New Year's Eve Ratings: Seacrest Dominates, Pitbull Shows Little Bite

ABC’s primetime New Year’s Eve programming on Wednesday night averaged 9.6 million total viewers and a 2.7 demo rating from 8 to 11 pm, up 5 percent and a tenth versus a year ago and trouncing runner-up NBC by 96 and 125 percent.

In its final hour, Dick Clark’s Primetime New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest surged to 12.8 mil/3.8.

The Peacock’s Today Show Toast special drew 4.3 mil/0.9 at 8 pm, while New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly averaged 5.2 mil/1.3 from 9 to 11.

Over on Fox, Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution debuted to just 2.2 mil and a 0.7.

Which New Year’s Eve special commanded your TV’s attention last evening?

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  1. Slowride says:

    Noone wanted to spend New Year’s Eve with Pittbull… That’s a shocker, aint’it?!

  2. Eric7740 says:

    Ryan Seacrest should say “thank you Taylor Swift!!!”

  3. Fred lepore says:

    Id have preferred to spend New Years in the ER with a gun shot wound than with either of these two winners. Secrest is a complete tool. Pitbull needs to be put out of his misery. The majority of people love the “safe” haven both of these acts offer. And taylor swift is one of the biggest sell outs I’ve ever seen. She sold her soul to increase radio ratings and make money. Pure and simple. Instead of being heard on one country station she can be heard there with old crap and now on any station that plays hip hop garbage, or pop or whatever you wanna define her soul selling sound.

    • LOL… awesome post.
      This pretty much sums up why I didn’t even watch TV at all on NYE — I was too busy having a good time with friends. We didn’t even notice 2015 until we were 8 minutes into it.

  4. BrittBrat says:

    Fox just can’t win!

  5. Jason says:

    It was all about Kathy and Anderson over on CNN for us.

  6. Mabs says:

    They picked up a TON of viewers that switched over from the train wreck on NBC. Carson Daily was okay, but his three guest were horrible! Terry Crews, Crissy Tiegen, and what’s-his-name from “Marry Me” were without class, and had nothing intelligent to add to any conversation. WORST show I have ever seen…..and if I could get ABC, I would have switched in a heartbeat just to get away from NBC’s extremely poor choice of guests. WOW….never again NBC!

  7. Lange says:

    We skipped them. Ryan is cool, but Jenny is a pill. Pitbull isn’t on my radar, at all. Carson is so beige he could be one of the clay people. Anderson is a sweetheart, but Kathy G. is a disgusting skank.

  8. Suzanne says:

    I recorded the shows – all 5 hours and watched only the parts I was interested in. I missed Ella Henderson which was the performance I most wanted to see. I am not sure they ever showed her.

  9. javadude54 says:

    I read a book.

  10. We watched Kathy Griffin & Anderson Cooper until Taylor Swift performed on Dick Clark’s — Then turned it all off.

  11. Tran says:

    Still can’t stand the whole Anderson Cooper-Kathy Griffin New Year’s Eve nightmare that won’t go away on CNN. Hope 2015 is going to be a much better year on TV and many more to come.

  12. JEF says:

    I watched Kathy and Anderson until 10 Pac and then switched over to local coverage. Of course my local coverage is Las Vegas.

  13. CourtTV says:

    Fergie was a train wreck and I couldn’t follow the banter with Carsen. In the end, I always watch the ball with ABC.

  14. swifties says:

    taylor if you see my comment just remember i love you soooo much

  15. Bandit says:

    PitBull’s show was much better and much more entertaining. There was alot more energy on his show than Seacrest. Ryan’s was dull and painful to try to watch. He had artist playing slow dull songs when you are suppose to be partying. I wanted to be in Miami with Pitbull’s party.

    • Steve says:

      Pitbull’s show live in Miami was a disaster. What a scam this event was! We were there from 7:30 to after midnight and there were no celebrity performers being hyped for the show that played for the live crowd…..NO Enrique Iglesias, NO Fall Out Boy, NO Band Perry, NO Fifth Harmony and NO Becky G. They did not even bother to show the video feeds. Instead, the evening was filled with no real host, some no-name live performers, several DJs that inlcuded a stupid puppet DJ, and hours of dead time. After numerous announcements that Pitbull himself would be on stage soon, he finally arrived on stage at 11:58 for a quick song and a rushed countdown to midnight that many people did not even realize was going on. To compare this event to NYE in New York City is like trying to compare a bicycle with training wheels to a Harley. What a disaster this event was and a huge waste of my time and money. I had no feeling like i was at a great party, in fact it was very boring. The whole thing seemed more like a huge self-promotion of Pitbull on TV than a celebration on New Years with the people of Miami.

      • Pcarr says:

        not true at all……..maybe next time mix in a water or two between pops…

      • JR Crawford says:

        Ok…what you are describing above is not what I saw on television. They had two stages—maybe you were at the one where they weren’t televising live. On television, there were 2 hosts: Terry Crews and Wenda Williams. There were several artists performing, like Jesse Smollet and Yaz from Empire and Jordin Sparks—to name a few. So where were you? There was no dead time on the televised version of the Miami show. I think that you were at the wrong stage—which is unfortunate. And…Pitbull did several performances—so many that I was getting tired of seeing him and his dancers! Had they shown the video feeds, you would have seen what was going on at the other stage and had more fun. Maybe next year—if they return.

  16. AmySabbato says:

    “Celebration”-wise, Pitbull’s was a good, but not great PARTY show at 8 pm. However, locally at midnight you could not have gotten better than the live feed from MIAMI and Pitbull and his dancers partying with the crowd.

  17. brad says:

    Pitbull is an distastefully overdressed dirty old man ego maniac. He cannot stop talking about how awesome he is, and his music is like a copy of a copy of a copy of an 80’s mixtape dig up from the dumpster behind Walmart, people are starting to realize what a sham artist he is.

  18. Susan says:

    Pitbull’s show was a nice change from super-fake Ryan & Jenny. Much more entertaining, and a better show. I will definitely be watching this again next year.

  19. Alan H. Rose says:

    I regularly read and enjoy your content; however the headline referring to pitbull and biting is very tasteless and offensive. It gives in to a very idiotic lack of knowledge stereotype and has no baring to the story related to Pitbull the entertainer. There are so many words to choose other than bite than would have had the same meaning to “not much success and viewership”. Please think about this in the future thanks. Whether or not you know the lack of validity in pitbull stereotypes or not, many people reading your articles don’t and perpetuating these stereotypes is not something that needs to continue. Thank you for your attention.

  20. Amy says:

    I loved the Pit Bull show it was so much better than the New York show everyone is going to have there own opinions about what show was better but being Latin I enjoyed the mixture of artist he had on the show

  21. fred sanguine says:

    the entertainment was great but when the ball was ready to drop the cameras focused on the crowd and never got to see the ball drop. i was very dusappointed

  22. Maritza says:

    I loved the Pitbull show. It was such a fresh breath of air. Not the same thing over and over. It made me want to wish to be in Miami partying with them. Pitbull I’m so proud of you. Pa lante y parriba!!!

  23. Stella says:

    Ryan Seacrest is not the reason for NYE’s Ball-drop ratings of any year, whatsoever.  It is due to over 1/2 century Dick Clark and his PR machinery, making it a household name. American Idol is also not due to Ryan Seacrest’s presence or non-charm, but to Simon Cowell’s genius making the show what it used to be.

    Seacrest is riding on that  1/2 century giant Dick Clark PR drones! Pitbull basically just said, DALE, NYE!

    pitbull’s NYE 2016 in Miami needs more A-listers, a Katy Perry, Aguilera, or Bruno… I rather watch 2 hrs of Pitbull, the best, most unique and energetic entertainer (as per Seacrest’s own evaluation of Pitbull on his radio show) making the world dance – than a robo-mouth reading off a Teleprompter, (while Jenny keeps gazing at some giant ball to drop on her head!!!).

    And no. I’m nobody’s fan. I just KNOW excellence in entertainment when I see and hear it. 👡💄

  24. maria says:

    Pit bull rocked it ! I would rather spend New year’s in Miami any day!

  25. SouthernGirl says:

    Pitbull’s NYE celebration on Fox was an amazing party with a great line up of awesome artist that kept you dancing! I will definitely watch or be in Miami next year!!

  26. Bill says:

    What about CNN and Fox News? What were their numbers?