Outlander Season 2: A De-Thrones'd King, a FNL Fave and 8 Other Possible Picks to Play Brianna and Roger

Outlander Season 2 Cast Brianna Roger

Watch even one episode of Starz’s Outlander, and you quickly understand that time is a very fluid concept.

So that’s why, even though the historical-romance-with-a-dash-of-sci-fi doesn’t return until April, we’re already taking a stab at casting two roles that are integral to Season 2 (and beyond).

[Warning: If you haven’t read Diana Gabaldon’s series of Outlander novels and don’t want to be spoiled about what’s ahead, it would be a verra good idea to bail out of this post now.]

One of the characters, the Rev. Wakefield’s adopted ward Roger, already has made his on-screen appearance; he was the apple-cheeked little boy snacking on biscuits in the midseason finale.

But Season 2 likely will follow the format of Gabaldon’s Dragonfly in Amber, which opens in 1968 with a decades-long time jump that re-introduces Roger as a scholar in his late 20s. The older Roger then becomes acquainted with Claire… and her fetching, 20-something daughter, Brianna.

Though she’s been raised in America as Frank’s daughter, Brianna is clearly the offspring of Jamie Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser: She’s described in the novels as a stubborn, passionate, slightly Amazonian and whip-smart redhead.

Bree and Roger’s interaction plays a large part in Dragonfly in Amber, not to mention the novels that follow it. Translation: Nailing the casting is crucial.

Outlander may follow form and place relative newcomers in the parts, like it did with leads Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan. But just in case the series is thinking about going with known actors this time around, we humbly offer up this short list of possible additions to the cast.

Click through the gallery below to see who we’d cast as Brianna and Roger — you’ll recognize faces from Beauty and the BeastFriday Night LightsGame of Thrones and Pretty Little Liars, among others — then hit the comments with whom you’d like to see play the pair.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. analog says:

    Yes to Richard Madden.

    • BarbMac68 says:

      He’s only 5’9″ though. Way too short for Rogr he is supposed to be Jamies stature of 6’3″

      • DL says:

        It’s television, they can make anyone look taller or shorter. They made the 5’9″ Tom Hardy look way bigger than 6’0″ Christian Bale when he played Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. Apple boxes often do the trick.

        • LacyJ says:

          While the ‘apple boxes’ might work on set (indoors), so many scenes are depicted outdoors (with the landscapes acting as great backdrops), that it would be pretty tricky to get a 5’9″ actor playing Roger, to look like he’s almost the same height as Sam H. as Jamie.

  2. Liz says:

    Richard Madden as Roger is an amazing idea, though he’s got blue eyes and not green, like in the book. But then again, the actress who plays Geillis has got beautiful blue eyes as well, so it works.

    For Brianna, I would love Deborah Ann Woll. She’s tall, a redhead, and could very well be the offspring of Jamie (played by Sam) and Claire (played by Caitriona). She looks like both of them.

  3. Ninfa Ramos says:

    Please, for Outlander’s sake, Amber Skye Noyes is not the profile of Actress to be part of this epic Show, not at all, Please! If She gets cast, probably the Show will lose many many viewers . Please, don’t cast her as Bree, I m begging you. Thank you so much!! God bless Outlander

    • BarbMac68 says:

      What are you basing this opinion on? I always thought she’d make a great Bree.

      • Nee says:

        The fact that she is a cringe-worthy, one-dimensional actress? She might look the part but looks aren’t everything.

      • Ninfa Ramos says:

        ASN really does not know to act!! Outlander cast is Awesome. How is possible to put ASN with Sam Heughan & Caitriona Balfe & Tobias Menzies & Graham McTavish? They R all Stars in their performance & ASN is not even an Actress! No way, it would be a big mistake casting her as Bree, so remarkable rol on Outlander , it would be a shame & I will be very very sad & I won’t be the only one. I know Amber Skye N from Beauty And The Beast & her performance was a disaster! She is not at all Bree. I m sorry for being so tough but Outlander deserves the best cast

    • anonymous says:

      I agree hundred per cent with you…She does not how to act…you should see her in Beauty and the Beast…it was dreadful…

    • TReid says:

      I agree, she’s not Bree

    • Kat Ryn says:

      The 6 episodes ASN was on BATB S/2 almost destroyed the show! She has zero acting ability and is very ‘artificial’ in her appearance…from the haircolor to the massive amount of makeup she wears!

  4. Winter says:

    I say yes to Karen Gillan and Richard Madden.

  5. Suz says:

    Ben Barnes or Matthew Goode for Roger and Kate Upton w/red hair for Brianna -she needs to be taller than these women mentioned

  6. Winter says:

    I really do like Jane Levy she is charming and sweet, BUT at 5’1″ she is way too short to be Brianna.

  7. Drewer says:

    More then I’ve pictured Karen Gillan as Bree, I’ve always pictured Arthur Darville as Roger for some reason. Though I would love to see Richard Maddon do it.

  8. BarbMac68 says:

    I believe Laura Long has gotten a call back on Bree based on comment from her agent recently. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3351267/?ref_=fn_al_nm_3

    None of the Rogers do it for me. Like Amber Skye Noyes for Bree. Though Dana Cape did an awesome Bree Roger clip on Vimeo and she’s 5’10”. She would need blue contacts though.

  9. BarbMac68 says:

    Does everyone realize that Richard Madden is only 5′ 9″ tall. Roger is supposed to be 6’3″ like Jamie. Just sayin”

    • mummy23 says:

      I understand what you are saying about height and it’s well mentioned in the books how tall Roger is. However, I don’t feel like height should matter, Richard Madden is a terrific actor and would be a wonderful addition to Outlander. Roger is also supposed to be a good singer and none of the guys suggested are known for a singing voice (not saying they can’t, just that their singing ability is unknown). Back to Richard Madden though, I can’t see him ready to make a long term commitment to a television show. It seems like he is focusing on feature films and TV productions no longer than a miniseries. Roger is a long term commitment and an eventual almost every episode player. Ben Barnes and Robert Sheehan are also good suggestions.
      I like Karen Gillian, I would say she too might be focusing on movies, but she did do Selfie. The other actresses, I am unfamiliar with and not all of them are natural red-heads and I’m sure not all of them are almost 6’0 tall either. If Outlander gets as lucky casting Roger and Brianna as they did with Claire….they will have a very fine main player cast.

    • tsevca says:

      They aren´t this literal. Jamie is supposed to be head taller than everyone else in the crowd. In the show, the height difference between Jamie and Claire isn´t as big as it should and if he was the one looking into Claire´s window, he´s shorter than Frank, which shouldn´t be at all.

  10. jdbohatch says:

    Alaina Huffman – tall, redhead (or blond depending on the role), Amazonian and has played ‘tough’.

  11. Alichat says:

    From just a height perspective, Karen Gillian and Ben Barnes are your best bets since Brianna is supposed to be 6′ and Roger around 6’3″. Sheehan would be a close second. I love Jane Levy, but she’s way too short. If you’re going for fairly unknown, with the height and coloring, I’d say Lily Cole would be a good choice.

  12. Becky says:

    I always kinda imagined Roger as Matthew Goode. I also like the idea of Jamie Dornan. Neither of these is going to happen, but man……

  13. SusieY says:

    Please, not Kevin J Ryan…I don’t see him as Roger at all. I heard all the buzz on twitter about him. I could see Richard Madden, but would love Richard Rankin who is 6′ tall, Scottish and isn’t even included on this list. As far as for Brianna, I thing Karen Gillan would be great. Amber Skye Noyes looks to old. Deborah Ann Woll would be a great Brianna too.

  14. Sue says:

    Dragon Fly in Amber does not have Bri or Roger. It is about Clair and Jamie in France. Voyager is the Jump in Time book.

    • Shaun says:

      I thought the time jump was after book 1,where Claire flees at the ending of the war?Claire and Jamie are in France during book 1 and return for the war.

    • SusieY says:

      DIA starts off in the 20th century with Claire, Brianna and Roger. Part 1 – Through the looking glass – darkly, chapters 1-5 take place in 1968

    • July Lark says:

      But it opens up with Claire and Bree meeting Roger after Rev Wakefields death in 1968, .then the story goes back to France in the 1700’s so defo think that Roger and Bree will be featured in the first half of s. 2 and much more in s. 3. I just want the actors to be age appropriate for their parts, as offspring of Jamie and Claire. The producers did a marvelous job with Jamie and Claire’s casting, I trust they will get it right again.

    • I would advise you to REread the book again. Start by the first chapter. The first section of the book is all about Bree, Roger and Claire and nearer the end of the book too when Claire is leaving again.

  15. How on earth are they doing the 3rd book in the series as the 2nd season??? There’s no way they can finish the 1st book and do the 2nd in what’s left of the 1st season, there’s waaaay to much that happens in the 2nd book! So NO Brianna and NO Roger yet!

    • CALaHue says:

      I would definitely agree. Sounds like they are going to skip thru quite a bit of the rest of book 1.

    • Dragonfly in Amber is the second book in the series, and will be the basis of the second season of the Starz series, Ron Moore has said. Roger and Brianna both appear in the novel. — KR

      • Kathy R says:

        Kimberly, ou are wrong. Those two are in Voyager. Dragonfly in Amber is about Jamie and Claire in France, in the year leading up to Culloden. She’s pregnant and loses the baby
        Jamie sends her forward at end of book, telling her he knows she is pregnant again and needs to raise the baby in a safer time, as he will not survive the battle.

        • KLH says:

          No, they first appear in Dragonfly in Amber. Please go look at the book if you don’t believe it. While most of DIA takes place as you said, the book starts and has other sections in 1968, including Brianna and Roger.

        • Winter says:

          No she’s not. I’m reading DIA right now and they are most certainly in it.

        • Kathy – You are sadly mistaken. Try read the first few chapters of the beginning of the book. It starts with Claire coming back to Scotland after being away for 20 years.

    • christine says:

      You people kill me. Book two features Roger and Brianna in the first several chapters. Book 2 is next season. In April we are getting the second half of seaon 1/book 1

      • Kathy R says:

        No, book two starts with Claire and Jamie in France. First word, chapter one is “Bread”. Claire is pregnant and queasy.

      • LacyJ says:

        Totally accurate fact. IF only those insisting otherwise, would just pick up DIA and read it again, the first chapter shows a grown up Roger in Rev Wakefield”s study trying to sort out all of the Reverends collectibles. The year is 1968 and soon, Claire and daughter, Brianna pay him a visit where he becomes somewhat smitten with Bree.

        Btw, part of the book is about them all trying to find out if Jamie survived the battle at Culloden, and the other part is Claire remembering back to her days in France with Jamie, before they return to Scotland just before the big battle (or sadly, massacre).

  16. CALaHue says:

    Ian Harding looks a whole lot like the Roger I have pictured in my mind while reading the books. None of the ladies though make me think of Brianna, although I just googled Laura Long and she might just be the right one, IMO. Suppose we will have to wait and see.

  17. Joyce says:

    Hands down Laura Long should be considered for Brianna. Yes, she’s more of an unknown but so was Cait. She has the look, 24, she’s 5’9 or 5’10, American and most of all she has the talent. I already have her in my head as Brianna. Would LOVE to see her cast. I’m already a fan. http://www.outlandertvnews.com/2014/11/cast-this-brianna-randall/

  18. Ian says:

    Yeah i definitely trust these casting people, so i sure theyll get it right in the end.

    My only real concern is the way this show has deviated from the books. I love Frank, they made me love Frank, so making him raise their daughter seems like a dump gets taken on him yet again…

    No bueno.

    • sixela872 says:

      I like Frank just fine but let’s not make him out to be a victim here. He chose to raise Bree – no one made him or even asked him to. Claire told him to just leave her alone and he chose to stay – and to force her to move to Boston. His decisions, wiht no regard for what Claire actually wanted. Not surprising that they were unhappy for 20 years. If you love something let it go, and all.

  19. Brenda says:

    Ben Barnes

  20. Brenda says:

    Karen Gilian

  21. Lyn says:

    I don’t really care about the height constraints. Ian Harding would be my choice of the men on your list. For Brianna, i’d like to see Molly Quinn who plays Nathan Fillion’s daughter on Castle.

  22. Kate says:


  23. Suz says:

    How about Tom Welling for Roger – he can do a an accent and his coloring and height is perfect and Kate Upton or Maggie Grace – both could die their hair and Maggie could wear contacts

  24. Saharah Gomez says:

    How about Castle’s Molly Quinn for Brianna? Whip-smart and determined.

  25. I don’t care about the height as much as Brianna needs to be really arresting visually. People are always stopping and staring because she is beautiful as well as a bit imposing. She’s a tomboy that can hunt, shoot guns and take on the boys when necessary. No wilting flower this one.

  26. Josh says:

    So what happens to Claire? Are they going to age her 20 years? Does she get written out?

  27. pookie says:

    None of the above. Emerald Fennell for Brianna and Tom Hughes for Roger.

  28. patdamico says:

    Alyssa Sutherland would be absolute perfection as Bri: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/274227064784864928/

    She even looks like Jamie.

    • Summer says:

      Totally agree with your idea of Alyssa Sutherland. She is currently in the show Vikings and she is strikingly beautiful. I like Henry Cavill for Roger. They would be perfect together,

    • Jessica says:

      I agree…Alyssa Southerland has been the only suggested so far that reminds me of Bri.

    • LacyJ says:

      She does have Jamie’s (er, Sam H.’s) look and her height is right at 5’11” (if she’s stating correct height since Caitriona is 5’10” and Bri is supposed to be around 6′ tall in the book series). Only thing is, she’s the same age as Sam H., but then, they’re going to have to have some excellent make-up artists to make both Sam and Caitriona look 20 years older – since they both have such great, wrinkle-free complexions!

    • LacyJ says:

      OMGosh, you’re right! She has the slightly slanted upward eyes and the distinct broad cheeks and, she’s the right height because she’s supposed to be taller than her mom (Claire) and they cast Caitriona B. as Claire but she’s 5’10” (even though she’s about 5’7″ in all the books). SO, Alyssa has the look of Jamie (her father) and is a bit taller than her mother, AND, has the exact features and beauty described in the books!!

      Definitely has my vote ;-)

  29. Krod says:

    Laura Long for Brianna! She is highly talented and would bring a fresh face to the cast.

  30. PatD says:

    Alyssa Sutherland’s 5’11” tall, too. They need to sign that girl now!

    • Shelli DuBoff says:

      Just looked her up and I agree she has the perfect look. She is absolutely striking a much more unusual type beauty than the others. She is the one you would notice in a crowd

      • WhiteLady says:

        Totally agreed with Alyssa Sutherland. She looks just how I pictured Bree to be. Laura Long seems to fit the bill as well though I prefer Alyssa. I don’t think Karen Gillan looks like Bree.
        Re. Roger I haven’t found anyone yet that convinces me, Richard Rankin I guess could do it, or I could see Ian Harding as well. I pictured him as a young Scott Foley though (circa Felicity).

  31. PatD says:

    Laura Long has the coloring and height, but she doesn’t look anything like the show’s Jamie and Claire. Not even close.

  32. Lucinda says:

    Maybe…. Maybe… Karen gillan and Ian harding.. But that’s maybe. Whoever plays these parts have big shoes to fill

  33. Chelly says:

    Some people here don’t seem to realise that season 1 hasn’t finished yet. The 2nd half of the first season will be shown in April and this is the 2nd half of the first book “Outlander” . The 2nd season based on the 2nd book Dragonfly in Amber will start filming in early 2015 which is why they are casting Bree and Roger now. I don’t like any of the choices shown but I’d nominate James Robinson for Roger. He was the young William Wallace in Braveheart and looks just how I picture Roger now.

    • Jean says:

      Your right Chelly, James Robinson would be perfect

    • I was wondering if they might carry on with the story line of her in the past and then have her later telling the story to Roger and Bree. Just judging by some of the comments – even some readers seem to be struggling to understand the second book order of events.

  34. Steve F. says:

    Add me to the list of people who want to see Karen Gillian and Richard Madden as Brianna and Roger. Perfect casting, if I do say so myself!

  35. So Happy says:

    Karen Gillan and Richard Madden ALL THE WAY!!! :D

  36. Lee Ann Arnold says:

    I’ve always thought Karen Gillan would be the perfect choice for Brianna with Kevin Ryan as the obvious choice for Roger.

  37. Kathy R says:

    Hey everyone…One slight problem…
    Brianna, and Roger aren’t in Dragonfly! They are in Voyager.

    • Alba says:

      I just re-read Dragonfly in Amber and Brianna and Roger are most certainly in it.
      I believe that you saw the excerpt from Dragonfly in Amber that appears at the end of Outlander. The first word of “bread,” that you referred to earlier is a chapter from Dragonfly in Amber. However, that’s not how Dragonfly in Amber begins.
      Please, read the book and see for yourself.

    • KLH says:

      Please stop saying this over and over again. They are in Dragonfly.

    • Gerri J. says:

      Read the book again! They are in it!!!! You can’t miss them.

  38. Jess says:

    Holland Roden already plays a plucky red head on Teen Wolf. Not that I want her to leave, but I could see her in the show (a bit petite though).

    • Guest says:

      Omg! Thank you! I’m reading DIA now and Holland is what I picture as Brianna! Yes she is short which is my only issue but that girl has spunk and would fit into Brianna’s no nonsense attitude perfectly!!

  39. Kristina says:

    Ok, not that we are anywhere near ready for Brie and Rog together, a whole season and a half at least has to happen before them, Ian Harding has my vote of the offered picks, didn’t like any of the women for Brie. Keep Looking EPIC Casting Directors of the Outlander series.

  40. TReid says:

    Karen and Ben

  41. TReid says:

    Karen G and Ben are great for The parts

  42. Lucy says:

    My vote is hands down: Laura Long as Brianna

  43. tripleG says:

    How about Molly C. Quinn (Castle’s daughter) would be a great Bree. Bree has an American accent, and Molly isn’t that busy on Castle…

  44. Evelyne silver says:

    Rose Leslie from games of thrones as Brianna

  45. Isobel says:

    The redhead nurse from Red Band Society?

  46. SM says:

    Having followed the castings since the show was announced, I would be thoroughly shocked if any known actors were cast for these roles. And generally there have been no announcements from any actor or agent that they were even in the running for a role, so I would take any ststements stating that with a grain of salt.

  47. Cox says:

    Deborah Ann Woll and Richard Madden

  48. Joy says:

    Other than Amber – the other female choices are so wrong – got to big – fierce firebrand to play Bree.. Richard or Ian seem good choices (Ben is a hunk but not Roger). For those of us who have read the books, getting the casting right is so critical!

  49. Lisa Breton says:

    some fine choices for sure, I am just not sold on any of those listed. whomever is cast in these roles needs to have chemistry, so I think that anything can happen because even if two seem perfect for the roles they need to be perfect together as well.