Scandal Recap: Billion-Dollar Baby

Scandal Recap Olivia Bidders

This week on ABC’s Scandal, the Olivia Pope was put on the auction block, to be sold to the highest bidder — all as both the White House and the Gladiators endeavored to grab her first. In the end, who laid claim to POTUS’ girlfriend?

With bidding about to commence on the “dark net,” on a ghost site that only the creme de la scum can access, Olivia assured Ian that she’d fetch more than the “insulting” $500 million that he suggested. Rather, she’s sure to command “not a dollar less than a billion.” Alas, their handshake deal for him to weed out the more sordid bidders came to an abrupt end when Gus, the “prison” guard Olivia bludgeoned during her escape, put a bullet in Ian. In doing so, he took control of the auction (and improved everyone’s share by 8 percent!).

Meanwhile, as the CIA worked on a plan to find and extract Liv, at OPA Huck, Quinn and Jake plotted to get in on the bidding, using Huck’s $2 billion in “back pay” from B613 (aka the nickels and dimes the spook group siphoned from government budgets over the years) and Mama Pope’s special brand of all-star terrorist “connections.” But to “pay” Maya’s contact to get her an invite to the ghost site, Huck needed to snuff a few goons — which he did and then some (ergo the “violent content advisory” for the episode). Afterward, Jake worried for Huck’s well-bring, but Quinn shrugged it off: “He is going to be fine.”

Over at the White House, Cyrus prepped the paperwork to sack Fitz’s shady Secret Service agents and replace them with SEALs, as well as fast-track traitorous Andrew’s resignation for “health reasons.” The veep, though, won’t be so easily dismissed, threatening to take Fitz and his girlfriend-instigated war with him. Fitz tasks Cy with proving the VP faked his near-assassination and thus triggered the war himself. But when Andrew gets wind of that, he threatens to expose Mellie’s affair with a traitor — and FLOTUS can’t have that, she tells Fitz in a quiet moment on the balcony, because what she wants most in the world… is to one day become president herself.

Elsewhere, Abby railed at David (because it seems like somebody has to, once per episode) for keeping Olivia’s abduction a secret, after Fitz read her in on the siutaion. Mr. Attorney General argued, “You did not have a right to know,” to which Abs responded, “Someone kidnapped my best friend! My only friend… And I didn’t even get chance to be her gladiator,” since Huck and Quinn froze her out earlier. David tried to assure her that Liv’s not her  “only friend,” but it was cold comfort.

Back at OPA, Huck finally gets into the auction, but just then, all bidding is suspended. And back where Liv is being held, Gus gloats that he brokered a backroom, all-cash deal to give her to Iran. (As he rationalized, “You smashed my head open and killed my best friend [Otto] — who did you think I’d sell you to?” And as Fitz rallies Cyrus to do everything possible to thwart this trade, lest the 43 soldiers who died in the West Angola conflict have done so for nothing, a hooded Olivia is delivered to the roadside hand-off, the identity of her actual buyer teased in the promo to be shocking-esque. (Is Rowan in one of the tinted-window SUVs there? If not, who else could it be…? Did Stephen win a lottery and move to Tehran?)

What did you think of “She’s a Murderer”?

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  1. Yogi Chelsea says:

    Someone on Twitter suggested Hollis.
    That lines up with the spoiler about fans from season 1 losing their mind.

    He’d have the money. And it would be more of a surprise than Rowan.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Oh please, they’re suggesting all kinds of things, including Harrison rising from the grave and saving the day.

    • Rook says:

      Rowan wasn’t in the first season, so the spoiler doesn’t apply to him.

    • Overthinking says:

      I am still crossing my fingers that it will somehow be Stephen. I don’t think Quinn dropped his name for nothing in this epi.

      • SweetTweeny says:

        But where is Stephen getting that kind of cash and that kind of knowledge about the dark net. Stephen was a lawyer, a pretty straight laced lawyer a that. When he left the show, he was moving to Boston, getting married and settling into a “normal life”

        • Overthinking says:

          Given the character “development” (actually I should say character destruction) that the writers have done with all of the characters on the show since S1, I am sure they can come up with a backstory for Stephen and how he will end up rescuing Olivia if indeed it turns out that he is the one who bought Olivia. Even though he got married and moved to Boston, they had already established him a ladies man. That is a good starting point as any for a scandal backstory on Stephen.

          • BooBooKitty says:

            That would need to be one amazing back story. But I think writing of back stories are their forte. They rewrote Mellie, they rewrote Fitz, they re wrote OLITZ to make them all unrecognizable.

    • linda2009 says:

      And I saw an interview with Darby Stanchfield on a morning show yesterday, where she said something about “fans of the first seven episodes” would be thrilled. Stephen was in the first seven episodes. It has to be him. (I don’t know if we’re allowed to put a link in here, so it was on my Fox, on Good Day LA, I think.)

      • Flo says:

        I just watched it. She literally said something about : ‘(…) the original gladiators (…)’
        its gonna be Stephen! Because we are sure Harrison is dead… right??

        • BooBooKitty says:

          No Harrison isn’t dead. He’s just in a statis tube in the TARDIS parked down the street from Liv’s apartment.

  2. kn1231 says:

    I’m hoping that Abby somehow saved Olivia after her melt down. Unfortunately, I think Rowen is going to be behind saving Olivia… which sucks because I can’t stand him.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I was wondering about that, if after David’s “not your only friend” comment, he sat down and figured out a way have Abby save the day…

      • kn1231 says:

        Yeah, they left that scene really open. There definitely has to be follow up to it!

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          I think that’d have more dramatic punch, and pave the way for a full-on OPA reassemblage, than trotting out Hollis. Though I suppose if he did get his hands in Liv, there’d be drama in him trading her back to the White House for various “considerations.”

          • cody says:

            but the whole problem with Stephen being Liv’s buyer is that they would need to do a recast for him as HIC would be very unlikely to be up for a return

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Oh heavens, that was a joke.

          • kn1231 says:

            Bringing back OPA is what is going to save this show. Everyone wants to see it go back to what it use to be. I think we definitely have something here, hope the writers are reading!!

      • Alichat says:

        I had actually considered that it might be Stephen. The only thing against that theory is Cusick being on The 100, which films in Vancouver. But when Quinn mentioned Stephen….who’s name hasn’t been mentioned once since the premiere of season 2… had me wondering if that would be the big surprise throwback to season 1.

      • Sarah says:

        Well and Quinn and Jake had that conversation in OPA “this was Harrison’s office, before that, Stephen’s.” Considering I haven’t heard them breathe a word about Stephen since S1, it seemed like a bit of a nudge to the viewers to remind us all there was another gladiator. Anyhoo. . . Also, isn’t Leo Abby’s friend?

    • Whatevah says:

      I love Rowan. He’s the best! (at being evil)

  3. Rob Sims says:

    I really hope it’s not Poppa Pope 😒

  4. Lovely says:

    So did Mellie and Fitz make a deal that she helps him get Liv back and he supports her bid for the presidency… Because if Fitz stays with Mellie beyond his last term (like Hillary & Bill) guess that means no happily ever after for Olitz… People are gonna be mad!

    • kn1231 says:

      I thought Mellie running for President was something that most people expected. Otherwise, what would happen to this show? Losing the White House portion would be a huge blow, and Fitz’s term can’t last forever.

      • ChicagoDan says:

        When they mentioned Mellie’s background last year and what she gave up, I figured that was way to keep WH alive. The other option would be to pull a PLL and have the last two years of term last for six or more years, but I doubt they’ll go that route

      • BooBooKitty says:

        Who on earth would want to see a show with Mellie running for president? I for one would not. Losing the white house portion would not be a huge blow to the show. The white house portion only exists because of the Liv/Fitz relationship. The show goes well without it. The only time it needs to be shown is if there is a scandal to be fixed that is coming out of the white house. Outside of this, the characters have no direct bearing on the show.

    • Uyai says:

      On the contrary, this new partnership works perfectly for Olitz. She just cant be his wife till his term is over, we all know that, and trust me, secretly, nobody wants Olivia & Fitz openly dating, it would make the show boring. We want them in the shadows, with OPA cases and a few “Jakes” now and then.

      • Lovely says:

        You may be interested in watching OLivia continue to be FItz’ mistress for another 4-8 during a Mellie presidency, on top of the 8 years she’s already waitin during Fitz term… But I am not going to be watching that… No mam. If Mellie becomes president I would expect LIv to FINALLY display this intelligence we’re always told she has and move on with her life. To have her continue to wait for Fitz INDEFINITELY while time passes her by, her eggs dry up and her beauty fades would make her look desperate, pathetic and beyond foolish… Attributes I certainly don’t care for in my lead actress. They can go that route if they chose to and I for one will be out!

      • BooBooKitty says:

        Fitz and Olivia openly dating would be the best thing for this show. If handled correctly, such a story line could last a full one or two seasons as they try to navigate such a tumultuous event, dealing with all the reactions from friends, family, enemies and the country at large.
        Either way, the show cannot continue with this 3+3 relationship. Either Fitz openly dates Olivia or let the the relationship die. Another year of this in between junk is ridiculous and will not work.

  5. C. says:

    How is this story line still happening!!! Why am I still watching is probably the better question, but then they have those moments like Mellie for president and I’m down for the ride again.

  6. Rachel l says:

    Huck is single handedly ruining this show at this point. He’s ridiculos .

    • bigdede says:

      I’m over him also

      • BooBooKitty says:

        I like Fitz. Tony Goldwyn does an amazing job given the junk scripts he is given and given the rewrite of his character. The one thing they have not rewritten, which I am glad about is his steadfast love of Olivia. That is amazing to watch and it’s about the only thing that keeps me watching Scandal.

  7. Tran says:

    Kudos to Jason Butler Harner. He’s been on TV everywhere but didn’t like his previous guest starring work on both The Blacklist and on the third season of Homeland (wish Alex Gansa and the writers should have killed off his character).

  8. TvPeong says:

    If Mellie makes a bid for president, wouldn’t Fitz have to stay with her until the end? Vermont is a long long way off for Olitz.

    • Lovely says:

      I made a similar comment. Yes Fitz would have to stay married to Mellie. The writers have essentially killed Olitz… I wonder if they’re smart enough to realize that… Something tells me not.

      • Me says:

        SMH Obviously they are aware of it and it might their plan to try and kill this toxic r/ship that has lead to the unnecessary deaths of countless soldiers. If Olivia gets back together with Fitz after all this then she’s just as despicable as he is. This triangle needs to just die.

        • Lovely says:

          Agreed. Every season Fitz plans to divorce Mellie then Oops, something came up just give me a little more time… Fitz is NEVER leaving Mellie, that’s been established. Mellie becoming president is just another excuse to keep Fitz with Mellie. It makes Liv look beyond STUPID to continue to put her life on hold and wait for a married man who will never leave his wife. Not only does Liv look stupid and desperate… The story line is as TIRED as my great grandpa after running a marathon… It’s really bad and lazy story telling. Who wants to see the same old predictable storyline year after year… Liv needs to grow and progress not stay stuck in this toxic relationship anymore. I hope the writers take your advice and kill Olitz for good.

          • SweetTweeny says:

            If Liv leaves her toxic relationship with Fitz, then the entire White House arc of the story goes away. That includes Mellie running for President will become a mute point. If this story is still going to be about Olivia, and if she leaves Fitz, why should people be interested in whether or not Mellie runs for President. Mellie’s storyline exists simply because she is married to Fitz. No Fitz, no Mellie no white house arc.

          • Lovely says:


            I don’t know why people think that if Olitz ends the show ends… That’s so not true. Mellie and Fitz are main characters in the show and can continue to be so in their own right. They can show Abbie at the WH, Mellie as president in oval, Fitz by Mellie’s side drinking and throwing tantrums, etc. Olivia can have interactions with the WH to fix whatever crisis arises there and she could even run Mellie’s campaign… and of course Olivia helping Cy because he always calls her for help… There are plenty of reasons for Liv to interact with the WH other than sleeping with Fitz… The writers can think outside of the box and still make it work without having Olivia look STUPID by remaining Fitz mistress. I think the greater risk is to continue with this TIRED Olitz affair because its just not believable that such a beautiful, intelligent woman would throw away 8-16 years of her life on a married man when she has plenty of offers from handsome, single men who want a life with her.

          • SweetTweeny says:

            Lovely, I see that you hate the Olitz relationship, but what you propose will just not work. You bring up a major problem that I have with the show. If, what you want to happen, the break up of Olivia and Fitz occurs, why does Mellie and Cyrus have to be on the show? The story is not about Mellie. The story is about Olivia Pope, period and her journey. The problem came in Season 3 when Shonda and writers tried to expand Mellie’s (and Jakes) roles. Scandal is trying to give Mellie this huge role (President), and I ask, well what does this have to do with Olivia? I believe the writers are setting us up for something because Mellie told Fitz “Our marriage works better when Olivia sleeps between us”.

            I am not a shipper – I am team Olivia and I want the story to get back to Olivia, in the way the Good Wife is the story of Alicia Florrick. If Mellie’s political aspirations moves Olivia’s story forward, then I am all for it.

            Also, you seem so upset that Olivia is willing to wait for Fitz. Watch Season 2, episode 2 titled “The Other Woman”. The writers lets us see a powerful Reverend who had a 15 year affair with a woman – and the woman even had a child for the Reverend. That’s what made Season 1 and the 1st Half of Season 2 so fascinating – every case Olivia took had something to do with her relationship with Fitz. Also, in Season 3, episode 1, Olivia said herself she was willing to wait for Fitz.

            As you can see, I don’t have a problem with Olivia and Fitz, because if I did, I would have never watched the show – it would not have interested me. I just find it fascinated that the leader of the free world would do all of this for a (black) woman. Granted, the show has went off the rails a few times, and the writers have used very stupid plot devices to keep Olivia and Fitz apart, but I admit I do want to see how all of this ends.

            I am not here for the Mellie Show. If Fitz and Olivia break up, then Olivia should be done with the White House. She should get on with her life outside of the White House. I don’t care about Mellie’s political aspirations because it will have nothing to do with Olivia and her journey. I am not her for the “Mellie Show”. They tried that in Season 3, and it was the worse season ever.

          • Lovely says:


            LOL… What happened during season 3 again? It was so terrible that its kind of a blur actually. Well originally Scandal was supposed to be about a presidential fixer who had an affair with the president, had as in past tense. Remember, the show is based on a real life fixer who never had an affair with the president… Shonda just threw that in there but there is a lot of story to tell and many avenues to travel without that aspect. The focus of the show was not supposed to be the Olivia and Fitz affair; it supposed to be a back story. They made Olitz the focus because of the chemistry between KW and TG. I don’t see why they can’t make the show what it was supposed to be about originally which is Olivia and her gladiators, with them helping out the WH occasionally. Mellie can still become president and that keeps Mellie and Fitz on the show. Maybe Mellie and Fitz don’t get as much screen time but I’m OK with that. Like you said the show is supposed to be about Olivia anyway.

            I didn’t always hate Olitz. I actually liked them the first two seasons. Its really a shame what they did to that relationship. And now that its clear that Fitz will never leave Mellie and the writers are going to extremes to keep them together… Its time for Olivia to move on. Actually it was time like 2 seasons ago. I’m not interested in seeing her remain a mistress throughout the entire series… nor would I watch that. And Olivia is not happy just being a mistress anyway… That’s why Olivia left the WH season 1 and began OPA… That’s why every season they go through this nonsense where Fitz makes plans to be with Olivia then something derails the plans… If she was happy just being a mistress then she would be, that would have been her role from day one and she would have remained in that role. Some women do that, I’m aware of that. But Liv has shown that she’s not happy just being Fitz mistress so why keep her there? Fitz will never marry Liv and give her all of himself and that is what I want for the character. Having her waste all her youthful years on a married man is not appealing to watch, its sad. It would make me lose the little bit of respect I have left for her because honestly she should have dumped Fitz a long time ago. I mean what does she see in the man? He’s married, unavailable, doesn’t even treat her right half the time…Olivia is intelligent, stunningly gorgeous with many single, successful, handsome suitors at her door… Yet we are to believe that she chooses to stay the forever mistress to Fitz why…. Its like Girl, do you have low self esteem? Maybe they should show Liv in therapy to explain why she can’t move on because I just don’t get it. Obviously something is not right there. I guess her daddy and mommy issues have really messed her up in the head. Everybody makes mistakes and a couple years of an affair is one thing… but people progress and move one and the show needs to do the same. Instead they’re making Olivia the permanent buffer between Mellie and Fitz. Liv is better than that and it’s a shame.

          • SweetTweeny says:

            @Lovely. Wow, your post was very insightful and I agree with everything you say. I personally believe that when Fitz and Olivia broke up in Season 2 (Restaurant scene) and Fitz told Mellie that she had won and Olivia was no longer his mistress, they should have moved the story forward – even if she did not end up with Edision (who was attached to the White House as a Senator), they could have moved the story forward.

            Even though they have written Olivia and Fitz like shyt in Season 3 and 4, they are still very popular characters and I don’t think the writers are willing or have the guts to break them up permanently. If you carefully watch the previous two episodes, they are changing the dynamics of Fitz, Olivia and Mellie. Mellie has essentially said that her and Fitz relationship works better with Olivia sleeping between them, and she has given Fitz so much help in rescuing Olivia. I think Mellie and Fitz are gong to have the partnership that Mellie always wanted. She is willing to let Fitz have Olivia as long as she gets her political career. If you notce, this all goes back to Season 1, where Mellie was the political animal and accepted the affair as long as she got something out of it.

            Notice how Jake hasn’t had too much to do these past 2 episodes? Even in Olivia’s dream, after Jake rescued her, she was thinking about Fitz. Also, Huck told Jake about the ring – “she wears it for him, she never takes it off”; how can Jake come back from something like that? .

            Bellamy Young has a picture on her twitter titled “Guess who’s coming to Dinner’ – the table is set for 3 people, with Fitz at the head of the table – also, if you look closely at the picture you will see a wine glass. Unless the writers do a complete turn, something is going to happen between Mellie, Fitz and Olivia. Mellie and Fitz laid in each others arms and Fitz told her he wanted Olivia back safe and she told him she wanted to be President. This was a very honest conversation between the two.

            My take on this situation is Fitz and Mellie are going to have something to do with saving Olivia, and then the arc is going to shift and focus on the three of them. Andrew is going to pay for his crimes, and you never know, Fitz might make Mellie VP. This is Shondaland, anything can happen. As VP, she will be the likely choice to head the parties nomination for President. I know I have went on a tangent (lol), but some fans (not me) have been screaming for Mellie to become President and I think the writers are going to do it, while at the same time putting Fitz and Olivia together. . .

          • Lovely says:


            I see what you’re saying… Mellie does seem to be accepting her husband’s relationship with Olivia now. And of course we know that Olivia looooves Fitz as she reminds Jake at every turn. So maybe they will establish some sort of three-way relationship/ partnership or something going forward… Maybe they’ll be sister wives LOL… (sighs)

            I’ll be honest with you… I fell in love with Scandal because the first two seasons were so good… that and I love KW. That’s why I’m still watching. I’m hoping the show will redeem itself and return to its former glory. But truthfully I haven’t been excited about Scandal Thursdays in a long time. Season 3 was bad with the B613 thing and I’m not here for this season’s kidnapping arc either. You already know I especially don’t care for Olitz anymore. So I plan on sticking it out this season and depending on how it ends I may not be back next season. My sister already said she’s done along with practically all of my friends LOL… We all started out as gladiators now I’m the last one still watching in my group…As another poster stated Scandal doesn’t even resemble what it was season 1 and 2. I don’t mean to be on here complaining so much but its just frustrating to see what was once a great show turn so bad. Oh well… I guess I’ll always have my DVD’s from seasons 1 and 2. :-)

            Do you watch House of Cards? That’s coming back on later this month and I’m very excited! That’s a show where the writers have remained true to the characters from day one. Claire, Frank’s wife, is so evil and she’s owns it and I love it. That show is an example of great writing and I’m here for all of it :-)

  9. Lovely says:

    Am I supposed to still like Fitz because I find him vile and weak… To send people to war and to their death over your mistress is disgusting… I just watched the movie Fury and it really touched me… Men and women who are willing to sacrifice their lives for our freedom, not a piece of tale… I find this story line really distasteful. And he’s willing to spend the White House money to get her back… Isn’t that called misappropriation of funds? I want him impeached at this point.

    • David4 says:

      It’s not distasteful because it’s fiction, but it doesn’t even fit the story lines of past seasons or the character. He wouldn’t give up being president for Olivia but would kill all these people? He killed a judge, what’s a VP? Doesn’t make any sense.

      • bigdede says:

        Yup! It doesn’t fit with storylines of the past or Fitz character.

      • Me says:

        Actually it all does fit Fitz’s character pretty well, he’s never had a strong moral compass, he’s not evil, just spineless. Never willing to do what needs to be done.

        He’s really regressed over the seasons esp this season. After his son’s death I thought I would see a better, stronger more determined POTUS but he came back weaker than ever, I would have loved to see him shelf all things Olivia and try and find his son’s murderer without the distraction Olivia brings. And now this, it does not shock me one bit.

        • Lovely says:

          Exactly FItz has always been weak… Becoming alcoholic when he and Liv split, attempting suicide when Liv left again and his son died, even choosing to remain married to a woman he stopped loving a decade ago… He’s weak and spineless and seems to always choose to do the wrong thing. The little redeeming value he had left is completely gone now.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Which you have said every week for the past two seasons. Why are you still watching the show? Are you a glutton for punishment or what?

    • SweetTweeny says:

      Why do you have all of this hatred for Fitz and none for Mellie? Mellie was the one who co-signed Fitz into starting the war. She was the one who told Fitz that “the affair had to be for something more than him chasing a skirt”. She pretty much gourded him into going to war “If you love her, then you know what you have to do” where Mellie’s words to Fitz. Also, Misappropriation of funds you say – wiell Jake, as Command of B-613 funneled 2 million into his own private Swizz bank account and Rowan used money funnelled from B-613 to send Olivia and Jake on an Island cruise for 2 months and also deposited a large sum of that same money to Olivia’s bank account. Huck still has 2 billion U.S. dollars in his private bank account. What do you want to happen to Jake, Huck and Rowan for misappropriating government funds?

      My point is that everyone has done such horrible things on this show (even Olivia-) Cyrus, Olivia and Mellie rigged a national election; Cyrus and Mellie covered up the murder of the VP’s husband and Mellie withheld affection from her husband for 10 years and to this day, still does not interact with her two living children. And yet you have this deep seeded hatred for Fitz. All of the characters on Scandal have done dispicable things, including Olivia. Olivia ruined Quinn (Lindsay Dwyer) life which is why I always have a soft spot for Quinn.

      Also, Fitz has said numerous times that Olivia is not his mistress and he does not consider Olivia his mistress and he damn surely does not treat Olivia as his mistress – prior to starting this war, he lterally let Olivia’s mother, a known terrorist, leave the country on a government issued plan, with government issued guards who Mya killed. Ask youself if Mellie and Olivia were both in danger and about to lose their lives, which one would he save? Unlike some viewers, Mellie has finally come to the realization that Fitz loves Olivia and I think that Mellie is going to let this relationship ride. She wants to be Fitz partner and pursue her political aspirations and she needs Fitz (and Olivia) to make that happen. Mellie literally told Fitz “Our marriage works better when Olivia is sleeping between us”. To me, she has accepted Olivia in Fitz life. Look at all the help she is giving to Fitz to help get Olivia back.

      Yes, Scandal has gone off the rails a few times, but I have always liked the “love triange” of Fitz, Olivia and Mellie. Mellie’s role in the love story of Fitz and Olivia has always been fascinating to me (see Season 3 Espisode 1 – that was a “killer bunker scene” between Fitz, Olivia and Mellie). Now it looks like it is going to be Mellie who keeps Fitz and Olivia together – if only to make her political aspirations come true. I use to tell my friends, Mellie has a long game and we are finally going to see it.

      • Lovely says:

        That’s nice that you like the Olitz affair. I personally do not care for it and I’ve explained why and gone into it more in another post. Nor do I understand what anyone would see in FItz at this point. He’s weak. Liv can do a lot better than Fitz. I choose to focus on him because he is just an all around sorry character to me. He’s a terrible husband, father, president, boyfriend, etc. I see absolutely no redeeming value there. Maybe next time I’ll deal with the other characters but right now I’m focusing on Fitz. That’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it as are you. Neither one of us will be changing each other’s minds so let’s agree to disagree and keep it moving.

      • BooBooKitty says:

        @I love your take on the show and on Fitz and Olivia relationship. I agree with you completely.

      • BooBooKitty says:


        I love your take on the Fitz and Liv relationship. I agree with everything you say. Very astute

  10. Kaylee says:

    1) Obviously it’s Stephen. First mention since he ran away? Yup. Stephen.

    2) It seems like the writers are building Mellie and Fitz into being a couple again. Which I’m cool with cause I’m Team Jake….but still. Seems like they’re tamping that up again.

    • Annie Sisk says:

      Except HIC is on another show now… I guess he could have made a special appearance or two. And I so want it to be him – that’s the only thing that would have me cheering, as far as S1 disappeared characters. (Hollis? No. Thanks.)

    • kix2mix2 says:

      I think it’s rowan

    • SweetTweeny says:

      I don’t think the writers are building Mellie and Fitz as a couple – they are building them as partners, which is what Mellie has wanted all along and which their marriage is based on. In Season 2, Mellie stated that her and Fitz were never in Love but they were always partners and had the same goals. Mellie’s problem with Olivia is that Fitz wanted Olivia to be his partner and well as his lover. If you noticed, at the begining, Mellie had no problems with Fitz and Olivia and pretty much encouraged the relationship (she invited Olivia to the State Dinner because Fitz needed to see her). The problem came when Fitz started treating Mellie as “ornamental” and gave her no real role or power in the White House.

      Noticed how when Mellie told Fitz she wanted to be President. Here, she is laying her political aspirations into the open with Fitz. She was also instrumental in helping to free Olivia (getting Andrew’s phone), and actually talking Fitz into going to war to get Olivia back.

      She told Fitz that there marriage worked better with Olivia sleeping in between them – which leads me to believe that Mellie is going to accept (and encourage) the relationship with Fitz and Olivia and use it to pursue her own political aspirations.

    • Nathalie says:

      Even in world of Scandal, Mellie and Fitz will not be a real couple again even if Olivia stays forever with Jake, Pierre, Paul or alone.

  11. Alichat says:

    Was anyone else startled when Fitz came up with the plan to prove that Andrew faked the assassination attempt against him, thus committing fraud? I mean, he’s the Pres and all, but when it comes to planning an ‘out’, Fitz is not your guy.

  12. Mayra says:

    So what, somebody buys Liv, or they save her, whatever… she’s gonna walk around heavily guarded, like the potus himself for the rest of the show? I highly doubt that. I hate – simply hate this plot. It’s ridiculous for a thousand reasons.

  13. I still think it’s Stephen Finch….

  14. Tracey says:

    Sally Langston wants her old job back.How can a show that started out with so much promise turn in to such a crapfest.

  15. Brian says:

    Boring episode.

    And I hope anyone but Papa Pope is Liv’s buyer.

  16. Elisa Roja says:

    NOW, I’ve seen some really stupid things on TV, but to make the prez – who sacrificed American lives to chase after his gf – a patriot for sacrificing even more lives …. really? Cmon

  17. a says:

    this storyline is so dumb. It’s not fun preposterous like the show normally does. It’s just dumb.

    • Bellingham says:

      Well, nice to know you won’t be watching anymore or coming on here to complain. Goodbye. Go enjoy something that’s not dumb. Because it would be REALLY DUMB for you to keep watching something that you think is dumb.

  18. Mara says:

    I hate this storyline. I’m not watching until I read this whole dumb plot is over. Scandal has been my favorite entertainment since it’s first episode, couldn’t wait to watch, along for the crazy but really fun ride but this is not the least bit enjoyable.

  19. MJ says:

    I’m missing Scandal season 1.. and I miss the ‘case of the week’ format.
    Time to cut the crap with this storyline and bring OPA back!

  20. bigdede says:

    Does anyone know the ratings the last episode and this on? Scandal is getting so bad and the plot holes are getting worst. Nowhere did Andrew show himself to be this kind of person. And how he get so powerful he can have secret service men working for him? So he’s like Rowan now? Now Fitz and Millie can snuggle while he talks about his girlfriend? Jake cutting off heads in his leather jacket? Mama Pope was in prison for 20 years yet she still has up to date contacts in the terrorism world? She loved Olivia yet they had to bargain for Mama Pope to help them rescue Olivia? No one thinks to call up Rowan? I just can’t

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      TVLINE reports ratings every day. We like math.

    • drhenning says:

      I DVR the show but now watch Blacklist live.. Am I an odd duck that I watch the NBC programming on Thursdays???

    • Smh says:

      Mama Pope was free for a while and renewed her contacts through her boyfriend before papa Pope shot him in the head. Mama Pope is a business woman first and foremost. Remember she let her boyfriend that she loved get shot in the head. She stayed with papa pope and had a child for years because it was good for business. Fitz and mellie always work best when mellie feels like she’s a decision maker, when she feels equal. Remember mellie has tried to put Fitz and Olivia together before. I don’t think she minds fitz/ Olivia on a personal level. She doesn’t like that fitz looks to Olivia for solutions and excludes her.

      Not all bad guys come out and announce they are bad guys. That makes it harder to be in the inner circle of the good guys. And Andrew didn’t suddenly happen. It was a conspiracy theory that took lots of planning. Remember they have been trying to work around pops Pope. That takes a lot

      All that said I don’t know where this show is going but I’m going to take the ride.

    • Bellingham says:

      “I just can’t” Then DON’T. Why complain instead of changing the channel? Half of the comments here are from people who are watching a show they don’t like. Can you all be so stupid that you don’t know how to use a remote control?

    • Cheyenne says:

      Both the president and the VP have Secret Service protection.

  21. Joe says:

    They got one more week of the crap kidnapping storyline , after that I’m going to the blacklist

  22. TAL says:

    I think it’s Generalissimo Flores, Dictator of San Miguel, who bought Olivia Pope. Olivia paved the way for Flores’ wife and children to leave him in season 1. No doubt he’s still pissed. He is an enemy of the US Government and definitely has the money to buy Ms. Pope and use her against Fitz.

  23. At first I thought it was Papa Pope, and then I remembered the posting about how the first four episodes would bring our attention back to season one – so my thoughts go to the former Gladiator Stephen. I can’t think of anyone else that if they were gone this long and suddenly popped back up again that they would have the means necessary to get Liv out.
    I LOVED the honest Q&A between Fitz and Mellie. For him to answer Jerry made tears slip into my eyes – and then saying Liv. But Mellie saying she wanted to be president. There was a look on Fitz’s face – like admiration. It just felt good.

  24. itsme says:

    Maybe Judy Smith the real DC fixer bought Olivia Pope because she can’t be pleased with this stupid story line.

  25. L says:

    Seriously, Fitz is like the worst president in history.. starting a war to save his mistress? Letting the VP, who committed treason (!) go free to save his wife? How are all those national security people going along with this? Really the guy has lost all credibility… time to impeach him… the show can go on without him as a lead character… why would anyone want this sleazebag to wind up with Olivia anyway?

    • Smh says:

      All I can say is explore the presidency of g w bush. Or even bill Clinton

    • Lovely says:

      Yup! I don’t and if they continue to persist with this Olitz love story crap I’m out… Fitz son died, OLivia kidnapped, soldiers have died… all for this toxic romance it’s sickening… If they keep it up with the OLitz affair I’m out.

      • Bellingham says:


      • Uyai says:

        Well, the show has and always will be about the toxic affair between Fitz & Olivia. To imagine that it will ever change is illogical. From season 1 to 4 has been primarily about Olivia, and Fitz is a huge part of her life. Without the affair, Scandal would just be another political drama. I get that you do not like the Olitz affair, but to punish yourself by watching, hoping that the primary reason why a show is as successful as it is would be scrapped out is illogical, so maybe you should actually stop watching…

    • Nathalie says:

      Are you know the reality of all your president? Their real love life? The reasons for what they go to war ?The murders or dictators they deal with every day?Fitz is not the worst, he is the most sincere. Team Fitz.

      • Ene says:

        I just said this to a friend. I find it quite hypocritical that people are quick to nail Fitz for going to war. The man had 2 days, two days to kill the love of his life. Not just kill her but know she will be tortured, probably sexually abused and starved to death. At first I was mad, but then I asked myself if I would give up the life of my husband, the most important person in my life so quickly in order to save the lives of people I know nothing about. It is a cruel thing to say, but i’m sorry I will choose his life. Fitz should have found a way to buy more time, agreed. But the writers didn’t give him that liberty, he only did what each and everyone of us would do in the same situation, except you do not love that person. It’s amazing how people are intentionally forgetting that Fitz had considered letting her die and it was killing him. I for one would have hated him forever if he sat down and did nothing about her.
        If truly there was an assassination attempt on Andrew’s life and he didn’t fake it, if there was an assassination attempt on the President, they would have gone to war. They had almost gone to war 2ce, prior to the kidnapping. Liv’s kidnapping only fast tracked it. We all don’t know the real reasons behind wars or the kind of sickening decisions men in power have to make. I’m totally Pro-Olivia and can shoot Fitz sometimes but please, cut him some slack

  26. DoctorWhoFanatic says:

    Does anyone else think the woman standing there waiting for Olivia to be dropped off is Mellie?

    • Suzshooz2 says:

      Yes, yes and YES! That woman at the drop-off looked A LOT like Mellie! I’m of the opinion that Mellie was the mastermind of ALL! It just didn’t make sense until she revealed the extent of her political ambition. With that known, the kidnapping just netted her a billion dollar campaign war chest (as long as its origins stay hidden.)

      I think Mellie is poised to become uber villain #1 while Liv recovers from this ordeal. Liv and Jake might try for some normal together. How poetic would it be if Liv ran against Mellie for office! The secrets these two share would threaten mutually assured destruction like never before. All with Fitz right in the middle with the title of First Man in his near future, either way! Lol!

  27. itsme says:

    Way to go Shonda Rhimes a good old slave auction during black history month.

  28. Please get Huck off of the show immediately. His breathy, stuttered, incoherent dialogue is more painful for the viewer to watch than the people he’s torturing. I may need to cut off my own head so I don’t have to see or listen to him anymore. Awful.

  29. Paul8148 says:

    Just show jumps the shark like 20 times an episode. It is since a Joke now. Of Course Sally should get her job back. All she did was killed her cheating husband.

  30. cyndyc624 says:

    Oh, I would love for it to be Stephen who bought Liv! 💕 I was so sorry when he left the show. Just our luck, it’ll be Papa Pope. 😕

  31. KPMOM says:

    This episode was a complete waste of time. We watched the OPA gang spend the hour trying to get into the auction just for the auction to end as they made their first bid. We watched the white house spend the hour trying to oust the VP, only to have Mellie decide she can’t be outed for her affair cause she wants to be Pres someday (really?). Everything we watched them do and say in the first 50 minutes was rendered useless in the last 10. Waste. Of. Time.
    And I don’t get it … why couldn’t she just say the VP was lying about their affair? If they were actually to prove that he set up his own assassination attempt, the public would never believe his word over beloved Mellie’s. Stupid writers.

    • Overthinking says:

      I am actually surprised that since Olivia is not around to gladiate and oust the VP that Cy couldn’t do it and he is the one who taught Olivia how to handle such issues. Maybe the writers forgot they already told us this about Cy.

      • SweetTweeny says:

        Cy did try to oust the VP. He was the one who fired the secret service and put Navy Seals around Fitz. He was also the one who told Lizzie that she must testify against the VP. The VP is going to go down in a future episode, just like Olivia will probably be saved the next episode (I don’t think they are going to keep her captive much longer).

        • Overthinking says:

          My point was that if Cy was good at what we’ve been told he is good at, the VP would have been gone in this epi. Cy should have done a thorough background on the VP thus finding out about Mellie and the VP. He would then have made sure that the VP would not be blackmailing Mellie so he would remain the VP. That is, make sure that the VP did not have any cards to play or moves to make.That is how Olivia would have handled it Cy not so much. He probably will be calling Charlie soon on this one.

  32. kix2mix2 says:

    I still think it’s Rowan who got her. Prepare for one of these speeches people

  33. Julie W. says:

    I think Papa Pope will be the one to save Olivia. Or, maybe Huck.

  34. JJM says:

    “Be careful. I’m in shock. Put anything that close to my mouth, I might bite it off.” – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Quote of the week?

  35. dolly says:

    scandal was a tv show worth watching until this season. unfortunately it no longer merrits my viewing time.

  36. marsha says:

    I Hope its not pappa pope coming to resuce Olivia, cuz it’s gonna get really bad. Lets relax and see what take place.

  37. Patty says:

    I read something about Shonda saying the writing for this arc was her best. Are you kidding? The dialogue between the kidnappers literally reminded me of the crap I used to write as a teenager. This arc is really making me question why I continue to watch, but I can’t just stop after committing 4 years of my life to it.

    Mellie has been the only good part of the show as of late. An ending where Olivia is back and working as her campaign manager may be the only ending I’d accept, with Abby of course.. I couldn’t care less what happens to Huck, they’ve turned him into a complete nut case. They don’t give Quinn enough to work with. Jake is literally just eye-candy.

  38. Engbunny says:

    I’m afrad this show may have jumped the shark. This storyline is so ridiculous. Let’s finish it and get back to what Olivia does best, fixing other people’s issues.

  39. Cas says:

    A few things I keep reading are Papa Pope and/or Harrison. Apparently people don’t actually read all the articles that have said it is someone from season 1. I believe neither of those people were in season one. Also I don’t really care to see anyone but Stephen at this point. Oh and let’s make Huck less creepy.

  40. BooBooKitty says:

    How can it be Stephen when he is on a different show?
    Where would he get the billion dollars from?
    Where would he know of Liv being actioned? This was an auction to terroists and other shadowy people. Since when does Steven surf the dark web?
    Let me guess… I suppose his character will be rewritten as well.

    Harrison is dead. ABC fired him. The character is dead, dead dead

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      It’s called a joke. (Folks, should I type jokes in a coloured font…? Maybe red? Does pain me to see y’all get cOnFuSeD)

  41. Iskitini Litefoot says:

    Everyone seems to forget that fitz was sbout to give up the presidency for liv for she and cyrus and Mellie begged him not to because of what it took for him to get there. Knowing liv, she’ll sleep with Stephen! She’d sleeps with just about anyone who stsnds close enough to her face. She claims she loves fitz but why continue to sleep back and forth with Jake. Fitz has slept with no one else. He’s love for her is real.Jake wants sex , I don’t see the in love with each other even their conversations do not emit a connection other than lust.if they don’t get them together, I’m done watching! It’s the whole reason it’s interesting !