Zachary Quinto Nixes Heroes Comeback

Heroes Reborn Zachary Quinto

Wanted: A new Big Bad for Heroes.

Zachary Quinto has opted not to reprise his role as super-powered serial killer Sylar in NBC’s forthcoming 13-episode standalone miniseries Heroes Reborn.

“I’m not going back,” the actor told BuzzFeed. “[Series creator] Tim [Kring] reached out to me when they decided they were going to do it. We had a great conversation. It was such a meaningful experience for me. I just felt like I didn’t want to go back to it.

“Tim was very, very understanding,” Quinto added. “I’m thrilled that they’re doing it. I’m thrilled that Jack Coleman is going back to it. It’s a great thing to be a part of. I just felt like I need to cultivate other outlets for myself.”

To date, Coleman (AKA Noah Bennett/HRG) is the only Heroes vet to commit to the revival. Zachary Levi, meanwhile, has signed on to play a new, unspecified role.

Heroes Reborn is slated to premiere Summer 2015.

Thoughts on Quinto’s decision to resist being Reborn? Should Kring recast Sylar, or create a new arch villain? Hit the comments!

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  1. Riana says:

    Sylar became good in the final season.

  2. Sarah says:

    Without Peter Petrelli (Milo) it’s a waste of time I think.

  3. JeffDJ says:

    No, they shouldn’t recast Sylar. Quinto doesn’t want back, so they should move on. It should be a new Big Bad anyway, not a rehash of something we’ve seen already. I’d still like to see a few more “Heroes” vets sign on though.

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    I don’t blame him.

  5. Dennis says:

    Good decision. That character completed its arc and it’s hard to go back to something and not know how it may change the old shows’s legacy…

  6. balymo says:

    I hope Parkman comes back and goes crazy he could be a good big bad with mind control and messes with people’s minds

  7. Ray says:

    Good call. I gave up on the show a few seasons in and Sylar was still unbeatable.

  8. Whimsical says:

    Good! The over-reliance on Sylar is one of the biggest factors in the original shows decline.

    • Mark says:

      Exactly what I was coming to say. Sylar made a great season 1 villain, but he had worn out his welcome by the end. He needed to be defeated and move on or made a hero and move on. But he was (understandably) the breakout star, so they felt the need to keep him around.

  9. Tom says:

    Mixed feelings. It could be sold, but I don’t think they should

  10. James says:

    Not quite sure why they want to bring the show back, DC and Marvel have taken over the super heroes genre, too much time has passed especially for the actors.

  11. Wire Dreamer says:

    Smart move on his part. There should have been only one season of “Heroes,” as a miniseries. Season 2 – 4 were godawful pieces of excrement.

    • Stand4something says:

      Your opinion. Not fact.

      • puredieselbc says:

        No, it’s the truth. The first season was the best. Everything afterwards was crap.

        • GBram1981 says:

          We’ll have to agree to disagree. I own all of the seasons on DVD, and enjoyed all of them. It’s hard for a show to top itself after the first season, but the following seasons did enough to entertain. I was looking forward to seeing what would happen when Claire revealed to the world that people with powers existed. Too bad it never happened.

  12. scribe says:

    Sylar was a great character but they ran him into the ground. Quinto is right to stay away.

  13. Joey says:

    why is this a bad thing? One of the biggest issues with Heroes after season 1 (other than the godawful writing and acting) was that Sylar was still around. He should have been written off after season 1, but nope, he stuck around. If this new Heroes wants to get the sour taste that the previous series left behind out of everyone mouths, then they need to distance themselves from Sylar and all the other Heroes from before. Casting Zachary Levi gives them the option to go in a different direction with the show, and they should take advantage of it. If they stick with the same style and format the show had before, they’ll just doom themselves from the start.

  14. Rachel says:

    As much as I had wished he would come back (as he was the main reason I started watching in the first place), I understand his decision, and I think it’s a good one. Best to move on and continue to find new roles.

  15. Lysh says:

    My immediate reaction was “noooooo” but I think it’s for the best. I would most like to see Claire, at least just for one episode, since her dad’s going to be in it. I’m really looking forward to a new batch of heroes and villains.

  16. Sylar overstayed his welcome. The show needs a new credible threat, not a water-downed has-been villain.

  17. joe says:

    the whole show became a waste of time….made less and less sense as it went on NBC is must-NO-see tv

  18. Rick Katze says:

    The more I think about it, the clearer the feeling that he made the right call. A new bad person should make the story more interesting. As for who else, again, having new characters might be the best call. Coleman strikes me as the only actor who can repeat his character without clearly telegraphing the story.

  19. Drew says:

    I think they will need a mostly new cast at this point. Sylar should have died at the end of season 1 but they kept bringing him back and forcing plotlines. The continuity sucked on the show, so most of the characters wound up ruined. If this is to work, they need a clean slate. Go back to the original idea of story arcs with new casts each time. Season 1 was good.

    • Bryan says:

      “Go back to the original idea of story arcs with new casts each time.”

      Absolutely. A series of miniseries. They could “connect” them with Jack Coleman investigating different heroes, but they should start over with a new cast every season.

  20. Tran says:

    Guess we won’t see the last of Sylar but he’s always good at being bad or bad at being good.

  21. gcw07 says:

    This is great news. Still wish his character was killed off in the season 1 finale instead of living. It would have been much better to just move on then what they did. I still wish they had made it more of an anthology series with different characters and stories each season.

  22. Matt says:

    Screw you quinto

  23. Bark Star says:

    Wise choice, Zack.

  24. mike says: has a minor chance at being good then. Sylar should have been done in season 1

  25. dman6015 says:

    Sounds like someone’s getting a little too big for his creative britches. Who does he think he is, Christopher Eccleston?

  26. Maryann says:

    Thank goodness Sylar is not coming back! He should have stayed dead after he was first “killed” early in the series run. Now I am excited for the series. If he were returning, I would not watch.

  27. Maryann says:

    Is there any chance Milo might return? He was my favorite character from the original series.

  28. Jake says:

    Thank god. Sylar became annoying. I wouldn’t mind seeing Tracy Strauss come back, I really liked her ice/water powers, and the whole parking garage/ice freeze was probably the best special effects scene in the whole show. However, the writes screwed Ali Larter by giving her a crap story line and to many personalities.

  29. Dahnuh says:

    Does anyone else want to see Masi Oka to come back as awesome future Hiro? That could have some fun possibilities.

  30. Fido says:

    Have Sylar zapped by a Hero with the power to age people, then get Leonard Nimoy to play Old Sylar. QED. :)

  31. Danielle H. says:

    AHH so sad.. he was my absolute FAVORITE. Amazing on it!

  32. Charles.Harry says:

    If need be I will replace him

  33. Gary says:

    Bring back milo Zachary and hiro. Parkman. Won’t be same with out them. loved the show from start to finish Clair should come back to!!!