The Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Monday, Bloody Monday

Celebrity Apprentice Kenya Moore

Oh my Gottfried, the carnage! Monday’s Celebrity Apprentice set the boardroom ablaze, doubling the number of people promoting the Today show exiting Trump Tower for good.

By the time the two-hour bloodbath finally came to an end, Kenya Moore, Brandi Glanville, Ian Ziering and Johnny Damon had all been sent packing. But because we’re too busy recovering from the massacre to actually recall any of tonight’s events, allow me to simply break down my thoughts on this week’s losers victims:

KENYA MOORE | The Real Housewives of Atlanta star served her pre-determined purpose this season — to stir up nonsensical drama, which she did admirably — but this was the perfect time for Trump to finally give Moore the boot. She rarely, if ever, brought anything to the table; worse still, her shenanigans cost several valuable players, including the strangely likable Kate Gosselin, a shot at Apprentice glory.

BRANDI GLANVILLE | Unlike Moore, Glanville surprised me with her determination and willingness to play nicely with others, the latter of which I found especially surprising. That said, she was never going to win this thing — right Giggy? — so I’m actually proud of her for making it this far into the competition. (My apologies for how incredibly condescending that probably was, but it’s how I feel.)

IAN ZIERING | Of everyone ejected from the boardroom this week — the Fateful Four, I calls ’em — Ziering clearly suffered the greatest loss. His relentless positivity, and genuine belief that he actually saved two major U.S. cities from Sharknados, could have taken him all the way. Or at least to the final three, as I truly believe this will all come down to a battle between those two ’90s news relics.

JOHNNY DAMON | I honestly forgot he was still around. Nice guy, though.

Now, only Vivica A. Fox, Leeza Gibbons and Geraldo Rivera remain — so who’s it going to be? And were the right celebs fired this week? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. . (@yikes77) says:

    Leeza has been under the radar the entire season so I think she may take this.

    • Not the show I’m watching. Leeza has been a main participant in every challenge and a great example of leading by getting things done, and then leading by overseeing her team whn actually in charge.

      • Carla says:

        She is definitely a wise business woman. Professional, observation skills are remarkable, honest, committed and a purely a go getter. Hard worker for sure
        Like her more and more each day. Highest percentage of taking the crown. Need more of her in today’s world. Leave the ego at door. Allow your work ethic speak for itself and
        Just get the job done tastefully

  2. Eddie G says:

    Is this the support group for those in shock of the events that just transpired in this awesomely addictive and terrible reality show? Cause…wow

  3. Kay says:

    Obviously it’s going to be HRH Rivera who wins. At the end of the first episode The Donald made it clear that he wanted to fire Geraldo but didn’t.

    • Terry says:

      It would be a travesty is he wins over Leeza! A travesty. Having said that, personally I’m rooting for Vivica, I just can’t help but like her, she’s a hoot.

  4. Kim Glimp says:

    So glad Kenya got fired. She is wicked.

  5. Eddie G says:

    he fired a whole team that basically won every competition to reward Geraldo a final two spot

    • I know, right? But it’s about who can raise the most money at the end, and clearly Geraldo has already, surprisingly, shown he can do that. But then, so could Ian. This could be the one thing Leeza has been flying under the radar with, since she should have tons of connections. But will those people she knows actually give to her just because she promoted them on an entertainment show?

    • That was totally weird. I really hope he makes it a battle of the ladies, but both Geraldo and Leeza won 2 tasks, so sadly I do feel Vivica is going home.

    • Browncrew says:

      That’s what we’re thinking too. I am routing for Leeza Tho.

    • JAM says:

      I am so disappointed Brandi got fired…I cant stand her on Housewives but shes GREAT and hilarious on Apprentice and I think if she would have taken it a little more serious early on she would be a final contender.

    • Estella says:

      I didn’t think of that but you are so right.

  6. J says:

    Andy, not sure we’re watching the same show — to say that Kenya “rarely, if ever, brought anything to the table” is a gross misrepresentation. Doesn’t really seem to be a very objective viewpoint at all.

    • casey says:

      She brought lots of drama and wickedness to the table.

    • fair observer says:

      I definitely agree with you. That was a gross misstatement about Kenya. She brought so much to the table. She was made to be the villain. Brandi did nothing and I am really disappointed in Vivica’s attitude towards Kenya. She wanted to believe the worse. I read that Donald Trump had it staged to look like Kenya stole Vivica’s phone. Also, there was nothing that bad for Vivica to act so unseemly. Kenya got a bad rap and Donald Trump got all of the benefits from it.

      • fair observer says:

        This is in reply to J’s comment.

      • Browncrew says:

        I’m sick of the Donald’s agenda. He hears only what he wants. Last week he went on a talk show saying Kenya made Amorosa (sp?) look mild. It was a bunch of hype for ratings. Kenya was rotten but it was overrated. I’m kinda done with him.

        • I agree Browncrew. I usually love the show but Donald Trump just seemed to make some decisions based off of his end goal. I think there were a few times he should have fired Rivera but went with another option. Even when Kevin was fired, I was skeptical. To clean house the way he did just made it very clear that a major portion of this is staged.
          As a longtime fan of the show, I’m rather disappointed with the way this season has gone. meh. let down

      • Foxfire says:

        So the Donald staged the whole scene of Vivica’s missing phone? Would love to know where you read this.

      • borisgv says:

        That is absolutely ridiculous. Kenya didn’t get along with ANYONE and created issues on every team she was on. If CA were the real business world she would have been fired in week 1.

    • Fred says:

      Kenya is a classic B and she can’t own up to her tricks and deceit. She knows how to play the game and survive several weeks, but villains never win the whole thing.

    • borisgv says:

      Is that you Kenya?

  7. RozB says:

    To say that Kenya brought nothing to the table says a lot about you objectivity.

    • Eddie G says:

      Yeah ur forgetting about her work humping a ground of a ship that one time! And that twirl lol

      • Betty says:

        Kenya’s performance was not all that provocative that some people are claiming. It was a fun performance not sexual. I’m sure people have seen more humping than that.

        • Sure, crack whores have seen more humping than that.

          What’s your point?

        • Carla says:

          It was tasteless. Wasn’t for a cartoon. This business. Buns on buns? Really.. Rather seen hula skirts on the buns dancings in Hawaii. Brand, title, theme, phrase. Those rolls are remarkable, I don’t want to look or think of buns on buns while buying nor eating them. Middle school students could’ve came up with something more inviting and intellectual then that. Wouldn’t be so bad, if she wouldn’t always criticize others to make derail the attention off herself. Own your mess. Knocking everyone, then justify it with a non logistical answer. Blame game, point the finger. Please, gone. Middle school tactics.

    • Carla says:

      Yes, she’s a very negative individual. I believe, those of a jealous, envy, and now a well known theif-not suprise. She got INFINITY -due to a comment I made. Google Google. Nevertheless, help is available for everyone.
      Beauty is from the inside out. Karma will surface every time. Good or Bad. Everyone has a choice and no one is untouchable

  8. Laura Myers says:

    Ian’s comment last week about the more money he raises for his charity would secure his place with God. Sorry Mr. I’m so fabulous. ..doesn’t work that way.

  9. Betty says:

    Vivica probable wrote the text herself and claimed her cell was stolen. Vivica is a very sly fox. I truly do not believe Kenya took her phone and posted those comments. She was also maligned by Apollo and Phaedra.

  10. Stacy says:

    YEAH!! Kenya is gone !! Wish Mr. TRump would of done it long time ago. She was toxic. And she was not classy at all. I feel this is a good watch but almost stop watching. ! If she didn’t go this week I would of not watched further. I do believe she stole the phone !! She was ready for a fight even if it was super Low !!! She has been LOWER than LOW anyway !! Why wld Trump keep a person like that on this show !! Good riddens. I’ll keep watching now. Rooting for LISA!! That’s class. 😄

    • Cynthia Wilson says:

      So glad that Kenya is gone she is so low she said that she had something up her sleeves and guess what she got a taste of her own medicin. She has to feel real stupid. What a trick

  11. TR Sez says:

    This show has become such a jerk-job that it’s laughable. Everyone is expected to perform except the Donald, himself.

    • If only he would practice television etiquette and allow people to complete a SENTENCE before cutting them off, he could possibly be liked more by the viewers. As it stands now, he’s just a jerk with really f..ked up hair and a LOT of paid out alimony.

  12. Carla says:

    Kenya has real mental issues. She used to a nice looking lady. Whom now become or has now shown her true, ugly mixture of colors.
    So sad at this age, she’s WORST from the inside-out. Does she carry the mental health as her biological mother. Seems obvious so. Selfish, claw’s her way to a standstill. Then cries about how life isn’t going her way. Well, karma and the higher power is real. Kenya get a clue. Your negativity doesn’t make you look wise, by prematurely dismissing all others accomplishments. Go to church, pray those demons off of you. Read and save your soul while able, with the holy word. You’ve had so many warrings.
    Hopefully, you’ll receive some things, you hope for..
    Vivica you see her as others do. She tried to mock you now in her mental disability mind- kill you.
    Dirty she is. Do not let her bring you out of your character. That was a plan.. In due time Kenya.

    • Jocelyn says:

      Vivica Fox is an embarrassment to the entire black community. She’s offensively stupid, speaks in stereotypical ebonics and acts like she just walked out of a tenement building in the ghetto. Every time she opened her mouth, I cringed…and watched the black movement regress by about 25 years.

      • charigr says:

        Disagree completely. Vivica is a fun-loving classy woman. I’m rooting for her!!! Unlike that deceitful walking disaster “Kra-Kra” Kenya Moore.

        • Jo says:

          I agree with charigr…..Vivica is classy & fun- loving! I have followed her career since she was a kid. Although I didn’t like everything she did, most of her stuff was done with class.
          Kenya is wicked! Everything she does is me, me, me. She’s a liar! And a fake!
          She spent a lot of time ‘kissing’ up to Donald & I think he knew it! He just kept her around to help the ratings. So glad she’s gone!

        • Carla says:

          Yes, she said that. Check the resumes. Don’t get it twisted. No one can embarrass you, but, you. While dealing with ignorance sometimes that’s ALL ignorant people can relate to and as so many others Vivica wasn’t playing her game. Backfired as it should have.

      • Cynthia says:

        Vivica you are a role model for African American women. you are successful and have a lot of haters. Please continue your acting careera nd know that there are women out there that love and support you. You played fair and won now tell them to take that to the ghetto.

      • d says:

        Embarrassing to a whole race of people. Wow. Speak for yourself. I suppose Vivica is in Washington and in the Supreme rolling back real Civil Rights. Now that is regressive. Vivica is a great role model for women of color.

      • Eloise says:

        Vivica speaks for herself, alone; the Black community is tilting over with wonderful, high-achieving individuals….Miss Fox does not represent the Black community just as behavior-challenged Brandy Glanville does not represent all white people.

      • borisgv says:

        I’m a white guy and completely disagree. Vivica is intelligent, assertive, and speaks her mind. Kenya, while being well-spoken, was gutter.

  13. Carla says:

    Oh I like Mr. Trump. He’s sharp. Family even moreso. The RIGHT decision. Look, Smell Act like a Rat. Its a theiving rat.

  14. Rita says:

    I don’t understand how Trump fired all 3 that was on the winning end of 5 tasks and kept the other team who lost the last 5 tasks. I think he picks the people who he likes and it doesn’t matter what the other team does. Seems a little fixed to me

  15. TR Sez says:

    Of course it’s fixed (unless your like Carla and believe in the almighty Trump family) I mean who pushed for Leeza to be on the other team? Oh gosh, could it be the Donald? I don’t think Kenya was bad at all. I think she was set up to be the vixen and she played her part well.

  16. lori says:

    Kenya is a lying bitch. She said if they ended up in the boardroom tonite she had something up her sleeve. Hence, civic as phone goes missing and this tweet appears. She is an evil person

  17. ChristinaR says:

    If they brought up Tweeker AKA Tweeter they should have also brought up Find My Phone

  18. Ginger Snap says:

    The mass firings aren’t surprising. NBC only bought so many hours of the show . The season has to end on time .

    And Kenya didn’t get Kate fired . You need to rewatch the tape . That was Vivica who kept telling Trump how weak Kate was. At every team loss Vivica kept calling Kate out for laziness .

    • Hey, Vivica got it right. I didn’t see Ms. Gosselin do anything except whine and sit in a chair getting her hair done for 2 hours.

      • Ginger Snap says:

        I agree with you . But our dear recapper is living under some sort of Kate Gosselin spell and believes that it was Kenya that Trump was listening to.
        He was hearing Vivica loud and clear .

  19. Jay Row says:

    So glad to see Kenya go! It was embarrassing watching her performance with her musical/ entertainment group last week. Her song lyrics were just BAD! Performance silly and her behavior through the entire series has made being white trash seem appealing. Miss USA…. Ugh! I’m rooting for Mrs. gibbons! She is a class act!

  20. Ian NEEDED to go as well as Kenya. Two people who really only contributed their false self-grandeur. I believe Brandi and Johnny should have stayed, but of course, each show has a time limit on how long IT’S season must be aired. To ME, the other two were fired basically to conform to the seasons timeline.

    • Jay Row says:

      Agreed. Ian does not lack in self esteem… Again I hate to use the word embarrassing twice…. But he is so self centered it’s “embarrassing” to watch him!

    • Robert says:

      I enjoyed reading these comments above. Let us all not forget, that this is edited based solely upon Ratings Numbers. The Donald Only Cares about Ratings and Ratings Only. So for this reason, I would have to disagree with the comment that Mr. Trump fired the entire threesome in order to put Geraldo R. in a tight position; However, if Geraldo equals rating points, than Yes, there is your answer.

  21. Hattie says:

    I agree with many others. Trump’s decision was ridiculously stupid. He fired three players who have been on the winning team for five weeks and kept two players who have been on the losing team for five weeks. I don’t think Kenya stole Vivica’s phone and posted the tweet about menopause. Kenya is many things but dumb isn’t one of them. If the goal was for Vivica to get fired, the tweet would’ve been much more provocative. I was fine with Kenya getting fired but I think Vivica should have been fired. She’s way too sensitive. I couldn’t believe she took Geraldo saying that Kenya’s butt should be the focus of the ad as an insult to her. Must be the menopause.

    • Robert says:

      I just viewed the episode again. Kenya asked Vivica to google something, and immediately followed this request with ” do you have your phone’? Implicating her, Kenya knew that vivaca’s phone was “missing”..

  22. Lovely says:

    Really good episode. Thank goodness Kenya got sent home. It was beyond time. I was very tired of her antics. There is no way I believe, nor did Trump or his son believe, that Vivica would tweet out something so derogatory about herself. Kenya is very childish… Anyone who watches her on RHOA knows this… And her antics have no place in the boardroom. But someone got it wrong… Trump did not call Kenya “the most evil person” he ever met in his life… Where did that come from?

  23. Lovely says:

    What was up with Geraldo’s creepy obsession with Kenya’s booty… OMG he couldn’t stop talking about it, admiring it, photographing it… Yuck. He really came off sleazy… I thought him and Kenya were going to start making out the way Kenya was stroking Geraldo’s ego and it was obvious he wanted to stroke her backside. I know VIvica must have been extremely uncomfortable on their team.

    • tomthecat says:

      Here’s the major difference between Vivica Fox and the truly awful Kenya. Fox has a respected career as a talented actress. No-talent Kenya makes money being herself on yet another version of a set of series about self-involved women who scream a lot. It’s little wonder that Kenya couldn’t stand Vivica. In what passes for her heart-of-hearts she’s got to know she’s thoroughly outclassed.

  24. carolyyne says:

    This was planned. Donald wanted Geraldo and Leeza in the final two. I feel Leeza deserves it but Geraldo not so much. He lost 5 in a row and Donald wipes out the other team because of one loss out of six. Definitely planned

    • It does seem odd. I could have seen two firings for this task, but not three.

      • Robyn Payne says:

        Honestly, had Ian been more supportive of his team, he may not have been fired. Isn’t this the week where we usually have the final 4 competing for the final 2 slots? It would have been Ian, Geraldo, Leeza, and Viveca. It’s probably going to end up being Leeze and Geraldo.
        Leeza deserves it, but this IS

    • Ginger Snap says:

      Only 14 hours were purchased by NBC.
      They started with 16 celebrities.

      There were going to be mass firings. It was part of the plan

  25. Curt says:

    I found it dumb that team infinity won 5 challenges in a row and to reward them trump fired the whole team.

  26. tess says:

    I don’t normally comment on these sites bur I just got to say this was the dumbest episode I’ve ever seen and I am done with this show. The one team has lost 5 times in a row and when the other team loses 1 time u fire the entire team? Completely stupid and totally set up.

  27. RickinBC says:

    Seriously? Over the past few years of Celebrity Apprentice you knew who would be the winner or at least the final two as soon as the cast was chosen. Joan Rivers should not have won in her year but you knew she would. Geraldo and Leeza were the picks this year even though Geraldo has been basically a useless blowhard all season. What Trump wants,he gets.
    I guarantee you if had the public vote,that the ending would be much different. But I still watch…and will continue to do so.

  28. Virginia Santevecchi says:

    Mr. Trump you did the right thing. Massive firing of the weak. Now the competition begins.

  29. SChap says:

    Although Leeza’s team clearly did a better job all the way around on their last project, does’t anyone else remember “Reunite on ice; so nice “???? “Lim-a-rita on ice. That’s nice.” is awfully close to that!

    • supercat says:

      Actually, if you listen to it, their jingle was just a rewrite of “Macarena”.
      But it was a jingle, and JD/Brandi put up a sing instead.

  30. Suzanne Larsen says:

    This has been a decision made early on by Trump and everyone was a pawn on this show. I’ve known (or felt) from the beginning that the final two have been picked from the beginning…Geraldo and Leeza. On more than one occasion, Geraldo should have been sent packing but you could see that was never going to happen. Leeza Gibbons has so much fame, she’d never be sent packing. It always comes down to two so Vivica will be fired next week. This has become a show that’s not worth watching…it’s all about manipulation from Donald Trump and it’s worse than all those other scripted reality shows. Uh buh-bye Celebrity Apprentice, most boring show on television!

  31. Most intense show ever. lots of suspense … I think Ian should not have fired though

    • Tracy says:

      I agree completely about not firing Ian. I really felt his jingle was well written!! I get the point about about needing to change the music around it, but that is what the musicians were suppose to do just like he attempted to explain, but was cut off by Trump! Johnny’s song was terrible it wasn’t a jingle. Brandi had too big of a crush on him to think straight. Ian should of stayed and Brandi and Johnny fired. I know he comes across a bit arrogant, but I still really liked him and thought he was worthy of being there until the end. I had hoped it would be Geraldo and Ian head to head for finale. Oh well. I’ll still keep watching this show for however many more seasons we get. I’ve enjoyed it since day 1.

      • borisgv says:

        Yeah it was pretty obvious that Donald wanted Ian gone. Using the tune Ian sung (when he was only giving an example of his jingle and not the finished product) was lame.

  32. Monica Stoddart says:

    I did not watch the show because of kenya but I did watch last night and I am very happy i did just to see her get fired made my day.

  33. T says:

    Why do people pick on Trumps hair but not the fact that he is spray tan orange- Someone should hook him up with a better tanning spray? I can’t even notice his hair his orange look disctracts me so much.

    I read on a reality site that CA has a video of Kenya stealing the phone- Don’t know if it is true but I tend to believe it.

    I was glad Ian was fired as he thought he was far more talented than he was. He as a big baby when they didn’t pick his.

    Don’t like that they seem to be setting the stage for Geraldo- He has won tasks but he also has been part of the reason they have lost.

    I was hoping Johnny would be in the final but he isn’t colorful enough for them. I will be rooting for Leeza to win.

  34. KC says:

    Leeza has this!

  35. Tara says:

    SO glad to see Kenya go…I was suprised to see Ian fired..I thought he would be in the bottom three. I can’t wait to see the battle between Leeza and Geraldo…

  36. Leeza – it refreshing to finally see that nice people do get ahead – despite what reality TV shows. No yelling and backstabbing (Kenya) or arrogance (Geraldo). Tired of seeing the mean fighting people getting ahead in life (housewives – all of you!). Too bad they didn’t keep Johnny.

  37. Kind of strange that everyone from a team that won 5 times in a row, gets fired, and the two losers, Revira [ whom I can’t stand] and Fox, who comes off as a total bitch, Both from a team that lost almost every challenge. Every idea Revira came up with was insanely stupid, but I have a feeling this clown is going to win, not a true honest evaluation of teams or team work at all, Just another fake show, where winner was picked before it ever started

  38. ED says:

    When Vivica first realized her phone was missing, why didn’t she have someone call her number? Then, when Kenya’s purse started ringing, they would have known she had it.

  39. Rosana Stewart says:

    Best season ever Mr. Trump – Fired 4 that lasted this long but never brought anything to the table only problem in the team that was a full Apprentice firing – Best choice ever with Geraldo, Leeza, Vivian, My two pick Geraldo and Leeds until next week.
    Best episode ever in the history of the Celebrity Apprentice

  40. Wtactualf says:

    It’s gotta be Leeza. Vivica is classless and Geraldo is a ridiculous caricature with horrible ideas.

  41. Roslyn Turner says:

    Yes Kenya should have been fired. I don’t feel that Ian should have been fired I’ve been watching this show for so long and he has brought a lot to the table

  42. Octavia Williams says:

    I think Kenya was set up.. They really didn’t like her. Vivica is jealous of her and that other white trash as well, Vivica complain the whole season and the lost like 3 games in a row.. SMH I won’t be watching the rest. MS menopause should have been left

  43. Tom Benjamin says:

    Donald Trump was ignorant about the use of songs like “La Cucaracha” for commercials. “la Cucaracha” was penned over 100 years ago and is in the public domain. What that means is that there is no copyright law that limits the use of a song like this by anyone who chooses too, and therefore there also no obligation to pay royalties for the use of it to anyone. That includes the use of the song with the original lyrics or new lyrics put to the melody. What I believe this means is that Ian Zerhing has a very good case to appeal his firing by Trump, however, the unfortunate truth is that the The Celebrity Apprentice is a Trump dictatorship, and the know it all Trump can do whatever he wants to without accountability.

    • supercat says:

      Yes, it’s totally public domain, but what it also is is a horrifically tired cliche and any brand that uses it just looks cheap and lazy.

  44. Dawn says:

    I truly believe after this season that Donald Trump has a pre-determined winner in mind before the show starts! It’s obvious by those he has “fired.” I’ve lost interest.

  45. Penny says:

    Ian didn’t deserve to be fired, Donald is a rich businessman, but he had his faves from the beginning, and Ian deserved to be there in the end! So sad! What a dumbas$ he is!!!

  46. Ella says:

    This was completely ridiculous. He fired 3 members of a 5-week-in-a-row winning team so that his precious Geraldo could be in the final. If Leeza doesn’t take the crown, I’m going to be furious. Trump has zero credibility, not that I needed this episode to remind me of that.

  47. Thomas says:

    Brandi and Johnny won the last FIVE competitions. The fact is they were WINNING.
    It was nonsense to fire ten.

  48. msalwayskool says:

    Kenya should not have gotten fired Vivica Fox is a looser he’ll she couldn’t keep 50

  49. Lisa says:

    I am disappointed that Mr. Trump fired Ian Ziering. This should not have happened since this loss was not the result of Ian, He has shown nothing but leadership, creativity passion and determination to win for his charity. Mr. Trump was just looking to tarket anything and we all knew Ian was going to use the words of that jingle and rework the tune. It may or may not have won but did not warrant being fired at this stage. Was looking for the show down of Ian and Geraldo!

    • supercat says:

      A: He lied and got caught red handed.
      B: No he wasn’t. he really was just gonna go with La Cucaracha.
      C: There’s only room for one pompous sanctimonious ass in the final and Geraldo is Herr Donald’s pet, not Eye-an.

  50. D. Barnes says:

    So glad that Kenya twriled her “buns” off the show. Mean Girl – don’t deserved the title lady!