment would have served you way better than her “or patoulchi oil” come back…

  7. delfiteblu says:

    I watched it for the first time since K Griffin joined and was surprised at HER; other than saying stuff that needed to be bleeped she wasn’t too bad. But Giuliana was snotty as hell the whole time – she and Kelly were both really wound up and loud, but G needs to remember who she’s talking about – a very young girl. Kelly, don’t leave but have a meeting about just HOW ugly everybody wants to get.

  8. johnhelvete says:

    I wasnt aware that only black people have dreads these days. When I was in high school/college, I knew tons of surfer/skater types that were Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian that had dreads. If I see a girl at the mall dressed like a hippie, I might assume that she smells of patchoul, and someone sees a person with dreads and assumes they smell like marijuana, dont really see the difference.

    • Gern Blanston says:

      Are you there Jah? It’s me, Ras Trent!

    • Jasmine says:

      It’s not about race but generally negative stereotypes; Zendaya is a young pop star & Disney character, to think that she would attend the OSCARS smelling like marijuana just because of a hairstyle is really conscending & bigoted.

      • Mary says:

        If that is true then she should be upset with Kathy not Rancic. Watch the tape Kathy is the one who made the remark about weed and Rancic repeated what she said.

  9. brandon says:

    I don’t believe Giuliana meant this to be racist at all. I just think she tried too hard to make a dumb joke, and it backfired, like a high school girl trying to fit in with the cool kids. I know I’ve had my foot in my own mouth plenty of times. She just needs to issue an honest apology (not a tweet) and move on.

  10. DB says:

    Was the show LIVE? Why didn’t they just cut it out in editing?

  11. Cassie says:

    As far as I’m concerned, Kelly quitting would be a bonus.

    • Cy says:

      Kelly has nothing else to do! She won’t quit.

    • Jay says:

      I know – tell me about it! I roll my eyes whenever Kelly speaks on the show.

      • Agnes says:

        Kelly is such a privileged fake. She does name drop and always needs to infer that she is an insider with these famous “girls” as she calls them. Her comments are either general as in “I Love this” or picayune as in the comment that the “the white shoes should be beige” or simply repetitive operating from a lexicon of only about ten phrases. I agree that it is time she left the show and maybe work on her own style. I don’t think she has “changed it up” in many years but denegrates stars if they don’t change.

  12. K says:

    Good, please leave Kelly, all you do is name drop and tell every celebrity you adore them. She brings nothing to the show. While the comment by Rancic wasn’t nice, she doesn’t bring a lot of humour

  13. Joey says:

    Methinks the lady protests too much.

  14. Babybop says:

    This comment did not strike me as racist in the slightest. People are overreacting. There has been much much worse said on Fashion Police.

    • npinkney123 says:

      I completely agree with you Babybop….or even someone of the comments that were made by Neal Patrick Harris on the Oscars.

  15. Ray says:

    Girl, bye!

  16. Samara says:

    Fashion Police is a despicable show, they are all just bullies. What gives them them right to judge what people decide to wear. It’s weird she’s speaking up now but when Giuliana said it in the first instance, they all chuckled.
    I’m glad that Zendaya called them out on their BS and that the twitter masses are behind her.

  17. tp says:

    Part of the problem is that Rancic praised either Kylie or Kendall (can’t remember which) for being cutting edge, fashion forward and that dreads were becoming on her. Soon as it’s a black girl all of a sudden she looks like she smells like patchouli oil or weed. There was nothing wrong with Zendeya’s hair. She looked elegant. Just because she didn’t choose to conform to Hollywood’s standard of beauty doesn’t mean she didn’t look pretty. Honestly Idk if it was about race or the fact that Rancic is just another Kardashian ass kisser.

    • Mika02 says:

      This 1000%

    • Ian says:

      Zendaya’s hair just wasn’t attractive though. Just because she didn’t like Zendaya’s dreads the way they were that particular night, doesn’t mean she only likes dreads on white girls or Kardashians. She routinely doesn’t like the hairstyles of white actresses on red carpets all the time.

      • tp says:

        Well it’s all subjective. I thought Zendaya’s hair was beautiful. They were neat and styled very pretty. Her dress was pretty and age appropriate. Actually Rancic’s comments allude to that sentiment. Why were they fashion forward on the Jenner kid but Zendaya? Simple…because of the person wearing them.

        • Mary says:

          I know this won’t be politically correct but I actually didn’t care for her hair that way and in fact I commented at the time, who styled her. Maybe it is because it was different then I am used to but she is such a beautiful girl and the “locs” hid part of her face. It was to much hair for my liking.

    • pl says:

      Yes, thank you tp! She also made similar comments praising gaga’s dreadlocks!

    • Jay says:

      This was the Oscars though! I’m sure Kylie looks great wearing sweatpants to the supermarket too, but you wouldn’t wear them to the Oscars!

    • dyan burke says:

      E always kisses all the Kardashian ass because Ryan Seacrest is the producer of the Kardashian show. You will never hear Rancic put down the Kardashians or anyone associated with them

  18. Me says:

    I’m Not watching the show anymore. They have become mean and nasty. It’s not funny anymore.

  19. Aryn says:

    Geez, It was not meant to be a racist joke/comment…come on people, Guiliana Rancic is one of the sweetest, most kind and loving people on the entire E! network!!! And seriously Kelly you should have said something Sunday night – not jump on the bandwagon when it could help you in the PR image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. safado says:

    The most shocking part of this whole thing is Kelly’s god-awful spelling.

  21. barbaradarlin says:

    She needs a dictionary…

  22. Maria Quinn says:

    My comment is: Kelly SERIOUSLY needs to learn how to spell PROPERLY! And she can leave Fashion Police if she wants; I don’t think a lot of people would miss her stupid purple hair. Also, I think Giuliana (who, at age *40*, still has the mentality of a Jr. High student, apparently, it ANY smarts at all) should be suspended for at least a week, for being MASSIVELY STUPID, just like Brian Williams & Keith Olbermann.

    • Melody says:

      I agree. I think her comments had an elitist vibe, she was being petty and vicious. The comments were wrong no matter who it was addressing. What she did not expect was the gracious response from Zadeah.

  23. Ian says:

    I enjoy fashion police for the snark, and they all say all kinds of “offensive” things on the show. If Zendaya wanted to take offense, fine, and Giuliana apologized, but she wasn’t really out of line I didn’t think. I’m black, have twisted hair, and watched the Oscars FP episode when it first aired, and wasn’t bothered at all.

  24. Ci says:

    Now people are talking about Fashion Police. Mission accomplished. This is such a non-controversy.

  25. Matty says:

    I didn’t hear the joke or the context so I can’t comment, but it sounds like much ado about nothing.

  26. Matty says:

    But to be fair, Kelly seems to get upset about something like every other month. She’s always threatening to quit the show…

  27. arial2 says:

    As someone who grew up in California, I’m used to seeing all kinds of people wearing dreads. I watched the show and Giuliana’s comment just seemed like a joke that fell flat, no racist connotations intended. From a fashion standpoint, my only reaction to Zendaya’s look was that the dreads were too much hair for her face although I thought they were beautiful. Kelly probably was trying to be professional and address what she saw as an issue, or perhaps Giuliana’s ignorance, off camera. I love Kelly on this show because, having watched her growing up on The Osbournes, I’m stunned by what a lovely, (mostly) reasonable adult she’s become. Though the more I hear Sharon Osbourne talk, the more I understand her parenting techniques. Giuliana, on the other hand, never seems to have a nice thing to say about anyone except the few people she idolizes and, of course, E’s big stars, the Kardashians (no matter how horrible Kim’s clothes may look, she’s always “stunning.” *roll eyes*). All in all, I’d rather see Giuliana leave than Kelly. And Kathy G’s doing a great job, given the situation that brought her to the show. The new guy’s okay, but I do miss George.

  28. David says:

    SHE’S NOT GETTING DRAGGED INTO THIS! No….she’s putting herself in the middle.

  29. Elijah Snow says:

    Kelly is a hypocrite. Like she has never said downright offenssive things on that show of hers. Please…

  30. barbaradarlin says:

    Please let this end Fashion Police.

  31. Ben says:

    Where I’m from (a place with a low naturalised african population, but plenty of other ethnic groups) dreadlocks are pretty much a white thing to do and I would say the generalised joke still applies. In that sense, I don’t think the joke is racist.

    Having said that, though, it seems to me that in African American culture, dreadlocks are common without any link to rastafarianism – especially amongst females – so in that sense I think the joke is racist. White culture is almost entirely absent of dreadlocks without a link to a culture of drug use being seen as ok, and the joke would probably be funny if aimed towards a white male.

  32. Sarah says:

    Also, she misspelled “dragged.” Why bring the English language into it?

  33. Anna says:

    Who cares what Kelly Osborne says or how loud she says it! Really? And what was racist about the comment? Saying her hair smelt like weed and patchouli, how is that racist? As for the fashion police, Kelly Osborne should be arrested and thrown in solitary for the crap she wears and the purple hair!

  34. Shae says:

    Giuliana’s comment reflects a person whom belief systems fall within the confines of being racist, classist and egregious. An uneducated being.

    📺 In the words of the dummy that shares his bunk-bed space with his human buddy on the Progressive Auto Insurance commercial…

    📢 YES SHE DID!!!!! She meant every word!

    Did she forget how it feels to be judged?! She need not be so careless when she is constantly reminded of her weight-concerns by spectators!

    She asked for this!

  35. S says:

    I watched this live and Kelly was braying like a donkey at all of Zkathy Griffin and Giuliana’s jokes….like excessively loud fake laughter while leaning over her chair. If it was so offensive to her, she could have stepped up in that moment and gracefully explained why that comment about her “friend” was offensive. Honestly, people who yell (looking at you shorty caps) usually use their boisterousness as a cover for nothing intelligent to say. Good for Zendaya for speaking out immediately with intelligence and strong sense of self.

  36. Lera says:

    Lets just say, the whole show is ridiculous. Nice looking people being judged and insulted by questionable “fashion experts” left and right with crud jokes everybody on this show enjoys, including K. Osbourne. And who is judging? The “fashion experts” that look like clowns themselves!

    • Karen says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I have never understood what makes these people fashion experts, especially Kelly. And yes indeed, she laughed loudly, clapped, and hung off her chair. The last thing one would think is that she was offended. Let us not miss the point of the original discussion, which, like these comments about the show in general, would not have happened if the hosts weren’t being so obnoxious. Brad might be an exception, but the others have lost sight of how to make intelligent, relevant commentary. Time to call it a day, Fashion Police.

  37. tired of them says:

    Good riddance. Wish the whole bunch of no-talent hanger-ons would go back where they came from.

  38. So I watched the video of it because I didn’t see it. Kelly said nothing afterwards, so she can just sit this one out.. Had Giuliana stopped her comment after saying she thought her hair was too big for her frame and she was overpowered by it, no one would be saying anything about it, and it didn’t even sound like Giuliana made the initial weed comment. She first said “She looks like she smells like patchouli oil” and it sounds like someone else (like Kathy Griffin) said, “Or weed” and Giuliana replied with “Yea, maybe weed.” I don’t know. I don’t think the intent to be racist was there.

    Kelly really doesn’t make sense though. In one tweet she says that the situation is being handled by both parties like adults and the next she says if it’s not made right within 24 hours she’s going to quit the show.

  39. Joanne says:

    Not for nothing but Zendaya was a guest on the Fashion Police when Joan was alive &willingly participated in their little “games” critiquing other celebs fashion faux pas so she knows what the deal is. Now all of a sudden she’s offended by Giuliana’s comments? Gimme a break.

  40. T says:

    Kelly should have shut it down while cameras were rolling. Something so disgusting should have been addressed on the spot!! Disappointed Kelly!!

  41. Beverly Jackson says:

    When you’re in the public eye you should filter what you say BEFORE you say it. She’s NOT Joan Rivers and for her everything isn’t OK.

  42. ehmedina says:

    Is this a joke or are there not more important things to talk about? Since when are weed smokers or those that use pachouli oil a race or even an ethnic group? This isn’t racism, not even close. You can call it catty and even distasteful, but that’s it. It’s no different than when Rihanna wore a giant loofah for a dress. On these stages you make statements with every decision you make: what you wear, how you do your hair, and so on. Some will be a hit and others won’t be as well received. Some publicist somewhere must think this is great publicity for the young starlet. If this is all it takes for Kelly to quit the show then bring it on because she’s clearly prone to go where the wind blows. Joan Rivers would be appalled with this narrative and woukd likely say grow a pair. Evoking race doesn’t it make a race issue. Nuff said.

  43. Anon says:

    These problems always happen. Shows like these always put down celebrities. They have feelings too. People should not judge each other or stereotype each other. Although I’m not African-American, I’m proud to be Latina. Sometimes these shows could be funny (I will not lie) but people cross the line. Kelly Osbourne, speak up! Don’t be a bystander. You did good.

  44. Muzic Boss says:

    Everyone makes mistakes. She apologized, very sincerely. Kelly Osborne wants to leave the show over this? Sorry, it appears that there are much deeper reasons for her wanting to leave. This is an unscripted show that is basically sarcastic and funny. No one’s perfect.

  45. Lisa says:

    I don’t understand why this comment is so offensive to everyone. Fashion Police has said some of the most horrible things about people and this is the comment everyone jumps on. If you watch E! News or Giuliana and Bill you would know that Giuliana did not mean anything racist by the comment. She probably shouldn’t have said it, but this is pretty tame compared to most of the comments made on this show.

    • Lidia says:

      It’s offensive because it suggests ethnic hair is swells bad. IMO both patchouli and marijuana smell awful.
      Good for Zendaya for not conforming to the standard of beauty projected by, in the words of Neil Patrick Harris, “Hollywood’s best and whitest… I mean brightest.” (yet other off color/ unnecessary comment that night, but I digress)

  46. MJ says:

    Joan Rivers is rolling over in her grave. Fashion Police is all about saying what people are thinking and too afraid to say. Making Rancic apologize goes against everything that Joan stood for.

  47. Jared says:

    So people like Kathy and Joan didn’t have to apologize for jokes but Giuliana does? Not fair. However, she apologized. So everybody just needs to move on.

    • NITA Hill-Young says:


  48. lucy says:

    Grow up zendays..not every thing is meant 5o be a racial slur…like you wouldn’t have laughed had someone else in your circle made the comment.

  49. GrowUP says:

    Kelly needs to grow up…she makes fun of people on that show but since this is her friend it is not OK…sorry Kelly not buying your tears or threats, just quit! I do not like dreadlocks…to me they probably would smell because you aren’t suppose to shampoo them very often…yuck! This young girl is in the public eye she needs to grow up and quit be so thin skinned…try to find a sense of humor (you are on a Disney show for crying out loud)…life is too short to be worrying about someone making fun of your ugly hair and yes it is UGLY! My opinion and I am sticking with it…no apologies from me! Guess what…you will be made fun of a lot more as long as you are in the public eye…leave or grow up! This is a comedy fashion show…they make fun of people and sometimes they say nice things…love the show but would prefer it moved back to Friday nights lol!

    • Ashbash says:

      I’ve been following this story since I watched the episode of fashion police and saw Zendaya’s post on Instagram about the comments. Zendaya wrote a very eloquent response to what she saw as disrespectful and stereotyped comments and it is the first time she’s ever fired back at a critic. She happens to have very thick skin because over the summer this girl was eviscerated online about her looks when she was a part of the Aaliyah movie and said absolutely nothing taking the high road. The only reason she responded to Guiliana’s comments is because these comments weren’t just Guiliana saying she didn’t like her hair it was the disrespectful way Guiliana went about it by using jokes that are normally associated with negative stereotypes of black people with that particular hairstyle. Zendaya stood up for herself in one post and left it like that. She handled this situation very maturely. She understood Guiliana was making a joke but just because it’s an opinion or a joke doesn’t mean people have to just accept what others think they have the right to voice their opinions as well.

      • Mary says:

        OMG people need to get a life. So many more important things to worry about. She made a mountain out of a mold hill, because they didn’t like her hair. Looking at the Disney princess, one would not know she wasn’t ( what is the pc way to say it) white. Sorry it is almost at the point if you don’t like what is said lets throw the racist card out.

        • A fan of TV says:

          You’re overly defensive and posting a lot, tearing at people who have a different opinion than you. Take your own advice, perhaps, getting a life and worrying about other things?

          • Mary says:

            Over defensive no not by a long shot. I guess you missed the point I was trying to make. This should not have been even an issue. It was blown way out of proportion. If Zendaya was that offended by the remark she could of handled it between the parties involved, it is not like she doesn’t know them personally. Right, wrong or indifferent this is what Fashion Police is about. If one doesn’t like what is said then maybe they shouldn’t waste their time watching it. Now if you excuse me I will get on with my life.

        • LL624 says:

          …molehill. And if by “Disney princess” you mean Zendaya, she doesn’t at all look white.

  50. appalled viewer says:

    I will not be watching fashion police although I was a fan. I question Giuliania Rancic’s judgement and wonder what other off color racially charged stereotypes she applies to people of color when the cameras are off.

    • Damon says:

      Nothing racist was said. People of all skin colors wear dreads. If you’d listened to the conversation, it was Brad and Cathy who referred to marijuana. There comment wasn’t funny and it wasn’t racist. Kelly should leave for slandering Juliana and Zendaya needs to either toughen up or quit the industry. Kelly chose to sensationalize the incident by accusing Julian of racism. Julianna should sue her for defamation of character.