Rosie O'Donnell Explains Her View Departure: 'I'm Minimizing My Stress'

Rosie O’Donnell is breaking her silence… about her silence.

After failing to address her departure from The View during Monday’s episode, O’Donnell posted a video to her YouTube account to clear the air. Simply put, she says, “I didn’t want to talk about it.”

“The truth is, I had a heart attack two years ago, and stress is very bad for heart attack survivors,” she says in the above video. “I’m minimizing my stress by leaving The View. And the stress that I’m having at home is not as easily remediable. Is that even a word? I don’t know.”

(Editor’s note: It is!)

“There’s lots of stuff going on at work, and there’s lots of stuff going on at home, and the only thing I can really control is the work by leaving,” she concludes.

Meanwhile, TVLine’s sister site Variety on Monday published an article offering quite a bit more insight into the behind-the-scenes reasons for O’Donnell’s departure, including disagreements with View moderator Whoopi Goldberg, as well as general unhappiness with her place in the fold.

View-ers, do you buy O’Donnell’s explanation, and are you sad to see her go? Hit PLAY on her video above, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. LT says:

    I used to defend her over the years, but it’s getting kinda hard. In other words…not buying her story.

  2. arial2 says:

    As much as I enjoyed having both Rosie and Whoopi on the show, Whoopi is the main draw for me. I think she does a great job as moderator, is the only one of the group capable of keeping the show moving (despite her quips to the people at the other end of her earpiece) without offending (except Rosie, I guess). I worry more about Whoopi deciding she’s had enough, but she seems to be too much of a professional to walk out on a job.

  3. Tran says:

    The execs at ABC Daytime are still having second thoughts on whether they’re thinking about ending The View in the foreseen future despite Rosie’s exit from the show and if she would have been the least likely favorite to replace Bob Barker as the new host of The Price is Right and NOT Drew Carey, Daytime TV will still be 100% boring.

  4. EC says:

    I don’t think she’s lying but she’s not throwing anyone under the bus & burning bridges this time. So I give her some credit. But I do think Whoopi needs to go soon too. I think Nicole has been great & continues to get better where she was lacking & Rosie P is ok. I think they can do better. But I still refuse to watch The Talk. Actually I’d rather watch reruns of Parks & Recreation than these shows.

  5. diane says:

    I never rarely ever watch The View, but I caught it when I was home sick, on Friday. Without knowing the news, I felt the chill between Rosie and Whoopi. Rosie didn’t even talk much.

    • Lucifer says:

      You’re lucky. Whenever I watched, Rosie O would be dominating the conversation and demanding the others agree. The only thing different this time was she did not carry out the back-and-forth arguing like years back. She just sent the most vile faces at whoever voiced their opinion and it differed from her own.

  6. Jared says:

    Very sad to see her go. Whoopi is ruining the show. She doesn’t “lead” the show she “bullies”. I used to love Whoopi but not these last couple years.

  7. says:

    They never should’ve brought her back. Whoopi and Nicole are great. Let’s get 3 others with differing races/viewpoints/age and I think the show can be saved. Joy Behar would be awesome to have back. How about a well known newsperson or a woman in her 20s?

  8. Kendall Troy says:

    I totally agree with the people that talk about how Whoopi is ruining the show. She just prevents the people from sharing their views. I really feel she is to blame for the show’s downhill turn. When she was out with her back problems the show was fun and spontaneous. Something it never is with the “ever to commercial Whoopi. I will definitely miss Rosie and will no longer be tuning in daily as I have been since she came back.

    • cam says:

      Good watch a sick pscho shiw with rosie d. Yuk

    • T.W.123 says:

      I hadn’t noticed what a pariah a Whoopi had become for the show until she was gone last month. Everything was so much lighter! The tension was removed and everyone could express their opinion without her overtaking the conversation with the “Im the oldest here so what I say goes” crutch that she’s been depending on the last few years. If a Rosie has to go, I wish Whoopi would go with her

  9. Nancy Tiako says:

    God Bless Rosie O and her family. She gave us an explanation and I wish her and her family well. Hopefully, we will see her again doing her own show.

  10. Rick Mileske says:

    Rosie is bringing on this stress all by herself.

  11. Samara says:

    I watch the show for Whoopi. I feel sorry for Rosie though, she seems mentally troubled, and I don’t think is a temporary either.

  12. I still think they need to bring Naya Rivera in …. And they need to bring OLTL back.

  13. Jean Neath says:

    I was happy to have Rosie back on the View. I must say I am not surprised that she is leaving. I am sure her explanations are true, but there was tension between her and Whoopi. There were many times I thought she held back from expressing herself, and I knew she would not put up with that for long. I am a dedicated View watcher. I tape it everyday so as not to miss a show. Hopefully they can work it out. I think it is the best thing for Rosie, she is too bright a woman to have to be afraid to express herself. I will miss her!!

  14. N says:

    Yes. I believe Rosie!

  15. cam says:

    U r a piece of crap. Glad to see u leave. Why do u have 5 kids n think that is a good idea. Jeez. U had a heart sttack as u eat wrong n refuse to see it.

    • Rosie has lost over 60 lbs and is watching her diet. I guess you never watch the show. She has spoken about this befre. She has four adopted kids and one bio kid.

      I dont get it do you Rosie haters get off by coming here and spewing hate?

      Your own life must be so miserable to hate a celebrity you never met IN PERSON before

  16. man says:

    Whoopie has turned The View into the BET network. Ican’t believe how They have allowed it to go on. Rosie Run!!! The show SUCKS-I am done .

  17. Carolyn Cooper says:

    Rosie, I wish you well in life. Leaving the ‘View’ is the best decision you could have made. I have seen with my own eyes how others opinions, thoughts, ideals, doesn’t matter on the so called ‘VIEW’. The only person’s opinions, thoughts, ideals matter on the ‘view’ (lower case) is WHOOPI’s. She is nothing but a bully when expressing herself. She acts as though EVERYTHING SHE SAY IS RIGHT?? She has forgotten the show is called the ‘View’ where EVERYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES without her opinion on everything others may have shared or expressed. Whoopi needs to learn how to AGREE TO DISAGREE. No one on the ‘View’ should have to take her bullying. And oh yeah, by the way Rosie, I am a black woman who is shocked to hear her say that you had no ideal what racism is? WHAT? A comment like that makes you question whether she really understand what racism is ALL about? To make a comment like that clearly reveals she is clueless. Sometimes it’s good to listen without having to comment on everything others have expressed.

    Rosie, good luck to you girl. I hope this gets through so the proper people can read this, and hopefully make a change at the View to accommodate viewers…………………..

    • Rose Ann marano says:

      It doesn’t matter what I think is real or not. Whatever her reasons she felt it was right for her. I love Rosie and feel she has every right to do as she feels she should for whatever reasons. We(the public) do not need to know. Just pray for her and her family that whatever her reasons she can resolve soon and live her life.

  18. lady marshmellow says:

    She wants her own show, period.

  19. Sue Bennett says:

    Rosie and Whoopi are like oil and water. I never watch anymore. It’s just not a fun group. We get preached to about every issue, and Nicole is the only one capable of having an intelligent conversation viewing both opinions.

  20. Louise says:

    I am really sorry to see Rosie go. I totally understand how the major trauma of a heart attack has made Rosie realize that stress is not worth her health. I think Rosie brought so much to the show. Good luck in whatever you do next!

  21. Johnny Styles says:

    Whatever, Rosie. Your relevance faded a long time ago when you went from being the nicest person on TV to the polar opposite.

  22. God Bless you Rosie! We wish you nothing but the best in life, health & happiness!

  23. dman6015 says:

    Her stress is of her own making. She didn’t have to fight with Whoopi. She didn’t have to torpedo her marriages. She didn’t have to have another baby at such a late age.

    • Whoppi fought with Rosie over that fight over Racism. Whoppi started it and was the ignorant one. Rosie was actually restraint there. More than I would have been. This year if you dont agree with Whoopi then you are wrong and that is BS.

      • Julio says:

        IIRC Rosie said that homophobia is the same as Racism. Whoppi said it isn’t because unless Rosie walks into a store holding her wife’s hand no one would know she was gay by looking at her, while looking at Whoppi they would know she was black.

  24. cam says:

    Just delighted shes off the show. Who ever thought of putting her on it forgot how awful she is. Truly not well n admits it. Her poor kids. I feel sorry for them

  25. Cathy Merriett says:

    I will miss Rosie – I truly enjoyed her
    honesty inreporting her heart felt pieces on documentaries and some of the common folks she felt
    necessary to highlight. Also loved
    the crafty corner segment.

    Wish her a happy healthy life.

  26. It’s too bad that this group has ended. For the first time is a lot of years I thought we had the right combination of minds. Glad you are going to take care of yourself Rosie! I will miss you, but you must come first with health because the children need you! Thanks for all of your laughs and information about the international group of the world (people)!