Parenthood Recap: Baby Love

Parenthood Amber Gives Birth

The title of Parenthood’s penultimate episode — “We Made It Through the Night” — could just as easily describe the NBC drama’s viewing audience as accurately as it does the family at its center.

Even though many of us are now emotionally compromised from watching Thursday’s installment, we are indeed nearing the end of the Bravermans’ on-screen journey — and this week’s events, while tearjerking (duh), seem to be bringing the beloved series to a sweet conclusion.

After all, how could you not love the episode’s tender moments? Adam helping a student make the perfect soufflé? Sarah and Amber’s lovely duet? Amber naming her son Zeek?! (Speaking of which, would it be inappropriate to write the remainder of this recap solely through the use of iPhone’s ugly-cry emoji? I swear I’m a professional.)

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s break down what the Bravermans encountered in the second-to-last… sniff… episode… sniff… ever. (There’s that ugly-cry emoji rearing its head again!)

ZEEK & HIS SONS | After his latest stint in the hospital, it’s time for Zeek to make a decision about his heart. While on a hike with Camille — which seems remarkably dangerous to me — Zeek admits that he doesn’t want to undergo another risky operation, preferring instead to enjoy the time he has left. And what better way to break the news to the kids than at a family dinner with the Original Six?

Well, as most get-togethers with Crosby and Adam have been going these days, the dinner quickly gets heated as the brothers reminisce about a childhood memory of… knife-wielding? The root problem, of course, is the uncertain future of The Luncheonette. After Crosby learns about Jasmine’s under-the-radar chat with Adam, he feels his older brother is pitying him and decides to leave the recording studio after all. (Was that the sound of 4 million viewers sighing at once? Or just me?)

Fortunately, the entire episode isn’t a wash for Adam, who unearths his long-lost love for French cuisine throughout the hour. When a Chambers Academy student asks Adam to be his mentor in the kitchen for the school’s career week, the eldest Braverman is happy to oblige. And, despite Max’s glass-half-empty outlook on the chances that Chambers’ students will ever find jobs, Adam and his mentee pull off quite the impressive soufflé.

JOEL & JULIA | It’s official: Joel is moving back in with the family! Yay, right? Well, Victor’s not totally convinced that his dad won’t bail again at the first sign of trouble, and he’s got a point. When Julia’s former beau, Chris, starts calling her about work, she and Joel open up a whole ‘nother can of worms — in other words, “How many people did you sleep with while we were apart, honey?”

Later, after Julia insists they need to air their grievances, Joel admits he’s too scared to argue with his wife again. But Julia’s too scared not to talk things out, and so they do. Outside in the car, the couple hashes out everything — Chris, Julia’s job, how many people she slept with — and although the conversation doesn’t exactly go smoothly, there is a happy ending: Joel and Julia wake up next to each other the next day, all smiles (and little clothing for Joel, which is totally fine with me).

SARAH & AMBER | OK, I confess. I haven’t always been #TeamHank as Sarah figured out her relationship with him, but he’s turned into a pretty cool guy and an excellent fiancée. Case in point? After Sarah tells Zeek that she’s going to be married, she confesses to Hank that she wants to have the wedding soon — like, the following weekend — because, “I just want to make sure that my dad is there.” (Lauren Graham, you are killing me.) Not only is Hank totally understanding, but the man who once couldn’t make eye contact with his own girlfriend is now able to tell her what a beautiful person she is, inside and out, thanks to Zeek. Well-played, Hank. Well-played.

As for Amber? Oh, no big deal. She’s just about to become a mom! Indeed, after suffering a false alarm a few nights prior, Amber’s positive that the baby is really on its way this time. And just as Sarah predicted, something shifts when Amber holds her child — who she names Zeek — and she doesn’t seem to feel that keeping the baby is a mistake (a fear she guiltily confessed to her mom earlier in the episode).

Some parting thoughts:

* “You’re my hero” (Amber to Sarah) and “I can hardly wait to walk you down the aisle” (Zeek to Sarah) are tied for Most Tearjerking Lines of the Hour.

* How have we not heard Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman sing together since, what, Season 2? And is that song available for download?

* Of all the episode-ending montages we’ve seen in these last six seasons, this week’s — set to a gorgeous cover of “Ave Maria” — ranks among my favorites. (Kristina’s thumbs-up apology to Jasmine was particularly adorable.)

* Did anyone else notice Adam briefly unleashing The Fever after he and Edgar mastered their soufflé? Fleeting, but awesome.

What were your favorite moments in Parenthood’s penultimate episode? Are you all stocked up on tissues for next week’s series (!) finale? Hit the comments!

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  1. cesar says:

    Can we please give Lauren Graham the EMMY for the amazing work she did on this episode!!!

    That duet was amazing and just perfect

    The scene with Sarah and Zeek heartbreaking

    Give her the EMMY!!!

    • Bryce says:

      This is one of those shows that will go down forever in snub history. Everyone does such fantastic work.

      • Jon says:

        You’re right, but it still drives me crazy that Parenthood has never won a major Emmy or Globe or SAG, given that it has, IMO, the best ensemble cast on TV. I mean, if Monica Potter didn’t win after the cancer arc, I knew they were never going to win anything, but *still*. I guess they make it look too easy…

        • Melinda says:

          You hit the nail on the head. They don’t seem like they are acting. All of the fans of this show relate to the characters as real people.

      • cesar says:

        Yes it’s completely sad that they are snub every year. I think season one Mae Whitman should have won a Emmy, followed by Monica potter. This season I want the whole cast to be awarded for the great years they blessed our tv screens.

        • mary says:

          They would in the olden days when it was just the 3-4 networks competing. The competition is far & wide with so many networks’ excellent offerings now.

    • shelly says:

      Totally agree lauren Graham was amazing. The emotion left me breathless. Loved every part of this episode. Enjoyed the exchanges between Christina and Jasmine, and it was nice to see Adam find his passion, but lauren g and craig Nelson knocked their scenes out of the ball bark. I simply didn’t have enough tissues

  2. Bryce says:

    So expectedly good. I hope next week’s episode doesn’t focus too much on the wedding as the promo did, but I have such faith in p-hood it really doesn’t matter. I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the finale. This series really may end up being my favorite of all time. I can’t wait to see how it ends, but I wish I could wait forever for it to. As the song in the show tonight said, “I’m sorry we don’t have forever.”

  3. Bryce says:

    I’m definitely going to miss Joel’s shirtless body, too. It’s the stuff of dreams.

  4. forg9587 says:

    Very emotional scene between Zeek and Sarah

    I like how they handle Joel and Julia story, they didn’t shy away of what would be their issues in the future but remained hopeful

    The series finale will have a wedding but I hope not a funera

  5. Bryce says:

    I keep picturing the finale being Six Feet Under-ish, even though I know that’s not a real possibility. It’s just interesting to think about. I loved the Fishers, but I hold the Bravermans so much dearer. I hope we get to see them in the future, but if I saw them die I would probably never recover.

    • Lukas says:

      You took all the words right out of my mouth. I feel exactly the same, and had the very same thought. Since the Six Feet Under finale was the best there has ever been, why not follow the same formula? Would have been brilliant. And Peter Krause, having been in both, should have pitched the idea.

    • Mary says:

      Call me hopeful but I don’t think anyone will die next week. I think the writers set it up that Zeek is not having the surgery so yes he will die probably soon but will not actually show him dying. At least that is what I am praying for. I am going to miss this show. I swear that I think Parenthood was the only show where I am laughing one minute and crying my eyes out the next. I think this is the only show where I am deeply sadden that it is done.

    • Scott says:

      I loved the Six Feet Under ending. It was perfect.

  6. Kate says:

    I can’t believe this shows finale is next week I’m not ready for goodbye to my favorite tv family. Although I am greatful I get to say goodbye

  7. Alicia says:

    Once again, just a beautifully written, beautifully acted episode. The mother/daughter (Sarah & Amber) & father/daughter (Zeek & Sarah) were especially poignant. I also loved seeing Joel & Julia talking/yelling things out and yet waking up hopeful again.

  8. Tran says:

    Can’t wait to see how it all ends next Thursday. Save for one more box of Kleenex in the next seven days.

  9. schu says:

    Not ready for it to end! But so appreciative of the constant amazingness of this show and just everything Braverman.

  10. herman1959 says:

    Joni Mitchell’s song was so perfect at that moment.

    • Jon says:

      Wasn’t that lovely? I had forgotten what a good voice Lauren has. I love that Parenthood isn’t afraid to have such a quiet, simple scene in the penultimate episode.

  11. 134sc says:

    Great Episode as always, but…

    Where the hell was Drew? I realize that this season due to the lowering budget the cast was not going to appear in every episode, but you’d think that this was an important one for Drew to be in. Surely he could have been removed from an earlier episode. No?

    And I would have liked to see Zeke tell his kids about the non-operation on screen. To have the dinner, and then have said reason for the dinner, be off camera made no sense to me. Its almost as if it was cut from the episode…was it?

    And just a season observation: Where did Drew’s girlfriend go? She was there until she wasn’t. Not complaining, just pointing it out.

  12. Brooklyn Exile says:

    Ashamed to say I first watched this show about 2 months ago on a plane. I was stunned at the perfect writing and ensemble cast. I will watch the finale and be grateful for whatever portion of this masterpiece I was able to be a witness to.

  13. JB says:

    I started to tear up AGAIN while reading this recap. I can’t wait, but also dread next week. Why does NBC give the biggest loser 2 hours and Parenthood 1. UGH!

  14. RG says:

    Who was singing Ave Maria?

  15. Joey Padron says:

    Great episode. Not good Adam & Crosby fought argue in front of Zeek twice. Sarah & Amber’s scenes was great. Sweet Amber named her son after Zeek. Glad Zeek will see Sarah get married again. Sad there’s only more episode left.

  16. Eliza says:

    Oh, man, I am not ready to say goodbye to the Braverman family.
    Beautiful work by Lauren Graham. She made my eyes very misty.
    I am so glad that Sarah found a great guy – one who cherishes her and supports her. He’s a positive addition to the huge Braverman crew.

  17. Stacy says:

    Please don’t ignore Bonnie Bedelia’s spectacular performance here, perfectly understated and heartbreaking. As she quietly supported and accepted Zeek’s decisions throughout the episode, her eyes offered her own journey of coming to grips with letting him go.

    Lauren Graham knocked her big scene out of the park. Parenthood always pulls on the heartstrings, but this was so believable and well telegraphed. One of the most honest TV cries I’ve seen.

    I love Mae Whitman, but why does TV insist on only showing women in labor screaming like they’re being murdered? And where the heck was Drew?! Poor choice in absence, execs. Amber’s naming of the baby was expected, but no less moving.

    I really liked seeing Adam shine. He gets to help someone achieve their dreams, without it being merely his obligation as a brother or husband.

    After last week’s episode I was getting nervous about their ability to start tying up some of these storylines. This week’s episode was a much needed reassurance. It also reminded me why previous seasons used all cast members in every episode. It’s a strength of theirs. (I’m still grateful for my scaled back final season, don’t misunderstand!)

    • Suzanne says:

      Bonnie Bedelia was my favorite in this episode. She was able to convey so much with just a few words and some tears. I loved the looks between her and Zeek at the dinner table, and the “are you ready to have that conversation with them,” comment during the portrait.

    • Roeshamred says:

      Totally agree with everything!! So well stated. Especially about the childbirth part. I’m going to miss this show – my favorite by far.

  18. Lovely says:

    It was a pretty good episode. In terms of Zeek’s death, I don’t think we’ll see it on screen. I think they will probably do a 5 years later type thing and the family will be at the dinner table without Zeek or something. At this point they don’t have the time to have Zeek die and have the family process it. Of course they aren’t going to end the series with a death… The series will end on a happy note because it’s a pretty happy show. Zeek would have had to die several episodes ago. Just like on Six Feet Under when Nate died mid season and each family member had to deal his death in their own way. The only thing I’m confused about is the actor who plays Zeek saying he isn’t happy with the finale. I’m like dude, you made it all the way to the end of the series, you should be ecstatic. I thought they were going to kill Zeek off mid-season for dramatic effect. Honestly, I think that would have probably been better. It would have been very interesting to see how each Braverman child dealt with their father’s death, etc.

    • Stacy says:

      I’m thinking they’re either going to end it with him alive, but with his very near death implied, or they’ll show his grave or funeral in a final montage or quiet scene.

  19. dorica says:

    parenthood is one of the more gentler shows, which makes me tear up every time…I’m beginning to be so sad that it’s ending next week.
    I’ve had to part from previous, of the same genre shows, which I loved, in the past:
    thirtysomething, once and again, brothers and sisters, and now parenthood…
    thanks for introducing me to beautiful music. this time, the ending was accompanied by the song “every age”, from the album”vestiges & claws” by JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ.
    I wish we all could have a say, and parenthood would stay!!

  20. SAP says:

    Hi, was wondering can you find out the designer/maker and style of Ambers boots that we got a glimpse in her duet last night?

    • Kate says:

      Seriously? You are nowhere near the right site for that.

      • SAP says:

        Yes actually, the comment about Joel’s body was “different”, as were a few others. Nevertheless, thanks for the quick response.

        • AmbersAwesomeBoots says:

          SAP – great question! This question has been on my mind (though obviously not at the forefront) since I viewed the episode. And I’ve come up empty on answers. Any luck?

  21. Kate says:

    Ugly crying. Actually — OOOOgly crying. Next week, I might need to be hospitalized.

  22. neaorlean says:

    I’m going to miss this show, but there’s one thing I can’t wait to get rid of – Monica Potter and her obnoxious character. I realize I’m a minority, but she’s unbearable and I really hoped Kristina was going to die a few seasons ago… She’s constantly fighting with somebody and then they all forgive her because of things like a “thumbs up apology”, wtf is a thumbs up apology, it’s nothing, it’s not adorable, it’s just nothing. I literally can’t stand her on my TV, I don’t want to ever see her again in anything and the character – well I said it all, I really wanted her out of the show, all that time she’s been the only thing I couldn’t stand in that show. I don’t understand why people like Kristina.

    • Diane says:

      You are not alone about the character. I think Monica Potter does a great job portraying what I think is a truly obnoxious character.

      • neaorlean says:

        Maybe it’s just the character, I haven’t seen Monica Potter in anything else so maybe she’s not always like that – face as if she’s cleaning dog vomit and voice that can wake the dead.Kristina just thinks that she’s better than anybody, she keeps having those fights… Do you remember in season 1 when they caught Amber and Haddie with weed and Kristina humiliated Sarah, and then it turned out the weed was Haddie’s, and then she didn’t even really apologize, it was something like a thumbs up apology again. I’ve hated her since then.

        • Linderellabelle says:

          I was wondering when someone was going to mention Kristina “My Way or the Highway” Braverman…glad I’m not the only one who has been bothered by her self-righteousness throughout the series. Even her cancer experience didn’t cause me to like her – I know that’s harsh – but that’s my impression. BTW, it’s amazing Jasmine would even want to work for Kristina and a thumb’s up sign is NOT an apology. I also didn’t get that Adam had a long suppressed love for French cooking – but what drove his passion was providing support to the student. That’s just who Adam is – he’s the support person everyone wants on their team. That’s why I don’t think it’s over for Adam and Crosby – at least I hope it’s not.

          • neaorlean says:

            Yeah, it seems the whole family is bending backwards for Kristina, they were going around asking people to vote for her, they now apparently work in her school, and all she does is feel better than everybody else. Kristina decides to run for mayor, done, let’s all stop whatever we’re doing and help, Kristina decides to open a school, amazing, how can we help, Kristina yells at us, aw, we did something wrong, but we still love Kristina. I’m ready to say buh bye to St Kristina. Today during the montage of her walking around the school it seemed for a second that she’s going to die, you know how they do those montages in episodes right before they kill off a character… They said somebody’s going to die, why couldn’t it be her… And wishing she died during cancer season doesn’t make us bad, after all, we’re wishing it on a TV character, not a real person, and she’s obnoxious. I would’ve been happy with her just leaving like Haddie did (did I mention I also can’t stand Haddie? It’s unreal how they cast a mother and daughter who look so much alike and act alike), she didn’t necessarily have to die, just send her to a journey around the world or something. I’d be happy with that.

          • Stacy says:

            I agree about Adam. He takes pride and joy in helping others make their dreams a reality.

    • B says:

      I usually find her annoying, too. Especially when she’s dealing with Max. I get that she and Adam are his parents, but I feel like they lay it on so thick when thy talk to him about a problem. Of course he won’t believe them when they do that, “You’re not only employable, you’re going to employ tons of other people” thing. They did the same thing with Dylan and look how that turned out. (Although that was more Adam.)

      • neaorlean says:

        Yeah I know what you mean, it’s the same as the Haddie and Amber thing from season one – their kids are the best and never make any mistakes, and if she has to admit they do, she still won’t do anything about it, but if somebody else makes a mistake, she would call them on it and not let go till there’s a big family fight. Imagine somebody harassing Max the way he harassed Dylan, she’d bite their head off.

    • mary says:

      I also can’t stand Monica Potter & her obnoxious character. I have seen her in other parts & I didn’t like her in any. She is type of person who must be in control of everything at home & in public.

    • Jamie says:

      I genuinely was not cool with Kristina’s “apology thumbs up”. She is truly immature and obnoxious, and she owed Jasmine and Crosby an apology after yelling at them in the hospital. Adults handle problems by calmly discussing them, but no, Kristina handles them by making faces at family members until they ask what’s wrong and then attacks them. I will not miss her at all. Monica Potter however is a killer actress. She works her ass off to make me hate that character on the regular.

      • Melinda says:

        And the point is that we are supposed to love all these characters all the time, but that’s not how life works. In real life we have family members we adore and others whom we love but challenge us. I’m sure there is a Kristina in all of our lives as well as a Hank, whom many viewers did not like. Maybe we weren’t supposed to. Maybe he was supposed to grow on us and teach us lessons about the blessing and the curse of being different. Each character is flawed and that’s what makes this show so special. We are all justifiably angry that we are losing something really special. We’re all going down kicking and screaming. I would call this show a success.

  23. Patrícia says:

    I cried because of that Soufflé, just saying

    • Saabgirlatx says:

      Was that a moment where Adam found his passion (helping others??). I got a bit misty, too.

      I was glad for the air being cleared about the luncheonette, then sad for Crosby when he said it was about being with his brother. I did wish that he would have partnered with Amber and kept the studio going.

      • Stacy says:

        I’m wondering/hoping that Crosby & Adam will decide to pursue a different dream, but together. Maybe opening a music school or restaurant?

  24. ... says:

    It was a very sweet gesture on Amber’s part, but too bad Zeek is kind of a dumb name. I always thought that might’ve just been his nickname or something, but I guess not.

  25. Caro says:

    I still don’t like Hank at all… He’s nice as a distant acquiantance IMO but NOT as a husband for Sarah!
    Also, I still feel that the whole Joel walking out storyline was out of character. He left?!? didn’t want to fight for his marriage and when hunky Chris showed up, he wanted back. Anyway, I’m happy they’re back together.
    Those are the only two storylines I have difficulties with, I loved everything else! It was a show where things went the way it would in real life instead of pushing problems on us just for storyline purposes (except the Joel and Hank things). I haven’t been crying like everybody on twitter, it seems, but I have enjoyed thr show A LOT and still recommend it to my friends. It was great to watch!

    • Saabgirlatx says:

      I’m glad they showed them dealing with the issues about Chris and her life while they were separated. Those were things I felt would come up (in a negative way to Joel) and it kinda showed they hadn’t really thought it all through. I’m glad Julia stuck up for herself and made him communicate with her now.

    • Stacy says:

      I always found the entire Joel/Julia storyline arduous. He not only walks out but refuses counseling, and Julia then paints herself the victim after making a series of bad decisions. He tells her to move on because he is, then reconciles and admits he hasn’t slept with anyone else and is basically mad because she did.

  26. shelia says:

    i really loved parenthood, i hate that they are taking it off, i can hardly wait for it to come on next week. i know i’m gonna cry. everybody on there deserves an emmy

  27. Kim R says:

    Okay. Can we just give Parenthood the “Performer of the Week” award this week? I think I had tears in my eyes the entire episode. Sometimes sad tears and sometimes happy tears, but tears none the less. I am SO going to miss the Braverman’s. I wish they weren’t moving away. ;)

    • Roeshamred says:

      Totally agree – this show is amazing!!! Supposedly there is one more twist for Joel and Julia next week (I assume they will be together – yeah!!) I think they might adopt another child. Thoughts??

  28. Saabgirlatx says:

    I wish I’d never read that someone was going to die during these final episodes because as I watch these lovely scenes I keep waiting for it. Some “scoops” should stay hidden. Can’t believe there is only one episode left. I hope we get a few years in the future montage to see how they are all doing.

  29. miriams2kids says:

    It brought me to tears when Zeek went to the hospital to see Amber and to find out Amber named the baby after him. Going to really miss this show, it’s sad to see the Zeek will eventually die but it was a good decision to not undergo surgery and then complications happens where he wasn’t able to meet his great grandson or walk Sarah down the aisle. I believe the writers will not show the death of Zeek but will instead have him around for the last episode to enjoy his family. Adam as we saw on this episode I think he already found what he truly wants to do with his life. I also hope next week episode they don’t focus a lot on the wedding and focus more on how each member are going to be doing with there new journey

  30. Adam says:

    I kept thinking Zeek would change his mind about another operation, especially after meeting his 1st great grand baby. But, he is sound in his decision. A wedding next week and not a funeral (thankfully). I hope they leave the final episode open ended in regards to Zeeks health and longevity.

    • Adam says:

      – and on a side note. BOTH Adam and Crosby were very selfish arguing and fighting at their parents dinner. Save it for a different time/ place.

      • Stacy says:

        I didn’t even see it as fighting as much as siblings bickering, especially when comparing childhood memories. I thought it was more that Zeek couldn’t really handle even that mild stress anymore, it’s just too taxing for him. Maybe I’m just projecting though, as that’s what I’ve noticed with my own aging grandmother with a heart condition.

  31. Paul says:

    Dear God THIS SHOW NEVER Ceases To Amaze Me With The Talent And Acting . How This Gem Never Has Been Recognized Is Amazing And Sad. Not Another Show On Television Has The Acting Or Writing This SHOW Weekly Puts Out.

  32. Daisy says:

    Rebecca, I had to laugh at your The Fever comment (re: Adam and the souffle). I rewound that part about 5 times because Peter Krause looked so damn cute doing it. I cried the entire hour, but most hard after Amber told Zeek that she named her baby after him. What an awesome episode. This show will, hands down, go down as one of my favorite shows of all time–right along with Friday Night Lights (also a Jason Katims show), Felicity, The Good Wife, and Veronica Mars.

  33. Lauren says:

    I honest to goodness feel that every single person affiliated with this show needs to get a big standing ovation. I don’t think we will ever ever EVER again find this kind of quality TV with such heart, soul, and depth… The truest depiction of what family is all about. The way the Bravermans have captured our hearts, is a testament to the impeccable writing that kept us coming back and watching week after week. Thursday night will not be the same without the Braverman clan! You can bet I will be buying all seasons on DVD, and then I can spend time with the Bravermans anytime I want!! LOL

  34. Luis says:

    I nominate Lauren Graham for mother of every teenage girl on T.V.

  35. Gwen says:

    Keep the ‘luncheonette,’ and make it a real one, with Adam the chef out front, not the bookkeeper.

    GREAT episode. Zeek is annoying though; it’s Zeke. :)

  36. Pat says:

    Another episode that had me in tears. The scenes with Sarah and Zeek had me crying my heart out, especially since they reminded me of my own father who passed away from heart disease. The last scene in the hospital with Zeek holding the baby was an absolutely beautiful scene and again I was crying. Now, the only two criticisms that I have were the two scenes one in the hospital and the other sitting at the dinner table when they were loudly fighting and watching the sad expression on Zeek’s face, both times. I just wanted Camille to stand up and tell them to shut the H–L UP!!! I am not looking forward to the end of this show which happens to be next week.😢😢😢

  37. Melinda says:

    Sarah and Hank in the darkroom was so well done by both actors. They make you feel as if you are peeking in on a real life moment. That has always been the strength of this show, the real life moments. We relate to the characters in this wonderful six year drama. So sad to see it end.

  38. Cindy says:

    Great review. And the song that Lauren and Mae were singing, ‘The Circle Game’ by Tom Rush should be available on a CD. I have it on a folk song CD from Time-Life Music.

  39. Eileen says:

    Such great writing- I’ve loved every episode. I felt the same way about Brothers and Sisters- great writing. It’s rare for TV and I wonder what new show will come along next. I was sorry they left Drew and Seth out of this episode. I mean really? Drew miss his sister having a baby? No way! They have been so close! Camille’s eyes convey every emotion!

  40. Melinda says:

    I think Lauren as Sarah actually references “Joni”. This is a show you need to watch more than once to get all the nuances. I’m not ready to say good-bye.

  41. Kanstey says:

    Amber would NOT have had her baby without her brother present. They’re too close for him to have been absent.

  42. Paula says:

    Does anyone know the name of and, more importantly, who sang the song that was being sung when Zeek walked Sarah down the aisle? I think it was called It Was Always You?? It was not Maroon 5. I would like to download it. Thank you!

  43. Jessie says:

    I love how Sarah and Hank have no idea where the keys are when Amber goes into labor MAJOR LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!