Pilot News: The Walking Dead Alumna Laurie Holden Joins Chicago Med

Chicago Med Laurie Holden

The Walking Dead‘s Laurie Holden didn’t survive the zombie apocalypse, but perhaps she’ll have better luck saving human lives on Chicago Med?

The actress will co-star in the potential Chicago Fire spinoff, which will be introduced this season as an hour of the mothership series.

Per our sister site Deadline, Holden will appear in Episode 19 of Fire as Dr. Hannah Tramble, a fearless, brilliant ER surgeon whose tough as nails childhood has given her a dark edge. She joins the previously cast S. Epatha Merkerson (Law & Order) as the head of the hospital, Yaya DaCosta (Ugly Betty) as a nurse and high school acquaintance of firefighter Kelly Severide and Nick Gehlfuss (Shameless) as a doctor and the brother of Chicago P.D.‘s Jay Halstead.

Prior to being killed off The Walking Dead, Holden appeared on The Shield and The X-Files. Most recently, she guest-starred on Major Crimes and was attached to its spinoff S.O.B., starring Jon Tenney, which has been in limbo during TNT’s management transition.

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  1. m3rcnate says:

    These aren’t my favorite shows…they are full of melodrama and hyper-drama like soap operas (not really a surprise, prime-time network TV are basically soaps) and everything is about rule breaking, whether it be C-PD beating people, not letting them have a lawyer, executing them, but then portraying them as “good guys” and “hero cops” which is ironic given the fact everything the cops do on C-PD is exactly what we HATE seeing cops do IRL. Same goes with C-Fire, breaking rules, killing someone (not saving them from a fire because they are a gang leader) and hiding medical issues and dating (against the rules)…all things we HATE to see real Firefighters do IRL and would be FURIOUS and sue for if they did them IRL and it cost us one of our loved ones.
    BUT…they are fairly entertaining and have some good actors & actresses so i watch them, and Chicago Med will probably continue that Chicago vein of breaking laws/rules, being HIGHLY dramatic and more…but i really really like Laurie Holden and so her being on the show is appealing to me.

    • m3rcnate says:

      If you are going to reply and ask me what type of show DO i like to watch that isnt so melodramatic and unrealistic…i’d tell you that i LOVED Flashpoint…it was realistic, it had natural real drama, it was still fun, they still broke a little bit of the rules (the couple who dated) but it was done very tastefully and its not UNrealstic that cops/soldiers etc would get into a relationship.
      BTW I enjoy Halstead and think that’s realistic in that scenario (two attractive partners who like each other, hook up when she isn’t working for the PD anymore).
      I loved Southland and how very realistic that show was. I really liked Monday Mornings as a medical show, seemed to be trying to be realistic but still had some drama.

  2. m3rcnate says:

    Btw TVLine i HATE your comment filter system or w/e it is. So often i write a comment and post it and it wont post (doesn’t tell you why it wont post)…eventually i have to re-write it and go through the comment and remove some singular word that for some reason that idk, your filter doesn’t allow (never a cuss or bad word). The least your system could do is tell us what needs to be changed (what word the filter doesnt like) so we can quickly edit the comment and then hit post (and it actually post).

    • esteban says:

      dude maybe you just need to chill. i have that happen to me 1x or 2x and i just hit refresh a minute later and my comment is there. sometimes things just don’t appear instant, you know? slow down, don’t race thru life.

      • m3rcnate says:

        No “dude”, i comment quite a bit and it happens a LOT and it doesnt matter the amount of time or refreshing or anything. I have literally had a comment not get posted until i adjusted some weird word that shouldnt matter at all to a filter “imagine any random word that isnt bad or a cuss or anything” and once that word was adjusted (had to go through basically every word in the comment) and i hit post, the comment posted.

  3. Amber says:

    I’ll be really bummed if this means SOB isn’t happening. I was super psyched about the possibility of that show and loved her character in the mix 😞

  4. Aadil says:

    I am going to watch it. Love all of Chicago shows (especially Chicago pd). Get Amanda Righetti &/or Dylan Baker it will be perfect & I will be hooked for sure.

  5. Tony Lang says:

    That is a GREAT casting news. I was gonna check it out anyway, but she sweetens the pot!

  6. mariangela says:

    She is a great! All the cast of Chicago Fire/PD are amazing! She will be awesome!

  7. Babygate says:

    I was looking forward to the Major Crimes spinoff just for the chance to see her but this sounds like a better fit for her. Even though I stopped watching CF after the first episode I will check this one out.

  8. Jenna says:

    I wasn’t too excited about this show until the casting. Looking forward to it now.

  9. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    I don’t watch any of the Chicago shows BIG FAN of TWD and i’m still waiting to hear if TNT will green light The Major Crimes spin off….S.O.B I rather see her on that show but if not well good for her landing this role.

  10. Lauren says:

    Hopefully her character is less irritating than Andrea.

  11. Doug Holden says:

    Your Uncle Mike is an ER physician. This new show will become my favorite !