Vampire Diaries' Steven R. McQueen to Exit as Series Regular

Vampire Diaries Favorite Scenes

The Vampire Diaries will be down a Gilbert soon

Steven R. McQueen, who plays Jeremy, no longer will be a series regular on the CW series after this season’s 14th episode, TVLine has confirmed.

“It’s time for him to go out and live his life,” executive producer Julie Plec tells “He’s growing up and moving on. He will be out living a real life.”

Jeremy’s exit comes as the show is “moving towards the end,” the EP explains. “Over the course of the next few years, we will need to start having the characters make choices about what they want with their lives and [we will] say goodbye to some people. It’s all part of moving toward the end, however long that takes.”

As a result, she added, Jeremy will be leaving town once again and going to “another place” — art school!

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  1. Roguesfanboy says:

    Maybe this is an indication of him getting the role of Nightwing in Titans? clear speculation on my part, but that would be awesome.

  2. I am disgusted that this trash will finish with more episodes than Buffy

    • Peter Wall says:

      COMPLETELY ADORE YOU ! for that comment lol WELL SAID !! :D

    • A says:

      Apples and oranges. There’s no comparing the two. Different networks. Different heads of scheduling. Different eras. This argument is moot.

    • Guest says:

      ..if you are here contributing on a TVD forum it means you love the ‘trash’ so shush!

      • Steven says:

        This is not a VD forum. I loved the first 2 seasons of Vampire Diaries, but I completely agree that it did not deserve to run this long in terms of quality.

        • Jacey says:

          I personally love this show and I think it is very good. If the ratings are good enough and there are characters the show should go on. That goes for all shows, good or bad.

  3. I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

    I will miss his arms very, very much.

  4. Jess says:

    “Another place”… New Orleans?

  5. Jason says:

    Nightwing! #TeenTitans

  6. Deion says:

    Good riddance to poorly written characters.

  7. Ashley says:

    Good. Hopefully Steven has something already lined up that won’t waste him.

  8. Jeff hunter says:

    Cough-Nightwing-cough,When does TNT do the TCA Panel this week?It just might be the right time to announce it,BTW,today is my birthday,so being. The Bat-fan that I am,this is great news!

  9. wrstlgirl says:

    And he is one of the good ones, sigh. “over the course of the next few years” good grief….they ran out of good story ideas a long time ago.

  10. Letti says:

    I’ve always thought that he should have stayed dead. Not that I watch anymore. But I wish good luck for Steven.

  11. Fernanda says:

    Nightwing is coming to Arrow, The Flash or the Upcoming Supergirl Series. It’s time CW people.

  12. JDH says:

    Years???? Hell. No. Season 7 is the final season. Julie Plec said when Elena became a Vampire, that was the half way point for their story. They should definitely be done by the end of Season 7.

  13. Guest says:

    Will def miss Jer, as long as he makes an appearance here & there that should be fine. Looking forward to seeing him in other roles. I doubt TVD will go past s7

  14. Jenay says:

    I don’t think he will be very missed he’s hardly in the show much like Bonnie who is one of my favorites and this season has been very blah..

  15. Mo Walker says:

    Sending Steven R. McQueen postive vibes. I hope he ends up becoming Dick Grayson.

  16. Lizo says:

    I’m glad for him! Jeremy deserves it. It’s how I wish Matt had gone off to Europe with Rebekah and just stayed over there; settle in a new city, settle down with a nice girl, live his life.

  17. DavidSask says:

    He may have been officially a full time cast member but his storyline was non existent!!!

  18. Audri' says:

    Until it’s officially over then it’s not the end. Don’t start emptying out the main characters that makes the show. It’s not over till its over, keep it strong till the end. Jeremy and Elena are the only 2 left in the family, give him his love (Kat Graham) n let’s move forward with the best show that’s on television.

  19. Ana says:

    I bet he’s gonna be in the Arrow now

  20. Nancy says:

    This is my very favorite show. I really hate to hear of Jeremy leaving because he has been such a big part of the show.

  21. Vampie says:

    Well if fans were speculating about TVD having another season guess what? I just read a few seconds ago that CW had confirmed that TVD along Arrow 100 and The Flash are renewed. So i guess The Vampire Diaries will have a 7 season. More Delena, Steroline, etc drama coming up hahaha!!

  22. Alvaro says:

    They shouldn’t have resurrected him in the first place. That was a big meaningful exit, they screwed it up by bringing him back to do nothing, now nobody cares about him. How long has it been since they killed off a regular character for good? This is a vampire show, for God sake!

  23. Liza says:

    Goodbye Little Gilbert, maybe he will go to arrow or the flash that is what he wanted right? Happy for him, hope tvline will get the news soon about Ian Paul or Nina, because there were some hugeee rumours that one of those 3 didn’t signed on for the next season. Hopefully tvline will have the news soon!

  24. zed says:

    Good luck to Steven! :)
    It makes sense that Jeremy wants away from vampires and everything!

  25. Essie says:

    I’m sad to see Jeremy go but I think it’s for the best. They didn’t write a good storyline for him. They had him moping around for dead girlfriends too often. He used to be interesting in the storyline but it got ruined.

  26. Nellibly says:


  27. Michelle says:

    Everyone else on this show must be jealous of him. He got away.

  28. Bob Wood says:

    It says he won’t be a regular on the show anymore, that does not mean he won’t appear again from time to time in a guest starring role as did Claire Holt on the Originals. We will see Jeremy again at some point in the next season as to how many episodes is anyone’s guess. I really think that the actors are inching to get out now and its probably wise to do just one more season make it big like 23 or 24 episodes with the grand finale as a 2hr TV movie that ends the show otherwise if they keep going and lose more actors then its not the same show anymore. At least if they end the show in its 7th season they can all go out with a BANG, not a WHISPER, and just go back to the beginning, the basics of what the show was and that way they could end the show with all the characters their for one last time, then have Caroline move to New Orleans (the Originals) which only makes sense as her storyline with Klaus can really take shape. It will be sad to see the show go but I think its nearing its end and one more big season is all I think it has left anymore seasons after seven it won’t be so good. Then occasionally we could get like Stephen to maybe appear on the Originals as a guest from time to time and get maybe small little updates on the others.

  29. jesyca says:

    oh no!! so sad..I will miss jeremy..😭no more vampire hunter!

  30. Ve says:

    Good to think J will get to ‘live a real life’. And Caroline to the Originals would be fabulous.