Sleepy Hollow Recap: Antiques Horror Show

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Recap

What Sleepy Hollow needs this week is a kickass, Abbie-and-Ichabod-against-impending-evil power hour.

What it gets is the Cranes’ date night from hell, with splashes of the Mills sisters being fantastic and Irving being inexplicably alive.

The latter — plus Ichabod, of course — would’ve been plenty for those of us who don’t hate Katrina, but also don’t need her harshing the Witnesses’ vibe solving crimes. I don’t begrudge Red the chance to do some fun stuff, but let’s leave the heavy lifting to the God-chosen frontline of the anti-apocalypse army, shall we?

Instead, Katrina and Ichabod go sleuthing about in the (literally) cutthroat art world, Lt. Mills warms her seat at the sheriff’s department, and much of this week’s hour feels like a resting point rather than a wind-up for the final handful of episodes of the season — and I really, really hope not the series.

Let’s review what happens in “Pittura Infamante.”

PAINT THE TOWN RED | We watch a man restoring a painting that inexplicably starts dripping blood, and lots of it. As the flustered restorer looks away for a moment to grab a cloth, the blood disappears completely. This will figure prominently in the episode’s A plot.

Over at Corbin’s cabin (#neverforget), Crane is getting all gussied up for a date night with Katrina at the local historical society. He grouses that modern dress eludes him — “How can one be both business and casual?” — but Abbie assures him that his look (think modern Amish preacher) is on point for an evening spent perusing items from the estate of John and Abigail Adams. You know it’s going to be a fancy evening, because Ich is sporting the high ponytail and wispy temple curls of every girl who went to prom in the ’90s. Kelly Taylor would approve.

As it turns out, Ichabod doesn’t run the monopoly on knowing important people in ye olden times: Katrina was Abigail Adams’ midwife and good friend. Abbie gently reminds her partner that his wife has “done things to compromise our team,” but then the witch comes out of the bedroom in a very low-cut, very modern black dress, and Ichabod likey.

ART IS SACRIFICE | The Cranes attend their event, where Katrina is flooded with memories of her dear friend Abigail (Buffy‘s Michelle Trachtenberg, performing admirably even though I’m fairly certain that corset is cutting off all circulation to her northern extremities), who used to fight for those who couldn’t fight for themselves. One of these fights, by the way, involved trying to solve a string of baffling serial murders back in the day. (This, too, will be important in a minute.)

Speaking of murder, the art restorer chats with Ichabod about feeling kinda haunted, then winds up hanging from a chandelier in the foyer with his neck cut. (Note to all historical re-enactors, restorers and/or anyone who just likes old stuff: If you befriend Ichabod Crane, even a little, you will die.)

The murder, coupled with Katrina’s feeling a “dark presence” during the evening, eventually points them toward a painting that hung in the Adams home: It’s of a painter working with his back to the viewer… until the Cranes realize that the painter is actually the killer who’s somehow escaping the canvas. Then his image turns to face them. Creepy.

ABBIE SAVES THE DAY | Hart to Hart Ich and Katrina realize that the killer is after another historical society employee, but while the witch is distracted retrieving some of Abigail’s secret papers from a hidden compartment she suddenly remembers, the murderer escapes the canvas. (Say it with me, Internet: You had one job, K.) On the upside, Mrs. Adam’s writings reveal that she and Rev. Knapp (remember him from the pilot?) worked together to trap the killer in his work… and then the Cranes decide to jump into the painting via spell to save the historical society employee the killer is about to bleed like a pig.

Her spell is successful (for once!) at both getting them in and out, but then the blood-covered murderer follows them into the real world to finish his job. (Nice visual effects on this episode, no?) Thank goodness Abbie shows up with some evil-ending bullets, courtesy of a tip from Hawley and some seriously icky legwork by Jenny. Oh yeah, about that…

THE BOSS IS BACK | Abbie is spending a quiet night at the station with her ancestor’s journal when Frank Irving walks in and surrenders to his former co-workers. Defying Sheriff Reyes’ orders, Abbie gets her old boss alone for a few minutes and informs him that he’s dead… but only Team WTF and his family know that. Everyone else just thinks he’s a cop killer on the lam.

Irving doesn’t remember what happened after the fight with Henry’s avatar, which makes Abbie really nervous: She flat-out tells him that while she really wants him to be him, his blood contract with Henry means she can’t be sure that he’s not evil. Orlando Jones and Nicole Beharie do some really nice, quiet work in this scene, particularly when Frank starts to cry and Abbie’s resolve crumbles just enough to reassuringly touch his hand. (Side note: Have I said before how happy I am he’s not really dead?)

Abbie summons Cynthia to the precinct but won’t allow the Irvings to reunite until she can figure out what’s up with Frank. A physical exam reveals that everything’s normal, but Jenny suggests that maybe Katrina can do a supernatural exam to see if his soul is A) intact, B) clean and C) still there. While we’re all tossing suggestions into the hat here, may I add CAN SOMEONE PLEASE FIND OUT WHAT THE FRILLY HECK IS UP WITH HENRY? Oh, and Reyes notes that the District Attorney’s office may have information that could clear Irving of all charges. The Horseman Formerly Known as Jeremy has got to be behind that, right?

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Babybop says:

    I know everyone will just sit here and blast the episode, but I thought it was good. Obviously, I want Ichabod and Abbie to have scenes together, but I thought the story and the effects were cool and it resolved some of the annoying anxt that Ichabod was having at his relationship.

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the “Adjusting to our world” comment Ichabod made at the beginning of the episode. That alone got me through a rather Ichabbie-less episode.

  2. Angela says:

    Note to all historical re-enactors, restorers and/or anyone who just likes old stuff: If you befriend Ichabod Crane, even a little, you will die.
    Pretty much, yeah. LOL at the “Hart to Hart” reference, too.
    I’m all for the sort of action-packed episodes you mention this show needing at the beginning of the article, but I still liked this episode. The case was rather unsettling, especially in regards to the way the first victim was found (actually said, “Oh, hello!” out loud at that. Yikes), and the way the killer himself looked (those EYES. Eesh). And I like seeing Katrina getting more involved in the activities-I suspect the way she’s gradually getting more involved in working with Ichabod, as well as Abbie in previous episodes, is gearing up to something big with her down the line. I hope so. I like that she’s getting a chance to do a few more spells as well, slowly regaining some of her powers. I hope that pays off in the end for her, too. And I liked all the stuff with her and Abigail Adams, too (though yes, I was looking at Michelle Trachtenberg in that getup and finding myself rather grateful to live in an era where that’s not a regular part of women’s fashions!).
    And I loved all the stuff with Abbie and Irving, too. Evil or not, I too am very happy to have him back, and I want him to be all right, for his sake and that of Abbie’s. She shouldn’t have to lose yet another person she cares about, and I want Irving working with her and the rest of the gang to fight evil anyway :D. I’m also glad that Abbie told Cynthia about Irving right away, too-I just hope that knowledge won’t somehow backfire on Cynthia down the line.
    Great to see Jenny as well-I love the idea of her and Abbie working together to keep an eye on Irving. And man, did I feel for her when she was digging for those bullets. Ick.
    So yeah. Good episode, in my opinion. Quiet, sure, but with a sense that we’re possibly building to a few interesting things.

  3. LaPiquante says:

    The writers have to know Katrina’s the worst, right? The show is weaker with her on it. If she were a better actress, maybe you keep her around. But I don’t believe the two of them taking their marriage vows seriously now. And death has already parted them. Repeatedly. It’s easy to say they aren’t married anymore. The show is stronger with less Katrina and more Jenny. Jenny’s got a light-heartedness that the show so desperately needs. Jenny’s motivations and reactions to this Armageddon insanity keep things grounded and not too full-of-itself. And bringing Hawley in for her to play off of has been lovely. I sincerely hope that the writers just bite the bullet and write Katrina away. Send her off with Hot Headless and they can live happily ever after. Or happily-for-a-while. It’s much better when we can just check in on her twice a season, than put her front-and-center.

  4. AprilMayJune says:

    Reblogged this on Previously On and commented:
    Should have watched Jane the Virgin instead. “Pittura Infamante” was ROUGH TIMES.

  5. Nick says:

    Best episode in a while! While Katrina is far from being mediocre I actually kinda liked her this episode- she was a little useful.

  6. flo says:

    I didn’t like it at first. I thought it was boring. I rewatched it. And I liked it. Wasn’t great, but good. There were several changes made. First: The pace. It slowed down. Made actual sense. Two: The intro. No cheesy Abbie and Ichabod flirting. It was very X-Files like. It started out with a spoiler intro that introduced the episode. Nicely done. Katrina wasn’t so irritating. Now, I’m an Ichabbie shipper, but I know the Katrina and Ichabod thing probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And anything between Abbie and Ichabod will take a while. Speaking of that – the chemistry between them just continues to grow. They are AMAZING together. The looks. The easy banter. They really are a dream. Overall. Good episode. Not great. But good. I like this change.

  7. TaMara says:

    Wow, I’m usually ok with Katrina in small doses and don’t share the hate that seems to be everywhere toward her. But tonight, it became clear she really is a drag on the whole thing. The storyline with Ichabod and Katrina was a snooze. About the only part that was fun was Jenny and the bullets and Frank, Jenny and Abbie scenes. And unlike a lot of the other historical characters come to life, Michelle Trachtenberg was just…dull and incomprehensible.

    Hope next episode picks up and we get team WTF kicking some butt.

  8. Andrew says:

    You know… it says a lot about this season that this episode “Pittura Infamante” was one of the better ones. Last season, this would have been thrown on the trash heap. It had all the elements that should have made a good episode ( flashbacks, teamwork, surprises, great special effects – the painter looking out at Katrina and Ichabod!, heartbreak, rule breaking abd a teammate showing up in the nick of time to save the day), but it was just – bleagh.
    Can we please get back to what made this such an incredible show last year.
    1) Send Katrina back to purgatory
    2) Send Halley to purgatory
    3) Return Irving to Captain and drop the stupid charges
    4) Send Jenny on the road ( sorry fans, never did like her)
    5) Return last years writers from purgatory ( or where ever they are) to clean up this mess.
    6) Have Ichabod come out of the shower, look at the camera and say ” (Season 2) was all a dream. It never happened.”

    • ... says:

      So you basically want the show to be Ichabod and Abbie looking at each other for an hour? The show needs a supporting cast.

      • Andrew Davis says:

        You are right. This show needs a GOOD supporting cast.
        What this season does NOT have.

        • m3rcnate says:

          I couldn’t agree more. A supporting cast has to either be highly interesting/complex, or very likable…this show has neither. There’s Hawley who is just meh, just seems like a playboy on the outskirts who has a crush on one sister and is hooking up with the other, theres Katrina who was her best in this episode (not saying much) but usually highly unlikable and the writing of her character is highly suspect. The new Police Capt is boring and unlikable (unlike Irving when he was the Capt).
          I would even argue that the coldness of Abbie, her lack of smiling, her lack of happiness, her “damaged” outter shell…it makes watching her not very enjoyable (doesnt help the actress has R-B-F).
          The only consistent likable character is Ichabod. He is consistently heart warming, funny, smart, interesting and overall the best thing going on with this show.

        • enuff said says:

          Agreed. However, as much as I didn’t want an angel story, that character as well as the actor portraying him had something I found hard to turn away from.

      • David4 says:

        The problem is the supporting cast this year is horrible. The new characters are useless, and 2D, an the show will most likely get canceled, or suck because Fox is going to “fix” the show.

  9. Carla Krae says:

    I have no complaints about the episode.

  10. ninamags says:

    I thought it was a great episode. Loved how Ichabod and Kartrina worked together.

    Other than reminding me of a Superntural episode, again, it was appropriately creepy. Especially the last part when he came out of the painting.

    Hopefully the writers completely ignore the haters and keep Katrina just as long as they please. She was a part of Ichabods life FIRST. They are still married. Hopefully they NEVER put Ichabod and Abbie together.

    • The downward spiral has nothing to do, WHATSOEVER, with whether Ichabod or Abbie get together. It has a lot to do with bad writing and the ineffectiveness of Katrina. Ichabod at this point do not deserve Abbie. She is too good for him. As far as I am concerned Katrina can keep him. Just give Abbie a life outside of those two idiots.

  11. MJ says:

    I think I am the only person on the planet that likes more Katrina. I like her relationship with Ichabod. I don’t like Abbie’s interference in their marriage.

    • You know good and damn well Abbie has not been interring in the Crane’s drama. If anything she has been trying to help the idiots. Get your lies straight.

      • Denise says:

        Ichabod and Katrina have zero chemistry. It seems as though they are trying to slowly move Abbie into the background and make the Struggle Witch more important than she actually is.

      • MJ says:

        I felt like she intervened last night when Ichabod was telling her he was going out with her and Abbie was all like she has hurt our mission in the past…blah blah blah. That is his wife. He should try and work it out with her. I like her as an addition to the cast. Abbie gets on my nerves sometimes being all about the mission and no life.

      • Angela says:

        Uh, wow, chill.
        And “lies”? Really? Yeah, not so much. She actually has tried to make a few comments on the Crane drama going on-disagreeing with Katrina over Henry, being wary of Ichabod still trying to fix things with his wife, and so forth-I agree that she’s been trying to be helpful, yes, that she doesn’t mean her comments in a bad way, but even so, helping IS still a form of interference, and so is making comments about Katrina’s attitude on everything going on. If Abbie really didn’t care, she wouldn’t say anything at all.

      • Propaganda says:

        Righttttt! An telling the man your dressing up to ‘remember all the bad things she’s done to you and us, all she has compromised’ isn’t interfering?
        Not to mention she was nagging him like a disapproving mother sending her baby off to ‘shock, horror’ meet his wife and sort his marriage out.

        • Kit says:

          Ooo. One freaking “maybe” interference. Abbie has been out of or trying to help Ichabod this whole time. Stop with the lies and get over the fact that Abbie and Nicole are assets to this show. To purposely imply that she is “interfering” on purpose is ridiculous and biased as ever.

          • Rebecca says:

            Notice how they don’t mind Abbie’s “interfering” when she’s providing Katrina with a place to stay, utilities, and food.

    • Deb says:

      I like Katrina and this eposide was good I glad they were able to work on their marriage. I usually I Abbie but in this one not to much.

    • Angela says:

      Nope. I like her, too. I’m apparently one of those rare people who likes all the characters (well, I don’t hate Hawley, but I wouldn’t be bugged if he weren’t there). Do I want them to do more with Katrina? Yes, absolutely. But hopefully now that she’s out in the real world, away from Purgatory and away from Abraham and Henry, maybe that’ll allow her a chance to really show what she can do, regain the powers she used to have (though I did kind of like the suggestion from somewhere else in this comment section that she could be an Aunt Clara type-that could be fun and add another humorous element to the show). In the meantime, however, I still like her as a person, and I’m really tired of all the hate surrounding her.
      As for Abbie, eh, I don’t mind her reminding Ichabod of the mission they’re supposed to be on, and I know she and Katrina are at odds, and I do like that tension. But at the same time, yeah, it’s pretty apparent he wants to work on things with his wife, so even if she disagrees, there’s really not much more she can do.

  12. evababy says:

    – The special effects were great and the A-plot could have been more interesting than it was. Yeah not every episode needs to be them running full tilt into danger, but it still needs to be more exciting than Ichabod and Katrina standing around explaining to each other and to us what is going on. It was like they were Greek Chorusing the action. That in addition to Katia Winter’s whisper acting, the overall A-plot came off as rather boring. It also felt like a force feed of Katrina.

    — The most interesting thing was Frank’s return and that was relegated to the B-plot. How sad. Because honestly that is the thing that had the emotional resonance in the episode.

    — When Abbie came riding to the rescue with an acerbic ‘You didn’t answer your phone’ The rather soporific Crane scenes got a much needed shot of energy.

  13. Nell on Wheels says:

    Was I the only one who knew that the monster would come to life as soon as Jennie removed the last bullet? Supernatural horror 101.

    Also, Nicole Beharie needs to find some delivery other than looking up from lowered head and deliberately low-pitched voice. Talk about one-note! Lift your head! Heck move your head! Lighten up! I know being a Witness is serious business, but even your jokes are delivered with an undertone of doom.

    “You know it’s going to be a fancy evening, because Ich is sporting the high ponytail and wispy temple curls of every girl who went to prom in the ’90s.” EXACTLY! Or as commenter TJ Truffleberry said over on A.V. Club, “So that when he took off his glasses and shook out his hair it would be extra sexy in slow motion.”

    • lane says:

      First of all, I really like Nicole Beharie but I have to agree with you about her acting. In the beginning of season 1, there was a smooth delivery to her acting and her portrayal of Abbie was the right balance of toughness and vulnerability. Now she seems very cold and one dimensional in a lot of her scenes. I do wish she would
      lighten up with those facial expressions that sometimes look like she just chewed on a few lemons and that clipped mumbling under her breath delivery.

      • Cici says:

        Hear hear on Nicole’s acting particularly in the overly demonstrative facial gestures that come off pointless. The rapid blinking as if she was suffering from dry eyes or sending a Morse Code message. But that’s secondary to the animated mouthing of words.

        Neil on Wheels brought up a good point in “even your jokes are delivered with an undertone of doom.” Early in season 1 she delivered her contributions to the funny lines with exasperated pushback at Ichabod or the modern sensibility to his. She doesn’t have the same flair for comedic timing and modulation as Mison is so good at (just listen to him drop the syllable on “law” of the line “is there a laaaaw?”). But she had some funny moments. This season it’s exactly as NOW described. He nailed it.

        So much is made about Katia Winter’s acting (of which I’m no fan either) but fair is fair…Nicole has her facial acting issues too. Her personal facial mannerisms infect her ability to become a different character from herself. You might as well carry George Clooney’s perpetual smirk.

        As for the episode it was well-crafted. Kudos to the director. Katrina was actively involved with the case. As Ichabod’s wife the writers will have to work her in better than before as merely a direction pointer. They turned the character in the source material as a witch so give her actual powers that anybody in the room can chant the same spell and voila.

        I get the writers are using Katrina as a plot device for conflict and moral dilemmas (frequently a theme in fiction and real life). But instead she’s written to be a hindrance to the plot or frustration to everyone. It’s too one-dimensional in always failing.

        Sure she failed in her task to guard the painting. But the story required a gaping hole to bring in the next victim for them to save. The opening victim per their story structure set the table up – as it always the case in any criminal procedural.

        Sleepy Hollow is still my unconditional favorite show so they weren’t going to lose my eyeballs. Nevertheless I like this direction.

  14. Marie says:

    Definitely one of the better episodes this season. I am not a Katrina lover, but she was at least helpful. I thought the idea of Abbie and Crane handling separate issues was important to establish they are individuals. As far as the season goes I think they tried a few things and failed early on, there have been moments that give hope to even better episodes ahead. Please FOX give it another season to return to greatness. I still prefer a fair episode of SH to most other broadcast tv.

  15. LaLa says:

    I did not enjoy this episode as much as I should have, simply because I don’t care enough about Katrina. I understand her importance to Ichabod and Henry, and I still don’t care about her. She’s not crucial to the witnesses’ mission and I think her character would serve better in a villian’s role. At least then Ichabod’s struggle with his love for her and memory of their marriage would add (or restore) an appropriate level of angst to the show.
    I loved the creepy mystery of the week with the Dorian Grey-ish storyline and the evil within the picture. But I think it would have been more interesting if it had been Abbie investigating with Ichabod.
    I’ve been hanging in there with Sleepy Hollow because season 1 was so great, and I enjoyed the players: Ichabod, Abbie, Irving, Jenny. This episode was the first one in which I threw up my hands and wasn’t invested in the outcome.

    • Lovely says:

      I agree. It was much better S1 when Ichabod was sad and longed for his wife… Now that she’s back its almost like they don’t know what to do with her. She just doesn’t fit and her daily presence isn’t working for me. Ichabod and Abbie solving cases and stopping evil and their chemistry is what hooked me… Not Ichabod and Katrina solving cases. I am quickly losing interest. I don’t even know anyone else who watches this show. It’s like my little thing that’s quickly becoming not a thing.

  16. dana says:

    I enjoyed the episode and don’t get the Katrina hate either. I love how different this show is and the acting is great. Missed Henry! But the acting is so good and always worth the hour to tune in. Hope so much it stays around!!

    • MJ says:

      This. I do not understand the Katrina hate either. I think he character brings a different dynamic and another ally in the fight. It can’t always be Ichabod and Abbie doing it all by themselves.

  17. B says:

    I really enjoyed this episode it was the first time that Katrina felt like she wasn’t being forced on me but I have a feeling Henry’s absence is why this episode worked so well just saying

  18. B says:

    I liked this episode! Katrina isn’t that bad I think they should keep her and kill off Hawley and Henry because they are the boring parts the only reason people hate Katrina is because they ship Ichabbie

  19. Yeah says:

    I liked it. Legitimately scary (haven’t had that in a while), nice use of flashback/history (though I thought Michelle T. was rather dull), a couple of good laughs, Nice emotional moments with the return of Frank. And I actually didn’t have a problem with Ichabod and Abbie doing their own things for once, since they both had plenty to do. They’re not siamese twins.

  20. KatsMom says:

    I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. I was a little confused as to how/why Katrina would travel back and forth to Massachusetts so much that she would have such a close relationship with Abigail Adams (not to mention the Sleepy Hollow minister apparently being from Massachusetts too?) but, minor quibble I suppose. I’m probably the only nerd who realized that geographic hiccup in the premise here.

    Did anyone else think that Abbie’s journal was going to get stolen when she went running to see what all the commotion was at the station? When she left it just lying around like that, after such a pointed conversation with the random officer about taking care of it, I thought for sure she’d come back and find it missing.

    This was yet another episode where I was frustrated with Katrina. Unlike so many, I don’t hate her in general. I’m not an Ichabod/Abbie ‘shipper. I like their relationship purely platonic. What bothers me is the way the writers have made Katrina completely impotent. I know I read somewhere that it was an intentional choice of the writers because, in their minds, purgatory would have left her weak. OK…fine. Nice idea, but it hasn’t actually made it into the show as far as I’ve seen. I haven’t seen her try to do something, but find she’s lacking the necessary power. I haven’t seen her frustrated because she used to be able to do some things and now she can’t. The only real change they’ve made to her character was that she’s now uncertain about everything that she says. Everything’s in the conditional. “Should be able to…might be able to…could try to…” Sorry, all that does is make her annoying, not show the struggle she’s having with the fact that centuries in purgatory left her drained. So, last night, when she saw the bloody painter man tiptoeing out of the room, I just desperately wanted to see her use a little witchy prowess and at least try to keep him from leaving. Try to send him back to the painting…try to pull him back into the room and close the door…something. I know she was distracted and he was almost out the door, but still, TRY SOMETHING. Don’t just stand there looking terrified and watching him go.

    Finally, kudos to the special effects team for getting me to jump in my chair last night with painter boy coming through the painting to choke Crane. As my husband said, as I was remarking about my jump, “I knew it was coming, and it still startled me.” Well done.

    • Morisot says:

      LOL. I was quite happy to let out my best “Patty Duke” scream at that point too and levitate 3 feet out of my chair —because that’s what Sleepy Hollow should make me do every week!

  21. Znachki says:

    I thought it was a man bun.
    Evil fighting101 – if the thing that put ’em down is still in ’em, DON’T for heaven’s sake, take ’em all out. No sympathy for that predicament.
    Anyone else reminded of Rod Serling’s 1970’s show “The Night Gallery”?

  22. herman1959 says:

    Finally, an episode with a coherent storyline and inclusion of all of the team (Irving’s back). Finally, Katrina adding some value to the proceedings (the married detectives context was perfect). And FINALLY, Hawley being useful but unseen. This episode was such an improvement for the previously listed reasons and because the number of on-screen characters was limited. I didn’t miss Henry because, as Kimberly said, Henry has to be responsible for the new info on Frank – a setup for next week’s episode. Thank you to whoever wrote this episode.

    One question: How in the world did Katrina know how to walk in those shoes?

  23. puck says:

    Worst episode by far. The Ichabod and Katrina hour was boring, there’s no chemistry! If the writers continue this down fall they might as well cancel the show.

  24. Gwen says:

    I liked the creepy factor. But the fact that those magic bullets would fit Abbie’s department issue gun; expecting us to accept too much b.s. Plus, my hubby with the Masters in American History who loves the show said the time line dates re the Adams family (LOL) was ALL wrong. That ticked him off. I told him ‘creative license’ and all, but he wasn’t buying it.

    Not a Katrina fan either. Not sure if it’s the actress or the script.

  25. AW says:

    This episode was okay. I thought the special effects were pretty good! I look forward to Sleepy Hollow’s remaining episodes to becoming just as good again like Season 1 again, and that it will be renewed again for Season 3! There are still more stories to tell with this incredible series!

  26. uk-usa-tvaddict says:

    Why are the writer de-powering Jenny Mills? In season 1 we discovered that she was Indiana Jones i.e. a globetrotting artefacts hunter and all around BAMF. Now in season 2 since Hawley was added to the cast Hawley is the go to guy for mystical artefacts. What is the point of Jenny? Are we just waiting for her to sacrifice herself for her sister or one of the Cranes?

  27. Heidi says:

    If viewers want more amusement in the show, turn Katrina into a witch one similar to Aunt Clara on the original Bewitched (1964). That way, it will garner her sympathy from the primary characters and applause when one of her spells goes right. It would also put her in the perspective of not being all powerful and make her realize what once may have been impressive in her day is now, not so much. I think, too, if they begin to separate Ich and Katrina, they may discover that they’re better off friends rather than husband and wife.

  28. tvdiva says:

    Love the Hart to Hart connection. I wish the writers would write Katrina better. Other than that, I am getting my hair done like Ichabod my next night out.

  29. enuff said says:

    I wish they would modernize Crane’s wardrobe. Katrina was wearing a modern dress with heels for their night out, but he looked like he stepped out of a reenactment. Wouldn’t people stare? I just could not get past the fact that his wife wore her hair down and he had the updo.

    • Lovely says:

      The first thing I thought was where did she learn how to dress. Did someone take her out shopping? Did she get a personal stylist? Ichabod is still dressing like he’s stuck in the past but Katrina has mastered the art of the little black dress, wearing her hair down, heels… I can’t with this show.

      • Lovely says:

        Another thing is where did she get the money to buy those clothes. Abbie once stated that she is financially supporting Ichabod. Who is supporting Katrina? Maybe I’m thinking too much especially for a show like this.

    • Cici says:

      “his wife wore her hair down and he had the updo.”

      That’s such a great observation.

      I don’t get too hung up about Ichabod’s clothing but that hairstyle was distracting big time. I don’t know if it was a bun or one of those double-pony tails (hair pulled back and secured into a tail then the tail end is secured to the base) the American gymnasts sported in the last Olympics. I guess that wouldn’t be any worse than the curled rolls with the powdered wigs that were in vogue among the men at the time. To my eyes the most distracting and jarring were the tendrils or strands of hair hanging down his ears. It made me think of the Orthodox Jewish men with those tendrils.

      Once is enough with that hairstyle fashion crew.

  30. B says:

    I think the writers should have had Moloch kill Henry and had Katrina kill Moloch killing herself in the process or something like that?! I don’t want Henry redeemed! However I am fine with Abraham being redeemed or becoming the big bad for the remainder of the series’ run

  31. Lovely says:

    I’m getting close to giving up on this show. Honestly it doesn’t even hold my interest anymore. And the pairing of Katrina and Ichabod to solve the case instead of Ichabod and Abbie really annoyed me. I like Abbie and Ichabod, they have chemistry. I simply do not care for Ichabod and Katrina and their marriage. I am just quickly losing interest. I’ve never seen a show decline so quickly. Its disappointing. Oh well.