Person of Interest Bosses Talk Shaw's Exit/Possible Return, 'Pissed-Off' Root and a 'Hard Left Turn' Ahead

Person of Interest Shaw Dies

When Sarah Shahi revealed to her Person of Interest bosses that she was expecting (twins!), their reaction to losing a key player went from an initial “Oh, s–t” to an opportunistic “Oh, yeah!”

Because, they tell TVLine, the CBS drama had been looking to off a major character this season. “We’re not making that show” where “nothing happens,” showrunner Jonah Nolan explains.

On the heels of Shahi sharing her own story about how her pregnant pause gave birth to a shocking twist, Nolan and co-showrunner Greg Plageman here discuss the team “turmoil” ahead for Shaw’s teammates, that pair of unexpected liplocks, the mystery “bang” and a possible (semi-?)resurrection.

SPECIAL DELIVERY | Echoing what Shahi has shared, Nolan says that when she first came to them early in the season with news of her pregnancy, “In a weird way she felt ecstatic and yet conflicted, and we just wanted to put her mind at ease and say, ‘No matter what, we’ve got your back and we’ll find out a way to do this, and do it well.” In fact, Plageman says that over time, “[Our reaction] went from, ‘Oh s–t’ to ‘OK’ to ‘Oh yeah, now were rolling with it.’ It’s tremendous dramatic fodder.” Because….

DEATH WISH | The Shahi sitch paved the way for the producers to pull the trigger on a big twist they had planned. “We knew we were going to kill a character off this season, and had started soliciting bribes from the actors… but Sarah was willing to take one for the team,” Nolan shares with a laugh. “It’s always great to have an opportunity, as we did last season with Carter, to build around a major event in the middle of the season. On so many shows, for so many years, nothing happens. You check in on your kind of ‘surrogate family,’ and everything’s nice — ‘Hey, there’s cousin Marv! ‘There’s the wacky neighbor!’ But we’re just not making that show, so any excuse for mayhem is seized upon.”

KISS AND TELL, PART 1 | In The Machine’s simulated Option No. 833,333, Fusco steals a kiss from Root, and Shaw doesn’t show up for the final shootout. But when the detective doesn’t help himself to some sugar, Shaw does later ride to the rescue. Possible, improbable correlation? “It’s the butterfly effect!” Nolan jokes. He then alludes to the lesson Finch taught The Machine, If-Then-Elsesaying, “There are more possible chess games than atoms in the universe, and when you add the element of human nature to it, it gets that much more complicated. It’s impossible for the Machine to predict all circumstances,” such as a frisky Fusco. Besides, that kiss — as well as the “Simplified Simulation” that had the characters amusingly speaking dialogue in shorthand — “adds a level of levity in a really hard-charging, heavy episode,” Nolan explains. “My favorite moment is after Fusco kisses Root, the look she gives is pretty classic. It sums up that element of levity that we needed.”

KISS AND TELL, PART 2 | Echoing one of Shahi’s several perspectives on the Shaw/Root smooch, Nolan says, “She knew if she didn’t do something in that moment, she would never get Root back on that elevator.” Plageman meanwhile allows there may have been more to it. “Shaw, who has no feelings, plants one on Root and in the moment right after that gets a sudden hit of, ‘Wait a second, I did feel something.'” But what that “something” is might never be revisited. “We’re not that kind of [relationship drama], so we won’t get a chance to explore that,” he says. Instead, “We get to explore what Root looks like with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.”

A SHOT IN THE DARK | Was the episode-ending, cut-to-black bang a gunshot or, as a few have suggested, merely the elevator door slamming shut? Nolan plays coy: “I don’t know — what did you think?” Informed that closed captioning denoted “[Gunshot],” they react with a roar of laughter. “Is that right??” marvels Plageman. Grumbles Nolan, “We spent half an hour at the sound mix making that [indeterminate] sound! You can’t read the closed captions, those people are renegades! They’re writing their own damn show.”

THE MOURNING AFTER | Promos show Team Machine seemingly grasping onto the notion that Shaw is still alive and out there somewhere. Plageman cites the “TV rule” that “because you haven’t quite seen a [dead] body,” there’s of course hope.Person of Interest Shaw Dies More pragmatically, he admits, “We like to keep people guessing.” Whatever the case, Shaw has been lost and, Plageman says, “Obviously Root’s not too happy about it — and a pissed-off Root is not something you want to be dealing with.” For her, Finch et al, “There’s a certain amount of turmoil in terms of figuring out how to proceed from here.”

TRILOGY OF TERROR | So what is ahead as POI wraps its midseason trilogy this Tuesday night? Plageman describes the episode, titled “Control-Alt-Delete,” as “a hard left turn. Camryn Mannheim (as Control) is very prominent in this episode, and we’re going to see what lengths our guys are willing to go to to avenge Shaw.”

MANY HAPPY RETURNS…? | What is the gentleman’s agreement between POI and Shahi, as pertains to her possible, post-partum return? (In at least one interview, the actress suggested she might put her career on hold for two years.) For the foreseeable future, “Sarah’s got her hands full,” Nolan acknowledges. “But we love her, and we love her character on our show. So just as soon as she is up and ready to jump back on our show, she’s coming back — but whether that’s for a flashback or not remains to be seen.”

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  1. Bill Crossman says:

    I went to bed with Shaw on my mind and woke with the same thought (God I hope she survives)…POI is our favorite show and the characters are all outstanding.

    • ScrubsGuy says:

      I hate the line “the CBS drama had been looking to off a major character this season.” It implies that the only stakes are by killing off characters and that’s just not true. Never have I seen such subterfuge from the showrunners about whether a character is still alive or dead in the middle of the series (i.e. not Sopranos) – at this point, it easier to accept that Martine killed Shaw and move on from there. And just to clarify – I disliked Shaw when she was introduced but she really grew on me and I’m very sad to see her go. I’m just a tad annoyed at how coy they are playing this, but it has in no way diminished my enjoyment of the show.

      • Fido says:

        I don’t mind this coyness in the slightest. And they could even have Sarah come out and say “yup she IS dead” only to then turn up alive and kicking in a future ep having been held captive for months.

        • ScrubsGuy says:

          Sarah did mention her intention was to take a 2 year break from acting, so it implies Shaw would be MIA for at least that long. But it doesn’t preclude doing a cameo in the interim. It’s not cool to spread misinformation, but in the age of spoilers, I guess that it’s kind of inevitable.

      • They all grew on me, the writers and producers had a way of doing that with almost all their characters, I mean Shaw, Root, Even Hursh grew on me before he died when Root was introduced, I just wanted her to die already lol

  2. ANON R says:

    Is it Tuesday yet?

    I really do want to see Root f*** some people up as revenge for Shaw.

  3. Cam says:

    is Root going to be in God Mode for the rest of the season?

  4. Rick Katze says:

    I find the sub-title comment the most telling. She will be back. I suspect Fusco would have drawn the short straw if not for the pregnancy. The real question is how emotion Finch will show in the episode. We expect John and Root to be violent in their response.

    • DL says:

      I actually think Fusco’s the one who’s most safe for the foreseeable future, considering his brush with death last time around, during Carter’s last episode. They played up the family stakes and the tragedy his death would cause, and I think to then actually kill him off would feel a little cheap and unfair, even though I readily admit he’s the member of Team Machine I care about the least.

      • Trisha Lewis says:

        I like the Fusco character – very grey character. I HATE the idea of offing someone now … but shaw (love the actress) is the least flexible character to me – and is covered by John – so shaw can go. Let’s get back to basic story line of … number up …. fix it. I hate all this damn conspiracy stuff. Bluck.

        • SP says:

          This “conspiracy stuff” is what making the show amazing. Bringing in the actual havoc that an AI can create and the war between the gods (Samaritan and the machine) has hooked the viewers permanently! The character portrayed by each actor is work of a genius!
          Though I am watching the show from the very first time it aired, it has come a long way down the road bringing newer and cooler stuff than most shows do!
          Kudos teamPOI

          • Cathy says:

            The “conspiracy stuff” reminds me so much of my all time favorite show “The X-Files”. It’s a story within a story that makes this show (POI) so interesting. You never know if someone that they help in one episode will come back in another episode (i.e. Leon) or if Someone that seems unrelated to the conspiracy will end up being completely wrapped up in it.

    • mads says:

      i can’t wait to see root and reese get angry. When carter died reese went on a rampage (which was pretty awesome), and i feel like he just got over carter’s death and then shaw. I think he will take a break from the machine and just kill a bunch of people as revenge

    • The14thSniper says:

      but do you really think they would kill the only other cop they have in the show right now?

      • rowdyred says:

        No, I don’t. For me, Fusco is the show’s redeemed character that proves why humanity is worth saving from itself. He made a complete turnaround and at times seems more committed to this Quixote-ian cause than Reese and Finch. Each of the other three remaining leads is a brilliant specialist with a very damaged psyche, while Fusco is written as the unexceptional guy who’s had a revelation. He’s the “person” in Person of Interest.

  5. cookie says:

    OMG-GOSH please, please, please, let Shaw return! !! I love her so much. Been down since episode. Plz pull a rabbit out of the hat, LET HER LIVE!!!! I’ll help her babysit her twins. From one mother to another “MOTHER HOOD IS A UNION” well all help you Sarah!! Much love Cookie

  6. Erica says:

    There has been too much death already! I miss Anthony, Elias’ right hand! Carter is still dead! Shaw is just out of commission for a while on a beach somewhere! She’ll be back by season finale, maybe having recruited more people for the AI civil war.

  7. Tran says:

    My money would’ve been on Root and Shaw didn’t deserve her own bloodbath. The writers doesn’t know when to take risks.

  8. King says:

    I agree it would have been Root or Fusco to die had Sarah not been pregnant because if it was actually Shaw who’s going to die then why else would they write Shaw’s exit where there’s a way for her to return unless of course the original plan all along was really an ambiguous death no matter who.

    • Amrit says:

      They say they want to kill people off but they are really just protecting the actors or actresses who have asked to leave. They are protecting their privacy and the show runners are nice people.

      The actresses who played Carter and Shaw both asked to leave and left on good terms. Fusco is too important for fans (because he is a great actor who carries a lot of the comedy) they would not kill him off.

      Too be honest I do not think if they had a choice they would kill off as many characters as they have, I think as I said above they only did it because they were asked and are willing to be the bad guys to the fans and say hey….we made the choice because…we did, but they did not.

      As I said, this shows a good cast and crew.

      • Trisha Lewis says:

        yes- good caste and writing and is nice to have “good” characters and grey character and black ones too …..I don’t like the bringing back – she is a great actress so will do well – but if she dies – she should die … it makes it sadder and we are getting to used to dead characters coming back.

      • Sheila says:

        Where did you learn that Taraji asked to leave? Genuine question. I know she was okay with leaving, but I never heard that she asked to leave.

  9. MannyK says:

    Hate to see Shaw go. Sara Shahi was great in the role of Shaw. I want to see Root really get her old self again. Lets start killing the bad guys.

  10. Gail says:

    Will Root turn and blame the machine for Shaw’s fate? It was the machine that told Root what to do.

    • Spoiler Junkie says:

      Great question. IMO, even the Machine herself couldn’t factor in Shaw’s arrival to rescue the team. But it would be an awesome story line if the fanatical Root starts to question the Machine.

  11. Bill says:

    She’s still alive, no doubt about it. It will be really interesting as to when she comes back and how. Maybe Samaritan re-programs her and she comes back bad

  12. Ella J. Wade says:

    I thought this episode was terrible. Halfway ruined it when they killed Carter, now it is ruined without Shaw. I understand she had to leave, but did they really have to kill her? They couldn’t come up with a storyline without replaying the same one over and over? Really should have stuck with what they had in the beginning of the series. As they say on ABC, “And for this reason, I’m out!”

    • Amenable says:

      One less complaining critic to worry about

    • Normandy says:

      There was someone who posted on TV Line last year who wished Person of Interest was like Without a Trace where episodes are standalone and nothing bad or major ever happens. Maybe you could hang out with him. Or Tran.

  13. Ange says:

    That’s clarifying. Great interview. Hate Shaw is dead but I’ll survive. I survived Carter’s death. As long as it stays exciting and action packed I think I’ll be good. Wish it was Root but given Sarah’s situation, I get it. Glad for her and Steve.

    • Trisha Lewis says:

      Sort of same here – I totally get the importance of changing things with twins coming !

      just like to say and share that I love this show – it is my fav and I don’t post on things like this -but wanted to say something

  14. Dorn Hetzel says:

    Yep, in response to what happened to Shaw, I think it’s about time Root quit dying her hair and let it go blue :)

  15. Caseym says:

    It must kill TPTB at POI that instead of talking about how “shocking” this episode was, everybody’s talking about Emmy awards for Taraji P. Henson in her amazing triumphant return to television. I hope Nine Tassler watched the premiere of “Empire” and banged her head on her desk in regret.

  16. ann says:

    Didn’t the same thing happen with the show “Life?” She got pregnant, and they wrote her character out — I think she was kidnapped — but supposed to return. Related or not, the show got cancelled.

    • Fido says:

      iirc the writers on LIfe were wanting to separate Damien and Sarah for a while so they weren’t struggle for a storyline for her when her pregnancy was announced. As for it contributing to cancellation :shrugs: I do know the show’s finale ep did round things of nicely. Would’ve like s3 to flashbacked to his time in prison but… oh well. :(

  17. liquidhyperspace says:

    I’m just glad Root’s alive. That’s all I need from this show.

  18. Divr says:

    We went thru what, three simulations where various team members were killed? Did we go thru the fourth simulation where another team member was killed?

  19. Anna says:

    I’m absolutely positive the character isn’t dead. And this basically proves it. Yay!!! Seriously, she could come back any time. Unless there’s a dead body. But something tells me it’s going to be one long cliffhanger

  20. Penny says:

    I love Shaw’s character and certainly hope she will return. I’m probably in the minority but it’s Root that I don’t care for. They could get rid of her anytime.

  21. Shiloh says:

    Okay, so I think this show is one of the best-written in network TV. It isn’t flawless, but pretty close. It is always, always interesting, intelligent and well-done. And it is good that they reinvent themselves to stay fresh. They’re right, it’s important and I see good shows all the time become less because they don’t bother or they make (ultimately) superficial changes. I am glad they were upfront with fans and told us pretty much that everyone eventually would probably die. It’s so much better than being blind-sided.
    That being said, I do think killing people off seems to be becoming more and more common (in shows I watch these days) for the big dramatic effect (which can, many times, be used cheaply. i.e., killing someone off—just because you get an initial big reaction/attention—doesn’t mean you created something brilliant in the story you’re telling. I say this because I’ve seen shows do just this.). And because of this, I have noticed I tend to actually expect it now and it has less impact on me. Especially, the more a show does it. It’s sort of like…an inoculation. Just a thought.
    Also, I have to say, I still believe some shows are great and perfect with a little romance added in. Some have their structure built around it (and it doesn’t make them any less than any other show, depending on how well it’s executed), but this show isn’t about that and I’m glad. It seemed a bit…jarring to me to see Root acting all emo about Shaw. It is the only time I can remember being jarred out of the show’s reality. It’s just *that* good. Usually, it sucks me in every episode, keeps me enthralled and, by the end, leaves me craving more.
    Root and Shaw were awesome characters in their own right and romance didn’t really factor into it for me with any of them. They’re both smart, BAMFy (which I love), interesting, three-dimensional characters. But Shaw has been grounded as a bit of a sociopath (see: her father’s death, for starters). Not completely. But very disassociated with her feelings. To see her get that way seems OOC. Thankfully, she really hasn’t been that way, much. Root, however, has. Yeah, Root is hot and awesome, but she also seemed somewhat sociopathic herself, and she had this strong, single-minded vision that could not be diminished. So, when I caught up on the show during hiatus and saw the episode where she got over-emotional over Shaw it just, as I said, jarred me out of the series. It felt out of place. I wish they hadn’t done that. I get why they did but it felt dissonant to me and I’ve never experienced that in this show. Anyway, just my 2 cents.
    I wish this show got the ratings in the demo it deserves. It is such an excellent series. I know it has to hurt it being less proceduralized and more serialized. Even I, with the busy holiday season, missed a few and so, since I knew how serialized it was, knew I couldn’t watch it the one or two weeks I had the time because I would have to catch up with what happened in the episodes on my DVR first. OTOH, I love that it’s not a proceduralized case-of-the-week show. And I’m glad they do have good character development and high-impact events that actually make a difference. Not something big and dramatic that happens and then a few episodes later, the characters are all exactly the same. They have true development while still keeping the core of the character in character, which is tricky. I see many shows try this and fail. I think that is a key difference with a show that’s so well-done like this one and say, “The Good Wife” (which is also brilliantly written), and the more mediocre shows. I also love how intelligent it is. I’d elaborate, but this is already too long, IMO.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what goes down with the whole Elias versus Dominic thing. I am sort of rooting for Elias (if I must pick between one criminal or the other) because, rn, he’s the underdog and after seeing his good friend die and how he’s helped out Team Machine, well, I pick him, for now. I’m looking forward to seeing if, and who, they replace Shaw with. I loved Shaw because (this show is very guy-heavy—not that that’s a bad thing, but it’s nice to have a girl or two on there too—on the Team Machine side. I hope she’s smart and can kick some butt like Shaw did.) it was so awesome to have a girl on a show who was tough and got some great action scenes. Root is tough with a gun and tech savvy and I love that. But Shaw was more physical, and if that element is now gone from the show, I’ll miss it. This show has had some good, strong female characters (starting with Carter) and I hope they continue with that.
    I’m also looking forward to seeing more of how the whole Machine versus Samaritan thing plays out. Rooting for The Machine because, not only are they the David to Samaritan’s Goliath, but because, of course, our beloved team are on her side (to an extent). That being said, I hope, in the end, they both lose; I want them both to be destroyed, for, I think, obvious reasons. And, finally, I hope this show doesn’t have a cliché ending when it does (finally, and sadly) end. A lot of shows where it sort of does this type of storyline with technology have predictable ends. I hope this one distinguishes itself by not only being different, but also smart.

    • Cathy says:

      As I watched the final scene I was reminded of a famous POI quote: “When you find that one person who connects you to the world, you become someone different, someone better. When that person is taken from you, what do you become then?” I guess we will see how Root answers that question in the coming episodes.

      I was also reminded of another Pilot quote….. “We’ll probably end up dead”. I think they are headed towards fulfilling Finch’s prophesy.

      • dioxinblues says:

        I’ve been thinking the same thing ever since, too. Shaw was/is Root’s “one person” who made her become someone better. So, now what? I can’t wait to find out.

  22. Lori says:

    I think I am done watching after this. So disappointed in the elevator scene!

  23. jj says:

    I really enjoyed the first two seasons of Person of Interest, but since it has turned into a violent “soap opera”, I don’t like it. Also, do you have to make every show about homosexuality? Not everyone appreciates that slant.

  24. When POI first started we thought it was a fabulous show and could not wait for the next episode. The machine would spit out a number and a story line was written around this person the number belonged to. Ever since POI went off on this new story line, one by one we have stopped watching. It is boring,confusing, no excitefment. Our family of four no longer watch. It is not entertaining anymore.

    • Normandy says:

      It sounds like you only liked the show when it was a formulaic episodic procedural.

    • Trisha Lewis says:

      Formulatic ? Well maybe only to the extent of who they were going to save – but the “formula” was so WIDE OPEN that it had worlds to cover – unlike a police procedure show.

      I think complex conspiracy things are way over done and have killed more shows than helped – so I agree – I spent the first two seasons rushing to watch … now I catch it – and that makes me sad. In fact – it is so run of the mill show now – that I don’t see anything setting it apart like the first two seasons. Now it is just another overly complex, depressing, can’t win situational thing ….

      before it could be funny, heartwarming, thrilling, action packed – you never knew what you were going to get – and it all wasn’t about saving the whole world or dying every freaking episode …. it was good human nature stories …. now it is just another show and rarely throws anything new out there.

      • Jake says:

        Those initial episodes were just to introduce the characters and the storyline. This show isn’t about that though, but what it is about is the Technological Singularity, when machines eventually get smart enough to think for themselves.

    • Michael says:

      FYI I feel exactly the same as you do about the evolution of POI.
      I also noticed much more gun play than in previous seasons. Every episode now seems to include at least one exaggerated and drawn out Hollywood shoot-out. Btw- It’s not the only way to add action to episodes it’s just an easy way out that is not overly taxing on creativity. It suggests pandering to teenagers and young adults that (granted) usually eat that stuff right up. I suspect producers are focusing their efforts to appeal primarily to that demographics as to secure revenues of sponsors targeting them. This was surely dictated by some market research.
      For the record, I am an aging boomer that thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 seasons but now I’m bearly hanging on to its newer, what I consider, childish format in the hope of it recovering some of its earlier appeal.
      I guess that I have to accept the conclusion that it was only great while it lasted!

  25. Cynthia Auld says:

    Love this show, i was so upset Shaw got shot. But having twins is no easy thing, im glad shes going to take the time to enjoy them. Im going to be so happy when she comes back.

  26. sam says:

    We may need to see the Team recruite a new skilled, but flawed sociopath, to take sum of the work load Or we see the story line will narrow down to just few team members.

    We need a new session soon!!

  27. Mary says:

    I am soooo upset that she was killed off.. I loved her character..The show is amazing and all the characters are great but “shaw” is so perfect for that show…I truly hope she isn’t gone for good….

  28. Liz says:

    Shaw dead? I’ll believe it when I see it. :)

    I just love this show and I think the actress’ (temporary) departure is a great loss. But if there’s a possibility her character can return some day ALIVE, it could open up plenty of doors of awesome story telling. Definitely rooting for that.

    Till then I’ll happily remain a POI fan because I’ve been enjoying this show since the very first episode. Bring it on Team Machine!

  29. markchine says:

    I want to see what happens between the machine and samaritan, The machine came on line way before Samaritan a should of amassed more information and infiltrated more systems, Come on machine flex your muscles and take that piece of junk out before hurts anyone else.

  30. will says:

    keep all the actors, if you start taking them off it will ruin the shows and this is one of my favorite ones.

  31. mads says:

    i really love shahi’s character because of that angry look she has all the time. I don’t think she is going away. I think she will come back, once she has delivered, and then it is revealed she was brainwashed or something like that, later on in the show. Anything to keep her on the show, because she is awesome.

  32. Ronnie says:

    I hope Shaw comes back. It would be nice if maybe she starts her own agenda. If somehow Grice (her former colleague who looked the other way) helps her escape from Samaritan, and she hides out with him. Maybe they can start to recruit some of the relevant agents to become double agents. Team Machine definitely needs more help!

  33. Trisha Lewis says:

    I think they have this wrong – good as the premise is – good as the writing, directing and acting it … for a TV show to make it long term – not a JJ Abrams flash …. it can’t fall victim to conspiracy and always having a deep and out-there plot. The first season with Equalizer type episodes was the best – and I fervently hope that they get back to that with a little flash and complexity here and there – not the whole thing. That is what tanked X-Files and other shows – they permanently left their guiding reason for being ….. doing it once in a while ok – just going off …. no so much. I loved this show – now I’m just watching it ….

    • Normandy says:

      It sounds like you should stick to NCIS.

    • Jake says:

      As I’ve posted before, those initial episodes were just to introduce the characters and the storyline. This show isn’t about that though, but what it is about is the Technological Singularity, when machines eventually get smart enough to think for themselves.

    • JimC says:

      You think the conspiracy angle tanked the X-Files? Wake up, deary. It’s exactly what kept the X-Files going for 9 seasons plus 2 movies. As soon as a show goes into a “creep of the week” mode….you can start counting down it’s days. Even NCIS has a bit of back story, it’s the only way a procedural can get legs and continue on for multiple seasons.

      • Trisha Lewis says:

        What a superficial and mean reply …., perhaps you need to go back and get more sleep, pookie pie, and then come back and drop the fake endearing words and chat like a big boy ….

        It seems you have no grasp of how to communicate well like this – of course there is back story for every character, even the small ones. The fun thing about POI is there not a creep of week – it could be a creep, a good guy, a grey guy, an animal, or like this one – a stock market.

        Yes, I do think the conspiracy angle tanked the X-Files – and so do others in my demographic. It is obvious that there will be other demographics which loved it – that must be you – and that is fine – but it wasn’t a big enough base to keep it going.

        I would like to see POI go for 9 or more seasons. To already be into a one and only storyline is a red flag for a large fan base.

        • jimc says:

          pookie pie? What is that some sort of vague Soupy Sales reference? At least mine came from a show that’s still currently airing. Must have really hit a soft spot with this one. But judging by your other posts, that doesn’t appear to be too difficult. LOL at your fanaticism.

          • Trisha Lewis says:

            Pookie Pie was because you crossed a line to call me Deary … if that is from a show – why would you assume I watch what you watch and know all your references? There is no way to read “wake up deary ” that doesn’t have a negative connotation.

            I don’t mind others on here liking a different story arc than I do – but they talk about it – you talk it …. so why so harsh on me when I talk about it ? You do notice I am not alone in this position – so it is a valid position. I haven’t told any of them they are wrong for liking what they like. It is all subjective.

            I think you must have a real issue with differing opinions. Shame on you for continuing in this tone. And no – I’m not going to respond to you any further – you pushed back first, you got my response – there we are. I can’t more to clear things up for you.

  34. AnotherName says:

    So much concern and verbiage about a single episode within a series full of of wonderful scenarios and writing tells me someone is doing something right.

  35. Sheila says:

    This used to be on of my favorite shows to tune in to… no longer… too many story lines… offing main characters is not the type of show I want to continue to watch. I absolutely hate programs that get you hooked then change everything up, bring in nemesis who never go away and kill off your favorite characters. Time to tune out on this one. Way to go writers and producers… take note of other great shows that end up cancelled because somebody thinks the show needs to change and things need to be shaken up… doesn’t work.

  36. grandma says:

    I don’t like the fact that you are taking the emphasis off Harold & John as the stars and leaders of POI. I really watch because of Reese (Jim Keveizel) & he wasn’t even mentioned in above article… I watch because I really like Reese & Harold….I don’t care for Root at all, Shaw I don’t mind. Root was a murderer and crazy & now she heads the whole operation….I am losing interest.

    • Trisha Lewis says:

      RIGHT ON !!!

      I so think this too ! It worked …. now it is just messy …. I don’t mind having a character I don’t love in the show – be it Root or Shaw …. but to keep the screen time off Reese and Harold has been muddying up the show …. they should be in it as much as the cops were and the two warring bad guys – once in a while an episode with them heavy – but most with Reese and Harold and the guest person that needs some saving.

    • rowdyred says:


  37. Terry Watada says:

    Wasn’t this another simulation? After all, how could Shaw get from the train stn to the stock market so quickly and through all the enemy forces blocking the building? No one is that good. I think Root was shot and not Shaw. Root went through the simulation as Shaw and she wakes up on the floor and we realize what happened.

    • rowdyred says:

      That would be plausible except for the fact that Sarah Shahi’s real life is the reason her character was the one they settled on.

  38. Mary Poch says:

    I am happy for Shaw with her pregnancy but the lip lock with Root should not have occurred. We watch this show because it has stayed clean and not added any of the dynamics that our society wants us to embrace. Please don’t succomb to these social issues. We need to have some form of entertainment that entertains and doesn’t push an agenda for certain groups.

  39. daryl says:

    So “Persons Of Interest ” was cancelled is that right? I guess they didn’t see that coming.

    • rowdyred says:

      They didn’t see it coming because it hasn’t been canceled. The character of Shaw, not the show, is exiting, at least temporarily. PS. It’s Person, not Persons.

  40. Dave Poch says:

    I have enjoyed POI since it began. I actually started watching it because of Jim Cavieziel and his portrayal of Jesus in THE PASSION.
    However, if the show is going to involve the main characters in homosexual scenes, then I’m finished with the show. As far as I can remember, the show has kept a pretty strong moral stance and that is one of the enjoyments of watching POI.

    • Trisha Lewis says:

      I wouldn’t call it an issue of morality – gay couples who are honest, good people I would call moral.

      However I would call it titillating for no reason – or no reason I can see now. I didn’t like it as it felt just thrown in have 2 girls kissing …. and the time for that and the shock value is over now. POI never used to stoop to shock value.

      So I am all for decent people who are honest, don’t steal or kill …. I call them moral – loving anyone they want to. But I didn’t think it fit in this episode. This episode, by the way – was really well done on pace, excitement and visual ….I’m just tired of the storyline.

  41. JP says:

    Yes, would like to see more interplay between the machines.

  42. Jim says:

    For myself Shaw makes POI……..Shaw and Root together kicks serious ass!!!

  43. Linda Meyers says:

    I sure hope she comes back! I love her and her character. I was kind of hoping she and Reese would get together. They would be so awesome together!

  44. Billy Ray says:

    when this show started it was about the number of the week, it now appears to be entered on root/shaw girlie action and the number is irrelevant

  45. Rabin says:

    I really hope they resurrect Shaw, I really want Root & Shaw to be a thing.

  46. Laura Currier says:

    I am so sad that the writers of my favorite TV series created a lesbian relationship between two main characters. What first drew me to your program was the strong good versus evil theme. I believe this attempt to mainstream a lifestyle that is biblically wrong in your program was a very big mistake. I can no longer in good conscience watch your program nor will I be recommending it to friends. Sincerely, Laura Currier

    • Four years I’ve invested in this show and they have to turn a character(Shaw) who supposedly likes men into a lesbian before she “dies.” If they want gay characters on TV, they should create a show with them and give people that choice. Instead, they blindside us with something like this and turn off a lot of their loyal viewers. I don’t care what people say about my comments either. I don’t hate gay people at all, but I’m turned off at watching them kiss or have sex. So sue me.

  47. Jim says:

    Not sure that I want to see Shaw and Root to be a thing…I like the way they have portrayed both of them together so as to keep you wondering if anything will really happen between them. I would hope that the Producers of the show realize what they have going for them and not screw up a great cast. I want to see them find Shaw so she and Root can take a pound of C4 and shove it up Samaritans Server and then beat the crap out of John Greer and put a bullet between the eyes his right hand girl………….

  48. flav says:

    damn time to ditch the show…..she was the only reason why i watched

  49. barbara says:

    hope she comes back love this show

  50. Mal Adams says:

    I just finished watching the episode prior to Control-Alt-Delete and was balling my eyes out. I love all the characters on this show and the way it keeps you on your toes all the time. She can’t leave the show for good; her character is the coolest on TV and very unusual. Keeps you wanting more of her.
    Please, please, please don’t leave. Love this show so much!!!