Winter TV Spoiler-palooza! Your Scoop-Filled Guide to 27 Returning Favorites

TV Spoilers Winter 2015

Wakey-wakey! The TV season has returned from its holiday hibernation, meaning new episodes of Arrow, Gotham, NCIS, The Blacklist, Castle and more favorites are en route to your screen.

To help you get excited for the fresh helpings of Vampire Diaries, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Mindy Project, Justified and — eventually! — Once Upon a Time, among others, TVLine brings you our annual Winter TV Spoiler-palooza, featuring juicy previews plus many exclusive photos. We’ve kicked things off with a look at more than two dozen shows, with updates to come as we storm the imminent TCA winter press tour.

What are you waiting for? Things are about to get busy and soon, so dive into out preview gallery now!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tran says:

    Can’t wait until Super Bowl Sunday when The Blacklist returns as while as moving it to Thursdays @ 9 p.m. going up against Scandal. Think Blacklist should do just fine on Thursdays after a great run on Mondays after The Voice and NBC may be its one and only hope to boost its Thursday night line-up after a very disappointing comedy block they had in several years.

  2. Joey Padron says:

    great scoop on my favorite shows. can’t wait until all my shows are back. thank you TVline!

  3. Dawn Wolfe says:

    Thank you for the update, however, under the Blacklist information, Jan 5th is listed as the return date (it should be Feb 5th).

  4. GildedRose says:

    On Arrow, how about some Felicity and DIGGLE scenes? Why is that not being talked about at all? Fans keep asking & the show keeps ignoring it. They’ve only been teammates with Oliver since Season 1. They’ve been friends forever. Why can’t Diggle catch a break here? Looking forward to Felicity and Thea scenes though. That will be nice. I’d love Felicity/Malcolm and Felicity/Quentin scenes while we’re at it. And more Oliver/Felicity, too, of course, once he comes back from the “dead,” like we all know he will.

    Big Bang’s Sheldon & Amy have quickly become a fav with me. No rushing, obviously.

    Intrigued to see what Justified is going to do before it rides into the sunset. If anybody survives, I hope it’s Ava.

    Jeri Ryan as a Gibbs ex? I’m totally going to have to watch that.

    Looking forward to Suits returning to. Hopefully the show will do something interesting & finally deal with the Mike secret. Only so many times you can beat that dead horse, USA.

    • A says:

      I really hope we get some Felicity/Diggle scenes in 3B. I don’t know why they haven’t really had any scenes together this year…

    • Rob Watkins says:

      Diggle is catching a break, there’s going to be some progress on the HIVE storyline, and then there’s the Suicide Squad, which he has a greater connection to than anyone else on his team.

      Why Ava? She made her own bed when she teamed up with Boyd. I don’t wish ill will on her, but if only one of them survives, it should be Raylan.

    • Briggs says:

      In my experience, it seems like they aren’t teasing because it would be spoilers for later plot development. I could be wrong, though.

    • Claire says:

      I agree GildedRose, about the Arrow info. All I care about seeing is more Felicity/Diggle scenes — these two have been through a lot together with Oliver. And yes, totally stoked that we will FINALLY see Felicity/Thea sharing the screen together — long-awaited as far as I’m concerned.
      Due to life getting in the way, I wasn’t able to view the Flash crossover episodes until later, but they were FANTASTIC, and the fact that they feature Team Arrow? Absolute best! THIS is why I watch the show.
      Not to drag this on, but I did watch the Flash MidSF and when I speak above about more Diggle/Felicity scenes I would like to reference the touching scenes we got between Barry and Detective West — THOSE are the types of scenes that Arrow is truly lacking in lately. I want those types of scenes between for Diggle/Felicity, Diggle/Oliver, felicity/Oliver, Felicity/Thea, Felicity/Quentin. I’m missing those… A LOT. These are the characters I care about, they are why I tune in. Trying to make me care about someone after three failed years, I will either fast forward or just tune out altogether.

      • Rob Watkins says:

        All I’m seeing is you miss Felicity and sweet scenes. That’s great, and I enjoy them as much as the next person, but what we’re lacking this season isn’t the feels, it’s a big bad. If you overdo the sweet moments, they mean little.

        • Claire says:

          All I’m seeing is a condescending response, and really, are we not adults here? I am speaking of “meaningful scenes” that are indeed lacking and that the spoilers in THIS article spoke of occurring between characters. There are MANY things wrong with this season, I am simply addressing those that pertain to a portion of the spoilers highlighted in this piece.

        • kath says:

          This season already has three Big Bads, Malcolm Merlyn, Amanda Waller, and Ra’s al Ghul, and Slade is going to come back in episode 14. Doubtless one of those will emerge as the Big Bad for the season, but if it’s a man, you don’t have to worry about him dying.
          I get what Claire is talking about. It feels like with Andrew Kreisberg concentrating on The Flash, it feels like much of the emotional heart has gone out of Arrow.

  5. kath says:

    I’m really excited about the Castle spoilers, it sounds like there is lots of good things coming up there.
    I’m interested in the Arastoo political prisoner story on Bones, that’s something really topical.
    Looking forward to see how Diggle and Felicity deal with Oliver’s ‘death’ on Arrow.
    While I loved the Frozen episodes of OUaT (kudos to all the guest actors), I’m less interested in the author of the book because of all that free will stuff. Regina needs to write her own happy ending, not rely on someone else to do it. I”m interested in hearing more about how Emma fits in though.
    It occurs to me that Mary on Downton Abbey, Laurel on Arrow and Katrina on Sleepy Hollow have these in common — they think very highly of themselves and their writers care a lot more about them than I do.

    • Ally Oop says:

      I agree but at least when it comes to Downton, the writers I think know that Lady Mary is full of faults but regardless she is a much more interesting character than either Laurel or Katrina.

  6. Josie says:

    YAY more Hope and her special baby super magic powers! thats all i want out of a show about the original family! …………………. are you kidding me julie oh and we all know that you´re killing Liz off so stefan can realize that caroline is worth dating or whatever out of pity so romantic

  7. Vari says:

    Did i miss How to get away with murder in the line up? isnt that back soon?

    Look forward to The Blacklist and Once Upon a time, esp what this means on and for Emma

  8. zac says:

    Seems like Nashville is (FINALLY!) getting back to its Rayna-Deacon and Gunnar-Scarlett roots.

    And on TVD, I’m guessing Matt will be the one who’ll kick the bucket or maybe Enzo coz I dont get why he’s been upped as a regular.

  9. Jennifer says:

    Interesting quote about Emma from Once Upon a Time. I hope this means we’ll see more about her past and maybe see Lily again. There was definitely a missed opportunity to explore Emma’s relationship with Ingrid. Should be fun to see how it all ties in to Operation Mongoose.

  10. Amber says:

    Oh fun an infant with super powers that should be entertaining what are you doing Julie seriolusly WTF are they thinking in that writers room!? Its not enough we have super special snowflake swamp goddess hayley now we have that loopholy magic baby to deal with as well and no matter who hard you try to sell those new originals as the real thing its not working at all until nate is back as kol and claire as rebekkah these returns mean nothing to me at all…. In other news can´t wait for shamless and the blacklist

  11. StephonJS says:

    OUAT: excited August back for multiple episodes
    Gotham: who is Albert? You mean Alfred right? lol

  12. Sara says:

    I swear if I don’t see Felicity and Diggle scenes I will be mad…those two are my fav’s. Looking forward to Thea and Felicity, to see how their dynamic plays out….And every time I see KC in that suit I cringe…I don’t know how I will survive her as BC.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      If you have reservations about KC, watch her as Ruby on Supernatural. She can pull off badass.

      • Sparky77 says:

        I think everyone’s problem is her backstory to that point. I’m hoping that how they do it will make us all forget that and we all get on board.

        • Rob Watkins says:

          I’m still not sure what the issue is. Is it the drinking they hated? This season has done a lot in terms of showing her progression towards being a costumed hero. She could already defend herself, now she’s sharpening those skills with Wildcat.

          • Sparky77 says:

            There are a couple of reasons. First Sara and Oliver were trained for 5 years by the League in Sara’s case and with Oliver by Slade, Maseo and ARGUS. While Laurel may have show that she can defend herself in S1 they went backwards as far as her storyline is concerned since then in a lot of people’s opinions from using poor judgement getting her ass kicked by some the boyfriend that beat up his girlfriend to trying to shoot the first guy they thought was responsible for killing Sara. Where is the motivation for her turning her back on the justice system to think that this her only route to get justice for Sara’s death. The expectation however wrong or right it maybe is that BC is this iconic character in the comics that was a better fighter than Oliver. If the show is only going to go to 5 seasons then this doesn’t leave her much time to get up to and surpass Oliver’s level. But that’s just a few people’s opinion. Hopefully the way they tell the story they will prove us all wrong.

      • kath says:

        Ruby was still one-note though. It’s the layers that KC has trouble with. IMO she plays the surface line only, which makes the character look like she’s ping-ponging from one extreme to the other.
        For me, it’s not the story or the plot, it’s that Laurel still comes off as the meanest mean girl in school. Even now that she knows Oliver’s secret, she still treats Diggle and Felicity like the hired help.

        Arrow has some great writing, and it has some pretty bad stuff at time. Some of the actors, like Susannah Thompson, Paul Blackthorne and David Ramsey can make up for it when they get bad writing all of the time. Some, like Stephen Amell, Caity Lotz and EBR make up for it most of the time.,
        I think Katie Cassidy really struggles in the role of Laurel which in turn makes writing for her even harder.

        • Rob Watkins says:

          Ruby wasn’t one note. She was playing the long con on Sam. She’s far more layered than you give her credit for, and KC was definitely the better of the two actresses who played the role.

          I can’t think of anything Laurel has done that would convey “they’re hired help” anymore than Oliver has done.

          Sparky, Laurel already went outside the justice systems , and losing a fight to someone on the street isn’t a step back. This all comes across like someone holding something against Laurel and dismissing the fact that it’s happened to other characters as well in order to justify not liking her.

          I will agree that Laurel is often written more melodramatic than she should and that doesn’t help matters, but I hope the writers show her fight, get knocked down, and get back up. Making her part of the team and more badass I think will go a long way in helping the perception of Laurel.

          • kath says:

            I’ll buy that KC was the better of the two actresses who played Ruby but I haven’t seen anything layered in the character itself.
            I think Laurel’s interactions with Felicity and Diggle have really been an ‘in the eye of the beholder’ kind of thing. I thought she was very rude to Felicity when the first met and Felicity called her “gorgeous Laurel”. Laurel said “who are you?” and after determining that Felicity was one of the help and not someone who might take Oliver’s attention away from her, she spent the rest of the scene ignoring Felicity and addressing her comments only to Oliver. When she found out Oliver was the Arrow in s2, she called Felicity and Diggle “your associates” (not even calling them by name) and asking?telling? them to leave so she could talk to Oliver alone. In s3, she was in the cave giving orders to Felicity without ever thanking her, and interrupting her at work to get her to dig up info on someone that Laurel could easily and should have found through her own office staff as the ADA. Felicity doesn’t work for her and never did.
            It’s an old argument how Laurel is around Diggle, Felicity and Roy, but it hasn’t got any better now that she knows The Secret. I don’t understand why they didn’t write Laurel as being nicer to Felicity, Diggle and Roy if they wanted her to be part of Team Arrow, but they didn’t and now I don’t want that kind of standoffishness in the Arrow cave.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            Such an eloquent and thought provoking response, DOD.

          • Sparky77 says:

            When did she go outside the justice system – I must have missed that??? I’m not holding anything against her but I do want all parts of the show to work. In season 1 I thought they were building towards something with her character – she was strong mentally and she could kick ass. Tommy died – they should have shown how she tried to get justice against Merlyn (her going up against Moira was a serious conflict that would never happen) she couldn’t and then finding out that Oliver was Arrow and the fact that he was able to get justice that way consider that as an option. They probably made a mistake bringing Sara back into the fold as Canary – now everyone compares Laurel to Sara and she has to shake off that and prove to everyone that she can fill the shoes as BC. I have to be honest I hated her S2 arc – not because of Katie’s acting; the storyline just didn’t fit. Laurels story has been so much on the periphery to Oliver and the rest of the characters that when they do try to include her it feels forced. Like I said I really want every part of the show to work and I wish that Ted Grant had more of a presence as part of her development. It would make her putting on a suit more believable. The impression that a lot of us have is that we are expected to believe that she has a sufficient amount of training to don a suit even though all that we have seen is her punching a bag a few times with Ted Grant. I get it he trained Batman but even Batman got more training than that before he put a suit on. I guess we’ll all know soon enough how its going to play out.

        • Rob Watkins says:

          Well, I can’t speak to the scene you’re referring to specifically. You are so touchy about the “giving orders” thing. Oliver has done way worse to Felicity when he’s barked orders at her. This really is eye of the beholder because I haven’t seen her as any worse than Oliver or Roy.

          I really wish they didn’t call it the Arrow cave. It makes no sense unless you know there’s a bat cave.

          “I haven’t seen anything layered in the character itself.” Her belief in her cause, love of Lucifer, how far she was willing to go in order to carry out her goal. She remembered what it was like being human. That could’ve been a ploy, but even in that case, Ruby still showed layers as she demonstrated her ability to con Dean.

          • kath says:

            We can call it the foundry if you prefer.

            I’m okay with Oliver giving orders to Felicity because 1. he’s the leader of the team/crusade; 2. she agreed to sign on with him in the crusade; and 3. he apologizes to her when he’s wrong, thanks her when she’s done good, and really cares about her as a person (to the extent of killing the Count when he was going to hurt her). There’s nothing of any of that in Laurel’s interactions with Felicity.
            Roy has never given orders to Felicity. If anything, she’s the lead in their interactions.

        • Rob Watkins says:

          I just watched the scene with Laurel in the foundry in season 2, and oh my god, you blew that completely out of proportion. She said, “I reached out to your partners”, and politely asked them if she and Oliver could have a minute alone. Her tone wasn’t condescending, and she wasn’t barking orders. She was asking for a moment to talk to Oliver one on one.

          “interrupting her at work to get her to dig up info on someone that Laurel could easily and should have found through her own office staff as the ADA” Felicity does it faster, and it’s a TV show. Why have Laurel go to some nobody to get info when a main character can go to another main character to get the same thing? Why are you bringing up Felicity being interrupted at work as if that’s a cardinal sin? You seem to think Felicity is some sort of flower and no one should ever speak badly to her, and you make mountains out of molehills.

          • kath says:

            It’s not about being a main character. Laurel is an ADA and she’s got the whole office to get information on a random guy she wants to beat up because she’s angry. Diggle shouldn’t have called Felicity at work either but it was Team Arrow business and life or death for Lyla and baby Sara.

          • Rob Watkins says:

            Of course it’s about being a main character. Exposition isn’t typically interesting so why not get it from a character we care about and who generally delivers it in an interesting way. Plus we got a good joke out of it when Felicity pointed out they generally don’t go to each other for favors. Plus, like I said, why get a whole office when she can get the information faster and with less red tape.

            It’s fictional, so her being interrupted at work is an irrelevant detail unless the show made it one.

        • Rob Watkins says:

          “There’s nothing of any of that in Laurel’s interactions with Felicity.
          Roy has never given orders to Felicity. If anything, she’s the lead in their interactions.”
          Because her and Laurel don’t have much in the way of interactions. I’m sure as they do get to know each other we’ll see more of them being friendly.
          No, but we have seen Roy get short with people, plus he started off as an obnoxious purse snatcher, but because he’s nice to Felicity now, you’re okay with him. That seems to be the common denominator with you, it’s all about Felicity. If they treat her nice, you like them, if not, they’re horrible monsters. Do you want her to be the main character?

          I want to see some kick ass action, and more of the villain. Hopefully we’ll not only see some good progress on the HIVE story, but also more of Ra’s. Less Felicity’s mom and boyfriend, and more of the League and Malcolm.

          • kath says:

            We’ll just have to agree to disagree on Laurel. Actually, I think she’s dismissive of everyone (threw a glass at Sara, deliberately hurt Dinah, said cruel things to Tommy), I just mentioned Felicity because the spoiler is about her. In terms of the ‘favors friend’ scene, has Laurel ever done anything for Felicity?

          • Rob Watkins says:

            Kath, she wasn’t dismissive, she was a drunk when she did the things you mentioned. I’m not sure what you’re referring to when you talk about her being cruel to Tommy. While it doesn’t automatically make those things go away, by admitting she has a problem and getting help, that goes a long way in showing her progress. Those moments don’t define her otherwise nice and moral character. We haven’t seen her interact much with Felicity, but knowing you, because they haven’t shown it yet, that’s a knock against her because apparently Felicity is the star of the show and a delicate flower.

          • kath says:

            Laurel wasn’t drunk when she deliberately hurt Dinah in Salvation or humiliated Tommy at the dinner with Helena in s1, or jumped into bed with Oliver first chance she had after telling Tommy she was going to fight for their relationship, or when she ignored Oliver, Moira and Quentin about not going to the Glades that day, resulting in Tommy dying. She even flat out lied to Quentin.saying that she wasn’t going to go when she was already there. Presumably she wasn’t drunk when she told Sin, Thea and Roy that Blood couldn’t have been responsible for their friend’s death, unless you want to dismiss the whole of s2 as Laurel drinking.
            Like I said, we’re going to have to agree to disagree about Laurel.

  13. John NYC says:

    Jeri Ryan?
    Here’s hoping she get’s referred to as “Three of Four” at some point point…..

  14. Donna says:

    I can’t wait to see what stupid convoluted reason Bones comes up with for trying to hide the pregnancy. They’re married and they already have a kid so it makes no sense unless it ends up being just a bunch of fat jokes at Deschanel’s expense. And another serial killer? Please. Considering how overdone Pelant was you’d think they’d have learned a lesson.

    • Briggs says:

      I’m not enthusiastic about the serial killer thing, either, but it’s not as if Pelant was the first, nor will he be the last. And if I remember correctly, Angela and Hodgins kept their bun in the oven a secret for some time, and never did Michaela Conlin have to deal with a fat joke. I don’t think Emily will, either.

    • caprigirl60 says:

      I’m not sure why Bones is going the “hiding the pregnancy route” either-especially since it’s already so obvious. I hope that only lasts an episode or two. Angela and Hodgins only hid it in the very early stages which was easy to do since Michaela was not actually pregnant. She also never hid it from Brennan, but told her as soon as they were all re-united.

      Definitely not loving the idea of another serial killer. Even if they start out great, they end up being over-done or we’re left with more questions than we started with. I don’t think they’ve done one well since way back to Howard Epps.

      I’m looking forward to their return in March, but not loving these story ideas, although I am interested in the Arastoo situation.

      • Rob Watkins says:

        This is the first Arastoo situation I’m interested in. I really hope they break him and Cam up, they have NO chemistry, and it’s an inappropriate relationship with her being his boss, and him an intern.

    • John NYC says:

      Being somewhat shy about workplace revelations about pregnancy is sort of normal, especially at early stages when things can go wrong. It’s not like the show isn’t acknowledging the pregnancy, they’re just reflecting a familiar workplace situation for reasons I guess we’ll see evolve.

      Bone’s “reason” may be explained in as simple a manner as her stating the statistics for spontaneous abortions in early stage pregnancies….

  15. Babybop says:

    I’m getting more and more nervous about Parks and Recreation. A new pilot? The show is in it’s last season! I’ll just sit here and pray to the TV Gods that Mike Shur knows what he’s doing.

  16. pep says:

    I’m excited for Flash and Arrow Episodes. Yay for Cisco getting more meat! I am excited that Sin is back because I’ve seriously been scratching my head as to her whereabouts. Glad that Digg is getting some poignant moments because the actor playing him has got great range. As for TVD…Ugh Elena needs a new arch where she isn’t kidnapped or in peril and Caroline needs her life to not revolve around a man. Side note couldn’t she just turn her mom? I mean being a vamp really isn’t that bad as long as you leave all things Elena Gilbert or inserta Salvatore alone. Thank GOD Bonnie is over the people in her life because to be honest they all suck maybe now she’ll stop sacrificing herself for them. Ugh Jeremy just jump off a bridge or move to Italy either way BYEEEEEEE most of us won’t miss you. Matt if you die i’ll be pissed and Enzo I don’t really care about you so feel free to turn gray and shrivel away.

  17. Letti says:

    1. OUaT sounds good, I hope that they’ll work it out this time. Just give enough screen time for regulars to fix their problems and interact.
    2. Revenge also sounds right, but I’m not happy for Ben. I might hate him as much as I did in the beginning, but he is still out of place. I couldn’t care less about his past. Make him likeable in the present.
    3. The Originals needs original actors ASAP. Rebekah just has to return to her body by the end off the reason, even if Claire Holt’ll remain a guest. Nathaniel Buzolic should also be signed for good before the end of the season, he’s the one who made Kol a fan-favourite, it is awful that he’s still not back, while I’m pretty sure he would love to be a regular unlike Claire. If Esther stays for longer she should get her body back too, I can’t stand her current actress. Finn might stay, I don’t care too much. Hope is cute, but if she’s the main storyline instead of the siblings, that will be an epic fail.
    4. Aside from Bonnie being badass, TVD spoilers still sound terrible. There’s no way I’ll torture myself with watching. I’ll stay with recaps.
    5. The 100 anyone? I care about this one the most.

  18. Ally Oop says:

    Really excited for Reign to return. I know there’s been mixed reactions to the events that have transpired but I have really liked the story so far (minus Catherine and her ghosts). I actually like the Conde /Mary relationship and I’m so glad Claude is back-she brings spunk to the show. Other returning shows in January I’m excited for are Downton, Parenthood, Revenge, Nashville, Hart of Dixie, Chasing Life, The 100 and Thé Originals.

  19. Dean says:

    Once seems interesting especially more backstory on Emma and it will be nice to see Rumple and his new entourage cause problems in town, with him and Belle on bad terms it would give him a reason to be a full blown bad guy again. Though I’m not particularly happy little wooden head is returning, hopfully its just for the one episode.

  20. Shannon says:

    Have been waiting for Jeri Ryan as Rebecca for so long and know she’ll be great. I also like Diane episodes. This should be very interesting.

  21. H Dickman says:

    Bit confusing. I am getting emails from you telling me what is on tonight and when I check the planner, they’re not. Now it has me wondering if the emails you send are for the American public and not the British

  22. Kay L says:

    Rachel Dratch is playing Ben and Leslie’s Nanny?? Oh my goodness that’s the best news I’ve heard all day!

  23. Brandy says:

    I’m really excited for The Black Canary arc to kick off on Arrow because I think Laurel’s storyline has been in the background for far too long & with Oliver “dead” hopefully, she’ll get the focus that this arc deserves. As far as The Flash spoilers are concerned, there wasn’t anything new from what I could tell, except the part about “accidental time travel.” Since there was a lack of Iris in the spoilers, I hope Barry travels into the future & sees how their relationship is destined to progress (hint: married w/twins).

  24. Briggs says:

    I’m excited for the new interactions on Arrow, and finally, some movement on the H.I.V.E. storyline! We’ve only, what, been waiting since Russia? Let’s get some traction, there, please.
    The Flash sounds promising. :) Putting it lightly. Captain Cold returning is good news. I didn’t watch Prison Break, but I love Wentworth Miller. Can’t wait to see what they do next.
    And what is with CW starting the back half of the season for all their shows two weeks after everyone else? I checked after I noticed Sleepy Hollow was coming back tonight.

  25. jerry says:

    Please no more Katrina and Crane family drama. I used to love Sleepy Hollow and was excited before every episode aired. I really want the show to be good again. :(

    • kath says:

      When they announced lat year that Katrina would be a regular, I was afraid of this. The show has gone down in quality to much this season with the Crane family drama.

  26. Joey says:

    Super super looking forward to Ian’s bipolar storyline and how Mickey especially reacts to Ian’s behavior. Plus all of this would be the best excuse for them to bring Chloe Webb back as Monica! I heard rumors she may return near the end of the season, but if TVLine could give me some confirmation, I’d love it.

  27. Meg says:

    Would’ve really liked something on The 100.

  28. Nothing on Constantine? Do we get to meet The Spectre?

  29. Jess says:

    Very disappointed that there’s nothing on The 100. We’re always ignored when it comes to spoilers.

  30. Fran says:

    Thanks as always! Castle scoop sounds fun. Im excited yet sad about Justified ending. And I may be the only one but I’m actually looking forward to seeing the storyline with baby Hope on The Originals. I think it could bring in some good scenes with the brothers… On the other hand, the Vampire Diaries scoop was exactly what I feared it would be… And I’ve officially decided I won’t be returning to it this time. Its too bad but I just don’t see the show I loved anymore… Everything and every relationship is so forces anymore. Oh well.

  31. Brigitte says:

    Nothing on The Walking Dead?

  32. Brandon says:

    How do you make Laurel even more annoying? Make her a complete badass at fighting and whining. No thanks.

  33. Rick Katze says:

    Grumble, grumble. So many favorites starting in February and March. At least NCIS begins tomorrow.
    Wonder if ABC will delay Castle one week. The college football championship game should suck the breath out of everyone on Monday although the 7 day vcr ratings will help somewhat.

  34. Daisy says:

    I can’t wait for Once Upob A Time, and Bones, and Supernatural.
    More spoilers on Obces Rumbelle ❤️
    Bones Brennan and Booth new baby. Can’t wait for everyone’s reaction when they all find out.
    Supernaturals Cass and to see Shucks return.😃

  35. lame says:

    After 12 seasons NCIS still creates anticipation and excitement among its fan base, how amazing is that. What does that say about their show runner and writers, amazing, simply amazing.

  36. carbono says:

    I must be 1 of the few Castle fans who is still really into it judging by a lot of peoples comments regarding season 7. I’m actually really enjoying this season! It might not be as enjoyable as season’s 2,3 & 4 were to me but it’s still my only must see show. Castle as a PI is going to be great as long as they don’t portray him as a bumbling idiot as they seem to now-a-days. That to me is the only real problem that I’ve had these last few seasons. When the show started he was an extremely competent investigator who always had some helpful insight into the cases of the week. Well, that & I think that the writers are missing the boat with the lack of romance. When you have 2 main characters who are as good looking & have the off the chart chemistry as Stana & Nathan do, why wouldn’t you use that??!! There are shows from the 80’s that had more sensual love scenes than they have here! Despite those 2 problems that I have, I am still really really looking forward to Castle’s return!!! Bring on Richard Castle P.I.!!

  37. Deion says:

    Why do I keep doing The Vampire Diaries to myself? A major character dies? Let it be Tyler so they can finally out Michael Trevino out of his misery.

  38. Liza says:

    The originals: great news, can’t wait for baby hope, also it’s better that rebekah is recast, she s to important for this show and claire left it behind so i hope this new rebekah will play it very good, So sad that they don’t want Nathan to play kol again, he seems to really love the character and he has a huge fanbase, he has earned this role, but again the writers don’t give the fans what they want.

    The vampire diaries: well what can i say, back to the delena diaries i believe, soon putting stefan and caroline together, goodbye for the hope of stelena bamon and klaroline, all those couples have some huge chemistry together so it’s so stupid not to go there and to keep a couple together that has no chemistry left anymore. And again nothing about matt..

    Gotham: hoping for some good storylines and some big steps for the riddler.

    Arrow: Great to see that Felicity is going to have some time with thea and laurell

    Reign: they just can’t do this to francis and mary they were so happy! They have to come back from this.

    Ouat: i just can’t waiittttt for this second half of the season, but i do hope that they will make one of the three ladies very dark, because otherwise it becomes way to soft.

    Also hoping for some walking dead and grey’s spoilers!

  39. Cas says:

    1. I think Laurel looked better in that BC outfit than that other chick ever did. I also think she will grow into the role. And someone mentioned that she was rude to Felcity when she first met her. So what? I’d be lying if I said I was nice to everyone I met at first. And she didn’t approve of Oliver’s gig at that point so I’m sure that why she didn’t approve of his associates. Things change, move on people.
    2. Why does every one think Liz will be killed off? Yes she has cancer so it makes sense. But there is also a merging of the twins it says so one of them could be killed off? Also not sure why they think it’s to further stefan and Caroline’s relationship? People die. It’s life. Even parents die. They were probably going to go the Stefan caroline route whether or not Liz is killed off. Deal with it.

  40. Mary Ann says:

    Why is Bones not back until the end of March?

  41. r0ckmypants says:

    Re: Looking

    I’m sorry, but “relative newcomer” Daniel Franzese? He was DAMIEN IN MEAN GIRLS, for crying out loud.

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  43. steve williams says:

    I myself use 2 b a big fan of the csi’s But enought already! I can’t believe their all that popular?
    You’ve killed off 1 woman in Person of Interest, so I think it’s time 2 get rid of a guy, we know the we can’t afford to get rid of so if u must get rid of a good guy we know of a cop who’s been on longer then Shaw. Besides her looks she pull’s off a kind of out of reach woman you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley, but a dark or semi-lite bedroom is another story. Or here’s a thought how bout killing off a long term Bad person I can think of one or two. That may surprise us but we’d recover much quicker, besides neither of them have the finesse Shaw doe’s!