Looking Premiere Recap: Road Trip!

Looking Season 2 Recap

Early on in Looking‘s road trip-themed Season 2 premiere, Patrick makes it clear to pals Dom and Agustin that he wants the forthcoming getaway to be heavy on nature walks, mint tea and monopoly and light on sex, drugs and debauchery. “I really feel like this weekend should be about the three of us hanging out together,” he maintains. “Not us and 200 naked homos crammed in a pool.”

Best. Laid. Plans.

Fewer than 24-hours later, Doris crashes the trio’s G-rated sojourn, promptly declares, “We’re going out!” and, before you know it, Patrick is having sex with Kevin against a thousand-year-old redwood.

But let’s back up and quickly recap the major-ish moments from the HBO dramedy’s opener:

PATRICK | Coming off of his tryst with partnered boss Kevin and subsequent breakup with Richie, Patrick tries mightily to keep his mind off the triangle drama waiting for him at home. His straight-and-narrow mission gets derailed when he decides it’d be a good idea to try Ecstasy for the first time right before attending a dance party in the woods. Just as the drug starts to kick in, he encounters a Richie lookalike, and the two start going at it like squirrels in heat. Spooked, Patrick flees the bash, phones Kevin and summons him to the forest for a quickie against the aforementioned tree. (The glow stick was a nice touch, eh?) The next morning, he comes clean to Dom and Agustin about Kevin and acknowledges the affair is wrong but confesses he can’t put a stop to it.

DOM | The fact that it’s Lynn’s vacation home they’re holed up in proves convenient for Dom, who uses the opportunity to snoop around for clues about his new, older beau. Here’s what he digs up: Lynn has a huge ego (see: the massive painting of himself he has hanging in the living room), and he may not be over his ex (see: tons of photos of Lynn and Brian looking very happy and in love). Later, Dom meets a hottie at the woodsy Promised Land bash and promptly takes his open relationship with Lynn for a test ride. (Side note: Anyone else getting a strong Patrick-Dom vibe in this ep?)

AGUSTIN | The show’s most grating character makes an unlikely new friend named Eddie — AKA “a big Bear who cares about trans people and has [HIV]” — and immediately becomes significantly more tolerable. There’s no sex, but there’s flirting and naked skinny dipping and the two are kind of adorable together.

DORIS | Just as uncensored, uninhibited and fabulous as ever.


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  1. Fernanda says:

    Kevin and Patrick are so hot, but I imagine Patrick falling in love with Kevin, but the British doesn’t, for now.

  2. alistaircrane says:

    I’m surprised they all survived taking Ecstasy without any ill consequences. I have heard horror stories of people dying after taking just one pill!

  3. IchabodCrn91 says:

    It is so good to have this show back. I don’t think I realized how much I missed it. I really can’t believe how quickly I have become attached to all of these characters, and I identify with Patrick so much, its not even funny (except for the part about sleeping with a guy who is already dating someone). Anyway, great episode, and did find that particular scene to be kinda hot, because I love Kevin.

    • Ian says:

      Not to point you out, but this is the problem right here. No one’s talking about how so many people don’t care about how awful Patrick and Kevin are as people, because OMGRUSSELLTOVEY.

  4. Ian says:

    Some of the most blatant fanservice and pandering I’ve ever seen on television, this episode. The checking off was endless.

    And maybe people compare this show to Girls because both shows deal with groups of friends with the most selfish worthless problems you could imagine.

  5. Margaret says:

    i was “meh” about the episode until Doris showed up, Lauren weedman is fabulous and I’m so glad she’s now a regular.

  6. Kendra says:

    I think you mean “Doris” is just as unihibited as ever as Lynn wasn’t in this ep except for that fabulous photo.

    It sounds like Lynn’s “ex” might actually be dead from the way Dom was talking. The pics were of a much younger Scott Bakula and Dom was talking about how “sad” that time must have been. I think the subtle implication was that Lynn’s former lover died of AIDS.

    Looking forward to them being back at home next week.

    • Ron says:

      That’s the exact implication that I got about Lynn’s former partner as well. But it does also seem like a person that Lynn probably isn’t quite over yet. But if that is the situation, it isn’t too shocking to think that Lynn could still have feelings for a dead “ex.”

  7. googly eyes says:

    Daniel Franzese as Eddie made me want to watch Mean Girls again.

  8. wrstlgirl says:

    So glad Looking is back. I really wish this could be an hour show. And yes, what Kevin and Patrick are doing is wrong but what would a good soapy show be without some cheating. I really like Kevin and Patrick together but I also really liked him with Richie. Patrick is just a very likable guy.

  9. Doug says:

    i enjoyed the first season and I’m looking forward to this season. I really enjoy the soundtrack – whoever is choosing the songs is doing a wonderful job. Ending song of s2 e1 “this is the day” by TheThe is one of my all time favorite songs. Thank you for a great show.