Glee First Look: 'Wemma' Gets a Shock, Rachel and Sam Connect

Rachel and Sam at Mc-Kin-ley, K-I-S-S-I-N-G?

Not so fast. While Glee‘s Broadway baby-turned-New Directions advisor and the male model-turned-football coach may have locked lips (under peculiar circumstances) in last Friday’s installment, the mood between ’em is hard to gauge in the following first-look photos from the show’s next three episodes (Jan. 30, Feb. 6 and Feb. 13, 9/8c).

Also in the mix? Jayma Mays returning as Emma, Kurt and Mercedes rocking the a Wheel of Fortune, Kitty and Rachel forming an alliance, and Mr. Schue standing in front of a white board emblazoned with the word “tolerance.”

Click through the gallery below for all those images and more — then hit the comments with your thoughts!


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  1. Wendy says:

    Samchel is amazing. They have amazing chemistry and spoilers look really promising for them. I think this could be endgame and I’m perfectly fine with it. Just as long as Rachel gets to NYC by the end of the series. They can do long distance off screen.

    • Samchel is a joke says:

      Samchel is a joke…its the forced paring because Glee has no other straight males they can pair Rachel up with. There is are reasons so many fans are walking away and Samchel is one of the big ones!

    • Precious22 says:

      You are right Samechel is a JOKE. A very big joke!! Anyway Jess is returning for Rachel and Rachel will return to Broadway with the help of her friend(s) – Mercedes being one of them to encourage her not to give up on her dream.

      • Kylie says:

        You are jumping to some major conclusions with no actual shred of proof. If Jesse does return what makes you think it has anything to do with Rachel? Last time he came back he had nothing to do w/ Rachel. It could simply be he takes over the VA spot from Will. You ever thought about that? Or maybe he’s a judge at Sectionals? Oh wow both of those make sense. Sorry if you desperately want Samchel gone, it’s not gonna happen.

  2. MK says:

    Glee has been so terrible this season, I wish they could just return to the simple Season 1 roots!

    • Fx says:

      What are you talking about? This season feels like the old Glee. Of course, most of the jokes are meta and self-explanatory to most of its fails throughout Glee’s seasons, but the latest episode? By far the best one in years.

      • Precious22 says:

        Oh are you sure you are watching Glee? Okay now this season maybe good or it will be when Klaine get back together :). But in no way does this season feels like the old Glee. I’m just saying…

      • Fovever Finn says:

        Old Glee? Glee will never feel like old Glee without Cory. He was a huge part of what made Glee so good and losing him is a big part of why so many fans have left the show. There is no REAL Glee without Finn and Finchel! For that matter there is no REAL Glee with the entire Original S1/ S2Cast.

      • Shaz says:

        I agree with you, its been good, so far. I mean, the song choices have been pretty crappy, but the episodes have been fun. So many people are quick to say its been AWFUL because they’re so butt hurt over Klaine ending, which for me has only made the season more interesting and less predictable. I know Sam is hypnotized (I stand corrected, this is one plot point that is AWFUL), but I thought he and Rachel would have made a decent couple. They’re so opposite, that they make sense together – in any event I dont think having her stay single forever just to keep crazy fans happy is fair to Rachel. People die, and others find love again. Also, maybe Rachel was MEANT to share her gift by being a teacher to kids that were just like her.
        Having said that, last week I thought I heard Tina say something about her being around for the past 3 years……If we had three years, and the first crop graduated, then Tinas group graduated the next year, that would make Tina a freshman when she started in New Directions, AND she’s been at college for a year…so that would be another year accounted for. Were the writers off, or is my timeline of Glee completely messed up due to last year starting off with Tina, Sam, Artie as HS seniors and then beginning college offscreen halfway through the season?

    • Too late says:

      They can’t, S1-S3 were so much about Finchel and that Original Cast, they threw all that away in S4 and now can’t go back to it w/o Cory.

  3. abz says:

    Please no. I’m hoping this Rachel/Sam nonsense ends after the next episode since The Hurt Locker/hypnosis silliness is a two part episode.There’s so little time left with only 9 episodes. They need to just leave Rachel alone instead of wasting airtime on this stupid plot. Let her focus on the New Directions and her next steps for her future (i.e., going back to school,, music, returning to Broadway somehow, etc.).

    • TRUTH! says:

      You are so right! Sam is an idiot and its pretty pathetic they way are doing this whole paring. If they actually think they can make this the “next big couple” with only a few eps left if shows how out of touch they are. They have been trying to turn Sam into Finn since 506 and its sickening to watch!

  4. Sam and Rachel is not amazing. They don’t have chemistry at all. Just two actors trying… And I can’t wait until this forced storyline is finally done and over. Waste of screentime. Got to be delusional to think they will be a legit real couple. By the finale Rachel will be back on broadway. Sam will be the futherest thing on her mind please.

    • Kylie says:

      The irony of this post. Well for your sake I hope you have a nice time after episode 6 saying that Samcedes are getting back together because it’s not looking likely at all. Meanwhile Samchel is full course completely 100% to the point where they really could be endgame.

      • It would be sad! says:

        Endgame? If Sam is Rachel’s endgame it’s the biggest failure in the history of Glee. She will be the poster child for Lima Losers. From dreams of Broadway to and Tony Awards to being trapped and in Lima with an idiot and pretend Finn.

  5. Carol says:

    Samchel is very cute. They’ve always played well with a spark between them. It really showed on the last episode. I’m very excited to see where it goes.

  6. No thanks says:

    Cant wait until Sam and Rachel storyline is over that’s all. They are not cute. There is no spark. Just boring and taking up time.

  7. Sharm says:

    Sam and Rachel have no sparks, this so-call romance is was made up by Sue, are people forgetting that Sam is hypnotized to like Rachel in a romantic way? I hate this storyline because my poor Sammy is being used, mistreated, and abused in the cruelest way. But of course people will skim over that because it’s Rachel and they are fine with that.

  8. Dee says:

    I’m so disappointed with this whole Sam/Rachel romance crap. Sam has made out with every single original Glee girl and that’s just ridiculous! He and Mercedes were the only couple that ever actually worked together. They have beautiful chemistry and after all this build up they had in season 3 and 5 to have Sam and Rachel hook up makes me sick! This show has sucked for a really long time and I for one am not sad to see it end.

  9. anonymously gleeful says:

    Does anybody even remember that nurse from season 5 ?

    Anyway I do like their pairing and even if they dont end up together … i did like their duet of “A thousand miles” ! I’ll just listen to that song and dream up an alternate reality where rachel and sam are together and in love !

    • meh says:

      They have no vocal chemistry, just like they have no screen chemistry. I hope they don’t do many more duets, its a waste of Lea’s voice to pair her with him!

    • Nurse Penny says:

      That nurse was just more of them thinking they can make Sam into Finn. She was supposed to be Finn’s mid-game before he reunited with Rachel so they gave her to Sam. Everything they have done with Sam since S5 is just trying to make him into Finn. A really stupid version of Finn.

  10. Caroline says:

    Finally after teasing us in season 5 we can have beautiful Samchel scenes together, hope we get them together for the rest of the season.

    • PLEASE NO! says:

      I sure hope not! This paring is just GROSS! Sam is nothing but a man slut and an idiot to boot! Rachel and Mercedes should run and run far away from this loser. Trying to turn this man whore into Finn is just disgusting and slap in the face to everything Cory brought to Finn and Glee.

    • JM says:

      More like vomit worthy scenes. Nothing beautiful about this crap or watching Chord playing Sam trying to be Finn.

    • Shaz says:

      YES! The pairing is adorable! Sorry Haters!

  11. TJ says:

    If anyone ever doubted Cory’s importance to Glee all you have to do is watch Chord Overstreet’s sad attempts and being the new Finn! Its pathetic and the Sam/Rachel paring is disgusting! It’s no wonder so many viewers keep walking away!

  12. Samchel = YUCK! says:

    Sam/Rachel just proves how little Ryan Murphy cares about Glee. They have 13 eps are wasting on this Samchel garbage. They hit a .06 in the ratings last week, they are going to drive even more fans away with this sick paring.

    • Yep says:

      I saw the spoilers a few months ago about this paring and decided not to watch S6. I find it sickening that RIB think they can just piss away Finn/Cory by trying to make Sam into Finn. They started in S5 and have not dropped it. If they really want to honor Cory/Finn they need to stop with this nonsense and let Rachel go back to Broadway and live the dream Finn wanted her live. Having Rachel end up in Lima with Finn was one thing since she would have had success and that was a relationship years in the making, but ending up in Lima w/Sam because she was a failure will be a huge let down. I can’t imagine Lea will be happy with that ending either.

  13. am I the only one sensing some pretty heavy Once Upon a Time parallels. Samchel being CaptainSwan and stuff?

    • IDK says:

      IDK? Are the Once Upon a Time couple together because the shows leading man died and the show runners are trying to turn another character into the character that died in hopes the viewers left are too stupid to figure it out?

  14. Terri says:

    It seems the only ones that really like Samchel are Chord Overstreet fans because they know working with Lea get him screen time.

  15. KC says:

    Sam and Rachel have great chemistry – not sure what show you folks are watching. Rachel cannot mourn forver. I realize people loved her and Finn together, but she needs to move on. They are working toward have Sam and Rachel be together in the end, either in NY or Lima. I am looking forward to watching their relationship. Season 6 has been really good, the slow build up to Klaine getting back together has been really good. Chris & Darren are great actors.

  16. Glee Stinks says:

    It’s obvious “Samchel” is only happening because the show needs/wants a straight relationship for the younger cast to balance out the two gay relationships. I believe Sam is the only male/straight/available/able bodied/series regular remaining on this show, and he’s been with literally every other girl, so why not Rachel as well?!? Sam is an idiot who somehow has only gotten dumber and only he can be stupid enough to be hypnotized by Sue, who never showed in the past hypnotism was one of her talents in addition to insulting Shuester. Where Rachel was to where she is now is just really sad and a huge drop-off. And the guy playing Sam can’t act and delivers lines so boring and flat. Cory/Finn was so much better than Sam and I can only imagine what Lea is thinking of her character’s storyline. From starring on Broadway to being at her old high school years after she graduated to being attracted to Sam, someone who couldn’t carry Finn’s jockstrap. Sad.

  17. AngieD says:

    I don’t think Samchel is for real, especially if you read the plot summaries in TiVo for the future episodes. At the end of last week’s episode, you could see Rachel pause as she got an inkling that something wasn’t right between Sam kissing her and then declaring that he was still in love with Mercedes and act as though the kiss never occurred (which it didn’t because he was hypnotized to have no recall.) So, my prediction for this upcoming episode is that Rachel turns things around on Sue as a result of her suspicions.

  18. Mo says:

    I will be the elephant in the room. It is easier to sell two sane sex couples as opposed to an interracial relationship. Let’s face it who will get the only straight guy, Rachel or. Mercedes? Obviously Rachel. Too bad. There is no history with Sam and Rachel. The writers and creators of Glee and I disagree with that storyline. I am sad to see Mercedes be wheeled out when they need some colour and someone to sing the high note, besides Unique! What happened to the cutting edge show from Season 1? At least another show on Fox is more ballsy! Thank God for Empire! Thank you Lee Daniels!!

  19. Lauren says:

    SAMCHEL IS AWESOME. Lea and Chord have amazing chemistry, something which Samcedes have severely lacked due to their boring, recycled storyline that was just as dull the second time as it was the first.

    Season 6 has already been a huge step-up from 5, I hope they continue exploring this couple further.

  20. Lausis says:

    SamCedes forever!!!

  21. Timmah says:

    It’s pretty clear that Sam should be with Brittany. Those two space cadets have no chemistry with anyone but each other.

  22. Lela says:

    I find it shocking what some people are saying. I respect that some don’t think Samchel is a particularly good pairing. But those who wish Rachel ends up alone are just SELFISH.
    Lea Michelle herself has moved on! She has a boyfriend. Cory would want her to be with someone who loves her as much as he loved her. He would want her to be happy with someone by her side. Why Finn wouldn’t want that too for Rachel? And by the way, talk about manwhore. From what I recall, Finn slept with Quinn, Brittany and Santana before sleeping with Rachel. I see what the directors/writers see in Sam: he was in Glee club, he is kind of dumb like Finn was (only dumber) and he’s a nice guy. I admit I would prefer if Rachel ended up with Jesse, but I don’t know if it will happen. If it doesn’t then well, at least she will end up with someone rather than alone. I know it will never ever be like Finchel but this is real life we’re talking about, guys: people move on. People don’t mourn forever and it’s been a year or more in the series timeline that Finn has been gone. Finchel will be forever in our hearts but we gotta let Rachel be with someone who will love her just like Finn.

    • trixie_b says:

      Finn never slept with Brittany or Quinn. Santana was his first and Rachel was his “real” first. I agree with most of the posts. Sam is no Finn. But Rachel does deserve someone who will love her like Finn did and that was Jesse.