Ratings: As Empire Rises (Again), SVU and Minds Tie Lows; Arrow Steady

Empire Ratings

Fox’s Empire continues to reign, delivering this Wednesday night 11 million total viewers and a 4.4 rating (per finals), rising (7 and 10 percent) for a second consecutive week and easily topping the night in the demo.

UPDATE: Fox notes that Empire is the first No. 1 new drama in 21-1/2 years (since Moon Over Miami) to grow in both Week 2 and Week 3.

Opening Fox’s night, American Idol (11.8 mil/3.4) was up 8 and 13 percent, drawing Wednesday’s largest audience.


NBC | Leading out of a Mysteries of Laura rerun, Law & Order: SVU (6.8 mil/1.3) slipped a tenth to tie its series low. Chicago P.D. (7 mil/1.5) was steady.

THE CW | Arrow returned to 3.1 mil and a 1.1, matching its winter finale. The 100 (1.5 mil/0.5) was down a tenth from its last broadcast out of a fresh Arrow and even with its winter finale.

CBS | The Mentalist (9.6 mil/1.1) ticked up a tenth, Criminal Minds (10.3 mil/2.0) slipped two tenths (tying a series low) and Stalker (8.1 mil/1.5) was flat.

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  1. Tran says:

    What a comeback for Taraji P. Henson and life after POI will never be the same for the Oscar nominated actress. EMPIRE RULES.

  2. David4 says:

    Hopefully this is just more proof that most people don’t are what color skin an actor has, just give us good shows and movies!

    • dude says:

      I hope this leads to networks really making an effort to diversify and make quality shows instead of ABC’s we’ll throw you a bone line-up of black-ish, Fresh Off The Boat and Cristela.

      • Antwon says:

        I bet you networks are already scrambling to do just that for the coming Fall season. It happened with Scandal (Lead by AA actress) and we will see the other networks launch shows with majority Black casts. It’s how the business works. When the TV show Friends took off…networks tried to copy it but no one could duplicate the chemistry or magic.

        • TigerLIL says:

          You on the money Antwon cause this is a money game. If the people were green and bringing in the advertising dollar then it going to be on. Black women watch TV period. Cookie round the way girl character is driving the viewing numbers and her sparing partner Anika is the perfect polar opposite and it makes their conflict interesting. The gay story line is pulling up the rating too and the fact that Cookie and that particular son on the same team (both are “outcast”) make the show entertaining but beyond that you are pulling for the both of them. The best thing to happen is cable TV giving netwok TV some competition allowing diversification to happen in the marketplace. Wow and Mary Jane coming back too I’m glad some of the more talented AA actresses are getting a shot at showcasing their skills too, this is good for the power of creating opportunity…JMO

      • Actually Black-ish is a very well written, smart show and is definitely not a “throw us a bone” effort.

      • Reality says:

        Cristela is the first sitcom created by and starring a Latina woman. Not to mention it’s the first sitcom paired with Last Man Standing to actually do this well, a season 2 is pretty much already a given.

        Blackish is the first African American family sitcom on broadcast TV in a while, created by and produced by AA men. I admit it’s not entirely my cup of tea, but it’s done very well as the first sitcom to successfully perform in the post Modern Family slot. A season 2 is also likely to happen.

        Fresh Off the Boat… I don’t really have anything since it hasn’t started yet. I know the guy who created it fought for ABC to use that title, but I can see how that could turn people off immediately. It could do well, but based on the complete lack of enthusiasm I’ve seen for it… this probably won’t do well.

        But even if ‘Boat is a failure, that’s still 2 successful minority-leading sitcoms out of 3. Also, even if you don’t like them, their success (along with Empire’s and others) gives more of a chance to the next diverse show that gets pitched to the networks.

  3. Julia says:

    Wow Empire is killing it!! So happy that an African American led show is leading the pack…amazing. Hopefully this makes TV executives pay attention and have more diversified quality entertainment available for the masses.

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    Loving Empire.

  5. Tori Coop says:

    LOL SVU. Can someone please dig this soap opera a grave and bury it once an for all?

    • Zoe says:

      Don’t knock SVU! There’s a reason it’s stuck around for as long as it has. It’s still a darn good show, and severely underrated.

  6. jj says:

    so glad to see empire doing well! Taraji is brilliant

  7. Joy Davidson says:

    Stalker was flat?! 8.00 viewers and a 1.5 rating is not flat!

  8. Empire is terrific. The cast, with the exception of the sons, who are terrible, is flawless. I want Gabby to get something to do pronto, though. I haven’t enjoyed a show like this so much since season one of the Dallas reboot. Love it.

  9. Whatever happened to the ratings for Helix and 12 Monkeys?

  10. Antwon says:

    I’m sure this show is not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s fine. We like what we like. I am addicted to this show. Ratings don’t lie. People are responding to it. I have a feeling that positive word of mouth is propelling it. I got a few friends to check it out who don’t care for Terrence and they are also hooked. So happy for the cast and crew. FOX needs to send them a case of champagne and sparkling water for the non-drinkers.

    • TigerLIL says:

      I’m with you Antwon on that its a hit because the people who watch it like it. It’s the same thing with music artist everybody is not loving every artist they have their own fans. People like different things for different reason the music industry has a large multicultural following and for the writer to jump-off with Cookie’s character was a super smart and well made move. She is the most identifiable character on the show and Taraji is the perfect persona for the character. She is a excellent actress but this role was tailor made for her and her look as well as her style.

  11. Ritas says:

    I’m glad Arrow had a strong week back as that has been a weakness they’ve wanted to correct this year. I liked seeing the Team dealing with Oliver’s lose and seeing how Oliver was rescued but that trailer for next week will have me tuning in after the fact. I’ll be back to watching live when the “real” masked hero of the show returns.

  12. Brandy says:

    Idol season high! Yes!

  13. Jared says:

    Solid night for both Empire and Arrow.

  14. Fyrkat says:

    I think Criminal Minds and SVU need to end. They are both recycling crimes from earlier seasons, and while I love the personal life storylines, that’s not what the shows are about.

    • Patrick says:

      You aren’t wrong, but this is the nature of long running procedurals. Eventually, you have to repeat plots, and the only way to string out the show (and continue to make money) is by focusing on the personal lives of the characters.

  15. Huh… thought Criminal Minds would have done better. But 10.2 isn’t bad, not quite a series low. Maybe for this season however.

    It was pretty good last night, and tissue worthy.

  16. Roser says:

    Stalker started off well but making Beth/Michelle a crying weak victim after establishing her as a strong woman is a wrong tact to take IMHO. Be done with the stalker boy genius and her former crazy stalker dude and get on with some other stories.

  17. Viv says:

    Wow, those ratings don’t do last nights svu justice. Such a gripping episode, one of the best of the season imo

  18. DAG says:

    My husband and I are LOVING Empire. And, we’re out of the demographic: a white, middle-age couple living in Nebraska! But, we loved Taraji in Person of Interest and we’ll follow her anywhere!

  19. cj says:

    Is this show really that good or is more of a “black thing”. I’m not fan of the hip hog thug culture with Jay Z and Beyonce and baby mamas so don’t know if this would appeal to me unless it is actually good and not just interesting to that culture.

    • Julia says:

      I am a young WASP and I am loving the show. The ‘hip hop thug’ culture isn’t really the focus.

    • Kally says:

      If you are going to generalize an entire genre/culture as “thug” then it probably will not appeal to you. But maybe you should watch it to see that such generalizations are as useless as calling a show with a predominately white cast “hick” tv.

    • Anesu says:

      Beyonce a thug , the girl isnt one at all if you know what that word means . Shes very quiet and contained and does not loose her cool.

    • For the record, many Black people are not into “hip hop thug culture” either. They are not synonymous. Plenty of white people are also watching this show. It’s not just a “Black thing”.

    • Zoe says:

      Wow, that comment wasn’t racist at all. (It totally was.)

    • puck says:

      Well with your perception of what the “Black Thing” is, maybe you should stick with CBS.

    • Ann says:

      People like you are what’s wrong with this country. Whether you actually believe all black people are thugs or you get off being a troll you cause unnecessary problems and need help. However this is America. My great grandfather, grandfather, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends fought beside a diverse group to defend your right to be stupid on the Internet.

  20. Larry Hester says:


    • Zoe says:

      “Jungle Bunny crap”? Who brought all the racists to this comment section today? And stop yelling.

    • Angela says:

      Speaking as a “Criminal Minds” fan, please do not make us all look bad with your idiotic “jungle bunny” comment. And who are the people who’ve said “Empire” is trash? I’ve heard nothing but good things so far.
      And I will second Zoe-take your finger off the caps lock button.

    • Smh says:

      Larry you need Jesus and a psychiatrist.

    • Angela W. says:

      I agree Criminal Minds is a good show, (honestly I don’t watch Criminal Minds), but I don’t care for the racist Jungle Bunny comments, because I am an African American female, but I guess it takes a Jungle Bunny to know one LOL. I see the evidence that Empire’s high ratings prove that your so called Jungle Bunny show RULES! the television time slot.

  21. shar says:

    I love Empire. I guess that is why Criminals minds slipped in the ratings. I have watched every episode of Criminal Minds. Not too thrilled with the new girl. Bring back Prentiss. I said I wouldn’t watch any new shows since Dallas was taken off, but I am glad I did watch Empire. I hope it will stick around.

  22. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    What about the AHS: Freak Show finale?

  23. Cory says:

    Empire is a really well-written show, and I’m also glad FOX has such a big scripted hit on its hands. Except now I can’t help but think this is gonna run for 8 or 9 seasons until no one is left watching, so I may not bother keeping up for a while.

  24. Zoe says:

    Such a shame that SVU hit a low- they had one of the best episodes all season last night.

    • drhenning says:

      No worries for SVU and CM since their episodes are showing up faster and faster on cable.. The CM episode was terrific with a Rossi backstory and have wonderful tribute to his friend in fiction and in the real life of Joe Mantegna for his friend Meshach Taylor..

  25. What happened to the numbers for ABC?

  26. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the
    post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll
    be book-marking and checking back often!

  27. Cas says:

    Why is everyone relating the success of Empire to the color of the characters? I would think it has more to do with the quality of the show. Everyone says “oh diversify all shows and cast more African Americans” which is all good but you can do that to a crappy show and I am sure it’ll still get crappy ratings.

  28. kmw says:

    Great night for FOX. Should stop being surprised about Empire it just keeps on climbing. A little bit stunned with American Idol, I still know it is not anywhere its old numbers but I cant believe it rose last night. While SVU didn’t have great numbers, given its number of years on television it is still doing remarkably well. CSB did well at least with viewers. ABC must have had all repeats last night, so we will see when their shows come back

  29. TigerLIL says:

    Goodness more and more people coming to the show and growing. Old fashion word of mouth marketing at it’s best. Not bad I think the storyline unfolding for each of the characters is excellent and the biggest one is going to be that of the father. He has got to be under a pressure cooker cause he is on a hot timeline and his stress is causing his illness to accelerate. I think he should give the empire to his ex-wife she would truly keep the legacy going. If you think Cookie has been an explosion she is going to go nuclear. I think she going to hit her stride and really start building the company to be even bigger with her most talented son in the lead. Jamal is my guy he got it and I do mean all of it. This is going to be interesting we haven’t seen nothing yet….LOL

  30. celebrity says:

    Taraji has a strong following is able to be comedic and serious. Somethiing few actresses can do well. She’s pretty too

  31. S Du Pont says:

    I just love Empire! My husband and I watch it every week. I am so happy to see a show like this! I love Taraji and Terrance!!! You go Fox!!!