Vampire Diaries Recap: Kai-napped

Vampire Diaries Recap

Worst. High school. Reunion. Ever.

Kai dragged Elena back to hell Mystic Falls High in The Vampire Diaries‘ winter premiere for a stroll down memory lane — and an unhealthy dose of torture.

Damon convinced Liv to hit “pause” on her magic lessons with Jo and help him save Elena, but her fellow Wonder Twin wasn’t about to let his sister walk into #Kaimania, which left Jo — who, as Alaric noted, can “barely light a candle” — as Damon’s only cloaking option. (Side note: Did anyone else laugh out loud when Jo remarked, “What do you know, it worked!” I’m sure Damon wasn’t exactly thrilled to hear that from the mouth of his last line of defense.)

Vampire Diaries RecapJo was able to reunite the two halves of Delena, but it wasn’t long before she got a bloody nose — girl needs to get that wicked cocaine habit under control — and inadvertently exposed them all to Kai. What transpired was a terrifying display of Kai’s true power, as he used an illusion spell to convince Damon he was staking Kai… when he was really driving one right into Elena’s heart.

Fortunately, Jeremy — who was given a shirt by some awful person who hates this fandom — was waiting in the wings to shoot Kai with his mighty crossbow, followed by a little sedation action courtesy of Alaric. In the midst of all the chaos, Damon and Elena were also able to sneak in a pretty adorable moment, in which she pretended to still have a piece of a stake lodged in her heart, sending Damon into a (romantic) panic. Geez, Elena, twisted sense of humor, much? (Also, am I the only one pumped for that dinner she promised him?)


Vampire Diaries RecapCARE-TOO-MUCH-OLINE FORBES | There’s no doubt about it: Candice Accola is this week’s TVD M.V.P. Even more so than Sheriff Forbes — who spent the hour spouting heartbreaking lines like “I’m not dead yet” — Caroline brought this recapper to tears several times throughout the hour, especially in her final scene, which featured a devastating monologue about why she needs her mother to live a full life. But just as Paul Wesley warned TVLine, this week’s episode featured a harrowing final twist: The brain cancer patient who received Caroline’s blood, the one she thought she saved, ended up dying sooner; the vampire blood actually progressed the cancer. (At least we got a really sweet Stefan-Caroline moment to help dull the pain. A little hand-holding goes a long way on this show.)

Vampire Diaries RecapENZO’S REVENGENDA | Was anyone else expecting more fireworks between Enzo and Stefan this week? Damon’s former BFF followed Stefan to Duke University, where he quickly put two and two together, figuring out that Sarah “Nelson” is actually Stefan’s great-niece Sarah Salvatore (four times removed. Or whatever.) But rather than expose Stefan’s secret, or even go for Sarah’s jugular, Enzo actually displayed — dare I say it — restraint. Then again, these words have me thinking he won’t sit on the sidelines for much longer: “The best revenge is patient, cultivated. He won’t see it coming before it’s too late.” Yikes.

TWINEQUALITY | Note to Tyler Lockwood: If you’re reading this recap, you might want to stop right about… now. After preventing his sister from heading straight into Kai’s clutches, Luke received an interesting wake-up call: As it turns out, he‘s the more powerful twin, something Liv has been noticing over the past couple of months. “If we merge, you win and I die,” she told him. (Oh, man… just when I was starting to warm up to her, too.)

TVD fans, was this not a crazy episode of television? Do you think Caroline will find a way to prevent her mom from suffering the same fate as her “guinea pig”? And which twin(s) do you want to survive? Drop a comment with your thoughts, as well as your review of the episode, below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. nellie says:

    Andy! When is Bonnie coming back? Which episode number because truthfully thats all us Bonnie fans care about right now

  2. Skittles&Bits says:

    Why does Enzo hate Stefan again?

    • Andy Swift says:

      Isn’t it because he *thinks* Stefan killed his girlfriend, Maggie? It’s very Montagues-and-Capulets at this point, honestly.

    • hawk62 says:

      I believe because when he first met Stefan, Stefan wouldn’t shake his hand. And that he knows Stefan is a better man than he is. .

    • Isobel says:

      the whole torture thing by Tripp I think

    • Lisa says:

      Because Enzo is the only one who sees Stefan for who he really is. Everyone in Mystic Falls acts like Stefan is some superman, here to save the day. People die left and right because of him, he treats his friends like utter crap. but hey, that’s okay. It’s Stefan, so let’s forgive him. Meanwhile, when Damon pulls the same stuff, he is the devil himself and should punished for all eternity. I’m glad at least Enzo isn’t falling for that.

      • Brigid says:

        Wrong! Enzo’s character is worthless, I see no reason for him to be on this show and have no idea why he’s obsessed with Stefan. When has Stefan killed anyone that Elena loved? There is no comparison between the brothers.

    • B says:

      My theory is that Enzo hates Stefan simply because Stefan is Damon’s brother. Enzo believes that Stefan is a lousy brother to Damon and honestly I think he would readily take Stefan’s place in Damon’s life if given the chance.

  3. marie says:

    So Liz death will lead to romantic steroline. .. this kinda wrong.
    Andy? How do you, as a Steroline fan feel about this?

    • hawk62 says:

      I feel sick to the stomach

      • hawk62 says:

        Let me recap, Stefan and Carolina is like throw-up, and them together makes me sick to the stomach, they might as well bring lexi back and hook Stefan up with her…

    • Bird says:

      There are only 3 things even more predictable than a “Delena” rescue on this show: 1) Sheriff Forbes is basically dead, 2) the twin that isn’t dating anyone is going to survive (sad for the ones who are dating the other twins), 3) “Sarah” was dead the minute the character was introduced.

      • Daisy says:

        You bet Sarah will be dead before I say nah… Enzo being the one who will be snapping her face like he has been doing with all Stefan love ones, that is just his job this season for Enzo snapping necks and nothing else

  4. Jessica says:

    Steroline is still gross. I don’t care what anyone says. And it’s forced as hell.

    • Just_Wondering says:

      yes yes yes and yes totally agree

    • hawk62 says:

      Yes, yes, and that is going to kill the show even more

      • Brigid says:

        No what killed this show is the forced relationship between Damon and Elena. She hated him, turned into a vampire, was under a sire bond and somehow she’s magically in love with him. When did this happen? It goes against everything that human Elena stood for. I just don’t see it. I cringe when they are together and for me, it just doesn’t work. I don’t like Caroline with anyone they have paired her with accept when she was with Tyler the first time. Klaus disgusts me, Enzo is the dumbest character ever and Stefan is so much better as her friend. This show thrived in the first 3 years and has declined in quality and viewers since they had Elena and Damon hook up. Facts don’t lie.

        • Bird says:

          Problem is: Damon & Elena already consumated the relationship. It only goes downhill from there. Now, problem with Stefan is that Elena dumped him for his brother: she will never be desirable for him, ever again. Now, problem for the show is that you only have 2 Salvatore brothers and they are used up already: unless you find a believable long term love interest for each of them – and fast – the show is already doomed. Like it or not, the Salvatore need Caroline and Bonnie to bring new life to the story.

    • Emma says:

      Whatever do you mean you don´t think its organic to have everybody on show telling stefan to date caroline and then kill her mother so said mother can be deathbed guilted him into taking care of her! i´ve never heard of a more romantic thing in my life ;) and honestly i love paul i love candice and i loved steroline friendship but his attempt to make it sexy is failing so hard for me they have NO sexual chemistry at all its like watching siblings…..

    • Lindy says:

      Reasons why I feel Steroline is forced:
      1) Why did Caroline have to be the one to initiate – Nothing wrong with initiating but Caroline has a reputation of clinging to any man who shows her any bit of affection.
      2) How she went about trying to express her feelings was disastrous, we were back in s1 yet again with the immature, insecure, jealous & desperate Caroline.She spend most of the first half of the season angry & trying to guilt-trip Stefan into confessing feelings for her.
      3) Then throwing a tantrum because her feelings for Stefan were unrequited. All Stefan wanted was for things to go back to normal btwn them.
      4) Now with Liz dying and all & Caroline going to be left with no one in her life, Stefan is kinda backed into a corner & has no other option than to step up and become romantically involved with her.
      5) If and when they get together it will be purely out of sympathy for Caroline and not desire.
      Caroline should have allowed & respected Stefan to grieve for his brother in his own way, like how everyone else was. But no; she had to give him grief about him leaving her.
      They are better off as friends!

  5. Jason says:

    They should have Luke’s mind end up in Liv’s body. That would be uncharted territory and hilariously awkward for Tyler.

  6. See Vue says:

    Where’s Bonnie? No one mentioned Bonnie! Ugh!!

  7. Mona says:

    Since Enzo has been on this season just to kill out of revenge and nothing more and no purpose and his character had been underused cause that is the only job he has done so far just killing people out of nothing and with no purpose, It wotn be too long before he snaps Stefan and Damons niece neck because that is so far what he just do on thie story. You will see

  8. bluegossip says:

    i think its more like enzo will fall for sarah…thats where this is heading, they wouldnt kill off the last remaining salvatore that easily. Of course enzo will taunt stefan with closeness to sarah but ultimately he will fall for her.

  9. bluegossip says:

    enzo hates stefan because
    1. Jealousy of the bond between the salvatore brothers
    2. Stefan killed him
    3. Stefan tried to kill him
    4. He believes stefan is a hypocrite, and gets the hero title while being just as bad and as selfish as the rest of them. Yet they get called villains.

  10. cerreno says:

    They should this rename this show the the witches diaries and systematically kill all the vampires already. This show is so stupid now compared to its first season. I mean really.

  11. LaPiquante says:

    Loved it. Solid mid-season episode.
    But Jo hiding her bloody nose? Hilaaaarious. Sweetie, they’re Vampires. They know.
    I sort of liked Elena messing with Damon. Great little moment. Dark and twisted, but great.

  12. Jose says:

    why is enzo still here?? He already got his resolution when he escaped the dungeon (ergo he should have been written off a loong time ago

    And what was with Elena being TOO flirty with Damon towards the end of the episode?? the whole faking being close to death and wanting to buy damon dinner soooon badly?? felt awkward and weird

  13. Lindy says:

    Kai wiping off blood so tenderly off Elena’s cheek…Elena has this power to redeem despicable characters, could this be happening with Kai.
    This was a solid episode of TVD, Steroline was not too nauseating. I’m still hoping for a strong storyline for Enzo, I love his character but he’s just floating around with no clear purpose.
    If Jo is to merge with Kai, I kinda hope Kai lives, he’s very entertaining.

  14. jerrired says:

    The more I see of Kai, the more (against my better judgment) want him to live on for another season. I really like Jo and him. I was starting to like Liv (can’t say I like Luke but that’s only because he’s still underdeveloped and barely a character) but if I could pick which “wonder” twins stay, I need the Jo-Kai team to live on. The episode was actually pretty good, except Enzo still being around, the impending death of Sheriff Forbes, and lack of even a mention of Bonnie. Also, did anyone else randomly start shipping Katherine and Kai? They would have been a perfect couple… Not sure if the Chris-Nina romance rumors are real or publicity stunt but there was definitely some nice chemistry there.

  15. sara says:

    Caroline experimented on another human being without his consent but I bet the fact that she used a human being as a guinea pig will be swept under the rug for some Steroline drama and to ramp up the drama with her mom. Just like the time Caroline killed 12 witches and then the show never addressed the consequences of that…

  16. Megs says:

    Steroline was SO beautiful holy crap. Pretty much the only steroline haters I find are just klaroline and stelena shippers. There is nothing “gross” or “nauseating” about best friends finding love. Klaroline and stelena are both insanely abusive ships so I’m glad they don’t like steroline because that’s actually a credit to steroline lol

    • Letti says:

      Stelena abusive…? You kidding me? When did Stefan abuse Elena? Never. Klaroline might be abusive. Delena is def abusing. But Stelena no. And what would you think of Stefan and Lexi getting together? It would be still better than Steroline. They are so natural as friends. And no more.

      • Kay says:

        “When did Stefan abuse Elena?”

        When he threw her into a wall and punched next to her head. When he stalked her. When he repeatedly restrained her from trying to get away from him. When he abducted and threatened to murder her.

        Most of the ships on this show have been abusive at times. But people don’t want to acknowledge it about the ships they like, only the ones they hate.

        Megs, I’m with you, I’m enjoying Steroline so far. Shrug.

  17. Emmy says:

    Ok, so I’m seeing a lot of steroline is forced comments and I agree that this season it has been forced (btw the same can be said about felicity/oliver on arrow at the beginning of this season). Just because it’s forced now doesn’t necessarily mean you should write it off completely. Some of the best tv couples have been rooted in deep friendship, maybe the end result will justify the fact at how the writers did it….which coincidentally is exactly how I feel about olicity. Also, completely out there but did anyone else think Elena seemed not herself at the end, don’t get me wrong I’m all for fun loving Elena, but it seemed off. Wild theory but could she not actually be Elena (not saying she is Kai but maybe Kai had one more trick up his sleeve?)

    • Lindy says:

      Reasons why I feel Steroline is forced:
      1) Why did Caroline have to be the one to initiate – Nothing wrong with initiating but Caroline has a reputation of clinging to any man who shows her any bit of affection.

      2) How she went about trying to express her feelings was disastrous, we were back in s1 yet again with the immature, insecure, jealous & desperate Caroline.She spend most of the first half of the season angry & trying to guilt-trip Stefan into confessing feelings for her.

      3) Then throwing a tantrum because her feelings for Stefan were unrequited. All Stefan wanted was for things to go back to normal btwn them.

      4) Now with Liz dying and all & Caroline going to be left with no one in her life, Stefan is kinda backed into a corner & has no other option than to step up and become romantically involved with her.

      5) If and when they get together it will be purely out of sympathy for Caroline and not desire.

      Caroline should have allowed & respected Stefan to grieve for his brother in his own way, like how everyone else was. But no; she had to give him grief about him leaving her. She’s too needy!

      • nona says:

        The last sentence you post summed it up exactly why I do not like Caroline this season. Caroline should allow Stefan to grive his brother the way he felt and she should have given him time to do that and respect him but now it is always abotu Caroline and only me and me and she thought that just because Stefan did not pay attention to her for quite sometime, she believed it was because he did not care for her. BS Not that I want to wish Caroline bad thoughts if her mom dies but in the case she may ask for time off and grief, I hope Stefan does not give her time so she will feel exactly the same thing Stefan felt when he wanted to grive but Caroline did not let him

  18. Cas says:

    I like Stefan and Caroline. They are genuine. The best romances can come from being friends first in real life. I also enjoy Enzo. He makes me laugh.

  19. Sweetpea says:

    I seriously haven’t watched since sometime last season but there was nothing else on. Where did all those crazy witches come from and where is Bonnie? Who is this Kai and why does he hate the Mystic Falls bunch? When did Sheriff Forbes get cancer? Does Matt have a purpose on this show? How did Alaric come back to life?? I was so lost and it just didn’t seem to have the same punch it used to which is probably why I stopped watching.

    • nona says:

      Probably you are right that you stopped watching for the same reason why you have questions now. TVD had lost their mojo for sure. Until now we found out Sheriff Forbes has cancer, cause that was just addressed on the last episode of the mid season finale, just this past December. Kai is a a very evil vampire who was stucked in 1994 along side Bonnie and Damon when Bonnie and Damon supposedly die last season and went to the other side or somewhere in limbo, when the other side collapsed, in this case the other side was 1994 and there they ran into Kai. Bonnie could not return to the present day cause Kai did not want her to return and now she is stucked in 1994. Kai could return to present and so did Damon at different times, first Damon then time later Kai.. Kai is after his siblings for vengeance due to some events that took place when the siblings were young, so Kai hate his siblings. Kai’s siblings are the doctor Jo, and the twin witches Liv and Luke.

  20. stuntdevil28 says:


  21. Kim says:

    Am I the only one that kinda hoped Elena was just going to die right then and there?? #wishfulthinking

    • B says:

      I was sort of hoping that was going to be the much anticipated twist that Paul Wesley was talking about in interviews. Only wishful thinking .

  22. Sara says:

    I’m sorry but Damon and Elena hold no interest for me. It’s the same crap over and over with these two. Never mind the fact that they seem to have completely forgotten about Bonnie. Nothing matters except for those two getting together I guess. I’m just so tired of the laser focus on these two and the stupid ‘will they, won’t they’ stuff.
    It’s always about saving Elena. Yawn.

  23. Daisy says:

    I think Im seeing a different kind of series not TVD, cause many people believe this season is rocking and great. I am sorry but I am seeing another show instead cause I dont see any of that this season, not at all. The only thing I like on this season is Kai, Alaric amd the Gemini story. Elena the damsel in distress always since whe became a vampire and also annoying and always the victim, then Stefan and Caroline Im fed up with that non sense relationship and now to think that they will be a couple or develop a relationship just because Caroline mom will die that is just gross!! I mean why do not let Caroline be alone for a while what is the rush of finding her a man, She is much better as a friend.

    Bonnie always the victim i n all of this and the one who sacrifices for all so her story had been under utilized. Enzo not what I was expecting this season after all the hype he was given last seasoin, now he just became a snap neck dude for all Stefan love ones and that has been really his only duty this season, also underused.

    Jeremy well, he was terrible he really did not do anything important just got drunk because of Bonnie and that has only been his duty also, getting drunk and have fun due to Bonnies absence he did not really have a job this sesson either, no wonder why he is leaving the series, even Julie Plec said it it was time for Jeremy to go that means she is acceptiong Jeremys was not going to have any more interesting stories this season so it was better to let him go.

    Matt well the only one acceptable this season. Damon well I like his sarcastic character and his jokes but that is only thing I had liked about Damon this season
    Ohh the times when Season 1 2 and even 3 really rocked with wise stories and character development and the show was great when Klaus was around and the Original family.

    Elena and Dmaon the same thing over and over again, it is tiring.

    I do not know what the writers or Julie Plec are thinking this season ?

  24. Liza says:

    Didn’t see the episode for the first time since i started watching tvd. Don’t feel that i missed much. It’s still about delena and steroline don’t care about that. Hope we will get to see more of bonnie and matt soon, they seem to be the only good thing that this show has left.

  25. HBenji says:

    I see absolutely no sexual chemistry between Stefan and Caroline….Stefan acts more like a big brother to me. Also the whole Enzo wanting revenge on Stefan feels so forced! Really Damon left you to burn in that cellar, and you forgave him, but you’re somehow more mad at Stefan, because Stefan gave up on searching for you? Perhaps I’m getting to old, but this all just seems to trivial and immature.

  26. Tonilove says:

    I found this to be the most BORING episode of the Vampire Diaries I have ever seen. Too many characters doing very stupid things. Why didn’t Elena press her advantage when she set Kai on fire? She can move at super speed and for all his power, Kai still has human reflexes. Why didn’t Damon and Jo incapacitate Kai when the walked right passed them in the hall? That would have made rescuing Elena a whole lot easier.

    Caroline forcing her blood on a human was disgusting. Since when is human experimentation OK? I am so mad they are ruining Caroline/Stefan friendship for a forced relationship. Is it not possible for two people of the opposite sex to be just friends on this show?

    I couldn’t care less about Enzo or his vendetta. He is such a one dimensional character it’s hard to care about him.

    I also couldn’t care less about the wonder twins and their merging. Tell me what would happen if they took out Kia and the twins simply refused to merge? This whole merging thing is too weird. If witches serve nature and balance, tell me what is natural about killing your sibling and absorbing them? Seems like dark magic to me.

    Matt and Jeremy might as well join Bonnie in 1994. At least they’d have story line.

    Speaking of Bonnie, they know she is alive and stuck in that prison. I think it rather crappy NONE of her “friends” are trying to figure out a way to get her back to the present. They are the worst friends ever!

  27. nomorevampsforme says:

    The only characters worth watching is Matt and Bonnie even a little of Jeremy was worth watching, even if his story was also lousy and did not add anything relevant this season but hey he is leaving the series good for him cause I would not wanted to stick around this mess anymore. . Matt is the only decent guy left on the show. I feel for him to have such a lousy friends like the rest. The rest are not worth watching anymore. Forced relationships, always about Delena or Elena, a guy who only has in mind revenge and that is the only thing he does and I could care less about it. Whatever happen to the show I fell in love with 6 seasons ago. I guess there is not one ounce left of that show anymore. This just has just became pathetic and lame. I think I will stick to Grimm or Arrow, they are more entertaining now, they have their flaws sure like other shows but TVD really take the cake for being the worst show at this season. The writers do not know anymore where to take the story and their characters. I hope next season is the last one so the producers will take us all out of our misery for turning a once beloved show into a really really bad and lousy one.

  28. Alysha says:

    Can anyone please clear this up for me; I thought that Enzo had captured Matt last episode? Did I somehow miss how he got away? Thanks!