Revenge First Look: Emily and Ben Work Up a Sweat, Jack Remains Heartbroken

Revenge Season 4 Spoilers

More bad news for Jack: It looks like Emily and Ben are taking their relationship to the next level when Revenge returns March 8 (ABC, 10/9c).

When last we saw “Bemily,” the budding couple was entering Ben’s house for some late-night delight, while Jack — who was finally ready to profess his love for Emily — watched in well-dressed horror from the beach.

New photos from the drama’s long-awaited return now find Ben and Emily working out together, which means more for Emily than it does for most girls. (Anyone else remember her sweaty training sessions with Aiden?)

Browse the new photos below, then drop a comment: How do you feel about this Jack-Emily-Ben debacle?

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  1. Shannon says:

    Use your words Jack. She made out with the guy, she didn’t get engaged.

  2. When the show brought David back, I thought it had jumped the shark, but having seen the first seven episodes so far, the series is better than it’s been in years.

    • It did, none of the characters have anything to do anymore. David Clarke is an uninteresting character that put a screeching halt to the story/main characters. Emily and Victoria has become sidelined as a result, especially after that pointless Malcolm Black subplot that went nowhere.

      • It’s a neat twist on a four year old show and a reinvention of the lore. Clearly he has his own agenda to avenge his perceived wrongs (again, based on the seven episodes I’ve seen so far), so it’s like a first season in its own right.

        • They don’t do anything with it, they drop in a new villain that only last 2-3 episodes. Main characters like Emily and Victoria are left with nothing to do because the whole show is stuck at a stand still until the David Clarke stuff finally moves and by that time, the show has nothing left. it also doesn’t help that David himself is not a very interesting character.

          Gone are any revenge plans, important character interactions, etc. that made S1 interesting. David was the whole motivator/catalyst of the main revenge itself and now that’s long gone.

          Now we have a bunch of characters with nothing to do, so we get useless side plots.fillers that go nowhere.

          It’s a last ditch plot twist that went nowhere in the end and ultimately cornered the show even more. After David, there’s really not much they can do. If they phase out the original characters, that’ll further alienate the viewers even more than it already has this season and they might as well do a completely new show altogether if they wanted to do that.

          • The focus changed, though. It’s gone from her revenge agenda to her. Of course the plots would focus more on him for a time over other characters, that’s how it works when a new character who is on the same level as the protagonist is introduced. So far everything I’ve seen has been great to my taste. Whether that’ll change as I watch more episodes is to be determined.

          • Except the whole premise was Emily’s revenge against the Graysons, which is what most people were interested in to begin with. They spent seasons developing that only to completely toss it out.

            No, you don’t sideline your main protagonist like that. This is not an anthology or even a procedural show that allows a revolving door cast, where this kind of format would work.

            This is how you lose viewers, especially when you stray so far from your original premise that you spent seasons on developing.

          • At the start of the season, it was clear that Emily had achieved what she set out to do. She destroyed the Graysons. The show needed something new to keep it moving, otherwise it would have become repetitive. What else could she have done to them?

          • That’s when a show should end. This is like an after credits scene in a film that just keeps going off tangent.

            Once a character/show reached its’ endgame, it should’ve ended instead of being dragged on.

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    I don’t see Ben and Emily going anywhere serious. She’s just using him.

  4. lana says:

    get ride of Ben I’m so tired of his charatcher so annying
    all the Jemily waited for so long it’s time to give us some scenes NOW

    • Kim says:

      Jack was hot and heavy with Kate a few eps back, so what goes around comes around.. I am as tired of Jack as you are of Ben ( not that I am a Ben fan), unpopular opinion or not. I find Jack to be all over the place, women (“Kara”/Fauxmanda, Margaux/Kate) moral ( absolutely no revenge/all in) a police for 5 minutes and now back to bartending . that he’s been moaning about previously? I don’t want Emily to end up with a guy she has to protect and support and is nowhere near as smart as she is, move on from a childhood crush. Ship both Jack and Ben off to Haiti!

      • Radha says:

        Emily protects Jack b/c he’s supposed to be an everyman character. Why on earth should she end up with a guy who is just as cunning and ruthless as she is? Jack is meant to be her moral center. Also, I’m pretty tired of people acting like childhood love can’t develop into adult love and stay strong and last. It happens all the time. And they’ve both been with other people and still are drawn to each other. You people just hate Jack and that’s it. *rolls eyes*

        • Kim says:

          Emily should end up with a guy she has something in common with, she’d be bored out of her mind eventually with Jack. Childhood love can develop, and also be complete infatuation. As the seasons have gone on and Emily has seen more the real of adult Jack, the less interested she’s been. Maybe she picked Ben now because she wants to move forward not go backwards, because she could have picked Jack, or waited instead of going between them. She didn’t. I am pretty tired of people acting like character development shouldn’t happen because they want a fairy tale.

          • Radha says:

            I like character development as much as the next person, but it’s a bit weird how everyone keeps whining about Jack and how much they don’t like him–same song, different dance. ALL THE TIME. All the men they have paired with Emily–except for Ben–have been conniving, miserable characters. And apparently that is what people root for. It’s not a fairy tale if she ends up with someone who keeps her moral compass pretty decent. Even when Jack gets his hands dirty for her, people still whine. The writers are the ones at fault for keeping Jack and Emily apart when it’s clear they are endgame, because they insist on dragging out drama where there doesn’t need to be any in order to keep the series going. Even in articles Emily VC and Nick W. have said so. So yeah, it does get a bit tiresome when out of her main love interests–who have ALL had flaws– it’s always Jack who get the brunt of it simply because “people don’t think you can find lasting love with a childhood crush”. Because as you said, “It’s too much of a fairy tale.” Well, on a show that mostly has despicable characters–no matter how entertaining they are–I like the fact that this one constant remains the same.

          • Kim says:

            Take a chill pill. If Jack had taken a page from Nolan’s playbook from S1, and his advice re “Kara”/ Fauxmanda, and been there for Emily, come hell or high water, like let’s say Nolan. It would be a different story? And Jack being a moral compass, Don’t make me laugh, he wants this, he wants that, like a toddler. Maybe Emily should adopt him, rather than see him as a ” love interest”.

      • gloria 098 says:

        ok i really agree with the jack thing (HE IS SO…UGG!) but ben and emily should go out a mean ben really likes her and now SHE likes him that is a HUGE thing for emily so GO BEMILY!!

      • that was so terrific huni….u just spoke like the real me…love u to bit

      • Thanks for speaking for me

      • Mischa Cruz says:

        That is exactly why Emily should END up with Jack. He is her constant. He is her moral compass. It’s not fairy tale. It’s always been him.

  5. jp says:

    My favorite actress on this (and other shows) is Carolyn Hennesy. Loved her on General Hospital and other shows.

  6. SJ says:

    This season almost makes me miss the Initiative…

  7. Kim&Bey says:

    I am growing to like Ben since he did not expose Emily when he learnt of her secret. And now they are dating..I’m not really bothered by it. I was really hoping for a Demily reunion, so when that went out of the window, I don’t really care who she ends up with anymore.
    But really what’s left to explore in this show… Victoria is defeated, David is alive and is undoubtedly the most boring character in the history of TV. All their enemies seem to be done away with.
    I’ve never been so bored with Nolan’s character as I have been this season, he’s just floating around aimlessly. Don’t even get me started on Margaux and her revenge..yawn!

    • You’re right, there’s nothing left especially after David Clarke. Nolan got dragged down with Louise’s storyline unfortunately. Margeaux’s ‘revenge’ is more of a pathetic tantrum than an actual revenge and especially after Malcolm Black, this just seems even more pointless.

  8. I love Revenge says:

    I can’t wait for this episode!!

  9. I love Revenge says:

    Everybody make sure to tune in this will be a amazing episode!! March 8 at 10!!

  10. Ron says:

    There will be no justice on this show if Emily & Jack don’t get together….

  11. Lerbert says:

    The best thing about this show for me now is reading the comments about it on this site. I don’t hate watch. I keep with it, like we all do, because of Emily, Nolan, and Victoria. Didn’t they originally conceive this as a limited series or is that every other drama on ABC?

    • It was actually, but ABC wanted full seasons, so the writers have to keep dragging it out. It’s why the original showrunner was booted from the show and replaced by 1 of the S2 writer who stepped in.

  12. ABC says:

    Brian Hallisay is certainly eye candy but that is all that he has to offer. Not sure why studios keep casting male models (is the queer casting couch that busy?) in high profile roles. Nick Weschler (Jack) is prettier and a far more talented performer. For that reason alone, Emily van de Kamp should have nipped this in the bud.

  13. Alichat says:


  14. Ella says:

    Well, this just sucks.

  15. M Stodola says:

    I think Ben is ACTUALLY working undercover NOW & he is either working for the “ultimate” bad guy (I don’t know who that would be:) or HE is the ultimate bad guy. Either way, I think it would be so like Revenge that there is something more to him, JUST as he gets Emily to trust him. And just for the record-I’m a sap & Emily HAS to end up with Jack…they just have to! But please develop more of their chemistry-more scenes with them together, building their relationship before they finally do get together. Love this show!!

  16. Lopez says:

    All I want is a lasting love story between Jack And Emily to be prusued. That is the finale love story for both of them finally. Then develope them into a strong team for whatever comes their way. Also I feel Emily needs to be the person people come to when they need her to help them out,of trouble, a fixer in other words. She can stil be a bad ass. But have a normal,life with Jack, Carl and a baby of their own. Nolan needs to be with them also. Get rid of Marqaux, Victoria can do her thing but leave Emily alone at last.she has plenty to keep her busy. Writers that have a good imagination can earn their pay. I wish the show would last with the same great writers they had in the season1, they were so good.every episode was a surprise. Even Scandal is getting a little far out now.

  17. Danelle says:

    Time for Jack to tell her how he feels!! They belong together!!

  18. Mischa Cruz says:

    I don’ like BEN for Emily! GO GETHER, JACK!!!

  19. Lee says:

    I am sick of Emily’s love interests.. Jack is a toddler that needs to get adopted and Ben is wooden.. Emily needs to end up alone. Emily is no saint..

  20. emily says:

    im glad that ben is with emily….jack is probably confessing that he likes her only coz he is jealous which will cause more drama

  21. Keri says:

    This season has just fallen flat for me!! They have dragged the Emily and Jack thing out for too long,and I am over it!!