Revenge Recap: Is [Spoiler] Dead? Plus: Let's Discuss That Tragic Kiss

Revenge Charlotte Dead

If you thought Revenge was going to take things slow following the death of Malcolm Black, you clearly don’t know this show very well. Sunday’s episode — the last new hour until March 8, if you can believe it — reminded us just how chaotic life in the Hamptons can be, even without a psychotic killer on the loose.

Let’s start with Nolan and Louise’s wedding reception, an appropriately over-the-top affair which was nearly derailed when Emily used an ancient Japanese trick (or whatever) to help Louise remember she did kill her father, just as “Penelope Dreadful” revealed in last week’s episode. But when it came time for Nolan to present his wedding gift — a copy of the original police report from the night Papa Ellis died — Louise remembered the truth, that her mother was responsible for his death, and that she was sleeping with Judge Miller the whole time!

As much as I’ve loved watching Carolyn Hennesy dominate Louise with her dramatics, it was just as satisfying watching ol’ Penny slink away in defeat. And Lyman — who I still wish had been made into a love interest for Nolan — didn’t seem too thrilled when Louise informed him he’s been cut off financially. (Why do I get the feeling we haven’t heard the last of him?)

Elsewhere in the Hamptons this week…

GAME OF THRONES | Victoria went back to doing what she does best: manipulating her fellow socialites — including special guest star Kim Richards! — into total submission. Things got particularly ugly when newcomer Natalie Walsh (Suits‘ Gina Torres) attempted to hijack Victoria’s inner circle, forcing her to threaten to expose everyone’s dirty laundry in exchange for undying devotion (or, as Natalie so elegantly put it, Victoria “monetized their secrets”). As Nat also noted, “It’s not easy being queen.” But here’s my real question: What was up with the phone call Victoria received at the end of the hour? Could Charlotte be the “death in the family”?

THREE’S A CROWD | As Margaux’s threats began to take shape this week, Emily found herself at a crossroad: Is it finally time to drop the “Emily Thorne” act and resume life as “Amanda Clarke,” she wondered? Ben was happy to lend a sympathetic ear during a brief conversation at a dive bar, and by the end of the hour, he was lending a lot more. I’m honestly not opposed to Emily and Ben having a go at it — call me crazy, but Ben is starting to grow on me — but did Jack have to see them kissing on the way into his house? As Nick Wechsler recently reminded TVLine, Jack is still all about Ms. Thorne (or whatever she’s choosing to go by now) and it broke my heart to see him so crushed.

Revenge fans, do you approve of Emily and Ben’s *ahem* encounter? And do you think Charlotte is really dead? Drop a comment with your review of tonight’s episode below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Greg says:


    That was perhaps the weakest REVENGE episode I have ever seen. And I have been a supporter of this season too! I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come, as this is a horrendous way to sign off before a near two month break.

    I was previously in the camp with those that said this season returned the show to near season one levels of entertainment but if they plan on producing more crap like tonight, an axe to this show come May will be just fine with me.

    So much NO in this episode. I don’t care about Emily/Jack eventually ending up together so a triangle with Ben (who is such a bore) does nothing for me. Way too much of Louise, even though I like her. When her story is basically the center of the episode, we have problems. This new socialite better be connected to something important, as opposed to just something added to the show to give Madleline Stowe something to do. I guess that call at the end about “a death in the family” has my interest a little. I could absolutely care less about MarGOAWAY and her conflicted feelings about outing Emily and Jack. She’s so not a worthy villain to go up against Emily.

    It really does seem like after we found out exactly what happened to David and got his enemy out of the way, we have nothing left to really invest in. Emily Vs. Victoria seems to be over. David is now just taking up space. The entire premise of the show has pretty much been completed so unless something major comes along, they are just going to write new stuff that will not interest long time fans at all. SIGH.

    • Andy Swift says:

      This was a *bit* slower than the show has been the rest of this season, but that’s to be expected. I was predicting a *bigger* dip after Malcolm Black left.

      • Greg says:

        Slower I can deal with. But total filler and an obvious “we have no clue what to do now so let’s just make things up and see what might stick” approach I cannot deal with.

        Hoping this was just a small blip on the radar.

      • Lindy says:

        Goddamit! Revenge, how have we come to a point were I’m now rooting for Victoria yet I wished her dead for 3 seasons.
        And also I’m slowly falling in love with Ben yet I despised him from the very beginning and wanted him dead.

    • Dude says:

      There was nothing wrong with that episode. It wasn’t nearly as bad as season 2/3 Revenge. I liked it.

      • cass says:

        I agree! I thought season 3 was the worst! The characters were always contradicting things they previously said (like first Victoria saying Patrick was the result of her mom’s boyfriend raping her, then later it turned out to be her neighbor Jimmy or whatever)… I have been enjoying this season much more, and Ben and Louise are the first new people I’ve actually liked. I hope Ben doesn’t have an ulterior motive for going after Emily (to investigate the truth and become detective). And my first thought of death in family was Patrick, but maybe it could be Charlotte too since it doesn’t sound like she will return.

    • abby says:

      calm ya tits mate. revenge has always had some seemingly dull moments but theres always cliff hangers and twists and turns to everything …i always can expect the unexpected with this show and wish it could stay on forever .

  2. Samantha says:

    Obviously it’s Charlotte. They’ve done killed almost every original character on the show. Why not add another to the list. The only other person it could be would be Patrick. At the rate this show is going I wouldn’t be shocked if Emily was dead by the finale.

    • Alichat says:

      Or perhaps Victoria’s mother. She’s still alive I believe.

    • pamill says:

      “At the rate this show is going I wouldn’t be shocked if Emily was dead by the finale.”

      Considering the opening quote of the whole series – “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves” – I’ve always thought Emily WILL die in the finale along with Victoria. Maybe the two will struggle in Grayson manor and fall off the iconic terrace of Victoria’s bedroom ? Just a wild guess.

  3. N says:

    I don’t care for Ben! Nemily!

  4. Arlene says:

    No to Ben. Yes to Jack. This show always surprises me. Love it. What is Emily up to?

  5. Kelly Deeny says:

    I certainly hope the “death in the family” remark was not referring to Charlotte. Though, it would unite Emily and Victoria on a common goal of revenge. I am enjoying Ben and think he adds some refreshment and decency to the Hamptons. Though, I still wonder if he’s playing her. Would be an interesting twist. But that moment of Jack on the sand dune…ugh! Though, I hope this makes him actually start fighting for her. Given the preview, I’m guessing he does!!!!!

    • NutsnBolts says:

      Ben And Emily are at most a fling (for Emily at least). After everything she’s been through he is somebody outside her past, a breath of fresh air after the turmoil. He’s not playing her. He’s been enamoured by her from the beginning. He’s growing on me but if/when Emily and Jack get together then shows over. What else is there to dangle over our heads?

      • cass says:

        But it seems like Ben’s top priority is to become a detective. I am suspicious that he just wants to get down to the truth of it all to propel his career (like when he was so obsessed with figuring out who killed Conrad).

  6. JC says:

    There’s always Victoria’s son Patrick as well.

  7. aa says:

    The “death in the family” has to be Patrick or Victoria’s mother. Charlotte’s death would affect nearly all the main characters, they wouldn’t do it off screen.

    • Doo Bee Doo says:

      Oh yes they would! They’re not going to bring her back!

    • Letti says:

      I hope you’re right. I’m really looking for a Charlotte-redemption arc/ her peace with Emily.

    • Susan says:

      it could be Conrad’s father? Victoria will inherit all his money.

    • dbb says:

      I have watched revenge since day one. I am glad that Victoria is finally gone she was getting too catty. I am hoping for a happy ending for Amanda wow she has worked hard in this show. Margo needs to back off her and Louise they don’t know nothing about Amanda well firmly Emily thorne. Why did you take away Aden I really liked him and him and Emily made a good couple. Emily,Aden,Nolan that’s the team now those are the characters that should of stayed together until the end. Can’t wait to see how revenge is going to end. Don’t let Amanda’s dad die she needs somebody to be with after all she has been through.

  8. Brandon says:

    A “death in the family” doesn’t seem like something you would say if a woman’s child was dead, or even a direct family member. It does seem like, to me anyway, that something could be said if a member of the Grayson family was dead. Like Conrad’s father.

    If true, that could lead to Victoria inheriting his fortune since David and Conrad are dead. If I remember right he was always fond of Victoria.

    • Brandon says:

      Daniel* is dead, not David. Sorry for the typo!

    • NutsnBolts says:

      Agreed. And why wasn’t Grandpa Grayson at his grandson’s funeral?

    • Lucie Loing says:

      That’s a good theory.

    • babysteps4health says:

      YESS!!! Excellent Theory. It was nice to see the queen on top again- I wouldn’t mind if she resumed her post and it drop Emily mad and out for more Revenge!! On the flip side- the timing of that call was odd- it was right after that new character told her that Victoria would find out her secrets sooner rather than later…. what did she do??

    • cafeliving says:

      Yes! Charlotte is not dead. From a writing standpoint, there’d be no drama in that off-screen. But Conrad’s father dying and leaving Victoria a hefty fortune would reinstate Victoria back to her queenly status (financially). Remember how she fawned over her old chair, now in Emily’s house, and how she sat at the head of the table at the restaurant. I think the writer’s are setting up a windfall. Also, the new socialite in town: my money is that she may be related to Victoria–or at least to someone we already know (Malcolm Black), and is in town for a bit of revenge of her own, namely against Victoria.

      • cass says:

        your reasoning for gpa Grayson being dead makes sense. I dot understand how Victoria is still living the lavish life after she announced at the beginning of the season that she had absolutely no money!?!? Living off a loan from Margaux still?

        • Kirsty says:

          Isn’t Grandpa dead? They had an apartment for mistresses that all Grayson men had used. The keys were passed from Grandpa to Conrad to Daniel.

          • cass says:

            They’ve never said that the grandpa died, but getting married was the rite of passage to getting the key to the mistress place..

  9. Criss says:

    I haven’t made up my miind about Ben yet. He’s growing on me too (I think) but I just can’t wait for Jack and Emily to be together!
    I’m finding the father/daughter reunion making me question Emily and David. I know they are both so well trained to keep emotions closed, but for a daughter to fight so hard for her (dead) father, they should allow them a little more of a “moment”.
    As to the someone has died and is it Charlotte…what did I miss? Where is Charlotte in all of this? Her brother died for godness sakes. What am I missing about where she is???

    • Doo Bee Doo says:

      The writers sent her to rehab to get the character off the show. Wouldn’t be surprised if they killed her off to seal her exit.

  10. MzTeaze says:

    Honestly, I wish the “death in the family” meant making Margo disappear. I don’t care about her or her baby. Her faux outrage is wearing thin. I think the writers and show knows the show is about over and all but wrapped up the main storylines ahead of the “not renewed” announcement.

  11. James says:

    I have been coasting on this show for weeks but today’s episode was just awful–as if the writers have now nothing new to offer and it really kills me to say this. What really was the point of killing off daniel if you don’t have a great story to use it for and i was shocked by the wrap up of Malcolm black only to see more of Louise and the quick resolution that she did not kill her father– big deal. Seems like the stories have just wrapped up and they need something. Please revenge– make this show a must see again.

  12. Lindy says:

    Like every other episode with Louise as headliner..this episode was also a drag. And I pray to the Revenge gods that please can we not have another “Padme-Nolan” mess. No romance please btwn Louise and Nolan, this wedding needs to remain fake.

    Jake is a loose cannon at this point. Honestly who goes around confessing so openly about murdering someone, being a fraud, and involved in cover ups. Yet Ben seems unphased by all this revelation and is slowly becoming Emily’s confidant and knight.
    Speaking of Ben, he is growing on me faster than I would have wanted and I’m not completely opposed to him and Emily. He seems to have his head on straight and when he was talking to Emily at the bar and said
    “Please don’t let me imagine a world with no Emily Thorne ” , I just went “Damit Ben” coz it just melted my heart and yet I’ve been hoping for his demise since epi 1.
    Hoping to see more Lyman and Nolan

    • SJ says:

      Who’s Jake? I haven’t seen the episode yet…

    • gloria says:

      Ben and Emily are good together i hope they stay together it’ll add a twist to she show instead of jack and Emily being together(that would be to predictable).i hope jack doesn’t ruin it and try to go with Emily because that would be annoying he always waits till it’s to late so because of that he shouldn’t be with her. BEMILY!

  13. sharon says:

    Love this show, keep it going.

  14. dennis says:

    I’ve been reading comments about Charlotte’s character not returning… Is that s for sure thing? If so that sucks, she was finally starting to become tolerable! I was hoping it was temporary…

  15. Jennie says:

    I’ve watched revenge from the begining and my favorite character has always been Nolan so I certainly don’t mind seeing more of him. I don’t take the show all that seriously it’s just something that I enjoy but I really wish they would get rid of Margo and I couldn’t stand Charlotte thank God she is gone and isn’t coming back. Sad about Daniel since he was going to be a father but why should he get that chance to have bio children of his own when he took it away from Emily. So no didn’t feel sorry for him at all even though Emily was slightly to blame but that’s the rules of revenge.

    I’m gonna miss my only show to watch on Sundays until it comes back.

  16. intel says:

    Eeegaaad ! Our heroine Ms Emily Thorne, now resorting to sluttin’ herself off to douchebag Ben whilst our hero Mr Jack arrives just in time to get a front row seat. Don’t forget a barf bag Jack.

  17. Lauren says:

    Let it be Charlotte.

  18. mc says:

    It can’t be Charlotte. That’s just lazy and also unfair to Christa B. Allen.

  19. jay says:

    its so interesting to read your take on this episode and to read other sites take (i.e. but in the end, I love your take on it. I was crushed too that jack had to see Emily kissing ben, but jack did sleep with kate, and don’t forget when Emily was going to give up on Daniel and the day she was going to tell Jack she loved him, she saw her fake friend Amanda (the REAL Emily Thorne) back with Jack and very much so pregnant. So they aren’t meant to be. they just have the worst timing ever. Jack should have opened his mouth when he had the chance. But Kate was such a distracting force and I really liked Emily and Aiden. However, Bemily are starting to grow on me but it won’t be too long before his ex-wife is going to be coming into town. so I guess we will just have to see what the endgame is.

  20. Ah! says:

    I was team Emily and Aiden all the way! Oh how I miss Aiden’s sexiness!

    • Tina says:

      I like Emily with Ben dont get why everyone wants her with Jack!! And Dont kill Charlotte please !! her and emily should have a life as sisters !!!

      • gloria says:

        I AGREE with you except the part with Charlotte she annoys me so MUCH so does jack! jack is so dumb if jack really like Emily he wouldn’t be going out with everybody but her UGH! Ben and Emily are good together i hope they stay together it’ll add a twist to she show instead of jack and Emily being together(that would be to predictable). i enjoyed it so much when jack saw Emily and Ben OOOO he was so crushed and i was like “YEAH that’s what you get!” woo i enjoyed that a lot, i hope jack doesn’t ruin it and try to go with Emily because that would be annoying he always waits till it’s to late so because of that he shouldn’t be with her.

  21. AM says:

    I think the lady that Jack was talking to on the bar when he received Ben’s text was Ben’s ex-wife. Was I the only one thinking that?

  22. A. says:

    No, hell no! Ben and Emily are a huge NO! If this may be the last season, why losing time with love affairs that almost none cares about? I get all the “get there slowly” thing, but we’re getting there slowly since season 1. This way we’ll get to see Jemily only in the last 50 seconds of the series finale (given that none of the dies before).

  23. Winnie says:

    I think the death will be Patrick. I hope it’s not Charlotte. Additionally, I love that they found a worthy storyline for Victoria slightly outside of Emily’s wake (but that exchange with David – oh!) where she’s trying to claw her way back into the inner circle, or at least remain Queen of the Mountain despite all that’s happened. This way, Madeline Stowe still has the ability to show us the Victoria we’ve encountered before this season, but it’s not necessarily recycled. Plus, she certainly could jump back in at any time.

    I wonder what exactly Victoria told Margaux, because someone needs to point out that she’s just doing a similar cycle as the one she’s angry at Amanda/Emily for.

  24. Anna says:

    “And Lyman — who I still wish had been made into a love interest for Nolan […]” – Yes, me too. That would’ve been awesomely messed up and so much more Revengey-soapey-like than what they actually went with. But I guess there’s still time? Didn’t Nolan have a thing with a brother and a sister (not at the same time though) before…?

    • Lucie Loing says:

      I love this show, even at its worst, but it seems to me like they are wrapping it up. Nolan’s marriage of convenience seems to be deep seated in love; Victoria is backing off against Emily; Jack showing an interest in Emily.

      • NutsnBolts says:

        Nolan & Louise are like brother and sister. BFFs at this point. This marriage was to help out Louise. Nolan is a good friend. I like the idea of a Lymon/Nolan love interest. Louise would feel betrayed (Nolan can’t help himself – remember Patrick?) and Lymon needs money for his campaign!

        • Kim says:

          As fake as Nolan’s marriage is, it is also a pretty honest relationship, especially on this show. I don’t think Lyman will be a love interest, both Nolan’s previous male love interests have started as manipulation, Tyler to help Emily and Patrick because of his connection to Victoria. So far Nolan has been pretty good at commitment (promise to David for example), I¨d find it more in character if he surprises everybody by being an exemplary husband..and sees Louise as an excellent Emily surrogate – both having been close to their dad’s and treated unfairly? Jack/Emily I can’t care less about, it’s gone way past its expiration date.

  25. Maryann says:

    I stopped watching after the first episode this season. If Emily ends up with Jack and if the series has a satisfactory ending, I will go back and catch up.

  26. Audrey says:

    Do not like Ben at all. He always seems like he’s trying to get into everyone’s business. He seems shady to me. Don’t care for the Ben and Emily match up either. Unless Emily is just using him too.

  27. stephanie says:

    She isn’t ready to be Amanda yet. That’s what the whole Ben thing is about. Avoidance. When she is ready, it will be Jack.

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      She pretty much said that she is not Amanda Clarke anymore, she doesn’t want to go back to calling herself that. It is not that she is “not ready to…” it is that she is not that person any more. Full Stop.

      Also earlier in the episode when she went to talk to Ben at the bar he thought she was worried about Jack and she actually hadn’t given him a thought. So Jack isn’t even in her thoughts anymore.

      As for Jack seeing her kissing Ben, well if he was really so keen on her why did he jump into bed with Kate so quickly?

      I really can’t understand how some people see something that just isn’t there.

  28. babysteps4health says:

    OK, so another major death is coming and I don’t think it’s going to be from the call that Victoria got. For that call someone suggested that Papa Grayson may be the likely deceased and that would play right to the line in last night’s episode that “the Grayson names doesn’t command as much respect” and for Victoria playing Queen Victoria again.

    But the bigger spoiler alert is the major death that I fear will come about- Nolan…

    Here’s why:
    1. They have drifted Emily and Nolan apart this season as if to create a space where the show could survive without him.
    2. Emily does not have much else to lose and losing Nolan would cause her to seek yet even more Revenge.
    3. The show has been overly focused on the Louise storyline. Nolan is now in the way of Mama Ellis’ fortune and we all know what money will do to people. Will the Ellis family have him killed off and a new focus of the show be born?

    That being said- I HOPE that this is not true but although I adore Louise’ character, I don’t get all the focus on her lately.

    The other loose end is that Agent Kate had a mother- Malcolm Black’s wife- where is she in all of this?

  29. babysteps4health says:

    Overall I give the show 4 stars- it would be 5 if it were NOT the last show for 6 weeks- WTF!?!

    It had a lot of the elements that the show had been missing all year- more lighthearted moments, Queen Victoria and all her delightfully vicious ways, a hint of a love story, and a take down. I do think they are on the right track.

    So what’s with the five week break? Are they sorting out whether the show will be canceled so they know what direction to take? I think they could give it one more season if they play their cards right.

    • drhenning says:

      Not shocked about the long layoff since Sunday night is stuffed with special events over the next month… Super Bowl, Grammy’s, Pres Weekend ( networks don’t like scheduling much over holiday weekends), Oscars…. Even HBO is taking Super Bowl Sunday off.. I think Charlotte will be given the final boot as well..

  30. Becca says:

    Is Emily’s mom ever going to come back?

  31. lana says:

    “A death in the family” I really hope they didn’t kill Charlotte offscreen otherwise I will be so mad
    So excited for the promo I’ve been waiting since the pilot for #Jemily to happen

  32. ABC says:

    Me thinks it highly unlikely Charlotte is dead … that would really send Victoria to the looney bin, this time for good. More likely victims would be either Vicky’s over critical mom or , God forbid, her bastard son, Patrick. The latter would be a real tragedy. While he gives Ben more than a run for his money in the best washboard abs in the Hamptons contest, Justin Hartley is ten times the better actor over Brian Hallisay.

    • NutsnBolts says:

      If Charolette is the one that’s dead it would reunite David and Victoria in a strange way…..They will want revenge if she was murdered by let’s say……Malcolm Blacks wife? But Im kinda done with all the killings. It was so much more satisfying to see Emily Thorne taking down people cleverly and in the shadows. By the way! Where’s the writer??!!! Didn’t they strike a deal that she would give him exclusive rights to the story of David Clark once his name was cleared???? What deserted island did they ship him too? Maybe he needs to pay Mar-gotta-go a visit.

  33. Amanda says:

    i think its refreshing to have Ben in Emilys life, theres a nice spark there. I like their connection. Jack and she should remain good friends, They do not pair well together..besides i think more than make her happy , they’d be a boring couple. Their onscreen chemistry is too Passe’. Childhood friends is good. The moments when they had feeling towards each other is long gone now…they fell in love with different people. I think Margaeux and Jack should get back.. together.

  34. cheri says:

    I would like to see Jack & Emily together and Margo with Ben. I don’t think Victoria has learned a lesson and we cant have Charlotte die and leave Victoria alone. What happened to Victoria’s mom.

  35. nancy says:

    I’ve always wanted Emily and Jack together as a couple. Hope Em sees a future with Jack. Ben is too much of a publicity hound, with no modesty. Hope everything goes well with Louise and that there isn’t some kind of repercussion for cutting off ties with mommy dearest and bro.
    Isn’t Nolan Bi? I hope he and Louise stay married.

  36. leanne says:

    I Think that Jack will be reminded that if he wants Emily/Amanda he needs to fight for her. Feel bad? maybe for a second but then I remembered that he was getting it on with the fake FBI agent …

  37. Shiloh says:

    No, I don’t approve of their encounter b/c I’ve never liked Ben, who to me always looked untrustworthy, therefore was shocked when Emily ‘forced’ herself upon him so to speak. He’s not her type, so there must be something else going on there. And poor, lovesick Jack for having to see their encounter :(

    I was disappointed in this and last week’s episodes. Margo & David are taking up too much breathing space. . . both boring & uninteresting characters.

    It w/ be sayōnara for me if they ever write Nolan out.

  38. BEMILY says:

    FINALLY BEMILY ! it makes it more interesting to see jack jealous of emily and ben i used to be a nemily fan who cares that wont happen for jack and emily after that and maybe it is Charlotte who dies…..interesting


  39. Maybe the death is Conrad’s first wife… Jack’s real mother. Although I think the COnrad’s Father and Victoria returning to a life of fortune makes most sense.

    I didn’t see all of a previous episode. I know Jack took the drive to the police. What was the reaction to the 5 million dollars. Where is that money now?

  40. anayantxi says:

    Poor jack. Give Him A Break already. Although we all know they will end up together in the end.

  41. Elizabeth says:

    I enjoyed this episode because I needed a break after all of the recent killings it was refreshing to watch the tenderness and humanity between Nolan, Louise and Emily. Their relationships should evolve with Nolan, who is bi, being a romantic and devoted husband. Jack is frustrating and so pleasant and naive which is an excellent conflict with the lack of morales from characters like Victoria, and that entire shallow crowd of her “friends”. Maybe Jack will finally confess his need for Emily in his arms and a lust triangle with Jack, Emily and Ben would be too predictable. Jack just needs to take a leap of faith. Ben is shallow and should work with Marguex who is not making me feel for her at all. She obviously was told an incomplete truth from Victoria. After what that entire family did to Emily, Amanda and David. Emily especially after David shooting Emily and making her barren. I mean please are you kidding me. Bye Marguex and Ben. The Ben hook up should only be a rebound encounter with Emily and she should come away from it empty for her to finally realize she needs to work on her new life of connections with her friends, Jack, who I believe is the man her father means, and her father. While Emily is taking down her walls Victoria can rebuild her empire with Grandpa Grayson’s cash who hopefully is dead. He was not a nice man. Yes finally the Hamptons needs some color and this new socialite should be a new sparing partner for Victoria. More connections for Emily with Charlotte returning. I am so looking forward to season 5. Fan forever as long as Nolan stays alive.

  42. Hooray!! Thank you Netflix for picking up Season 4 of Longmier. It is one of the best drama program on TV. Let me know when it will be aired.

  43. gloria says:

    i think emily should be with ben, not jack. i dont like jack anymore he is so annoying to me now, i mean if he really like emily he wouldn’t have gone out with margo or that FBI agent, i mean COME ON. i like “benily”. jack should just go back to margo.

    • nancy says:

      I want Em and Jack together! The only reason Jack dated other women was b/c Em was always with another guy. Friendships are the basis for great love later. Jack would do anything for Em and vice versa! Ben is too much into himself and being a hot shop detective.

      • kiwirevengefan says:

        Nancy, you said that the only reason Jack dated other women was because Emily was always with another guy. So please tell me who Emily was with when he jumped into bed with Agent Kate? The answer is no-one. So that blows your theory.

  44. Ronni says:

    I’m still loyal to Jack. Still hoping they’ll end up together in the end.

  45. Joyce G daSilva says:

    Was episode 14, season for the last one for Revenge? Can someone pls answer? I want to see them no of the show and I cannot find on TV or on line….

  46. shanaaz says:

    Emily/Amanda deserves a shot at normality and Ben can provide that. I think they could make dynamic couple and Jack b da bff he always was. They not kids anymore and well not all dreams come true hey….

  47. rum Punch says:

    Ben and Emily always.
    Jack should go be with Nolan