40 TV Couples Who Need to Make Up, Break Up, Hook Up or Put a Ring On It

Couples on TV

Valentine’s Day is nigh, and while some of TV’s hottest couples will be celebrating their perfect relationships, others are far from sharing chocolates and declarations of love.

So in honor of the holiday, we’re prescribing a little romantic advice and declaring which pairs need to kiss and make up, and which should just call it quits.

We also think some would-be lovers need to (finally!) act on their sexual tension, while others are due for a diamond.

Click through the gallery for our relationship Rx, then hit the comments to let us know if you agree.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. William says:

    I’m surprised that Fitz/Olivia and Jake/Olivia didn’t make it on the list. Both got to go as far as I’m concerned.

    • abz says:

      I’d vote Break-up for both of those pairings, especially Fitz/Olivia. Olivia needs some serious Liv alone time for a while. Get her life back on track and reclaim some of that independence and fire she once had.

    • Samara says:

      I agree Olivia needs to drop both these men..I’d love to see Jake pine over someone else instead, Quinn Maybe!

  2. Tran says:

    Walter and Paige from Scorpion = MUST SEE HOOK UP :-)

  3. S. says:

    Arrow: Oliver and Felicity, yes but they are so far from that, it may not have even happen until next season. I still think she’s going to end up with Stalker Ray, at which point I throw a tantrum and throw things.

    Forever: No. I like them as friends. If it lasts beyond a season (please please please), then maybe. For now, they need to be friends. They both need friends, especially Henry.

    NCIS: I’d rather Borin was with Pride, in New Orleans. She and Gibbs are just a little too alike and Gibbs is still grieving over his lost love for it to end well. As friends though, that is majorly cool.

    Once Upon a Time: No, Rumple and Belle. He’s lied to her and everyone. He needs to be redeemed before she should ever accept him back, if ever.

    Person of Interest: I’m two episodes behind, but I thought Shaw was dead?

    • onelastemperor says:

      Arrow: Ray is actually better for her, he treats her right and he’s a real gentleman, Ollie ignored her for 2 seasons)
      OUAT: No, Rumple should be alone……and he should carve Belle’s heart out with his dagger for betraying him…….villains should be villains!

      • abz says:

        You’re sick! I’m not a huge fan of Belle, but she doesn’t deserve that. Rumple got what he deserved plain and simple.

      • S. says:

        No to Ray. He’s using her, plain and simple. He may like her, but he wants her expertise more than he wants her. Oliver needs her as a friend, to stop him from going completely dark. She reminds him that he is human.

        • Samara says:

          Lol Olitz shippers will say anything no matter how absurd!

          • Samara says:


          • aunni says:

            ofcourse u would not like olicity bt the unhealthy raycity, what can u expect frm a delena shipper

          • Samara says:

            Ohhh yes as opposed to the “very healthy” Olicity!
            Lol u r not even worth my attention.

          • Ashley says:

            Ray will be gone soon, enjoy it while you can. He’s clearly temporary in Felicity’s life. It’s very obvious. Oliver is the one that is capable of making her the happiest because she is in love with him, and he with her. Anyone else is a distant second choice.

          • Samara says:

            It doesn’t bother me how long Ray is going to be in the show for,as long as he can give us slight relief from that boring will they/won’t they Olicity BS. Oliver does not need any distractions right now, particularly unsolicited-emotional-Felicity-rants..this aint a soap.

        • saku says:

          i totally agree with you… ray is at the beginning of trying to find out who he is and what kind of hero he’ll want to be… whereas oliver is closer to finding his identity…. big no for ray, i dont believe he’ll treat her right when he starts his hero journey, he wont do it on purpose but he’ll have to concentrate on the hero stuff before anything else… plus oliver and felicity have way more chemistry in my eyes

    • JC says:

      In regards to POI, watch those episodes you missed.

      • S. says:

        Sorry I haven’t. I watched the first five minutes of this week’s episode, when Reece said there had been a death in the family, and turned it off. Wasn’t ready to say goodbye, not yet. But I have time this weekend and will catch up, especially now.

    • TV Gord says:

      You have some catching up to do on PoI. ;-)

  4. Letti says:

    Delena should break up, to save the grace of TVD. Them putting a ring on it would be the last straw for that show. It’s already ridiculous.

  5. JC1 says:

    NO to Gibbs and Borin. She’s like the female Gibbs – it would be weird. And she’s too young for him.
    Other than that, can’t say I have strong feelings on any of the rest of these. I’d rather not see Rumbelle get back together – Belle is a better character when she’s not overshadowed by him. But I know they will. So whatever I guess.

  6. Remy says:

    Bellarke for the win!!!

  7. JC says:

    Yes to Root and Shaw, Elijah and Hayley, Oliver and Felicity, and Damon and Elena.

  8. Bwhit says:

    Yes a million times for Ruzek and Burgess and Mickey and Ian!

    No for Donna and Harvey! It would just ruin their bond.

  9. Joey says:

    It warmed my heart to see your pick for Ian and Mickey.

  10. Lois says:

    Boo – Cam and Aristoo on Bones need to Break Up! Totally wrong on many levels.

    • abz says:

      Agreed. Arastoo is probably my least favourite squint/character on the show. I just don’t like him and the pairing is stupid.

  11. wonderwall says:

    Yes to Oliver/Felicity. I miss their banter. BUT I can appreciate why they’re apart. It isn’t something contrived, but a difference of beliefs. I believe once they overcome their differences they’ll be all the stronger for it. For now, I don’t mind waiting :)

  12. Sara says:

    Isn’t Rayna and Deacon more of a “make up” than “hook up?”

    • Sam says:

      Not really, she just said she needed some time but they made up. I think he needs to put a ring on it, even with his seemingly short timeline.

  13. xomareen says:

    It’s not time for Bellamy and Clarke to hook up just yet, but definitely yes.

  14. Susanne says:

    Root & Shaw! They do need to hook up though an argument could be made that they already have. :-D

  15. Lea says:

    I want Jo and Alex on Grey’s Anatomy to put a ring on it so badly but right now they aren’t even getting any storylines, let alone some progress on the marriage part. No wonder that thex aren’t even on your list. The writers need to give them something serious ASAP. I feel like their last big storyline was a year ago :(

  16. abz says:

    Sheldon sleeping with Amy (or anyone) has been building up for so long now. It needs to happen before the show end and it needs to be HILARIOUS (how can it not be?)!! In addition to the hook-up list even though Suits has been pretty meh for a while now, Donna/Harvey should happen and I wouldn’t mind seeing Emma/Hook as well. Also I’m all for Shaw/Root if it means Sarah Shahi will come back soon.
    Klaine and Samchel both need to end big time. Pairings are both stupid. Ben/Emily Thorne are a joke and even Emily/Jack is pretty stupid too.
    I’m conflicted on The Good Wife. I love Alicia with Finn, but I liked the growing relationship between her and Jonathan. I guess I’d like to see her with Finn if she had to end up with someone. Bottom line though before even thinking about all of that, she really needs to divorce Peter or at least start the process.

  17. Jenna says:

    So glad to see Finn and Alicia on your list instead of that dreadful pairing of Alicia and Greasy sleazy Elfman..don’t know why they’re pushing that pairing when Matthew Goode is on the scene. Love that Jo and Henry from Forever made the list..they have fantastic chemistry.

  18. Minsmom says:

    Harvey and Donna have hooked up in the past and agreed to never pull that thread again while working together. Gibbs and Borin are too much alike. I think Jo would actually be better with Abe. Yes,for the love of all that is good and holy, break up Icabod and Katrina. That ship sailed with John Paul Jones. Sheldon needs to put a ring on it with Amy. Hooking up would cheapen their relationship.

  19. neaorlean says:

    How about Reed and that girl from a few episodes ago on Criminal Minds?

    I’m all for Gibbs and Borin, anything to have more Diane Neal on my TV.

  20. These are not in any order except by when the reactions occur to me.

    Bellarke – Yes. But not now. Not until next season at least. Between Finn, the war, Bellamy being trapped in MW and the fact that Clarke just left Octavia to die at Tondc (which she didn’t, but still, I think Bellamy won’t be please when it comes up), I think there’s a few too many issues, not to mention distance and a near impenetrable bunker, between them and their people for anything to happen in the near future. But eventually, yes, that’s where I want them to go.

    Olicity – Yes, please. Cut the angst and make it happen. They could be so cute together if they just stopped with the manufactured drama. Or, you know what, cut the angst and let them go their separate ways for a while, although I don’t particularly like that option. But either way, cut the angst. It’s annoying, and I miss happy Felicity. Sad and angry Felicity is taking her place more and more, and I don’t enjoy it. I can do a Ray/Felicity thing if that will bring happy!Felicity back. I still will not support Laurel and Oliver though, although that has more to do with the fact that I don’t think either of them would be happier together than apart; I actually like Laurel lately, I just still think together, with the weight of Sara, Connor, Tommy, her substance abuse, her dad’s substance abuse, her parents divorce, Oliver’s mountain of guilt and the Gambit hanging between them, they are always going to be a bummer. So long story – yes better than no, but anything except Lauriver, which is a thing against the couple not Laurel, is better than pointless angst.

    Rumbelle – Are you kidding? No. Or at least not til the end of season five, after Rumple has done everything ever to make up for what he’s done, which is not a direction they seem to be taking at the moment with the whole Queens of Darkness thing. Most important though is not whether or not they get back together, but if they get back together, that Rumple earns it. Belle was so strong in the midseason finale, and I don’t want her to backtrack. If Rumple gets her back someday, it’d better be through trial by fire. I would not be opposed to some literal fire.

    HTGAWM – Yes to Connor and Oliver. Yes to Connor and Asher. Yes to a threesome. Yes to all of it!

    Jane and Rafael – No rings, please. I’m never sure if I like Rafael or Michael better – Michael saved Alba, which earns him so many points – and while Rafael was super, super cute last episode, it ended on a really sketchy note for him. And they’re moving too fast anyway, and there’s a baby involved. So no rings yet.

    Blaine and Kurt – I’m still not sure why they aren’t already together now, but fixing it is definitely a must.

    Sarah and Paul – Ha, no. Paul is boring and Cal isn’t. By that logic alone, Cal wins. Even if there is no Cal, Sarah can do better than Paul. She could hook up with new creepy man clone and I’d still like it better than Paul. No more Paul.

    Amy and Jake – Eventually, yes, but I’m fine with waiting until whenever the writers think it’s time to pull that cord. In the meantime, I enjoy their friendship, and we’re only mid-season two, so I’m good with waiting.

    Eddie and Iris – Yes please. I don’t know if I want Iris with Barry, but that doesn’t change the fact that these two are dull. Iris can do better, if not prettier, because Eddie is pretty. Just boring.

    Jamie and Brienne – Adorable friendship, but romantically, Brienne can do better than the guy who banged his sister and thus produced Joeffrey, the worst human ever. Just friends is good.

    CeCe and Schmidt – Yes. May it go better than Nick and Jess did.

    Ichabod and Katrina – YES. Ichabod and Abbie, I’m not sure about, because I’m not sure if the writers can make it work, but I do know the Cranes don’t work, so that needs to end.

    Damon and Elena – …. I don’t even know anymore. Marry, break up, kill each other, whatever. There is some decent stuff this season – Bonnie and Damon’s friendship, Kai, poor Sheriff Forbes’ story – but I just could not care less either way about these two anymore.

    Jeff and Annie – Not on the list, but I’d like to see them hook up before the show ends.

    Wow that was longer than I intended. And for everyone else, assume I either don’t watch the show or don’t care that much.

  21. lady marshmellow says:

    Yes for Root and Shaw hook-up(on my knees begging)! , and double YES for Ichabod and Katrina break up! She’s bringing the show down!

    • dioxinblues says:

      Seconded! Although if they make Katrina evil at least she’ll have a chance to become interesting. And my money’s on Root and Shaw having already hooked up…but some confirmation would be ever so appreciated.

  22. Samara says:

    Gotta LOL at Asher & Connor..WTH! no hook up for these two pliz.
    Yes Delena need to put a ring on it
    Steroline need to break up
    Reign Conde and Mary need to hook up
    Reign Narcisse and Lola – hook up
    Olivia and Fitz break up for good this time
    Olivia and Jake break up
    Ben and Emily Thorne – I’ve kinda warmed up to the idea of them hooking up
    Rookie Blue Andy & Nick – get back together
    Felicity and Ray P – hook up
    Masters of Sex Bill & Libby – Break up

  23. I think I said this last year, but it didn’t happen… Sooo… I will say it again.

    I say Morgan and Savannah should break up. Yes I know, they have a house. But that means nothing. Criminal Minds will be better for it. Either that or I’m just the only fan that hates them together.

  24. Kristina says:

    I know I’m probably the only person on the planet that likes them, but I’d rather Iris and Eddie stay together. I don’t think she and Barry would make a good couple, plus those two are cute together.

  25. Linda says:

    You got the Break Up right with Ichabod and Katrina but you forgot to add the Hook Up with Ichabod and Abbie. :D

  26. Cheyenne says:

    Hook up: Ichabod Crane and Abbie
    Break up: Fitz and his wife
    Put a ring on it or break up: Fitz and Olivia

    • Alicia says:

      I agree with all the shows I watch except for Conner and Asher. While I see why that makes sense, I think they have enough sex on that show without that happening.

      I think that Tvline needs to add Abby breaking up with Leo in order for her to make up with David on Scandal.

      I agree other readers Scandal needs to break up Olivia with both Jake and Fitz. It’s too long and drawn out.

  27. Sarah says:

    Break up – everyone on TBBT, it was funnier before they all got together

    • Samara says:

      OMG yes…this is why I’ve stopped watching TBBT, its all so romanticized now and the humor is gone and the only funny people left IMO are Sheldon and Raj.

  28. N says:

    Forever- Henry and Jo as friends

  29. Cathangel says:

    Agree with Bellarke, Olicity, Finn & Alicia and Paul & Sarah.

    But since you guys forgot to include Daryl & Carol from The Walking Dead on the hook up list, therefore, this list is invalid.

  30. Anon says:

    Ollie and Felicity are awful….please, let that never happen.
    Shippers should not control the direction of a show.

  31. Jill says:

    Yes to Oliver and Felicity! And hook up before the stalling ruins both characters. Strike while the chemistry is still hot and then concentrate on making the other 568 characters the EPs want to make into costumed superheroes.

    IRaylan & Winona were already married and got divorced. Can they make it work this time?

    I’d like Donna & Harvey to hook up but think that the producers will never go there.

    Ichabod & Katrina need to break up fast! Like 6 months ago. Because it’s really dragging Sleepy Hollow down.

    I like Eddie and Iris on The Flash, they care about each other and respect each other, something you rarely see on TV. I don’t want them to break up just because comics! That’s what ruined the Black Canary.

    I’d like to see Cam and Aristoo, Jo and Henry on Forever hook up but those aren’t dealbreakers for me. (Oliver/Felicity is.)

    I think Gibbs & Borin would be good together but there is something in the NCIS water that prevernts good relationships for the people on the show. Jimmy must be getting his from elsewhere.

  32. chloe says:

    Barry and Iris need to make up and hook up and layer put a ring on it

  33. Fred says:

    Rumbelle should be forever broken up. She has lost herself in loving him and standing by him and he just abuses that and takes it for granted. Or puts her under a sleeping spell whilst he taunts anyone and everyone.

  34. Lysh says:

    I ship Barry and Iris but I can’t even think of why Iris should break up with Eddie because they’re a fine couple. I’m sure the show will come up with a good reason to mess them up though. Iris realizing her feelings for Barry probably.

    • wonderwall says:

      RIGHT?! I think Eddie has been the most amazing boyfriend to Iris. If anything, I think Eddie deserves better than Iris. I don’t mind Barry and Iris either, but if their relationship starts off with Iris cheating on Eddie, that will ruin that relationship for me.

  35. Travis says:

    Hook Up: (In the sense of being together, not jumping in bed) Jude and Connor… it seems to be heading that way, and hopefully it happens before the seasons over.

  36. Agreed about Rumple and Belle making up, and I assume that would involve working on their problems in the process. Hope to see them to do that on screen this season.

    • Rebecca says:

      Rumbelle 4eva!! They’re the only couple on the show with a realistic relationship & they deserve to work out their problems together unlike some couples *cough* CS & OQ *cough*

      • abz says:

        Realistic? They basically met when he traded for her and she became his hostage/servant/maid. It’s basically similar to stockholm syndrome (I believe that’s the correct disorder).
        None of these relationships are realistic. Most of them are fairy tale and other legend type characters (i.e. princes and warrior princesses (I will always find you nonsense), saviours and former pirates, thieves and evil queens) so your little dig at other relationships on the show is just silly.

        • Rebecca says:

          Their relationship is realistic because even though Rumple lied to Belle she called him out. That’s what happens in relationships; u fight and eventually try to work it out. I don’t see the other couples doing that. CS – All of Hook’s misdeeds get swept under the rug & OQ – I used to ship them but then the adultery happen. Robin has no problem having sex with a women who supposedly killed his wife.

          • Ashley says:

            Hook’s misdeeds compare in comparison to Rumple’s, and this is coming from a Rumbelle shipper. Rumple didn’t just LIE to Belle. That’s simplifying and watering down a LOT. He lied to her, manipulated her, refused to help Emma when she was about to die (obviously doesn’t care if she dies or not, despite being Henry’s mother), murdered Zelena and lied about it, used Hook to do his dirty work by taking his heart, refused to help the town until Hook blackmailed him into doing it, etc, etc. He’s a power hungry man that will only have the right to be with Belle again if he finally chooses love over power for real for himself, not just on the surface to please Belle.

          • Ashley says:

            ***meant to say Hook’s misdeeds PALE in comparison to Rumple’s. And anyone without a very clear bias towards Rumple can admit that.

          • It's Delovely says:

            Exactly. Rumple’s done wrong, but so have Hook and Regina. Rumple’s the only one who consistently gets called on it, though. And for those playing “Hook vs. Rumple”, let’s not forget that Hook tried to KILL Belle four times; left Snow, Emma, Mulan, and Aurora for dead in the Enchanted Forest; gave Bae to Peter Pan; and teamed up with Cora to destroy Storybrooke. And he’s been called out on none of this. When Belle brought up his past treatment of her, he gave her a snarky, fake apology.

            Rumple also sacrificed his life to defeat Pan (thus saving everyone). So he has not “always” chosen power over the love.

  37. Mary says:

    Totally disagree on Jake and Amy on brooklyn they have zero chemistry and honestly the actors don’t play well off each other.

    Danny and mindy work so well, pairing them actually made the show better but I have to say I’m ok with them not getting married soon. I know it’s a big part of TV romances but I’m good with as is for longer.

  38. Paz says:

    Bellarke! Best show on tv and best Ship! But … not just yet …. they need time … But I hope in the near future and I hope they will be End Game. I truly recommend this show (The 100) to anyone who has never watched it. Warning though … Bellarke Ship will take over your life! Lol

  39. Lucia says:

    The 100-Bellamy and Clark not now, I really like that the hook ups are not a priority on the show (except for Octavia and Lincoln, first sky-grounder baby????). Maybe like a one night stand, just to take the edge of, no a epic love story.
    Arrow- I really don’t care what they do with Olicity, but I would like them to tone it down a bit with all the drama. Last episode really make me want a Thea-Roy make up. Yeah I know no one cares…

  40. GildedRose says:

    Arrow’s Oliver and Felicity absolutely have to make up AND hook up this year. I’m ready for them to start waking up to what they want and start fighting to be together.

  41. nicuilleam says:

    Olicity–Make up AND Hook up—NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. jennifer says:

    olicity should make up!

  43. Elizabeth says:

    Woohoo Olicity.

  44. Lucy says:

    I’m so ready for Oliver and Felicity to be a couple!

  45. Amber2 says:

    Olicity – make up and hook up – yeah!😀

  46. brenna says:

    Oliver and Felicity absolutely, 100 percent. They have been so fun since Season 1, episode 3, and are one of the rare tv couples that could continue to be fun after they are together.

  47. lizzie says:

    Oliver and Felicity strike a great balance! Definitely agree with you!!

  48. Lisa says:

    I agree with the ones you posted. I’m especially hoping to see Walter & Paige from Scorpion hook up. Additionally, I’m hoping to see Rumple and Belle make up. Harvey & Donna from Suits hooking up would be priceless. Unfortunately, you did leave a couple off the list. Rachel & Mike from Suits ought to be on the list for “put a ring on it”, IMO.

  49. Diana says:

    BIG yes for Harvey and Donna and Amy and Dan – I’m not saying you have to get married or anything but HOOK UP ALREADY! :P

    Also, I would love to see Jeff and Annie end up together wether or not this is the last season of Community. And even though I love the show, I think they’ve had a great run and wouldn’t mind to see it end now. #sixseasonsandamovie

  50. Jess says:

    Yes to Oliver & Felicity. After the way they’ve slow-burned for the past two seasons lets give them a happy ever after! :)