The Originals: Will Hayley's Secret Force Jackson to Cancel the Wedding?

The Originals Wedding Spoilers

Fans of The Originals‘ hoping to see Hayley and Jackson get hitched without, well, a hitch might want to stop reading now. Nathan Parsons tells TVLine not to grab a handful of rice just yet — especially once the couple’s secrets come to light.

“We don’t know a whole lot about [Jackson’s] past,” Parsons says. “Let’s just say there’s a reason he kept this particular secret from Hayley, and I’m not quite sure how she’s going to feel when or if it finally comes out.”

Of course, Jackson isn’t the only supe with something to hide. Hayley also has her fair share of secrets — including one Klaus is particularly hell-bent on hiding.

“The audience knows Hayley’s secret, but Jackson doesn’t,” Parsons reveals. “It’s definitely a game-changer for their relationship.”

It’s also possible that Elijah — who Parsons admits Jackson “never really liked” — will choose not to forever hold his peace. And, for the record, Parsons doesn’t really care whether fans are #TeamJackson or #TeamElijah. He’s just happy they’re choosing sides at all.

“I’m used to playing characters that get in the middle of things and cause trouble,” the former General Hospital and True Blood star says. “I don’t mind throwing a wrench into things, because at least it causes people to respond. Whether they love Jackson or hate him, that’s up to them, but he’s getting a response, and that’s all I want.

Do you support Hayley and Jackson’s union? And what secret could she be keeping (assuming it’s more than just Hope’s existence)? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

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  1. Jane says:


  2. Kar says:

    Jackson’s too good for Haley.

  3. Remy says:

    Jackson’s a creepy stalker. How can he be in love with someone he doesn’t know??? I wonder if they’ll talk about how Hayley had 12 hybrids murdered. That’s never been acknowledged on The Originals.

  4. Ari says:

    I totally support Haley and Jackson. If they are together maybe Haley will go live in the swamps and never bother us again!

  5. I go back and forth between not trusting Jackson or being bored by him. Whether the wedding happens or not, it will be temporary. I just want to skip to when Hayley and Elijah reunite because this storyline is creating distance between them. I don’t mind angst but I want scenes for my fave couple.

  6. marie says:

    this storyline is so soap opra-ish

  7. Laura says:

    Please please no Hayley and Jackson wedding!!!

  8. Worst storyline so far. Want them to end!! #TeamElijah

  9. Jess says:

    I want Hayley with Elijah!

  10. Ally Oop says:

    Considering Klaus killed his own father to keep the secret, I don’t think he”ll consent to allow Hayley to spill it to Jackson. Endgame for me is Klaus and Hayley BUT I support a relationship between Hayley and Jackson for the current time.

  11. shutuprob says:

    Team Godot! /Bunheads

  12. Amber says:

    I support the story the writers have planned, whatever way it goes. :) This season has been fantastic!

  13. Hope Suitor says:

    Team Elijah all the way are you kidding me As a couple Jackson and Haley have no chemistry. And Elijah is the one that saved Jackson ass! I hope this wedding comes to end this storyline does nothing for me

  14. Marissa says:

    Jackson is cute, but i’m rooting for Hayley and Elijah. I know they’re endgame, so i’m not worried.

  15. Penn says:

    Oh, Elijah and Haley all the way! I agree, if they’re not the “end game” I’m out. They work in so many ways. Two wolves is such a bore!

  16. Why is no one commenting on Jackson’s secret… My wild guess would be that he is gay/bi-sexual and he’ll later be thrown in triangle with josh and the boytoy wolf, but True Blood already did that with [the actor’s] character.

  17. talia says:

    Jackson and hayley are a joke. If haley marries a man she doesnt love; I love lose all respect for her. She supposed to be this super stong woman and is going to let herself be manipulate by a guy she barely knows?? Thats a joke.
    Plus why doesnt jackson like Elijah, he safed his life two times knowing jacksons intentions with hayley and Elijah doesnt own jackson sh*t

    • zed says:

      Isn’t Hayley supposed to be a queen. And queens in history had to get into a marriage of convenience or political gain so it would help their people. and Hayley is doing exactly that. And I think that is what the writers are playing here with Jackson and Hayley.
      Elijah is supposed to be the moral and noble one- and for the peace between werewolves and vampires he has helped Jackson, plus he helped Jackson because he matters to Hayley. It is Klaus who wouldn’t have a problem killing Jackson, imo.

      Team Klayley!!!!!

  18. zed says:

    And btw Klayley scenes sizzled!!! And she standing up to him was on fire!!

  19. Letti says:

    The truth is I just hate Jackson, for me the actor is soo bad. And BTW, I dislike Haylijah.

  20. witchywomin says:

    Definitely Elijah and Hayley because she did not know anyone else. the family she had were the Mikaelsons and it was because of Klaus. She found out who she was because of him. They helped her in many ways.

  21. Rebekah love you *---* says:

    REBEKAH *-* :* <3 CLAIRE COME BACK PLEASE! LOVE YOU *-* :* :* :* :* <3<3<3<3<3

  22. Chantall says:

    I like the fact that hayley stood up to klaus when she saved jackson, jackson is good for hayley..and noo elijah and hayley they make me wanna the end i think klaus and hayley will end up together NOW THAT WOULD BE A REAL POWER COUPLE

  23. NUBIA says:


  24. Yes! They should totally get married!

  25. Honey says:

    Haley and Jackson belong together, he makes a perfect ‘King’ to her ‘Queen’ he is a good person with secrets, i.e. Haley has some secrets of her own. I think Klaus will allow this to happen even though he don’t like it for the protection of the ‘Little Queen” which is Hope. As for Elijah, well he is in love with Haley, don’t know what to say about that. So far, I can’t wait till this wedding takes place. They are good together Jackson and Haley.

  26. jellybellypoot says:

    jackson’s accent is so annoying. no offense. they belong with each other because hayley and elijiah are too forced