NBC Renews Blacklist, Chicago Fire, Grimm and Two Other Dramas

Blacklist Renewed Season 3

NBC has renewed five dramas for the 2015-16 TV season, including the newly relocated sophomore thriller The Blacklist, the plucky Friday genre series Grimm (currently in Season 4) and the third-year procedural poised to launch 1,000 spinoffs, Chicago Fire.

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In fact, ChiFi‘s first offshoot, the sophomore drama Chicago P.D., is among NBC’s other pick-ups, as is schedule stalwart Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, which will be entering Season 17.

An NBC rep says no decision has been made yet on the fate of Katherine Heigl’s comeback vehicle, State of Affairs, or fellow freshmen The Mysteries of Laura and Constantine, while on the comedy front Marry Me and About a Boy also remain on the proverbial bubble.

Which renewal are you most excited about? And which NBC bubble show are you most cheering on?

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    Not surprised about any of these renewals but still great news.

  2. I think #constantine should get a S2 but they need to draft some proven talent from #SPN to get the house in order.

  3. Ded says:

    Yay for Grimm!

    • Jon says:

      SO happy about Grimm! Now they can write the back half of the season without worrying about an arbitrary finale (and bring Trubel back). In fact, I’m thrilled about ALL these renewals, but especially The Blacklist, SVU and the Chicago shows. Now just renew Constantine, NBC, and I’ll be a REALLY happy viewer…

    • Ray says:

      I’m happy as well, but season 4 better make it a point to wrap up the key storyline because its been going nowhere fast.

  4. Olivia says:

    Great news for The Blacklist! :D

  5. Heidi says:

    LOVE ‘The Blacklist’, thrilled it was renewed for yet another season!!! Spader is magnificent in his role of Red!!!!!!

    • suzyku says:

      Absolutely agree, James Spader IS magnificent!!!!!

    • Spader is magnifiicent in anything because well he is Spader and did I mention magnificent? Yep. Long time fan. I love Blacklist too! Any news yet on state of affairs? I liked that show a lot and I have read (repeatedly) that Heigl is no fun to be around…don’t care. My only complaint with the show was the wardrobe..they put POTUS in a pink pantsuit? Was that for the barbie convention? Surely the leader of the free world is not dressed in pink polyester! (Oh yes she was)

    • likalaruku says:

      I’m glad something I like got renewed. I’m still upset that USA cancelled Covert Affairs due to it being “too costly to continue.” They must have been in that same state of mind as game developers who prioritize polishing the multi-million dollar graphics engines over making actual content.

  6. Ron says:

    Awesome…please renew State Of Affairs…..

  7. Roger Canada says:

    I still miss Shaycago Fire.

  8. linda2009 says:

    I’m so happy that SVU got renewed! I’m one of the SVU 2.0 fans, so this is great news for me. Thank you, NBC!

  9. B says:

    i hope marry me gets a second season but the show really missed the mark with the casting of the 3 friends

    • Patrick says:

      That has killed several shows this year. A to Z’s sidekicks were bad, and so were the supporting characters in Selfie. In Selfie, the leads were great. The others were far more bad than the leads were good.

    • Jon says:

      This is so true…I really like Annie & Jake (and Annie’s dads) but the three friends just aren’t that memorable. They have good lines, but the actors just aren’t that funny, IMO. And Marry Me’s poor ratings have dragged down About a Boy, which I *really* like.

  10. Jason says:

    Happy for #Grimm!!

  11. chris says:

    They may not have used the word. But constantine was cancelled as soon as they declined to pick it up for a back 9.

  12. Tori Coop says:

    Dang, I knew for sure SVU would get axed. I guess NBC likes being a punching bag.

  13. GaMtGrl says:

    Hope, hope, hope Constantine gets renewed!

  14. Jared says:

    I don’t expect any of those bubble dramas and comedies to get a renewal from NBC.

  15. Would like to see the Mysteries of Laura renewed . Wally J.

  16. Terry says:

    I love The mysteries of Laura. Don”t care for State of Affairs. Marry me and About a Boy just plain stupid. Don’t need Constantine either. Just one persons opinion

  17. Pam goodley says:

    I don’t mind humor in a cop show but Mysteries of Laura is getting ridiculous- dirty clothes in her desk…. I watch it but will not mourn its’ getting axed

  18. Viv says:

    YES! Best news of this day… this tv season! (I love my NBC series ;) )

  19. HeatherC says:

    YAY! This is a great day for me because I watch all five of these shows and it’s awesome to know early that they’ll all be back for sure next season!! Congrats to all of them on the fabulous news!!! =D

  20. aurat22 says:

    I hope they do come up with a Chicago Med.

  21. suzyku says:

    Very glad about Grimm and The Blacklist!!

  22. Marilyn says:

    Happy about Blacklist, Chicago Fire ( although I like Chicago PD better) and we need to keep About a Boy, a really sweet comedy with three of the most endearing actors (Get rid of the dumb best friend – they make him overly nerdy – he really should be on Marry Me). They stuck it after the very annoying Marry Me, which I could blither on forever as to how dumb and irritating this so-called comedy is.

  23. Jerry Pierce says:

    State of affairs and Mysteries of Laura were both slow starters but now I would like them both renewed. I would miss hem if they were gone. The same goes for Constantine. PLEASE. renew all three!!!

  24. j says:

    I hope they keep About a Boy… I only watch this show and Grimm on NBC otherwise everything else is a doozy!

  25. Gloria Seales says:

    I love State of Affairs and hour it will be renewed. LAURA is too weak.

  26. kmw says:

    Not surprised about any of them except SVU, I guess its doing better than I thought. State of Affairs is getting beaten bad on Monday and Laura is in a bad spot on Wednesday, so I think at least one of them will not be back, especially with Chicago Med coming

  27. Linda Williams says:

    I personally enjoy both State of Affairs and the Mysteries of Laura and hope the will not be canceled.

  28. Gloria Seales says:

    I love State of Affairs and hour it will be renewed. LAURA is too weak. Bring Elliott back to SVU.

  29. barbara buckner says:

    I love State of Affairs and Mysteries of Laura. I hope they get renewed

  30. tediann says:

    state of affairs is very good i was surprised and mysteries of laura is fresh and funny nothing else like it on tv so keep them BOTH!!

  31. John NYC says:

    Nice to see! I’d like both State of Affairs, and (to my recent surprise after a meh start) The Mysteries of Laura get pickups as well.

    Grimm probably tops my list of favorites in that announcement given I saw Blacklist as a slam dunk with no worries…

  32. Becky says:

    The Blacklist and Grimm are the only two NBC shows I watch, so great news!

  33. Ben P. says:

    Great news on all shows renewed. Hopefully State of Affairs will be included.

  34. lqza says:

    I am happy with most, but Hawaii 50 has totally lost it, and has become very samey, I hope that is not around too much longer.

    • John NYC says:

      Unless you’re involved in a potential replacement why would you care? When I lose interest in a show I move on, and don’t bother rooting for it’s demise.

  35. Diz says:

    This is great news! I watch all 5.

  36. Kay says:

    State of Affairs should have a second season! Love that show.

  37. Amanda Silverio says:

    Should bring back Parenthood never should of taken it off the air. it was a good family show bring it back will ya…

  38. Bwhit says:

    Great news! I love Chicago Fire and PD. I could be reading it wrong but Chicago Fire is in its third season and PD is in its second.

  39. HAP says:

    I really believe that there was so much Heigl backlash from her Grey’s days that there were huge numbers of folks who wouldn’t tune in no matter how good the show is. And actually, it’s quite good.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Honestly, I like Katherine Heigl, but I just don’t buy her in this role. I don’t think she’s a good fit, and I really find the storylines weak. I wanted so much to like this show, but it’s pretty disappointing all around for me.

      • will says:

        I agree…at first. It took some getting used to it, but she’s now a good fit. Same thing rang true about that actress in Covert Affairs AND Matt Damon as Jason Bourne.

        • Katherine215 says:

          I liked Piper Perabo as Annie, and I didn’t have the books for reference so Matt Damon has always been Jason Bourne to me. I still don’t see Katherine Heigl as this powerful and authoritative figure. Maybe it’s the writing that hasn’t convinced me, as I find the storylines overdramatic and the supporting cast underwhelming. I basically watch for Nick now.

          • martjo says:

            I beg to differ….KH played the role to a “T”!!
            We must have been watching two different State Of Affairs!!

      • Marc says:

        I don’t have strong feelings abut Heigl one way or the other with respect to Grey’s. It would be one thing if her quitting led to a spiral, but Shonda seems to have handles cast turnover reasonably well, albeit with some melodrama. It didn’t follow the pattern of DEK shows that seem to jump the shark when a third of third or half of the original cast bails or gets dumped. So, no ill will from me in on that.

        I just can’t get past this feeling that SoA is trying too hard to be Homeland, sanitized for broadcast. On top of that, the “ripped from the headlines” terrorism plots pale in comparison to the evening news, let alone Homeland.

  40. Roser says:

    Happy that the Blacklist was renewed, love me some James Spader. Hope Constantine gets renewed for a second season too, it’s creepy good fun.

  41. Katherine215 says:

    Still holding out a slim hope that Constantine will get another 13 episode season. It’s come on so strong after a rocky start. I love John, Zed, and Chaz making up their little Us vs. The Rising Darkness team.

    • I love Constantine my whole Friday is set Constantine and Grimm that’s it I am happy..sadly only 1 episode of Constantine left since NBC did not have them tape the final 4 episode that was to be shown…RENEW Constantine and stop playing around with good shows

  42. mm says:

    Long live SVU! Can’t get enough of it. I hope Mysteries gets renewed.

  43. Rich says:

    Lets hear it for Blackish.Yea

  44. Really want to see Constantine get a season 2 – show really picked up and if they would back it and show it in order it would be great!

  45. will says:

    Happy about Blacklist and Chicago Fire.
    Rooting for State of Affairs to be renewed. Weird how it’s the most popular on-demand show, but getting crappy ratings.

  46. lorna says:

    Chicago pd is thebest!!

  47. Gwenna says:

    3 cheers….Blacklist and Grimm staying with us…Yay !!

  48. Joe says:

    Please give State of Affairs another chance there are so many twists and turns that can be ongoing with these characters, Best of Luck

    • Pattycakes says:

      I totally agree with this comment. I looked forward to SOA every week, and if I missed it, I watched it “On Demand.” It is disheartening to me to think that a show like “Grimm, ” which makes NO sense to me, would be renewed, while SOA (and “Allegience,” for that matter) is cancelled. I hope NBC will rethink the latter and give some serious thought to the former, prior to making the decision about whether or not to renew. In an age where most of us can use a recording device, it is entirely possible to have more than ONE show to favor during a given time slot. Why must we be forced to make a decision between them?!