Vampire Diaries Photos: Steroline Sulks, Damon and Elena Hit the Floor

Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Unless the Vampire Diaries gang is playing an unconventional game of Twister — like, one that doesn’t require a mat — we’re thinking these shots from the Feb. 5 episode (The CW, 8/7c) spell serious trouble for Elena and Co.

Anyone (or anything) capable of knocking Damon, Jeremy and Elena to the floor is a horrifying thought — unless, of course, it’s Kai. Like most viewers, we confess to falling under his spell.

This new batch of photos also contains a few shots of Stefan and Caroline, as she “unconventionally attempts to cope with everything going on around her,” so feel free to resume your Sheriff Forbes prayer circles.

Are you fearing the worst for Mama Forbes? Browse all of the new photos below, then drop a comment with your thoughts and theories.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Nara says:

    Seriously just stop pushing for Steroline. Killing her mother to make it happen is alread the WORST!

  2. Raven and William says:

    So losing viewers because the show has turned into the Dullena Diaries wasn’t enough? Now they’re pushing Stefan with Caroline together to get rid of the very very very few remaining Stelena fans. Like so many fans I am really disappointed in this show. TVD’s of seasons 1, 2, 3 were the best. Basically this show lied to fans when they said it was an epic Love story of Stefan and Elena. I won’t be watching this show anymore. My new favorite show is The Walking dead. Here’s hoping the cw gives us a new show to love like we USED to.

    • Charlie says:

      stelena is already seen to have one of the smaller group of fans though, whilst delena and steroline have bigger fanbases. so much of this show runs on fanservice now so it’s pretty much expected of them to push both pairings.

      • Jessica says:

        You’re an idiot. Stelena has a very solid fanbase. The ratings have dropped since Delena got together. FACTS ARE FACTS.

        • Lindy says:

          Well except that they are not facts though, are they? It is expected for ratings to drop as a show progresses in seasons esp with this type of coming of age drama. At a certain point there’s nowhere else to go, they have exhausted all character developments and arcs. There’s nothing new to look forward to with the exception of new characters.
          Delena does have a strong fanbase since season 1 & as much as I don’t like it even Steroline has one too

          • emma says:

            Lol, come on now you know Dullena’s are NOT as huge as you think you are. Since Dullena got together WE Stelena’s have stopped watching. That is just a FACT. If Dullena’s are so big where the f are they? The show is terrible since they got together.

          • Jessica says:

            The show sucks now that Delena are together. The show and the story has gone completely sideways. These are facts. And because of it, people have stopped watching.

          • Letti says:

            The problem is, the first three seasons had both Stelena and Delena interaction, while it was told that Stefan is Elena’s epic love, but she loves Damon too. Now the writers act like Stelena was never real and constantly destroy everything related to Stelena. Obviously Stelena fans got sick of it and quit. But I even have Delena fan friends, who quit the show, because the strorylines suck and Delena didn’t become what they hoped. With pushing Delena forward and making Steroline, the writers continue what they started: All Stelena and other ship-fans (who are not die-hard Delena) will quit the show. But at least the writers don’t have to worry about storylines anymore. The remaining will eat anythin they get.

          • cat says:

            i used to ship stelena.. then elena became a w and a s so i relized stefan deserves better… a new doppelganger…? idk any new character

      • Emma says:

        I´d say the steroline fanbase is 95% delena fans so thats that, and looking at twitter stats stelena is still more popular the steroline

        • Lindy says:

          Lol Stelena shippers, are just more vocal and louder on social media. Don’t confuse being loud for popularity. When it comes to polls/awards Delena wins everytime and Stelena is hardly/never mentioned.
          Pick any Stelena/Delena Poll online and check who’s more popular. Better yet since you mentioned twitter, go through Julie’s twitter page or the TVD twitter page and check how many times Delena or Ian/Nina have been nominated/won polls or awards for best couple/pairing.

          • emma says:

            Peoples choice is BS any award that people can vote more than once is not a true award, it’s not the emmy’s, Oscars, critics awards, those are REAL honest awards. I can just see about 50 – 100 Dullena’s (middle aged housewives and 12 year olds) sitting by the computer voting over and over and over and over again. Orrrrr are you talking about comments on site? where at the most they have maybe under 40 check marks. You Dullena’s are funny. Face it, Dullena will always be remembered as to why TVD’s failed…EPIC FAIL

          • Lindy says:

            Yeah, you would say that wouldn’t you, baseless facts that Stelena fans comfort themselves with.
            If Stelena has that big of a fanbase why wouldn’t there be at least 100 hardcore ST fans to support their ship and vote as many times as possible as possible to make their ship still relevant or better yet to vote against Delena so it never wins anything.
            Eitheir way Stelena fans are louder everywhere else except for it really counts in polls and awards. Anyway Stelena was over mid season 4,why ever ST fans still watch/follow the show is beyond me.

          • emma says:

            @Lindy, point me to the site where there are more than 40-50 actual check marks for Dullena. Cannot use Peoples choice because the same 100 or so housewives spend their days continuously voting for Dullena. So by all means show me.

          • Why can’t all the stelemajor fans just move on…stelena is over now delena is endgame and unless and until you don’t see past the previous real room ships you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the new ones……delena is so awesome and a hundred times better than stelena! !!!!!!

          • Samantha says:

            Please its Delena fans that are loudest and the media have shoved Delena on us it’s not that they’re a better couple. They’re the worst couple. I preferred Elena even when she lost her memory to when she was with Damon. Although her character has changed and now sucks. I liked her better as a human and Stefan always brought out the best in her.

      • Gwen says:

        Agree – also I wonder about these Stelana (or recently STALElena) fans that claim they hate or stopped watching the show because of Delena. Last truly epic moment for Stelena was S4E1 Stefan gives Elena her daylight ring on the roof. Another Fun Fact – That was 51 (or so) episodes ago…that is a lot of TVD watching and approx.2 1/2 years of commenting about a show they hate? Not very credible. The show has evolved and moved on. Delena and Steroline are in the near future and this is one fan who can’t wait to see these beautiful relationships grow.

        • Lindy says:

          You are spot on! I’m enjoying every bit of Delena; fanservice or not, I love the show.

          • Stacey says:

            I think it is about time some these fans gave up, and moved on. Too much time on their hands obviously, if they have time to comment on things they dislike so much. I know don’t have the time to watch or comment on all the things I enjoy, never mind the things I don’t.

        • Diana says:

          And you’re all a bunch of sickos using a dying mother to set up a romance disgusting. Stefan and Elena are still in there to the end. Delena fan base are????never mine I won’t stup that low. How can they actually sit there and watch two people who have no chemistry anymore. Nina hates him can’t stand his touch. Some of us still watch hoping for a turn around. What makes you think that Stefan with Caroline is going to work. She is a possive jealous …..If Stefan even so much as says Elena’s name she would start pouting like she always does. And Stefan would never be able to visit or even stay in his own home again she would never tolerate that at all. She would be the same way she was with Matt. She ran him off as well as Tyler. She has to have a man with no history. She must be his first . She just needs to stay man free or send her to New Orleans. Better yet let Klaus come to her mothers funeral and take her back with him. Yeah that works!!! And some Stelena fans don’t watch any more but they are on Twitter and we always talk about the latest episode. So don’t even go there.

          • Gwen says:

            Didn’t Stefan use the death of Elena’s parents to move in on her? Again…51 Episodes since Stelena was a thing and Stelena fans are still watching…and still complaining about it…now I would say something is wrong with that.

            Also…just to be clear Stelena was brought together because the universe decided to play cupid and pull Stefan and Elena together like magnets…not exactly something you can build a solid, believable relationship from…like Damon and Elena and now like Stefan and Caroline. Both those relationships were built without any special magic pulling them together…like the doppelganger spell Markos used on Stefan and Elena.

          • Diana says:

            You know if you would read what was actually written in my comment. You would know how Stelena fans keep up maybe bigger lettersTWITTER. I don’t play kiddie games so you watch what you want and I’ll watch what I want. I need you to let it go you are Delena and Steroline which is in fact the same group of fans. So leave me alone. Go fight your shipping war with some onher else. I am entitled to my opinion Asa you are yours enough said. Good night!!!

          • Jessica says:

            @Gwenb: Are you serious? It was proven that the doppelganger spell had NOTHING to do with Stelena falling in love with each other. The spell only brought them together. STOLEN FELL IN LOVE ON THEIR OWN. I still say that is much better than a ship being based on a sire bond and a ship starting because someone’s mother is dying of cancer. You’re making yourself look stupid. But then again, I can’t expect anything less from someone who ships Delena and Steroline.

          • Diana says:

            You too I didn’t say anything about the spell? Go do your homework and leave me alone. Don’t read into it something that’s not there.there are other people saying the same thing I have my opinion not your fine now go away !!!

          • samantha says:

            to gwen- if elena would be human rn, she would probably be with stefan still. she chose stefan. and THEN she became a vampire, and the sire bond happened. im not saying elena dosent love him, im saying she loves stefan more then damon. but whatever idrgaf cuz i ship steroline, sooooo yeah..

  3. say5256 says:

    They might do something else with Caroline’s mother. Also, I think she’s quitting, not being Killed off. The actress is a writer for TVD’s spin-off and the writers are based in L.A. (which is like 4 hours away from Atlanta). So she most likely wants to focus on writing instead. I don’t exactly ship them at the moment, I think the two need a slow burn to be functional.

  4. GOD they are working overtime on shoving Steroline down our throats.

    • Charlie says:

      there’s like one picture of them together…

      • samantha says:

        not true… first of all CAROLINE loved stefan since season 1… but the whole point (and the main reason i ship steroline) is because there relationship was so slow and gradual… say whatever you want, steroline is NOT like that…

  5. Mara says:

    “like most viewers” – everybody I know who watches finds Kai completely annoying and possibly the reason to finally stop watching

  6. Jessica says:

    I can’t stand Steroline. They seriously just need to stop pushing it.

  7. Jesy says:

    all the angry anti-steroliners’ really need to accept that it’s happening. for those saying the show is pushing and forcing it, you do realise steroline has had the slowest journey out of all couples right? they’ve had buildup for so long, so that is hardly forced.

    • Jessica says:

      Journey? What journey? They were hardly even friends and they barely interacted. Their relationship is crap! It’s forced and it’s stupid! Waste of screen time. They need to stop!

  8. Diana says:

    I see Caroline has her sulky face on already. Stefan is around Elena. Even if they tried to be more than friends Caroline would be so jealous because she knows how much Stefan loves Elena. She will drive a wedge between. She would go crazy every time Stefan even mentioned Elena’s name. Just like she did with Matt. Klaus is the best choice for her. He would treat her like a queen. Caroline is too possessive and jealous. Sorry but that has not and will not change about her.

  9. Jessica says:

    I have more chemistry with my own damn brother than Stefan and Caroline do. #Sterocest.

    • Kristen says:


      They are really pushing Steroline hard and I don’t see them changing their mind. It makes me cringe too but maybe they just don’t know what else to do with Stefan since Damon is with Elena. As for Caroline, I liked her best when she was helping out Tyler and then with her interactions with Klaus. Usually she has chemistry with everyone, but for some reason I just don’t feel it between her and Stefan. It is more like brother and sister. I will still try and give it a chance.
      Here’s wishing they will someday let her character visit NOLA😄 I would so love to see that (sigh!)

  10. Bossman Wayne says:

    I don’t blame the stelena shippers though cuz y’all have been so engrossed in their relationship which was quite phenomenal that u forgot that anything is bound to happen on TV series. P.S I was once and still a stelena shipper cuz I really dig them and it was memorable while it lasted but change is the only constant phenomenon on TV series and Julie Plec is just making the plot seem plausible. Unlike many, I root for steroline because they have this kind of camaraderie which developed overtime. Maybe it’s because they were friends for so long that people didn’t really think they would get together but that makes it realistic and mundane because stefan has always had this soft spot and gentility so any gurl wud fall for his he’s more like caroline’s mentor and saviour while caroline serves as a perfect friend, family and sumone he has to protect or so he thought. One of the scenes I love is stefan asking her why she has a thing for him and she replied saying ” what kind of a stupid question is that” “why did I have a thing for u?” “Stefan Maybe it’s because I thought u were worth having a thing for bcuz when I woke up as a vamp, u told me I was gonna get thru it and I did” “when I watched ur brother moved on with elena, I couldn’t imagine why she wud let someone like u go because u were my literally my friend”………That was touching, deep and intense. I just don’t see anything wrong with them being together..They are endgame. Elena and stefan may be fakin their once existing love but I think they are pretty much over or atleast so it has been portrayed..As much as I love stefan, sometimes he bores some scenes but when he’s with caroline, it’s always a sight to behold because caroline is feisty just like damon uses his eyes and words whenever with elena. Let’s just focus on the present and not the past.

  11. Lindy says:

    So sick of Steroline, Can Caroline just move to TO already

  12. Acid Rain says:

    When a show has hits viewership ratings that are the lowest in the series’ history then something has got to change, a decline can be expected, but a full on drop… come on. There’s nothing for people who are not Delena/Storline supporters to watch for so they’re not.

  13. Acid Rain says:

    When a show has hit viewership ratings that are the lowest in the series’ history then something has got to change, a decline can be expected, but a full on drop… come on. There’s nothing for people who are not Delena/Storline supporters to watch for… so they’re not.

  14. Gwen says:

    Stefan and Caroline look great together. I am really looking forward to seeing their relationship grow.

  15. TG says:

    Could Jo actually be getting stronger? Maybe she and her magic cause everyone to fall flat on the floor?

  16. Jessica says:

    Stefan and Caroline look like brother and sister. Yuck.

  17. sunce says:

    I have a question for those who talk so much about Sterolines journey and strong friendship… Where was Caroline when Stefan was a ripper and had blood issues, or when he was drowning for three months? I love their interaction but a relationship? Of course not. I also don’t get why the writers dislike Stefans character so much? I stopped watching long time ago, when Elena, supposed heroine of the show, betrayed Stefan in the worst possible way by sleeping with his brother. I still believe that there is time for writers to make things right, but don’t think it’ll happen because they are all about fan service and twitter fan girls. Always on team Stelena. Forever regreting for even starting watching this show. R.I.P. TVD.

    • Jessica says:

      Exactly. Caroline hasn’t been that good of a friend to Stefan. Their so called relationship or friendship is very inconsistent. I don’t really buy their friendship and I most certainly do not buy a romantic relationship between the two.

    • Reviving the show by what…bringing stelena back…that would result in a major fight between the ships and ultimately kill the show…u don’t wanna watch it..Don’t. one cares about some stupid stelena fan who can’t move on ….

      • Diana says:

        Well you better hope Delena can carry the rating then. Why did they even renew TVD for a seventh season. Between Delena, Steroline and the glorious writers TVD is dead. No I don’t watch anymore I’ve moved on writers chose the wrong fan service. Nail isin the coffin so go ahead and bury it. Too bad use to be a good series. Maybe TO can survive now. Delena is a sick group of children!!! I never seen such childish games.

    • Marie says:

      If the show was about fanservice than klaus and Caroline would be together. They even won polls when they were on two different shows and we’re voted the greatest tv couple of all time. Don’t get me wrong but I don’t ship Steroline because I don’t like the fact that they have to turn a friendship into a romantic relationship when they have no chemistry together other then brother and sister and it gives young girls the thought that a guy and a girl can’t just be friends without it becoming a romantic relationship eventually. Plus it is also making Caroline look cheap and a hypocrite when she goes after he so called best friends ex after getting on her about going to Damon…where is the girlfriend code and the fact that Colin is now looked at as the towns slut when she as been with every guy in their group first she wanted Stefen but he wanted Elena so went aftwr Damon, then went to Matt who is also Elenas ex then after helping Tyler with his werewolve transition they became a hot and heavy relationship whenever Caroline wasn’t off flirting and falling for Klaus, who see all but admitted to wanting to be with but it’s just not the right time, so then now wants to be with Stefen because he is the one that’s there for her while her mom is dying and also who’s mom asked for him to be there for when she gone..and let’s not forget her college short lived fling all that’s left that Caroline hasn’t been linked to is Alaric and Jeremy. If we were going to revert to the past I would say Caroline who be more believable with Enzo or even Kai then with Stefen if she can’t be with Klaus yet. Caroline wants to be someone’s first and deserves to be but she won’t be finding that with Stefan because fir him anytime Elena would need help if or not he will run off to help her when for Caroline the only person that has even done anything for Caroline and cared only about her and making sure she’s happy or gets want she desires has been Klaus.
      also do fans that ship Stefen and Elena not think it was odd that even without her memories of Damon Elena didn’t revert back to her love for Stefen. If Damon was truly wiped clean from her memories wouldn’t she then have her memories of only being in love with Stefan? That for me shows that the writers are truly done with going back because that would have been the perfect way to get them back together if that was their plan for Stefan and Elena

  18. Acid Rain says:

    My theory on Steroline is that it only exists as a plot point not as an OTP. The show runners have not as of late even tried to disguise their favoritism for Delena. While at the same time trying to rewrite the shows history in a desperate (in my opinion) atempt to force Stelena amnesia. I only have respect for Delena fans, but to me the DE ‘all consuming love’ is consuming too much of this shows time.

  19. Ratings are dropping every week. Please fix ASAP. And I think I you know how to fix it. Please Julie, Caroline, Kevin and the Writers Room. Please don’t let this show go up in flames.

  20. Elena says:

    People come on it so obvious what broke up stelena is Elena becoming a vampire Damon admitted it himself and when katherine took the cure and she was human she fell so in love with stefan dopplegangers are destined to be togather carline Tyler is free so go back to dating him and I will never stop watching this show I still have faith in stelena there love was to epic and for the writers to sit there and making it seem as stelena love never existed that messed up this script better change or I’m gone

  21. jhijio says:

    stelena will come back!!!i feel it!!!