Video: Does Arrow's 'Lost' Oliver/ Felicity Kiss Beat This Season's?

Arrow Oliver Felicity Kiss

Valentine’s Day came early for some Arrow fans, when on Friday evening a video of Oliver and Felicity’s “lost” first kiss wowed the World Wide Web.

The deleted moment came at the close of Season 2, when Oliver — knowing that Slade Wilson was listening in/hoping to identify his adversary’s weak spot — told Felicity that she, not Laurel, was the woman he loved. (He who is also known as Arrow was ostensibly “misleading” Slade, but in truth we know… well, what we know.)

The Arrow faithful never had a chance to lay eyes on the lopped liplock until now, when showrunner Marc Guggenheim — who as of late has been very interactive via his Tumblr account — made good on a promise to release the scene, if fans got “trollenheim show us olicity kiss 2×23” trending. And apparently they did.

Check out the clip below (ported to YouTube by an industrious Emily Bett Rickards fan group), and weigh in on which “Olicity” kiss is best — the “lost” one, or the pair’s break-up buss from the Season 3 premiere.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ames says:

    wasn’t Laurel the other girl…not Sara?

  2. Isabelle says:

    I like the season 3 one better because it wasnt under the pretense of a ruse, it was emotionally charged and more real IMO

    • Jenna P says:

      Yes that’s another reason why I liked the season 3 kiss better too. If the first Olicity kiss was under the pretense of a ruse I think it would’ve ruined it. And a first kiss for a couple like Oliver and Felicity is a big deal!

    • Sam says:

      Same. If the season 2 one hadn’t been a ruse I would have preferred it but the season 3 was very emotional and real.

  3. nikki says:

    Will this nightmare never stop?

    • wonderwall says:


    • Sam says:

      Why would you even comment if you don’t like Olicity? This is clearly an article about their kiss so I don’t understand why you would even bother, just to be negative. So pointless.

      • Julie says:

        That’s funny. In articles about Laurel people comment about how much they hate her. For the record, Olicity has grown on me and I like ALL the characters on the show, including Laurel. I’m just saying, it’s a double standard to say someone shouldn’t complain about something when other fans do it all the time without any criticism.

        • Kate says:

          Doesn’t mean you should do it too. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

          • Julie says:

            I agree and that’s why I don’t do it. Like I said, I’m a fan of all the characters on the show. I just wish that the Olicity fans who are offended when people insult their ship would not bash other characters or, if they don’t bash to begin with, make comments in other articles urging people not to bash different characters.

  4. wonderwall says:

    I liked the season 3 one a lot more. I feel like it was definitely more meaningful and less ambiguous in terms of how it shows what Oliver and Felicity feel about one another. While the season 2 kiss would’ve been surprising if they left it as is, the season 3 kiss packs a more emotional punch that made me want to yell “Man down!” because damn, it was a really heartbreaking moment.

    • You say heartbreaking i say eye rolling

      • Briggs says:

        You know what we’re going to say. You’re in the minority. Most of us enjoyed both kisses. And the EPs aren’t going to bow to a minority just because you don’t like something. Nor will they simply bow to the majority because of something that (we hope) will find some kind of resolution in the next three eps. I’m willing to give the arc a chance. I wish you were as willing to do that with Olicity. The show is following it’s own kind of canon, and always has.

  5. Kate says:

    Wow, both are really hot, but I have to choose the Season 3 premiere kiss, even though it’s bittersweet. As much as I enjoyed seeing the kiss in the mansion, I’m glad the show decided to cut it from that scene. I didn’t want Oliver and Felicity’s first kiss to happen as part of a ruse. That kiss in the hospital hallway is so emotional as Oliver stops Felicity from asking him to tell her he never loved her. Of course, he couldn’t do that. Anyway, I hope to see more kisses (and much more) from these two soon.

  6. GildedRose says:

    Both kisses were good and I wouldn’t have minded if they left this in Season 2, but I totally get why they cut it given how much people freaked out over the subterfuge. I think Season 3s kiss was better for the simple fact that it did what all great kisses is supposed to do: spoke of emotion and connection and caring; desire and want and need. Just LOVE how Oliver and Felicity’s relationship is growing. It’s fabulous on Arrow.

    • Mena says:

      Well said. Me too. I wouldn’t mind if they left season 2 kiss in, but, season 3’s was so full of meaningful emotions and truth. I, too, love their story.

  7. herewego says:

    Those damn Olicity shippers are going to run this show in the ground. Obnoxious those lot are.

    • E says:

      You know you don’t have to watch this deleted scene since it was you know deleted.

    • wonderwall says:

      Because a maximum of 5/42 minutes of Oliver/Felicity per episode (which is essentially what we get) will run a whole show into the ground. LOL. Your comment doesn’t really paint you in a positive light either, my friend.

      • Lizzie says:

        And yet we are half way through season three. And we are about to hit the series high notes this second half. With Laurel’s canary transformation, thea in full bad ass mode and roy taking on the helm. Not to mention Slade is coming back. Oh yeah sure the show is running into the helm. Ugh those 5 minutes of Olicity scenes every other episode really have brought down the quality.

    • Merina says:

      Because Olicity shippers are the ones that write the show. Yeah. And here I thought it was Marc and Andrew and Greg.

    • nikki says:

      Olicity and their fangirls will end up ruining the show. They are the ones who harass the writes and actors. Olicity fangirls will get their way. I have no doubt but the quality of the show will go down. Go ahead Oliciters ruin the show.

      • anne says:

        Just don’t watch and problem solved :) Bye Felicia

      • Koko says:

        I don’t think anyone ruins the “show”. I trust the writers. So far, they have been true to Oliver Queen’s story. There is no doubt there is a huge Olicity fan base, but there is also a lot of Olicity backlash. And there are a lot of fans loyal to the canon. I trust the writers to balance all that with THEIR version of GA. They don’t have to be loyal to anyone, but their story. And I for one am good with moving away from the canon. Just like BSG, this is their story.

        • yeah but the Olicity blacklash is for the most part due to the Olicity fans. Seriously if you dont believe me ask the people that hate Olicity…most of them will say they hate the fans and the attention they get at the internet and a small minority will say they want their GA/BC epic true love or whatever .

    • Sam says:

      Please don’t generalize. Not all Olicity shippers are obnoxious. Every fandom has a small subset of people who are too loud and annoying, I agree, but most are just happy to enjoy what we’re given. And this is an article about Olicity so why bother commenting with your negativity. It’s just pointless.

  8. E says:

    I can’t believe he got it out so quickly, marc is the best 😀

  9. Cassandra says:

    I don’t mind seeing this at all, I think it was a great kiss. But considering the I love you was enough to make me hyperventilate, I’m okay with this not being canon because it would have ended me. LOL

    I think it’s great Marc lived up to his word, and so quickly. I hope they just keep building up Oliver and Felicity’s relationship, because it’s one of the many things I enjoy about the show.

  10. Jp says:

    I was happy to see the deleted scene but i like the season 3 better bec context as well as how it’s shot.

  11. Jane says:

    I think that deleted kiss scene was amazing but I prefer season 3 kiss, better context and lighting. it’s a good thing they cut season 2 kiss, it will become too much if they included it. it’s a proof how carefully they handle olicity.
    thank you arrow cast and crew and also olicity fandom, for manage to trend so all of us can see this “lost scene”. I can’t believe how fast you achieve worldwide trend.

  12. Jenna P says:

    I LOVE this deleted scene, it was amazing and I love that Marc Guggenheim gave us that little treat. But I have to say I prefer the season 3 kiss as being the first Olicity kiss. Everything about it was perfection!

  13. Savy says:

    season 3, hands down. the finale-kiss on its own would be great, but by not including it the scene became more emotionally deep, significant and less, how do I put this delicately, cheap? the kiss wasn’t necessary. the words that were said were uber-strongly accompanied by body language and facial expression, and the respective actors nailed it. adding in the kiss, it makes you lose track of that because all you see is the kiss.
    the premiere-kiss stands on more value if the previous one didn’t happen. it stands alone as an act of love and passion that couldn’t be suppressed, while if you take the finale-kiss into consideration as well, it would just be another painful thing act that didn’t mean anything other than to soothe Felicity’s babbling. I’m glad they cut out the finale-kiss. In my mind, it didn’t happen. I honestly refuse to put it in my mental storyline and progression of the show.

  14. yurie says:

    And then, from behind the curtains Laurel was watching which Imagine Dragons – Radioactive was playing.

  15. Suzanne says:

    That’s weird, I remember watching this scene when this episode aired in the Netherlands

  16. Fosho says:

    Beautiful! I prefer season 3 because it was more beautifully shot and under better circumstances but this was also beautiful.

  17. Sam says:

    I can’t believe they released this! Why wasn’t it just put on the dvd though? Makes little sense. I love the kiss but am happy they cut it. I wouldn’t want their first kiss to be part of a ruse and the mansion is too dark. I can hardly see it. Their chemistry is insane though. That was palpable to watch.

  18. le sigh says:

    It’s funny how there’s the argument that Olicity is ruining the show when multiple articles have said that the show didn’t even start to become quality, must watch television until Felicity joined the team. Felicity (and Olicity) has saved the show. Take a look at comments on articles, tweets, or on tumblr. People didn’t start to watch the show until they heard about Olicity. People didn’t care. But they saw articles about the chemistry, articles about the ship, and they tuned in. They marathoned it and bought the seasons on DVD and bought tickets to cons. Hype about Olicity was hype about the show which brought in viewers.

    Before the summer before season two aired, I barely saw any articles (TvLine, EW, EOnline, etc, etc, etc) about Arrow. Season two started and the show started to move in that direction, and the number of articles about the show increased. Episodes were Felicity is at the focus (or Team Arrow) often have a higher rating.

    The show before Felicity/EBR joined the team/cast was dark and depressing. Oliver was a douche who had no light scenes to make you sympathize with him. Chemistry is objective yes, but the fact that they have had chemistry tests between every actor and a potential love interest has proven that they know they messed up with not having one with Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy.

    • kath says:

      As David Ramsey said, thank goodness Felicity joined the show because before that, it was just Oliver and Diggle in the foundry being dour and depressing.

    • Bwhit says:

      You pretty much summed up why I started watching lol. I didn’t really have anything to watch during the summer when I saw clips of those two and loved how they interacted so I binged on Netflix. I like all the other elements of course (sans Laurel at times). I’m not obsessed with them getting together (wouldn’t mind it though) but I think Felicity makes gruff and stanoffish Oliver a little more light and sweet. What’s wrong with that? Viewers are viewers, they keep the show on the air, so whether you like Oliver and Felicity together or detest the thought of them, at least both sides are watching!

    • jenzig says:

      100% ACCURATE!!! I tuned in to have a look-see at Olicity and now I’m hooked.

  19. Kate says:

    Thanks for posting this! Awesome. Love Olicity. Can’t wait to see what happens with them the rest of the season. I’m prepared for angst but I really hope these two work it out. Their chemistry and friendship is so wonderful to watch. A real highlight.

  20. lonestarjrs says:

    I love Felicity and I love Oliver… I don’t like or understand Olicity, they don’t work romantically in my opinion

  21. Koko says:

    I am glad Season 3 was the first official Olicity Kiss. It was so much better, but major THANKS for posting this one. Gotta love the writers.

  22. Briggs says:

    It was great to see the ‘lost’ kiss, but I’m glad they left it out. The one in the premiere was so much more sincere and real. Though, did anyone else feel they were closer to kissing in the clock tower, when she gave him that pep talk after he said that *he* had ‘failed this city’?

  23. kath says:

    It was absolutely the right thing to do to cut the kiss. Oliver was douchey enough using Felicity as bait to catch Slade but at least it was only verbal. The way the kiss was done plus the confused/hopeful/sad expression on her face afterwards, would have made it hard to forgive Oliver for getting her hopes up just to crush her.

  24. Kathryn says:

    It is over he loves laurel so sad but true

  25. Janett says:

    I like season 2 because it was at the beginning of something beautiful that I was hoping would happen. Season 3 was the kiss of death. It was over after that kiss.

  26. I like the season 3 one cos it was more real

  27. Anamika says:

    Oliver and Felicity definitely so far have a fake chemistry just coz fans want it. In reality watching the show as a neutral viewer, when you compare the oliver/felicity kiss in ep3x1 and ray/felicity kiss in ep3x7, ray/felicity kiss is the better one as we can clearly see she was involved in this .. But may be coz of the fandom they might change the storyline and make oliver / felicity ship which would be real boring of he being the serious one and she being bubbly .. Definitely would want Ray with Felicity as they make the perfect couple ..

    • Cori says:

      You are no more neutral than any Olicity fan, opinion is opinion. And you obviously have one; and it is not neutral lol. I completely disagree with your opinion. I guess it is a good thing opinions are neither right nor wrong. And we all have the right to ours. I don’t claim to be neutral I know who and what i like and I am not afraid to admit to it, I love Olicity and can’t stand Ray.