Vampire Diaries: Worst. Birthday. Ever.

After a couple of Bonnie-less episodes, The Vampire Diaries checked back in with the witch this Thursday and found a sad sight in the prison world: Bonnie celebrating her birthday alone and miserable — and preparing to kill herself!

Following the merge, Kai inherits Luke’s conscience and now wants Elena and Damon to pass on an apology letter to Jo. Elena agrees with the caveat that Kai help them reach out to Bonnie. He can only get them over to the prison world as ghosts, but that’s enough for them to witness Bon Bon downing a bottle of bourbon in anticipation of making good on her suicide pact with Damon.

Kai’s magic runs out and they’re transported back to the Salvatore mansion, so only Jeremy gets to go on the second trip to help Bonnie find the map of Nova Scotia that Damon left behind. That’s where Silas’ headstone full of Qetsiyah’s magical blood and the key to getting out lies. Jer manages to touch the atlas and knock it on the ground before Liv stabs Kai, once again sending them home. She’s hellbent on killing Kai, but Jeremy is just as determined to stop Bonnie from killing herself.

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One last trip to the netherworld finds a tearful Bonnie locking herself in the garage as the car exhaust fumes overwhelm her lungs. She starts to record one last video message for friends. “It’s the loneliness. I can’t take it,” she sobs. And for Jeremy: “I hope you’re living your life with no regrets. Stay strong.”

It’s those final words, the same ones her Grams said to her, that get Bonnie to stand back up. And through some magical power (and possibly as a result of all that weight-lifting), ghost Jeremy is able to open the garage door. So what was the worst birthday in any universe/timeline ends on a hopeful note, as Bonnie finds the atlas and hits the road.

Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap

Back in Mystic Falls (and beyond) of 2015:

LUST IN THE WOODS | A mission to find Bonnie’s buried teddy bear in the present day leads to a whole lot of sexual tension between Caroline and Stefan. He taunts her so she will get angry and let out her emotions. When she finally does, she knocks him flat on his back, and he quickly brings her down with him. After some laughs, the tears start to well up, leading to an “Oh my God, just kiss already!” moment, but Stefan just brushes Caroline’s cheek as she breaks down.

TO THE FUTURE | Elena convinces Jeremy to apply to art school because Bonnie would want him to move on with his life. Hopefully, he did it via a fresh application and not that crumpled-up one!

BAD GIRLFRIEND | Tyler doesn’t take too kindly to being magically knocked out by Liv when he tries to stop her from going after Kai, thereby killing herself in the process. After the fight goes down, he convinces Elena to give Liv some of her blood. “And now that I see you’re OK, I never want to see you again,” he tells Liv. “I would have done anything for you. And you chose death over me.”

‘DELENA’ REIGNITED | After a pointed remark from Kai, Elena wonders if she and Damon would still be together if she was human. Damon doesn’t think so, because she was on her way to Stefan when she died, but Elena doesn’t agree. “I always somehow find my way back to you,” she says, suggesting they stop living in the past. With that, it’s back to sex wherever, whenever.

NO GAME | Enzo forces Matt to flirt with Sarah Salvatore. “Why do you even care?” Matt asks, saying what we’ve all been thinking. Enzo sees Stefan’s refusal to tell Damon the truth about Sarah as his way of using his brother’s guilt to keep him in check. Now, he’s going to insinuate himself into Sarah’s life and make her do awful things until she’s begging him to turn her into a vampire.

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of the episode? Did you shed some tears over Bonnie’s troubles? Does the Caroline/Stefan slowplay have you yelling at your TV?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Marie says:

    After some laughs, the tears start to well up, leading to an “Oh my God, just kiss already!” moment.
    yeah maybe they can kiss on her mothers death bed because you know it’s sooooo cute…

  2. Anon says:

    No. I hate Steroline. I hate Delena. I think JP & CD need to realize that not everyone is obsessed with Delena & the idea of Steroline. A lot of people want Klaroline, Stelena & Bamon. Yet, neither of those ships barely get any acknowledgement or any scenes together. Is it asking too much for us to get some respect?

    • Jovana says:

      Well, you had seasons of Stelena and you got Klaroline. Bamon is not gonna happen (although I’d love to see them together), so you might want to adjust your expectations or quit watching.

      • Gina says:

        The thing is that ppl are really not watching anymore. look at the ratings and the spring is going to be worse

        • Lola says:

          Well obviously there’s still 1.5+/- million people on average watching every week, so what you are saying is BS

          • Emma says:

            I wouldn´t go around calling a show that gets 1.5m viewers on broadcast network a success and just look at the ratings from a year ago 1.1 512 had 2.41m viewers and 612 had 0.7 1.47 thats -47% demo drop and 1million people who have had enough and for the CW former number 1 shows thats something the advertisers do not want to see and i bet a few of them are already calling the CW affliates for refunds or discounts on their ad places because the rate CW set last year for ad sales is far far from what its pulling in these days.

          • Lola says:

            @Emma your assumptions make an ass out of you and you alone.

          • Emma says:

            Yes stating facts makes me an ass oh the burn i´ll never recover

          • Lola says:

            Ohh now I remember you, you are the one who always throws around the word ‘facts’ trying to justify everything you say. Oh well it’s not your fault but let me school you on something. When you use the word ‘Bet’ it does not mean ‘fact’ love!

          • Emma says:

            i´m not trying to justify anything other than stating actual facts something you seem incapable of accepting! year to year the tvd episodes nr.12 both airing end of january dropped 47% in key demo and lost a million viewers these are FACTS.

            I also know that advertisers set new rates after each sweep month and sometimes the affliates have to refund or give discounts on future spots if shows don´t live up to promise so thats that but you keep on living in a world where you believe delena is bringing in good ratings go right head.

          • Gwen says:

            Right and does anyone think that a hip new, fast paced, show like “Scandal” that moved recently into the same time slot on Thursday nights and has “A” list actors might have an impact on TVD ratings? Especially, for a show that was in it’s 5th season. Everyone says S1 – S3 were so good – Yes, it was new, fresh, edgy, etc… A little perspective would be helpful.

          • Emma says:

            erhm scandal and tvd don´t share a timeslot never have probably never will, grey´s anatomy in its 11th season is at 8pm like tvd.

          • Lola says:

            This has nothing to do with Delena, It’s about you trying to pass on your speculation week after week as fact and making some baseless arguments regarding ratings when clearly you are clueless. Next!

          • Letti says:

            Lola, you are just so funny, you made my day. You are almost as ridaculous as TVD became. Does Delena sex kill brancells?

          • Emma says:

            lol my speculation! haha since when is telling you what the ratings have dropped from year to year a speculation! please you literally cannot handle the truth ;)

          • BBussey says:

            Lola — Emma is correct. The ratings and 18-49 demo have been sliding for three seasons, and hit rock-bottom last year with an awful season and have never recovered. This season is better than last, but nowhere near the quality of the first two seasons. The ratings and the reviews bear that out. TVD was CW’s #1 show, and now it’s #4. Those are facts, not biased opinion.

          • Emmerson says:

            Networks have no reason to keep a show that is not cost effective, if the show has been renewed 3 years in a row, it means the ratings are still acceptable. And seeing as there’s no end date in sight for TVD just yet, CW must still be getting acceptable returns from TVD still being on air. Just common sense really, not rocket science! The important issue here is that the shows keeps getting renewed

      • Mandy says:

        Delena had more than Stelena at this point, plus Stefan hasn’t been trying to steal Elena from Damon like Don did when Elena was with Stefan. Saturation is the word to define Delena at this point. Repetitive, the chemistry is gone, dysfunctional, Elena had to change herself into a total bitch to love him, what else is there to see? And the same awful speeches every episode, ugh!

        • Love says:

          LOL SOOO TRUE! Saturation = great word to define it. Same stuff between them every episode and Elena is arguably one of the worst characters on the show now. SMH to the fact that she had to become a total B in order to love Damon..
          ….and to think she’s supposed to be the protagonist of the show.

        • Samara says:

          If Elena is the B then what does that make Caroline, with her constant whining, self-pity, control-freak nature, guilting Stefan into being more than friends, judging everyone etc. The only real cow in this show is Caroline, Elena has done nothing but follow her heart. She’s still the loving person she’s always been.

          • Jose says:

            Seriously? At least Caroline is still constant, has remained good and actually tries to stick to her moral code…. The writers TOLD US tonight that elena doesn’t even care about right and wrong anymore as long as she gets damon……

          • Samara says:

            Caroline ..good?? She’s the most selfish character on that show. She is a hypocrite. Giving Elena grief about being with Damon and now she’s the one with her bestfriend’s ex. And when she told Elena, no judgement or disapproval came form Elena. Elena represents all things good that incl. helping redeem Damon.

        • Mena Murray says:

          Totally agree. Boring.

          • joey1013 says:

            Right Caroline is so perfect what a laugh. Elena saved more lives than Caroline any day. People who want Damon and bonnie are no sense really.

        • ASHLEEEE says:

          I agree! I loved the part in this ep. where she questions if she would love Damon if she wasnt a vampire! And he tells her NO!!! That she had a choice right before she died and she chose STEFAN! I feel like my downfall of this show for me has been how Elena did a complete change from who she was. Like how did she love stefan so much more than damon then all of a sudden it be reversed, Stefan died and she was sad(debatable)but when damon died she had to be compelled and couldnt live without him. She wasnt even as sad about her best friend of forever dying too!(bonnie). I feel like elena character developent has been a dagger for me for this show and it was done to make delena work.. I thought i saw a glipse of old Elena that I liked when she walked away after hearing damon say she chose stefan.. and went right back down the drain when she slept with him.. at this point I feel like thier relationship is just dry and repetative.

        • ASHLEEEE says:

          Caroline is the most consistent character on the show. They gave her growth without fully changing her char.

      • C$ says:

        I don’t watch in ANY WAY bc of me caring who is dating who at the moment. I’m usually way more interested in that when it’s on shows not centered around romance, ironically. Anyway, from a creative standpoint it’s better to try different pairings but I don’t agree with letting a fictional romance ruin one’s perception of the entire series.

        I’ve been catching up the past couple of days and I think the coolest thing is Stefan and Elena maintaining a friendship somewhat, and I hope Elena ends the series not dating either of them but having grown to close friends… They are toxic for each other romantically.

      • Isobel says:

        its already been renewed for a seventh season, after that who knows

    • joey1013 says:

      Bonnie and Damon just no. Damon got Elena in books they are perfect fit.

  3. Riana says:

    We also found out what happened to Matt’s mom

  4. Jose says:

    I loved Silas…. I mean Kai telling Elena how Human Elena was dating The Good Salvatore and how her vampire counterart is dating the bad one, and doesn’t care about right and wrong…..

    And to top it off, Damon didn’t even believe they’d be together still…..

    Funny how even the writers KNOW their writing sucks and yep they continue the course

  5. Fx says:

    The episode was confusing and boring. Jeremy is one of the worst characters of the whole series (followed by annoying Enzo, even his sexy accent can’t save him). The whole season seems pointless. Save Bonnie! Done with it already since nobody even talked about her a couple of episodes ago.

    • julie says:

      I agree and it’s terible How they treat this girl. She has saved all of them and put her life on the line for Elena how many times and this girl barely remembers her name. And I get Caroline has her mom to deal with, but I always felt she and Bonnie were the closest and I miss their bond.

  6. I laughed so hard at the Tyler part. I mean, didn’t he choose the revenge against Klaus instead of his love for Caroline, beign a jerk, making her believe that he came back for her, having sex and then dumping her again? I guess karma is a bitch. :-)

    • Ari says:

      Tyler is just hilarious to me. I don’t take him seriously at all. He gets angry about the most arbitrary things. Then he flips out when people do to him what he does to others. Just get rid of Tyler. He serves no purpose on this show at all.

  7. bluegossip says:

    i see them keeping kai now that he has a little of luke in him… Damn! What does it say about our heroes when they can never seem bring themselves to killing an enemmy yet occassionaly kill innocents?

    • Ari says:

      Was I the only one that started shouting, “Just snap his neck!” after Damon gave Kai his blood? Turn Kai into a vampire then he’s not a witch and killing him is a simple stake through the heart. too easy? No? Instead we’re going to drag out this Kai and his feelings snorefest.

  8. Mandy says:

    “she says, suggesting they stop living in the past. With that, it’s back to sex wherever, whenever.”

    LOL I love to see TV Line throwing shade on Delena. Who can stomach that mess anymore at this point?

    Kai is the king, he’s been telling Delena what most of the fandom have been saying all along. They are dysfunctional and Elena is now the worst version of herself with Damon.

    I just saw this on Tumblr and it’s hilarious. The writers need to stop just dropping hints and put an end to this Delena nonsense already:

    Katherine Pierce (to Elena about her relationship with Damon in 5×03):”Maybe you realize that you screwed up by choosing Damon and that you realize that Stefan is your one true love.”
    Katherine Pierce (to herself about Delena in 5×12):”I’m fixing the biggest mistake that Elena ever made: choosing Damon.”
    Katherine Pierce (to herself after she wakes up from Silas draining her of her blood and sees Delena together in 5×06):”Am I in Hell?”
    Klaus Mikaelson (to Stefan about Delena in 3×21):”Personally, I think she’s wasting her time with Damon.”
    Klaus Mikaelson (to Damon about his relationship with Elena in 4×12):”Must be hard trying to live up to Stefan. Personally, I don’t see a fairytale ending for you(Damon and Elena). All I see is Stefan and Elena.”
    Silas (to Damon about his relationship with Elena in 5×02):”What I don’t get is why she (Elena) likes you.”
    Silas (to Damon about Stelena and Damon’s relationship with Elena in 5×06):”Every love story (Stefan/Elena) needs an obstacle kind of like you Damon.”
    Qetsiyah (to Elena about her relationship with Damon in 5×06):”I think the term they use for your relationship is co-dependent”
    Qetsiyah (to Damon about his relationship with Elena in 5×03):”Don’t flatter yourself. Listening to you (and Elena) was like watching and listening to a bad soap opera”
    Qetsiyah (to Damon about his relationship with Elena):”As long as Stefan is in the picture, you will never be with Elena. You and I are the same, Damon. The obstacle standing between two fates (Stefan/Elena). We’re merely the conflict that makes it interesting.”
    Markos:Created a spell that brought Stefan and Elena (and other Salvatore and Petrova doppelgängers) together to meet so that they would fall in love naturally and on their own accord. Also created pleasant happy, dreams for Stefan and Elena living a human life together in an alternate world.
    Kai Parker (to Damon and Elena about their relationship in 6×12):”It’s dysfunctional.”
    Kai Parker (to Damon and Elena about their relationship in 6×13):”YOU TWO TOGETHER?? STILL REVOLTING TO ME.”

    • Love says:

      HAHAHA THIS IS PERFECT! One thing I hate is that Damon always refers to it as “getting the girl”… clearly being with Elena is some type of game to him. Damon, you can give up now… its becoming more and more evident that you and elena DO NOT work.

    • Samara says:

      Yes and imagine in the midst of all this adversity Delena still stands.
      More than half of those people listed thought themselves to be invincible & indestructible but are dead their opinions are worthless if they could not even keep themselves alive.
      And was it not Klaus who asked Damon ‘Honestly what do you say to her (Elena)’ .
      Klaus in one of his most honest scenes he went as far as asking Damon why & how it was that Elena could overlook all he(Damon) had done and found it in herself to be with him yet he (Klaus) could not get Caroline to give him the time of day, so to a point, Klaus envied Damon.
      And then with Kai, I’m pretty sure he has a little crush on Elena, which I find adorable.

    • Mena Murray says:

      That was cool

  9. Cc says:

    To be honest, the absolute best part of TVD nowadays is coming on here and other sites and seeing Delena haters have fits over the couple. Better than any drama the show has thought up in years!

    • Jose says:

      wacha gonna do it….. not much of a choice with the writing TVD has had since season 4….

      • C$ says:

        Storywise the series has been way better this year than in season 4. At least to me. I’ve gotten to the point where I mostly tune out the sappy speeches and it’s much more fun. Loving the stuff with Mystic Falls and all of the new characters they’ve brought in this year. Plus I like that Elena acts more confident and more fun and loud, makes her more interesting. I really think the series is showing signs that it could really be awesome again but they have to start lessening the romance stuff by at least a few minutes per week, and keep everyone’s emotional outbursts to maybe every other episode.

      • Mena Murray says:

        So true

  10. Amber says:

    Karma for Tyler who chose vengeance over Caroline! :)

  11. Yanez says:

    It’s about time Bonnie got some airtime and the big SHOCKER is her so-called friends actually mentioned her name this episode. Jeremy’s last episode is next so I’m hoping Bonnie comes back in time so they can say bye to each other. Also, the Damon/Elena scenes were a big snoozefest and Caroline and Stefan are better as friends.

    • Ari says:

      I think it’s very fitting that the only time Bonnie’s friends throw her a birthday party is when she isn’t even there. Even if she was there they’d still ignore her so why does it even matter?

  12. Brigid says:

    What started off as such a strong, interesting season has no descended into mediocre plotlines, slow pacing, and the feeling that the writers are biding their time. I’ve always enjoyed this show, but ever since the Christmas episode it seems like it’s floundering. To execute the Stefan/Caroline relationship with the stigma of her mother’s death? That’s not fun. Elena with partial memories? Ok. Having Matt Davis back as Alaric but giving precious screentime to Liv and Enzo? No. The highlight of this entire season has been Chris Wood as Kai. He brings new life, a fun presence, and some actual interest. Of course I’ll keep watching, but here’s hoping the rest of the season is only uphill. How could it not be?

    • Haley says:

      Exactly what I was thinking…I would take the whole Gemini coven going extinct if it meant getting Liv off the show. Why couldn’t Luke have lived? Sigh. I have also seen way too much of Caroline and Stefan. They have zero chemistry to me and the thought of Caroline with anybody except MAYBE Klaus actually kind of just doesn’t click in my brain. As for the Sarah Salvatore story line, it’s really hard to see where that could be going, and anything to get Enzo killed off (permanently not in a “lets bring him back because Damon feels bad for leaving him to be tortured for years and they’re still actually best friends” kind of way) would be great. And like, who cares about Sarah anyway. Like that’s even that good of leverage. I want more Alaric, Jo, Bonnie, and Stefan but not with Caroline, a change in course for Damon and Elena, and absolutely no Liv or Enzo. Kai can stay as long as he stays interesting and as for Jeremy…I could take him or leave him. I can’t believe I just wrote online to a bunch of strangers for this long about a tv show but oh well, who needs sleep anyway.

      • Mena Murray says:

        I feel exactly the same way.

      • Mia says:

        If Caroline and Stefan get together then she will have been with all the main male cast members of the show. She has already been with Damon, Matt, and Tyler. Am I the only person who is bothered by this?? Also I love Stefan. He has always been my favorite character. And I absolutely do not want him and Caroline together!!! They are better as friends (what I also thought about Damon and Elena too).

  13. Acid Rain says:

    To Mandy.
    Well said. You’re a genius. And I agree totally.

  14. Chris says:

    I actually really like this season A LOT more than last season. Let’s stop fighting over Delena and Stelena, guys. I wanna see Enzo vs Alric for the right to be in Damon’s bromance! lol

    But seriously, I think it’s cool what they’re doing with Delena, but it would have been cool if Bamon could have happened for a little while. I was hoping during the summer that Damon and Bonnie would be trapped in a hell dimension where they had years to grow to love each other. But whatever. Kai was a nice turn of events.

    Seeing Steroline happen seems appropriate. It’s been on the build up for a long time. It’s not like she can be with Klaus. She’d have to leave the show and join The Originals.

    Since Kai has Luke’s feelings, does that mean we’re gonna have another villain? Vampire Hunters once more?

  15. vampire fan says:

    they should have made it that bonnie went to new Orleans to use some of that dark magic which she knows how to use defeat Finn Mikaelson some how get her back and klaus looking all the wiser because he use a bennett witch to kill his brother again

  16. Samara says:

    I love love “Conflicted Kai”, he’s so hilarious…I almost choked when he was describing how he ‘cried’ whilst writing his feelings down and his constant jabs directed at Damon and Elena were hilarious. It seems he wont be a sociopath for too long. He’s a real breathe of fresh air.
    I kinda noticed a slight flirtation towards Elena, I hope this is not turned into yet another love triangle.
    Then come Delena, those two can do no wrong IMO, loved them and I hope they have a drama-free r/ship they have always wanted. This seems like a fresh start.
    Steroline & Enzo were just time fillers this week, nothing interesting there.

  17. Samara says:

    Even as a child Caroline was vindictive and a brat, what preteen buries a friend’s teddy bear in the woods & forgets about it. God she’s a nightmare!
    Caroline & Elena have not had scenes together in a while, just as well, Caroline is always so nasty & a judgmental cow, and always a downright B towards Elena. I can’t wait for Bonnie to come back,Elena needs a true gfriend around. Elena and Bonnie have always been closer anyway.
    Steroline sucks..I love Stefan but him and Caroline being jammed down our throats is just nauseating. Every moment they have together is cheesy and unbearable to watch. Stefan does not look at Caroline they way he did Elena. With Caroline it’s more of pity than actual desire/love.

  18. Emma says:

    I know we need to be force fed steroline every single minute of every single episode i mean how else would we ever know that they are trying to make them romantic! but could somebody explain to me why she spent a whole day in the woods making googly eyes at stefan who´s been guilted into taking care of her every single need instead of being at the hospital with her dying mom oh and next week the same thing but now in a cabin for kissing and stuff but this time liz dies!

    Steroline is such a joke they could have put them together in a million different ways but to choose this! killing her mom to make that happen is just horrible and contrived and the worst! and steroline will forever be under the shadow of liz´s death and her actual last dying wish for him to love her! yeah not forced at all! And i now TVD has never been famous for logic and such pesky things but don´t you find it icky for them to engage in steroline sex/kiss whilst she´s totally all over the place emotinally it kinda makes it look like he´s taking advantage of her vulnerable state by getting some! blearugh

    And did anybody get the feeling they were not so subtly hinting at a human Elena! i´d actually love that i hate vamp elena also but if that happens it probably means Ian is not coming back for season 7 oh i´d love that even more!

    Rant over, i´ll just have one more season to suffer through if what paul says season 7 being the last for him anyways so whoopppppppp its all gonna be over soon!

  19. Guest says:

    This episode just validated how much I never cared for Liv. She is a ruiner of everything. Both of those twins were are are. I say you go Tyler even though your a contradiciory SOB I’m okay with it because she is so hard to stomach. All of the relationships on this show are so volatile that I don’t even care about that stuff anymore. I wish others would do the same I understand the hatred for delena but these message boards are getting just as irritating as the show itself. You guys have to keep watching this show for something can be please focus on that :) for me it is definitely Kai. He is awesome in all his psycho ways lol I knew he was going to get empathy from Luke which makes me like him even more. Fifty shades of Kai over here hehe loving it :D

    • ASHLEEEE says:

      Liv has been annoying from the start and i never like liv with tyler seemed forced and weird. Which probably made me not like her more.

  20. Stella says:

    So many annoying people here shading DE yet reading a review for a DE-centric episode and watching a DE-centric episode honestly you all need jesus..

  21. 221bsam says:

    Hmm, what to say about this episode, first, whoever guessed here last week that Kai would be affected by Luke due to the merge, nice! you called that..
    I loved Kai explaining how he was experiencing emotions, that was really funny.
    The poor mansion, this week Damon was actually helping trash his house, I love that place!
    Right so, as a DElena shipper, I can’t believe I’m saying this but, there were things here I didn’t like..
    The conversation about human Elena VS vampire Elena FTW! that exchange had been a long time coming, gold star for that! the kitchen scene with the cupcakes was cute! no problems there. Elena telling Damon to stop living in the past was delicious, uh Elena, have you met Damon? he spent over 140 years pining for someone ;)
    Now the gripe, why did they have to have them sleep together so soon?! I liked the way they were, the slow burn was fine with me, we know they have sexual chemistry but I wanted to see more build up personally.
    Caroline & Stefan have more of what I was hoping for.
    Also, sorry to sound bitchy but, I was a little saddened to see how little passion there was portrayed from Ian & Nina. I don’t know if that was the director’s decision or what but, I felt it was lacking.
    Does anyone else remember Alias after Jennifer & Michael split? felt a bit like that to me, Syd & Vaughn just didn’t have the same spark. I know Nina & Ian weren’t together in season 5 either but I don’t remember it looking so awkward, maybe it was just me? I have no feelings about their personal lives whatsoever by the way. Another thing, I’m a little confused what Elena doesn’t remember now?

  22. Lola says:

    I now know how Delena haters feel whenever they see Damon and Elena together, I was rolling my eyes at every steroline moment and when I rewatched the episode I ffwd every Steroline moment. Watching them is like trying to swallow acid! I can’t even..

  23. Maria says:

    Steroline was so amazing tonight !!! Guys c’mon, when have you seen stefan laugh like that ? in 6 freaking seasons he has never laughed and smiled LIKE THAT !! They have undeniable chemistry and it was quite obvious that he wanted to kiss her. He kept looking flack and forth from her eyes to her lips, but she looked away…so he hugged her instead..but first brushed her cheek… You can rant about it all you want, but STEROLINE is here to stay. . .

    And for those of you who think he would be pity dating her — he isn’t stupid enough to throw away their friendship for pity dating. If he is leading her on (which he is), its coz he genuinely has feelings for her.. So yeah he’s in love/falling in love. DEAL WITH IT !

    • Lola says:

      Exactly what you said is right; that he is pity-dating her because he does not want to lose her as a friend because if they don’t date there’s nowhere else for this friendship to go, it’s awkward enough as it is, it can never go back to what it was.
      Plus having Caroline’s terminally ill mother beg him to take care of her, how could lovely, caring Stefan say no. There is nothing organic about this relationship.

      • maria says:

        Wrong wrong wrong. Caroline was more than happy to move on into the friend zone. She made it clear that she HAD feelings for him . PAST TENSE. So he could just be a friend n not lead her on if he is unsure of his feelings. Hes not stupid enough to think pity dating is a good idea. It would end their friendship for good. He is flirting with her coz he has feelings for her. period.

    • julie says:

      I liked the possibility of them but this writing isn’t done them justice. Everything was done for the writers and to have Liz dying and us her to push Stefan’s feelings has turned a lot of people off. And they do it a lot, but this was wrong. And after Caroline heard what her mom said to Stefan I just can’t deal with how embracing that was and humiliating. I love the idea of them, but this isn’t the right way.

  24. Max says:

    Kat Graham was once again the MVP of the episode, even with a quarter of the screentime as most other characters. That scene in the garage was one of the most heartbreaking I’ve seen in a while, perhaps because I knew a number of people who’ve taken their own lives, and it was just really powerful to see someone on this show reach the end point and then find the strength to stand up and keep fighting. She didn’t need to be compelled or tied up or anything, she did it on her strength alone (and some handy burst of Kai magic that enabled Jeremy to press that button). Chris Wood, the guy who plays Kai, was the other MVP. He’s so funny.

    I can’t stand anyone else on this show, their stories are either pointless or irritating. Some of them, like Enzo, are downright stupid.

    • Ian says:

      Kat’s the best actress on the show. Period.

      It’ll be a crime if she doesn’t get Best Performance of the Week here on TvLine.

      Why they insist on Delena when Damon/Ian’s never been more likeable and felt the most alive than when he’s with Bonnie, I just keep shaking my head over.

  25. Ari says:

    Are they seriously going to send Jeremy off before they rescue Bonnie? Of all the people in Mystic Falls that Jeremy needs to say goodbye to Bonnie is basically first on the list. Also Kai caught feelings and now we’re going to have to watch him try to redeem himself. Sure sure. Just what you want in a villain.

  26. Gwen says:

    So if Bonnie goes to the place where Silas was buried in 1994 – does that mean he still has the cure? And would she bring it back to MF for Elena?

    • Lola says:

      I was thinking the same but I really hope not, no good can come from anyone taking that cure.

    • Ari says:

      That might actually be interesting. I didn’t think Elena could be more awful of a character but making her a vampire really made her a lot less likable. Maybe making her human again would save her.

  27. Kelly says:

    Enough with Delena already! Seriously….we have been hearing this conversation over and over again. Honestly it was kind of a slap in the face to Stelena fans (basically Elena never truly loved Stefan because she would have always gone to Damon). I truly wonder how many times the writers of this show are going to pull this crap. They find one way or another to put a wedge between them just so we will have to suffer through watching them ‘find their way back to each other’.
    I don’t understand why people are so against Stefan and Caroline getting together. Any happy couple will tell you that they are with their best friend.
    What is the point of Enzo? What is with his obsession with Stefan? Seriously.. this little crusade he’s on is sad.
    Come on writers…you can do better than this!

    • Lola says:

      Stefan and Elena loved each other, the relationship just ran it’s course that’s all. I loved her relationship with Stefan and i love her with Damon now, but Stefan and Caroline, No!

    • Letti says:

      Appearantly they can’t. They got lost in Ian’s so beautiful eyes and try to live their passion through Elena.

  28. Liza says:

    I am not your typical disgruntled teenage fan girl, so I am not going to say anything about the “‘ships”. I do have grievances about the show though. You bring back a favorite character in Alaric and BARELY use him! He has been completely absent from the last two episodes. You have series regulars from the very beginning in Matt, Tyler, Jeremy, and Bonnie, yet they barely have storylines and when they do, they are weak. No wonder the actor who play Jeremy is bailing on this show. Enzo was a great character last season, he is made a series regular this year and is given an awful storyline. Ugh!!! On the positive side, Kai is awesome! I hope he sticks around. I miss the snarky villain type since Klaus left. I will still watch the show until the end, but I have to say I hope next year is the last. Give it proper closure!

  29. Shanel says:

    I think a lot of people are bored with the relationship drama, but I’d love to see Klaroline. Maybe Klaus can visit her after hearing about her mother or she can run off to New Orleans and take up Klaus on his offers to show her the world

  30. sunce says:

    Elena is desperately in love with Damon even though she has no memories of loving him, even though she remembers only bad things he’s done and didn’t spend two days to get to know him again? TRASH. Elena always finds her way to Damon? TRASH. BEfore the sire bond( yes, we still remember this god awful storyline) she always found her way to Stefan, no matter what. (But let’s all pretend Stefan and Elena relationship never existed…) DELENA = TRASH. TVD = TRASH.

  31. zed says:

    The best scene was Bonnie driving off in Damon’s Chevy to Nova Scotia!!

  32. Mena Murray says:

    Is it me or has VD gotten stale and predictable? It was more exciting and interesting when the Originals were on the show. I can’t understand how nasty you have to be to go from one brother to another. It’s just not done. Not only that, Stefan and Caroline have no romantic chemistry. Caroline is so whiny and flighty. She just doesn’t seem like someone Stefan would take seriously in a relationship. I don’t see the attraction for him. It’s forced and their banter is annoying. Getting back to Damon and Elena, ugh…really??!! I know that people fall out of love, but now I can’t take serious her feelings for Damon since she was hopelessly in love with Stefan and just turned it off so quickly. I know she became a vampire, turned her feelings off and then turned them back on to lose feelings for Stefan and fall for Damon…again it’s all so contrived. I so used enjoy VP in the beginning. It was fresh and clever. Now, all they do is fall desperately in love only to forget about that love and fall in love with someone else’s ex. Why not just bring in someone new instead of exchanging partners which is so nasty. Oh and I’m so sick of seeing Bonnie die. Her story line has become the Perils of Pauline with her playing the title role. One minute she has powers and the next she doesn’t. You’d think being in Mystic Falls she knows where all of the magic is in the town and should be able to get herself out of that mysterious place. It’s so stupid. The writers of this show used to stimulate our intellect and give us good mysteries to look forward to solving. Now, they insult our intelligence with this stupid fluff and continue to churn out the same story lines only to match them to different characters. I’m bored.

    • Soapopera says:

      Me too im also bored and u could not say it better. Not to mention the other characters that were joined as regular cast members only for her performances to end up dull and lame with no purpose Enzo, Bonnie, Tyler they have no good stories now, they all should join Jeremy in leaving MF since it seems the writers purpose for this show now is to become it a soap opera with the love conflicts and drama of Damon, Elena, Stefan and Caroline so the rest of the characters are not really necessary and they have no purpose now.

  33. TVD says:

    Whatever happen when in the show they killed vampires and witches and the stories that came with it? This season is only about a pure soap opera between Damon, Elena, Stefan, Caroline Is like you are watching a soap opera. I mean Vampreis and wtiches seem do not belong to the show anymore Now the writers and JP are only focusing on love relationship The writers should go back and writer stories like the ones written in S1 2 and 3, the best ones. Now the show looks like Im watching Days of Our lives. I mean I am not saying there wotn have to be love and love conflicts sure , but not to the extreme it is being done now, unbelievable and still we have to stick with one more season cause the show had been renewed

  34. Novampie says:

    Because the writers and JP had insisted in shoving down the fans troats the saving and relationship between Damon and Elena since the season began, is the reason why other characters had been totally underused and they s*ukc with no purpose in the show anymore such as Enzo, Jeremy and Bonnie just to focus on the relationshiop of Elena Caroline Stefan and Damon. Common writers you can do better !!

  35. Shaun says:

    Why is it a Jeremy episode next?It takes like one day for Bonnie to travel there and grab some magic.

  36. 221bsam says:

    Do you really think Bonnie will bring back ‘the cure’ ~ I hope not, that’s kinda been played out for Elena. Did think it was weird to mention season 4 like that, duh! I should have thought of that (I blame the 5.30am viewing)

  37. Dayenzo says:

    I hope Bonnie finds her way home and that she is reunited with Damon.It could also unnerve Elena on there closeness.As for my sexy accented vamp Enzo give him some more drama and history. I can’t help but think about his comment ” he’s going to insinuate
    himself into Sarah’s life and make her do awful
    things until she’s begging him to turn her into a
    vampire.” Fifty shades of grey!!? perhaps ;-)

  38. Nakita says:

    All I want is for Steroline NOT to happen!! I mean really! Where is the chemistry? Nowhere that’s where!!! Caroline was at her greatest in season 4. I felt her character had developed from a girl who was insecure B***ch to a woman who was kind, loyal and someone who was worth watching. The show is now killing her character. Forcing this love relationship with Stefan is causing her character to play second best to everyone (especially Elena). It is clear that Stefan does NOT want that relationship neither does Caroline anymore. So why force it. Its because Elena/Damon is up and down like a roller coaster and by introducing this love relationship, Elena will get jealous (I mean would you if your ex and your “friend” get together), thus causing a new love triangle. And we all know Stefan will get back with Elena given half the chance and this is were Damon comes in, trying to keep Elena for himself. This will cause Stefan to forget/replace Caroline with trying to win Elena again. I have a feeling this will be part of the story line at the end of season 6 and season 7. Caroline needs to forget about that type of relationship for a while and look after mum. Then maybe move on to somewhere else if her mum dies. (For example New Orleans ;) ) I think the only way for her character to be like it was in season 4 is to move to the originals after season 7 as this will give a lot of time for the originals characters develop and her character to be still raw from her mum death. I think this would make a interesting story line for the originals.

  39. zed says:

    I know Elena and Katherine are doppelgangers, still Elena’s mannerisms now are so resembeling Katherine’s ‘ each time more and more…

  40. Darla says:

    I am all for a Stefan/Caroline romance. Both actors have been fantastic this season. I love seeing Paul Wesley like this. He looks like he’s been given a breath of fresh air after years of playing the same old, same old. And Candice Accola is knocking it out of the park with Caroline’s reaction to her mothers illness. I don’t see anything wrong with this story at all, as some have stated. It seems to me that it would be perfectly natural for two friends to realize their deeper feelings for one another in the midst of something so tragic. They’d see what they mean to each other in the face of a slow death – and their perspectives might change. To me this evolution of their friendship seems normal. And the slow build has been just right.

    I still can’t get behind the hot mess that Damon & Elena have become. I really loved the idea of this pairing in season 3. But it’s execution has been difficult to swallow. It seems so unhealthy. I was also enjoying Elena more when she wasn’t romantically entangled with the Salvatore Brothers. I think it would be nice to see her as a single (truly independent) woman for a while.

    Kat Graham was phenomenal.

    I think the episode was really well done, but it really highlighted a need to trim down the cast. I am relieved for Jeremy that he is leaving. His character has been wasted for several seasons now. And it’s clear they don’t know what to do with him. I don’t know why Enzo is still happening. He does not connect at all to the rest of the story lines on the show, and it feels awkward whenever he does appear. Tyler has officially hit become irrelevant. He feels more like Liv’s love interest then a character that has been there from the start. And his whole “you chose death over me” was completely hypocritical after the crap he pulled on Caroline in regards to Klaus. He’s gone back to being a character I have zero empathy for. Then there is Matt. Always he is given a story with potential only for it to be wasted away. I like having a real human on the show – but his lack of connection to the others makes me wonder if he really needs to be on the series anymore.

    Bearing all of that in mind – I wouldn’t mind keeping Jo around next season. And possibly having Kai stick around and be the big bad guy for a while as well. But don’t redeem him. Let him be complicated evil, but then let him be defeated and done.

  41. julie says:

    I really like the first three or four episodes but somewhere this season turned sour. I feel like it would be more rewarding for the romantic pairings, they are trying to make to, progressed naturally. Realistically DE is happening really fast for Elena to go from feeling nothing for Damon and only remembering him as her brother’s murderer, to making out with him at just the wrong times and having sex. And SC was a perfect set up for the show it would be easy to believe that they could advance their relationship status after the Stelena fall out and the epic downfall of Forwood, but using Liz and her illness to push Stefan there is so wrong on so many levels. Stefan sees Caroline as Lexi2 so him needing to to see her in a new light is believable, but the way it’s playing out where everyone is dictatin what his feeling should be is wrong. Stefan should be showing us and telling us. I totally see Caroline’s heart eyes for him, but I still feel like Stefan’s love isn’t on her level. And if you aren’t in a relationship then you are irrelevant to be honest. Everyone’s storyline is a love interest and the ones that aren’t have no screentime. Like even Stefan has no real storyline outside of building the enzo/matt/Sarah thing and steroline. Has Enzo shared a scene with Damon other then when Stefan saved them. You never see the brothers bonding over life unless a girl problem is afoot. Tyler and Liv are a poor man’s Forwood and I don’t care about them. Honestly Liv is the most boring Parker. They really could have structured the action to be a slow burn instead of these stale ships. Trip could have been used more there search for Damon and Bonnie could have been explored more. Stefan and his pseudo rippah thing could have helped SC more. Then Elena trying to be more involved in her friends lives could have helped build up a block for DE because Damon has hurt everyone she cares about at least once. And if they let her feelings for Liam progress more that would have been great. Then building a relation ship with Matt and Tripp could have given Matt more agency in his fight against the supernatural and what happen to the tyler/matt/Jeremy bromance. Then you have Kai and the Parkers in the stupidity that is the merge. It’s the cure and sire bond all over again. I love Kai and he is refreshing as a villain and they took a hint from their mistakes with Conner, Qestuiah, Kol, and Silas and they are keeping him around. They down fall would be turning him into Klaus and letting his edge be defeated by a teenage girl. They wrongfully reset all the characters which was totally unnecessary. That is the problem with every season you take them back to who they were then try to wash away everything they learned since then. Tyler is the best example simply because he has had the most growth. Tyler wasn’t the jerk he was in season one at the end of season five. To take a character that has had so little screentime but so much growth and take him back to where he started is stupid, and that was all for a relationship, which is a carbon copy of his last. Yes Liv isn’t Care but are you honestly not seeing all the Forwood scene reporposing? Speaking of are we supposed to pretend Forwood and Stelena didn’t happen. Like why isn’t Tyler there for Caroline as her mother is dying I remember Caroline holding Tyler as he cried after his mother died. Is Liv honestly more important than helping someone he once loved and grew up with. Especially since Liz and Carol seemed to be close. I don’t get the motives from the writers viewpoint a lot doesn’t make sense. Especially with Bonnie still being stuck and for the only person to mention her since the fell attempt to bring her back is Kai and to through a party instead of idk trying to get Lucy, Liv, Jo, Kai, any witch to bring her back, or send her magic back is just lazy and dumb. Paul said this before but Bonnie is the magically Misses Fixit that is her propose to fix everything at the last minute and to “almost” die for people that don’t care about her. Like wth? And DE couldn’t take Ms. Cuddles to 1994 just in case something went wrong. This whole situation with Bonnie is illogical. And for Jeremy to leave without seeing her is also ilogical, but congrats SRM. Jeremy was slept on, Matt and Tyler are under used. Enzo has no purpose, DE, SC,Liv is dull. Stefan has has no storyline, Elena is poorly written, Damon needs a healthy relationship and a hobby. Liz needs to not die. And the Parkers with the exception of Kai can dissappear. Speaking of Alaric was in like three episodes and still no mention of Lexi and her sacrifice for Damon which was pointless.

  42. Kim says:

    I really hate the Enzo story line. One Stephan isn’t so stupid as to not notice that both Matt and Enzo haven’t been around, even if he is trying to be there for Caroline. So as concerned as he is for Sarah, he would be right back there taking Enzo out. So this story line really just needs to end already!